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1 - 9 A new hybrid silicone-based antifouling coating with nanocomposite hydrogel for durable antifouling properties
Tian S, Jiang DY, Pu JB, Sun XF, Li ZM, Wu B, Zheng WR, Liu WQ, Liu ZX
10 - 18 DFT study of CO2 adsorption across a CaO/Ca12Al14O33 sorbent in the presence of H2O under calcium looping conditions
Ma XT, Li YJ, Zhang W, Wang ZY, Zhao JL
19 - 26 Kinetic and mechanistic investigation on the decomposition of ketamine by UV-254 nm activated persulfate
Gu DM, Guo CS, Hou S, Lv JP, Zhang Y, Feng QY, Zhang Y, Xu J
27 - 36 Novel soil remediation technology for simultaneous organic pollutant catalytic degradation and nitrogen supplementation
Chen QC, Rao PH, Cheng ZW, Yan LL, Qian SY, Song R, Shen GQ
37 - 59 Cobalt based metal-organic frameworks and their derivatives for electrochemical energy conversion and storage
Hua Y, Li XX, Chen CY, Pang H
60 - 70 A novel bulk-gas-to-atomized-liquid reactor for enhanced mass transfer efficiency and its application to syngas fermentation
Sathish A, Sharma A, Gable P, Skiadas I, Brown R, Wen ZY
71 - 80 Combined synthesis of Li4SiO4 sorbent with high CO2 uptake in the indirect carbonation of blast furnace slag process
Liu WZ, Song L, Xu CB, Rohani S, Chen M, Liang B, Li C
81 - 88 Efficient adsorption of ammonia by incorporation of metal ionic liquids into silica gels as mesoporous composites
Zeng SJ, Wang JL, Li PF, Dong HF, Wang H, Zhang XC, Zhang XP
89 - 97 Bimetal-organic frameworks derived ternary metal sulphide nanoparticles embedded in porous carbon spheres/carbon nanotubes as high-performance lithium storage materials
Jia ZQ, Cui ZH, Tan YB, Liu ZW, Guo XX
98 - 109 Hydrogen-free process to convert lipids into bio-jet fuel and green diesel over niobium phosphate catalyst in one-step
Scaldaferri CA, Pasa VMD
110 - 119 The anammox process at typical feast-famine states: Reactor performance, sludge activity and microbial community
Kang D, Yu T, Xu DD, Zeng Z, Ding A, Zhang M, Shan SD, Zhang WD, Zheng P
120 - 135 Preparations, properties and applications of low-dimensional black phosphorus
Xing C, Zhang JH, Jing JY, Li JZ, Shi F
136 - 147 Tuning MnO2 to FeOOH replicas with bio-template 3D morphology as electrodes for high performance asymmetric supercapacitors
Li KL, Liu XY, Zheng TX, Jiang DB, Zhou Z, Liu CQ, Zhang XM, Zhang YX, Losic D
148 - 165 Highly visible active Ag2CrO4/Ag/BiFeO3@RGO nano-junction for photoreduction of CO2 and photocatalytic removal of ciprofloxacin and bromate ions: The triggering effect of Ag and RGO
Kumar A, Sharma G, Naushad M, Ahamad T, Veses RC, Stadler FJ
166 - 175 Spray-assisted assembled spherical boron nitride as fillers for polymers with enhanced thermally conductivity
Ren LL, Zeng XL, Sun R, Xu JB, Wong CP
176 - 184 Asymmetric deformation in poly(ethylene-co-1-octene)/multi-walled carbon nanotube composites with glass micro-beads for highly piezoresistive sensitivity
Cai JH, Chen YF, Li J, Tan YJ, Liu JH, Tang XH, Chen XD, Wang M
185 - 207 Cobalt-based electrode materials for sodium-ion batteries
Qi SH, Wu DX, Dong Y, Liao JQ, Foster CW, O'Dwyer C, Feng YZ, Liu CT, Ma JM
208 - 217 Enhanced removal of benzothiazole in persulfate promoted wet air oxidation via degradation and synchronous polymerization
Zhou LB, Xie YB, Cao HB, Guo Z, Wen JW, Shi YC
