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1 - 12 Polydopamine particles as a beta-nucleating agent and antioxidant for isotactic polypropylene
Liu SX, Yang JL, Liu Q, Huang YJ, Kong MQ, Yang Q, Li GX
13 - 22 Highly flexible transparent substrate-free photoanodes using ZnO nanowires on nickel microfibers
Jo HS, Samuel E, Kwon HJ, Joshi B, Kim MW, Kim TG, Swihart MT, Yoon SS
23 - 32 Synthesis and photoelectrochemical properties of CoOOH/phosphorus-doped hematite photoanodes for solar water oxidation
Liu CH, Xu Y, Luo H, Wang WC, Liang Q, Chen ZD
33 - 42 Preparation of high-flux PSF/GO loose nanofiltration hollow fiber membranes with dense-loose structure for treating textile wastewater
Ji DW, Xiao CF, An SL, Zhao J, Hao JQ, Chen KK
43 - 48 Enhanced adsorptive removal of hydrogen sulfide from gas stream with zinc-iron hydroxide at room temperature
Lee S, Kim D
49 - 56 Synthesis of nitrogen-rich nanoporous carbon materials with C3N-type from ZIF-8 for methanol adsorption
Ma XC, Li LQ, Zeng Z, Chen RF, Wang CH, Zhou K, Su CQ, Li HL
57 - 63 A green and robust method to measure nanomolar dissolved organic nitrogen (DON) by vacuum ultraviolet
Chen Y, Wang JL, Chen BY, Wang L
64 - 72 Assessment of enhanced nitrite removal and monitoring using ligand modified stable conjugate materials
Awual MR, Asiri AM, Rahman MM, Alharthi NH
73 - 83 Highly efficient SO3Ag-functionalized MIL-101(Cr) for adsorptive desulfurization of the gas stream: Experimental and DFT study
Pourreza A, Askari S, Rashidi A, Seif A, Kooti M
84 - 98 Behaviour of biomass particles in a bubbling fluidized bed: A comparison between wood pellets and wood chips
Agu CE, Tokheim LA, Pfeifer C, Moldestad BME
99 - 106 Investigation of thermodynamic and kinetic effects of cyclopentane derivatives on CO2 hydrates for potential application to seawater desalination
Hong S, Moon S, Lee Y, Lee S, Park Y
107 - 119 Easy separated 3D hierarchical coral-like magnetic polyaniline adsorbent with enhanced performance in adsorption and reduction of Cr(VI) and immobilization of Cr(III)
Lyu W, Wu JM, Zhang WL, Liu YP, Yu MT, Zhao YF, Feng JT, Yan W
120 - 132 Tailoring the structural properties of simultaneously reduced and functionalized graphene oxide via alkanolamine(s)/alkyl alkanolamine for energy storage applications
Khandelwal M, Hur SH, Chung JS
133 - 140 Synergic thermal activation of peroxydisulfate intercalated Mg/Al layered double hydroxide at a low temperature
Huang X, Zhou XJ, Su QQ, Zhou JZ, Qian GR, Gao NY, Liu JZ
141 - 154 The development of a thermosiphon photobioreactor and analysis using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
Cho BA, Pott RWM
155 - 173 Impact of water matrix on the removal of micropollutants by advanced oxidation technologies
Ribeiro ARL, Moreira NFF, Puma GL, Silva AMT
174 - 182 Construction of multiple enzyme metal-organic frameworks biocatalyst via DNA scaffold: A promising strategy for enzyme encapsulation
Song JY, He WT, Shen H, Zhou ZX, Li MQ, Su P, Yang Y
183 - 191 Fabricating a high-energy-density supercapacitor with asymmetric aqueous redox additive electrolytes and free-standing activated-carbon-felt electrodes
Tian M, Wu JW, Li RH, Chen YL, Long DH
192 - 202 A three-dimensional macroporous network structured chitosan/cellulose biocomposite sponge for rapid and selective removal of mercury(II) ions from aqueous solution
Zhang D, Wang L, Zeng HH, Yan P, Nie J, Sharma VK, Wang CY
