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1 - 10 Efficient removal of Cu(II) and citrate complexes by combined permanent magnetic resin and its mechanistic insights
Li QM, Song HO, Han RM, Wang GX, Li AM
11 - 20 Insights into efficient removal and mechanism for ammonium from aqueous solution on tricalcium aluminate
Zhang P, Zeng XZ, Wen XH, Yang CK, Ouyang SD, Li P, Gu Z, Wu DS, Frost RL
21 - 26 Electrically heatable carbon nanotube point-of-use filters for effective separation and in-situ inactivation of Legionella pneumophila
Oh Y, Noga R, Shanov V, Ryu H, Chandra H, Yadav B, Yadav J, Chae S
27 - 32 Single-step microfluidic production of W/O/W double emulsions as templates for beta-carotene-loaded giant liposomes formation
Michelon M, Huang YT, de la Torre LG, Weitz DA, Cunha RL
33 - 40 High rate performance and stabilized cycle life of Co2+-doped nickel sulfide nanosheets synthesized by a scalable method of solid-state reaction
Li YH, Li J, Wang M, Liu YY, Cui HT
41 - 49 Removal of gaseous Hg-0 using novel seaweed biomass-based activated carbon
Liu ZY, Adewuyi YG, Shi S, Chen H, Li Y, Liu DJ, Liu YX
50 - 61 Oil-phase cyclic magnetic adsorption to synthesize Fe3O4@C@TiO2-nanotube composites for simultaneous removal of Pb(II) and Rhodamine B
Bi JT, Huang X, Wang JK, Wang T, Wu H, Yang JY, Lu HJ, Hao HX
62 - 71 Facile fabrication of a fully biodegradable and stretchable serpentine-shaped wire supercapacitor
Lee H, Lee G, Yun J, Keum K, Hong SY, Song C, Kim JW, Lee JH, Oh SY, Kim DS, Kim MS, Ha JS
72 - 82 Light weight, ultrathin, and "thermally-clickable" self-healing MWNT patch as electromagnetic interference suppressor
Menon AV, Madras G, Bose S
83 - 91 Highly efficient removal of diclofenac sodium from medical wastewater by Mg/Al layered double hydroxide-poly(m-phenylenediamine) composite
Xiong T, Yuan XZ, Wang H, Wu ZB, Jiang LB, Leng LJ, Xi KF, Cao XY, Zeng GM
92 - 99 Enhanced low-temperature activity of LaMnO3 for toluene oxidation: The effect of treatment with an acidic KMnO4
Li B, Yang QL, Peng Y, Chen JJ, Deng L, Wang D, Hong XW, Li JH
100 - 111 Size-activity relationship of iridium particles supported on silica for the total oxidation of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
Schick L, Sanchis R, Gonzalez-Alfaro V, Agouram S, Lopez JM, Torrente-Murciano L, Garcia T, Solsona B
112 - 122 Directly photopatterning of polycaprolactone-derived photocured resin by UV-initiated thiol-ene "click" reaction: Enhanced mechanical property and excellent biocompatibility
Zhu YZ, Shen J, Yin L, Wei XJ, Chen F, Zhong MQ, Gu Z, Xie Y, Jin W, Liu ZJ, Chitrakar C, Chang LQ
123 - 132 Ag2S-doped core-shell nanostructures of Fe3O4@Ag3PO4 ultrathin film: Major role of hole in rapid degradation of pollutants under visible light irradiation
Shi E, Xu ZL, Wang WJ, Xu Y, Zhang YH, Yang XZ, Liu Q, Zeng T, Song S, Jiang YZ, Li LXY, Sharma VK
133 - 140 Lattice Boltzmann modeling for hydrate formation in brine
Wang QL, Han DY, Wang ZM, Ma QS, Wang DY
141 - 149 Assessment of solar raceway pond reactors for removal of contaminants of emerging concern by photo-Fenton at circumneutral pH from very different municipal wastewater effluents
Soriano-Molina P, Plaza-Bolanos P, Lorenzo A, Aguera A, Sanchez JLG, Malato S, Perez JAS
150 - 162 A functional bioink and its application in myoblast alignment and differentiation
Kim W, Kim G
163 - 171 1T-MoS2 nanosheets confined among TiO2 nanotube arrays for high performance supercapacitor
Zhou J, Guo M, Wang LL, Ding YB, Zhang ZZ, Tang YH, Liu CB, Luo SL
172 - 180 Carbonaceous biomass-titania composites with Ti-O-C bonding bridge for efficient photocatalytic reduction of Cr(VI) under narrow visible light
Djellabi R, Yang B, Wang Y, Cui XQ, Zhao X
181 - 191 Roles for K2CO3 doping on elevated temperature CO2 adsorption of potassium promoted layered double oxides