218 - 227 Improved photoelectrochemical response of CuWO4/BiOI p-n heterojunction embedded with plasmonic Ag nanoparticles
Zhou M, Guo ZG, Song QG, Li XF, Liu ZF
228 - 236 Au(III) adsorption and reduction to gold particles on cost-effective tannin acid immobilized dialdehyde corn starch
Liu FL, Peng GL, Li T, Yu G, Deng SB
237 - 250 Morphology control of magnesium carbonate for CO2 utilization using Mg2+ ions in industrial wastewater depending on length of alkyl chain of primary alkanolamine, reaction temperature, CO2 concentration, and Mg2+/Na+ ratio
Yoo Y, Kang D, Choi E, Park J, Huh IS
251 - 261 A green and low-cost strategy to synthesis of tunable pore sizes porous organic polymers derived from waste-expanded polystyrene for highly efficient removal of organic contaminants
Hu AB, Zhang WJ, You QL, Men B, Liao GY, Wang DS
262 - 273 Fouling mechanism of forward osmosis membrane in domestic wastewater concentration: Role of substrate structures
Bao X, Wu QL, Tian JY, Shi WX, Wang W, Zhang ZQ, Zhang RJ, Zhang B, Guo Y, Shu SH, Cui FY
274 - 286 A green strategy to endow superabsorbents with stretchability and self-healability
Jahandideh A, Moini N, Kabiri K, Zohuriaan-Mehr MJ
287 - 294 Enhanced organic pollutant photodegradation via adsorption/photocatalysis synergy using a 3D g-C3N4/TiO2 free-separation photocatalyst
Sheng YQ, Wei Z, Miao H, Yao WQ, Li HQ, Zhu YF
295 - 304 Mixing processes in a 3D printed large-flow microstructured reactor: Finite element simulations and experimental study
Li XT, Jiang F, Ravindra AV, Zhou JW, Zhou A, Le TQX, Peng JH, Ju SH
305 - 313 MoSx/CdS nano-heterostructures accurately constructed on the defects of CdS for efficient photocatalytic H-2 evolution under visible light irradiation
Yin XL, Li LL, Liu ML, Li DC, Shang L, Dou JM
314 - 321 alpha-Fe2O3 nanorods embedded with two-dimensional {001} facets exposed TiO2 flakes derived from Ti3C2Tx MXene for enhanced photoelectrochemical water oxidation
Chang H, Shang ZC, Kong QQ, Liu PL, Liu JK, Luo HA
322 - 329 Enhancement of the thermoelectric property of nanostructured polyaniline/carbon nanotube composites by introducing pyrrole unit onto polyaniline backbone via a sustainable method
Wang SC, Liu FW, Gao CM, Wan T, Wang LH, Wang L, Wang L
330 - 336 Holey nickel nanotube reticular network scaffold for high-performance flexible rechargeable Zn/MnO2 batteries
Su SY, Xu Y, Wang Y, Wang XY, Shi L, Wu D, Zou PC, Nairan A, Lin ZY, Kang FY, Yang C
337 - 345 Carbon nanotubes affect the formation of trihalomethanes during chlorination of bisphenol A
Chen XJ, You MT, Wei JM, Ke YC, Liu W, Sun WL
346 - 353 Degradation of refractory organics from biologically treated incineration leachate by VUV/O-3
Jiang F, Qiu B, Sun DZ
354 - 363 Efficient degradation of atrazine by CoMgAl layered double oxides catalyzed peroxymonosulfate: Optimization, degradation pathways and mechanism
Hong YC, Peng JL, Zhao XG, Yan Y, Lai B, Yao G
364 - 371 Performance study for NH3-SCR at low temperature based on different methods of Mnx/SEP catalyst
Zhang XL, Wu Q, Diao QC, Wang JW, Xiao KS, Yang BJ, Wu XP
372 - 386 Magnetic titanium/carbon nanotube nanocomposite catalyst for oxidative degradation of Bisphenol A from high saline polycarbonate plant effluent using catalytic wet peroxide oxidation
