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1 - 9 Hygienization of mixed animal by-product using Pulsed Electric Field: Inactivation kinetics modeling and recovery of indicator bacteria
Liu XJ, Lendormi T, Le Fellic M, Lemee Y, Lanoiselle JL
10 - 17 An investigation of the transformation, kinetics and bioactivity of ozone treatment of DEET in water
Li LP, Kwan JKC, Yeung KL
18 - 28 Facile, solvent-free fabrication of a robust 3-dimensional continuous superhydrophobic coating with wettability control and abrasion healing
Liu ML, Luo YF, Jia DM
29 - 36 Oxygen-rich hyper-cross-linked polymers with hierarchical porosity for aniline adsorption
Gan YQ, Chen G, Sang YF, Zhou F, Man RL, Huang JH
37 - 50 Highly efficient extraction of thorium from aqueous solution by fungal mycelium-based microspheres fabricated via immobilization
Ding HL, Zhang XN, Yang H, Luo XG, Lin XY
51 - 60 Controllable synthesis of porous NiCo2O4/NiO/Co3O4 nanoflowers for asymmetric all-solid-state supercapacitors
Feng XS, Huang Y, Li C, Chen XF, Zhou SH, Gao XG, Chen C
61 - 70 Weldable, malleable and programmable epoxy vitrimers with high mechanical properties and water insensitivity
Liu HC, Zhang H, Wang H, Huang X, Huang GS, Wu JR
71 - 78 Kinetic analysis of delignification of cedar wood during organosolv treatment with a two-phase solvent using the unreacted-core model
Kawamata Y, Yoshikawa T, Aoki H, Koyama Y, Nakasaka Y, Yoshida M, Masuda T
79 - 87 Three-dimensional interconnected graphene microsphere as fillers for enhancing thermal conductivity of polymer
Li C, Zeng XL, Tan LY, Yao YM, Zhu DL, Sun R, Xu JB, Wong CP
88 - 114 Core-shell materials, lipid particles and nanoemulsions, for delivery of active anti-oxidants in cosmetics applications: challenges and development strategies
Tran VV, Nguyen TL, Moon JY, Lee YC
115 - 128 Enhanced catalytic activity of templated-double perovskite with 3D network structure for salicylic acid degradation under microwave irradiation: Insight into the catalytic mechanism
Wang Y, Wang Y, Yu L, Wang JY, Du BB, Zhang XD
129 - 137 Fabrication of high-performance graphene oxide doped PVDF/CuO/Al nanocomposites via electrospinning
Lyu JY, Chen S, He W, Zhang XX, Tang DY, Liu PJ, Yan QL
138 - 147 Durable lubricant-infused anodic aluminum oxide surfaces with high-aspect-ratio nanochannels
Wu DQ, Zhang DW, Ye YW, Ma LW, Minhas B, Liu B, Terryn HA, Mol JMC, Li XG
148 - 156 Biochar mediates activation of aged nanoscale ZVI by Shewanella putrefaciens CN32 to enhance the degradation of Pentachlorophenol
Li H, Chen S, Ren LY, Zhou LY, Tan XJ, Zhu Y, Belver C, Bedia J, Yang J
157 - 164 Synergistic regulation of effective detection for hypochlorite based on a dual-mode probe by employing aggregation induced emission (AIE) and intramolecular charge transfer (ICT) effects
Gu JP, Li XQ, Zhou Z, Liao RS, Gao JW, Tang YP, Wang QM
165 - 174 Boosting photocatalytic activity under visible-light by creation of PCN-222/g-C3N4 heterojunctions
Jia HJ, Ma DX, Zhong SW, Li LJ, Li L, Xu L, Li BY
175 - 185 Study on oscillation of granular sheet from granular jet impingement
Liu HK, Shi ZH, Li WF, Liu HF, Wang FC
186 - 201 A novel double-modified strategy to enhance the performance of thin-film nanocomposite nanofiltration membranes: Incorporating functionalized graphenes into supporting and selective layers
Xie QL, Zhang SS, Hong Z, Ma HJ, Zeng BR, Gong X, Shao WY, Wang QQ
202 - 211 Ni-Co-MoSx ball-in-ball hollow nanospheres as Pt-free bifunctional catalysts for high-performance solar cells and hydrogen evolution reactions
Qian X, Xu C, Jiang YQ, Zhang J, Guan GX, Huang YX