Zhu XC, Chen CP, Wang Q, Shi YX, O'Hare D, Cai NS
192 - 199 Efficient thorium(IV) removal by two-dimensional Ti2CTx MXene from aqueous solution
Li SX, Wang L, Peng J, Zhai ML, Shi WQ
200 - 207 Enhanced sequestration of Cr(VI) by copper doped sulfidated zerovalent iron (SZVI-Cu): Characterization, performance, and mechanisms
Jia TT, Zhang BL, Huang LH, Wang SG, Xu CH
208 - 222 Micropatterned, electroactive, and biodegradable poly(glycerol sebacate)-aniline trimer elastomer for cardiac tissue engineering
Hu TL, Wu YB, Zhao X, Wang L, Bi LY, Ma PX, Guo BL
223 - 234 Co-oxidation effects and mechanisms between sludge and alcohols (methanol, ethanol and isopropanol) in supercritical water
Qian LL, Wang SZ, Ren MM, Wang S
235 - 245 High reactive nano zero-valent iron produced via wet milling through abrasion by alumina
Ribas D, Peskova K, Jubany I, Parma P, Cernik M, Benito JA, Marti V
246 - 253 AgNb13O33: A new anode material with high energy storage performance
Chen ZW, Cheng X, Ye WQ, Zheng RT, Zhu HJ, Yu HX, Long NB, Shui M, Shu J
254 - 263 Pertraction of volatile fatty acids through biodiesel-based liquid membranes
Torri C, Samori C, Ajao V, Baraldi S, Galletti P, Tagliavini E
264 - 304 Breakthrough in the printing tactics for stimuli-responsive materials: 4D printing
Rastogi P, Kandasubramanian B
305 - 312 The transparent SnO/ZnO quantum dots/SnO2 p-n junction towards the enhancement of photovoltaic conversion
Li S, Pan JQ, Li HL, Liu YY, Ou W, Wang JJ, Song CS, Zhao WJ, Zheng YY, Li CR
313 - 320 Polyethylene waste carbons with a mesoporous network towards highly efficient supercapacitors
Lian YM, Ni M, Huang ZH, Chen RJ, Zhou L, Utetiwabo W, Yang W
321 - 329 Promoted electro-responsive performances in an interface-confined oxidized niobium carbide MXene
Zhang WL, Tian JM, Zeng HB, Liu JQ, Tian Y
330 - 338 In-situ and ex-situ catalytic pyrolysis/co-pyrolysis of empty fruit bunches using mesostructured aluminosilicate catalysts
Shafaghat H, Lee HW, Tsang YF, Oh D, Jae J, Jung SC, Ko CH, Lam SS, Park YK
339 - 357 Application of silver phosphate-based photocatalysts: Barriers and solutions
Li XP, Xu P, Chen M, Zeng GM, Wang DB, Chen F, Tang WW, Chen CY, Zhang C, Tan XF
358 - 367 Inhibition effect of zinc, cadmium, and nickel ions in microalgal growth and nutrient uptake from water: An experimental approach
Santos FM, Mazur LP, Mayer DA, Vilar VJP, Pires JCM
368 - 377 Adsorptive and reductive removal of U(VI) by Dictyophora indusiate-derived biochar supported sulfide NZVI from wastewater
Pang HW, Diao ZF, Wang XX, Ma Y, Yu SJ, Zhu HT, Chen ZS, Hu BW, Chen JR, Wang XK
378 - 389 Constructing polymeric interlayer with dual effects toward high dielectric constant and low dielectric loss
Xie X, Yang C, Qi XD, Yang JH, Zhou ZW, Wang Y
390 - 403 Asymmetric supercapacitor based on carbon nanofibers as the anode and two-dimensional copper cobalt oxide nanosheets as the cathode
Babu RS, Vinodh R, de Barros ALF, Samyn LM, Prasanna K, Maier MA, Alves CHF, Kim HJ
404 - 414 Bakelite-type anionic microporous organic polymers with high capacity for selective adsorption of cationic dyes from water
Wang BB, Zhang Q, Xiong G, Ding F, He YK, Ren BY, You LX, Fan XL, Hardacre C, Sun YG
415 - 422 Porous C/Ni composites derived from fluid coke for ultra-wide bandwidth electromagnetic wave absorption performance
Liu CY, Lin Z, Chen C, Kirk DW, Xu YJ
423 - 432 Oxidation and molecular properties of microcystin-LR, microcystin-RR and anatoxin-a using UV-light-emitting diodes at 255 nm in combination with H2O2
Park JA, Yang B, Jang M, Kim JH, Kim SB, Park HD, Park HM, Lee SH, Choi JW
433 - 438 Microfluidic continuous flow synthesis of functional hollow spherical silica with hierarchical sponge-like large porous shell
Hao NJ, Nie Y, Xu Z, Closson AB, Usherwood T, Zhang JXJ