Mirzaee SA, Jaafarzadeh N, Gomes HT, Jorfi S, Ahmadi M
387 - 399 Black phosphorus nanosheets-based nanocarriers for enhancing chemotherapy drug sensitiveness via depleting mutant p53 and resistant cancer multimodal therapy
Wu F, Zhang M, Chu XH, Zhang QC, Su YT, Sun BH, Lu TY, Zhou NL, Zhang J, Wang JX, Yi XY
400 - 408 Tuning the electrochemical performance of NiCo2O4@NiMoO4 core-shell heterostructure by controlling the thickness of the NiMoO4 shell
Zhang HF, Lu CX, Hou H, Ma YY, Yuan SX
409 - 419 Adsorption and catalytic electro-peroxone degradation of fluconazole by magnetic copper ferrite/carbon nanotubes
Wu DH, Lu GH, Yao JJ, Zhou C, Liu FL, Liu JC
420 - 431 Depolymerization and characterization of Acacia mangium tannin for the preparation of mussel-inspired fast-curing tannin-based phenolic resins
Li JJ, Zhu WJ, Zhang SF, Gao Q, Xia CL, Zhang W, Li JZ
432 - 443 Cumulative steady state Monte Carlo method for processes with exchange between reactive species. Case of controlled radical copolymerization
Szymanski R, Sosnowski S
444 - 454 Internal flow patterns of a droplet pinned to the hydrophobic surfaces of a confined microchannel using micro-PIV and VOF simulations
Yang G, Terzis A, Zarikos I, Hassanizadeh SM, Weigand B, Helmig R
455 - 465 Online learning based intelligent temperature control during polymer composites microwave curing process
Zhou J, Li YG, Li D, Wen YY
466 - 476 Two-side cathode microbial electrolysis cell for nutrients recovery and biogas upgrading
Zeppilli M, Simoni M, Paiano P, Majone M
477 - 498 Numerical study of binary droplets collision in the main collision regimes
Amani A, Balcazar N, Gutierrez E, Oliva A
499 - 507 Enhanced electrochemical performances of layered-spinel heterostructured lithium-rich Li1.2Ni0.13Co0.13Mn0.54O2 cathode materials
Ku L, Cai YX, Ma YT, Zheng HF, Liu PF, Qiao ZS, Xie QS, Wang LS, Peng DL
508 - 517 Low-cost and robust production of multi-doped 2D carbon nanosheets for high-performance lithium-ion capacitors
Li L, Jia C, Shao ZQ, Chen K, Wang JQ, Wang FJ
518 - 526 K+ deactivation of V2O5-WO3/TiO2 catalyst during selective catalytic reduction of NO with NH3: Effect of vanadium content
Kong M, Liu QC, Jiang LJ, Tong W, Yang J, Ren S, Li JL, Tian YM
527 - 535 Heterotrophic anodic denitrification improves carbon removal and electricity recovery efficiency in microbial fuel cells
Jin XJ, Guo F, Ma WQ, Liu Y, Liu H
536 - 546 A self-adhesive graphene nanoscroll/nanosheet paper with confined Fe1-xS/Fe3O4 hetero-nanoparticles for high-performance anode material of flexible Li-ion batteries
Zhao Y, Wang JJ, Ma CL, Cao LJ, Shao ZP
547 - 555 Flexible MoS2@electrospun PVDF hybrid membrane as advanced anode for lithium storage
Zheng X, Zheng YH, Zhang HJ, Yang QL, Xiong CX
556 - 564 Promoting polythionate intermediates formation by oxygen-deficient manganese oxide hollow nanospheres for high performance lithium-sulfur batteries
Wu JW, Ma QY, Lian C, Yuan Y, Long DH
565 - 572 A new design for Si wears double jackets used as a high-performance lithium-ion battery anode
Wu JL, Liu JH, Wang Z, Gong XZ, Wang Y
573 - 586 Synergistic effect of stem cells from human exfoliated deciduous teeth and rhBMP-2 delivered by injectable nanofibrous microspheres with different surface modifications on vascularized bone regeneration
