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1 - 10 Degradation of haloacetonitriles with UV/peroxymonosulfate process: Degradation pathway and the role of hydroxyl radicals
Zhang X, Yao JL, Zhao ZW, Liu J
11 - 19 Trap-level-tunable Se doped CdS quantum dots with excellent hydrogen evolution performance without co-catalyst
Shi JW, Sun DK, Zou YJ, Ma DD, He C, Ji X, Niu CM
20 - 27 Convenient and large-scale synthesis of high-quality, all-inorganic lead halide perovskite nanocrystals for white light-emitting diodes
Xu HW, Wang J, Xuan TT, Lv C, Hou JH, Zhang LC, Don Y, Shi JS
28 - 36 Oriented freeze-casting fabrication of resilient copper nanowire-based aerogel as robust piezoresistive sensor
Huang JK, Wang HB, Liang BQ, Etim UJ, Liu YX, Li YP, Yan ZF
37 - 44 Non-thermal plasma treatment of volatile organic compounds: A predictive model based on experimental data analysis
Nobrega PHA, Rohani V, Fulcheri L
45 - 56 Degradation of tetracycline by peroxymonosulfate activated with zero-valent iron: Performance, intermediates, toxicity and mechanism
Cao JY, Lai LD, Lai B, Yao G, Chen X, Song LP
57 - 69 Mn3O4 nanotubes encapsulated by porous graphene sheets with enhanced electrochemical properties for lithium/sodium-ion batteries
Wang BB, Li F, Wang XJ, Wang G, Wang H, Bai JT
70 - 78 Thermally-treated and acid-etched carbon fiber cloth based on pre-oxidized polyacrylonitrile as self-standing and high area-capacitance electrodes for flexible supercapacitors
Zheng YW, Zhao W, Jia DD, Cui L, Liu JQ
79 - 88 Vanadium oxide activates persulfate for degradation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in aqueous system
Chen XW, Yang B, Oleszczuk P, Gao YZ, Yuan XJ, Ling WT, Waigi MG
89 - 101 Beyond the catalyst: How electrode and reactor design determine the product spectrum during electrochemical CO2 reduction
Vennekoetter JB, Sengpiel R, Wessling M
102 - 110 Self-assembly of triptycene-based polymer on cadmium sulfide nanorod to construct core-shell nanostructure for efficient visible-light-driven photocatalytic H-2 evolution
Liang Q, Cui SN, Liu CH, Xu S, Yao C, Li ZY
111 - 122 A stable mesoporous super-acid nanocatalyst for eco-friendly synthesis of biodiesel
Wang HG, Li YX, Yu F, Wang QH, Xing B, Li DC, Li RF
123 - 131 Nickel/cobalt metal-organic framework derived 1D hierarchical NiCo2O4/NiO/carbon nanofibers for advanced sodium storage
Zhang WM, Cao P, Zhang ZH, Zhao YJ, Zhang Y, Li L, Yang K, Li XW, Gu L
132 - 138 Adsorption behavior and mechanism of emerging perfluoro-2-propoxypropanoic acid (GenX) on activated carbons and resins
Wang W, Maimaiti A, Shi HL, Wu RR, Wang R, Li ZL, Qi DL, Yu G, Deng SB
139 - 145 Integration of bio-inspired adsorption and photodegradation for the treatment of organics-containing radioactive wastewater
Li Y, Zou G, Yang SY, Wang ZH, Chen T, Yu XF, Guo Q, He R, Duan T, Zhu WK
146 - 159 Magnetic nitrogen-doped sludge-derived biochar catalysts for persulfate activation: Internal electron transfer mechanism
Yu JF, Tang L, Pang Y, Zeng GM, Wang JJ, Deng YC, Liu YN, Feng HP, Chen S, Ren XY
160 - 166 Tannic acid-based adsorbent with superior selectivity for lead(II) capture: Adsorption site and selective mechanism
Zou LZ, Shao PH, Zhang K, Yang LM, You D, Shi H, Pavlostathis SG, Lai WQ, Liang DH, Luo XB