212 - 222 Efficient photocatalytic degradation of herbicide glyphosate in water by magnetically separable and recyclable BiOBr/Fe3O4 nanocomposites under visible light irradiation
Cao LD, Ma DK, Zhou ZL, Xu CL, Cao C, Zhao PY, Huang QL
223 - 234 AgNPs@CNTs/Ag hybrid films on thiolated PET substrate for flexible electronics
Kang ZX, Zhang Y, Zhou MQ
235 - 243 Superior potassium-ion hybrid capacitor based on novel P3-type layered K0.45Mn0.5Co0.5O2 as high capacity cathode
Ramasamy HV, Senthilkumar B, Barpanda P, Lee YS
244 - 251 Functional energetic biocides by coupling of energetic and biocidal polyiodo building blocks
Zhao G, He CL, Kumar D, Hooper JP, Imler GH, Parrish DA, Shreeve JM
252 - 260 Sulfate radical induced degradation of beta(2)-adrenoceptor agonists salbutamol and Terbutaline: Implication of halides, bicarbonate, and natural organic matter
Zhou L, Yan CZ, Sleiman M, Ferronato C, Chovelon JM, Wang XB, Richard C
261 - 272 Fabrication of ZnO/epoxy resin superhydrophobic coating on AZ31 magnesium alloy
Zhou HM, Chen RR, Liu Q, Liu JY, Yu J, Wang C, Zhang ML, Liu PL, Wang J
273 - 284 Enhanced photocatalysis degradation of organophosphorus flame retardant using MIL-101(Fe)/persulfate: Effect of irradiation wavelength and real water matrixes
Hu H, Zhang HX, Chen Y, Chen YJ, Zhuang L, Ou HS
285 - 298 Synthesis of lightweight N-doped graphene foams with open reticular structure for high-efficiency electromagnetic wave absorption
Liu PB, Zhang YQ, Yan J, Huang Y, Xia L, Guang ZX
299 - 309 Improving methane hydrate formation in highly water-saturated fixed bed with diesel oil as gas channel
Xiao P, Yang XM, Li WZ, Cui JL, Sun CY, Chen GJ, Chen JL
310 - 320 Fe3C-doped asymmetric porous carbon membrane binder-free integrated materials as high performance anodes of lithium-ion batteries
Shen WM, Kou W, Liu Y, Dai Y, Zheng WJ, He GH, Wang ST, Zhang Y, Wu XM, Fan S, Li XC
321 - 330 Surface activated polyethylene separator promoting Li+ ion transport in gel polymer electrolytes and cycling stability of Li-metal anode
Qiu ZF, Shi LY, Wang ZY, Mindemark J, Zhu JF, Edstrom K, Zhao Y, Yuan S
331 - 339 Magnetic fluid based on mussel inspired chemistry as corrosion-resistant coating of NdFeB magnetic material
Ouyang YB, Qiu R, Xiao YM, Shi ZQ, Hu SG, Zhang Y, Chen M, Wang P
340 - 349 Confinement of sulfur species into heteroatom-doped, porous carbon container for high areal capacity cathode
Zhang J, You CY, Wang J, Xu H, Zhu CZ, Guo SH, Zhang WH, Yang R, Xu YH
350 - 358 Facile fabrication of water-based and non-fluorinated superhydrophobic sponge for efficient separation of immiscible oil/water mixture and water-in-oil emulsion
Li M, Bian C, Yang GX, Qiang XH
359 - 368 Flame retardant eugenol-based thiol-ene polymer networks with high mechanical strength and transparency
Liu T, Sun LC, Ou RX, Fan Q, Li LP, Guo CG, Liu ZZ, Wang QW
369 - 376 Degradation of methyl mercaptan by a microwave-induced photoreaction process
Zheng T, Liu B, Wang AM, Li XZ, Wang P
377 - 389 One-pot synthesis of a novel hierarchical Co(II)-doped TiO2 nanostructure: Toward highly active and durable catalyst of peroxymonosulfate activation for degradation of antibiotics and other organic pollutants
Wang H, Gao Q, Li HT, Han B, Xia KS, Zhou CG
390 - 399 Adsorption and desorption of phenanthrene by magnetic graphene nanomaterials from water: Roles of pH, heavy metal ions and natural organic matter
Huang D, Xu BL, Wu JZ, Brookes PC, Xu JM
400 - 408 Ti3C2Tx MXene core-shell spheres for ultrahigh removal of mercuric ions
Shahzad A, Nawaz M, Mortahida M, Jang J, Tahir K, Kim J, Lim Y, Vassiliadis VS, Woo SH, Lee DS