Fang TJZ, Yuan ZY, Zhao YM, Li XX, Zhai Y, Li JZ, Wang XT, Rao NQ, Ge LH, Cai Q
587 - 594 Biochar remediates denitrification process and N2O emission in pesticide chlorothalonil-polluted soil: Role of electron transport chain
Su XX, Wang YY, He Q, Hu XB, Chen Y
595 - 605 Hybrid coagulation, gamma irradiation and biological treatment of real pharmaceutical wastewater
Changotra R, Rajput H, Guin JP, Varshney L, Dhir A
606 - 613 Li3VO4 nanoparticles in N-doped carbon with porous structure as an advanced anode material for lithium-ion batteries
Xu XN, Niu FE, Wang CS, Li YJ, Zhao CL, Yang J, Qian YT
614 - 624 Activation mechanism of peroxymonosulfate by biochar for catalytic degradation of 1,4-dioxane: Important role of biochar defect structures
Ouyang D, Chen Y, Yan JC, Qian LB, Han L, Chen MF
625 - 636 Sec-amine grafted D301 resin catalyzed fixed-bed process for continuous preparation of methacrolein via Mannich reaction
Wang G, Li ZX, Fan L, Li CS, Zhang SJ
637 - 645 The elucidation of reaction kinetics for hydrothermal liquefaction of model macromolecules
Obeid R, Lewis D, Smith N, van Eyk P
646 - 657 Hydrogen production from bio-derived biphasic photoreforming over a raspberry-like amphiphilic Ag2O-TiO2/SiO2 catalyst
Bu EQ, Chen Y, Wang C, Cheng ZD, Luo XL, Shu RY, Zhang JT, Liao MZ, Jiang ZQ, Song QB
658 - 665 Porous Al2O3 plates prepared by combing foaming and gel-tape casting methods for efficient collection of oil from water
Dong BB, Yang MY, Wang FH, Hao LY, Xu X, Wang G, Agathopoulos S
666 - 676 MOF-derived hierarchical nanosheet arrays constructed by interconnected NiCo-alloy@NiCo-sulfide core-shell nanoparticles for high-performance asymmetric supercapacitors
Yang QJ, Liu Y, Yan M, Lei Y, Shi WD
677 - 683 SnP0.94 nanoplates/graphene oxide composite for novel potassium-ion battery anode
Zhao XX, Wang WH, Hou Z, Wei GJ, Yu YK, Zhang J, Quan ZW
684 - 694 Role of extracellular polymeric substance in adsorption of quinolone antibiotics by microbial cells in excess sludge
Cao DQ, Yang WY, Wang Z, Hao XD
695 - 705 Reaction pathways of heat-activated persulfate oxidation of naphthenic acids in the presence and absence of dissolved oxygen in water
Xu XY, Pliego G, Alonso C, Liu SM, Nozal L, Rodriguez JJ
706 - 715 UV-activated persulfate oxidation of sulfamethoxypyridazine: Kinetics, degradation pathways and impact on DBP formation during subsequent chlorination
Gao YQ, Gao NY, Chu WH, Zhang YF, Zhang J, Yin DQ
716 - 728 Hyperbranched polyurethane/reduced carbon dot-zinc oxide nanocomposite-mediated solar-assisted photocatalytic degradation of organic contaminant: An approach towards environmental remediation
Duarah R, Karak N
729 - 741 Hierarchically structural PAN/UiO-66-(COOH)(2) nanofibrous membranes for effective recovery of Terbium(III) and Europium(III) ions and their photoluminescence performances
Hua WK, Zhang TH, Wang M, Zhu YD, Wang XF
742 - 748 1.3 V superwide potential window sponsored by Na-Mn-O plates as cathodes towards aqueous rechargeable sodium-ion batteries
Chua R, Cai Y, Kou ZK, Satish R, Ren H, Chan JJ, Zhang LP, Morris SA, Bai JM, Srinivasan M
749 - 759 Bacterial cellulose based composites enhanced transdermal drug targeting for breast cancer treatment
Zhang LK, Du SW, Wang XZ, Jiao YX, Yin L, Zhang Y, Guan YQ
760 - 771 Thermodynamic and kinetic modelling of mixed CH4-THF hydrate for methane storage application
