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1 - 6 Understanding the adsorption mechanism of phenol and 2-nitrophenol on a biopolymer-based biochar in single and binary systems via advanced modeling analysis
Li ZC, Sellaoui L, Dotto GL, Bonilla-Petriciolet A, Ben Lamine A
7 - 14 Electrochemical degradation of perfluorooctanoic acid by macro- porous titanium suboxide anode in the presence of sulfate
Liu GS, Zhou H, Teng J, You SJ
15 - 25 Endotoxin-adsorbing macrophage-mimetic hybrid liposome for sepsis treatment
Jiang LX, Li RX, Xu JZ, Luan PW, Cui QF, Pang ZQ, Wang JX, Lin GQ, Zhang JG
26 - 33 Tailored necklace-like Ag@ ZIF-8 core/shell heterostructure nanowires for high-performance plasmonic SERS detection
Li QQ, Gong SS, Zhang H, Huang FZ, Zhang LN, Li SK
34 - 42 Bio-inspired lightweight pulp foams with improved mechanical property and flame retardancy via borate cross-linking
He SH, Liu C, Chi XW, Zhang YD, Yu G, Wang HS, Li B, Peng H
43 - 54 Mechanistic aspects in the formation of nano- and submicron particles in a batch and a continuous microfluidic reactor: Experiment, modeling and simulation
Bal V, Bandyopadhyaya R
55 - 63 Waste-cellulose-derived porous carbon adsorbents for methyl orange removal
Sun BF, Yuan YN, Li HL, Li XY, Zhang CH, Guo F, Liu XH, Wang KA, Zhao XS
64 - 77 Direct formation of hierarchically porous MgO-based sorbent bead for enhanced CO2 capture at intermediate temperatures
Jin S, Ko KJ, Lee CH
78 - 87 Enhanced oxygen vacancies to improve ethyl acetate oxidation over MnOx-CeO2 catalyst derived from MOF template
Jiang YW, Gao JH, Zhang Q, Liu ZY, Fu ML, Wu JL, Hu Y, Ye DQ
88 - 95 Effects of dissolved oxygen on the start-up of manganese oxides filter for catalytic oxidative removal of manganese from groundwater
Cheng Y, Huang TL, Liu CY, Zhang SS
96 - 106 Anaerobic digestion of surfactant and lipid co-existing organic waste: Focusing on the antagonistic enhancement
Zhu KY, Zhang L, Mu L, Ma J, Li CJ, Li AM
107 - 117 Electrical swing adsorption on functionalized hollow fibers
Keller L, Lohaus T, Abduly L, Hadler G, Wessling M
118 - 129 N-doped activated carbon from used dyeing wastewater adsorbent as a metal-free catalyst for acetylene hydrochlorination
Mei S, Gu JJ, Ma TZ, Li XY, Hu YB, Li W, Zhang JL, Han Y
130 - 137 Facile preparation of photonic and magnetic dual responsive protein imprinted nanomaterial for specific recognition of bovine hemoglobin
Xie XY, Hu Q, Ke RF, Zhen XY, Bu YS, Wang SC
138 - 144 Lightweight UiO-66/cellulose aerogels constructed through self-crosslinking strategy for adsorption applications
Wang ZG, Song L, Wang YQ, Zhang XF, Hao DD, Feng Y, Yao JF
145 - 153 Flexible supercapacitors based on carbon nanotube-MnO2 nanocomposite film electrode
Wang QF, Ma Y, Liang X, Zhang DH, Miao MH
154 - 165 Organic matter and nutrients removal in hybrid constructed wetlands: Influence of saturation
Saeed T, Haque I, Khan T
166 - 181 Theoretical insight into the structure-property relationship of mixed transition metal oxides nanofibers doped in activated carbon and 3D graphene for capacitive deionization
Yasin AS, Mohamed AY, Mohamed IMA, Cho DY, Park CH, Kim CS
182 - 192 Efficient supercapacitor based on polymorphic structure of 1T '-Mo6Te6 nanoplates and few-atomic-layered 2H-MoTe2: A layer by layer study on nickel foam
Pawar SA, Kim D, Lee R, Kang SW, Patil DS, Kim TW, Shin JC
193 - 202 Removal of 1,4-dioxane by titanium silicalite-1: Separation mechanisms and bioregeneration of sorption sites