409 - 416 Low thermal conductivity and enhanced zT values of porous and nanostructured Cu1-xNix alloys
Wu CA, Chang KC, Lin FH, Yang ZR, Gharleghi A, Wei TZ, Liu CJ
417 - 427 Au-TiO2/SiO2 photocatalysts with NOx depolluting activity: Influence of gold particle size and loading
Luna M, Gatica JM, Vidal H, Mosquera MJ
428 - 437 p-Arsanilic acid degradation and arsenic immobilization by a disilicate-assisted iron/aluminum electrolysis process
Yu MD, Jia JH, Liu XY, Cui JX, Xi BD, He XS, Mao XH
438 - 447 Hierarchical yolk-shell CNT-(NiCo)O/C microspheres prepared by one-pot spray pyrolysis as anodes in lithium-ion batteries
Oh SH, Jo MS, Jeong SM, Kang YC, Cho JS
448 - 458 Ternary CdS-MoS2 coated ZnO nanobrush photoelectrode for one-dimensional acceleration of charge separation upon visible light illumination
Tang YM, Zheng ZX, Sun XL, Li XK, Li LS
459 - 473 Amidoxime functionalization of a poly(acrylonitrile)/silica composite for the sorption of Ga(III) - Application to the treatment of Bayer liquor
Lu SM, Chen LF, Hamza MF, He CL, Wang XP, Wei YZ, Guibal E
474 - 494 Sustainability considerations in membrane-based technologies for industrial effluents treatment
Kamali M, Suhas DP, Costa ME, Capela I, Aminabhavi TM
495 - 503 Radical generation via sulfite activation on NiFe2O4 surface for estriol removal: Performance and mechanistic studies
Chen YQ, Li MY, Tong Y, Liu ZZ, Fang LP, Wu Y, Fang Z, Wu F, Huang LZ
504 - 512 On the high performance of a core-shell structured CaO-CuO/MgO@Al2O3 material in calcium looping integrated with chemical looping combustion (CaL-CLC)
Ma JC, Mei DF, Peng WW, Tian X, Ren DY, Zhao HB
513 - 524 Template synthesis of NiCo2S4/Co9S8 hollow spheres for high-performance asymmetric supercapacitors
Han XR, Chen Q, Zhang H, Ni YH, Zhang L
525 - 532 MnO2 based sandwich structure electrode for supercapacitor with large voltage window and high mass loading
Zhang Y, Yuan XM, Lu WB, Yan YS, Zhu JW, Chou TW
533 - 540 Low-temperature steam conversion of flare gases for various applications
Uskov SI, Potemkin DI, Shigarov AB, Snytnikov PV, Kirillov VA, Sobyanin VA
541 - 552 Hydroxyl and sulfate radicals formation in UVA/Fe-III-NTA/S2O82- system: Mechanism and effectiveness in carbamazepine degradation at initial neutral pH
Jin YY, Wang XN, Sun SP, Dong WB, Wu ZX, Bian GQ, Wu WD, Chen XD
553 - 563 Oxidative degradation of chloroxylenol in aqueous solution by thermally activated persulfate: Kinetics, mechanisms and toxicities
Sun YJ, Zhao JJ, Zhang BT, Li J, Shi YB, Zhang Y
564 - 572 N-doped biochar synthesized by a facile ball-milling method for enhanced sorption of CO2 and reactive red
Xu XY, Zheng YL, Gao B, Cao XD
573 - 576 Bio-inspired reinforcement of cyclosiloxane hybrid polymer via 'molecular stitching'
Song YJ, Chen XL, Liang YN, Zhang LY, Liu M, Hu X
577 - 588 Strengthening the potential of biomineralized microspheres in enhancing osteogenesis via incorporating alendronate
Wei PF, Yuan ZY, Jing W, Huang YQ, Cai Q, Guan BB, Liu ZH, Zhang X, Mao JP, Chen DF, Yang XP
589 - 597 Room-temperature synthesis of microporous organic network for efficient adsorption and removal of tetrabromobisphenol A from aqueous solution
Cui YY, Ren HB, Yang CX, Yan XP
598 - 605 The influence of humic acid on U(VI) sequestration by calcium titanate
Lu SH, Zhu KR, Guo H, Wang HH, Zhang N, Alsaedi A, Hayat T, Li Y, Sun YB
606 - 617 Sulfate radical induced catalytic degradation of metolachlor: Efficiency and mechanism
Liu C, Chen LW, Ding DH, Cai TM
618 - 626 Fabrication of microporous polyimide networks with tunable pore size and high CO2 selectivity