Khurana M, Veluswamy HP, Daraboina N, Linga P
772 - 781 Pure hydrogen from biogas: Intensified methane dry reforming in a two-zone fluidized bed reactor using permselective membranes
Duran P, Sanz-Martinez A, Soler J, Menendez M, Herguido J
782 - 791 Reduction of nitrogen-oxygen containing compounds (NOCs) by surface-associated Fe(II) and comparison with soluble Fe(II) complexes
Li X, Chen YL, Zhang HC
792 - 799 Ionic liquid entrapped UiO-66: Efficient adsorbent for Gd3+ capture from water
Ahmed I, Adhikary KK, Lee YR, Row KH, Kang KK, Ahn WS
800 - 809 Sb2O5/Co-containing carbon polyhedra as anode material for high-performance lithium-ion batteries
Li JF, Han L, Zhang XJ, Zhu G, Chen TQ, Lu T, Pan LK
810 - 821 V2O5-modified Mn-Ce/AC catalyst with high SO2 tolerance for low-temperature NH3-SCR of NO
Jiang LJ, Liu QC, Ran GJ, Kong M, Ren S, Yang J, Li JL
822 - 830 Amide-based covalent organic frameworks materials for efficient and recyclable removal of heavy metal lead (II)
Li GL, Ye JR, Fang QL, Liu F
831 - 854 Graphene and graphene derivatives toughening polymers: Toward high toughness and strength
Wang JF, Jin XX, Li CH, Wang WJ, Wu H, Guo SY
855 - 865 Reduced graphene oxide-loaded-magnetite: A Fenton-like heterogeneous catalyst for photocatalytic degradation of 2-methylisoborneol
Moztahida M, Nawaz M, Kim J, Shahzad A, Kim S, Jang J, Lee DS
866 - 874 Formaldehyde adsorption in carbon nanopores - New insights from molecular simulation
Liu LM, Liu JJ, Zeng YH, Tan SJ, Do DD, Nicholson D
875 - 884 Boosting photocatalytic oxidation on graphitic carbon nitride for efficient photocatalysis by heterojunction with graphitic carbon units
Abdellatif HRS, Zhang G, Wang XT, Xie DT, Irvine JTS, Ni JP, Ni CS
885 - 896 Intensified dimethyl ether production from synthesis gas with CO2
Ozturk NF, Avci AK
897 - 905 Three-dimensional nanoflower MnCrOx/Sepiolite catalyst with increased SO2 resistance for NH3-SCR at low temperature
Xie AJ, Tang YR, Huang XY, Jin X, Gu PF, Luo SP, Yao C, Li XZ
906 - 915 Effects of MnO2 of different structures on activation of peroxymonosulfate for bisphenol A degradation under acidic conditions
Huang JZ, Dai YF, Singewald K, Liu CC, Saxena S, Zhang HC
916 - 924 Construction of uniform nanodots CeO2 stabilized by porous silica matrix for 1,2-dichloroethane catalytic combustion
Fei ZY, Cheng C, Chen HW, Li L, Yang YR, Liu Q, Chen X, Zhang ZX, Tang JH, Cui MF, Qiao X
925 - 937 Fabrication and flow characteristics of monodisperse bullet-shaped microparticles with controllable structures
Cai QW, Ju XJ, Chen C, Faraj Y, Jia ZH, Hu JQ, Xie R, Wang W, Liu Z, Chu LY
938 - 943 Mesoporous amorphous FePO4 nanosphere@Graphene as a faradic electrode in capacitive deionization for high-capacity and fast removal of NaCl from water
Ma J, Wang L, Yu F, Dai XH
944 - 951 Integrating the merits of two-dimensional structure and heteroatom modification into semiconductor photocatalyst to boost NO removal
Yi JJ, Liao JZ, Xia KX, Song YH, Lian JB, She XJ, Liu YX, Yuan SQ, Dong F, Xu H, Li HM
952 - 961 Catalytic oxidation kinetics of arabinose on supported gold nanoparticles
Correia LS, Grenman H, Warna J, Salmi T, Murzin DY
962 - 972 Comparative study on the oxidation of N,N-diethyl-3-methyl benzoyl amide by Mn(III) and peroxymonosulfate/Co(II): Selective and nonselective oxidation