167 - 176 NiCo2S4 nanocores in-situ encapsulated in graphene sheets as anode materials for lithium-ion batteries
Chen HJ, Ma XD, Shen PK
177 - 185 A Type II n-n staggered orthorhombic V2O5/monoclinic clinobisvanite BiVO4 heterojunction photoanode for photoelectrochemical water oxidation: Fabrication, characterisation and experimental validation
Yaw CS, Ruan QS, Tang JW, Soh AK, Chong MN
186 - 200 Tin(II) 2-ethylhexanoate and ascorbic acid as reducing agents in solution ARGET ATRP: A kinetic study approach by mathematical modeling and simulation
Lyra EP, Petzhold CL, Lona LMF
201 - 207 Hierarchically ordered carbon tube-sheet superstructure via template-directed self-assembly of polyimide
Xu ZX, Lu D, Ma L, Lu CB, Xi X, Zhang GF, Liu RL, Wu DQ
208 - 216 Designed formation of nitrogen and sulfur dual-doped hierarchically porous carbon for long-life lithium and sodium ion batteries
Miao X, Sun DF, Zhou XZ, Lei ZQ
217 - 225 Preparation and characterisation of stacked planar actuators
Tugui C, Serbulea MS, Cazacu M
226 - 243 Fabrication, characteristics and applications of carbon materials with different morphologies and porous structures produced from wood liquefaction: A review
Zhao X, Chen HL, Kong FG, Zhang YJ, Wang SJ, Liu SX, Lucia LA, Fatehi P, Pang H
244 - 256 Scaling-up a heterogeneous H2O2/TiO2/solar-radiation system using the Damkohler number
Otalvaro-Marin HL, Gonzalez-Caicedo F, Arce-Sarria A, Mueses MA, Crittenden JC, Machuca-Martinez F
257 - 268 Effect of sodium persulfate as electron acceptor on antipyrine degradation by solar TiO2 or TiO2/rGO photocatalysis
Monteagudo JM, Duran A, San Martin I, Carrillo P
269 - 279 Magnetic carbon nanotubes camouflaged with cell membrane as a drug discovery platform for selective extraction of bioactive compounds from natural products
Hu Q, Bu YS, Zhen XY, Xu K, Ke RF, Xie XY, Wang SC
280 - 291 Modelling mass transfer in liquid-liquid slug flow in a microchannel
Ramji S, Rakesh A, Pushpavanam S
292 - 309 Design and fabrication of superwetting fiber-based membranes for oil/water separation applications
Yue XJ, Li ZD, Zhang T, Yang DY, Qiu FX
310 - 319 Room temperature sintering of Cu-Ag core-shell nanoparticles conductive inks for printed electronics
Dai XF, Xu W, Zhang T, Shi HB, Wang T
320 - 327 CoNiSe2 nanorods directly grown on Ni foam as advanced cathodes for asymmetric supercapacitors
Shi X, Wang H, Ji S, Linkov V, Liu FS, Wang RF
328 - 339 Modeling CO2 adsorption dynamics within solid amine sorbent based on the fundamental diffusion-reaction processes
Ge K, Yu QC, Chen SH, Shi XY, Wang JQ
340 - 348 Oligomerization of 3-substituted quinolines by catalytic activity of soybean peroxidase as a wastewater treatment. Product formation and computational studies
Mashhadi N, Taylor KE, Biswas N, Meister P, Gauld JW
349 - 360 Treatment of organic wastewater containing nitrogen and chlorine by combinatorial electrochemical system: Taking biologically treated landfill leachate treatment as an example
Deng Y, Chen N, Feng CP, Chen FX, Wang HS, Kuang PJ, Feng ZY, Liu T, Gao Y, Hu WW
361 - 369 Fabrication of a hollow mesoporous silica hybrid to improve the targeting of a pesticide
Gao YH, Zhang YH, He S, Xiao YN, Qin XY, Zhang Y, Li DL, Ma HJ, You H, Li JH
370 - 375 What is the efficiency of electro-generation of chlorine with a solid polymer electrolyte assembly?