203 - 212 Anisotropic rubber nanocomposites via magnetic-induced alignment of Fe3O4/cellulose nanocrystals hybrids obtained by templated assembly
Cao LM, Cheng ZZ, Yan MW, Chen YK
213 - 223 Promotional role of nano TiO2 for pomegranate-like SnS2@C spheres toward enhanced sodium ion storage
Hu XB, Peng QM, Zeng TB, Shang B, Jiao X, Xi GC
224 - 233 High-performance rechargeable Li-CO2/O-2 battery with Ru/N-doped CNT catalyst
Zhang PF, Lu YQ, Wu YJ, Yin ZW, Li JT, Zhou Y, Hong YH, Li YY, Huang L, Sun SG
234 - 246 Metal-organic framework-derived hollow Co3O4/carbon as efficient catalyst for peroxymonosulfate activation
Khan MAN, Klu PK, Wang CH, Zhang WX, Luo R, Zhang M, Qi JW, Sun XY, Wang LJ, Li JS
247 - 258 Hierarchical Cu7S4-Cu9S8 heterostructure hollow cubes for photothermal aerobic oxidation of amines
Gao HJ, Chen YJ, Li HL, Zhang FF, Tian GH
259 - 269 Experimental validation of a mathematical model for the evolution of the particle morphology of waterborne polymer-polymer hybrids: Paving the way to the design and implementation of optimal polymerization strategies
Rajabalinia N, Hamzehlou S, Leiza JR, Asua JM
270 - 277 Self-supporting lithiophilic N-doped carbon rod array for dendrite-free lithium metal anode
Chen LJ, Chen H, Wang Z, Gong XH, Chen XH, Wang MY, Jiao SQ
278 - 284 Influence of electrostatic field on the adsorption of phenol on single-walled carbon nanotubes: A study by molecular dynamics simulation
Zhang QR, Han Y, Wu LC
285 - 291 Ni-3(BO3)(2) as anode material with high capacity and excellent rate performance for sodium-ion batteries
Xu BB, Liu Y, Tian JL, Ma X, Ping QS, Wang BF, Xia YY
292 - 299 Effect of core-shell structuring of chabazite zeolite with a siliceous zeolite thin layer on the separation of acetone-butanol-ethanol vapor in humid vapor conditions
Miyamoto M, Iwatsuka H, Oumi Y, Uemiya S, Van den Perre S, Baron GV, Denayer JFM
300 - 308 A scalable strategy for constructing three-dimensional segregated graphene network in polymer via hydrothermal self-assembly
Li CL, Yang ZJ, Tang ZH, Guo BC, Tian M, Zhang LQ
309 - 317 Formation of CX3R-type disinfection by-products during the chlorination of protein: The effect of enzymolysis
Fang C, Hu JL, Chu WH, Ding SK, Zhao TT, Lu XY, Zhao HY, Yin DQ, Gao NY
318 - 328 Novel activation of peroxymonosulfate by an easily recyclable VC@Fe3O4 nanoparticles for enhanced degradation of sulfadiazine
Tan CQ, Lu X, Cui XX, Jian XC, Hu ZX, Dong YJ, Liu XY, Huang J, Deng L
329 - 336 The catalytic role of nascent Cu(OH)(2) particles in the sulfite-induced oxidation of organic contaminants
Luo T, Yuan YA, Zhou DN, Luo LT, Li JJ, Wu F
337 - 348 Scalability of 3D printed structured porous milli-scale reactors
Potdar A, Thomassen LCJ, Kuhn S
349 - 355 Oleic acid potassium soap: A new potential kinetic promoter for methane hydrate formation
Chen J, Wang T, Zeng Z, Jiang JH, Deng B, Chen CZ, Li JY, Li CH, Tao LM, Li X, Xiao SX
356 - 364 Molecular weight-dependent adsorption fractionation of natural organic matter on ferrihydrite colloids in aquatic environment
Xu HC, Ji L, Kong M, Jiang HL, Chen J
365 - 373 Understanding the separation of anion mixtures by TiO2 membranes: Numerical investigation and effect of alkaline treatment on physicochemical properties
Dutournie P, Deon S, Limousy L
374 - 382 Effects of H2O2 generation over visible light-responsive Bi/Bi2O2-xCO3 nanosheets on their photocatalytic NOx removal performance
Lu YF, Huang Y, Zhang YF, Huang TT, Li HW, Cao JJ, Ho WK