Zhang JM, Wang L, Liu YL, Liu C, Song HR, Gong MY, Zhang ZX, Yang T, Ma J
973 - 979 Single-crystalline Co2Si nanowires directly synthesized on silicon substrate for high-performance micro-supercapacitor
Lee J, Yoo CY, Lee YA, Park SH, Cho Y, Jun JH, Kim WY, Kim B, Yoon H
980 - 987 Thermodynamic and kinetic analysis of gas hydrates for desalination of saturated salinity water
Seo SD, Hong SY, Sum AK, Lee KH, Lee JD, Lee BR
988 - 996 A versatile strategy towards magnetic/dielectric porous heterostructure with confinement effect for lightweight and broadband electromagnetic wave absorption
Zhou CH, Wu C, Yan M
997 - 1007 Degradation kinetics and structure-reactivity relation of naphthenic acids during anodic oxidation on graphite electrodes
Abdalrhman AS, Ganiyu SO, El-Din MG
1008 - 1018 Mesoporous CoSe2 nanoclusters threaded with nitrogen-doped carbon nanotubes for high-performance sodium-ion battery anodes
Yang SH, Park SK, Kang YC
1019 - 1026 Boosting the cycling stability of LixSi alloy microparticles through electroless copper deposition
Wang C, Yu JM, Li SH, Lu ZD
1027 - 1038 Aligned porous fibrous membrane with a biomimetic surface to accelerate cartilage regeneration
Ren XZ, Li JX, Li JY, Jiang YQ, Li L, Yao QQ, Ke QF, Xu H
1039 - 1047 Biocompatible, self-wrinkled, antifreezing and stretchable hydrogel-based wearable sensor with PEDOT:sulfonated lignin as conductive materials
Wang QH, Pan XF, Lin CM, Lin DZ, Ni YH, Chen LH, Huang LL, Cao SL, Ma XJ
1048 - 1056 Highly smooth, stable and reflective Ag-paper electrode enabled by silver mirror reaction for organic optoelectronics
Huang QB, Zhang K, Yang Y, Ren JL, Sun RC, Huang F, Wang XH
1057 - 1067 Multistructured vascular patches constructed via layer-by-layer self-assembly of heparin and chitosan for vascular tissue engineering applications
Zhang J, Wang DW, Jiang XF, He L, Fu L, Zhao Y, Wang YT, Mo H, Shen J
1068 - 1076 An optimal carbon fiber interlayer integrated with bio-based gel polymer electrolyte enabling trapping-diffusion-conversion of polysulfides in lithium-sulfur batteries
Zhu M, Wang Y, Long L, Fu X, Sui G, Yang XP
1077 - 1086 Efficient visible light driven degradation of sulfamethazine and tetracycline by salicylic acid modified polymeric carbon nitride via charge transfer
Zhou CY, Huang DL, Xu P, Zeng GM, Huang JH, Shi TZ, Lai C, Zhang C, Cheng M, Lu Y, Duan A, Xiong WP, Zhou M
1087 - 1100 Modifying delafossite silver ferrite with polyaniline: Visible-light-response Z-scheme heterojunction with charge transfer driven by internal electric field
Chen S, Huang DL, Zeng GM, Gong XM, Xue WJ, Li J, Yang YY, Zhou CY, Li ZH, Yan XL, Li T, Zhang Q
1101 - 1110 Experimental and theoretical investigation on the recovery of green chemicals and energy from mixed agricultural wastes by coupling anaerobic digestion and supercritical water gasification
Molino A, De Gisi S, Petta L, Franzese A, Casella P, Marino T, Notarnicola M
1111 - 1118 Seeding-method-processed anatase TiO2 film at low temperature for efficient planar perovskite solar cell
Xia GJ, Liu HL, Zhao XM, Dong XF, Wang SR, Li XG
1119 - 1127 Charge trapping and transfer mechanisms of noble metals and metal oxides deposited Ga2O3 toward typical contaminant degradation
Li MJ, Yu ZB, Hou YP, Liu Q, Qian L, Lian CF, Rao XZ, Yang XT