Bakheet B, Beardall J, Zhang XW, McCarthy D
376 - 389 Kinetic study of hydrodeoxygenation of stearic acid as model compound for renewable oils
Arora P, Grennfelt EL, Olsson L, Creaser D
390 - 400 Green and rapid synthesis of iron molybdate catalyst by mechanochemistry and their catalytic performance for the oxidation of methanol to formaldehyde
Kong LT, Zhang M, Liu X, Ma FY, Wei B, Wumaier K, Zhao JG, Lu ZP, Sun JG, Chen J, Gan FX
401 - 409 Promotion effect of S and N co-addition on the catalytic performance of V2O5/TiO2 for NH3-SCR of NOX
Zhao W, Dou SP, Zhang K, Wu LC, Wang Q, Shang DH, Zhong Q
410 - 419 Synergistic degradation on aromatic cyclic organics of coal pyrolysis wastewater by lignite activated coke-active sludge process
Zheng MQ, Xu CY, Zhong D, Han YX, Zhang ZW, Zhu H, Han HJ
420 - 427 Reducing the competitive adsorption between SO2 and NO by Al2O3@TiO2 core-shell structure adsorbent
Yang K, Yi HH, Tang XL, Zhao SZ, Gao FY, Huang YH, Yang ZY, Wang JG, Shi YR, Xie XZ
428 - 439 Efficient H2O2 electrogeneration at graphite felt modified via electrode polarity reversal: Utilization for organic pollutants degradation
Zhou W, Rajic L, Meng XX, Nazari R, Zhao YW, Wang Y, Gao JH, Qin YK, Alshawabkeh AN
440 - 447 Degradation and detoxification of 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium bromide by gamma-irradiation in aqueous solution
Qiu HB, Hu Y, Chong HJ, Yuan L, Sheng GP
448 - 451 Highly selective alpha-Mn2O3 catalyst for cGPF soot oxidation: Surface activated oxygen enhancement via selective dissolution
Yang WN, Wang SM, Li KZ, Liu S, Gan LN, Peng Y, Li JH
452 - 461 Optimizing hybrid membrane-pressure swing adsorption processes for biogenic hydrogen recovery
Ohs B, Falkenberg M, Wessling M
462 - 474 Facile design and synthesis of nickle-molybdenum oxide/sulfide composites with robust microsphere structure for high-performance supercapacitors
Yang L, Huang MH, Lu M, Guan XH, Guan X, Wang GS, Jia B
475 - 484 Polyetheramine improves the CO2 adsorption behavior of tetraethylenepentamine-functionalized sorbents
Wang X, Zeng WL, Song MJ, Wang FL, Hu XD, Guo QJ, Liu YZ
485 - 492 Reconfigurable plug-and-play assembly for the continuous production of composite anodes for modulating lithium storage
Lim J, Hwang J, Byeon JH
493 - 502 Flexible, superhydrophobic and highly conductive composite based on non-woven polypropylene fabric for electromagnetic interference shielding
Gao JF, Luo JC, Wang L, Huang XW, Wang H, Song X, Hu MJ, Tang LC, Xue HG
503 - 513 ZnSe embedded in N-doped carbon nanocubes as anode materials for highperformance Li-ion batteries
Zhu LM, Wang ZH, Wang L, Xie LL, Li JJ, Cao XY
514 - 529 Recycling and regeneration of carbonaceous and porous materials through thermal or solvent treatment
Dutta T, Kim T, Vellingiri K, Tsang DCW, Shon JR, Kim KH, Kumar S
530 - 540 Polyethyleneimine entwine thermally-treated Zn/Co zeolitic imidazolate frameworks to enhance CO2 adsorption
Cheng J, Liu N, Hu LQ, Li YN, Wang YL, Zhou JH
541 - 551 Degradation of bisphenol A by activating peroxymonosulfate with Mn0.6Zn0.4Fe2O4 fabricated from spent Zn-Mn alkaline batteries
Lin H, Li SM, Deng B, Tan WH, Li RM, Xu Y, Zhang H
552 - 561 One-time cultivation of Chlorella pyrenoidosa in aqueous dye solution supplemented with biochar for microalgal growth, dye decolorization and lipid production
Behl K, Sinha S, Sharma M, Singh R, Joshi M, Bhatnagar A, Nigam S
562 - 577 Dynamics and long-time behavior of gas-solid flows on recurrent-transient backgrounds
Lichtenegger T, Kieckhefen P, Heinrich S, Pirker S
578 - 588 Self-tunable ultrathin carbon nanocups as the electrode material of sodium-ion batteries with unprecedented capacity and stability
Jian X, Wang H, Rao GF, Jiang LY, Wang HN, Subramaniyam CM, Mahmood A, Zhang WL, Xiang Y, Dou SX, Zhou ZW, Hui D, Kalantar-Zadeh K, Mahmood N