Chen RH, Cun L, Johnson NW, Zhang L, Mahendra S, Liu Y, Dong YH, Chen MF
203 - 212 Biomimetic, recyclable, highly stretchable and self-healing conductors enabled by dual reversible bonds
Li K, Xu ZP, Zhao SF, Meng XY, Zhang RL, Li JH, Leng JF, Zhang GP, Cao DX, Sun R
213 - 221 Self-healing and recyclable biomass aerogel formed by electrostatic interaction
Yang JY, Yi LF, Fang X, Song YJ, Zhao LJ, Wu JR, Wu H
222 - 232 Inactivation of pathogenic microorganisms by sulfate radical: Present and future
Xiao RY, Liu K, Bai L, Minakata D, Seo Y, Goktas RK, Dionysiou DD, Tang CJ, Wei ZS, Spinney R
233 - 243 Enhanced hydrogenation and hydrolysis properties of core-shell structured Mg-MOx (M = Al, Ti and Fe) nanocomposites prepared by arc plasma method
Yang B, Zou JX, Huang TP, Mao JF, Zeng XQ, Ding WJ
244 - 244 Comments on "process analysis of AuCl4- sorption leading to gold nanoparticle synthesis by Shewanella putrefaciens"
Huang YD
245 - 251 Iron fluoride vertical nanosheets array modified with graphene quantum dots as long-life cathode for lithium ion batteries
Zhang Q, Sun CZ, Fan LS, Zhang NQ, Sun KN
252 - 259 Mesoporous metal-organic framework PCN-222(Fe): Promising adsorbent for removal of big anionic and cationic dyes from water
Sarker M, Shin S, Jeong JH, Jhung SH
260 - 266 Catalyst-free synthesis of triazine-based porous organic polymers for Hg2+ adsorptive removal from aqueous solution
Peng RX, Chen G, Zhou F, Man RL, Huang JH
267 - 275 Sorption-enhanced CO capture over Cu-Mn-Ce composite oxides with LiOH addition: CO oxidation and in-situ CO2 sorption
Li J, Li Q, Chen X, Li CH, Lu SX, Liew KM
276 - 285 Robust superhydrophobic epoxy composite coating prepared by dual interfacial enhancement
Zhang XG, Liu ZJ, Li Y, Wang CJ, Zhu YJ, Wang HY, Wang JT
286 - 293 An all-solid-state Z-scheme TiO2/ZnFe2O4 photocatalytic system for the N-2 photofixation enhancement
Rong XS, Chen HF, Rong J, Zhang XY, Wei J, Liu S, Zhou XT, Xu JC, Qiu FX, Wu ZR
294 - 300 LiXGe containing ion-conductive hybrid skin for high rate lithium metal anode
Liu YY, Xu XY, Jiao XX, Guo LN, Song ZX, Xiong SZ, Song JX
301 - 305 Designing bioresponsive metal azolate framework-based nanosystem for efficient cancer therapy
Sang CC, Ma L, Luo D, Liu HX, Li D, Chen TF
306 - 313 Functional nanocomposite aerogels based on nanocrystalline cellulose for selective oil/water separation and antibacterial applications
Zhang Y, Yin ML, Lin XH, Ren XH, Huang TS, Kim IS
314 - 318 Exploration of 1D channels in stable and high-surface-area covalent triazine polymers for effective iodine removal
He XM, Zhang SY, Tang X, Xiong SH, Ai CX, Chen DY, Tang JT, Pan CY, Yu GP
319 - 326 Bronsted-Evans-Polanyi relationship in oxygen exchange of non-stoichiometric oxides with gas phase
Chizhik SA, Bychkov SF, Popov MP, Nemudry AP
327 - 336 Bismuth oxide self-standing anodes with concomitant carbon dots welded graphene layer for enhanced performance supercapacitor-battery hybrid devices
Wang WQ, Xiao Y, Li XW, Cheng QL, Wang GC
337 - 347 Acetic acid adsorption dynamics in stratified tapered beds
Naidu H, Mathews AP
348 - 355 3D Cu(OH)(2) nanowires/carbon cloth for flexible supercapacitors with outstanding cycle stability
Zhu D, Yan ML, Chen RR, Liu Q, Liu JY, Yu J, Zhang HS, Zhang ML, Liu PL, Li JQ, Wang J
356 - 365 Monodisperse multicore-shell SnSb@SnOx/SbOx@C nanoparticles space-confined in 3D porous carbon networks as high-performance anode for Li-ion and Na-ion batteries
