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1 - 9 Enhanced biogas production and biodegradation of phenanthrene in wastewater sludge treated anaerobic digestion reactors fitted with a bioelectrode system
Lin CB, Wu P, Liu YD, Wong JWC, Yong XY, Wu XY, Xie XX, Jia HH, Zhou J
10 - 19 Ultra-stretchable wearable strain sensors based on skin-inspired adhesive, tough and conductive hydrogels
Zhang Q, Liu X, Duan LJ, Gao GH
20 - 29 Melamine foam-templated graphene nanoplatelet framework toward phase change materials with multiple energy conversion abilities
Xue F, Lu Y, Qi XD, Yang JH, Wang Y
30 - 39 Injectable biodegradable gelatin-methacrylate/beta-tricalcium phosphate composite for the repair of bone defects
Lee D, Choi EJ, Lee SE, Kang KL, Moon HJ, Kim HJ, Youn YH, Heo DN, Lee SJ, Nah H, Hwang YS, Lee YH, Seongg J, Do SH, Kwon IK
40 - 50 Immobilization of polyoxometalate-based sulfonated ionic liquids on UiO-66-2COOH metal-organic frameworks for biodiesel production via one-pot transesterification-esterification of acidic vegetable oils
Xie WL, Wan F
51 - 59 Efficient removal of uranium(VI) by layered double hydroxides supported nanoscale zero-valent iron: A combined experimental and spectroscopic studies
Yu SJ, Wang XX, Liu YF, Chen ZS, Wu YH, Liu Y, Pang HW, Song G, Chen JR, Wang XK
60 - 69 New insights into the interaction between heavy metals and struvite: Struvite as platform for heterogeneous nucleation of heavy metal hydroxide
Tang CJ, Liu ZG, Peng C, Chai LY, Kuroda K, Okido M, Song YX
70 - 79 Ultrahigh uranium uptake by magnetic magnesium ferrite loaded hydrothermal carbon nanosheets under acidic condition
Li XF, Li Y, Wu QX, Zhang MC, Guo XH, Li X, Ma LJ, Li SJ
80 - 87 CFD-modelling of activated carbon fibers for indoor air purification
Roegiers J, Denys S
88 - 98 Attaining a high energy density of 106 Wh kg(-1) for aqueous supercapacitor based on VS4/rGO/Cos(2)@Co electrode
Wang SQ, Song YP, Ma Y, Zhu ZQ, Zhao CH, Zhao CJ
99 - 110 Iron sludge-derived magnetic Fe-0/Fe3C catalyst for oxidation of ciprofloxacin via peroxymonosulfate activation
Zhu SJ, Wang W, Xu YP, Zhu ZG, Liu ZQ, Cui FY
111 - 120 The behavior of rising bubbles covered by particles
Wang PP, Cilliers JJ, Neethling SJ, Brito-Parada PR
121 - 131 Controllable synthesis of hollow MnFe2O4 by self-etching and its application in high-performance anode for lithium-ion batteries
Zhang C, Jin CZ, Teng GX, Gu YN, Ma WG
132 - 141 Na4Fe3(PO4)(2)(P2O7)@NaFePO4@C core-double-shell architectures on carbon cloth: A high-rate, ultrastable, and flexible cathode for sodium ion batteries
Ma XD, Pan ZY, Wu XH, Shen PK
142 - 152 Kinetics and mechanism of the oxidative degradation of parathion by Ferrate(VI)
Liu HX, Pan XX, Chen J, Qi YM, Qu RJ, Wang ZY
153 - 164 A novel high-strength poly(ionic liquid)/PVA hydrogel dressing for antibacterial applications
Fang H, Wang JH, Li L, Xu LQ, Wu YX, Wang Y, Fei X, Tian J, Li Y
165 - 174 Dissolved oxygen microelectrode measurements to develop a more sophisticated intermittent aeration regime control strategy for biofilm-based CANON systems
Wang WG, Wang YY, Wang XD, Zhang Y, Yan Y
175 - 182 A facile method to modify activated carbon fibers for drinking water purification
Zuo Q, Zhang Y, Zheng H, Zhang PY, Yang HW, Yu J, Tang J, Zheng YD, Mai JJ
183 - 192 Multivariate optimization of ciprofloxacin removal by polyvinylpyrrolidone stabilized NZVI/Cu bimetallic particles
Chen LS, Yuan TJ, Ni R, Yue QY, Gao BY
193 - 200 Carbon microspheres with micro- and mesopores synthesized via spray pyrolysis for high-energy-density, electrical-double-layer capacitors
Yoo Y, Park GD, Kang YC
201 - 219 The diffusion of molecules inside porous materials with bidisperse pore structures
Sun W, Chen SL, Xu MR, Wei YQ, Fan TT, Guo JT
220 - 230 Injectable hierarchical micro/nanofibrous collagen-based scaffolds
Kim M, Choe Y, Kim G