439 - 448 Thermally-induced all-damage-healable superhydrophobic surface with photocatalytic performance from hierarchical BiOCl
Jia SS, Lu Y, Luo S, Qing Y, Wu YQ, Parkin IP
449 - 459 Novel macroporous 3D photocatalytic foams for simultaneous wastewater disinfection and removal of contaminants of emerging concern
Martin-Somer M, Pablos C, de Diego A, van Grieken R, Encinas A, Monsalvo VM, Marugan J
460 - 467 Hybrid energy storage mechanisms for sulfur-decorated Ti3C2 MXene anode material for high-rate and long-life sodium-ion batteries
Sun SJ, Xie ZL, Yan YR, Wu SP
468 - 479 g-C3N4 surface-decorated Bi2O2CO3 for improved photocatalytic performance: Theoretical calculation and photodegradation of antibiotics in actual water matrix
Zhao HP, Li GF, Tian F, Jia QT, Liu YL, Chen R
480 - 490 Comparative performance of upflow anaerobic sludge blanket reactor and anaerobic membrane bioreactor treating phenolic wastewater: Overcoming high salinity
Sierra JDM, Oosterkamp MJ, Wang W, Spanjers H, van Lier JB
491 - 503 Highly-efficient removal of norfloxacin with nanoscale zero-valent copper activated persulfate at mild temperature
Deng J, Xu MY, Chen YJ, Li J, Qiu CE, Li XY, Zhou SQ
504 - 513 Experimental and DFT insights of BiVO4 as an effective photocatalytic catalyst for N2O decomposition
Wang L, Liu JX, Song WY, Wang H, Li Y, Liu J, Zhao Z, Tan JB, Duan ZC, Deng JL
514 - 522 Tea polyphenols promote Fenton-like reaction: pH self-driving chelation and reduction mechanism
Ouyang Q, Kou FY, Zhang NQ, Lian JT, Tu GQ, Fang ZQ
523 - 530 Anion engineering of exfoliated CoAl layered double hydroxides on hematite photoanode toward highly efficient photoelectrochemical water splitting
Chong RF, Wang G, Du YQ, Jia YS, Wang XS, Li CY, Chang ZX, Zhang L
531 - 538 Construction of functional cellulose aerogels via atmospheric drying chemically cross-linked and solvent exchanged cellulose nanofibrils
Li YZ, Grishkewich N, Liu LL, Wang C, Tam KC, Liu SQ, Mao ZP, Sui XF
539 - 549 Enhanced emerging pharmaceuticals removal in wastewater after biotreatment by a low-pressure UVA/Fe-III-EDDS/H2O2 process under neutral pH conditions
Dong WY, Sun SP, Yang XY, Zhou K, Li YF, Wang XN, Wu ZX, Wu WD, Chen XD
550 - 559 Confined growth of NiCo2S4 nanosheets on carbon flakes derived from eggplant with enhanced performance for asymmetric supercapacitors
Liu YP, Li ZL, Yao L, Chen SM, Zhang PX, Deng LB
560 - 568 Effect of catalyst coated surface, illumination mechanism and light source in heterogeneous TiO2 photocatalysis using a mili-photoreactor for n-decane oxidation at gas phase
da Costa BM, Araujo ALP, Padrao SP, Boaventura RAR, Dias MM, Lopes JCB, Vilar VJP
569 - 576 Cd complexation with mercapto-functionalized attapulgite (MATP): Adsorption and DFT study
Wang LL, Shi Y, Yao DK, Pan H, Hou HJ, Chen J, Crittenden JC
577 - 586 Mechanistic insight into interactions between tetracycline and two iron oxide minerals with different crystal structures
Wu TW, Xue Q, Liu F, Zhang J, Zhou CS, Cao JW, Chen HH
587 - 597 Modeling of double emulsions using population balance equations
Khadem B, Sheibat-Othman N
598 - 607 A simple and green method to construct cyclodextrin polymer for the effective and simultaneous estrogen pollutant and metal removal
Tang PX, Sun QM, Zhao LD, Tang YL, Liu YQ, Pu HY, Gan N, Liu YY, Li H
608 - 621 Surface functional groups of carbon-based adsorbents and their roles in the removal of heavy metals from aqueous solutions: A critical review
Yang XD, Wan YS, Zheng YL, He F, Yu ZB, Huang J, Wang HL, Ok YS, Jiang YS, Gao B
622 - 630 Carbon-coated mixed-metal sulfide hierarchical structure: MOF-derived synthesis and lithium-storage performances
Sun WW, Tao XC, Du PP, Wang Y
631 - 638 Single atomic Ag enhances the bifunctional activity and cycling stability of MnO2
Ni SL, Zhang HJ, Zhao YH, Li XP, Sun Y, Qian J, Xu Q, Gao P, Wu DK, Kato K, Yamauchi M, Sun YH