Wang ZY, Dong KZ, Wang D, Chen F, Luo SH, Liu YG, He CN, Shi CS, Zhao NQ
366 - 377 Coadsorption of tetracycline and copper(II) onto struvite loaded zeolite - An environmentally friendly product recovered from swine biogas slurry
Wang Y, Wang XJ, Li J, Li Y, Xia SQ, Zhao JF, Minale TM, Gu ZL
378 - 379 Comment on "The multi-mechanisms and interlayer configurations of metoprolol uptake on montmorillonite"
Thiebault T
380 - 403 Recent advances in biochar-based catalysts: Properties, applications and mechanisms for pollution remediation
Wang RZ, Huang DL, Liu YG, Zhang C, Lai C, Wang X, Zeng GM, Gong XM, Duan A, Zhang Q, Xu P
404 - 413 The enhanced catalytic potential of sulfur-doped MgO (S-MgO) nanoparticles in activation of peroxysulfates for advanced oxidation of acetaminophen
Fanaei F, Moussavi G, Srivastava V, Sillanpaa M
414 - 423 Controllable construction of N-enriched hierarchically porous carbon nanosheets with enhanced performance for CO2 capture
Guo QR, Chen C, Li Z, Li X, Wang HJ, Feng NJ, Wan H, Guan GF
424 - 432 Synthesis of hierarchical Li4SiO4 nanoparticles/flakers composite from vermiculite/MCM-41 hybrid with improved CO2 capture performance under different CO2 concentrations
Zhang Y, Gao YS, Yu F, Wang Q
433 - 442 Synergetic contribution of Fe/Co and N/B dopants in mesoporous carbon nanosheets as remarkable electrocatalysts for zinc-air batteries
Li CH, Yu ZY, Liu HX, Xiong M
443 - 451 Tunable synthesis of pH-responsive biodegradable ZnO nanospheres assembled from ultrasmall particles for cancer chemotherapy
Chen XJ, Niu TY, Gao YZ, Liang X, Li SN, Zhang LY, Li L, Wang TT, Su ZM, Wang CG
452 - 460 Ion-conductive self-healing hydrogels based on an interpenetrating polymer network for a multimodal sensor
Shin SH, Lee W, Kim SM, Lee M, Koo JM, Hwang SY, Oh DX, Park J
461 - 469 MOF derived Ni-Co-S nanosheets on electrochemically activated carbon cloth via an etching/ion exchange method for wearable hybrid supercapacitors
Zhao W, Zheng YW, Cui L, Jia DD, Wei D, Zheng RK, Barrow C, Yang WR, Liu JQ
470 - 485 Modelling of mass transfer for gas-liquid two-phase flow in bubble column reactor with a bubble breakage model considering bubble-induced turbulence
Shi WB, Yang XG, Sommerfeld M, Yang J, Cai XY, Li G, Zong Y
486 - 499 Simultaneous removal of NOx and SO2 from coal-fired flue gas based on the catalytic decomposition of H2O2 over Fe-2(MoO4)(3)
Liu X, Wang CA, Zhu T, Lv Q, Li Y, Che DF
500 - 506 Energy recovery in the form of N2O by denitrifying bacteria
Yu C, Qiao S, Yang Y, Jin RF, Zhou JT, Rittmann BE
507 - 515 Preparation of Janus nanosheets via reusable cross-linked polymer microspheres template
Yin TH, Yang ZH, Lin MQ, Zhang J, Dong ZX
516 - 523 Effects of nitrate dosing on the migration of reduced sulfur in black odorous river sediment and the influencing factors
Yin HB, Yang P, Kong M
524 - 534 Cr(VI) reductase activity locates in the cytoplasm of Aeribacillus pallidus BK1, a novel Cr(VI)-reducing thermophile isolated from Tengchong geothermal region, China
Ma Y, Zhong H, He ZG
535 - 543 Supramolecular chemistry assisted construction of ultra-stable solvent-resistant membranes for angstrom-sized molecular separation
Zhang YQ, Sun HG, Sadam H, Liu YY, Shao L
544 - 553 Enhancing oxygen reduction reaction of supercapacitor microbial fuel cells with electrospun carbon nanofibers composite cathode