Song NN, Yao HY, Ma TN, Wang TJ, Shi KX, Tian Y, Zou YC, Zhu SY, Zhang YH, Guan SW
627 - 638 Fluidization dynamics of cohesive Geldart B particles. Part II: Pressure fluctuation analysis
Ma JL, van Ommen JR, Liu DY, Mudde RF, Chen XP, Pan SY, Liang C
639 - 648 3D hierarchical porous-structured biochar aerogel for rapid and efficient phenicol antibiotics removal from water
Liu H, Wei YF, Luo JM, Li T, Wang D, Luo SL, Crittenden JC
649 - 658 Monitoring an ionic liquid synthesis with in-situ IR-spectroscopy - The intricacy of solvent effects
Ohligschlager A, Gertig C, Coenen D, Brosch S, Firaha D, Leonhar K, Liauw MA
659 - 667 ZnO on rice husk: A sustainable photocatalyst for urban air purification
Pastor A, Balbuena J, Cruz-Yusta M, Pavlovic I, Sanchez L
668 - 677 Expandable graphite particles as a novel in-depth steam channeling control agent in heavy oil reservoirs
Zhao G, Dai CL, Gu CL, You Q, Sun YP
678 - 686 Development of a hybrid biomimetic ligand with high selectivity and mild elution for antibody purification
Zou XJ, Zhang QL, Lu HL, Lin DQ, Yao SJ
687 - 699 A local cluster-structure-dependent drag model for Eulerian simulation of gas-solid flow in CFB risers
Du SH, Liu LJ
700 - 709 Extensive dark production of hydroxyl radicals from oxygenation of polluted river sediments
Liao P, Yu K, Lu Y, Wang P, Liang YZ, Shi ZQ
710 - 718 Conductive polymer nanolayer modified one-dimensional ZnO/CdSe photoanode with enhanced photoelectrochemical properties by in-situ ions exchange method
Wang L, Han J, Wu YJ, Zhang YP, Zhang Q, Tan XJ, Yang YZ, Li WB, Bu YY, Ao JP
719 - 729 Morphology effect on the structure-activity relationship of Rh/CeO2-ZrO2 catalysts
Wan J, Lin JS, Guo XL, Wang T, Zhou RX
730 - 745 A novel double Z-scheme photocatalyst Ag3PO4/Bi2S3/Bi2O3 with enhanced visible-light photocatalytic performance for antibiotic degradation
Shao BB, Liu XJ, Liu Z, Zeng GM, Liang QH, Liang C, Cheng Y, Zhang W, Liu Y, Gong SX
746 - 753 Overall photoelectrochemical water splitting at low applied potential over ZnO quantum dots/nanorods homojunction
Chen YC, Yang KH, Huang CY, Wu ZJ, Hsu YK
754 - 763 Comparison of pretreatment methods for phosphorus release from waste activated sludge
Liu JQ, Deng SY, Qiu B, Shang Y, Tian JB, Bashir A, Cheng X
764 - 771 Preparation of ZnNb2O6/N-doped carbon composites for lithium ion storage
Li XF, Li J, Ali RN, Wang Z, Hu GJ, Xiang B
772 - 783 Molybdenum selenide nanotubes decorated carbon net for a high performance supercapacitor
Ojha M, Deepa M
784 - 794 Synthesis and characterizations of Cu2O/Ni(OH)(2) nanocomposite having a double co-catalyst for photoelectrochemical hydrogen production
Sari FNI, Lin C, Ting JM
795 - 811 From sorption-enhanced reactor to sorption-enhanced membrane reactor: A step towards H-2 production optimization through glycerol steam reforming
Silva JM, Ribeiro LS, Orfao JJM, Tosti S, Soria MA, Madeira LM
812 - 823 Chemical looping dry reforming of methane with hydrogen generation on Fe2O3/Al2O3 oxygen carrier
Zhu M, Song YH, Chen SY, Li M, Zhang L, Xiang WG
824 - 836 Efficient degradation of carbamazepine by organo-montmorillonite supported nCoFe(2)O(4)-activated peroxymonosulfate process
Wu JX, Cagnetta G, Wang B, Cui YZ, Deng SB, Wang YJ, Huang J, Yu G
837 - 846 Developing superhydrophobic rock wool for high-viscosity oil/water separation
Hao WT, Xu J, Li R, Zhao XZ, Qiu LZ, Yang W
847 - 864 Adsorption characteristics of supercritical CO2/CH4 on different types of coal and a machine learning approach
Meng M, Qiu ZS, Zhong RZ, Liu ZG, Liu YF, Chen PJ