1128 - 1153 Abatement of various types of VOCs by adsorption/catalytic oxidation: A review
Yang CT, Miao G, Pi YH, Xia QB, Wu JL, Li Z, Xiao J
1154 - 1168 Effect of spatial radiation distribution on photocatalytic oxidation of methylene blue in gas-liquid-solid mini-fluidized beds
Liu YX, Zhu LT, Luo ZH, Tang JX
1169 - 1180 Efficient degradation of imidacloprid in water through iron activated sodium persulfate
Hayat W, Zhang YQ, Hussain I, Du XD, Du MM, Yao CH, Huang SB, Si F
1181 - 1187 Coating sponge with multifunctional and porous metal-organic framework for oil spill remediation
Xu ZQ, Wang JW, Li HJ, Wang Y
1188 - 1199 Rerouting engineered metal-dependent shapes of mesoporous silica nanocontainers to biodegradable Janus-type (sphero-ellipsoid) nanoreactors for chemodynamic therapy
Liu CG, Han YH, Zhang JT, Kankala RK, Wang SB, Chen AZ
1200 - 1209 Sorption of Eu(III) on MXene-derived titanate structures: The effect of nano-confined space
Zhang P, Wang L, Yuan LY, Lan JH, Chai ZF, Shi WQ
1210 - 1217 Kinetic conjugation effects in oxidation of C-1-C-2 hydrocarbons: Experiment and modeling
Lomonosov V, Gordienko Y, Ponomareva E, Sinev M
1218 - 1227 A durable underwater superoleophobic and underoil superhydrophobic fabric for versatile oil/water separation
Chen JH, Zhou Y, Zhou CL, Wen XF, Xu SP, Cheng J, Pi PH
1228 - 1238 An antibacterial hydrogel with desirable mechanical, self-healing and recyclable properties based on triple-physical crosslinking
Pan JZ, Jin Y, Lai SQ, Shi LJ, Fan WH, Shen YC
1239 - 1250 Targeted and imaging-guided chemo-photothermal ablation achieved by combining upconversion nanoparticles and protein-capped gold nanodots
Wang C, Xue RB, Gulzar A, Kuang Y, Shao H, Gai SL, Yang D, He F, Yang PP
1251 - 1261 Novel and versatile TiO2 thin films on PET for photocatalytic removal of contaminants of emerging concern from water
Marcelino RBP, Amorim CC, Ratova M, Delfour-Peyrethon B, Kelly P
1262 - 1273 Adsorptive filtration of lead by electrospun PVA/PAA nanofiber membranes in a fixed-bed column
Zhang SJ, Shi QT, Christodoulatos C, Korfiatis G, Meng XG
1274 - 1285 High efficiency selective and reversible capture of lactulose using new boronic acid-functionalized porous polymeric monoliths
Wang MM, Ye FY, Wang H, Admassu H, Gasmalla MAA, Hua X, Yang RJ
1286 - 1297 Activation of peroxymonosulfate by sp(2)-hybridized microalgae-derived carbon for ciprofloxacin degradation: Importance of pyrolysis temperature
Zou YB, Li WT, Yang L, Xiao F, An GY, Wang Y, Wang DS
1298 - 1309 A green strategy for simultaneous Cu(II)-EDTA decomplexation and Cu precipitation from water by bicarbonate-activated hydrogen peroxide/chemical precipitation
Wang TC, Wang Q, Soklun H, Qu GZ, Xia TJ, Guo XT, Jia HZ, Zhu LY
1310 - 1321 Facile and green synthesis of copper nanoparticles loaded on the amorphous carbon nitride for the oxidation of cyclohexane
Shahzeydi A, Ghiaci M, Farrokhpour H, Shahvar A, Sun MX, Saraji M
1322 - 1330 Bio-inspired lightweight polypropylene foams with tunable hierarchical tubular porous structure and its application for oil-water separation
Huang PK, Wu F, Shen B, Ma XH, Zhao YQ, Wu MH, Wang J, Liu ZH, Luo HB, Zheng WG
1331 - 1340 3D alpha-Fe2O3 nanorods arrays@graphene oxide nanosheets as sensing materials for improved gas sensitivity