Cai T, Huang YX, Huang MH, Xi Y, Pang DY, Zhang W
554 - 564 Fluid mechanics and process design of high-pressure antisolvent precipitation of fenofibrate nanoparticles using a customized microsystem
Melzig S, Finke JH, Schilde C, Vierheller A, Dietzel A, Kwade A
565 - 574 Simultaneous oxidation of Cr(III) and extraction of Cr(VI) from chromite ore processing residue by silicate-assisted hydrothermal treatment
Zhang WF, Zhang PX, Liu F, Liu WZ, Zhang J, Lin Z
575 - 582 Ultra-high flux and efficient oil-water separation via polymer-based electrophoretic deposition
Huang JJ, Yu DF, Xu XB, Liu MH, Ye ZQ, Yang G, Chen T, Yang H, Wang JB, Wu X
583 - 592 Application of aquaporin-based forward osmosis membranes for processing of digestate liquid fractions
Camilleri-Rumbau MS, Soler-Cabezas JL, Christensen KV, Norddahl B, Mendoza-Roca JA, Vincent-Vela MC
593 - 599 Realizing Bi-doped alpha-Cu2Se as a promising near-room-temperature thermoelectric material
Liao WW, Yang L, Chen J, Zhou DL, Qu XL, Zheng K, Han G, Zhou JB, Hong M, Chen ZG
600 - 608 A novel mode of air recycling favored stable operation of the aerobic granular sludge process via calcium accumulation
Zhang ZM, Ji YT, Cao RJ, Yu ZD, Xu XY, Zhu L
609 - 617 Room-temperature fabrication of TiO2-PHEA nanocomposite coating with high transmittance and durable superhydrophilicity
Zhang YG, Zhang SF, Wu SL
618 - 630 Alkaline phosphatase enzyme-induced biomineralization of chitosan scaffolds with enhanced osteogenesis for bone tissue engineering
Li N, Zhou L, Xie WL, Zeng DY, Cai DQ, Wang HY, Zhou CR, Wang J, Li LH
631 - 638 Powdered activated coke for COD removal in the advanced treatment of mixed chemical wastewaters and regeneration by Fenton oxidation
Shen L, Wang W, Li T, Cui YZ, Wang B, Yu G, Wang XH, Wei D, Xiao JZ, Deng SB
639 - 646 High-yield production of aromatics from methanol using a temperature-shifting multi-stage fluidized bed reactor technology
Chen ZH, Hou YL, Song WL, Cai DL, Yang YF, Cui Y, Qian WZ
647 - 656 Responses of Salmonella typhimurium LT2, Vibrio harveyi, and Cryptosporidium parvum to UVB and UVA radiation
Busse MM, Becker M, Applegate BM, Camp JW, Blatchley ER
657 - 665 Hierarchical zeolitic imidazolate framework-derived manganese-doped zinc oxide decorated carbon nanofiber electrodes for high performance flexible supercapacitors
Samuel E, Joshi B, Kim MW, Kim YI, Swihart MT, Yoon SS
666 - 678 Study on removal of elemental mercury over MoO3-CeO2/cylindrical activated coke in the presence of SO2 by Hg-temperature-programmed desorption
Liu M, Li CT, Zeng Q, Du XY, Gao L, Li SH, Zhai YB
679 - 692 Fabrication of high energy density symmetric supercapacitor based on cobalt-nickel bimetallic tungstate nanoparticles decorated phosphorus-sulphur co-doped graphene nanosheets with extended voltage
Rajpurohit AS, Punde NS, Rawool CR, Srivastava AK
693 - 705 Evaluation and optimization of VPSA processes with nanostructured zeolite NaX for post-combustion CO2 capture
Xu M, Chen SJ, Seo DK, Deng SG
706 - 718 Enhancement of visible-light-driven photocatalytic activity of carbon plane/g-C3N4/TiO2 nanocomposite by improving heterojunction contact
Liu C, Dong SS, Chen YG
719 - 729 Optimizing support properties of heterogeneous catalysts for the coupling of carbon dioxide with epoxides
Leonard GLM, Pirard SL, Belet A, Grignard B, Detrembleur C, Jerome C, Heinrichs B
730 - 737 Bacterial cellulose derived paper-like purifier with multifunctionality for water decontamination