865 - 876 Complex study of the activity, stability and sulfur resistance of Pd/La2O3-CeO2-Al2O3 system as monolithic catalyst for abatement of methane
Velinova R, Todorova S, Drenchev B, Ivanov G, Shipochka M, Markov P, Nihtianova D, Kovacheva D, Larin AV, Naydenov A
877 - 887 A universal platform for multiple logic operations based on self-assembled a DNA tripod and graphene oxide
Hen KY, Yang H, Wang L, Guan JH, Wu M, He HM, Gunasekaran S, Wang XQ, Wang Q, Xu XH
888 - 895 Removal of sulfonamide antibiotic resistant bacterial and intracellular antibiotic resistance genes by UVC-activated peroxymonosulfate
Hu YR, Zhang TY, Jiang L, Yao SJ, Ye H, Lin KF, Cui CZ
896 - 904 Molten salt assistant synthesis of three-dimensional cobalt doped graphitic carbon nitride for photocatalytic N-2 fixation: Experiment and DFT simulation analysis
Wang KY, Gu GZ, Hu SZ, Zhang J, Sun XL, Wang F, Li P, Zhao YF, Fan ZP, Zou X
905 - 913 Ni-Al layered double hydroxide with regulated interlayer spacing as electrode for aqueous asymmetric supercapacitor
Zhang H, Tahir MU, Yan XL, Liu XM, Su XT, Zhang LJ
914 - 923 In situ synthesis of hierarchical cobalt-aluminum layered double hydroxide on boehmite surface for efficient removal of arsenate from aqueous solutions: Effects of solution chemistry factors and sorption mechanism
Lee SY, Jung KW, Choi JW, Lee YJ
924 - 932 Crystal structure and photo-luminescence of Gd3Ga2(Al3-ySiy)(O12-yNy):Ce3+ phosphors for AC-warm LEDS
Mao AJ, Zhao ZY, Wang JT, Yang CX, Ren JJ, Wang YH
933 - 940 Extremely strong and tough polythiophene composite for flexible electronics
Chen Q, Wang XQ, Chen F, Zhang N, Ma MM
941 - 950 Dual functional nanocomposites of magnetic MnFe2O4 and fluorescent carbon dots for efficient U(VI) removal
Huang SY, Jiang SB, Pang HW, Wen T, Asiri AM, Alamry KA, Alsaedi A, Wang XK, Wang SH
951 - 958 Diaminomaleonitrile functionalized double-shelled hollow MIL-101 ( Cr) for selective removal of uranium from simulated seawater
Zhang JC, Zhang HS, Liu Q, Song DL, Li RM, Liu PL, Wang J
959 - 967 Boosting hematite photoelectrochemical water splitting by decoration of TiO2 at the grain boundaries
Feng F, Li C, Jian J, Qiao XK, Wang HQ, Jia LC
968 - 979 Photoelectrocatalytic degradation of microcystin-LR using a dimensionally stable anode and the assessment of detoxification
Zhao Y, Fan QL, Wang XY, Zhang WW, Hu XX, Liu C, Liang WY
980 - 987 Role of reactive oxygen species in As(III) oxidation by carbonate structural Fe(II): A surface-mediated pathway
Wu DL, Zong Y, Tian ZY, Shao BB
988 - 998 Tunable superporous magnetic adsorbent prepared via eco-friendly Pickering MIPEs for high-efficiency adsorption of Rb+ and Sr2+
Lu TT, Zhu YF, Qi YX, Kang YR, Wang AQ
999 - 1012 Oxidative degradation of iodinated X-ray contrast media (iomeprol and iohexol) with sulfate radical: An experimental and theoretical study
Wang XX, Wang ZH, Tang YZ, Xiao DX, Zhang D, Huan Y, Guo YG, Liu JS
1013 - 1021 Infusion of graphene in natural rubber matrix to prepare conductive rubber by ultrasound-assisted supercritical CO2 method
Gao HY, Liu HJ, Song CZ, Hu GX
1022 - 1032 Polypyrrole@TEMPO-oxidized bacterial cellulose/reduced graphene oxide macrofibers for flexible all-solid-state supercapacitors
Sheng N, Chen SY, Yao JJ, Guan FY, Zhang MH, Wang BX, Wu ZT, Ji P, Wang HP
1033 - 1044 Multi-level self-healing ability of shape memory polyurethane coating with microcapsules by induction heating
Fan WJ, Zhang Y, Li WH, Wang W, Zhao XD, Song LY
1045 - 1055 Microwave assisted hydrothermal as greener pretreatment of brewer's spent grains for biobutanol production
Lopez-Linares JC, Garcia-Cubero MT, Lucas S, Gonzalez-Benito G, Coca M