231 - 241 Photoconversion of U(VI) by TiO2: An efficient strategy for seawater uranium extraction
Li P, Wang JJ, Wang Y, Liang JJ, He BH, Pan DQ, Fan QH, Wang XK
242 - 248 Extraordinarily large and stable methane delivery of MIL-53(Al) under LNG-ANG conditions
Kim SY, Kang JH, Kim SI, Bae YS
249 - 258 Determination of practical application potential of highly stable UiO-66-AO in Eu(III) elimination investigated by macroscopic and spectroscopic techniques
Wu YH, Li BY, Wang XX, Yu SJ, Liu Y, Pang HW, Wang H, Wang JR, Wang XK
259 - 269 Heterogeneous activation of persulfate by NiFe2-xCoxO4-RGO for oxidative degradation of bisphenol A in water
Xu XY, Qin JY, Wei Y, Ye SC, Shen J, Yao Y, Ding B, Shu YR, He GY, Chen HQ
270 - 281 Sustained release of plasmid DNA from PLLA/POSS nanofibers for angiogenic therapy
Li WQ, Wu DW, Zhu SS, Liu ZB, Luo BH, Lu L, Zhou CR
282 - 290 Cooperative removal of SO2 and NO by using a method of UV-heat/H2O2 oxidation combined with NH4OH-(NH4)(2)SO3 dual-area absorption
Hao RL, Mao YM, Mao XZ, Wang Z, Gong YP, Zhang ZL, Zhao Y
291 - 304 Fabrication of carbon nanotubes reinforced silica composites with improved rare earth elements adsorption performance
Ramasamy DL, Puhakka V, Doshi B, Iftekhar S, Sillanpaa M
305 - 316 Understanding the adsorption of Pb2+, Hg2+ and Zn2+ from aqueous solution on a lignocellulosic biomass char using advanced statistical physics models and density functional theory simulations
Sellaoui L, Mendoza-Castillo DI, Reynel-Avila HE, Avila-Camacho BA, Diaz-Munoz LL, Ghalla H, Bonilla-Petriciolet A, Ben Lamine A
317 - 324 The performance of Pd-rGO electro-deposited PVDF/carbon fiber cloth composite membrane in MBR/MFC coupled system
Li YH, Cheng CJ, Bai S, Jing LD, Zhao ZG, Liu LF
325 - 333 Seaweed-derived synthesis of Na3.12Fe2.44(P2O7)(2)/r-GO aerogels as air stable cathode materials for sodium-ion batteries
Liu BH, Zou YH, Chen S, Zhang HW, Sun J, She XL, Yang DJ
334 - 343 Peroxymonosulfate-assisted electro-oxidation/coagulation coupled with ceramic membrane for manganese and phosphorus removal in surface water
Du X, Zhang KM, Xie BH, Zhao J, Cheng XX, Kai L, Nie JX, Wang ZH, Li GB, Liang H
344 - 350 Selective production of ethylene via continuous oxidative dehydrogenation of ethane in (Dy2O3/MgO)-(Li-K)Cl composite membrane reactor
Li MS, van Veen AC
351 - 357 A novel photoelectrochemical biosensor for the sensitive detection of dual microRNAs using molybdenum carbide nanotubes as nanocarriers and energy transfer between CQDs and AuNPs
Wang MH, Yin HS, Zhou YL, Meng XJ, Waterhouse GIN, Ai SY
358 - 368 Smart "on-off" responsive drug delivery nanosystems for potential imaging diagnosis and targeted tumor therapy
Liu F, Huang PL, Huang D, Liu SF, Cao QY, Dong XM, Zhang HW, Ko R, Zhou WY
369 - 377 Microphase-separated, hierarchical macroporous polyurethane from a nonaqueous emulsion-templated reactive block copolymer
Gui HG, Guan GW, Zhang T, Guo QP
378 - 388 Hierarchical honeycomb-like Pt/NiFe-LDH/rGO nanocomposite with excellent formaldehyde decomposition activity
Wang YY, Jiang CJ, Le Y, Cheng B, Yu JG
389 - 399 Transformation and migration of cadmium during chemical-looping combustion/gasification of municipal solid waste
Chen P, Sun XQ, Gao MG, Ma JJ, Guo QJ
400 - 404 Simultaneous luminescence in I, II and III biological windows realized by using the energy transfer of Yb3+ -> Er3+ /Ho3+ -> Cr3+
Zhang AQ, Sun Z, Jia MC, Liu GF, Lin F, Fu ZL
405 - 414 Changing conventional blending photocatalytic membranes (BPMs): Focus on improving photocatalytic performance of Fe3O4/g-C3N4/PVDF membranes through magnetically induced freezing casting method
Li BR, Meng MJ, Cui YH, Wu YL, Zhang YL, Dong HJ, Zhu Z, Feng YH, Wu CD
415 - 428 Porous silicon microcarriers for extended release of metformin: Design, biological evaluation and 3D kinetics modeling
Garcia-Briones GS, Ocampo-Perez R, Gomez-Duran CFA, Neri-Gomez T, Palestino G