Song HJ, Yan SW, Yao YL, Xia LX, Jia XH, Xu JS
1341 - 1349 Flexible and flame-retarding thermoplastic polyurethane-based electromagnetic interference shielding composites
Ji XY, Chen DY, Shen JB, Guo SY
1350 - 1365 Numerical and experimental investigations of micromixing performance and efficiency in a pore-array intensified tube-in-tube microchannel reactor
Li WP, Xia FS, Qin HY, Zhang MQ, Li W, Zhang JL
1366 - 1375 Reactant activation and photocatalysis mechanisms on Bi-metal@Bi2GeO5 with oxygen vacancies: A combined experimental and theoretical investigation
Li XW, Zhang WD, Cui W, Li JY, Sun YJ, Jiang GM, Huang HW, Zhang YX, Dong F
1376 - 1387 Synthesis of ultralight phosphorylated carbon aerogel for efficient removal of U(VI): Batch and fixed-bed column studies
Zhang ZB, Dong ZM, Wang XX, Dai Y, Cao XH, Wang YQ, Hua R, Feng HT, Chen JR, Liu YH, Hu BW, Wang XK
1388 - 1406 Oxidation behavior of the supercritical water on the ternary Ni-W-P coating
Ren L, Cheng YH, Wang S, Meng XL, Qin Q, Yang JY
1407 - 1424 Extraction of Al and Ce from coal fly ash by biogenic Fe3+ and H2SO4
Fan XL, Lv SQ, Xia JL, Nie ZY, Zhang DR, Pan X, Liu LZ, Wen W, Zheng L, Zhao YD
1425 - 1433 Fabrication of Ti3+ doped TiO2 coated Mn3O4 nanorods with voids and channels for lithium storage
Wang MY, Huang Y, Zhang N, Zhu YD, Zhang HM, Kim JK
1434 - 1439 Templated synthesis of titanium dioxide tube-in-tube superstructures with enhanced photocatalytic and lithium storage performance
Wang ZR, Tong YL, Dang LY, Gao F, Lu QY
1440 - 1449 Uranyl-modified TiO2 for complete photocatalytic oxidation of volatile organic compounds under UV and visible light
Selishchev DS, Filippov TN, Lyulyukin MN, Kozlov DV
1450 - 1458 Transition metal cation-exchanged SSZ-13 zeolites for CO2 capture and separation from N-2
Sun MZ, Gu QF, Hanif A, Wang TQ, Shang J
1459 - 1466 Energy storage smart window with transparent-to-dark electrochromic behavior and improved pseudocapacitive performance
Xie SJ, Chen YB, Bi ZJ, Jia SS, Guo XX, Gao XD, Li XM
1467 - 1473 Metal-organic framework with various functional groups: Remarkable adsorbent for removal of both neutral indole and basic quinoline from liquid fuel
Shin S, Sarker M, Lee HI, Jhung SH
1474 - 1484 A mechanistic investigation of highly stable nano ZrO2 decorated nitrogen-rich azacytosine tethered graphene oxide-based dendrimer for the removal of arsenite from water
Prabhu SM, Pawar RR, Sasaki K, Park CM
1485 - 1492 High energy and power lithium-ion capacitors based on Mn3O4/3D-graphene as anode and activated polyaniline-derived carbon nanorods as cathode
Liu C, Ren QQ, Zhang SW, Yin BS, Que LF, Zhao L, Sui XL, Yu FD, Li XF, Gu DM, Wang ZB
1493 - 1510 Fast cycling NOx storage and reduction: Modeling and analysis of reaction pathways, transport and reductant effects
Ting AWL, Balakotaiah V, Harold MP
1511 - 1521 Sustainability of treatment technologies for industrial biowastes effluents
Kamali M, Costa ME, Aminabhavi TM, Capela I
1522 - 1533 Magnetically recyclable Fe3O4@SiO2/Bi2WO6-xF2x photocatalyst with well-designed core-shell nanostructure for the reduction of Cr(VI)
Guo L, Zhang KL, Shen HD, Wang C, Zhao Q, Wang DJ, Fu F, Liang YC
1534 - 1549 Gas transport in shale matrix coupling multilayer adsorption and pore confinement effect
Chai D, Yang G, Fan ZQ, Li XL