Hu Y, Liu F, Sun YB, Xu XR, Chen X, Pan BC, Sun DP, Qian JS
738 - 749 Study on iron-based adsorbents for alternating removal of H2S and O-2 from natural gas and biogas
Raabe T, Mehne M, Rasser H, Krause H, Kureti S
750 - 758 Different mechanisms for E. coli disinfection and BPA degradation by CeO2-AgI under visible light irradiation
Li M, Liu FY, Ma ZY, Liu W, Liang JL, Tong MP
759 - 768 Marine algae: A promising resource for the selective recovery of scandium and rare earth elements from aqueous systems
Ramasamy DL, Porada S, Sillanpaa M
769 - 780 Two-dimensional membrane and three-dimensional bulk aerogel materials via top-down wood nanotechnology for multibehavioral and reusable oil/water separation
Wang KL, Liu XR, Tan Y, Zhang W, Zhang SF, Li JZ
781 - 795 Superior performance and resistance to SO2 and H2O over CoOx-modified MnOx/biomass activated carbons for simultaneous Hg-0 and NO removal
Gao L, Li CT, Li SH, Zhang W, Du XY, Huang L, Zhu YC, Zhai YB, Zeng GM
796 - 803 Photocatalytic conversion of nitrogen to ammonia with water on triphase interfaces of hydrophilic-hydrophobic composite Bi4O5Br2/ZIF-8
Liu JX, Li R, Zu X, Zhang XC, Wang YF, Wang YW, Fan CM
804 - 812 Bio-refinery of waste streams for green and efficient succinic acid production by engineered Yarrowia lipolytica without pH control
Li C, Ong KL, Yang XF, Lin CSK
813 - 820 A microwave method for the rapid crystallization of UTSA-16 with improved performance for CO2 capture
Gaikwad S, Han S
821 - 832 Siloxane adsorption on activated carbons: Role of the surface chemistry on sorption properties in humid atmosphere and regenerability issues
Tran VTL, Gelin P, Ferronato C, Mascunan P, Rac V, Chovelon JM, Postole G
833 - 841 Fabrication of superhydrophobic coatings with edible materials for super-repelling non-Newtonian liquid foods
Liu BY, Xue CH, An QF, Jia ST, Xu MM
842 - 847 Further understanding the involvement of Fe(IV) in peroxydisulfate and peroxymonosulfate activation by Fe(II) for oxidative water treatment
Wang Z, Qiu W, Pang SY, Zhou Y, Gan Y, Guan CT, Jiang J
848 - 856 Cation influence in adsorptive propane/propylene separation in ZIF-8 (SOD) topology
Andres-Garcia E, Lopez-Cabrelles J, Oar-Arteta L, Roldan-Martinez B, Cano-Padilla M, Gascon J, Espallargas GM, Kapteijn F
857 - 867 A new carbamoylmethylphosphonic acid-based polymer for the selective sorption of rare earth elements
Rodrigues DG, Monge S, Pellet-Rostaing S, Dacheux N, Bouyer D, Faur C
868 - 875 Adsorption of ibuprofen on organo-sepiolite and on zeolite/sepiolite heterostructure: Synthesis, characterization and statistical physics modeling
Li ZC, Gomez-Aviles A, Sellaoui L, Bedia J, Bonilla-Petriciolet A, Belver C
876 - 884 Novel approach to immobilize Au nanoclusters on micro/nanostructured carbonized natural lotus leaf as green catalyst with highly efficient catalytic activity
Zhang AT, Liu BP, Liu SJ, Li MX, Zheng W, Deng L, Liu JQ
885 - 892 High-performance photoelectrochemical water splitting of BiVO4@Co-MIm prepared by a facile in-situ deposition method
Zhou SQ, Yue PF, Huang JW, Wang L, She HD, Wang QZ
893 - 902 Synchronous phosphate and fluoride removal from water by 3D rice-like lanthanum-doped La@MgAl nanocomposites
Kong LC, Tian Y, Pang Z, Huang XH, Li M, Yang RC, Li N, Zhang J, Zuo W
903 - 913 Metal-organic framework-based ultrafiltration membrane separation with capacitive-type for enhanced phosphate removal
Liu RT, Sui YM, Wang XZ