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1 - 11 Facet engineering on the interface of BiOCl-PbS heterostructures for enhanced broad-spectrum photocatalytic H-2 production
Lu JJ, Chen YH, Li LN, Cai XT, Zhong SX, Wu LJ, Chen JR, Bai S
12 - 20 New experimental results of NO removal from simulated marine engine exhaust gases by Na2S2O8/urea solutions
Xi HY, Zhou S, Zhou JX
21 - 29 Iron-carbon composite from carbonization of iron-crosslinked sodium alginate for Cr(VI) removal
Wu J, Zheng H, Zhang F, Zeng RJ, Xing BS
30 - 40 Highly efficient adsorption of benzothiophene from model fuel on a metal-organic framework modified with dodeca-tungstophosphoric acid
Ullah L, Zhao GY, Hedin N, Ding XL, Zhang SJ, Yao XQ, Nie Y, Zhang YQ
41 - 52 Catalytic benzene oxidation by biogenic Pd nanoparticles over 3D-ordered mesoporous CeO2
Guo YL, Gao YJ, Li X, Zhuang GL, Wang KC, Zheng Y, Sun DH, Huang JL, Li QB
53 - 62 Hierarchical Fe-ZSM-5/SiC foam catalyst as the foam bed catalytic reactor (FBCR) for catalytic wet peroxide oxidation (CWPO)
Ou XX, Pilitsis F, Jiao YL, Zhang Y, Xu SJ, Jennings M, Yang Y, Taylor SFR, Garforth A, Zhang HP, Hardacre C, Yan Y, Fan XL
63 - 70 Hexavalent chromium removal by a new composite system of dissimilatory iron reduction bacteria Aeromonas hydrophila and nanoscale zero-valent iron
Shi ZJ, Shen WJ, Yang K, Zheng NN, Jiang XF, Liu LM, Yang DD, Zhang LZ, Ai ZH, Xie B
71 - 80 Experimental study on partial oxy-combustion technology in a bench-scale CO2 capture unit
Vega F, Camino S, Gallego LM, Cano M, Navarrete B
81 - 88 Bioaccumulation and transformation of U(VI) by sporangiospores of Mucor circinelloides
Song WC, Wang XX, Sun YB, Hayat T, Wang XK
89 - 98 Highly stretchable, anti-corrosive and wearable strain sensors based on the PDMS/CNTs decorated elastomer nanofiber composite
Wang L, Chen Y, Lin LW, Wang H, Huang XW, Xue HG, Gao JF
99 - 106 Mechanistic investigation of U(VI) sequestration by zero-valent iron/activated carbon composites
Wang M, Cheng W, Wan T, Hu BW, Zhu YL, Song XF, Sun YB
107 - 115 Novel two stage partial denitrification (PD)-Anammox process for tertiary nitrogen removal from low carbon/nitrogen (C/N) municipal sewage
Cao SB, Du R, Peng YZ, Li BK, Wang SY
116 - 125 Catalytic Pd0.77Ag0.23 alloy membrane reactor for high temperature water-gas shift reaction: Methane suppression
Pati S, Jangam A, Wang ZG, Dewangan N, Hui WM, Kawi S
126 - 135 Substrate-independent polyzwitterionic coating for oil/water separation membranes
Liang B, Zhang GY, Zhong ZX, Sato T, Hozumi A, Su ZH
136 - 143 Au@TiO2/reduced graphene oxide nanocomposites for lithium-ion capacitors
Auxilia FM, Jang J, Jang K, Song H, Ham MH
144 - 159 Modification, application and reaction mechanisms of nano-sized iron sulfide particles for pollutant removal from soil and water: A review
Chen YN, Liang WY, Li YP, Wu YX, Chen YR, Xiao W, Zhao L, Zhang JC, Li H
160 - 168 Planarity effect of polychlorinated biphenyls adsorption by graphene nanomaterials: The influence of graphene characteristics, solution pH and temperature
Ren WJ, Chang HW, Mao TY, Teng Y
169 - 175 Droplet microfluidics with gravity-driven overflow system
Gao W, Liu MF, Chen SF, Zhang CB, Zhao YJ
176 - 182 Transfer and fate of microplastics during the conventional activated sludge process in one wastewater treatment plant of China
Liu XN, Yuan WK, Di MX, Li Z, Wang J
183 - 189 Enhanced oxidation of aniline using Fe(III)-S(IV) system: Role of different oxysulfur radicals
Yuan YN, Luo T, Xu J, Li JJ, Wu F, Brigante M, Mailhot G
190 - 198 Multilayered assembly of poly(vinylidene fluoride) and poly(methyl methacrylate) for achieving multi-shape memory effects
Ji XY, Chen DY, Zheng Y, Shen JB, Guo SY, Harkin-Jones E
199 - 206 Prediction of adsorption properties for ionic and neutral pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical intermediates on activated charcoal from aqueous solution via LFER model
Zhao YF, Lin S, Choi JW, Bediako JK, Song MH, Kim JA, Cho CW, Yun YS
207 - 216 Highly effective magnet-responsive LDH-Fe oxide composite adsorbents for As(V) removal
Maziarz P, Matusik J, Straczek T, Kapusta C, Woch WM, Tokarz W, Radziszewska A, Leiviska T
217 - 228 Reducing energy cost of NOx production in air plasmas
Pei XK, Gidon D, Yang YJ, Xiong ZL, Graves DB
229 - 242 Mixing process of two miscible fluids in a lid-driven cavity
Huang FL, Wang DF, Li ZP, Gao ZM, Derksen JJ
243 - 250 Mechanism of carbon tetrachloride reduction in ferrous ion activated calcium peroxide system in the presence of methanol
Tang P, Jiang WC, Lyu SG, Brusseau ML, Xue YF, Qiu ZF, Sui Q
251 - 261 Magnetic Ni-Co alloy encapsulated N-doped carbon nanotubes for catalytic membrane degradation of emerging contaminants
Kang J, Zhang HY, Duan XG, Sun HQ, Tan XY, Liu SM, Wang SB
262 - 268 Insights into the mechanism of non-radical activation of persulfate via activated carbon for the degradation of p-chloroaniline
Yao CH, Zhang YQ, Du MM, Du XD, Huang SB
269 - 279 3D printed PCL/SrHA scaffold for enhanced bone regeneration
Liu DH, Nie W, Li DJ, Wang WZ, Zheng LX, Zhang JT, Zhang JL, Peng C, Mo XM, He CL
280 - 286 Structure-controlled recovery of palladium(II) from acidic aqueous solution using metal-organic frameworks of MOF-802, UiO-66 and MOF-808
Lin S, Zhao YF, Bediako JK, Cho CW, Sarkar AK, Lim CR, Yun YS
287 - 297 Adsorption desulfurization performances of Zn/Co porous carbons derived from bimetal-organic frameworks
Huo Q, Li JS, Liu GQ, Qi XR, Zhang XB, Ning Y, Zhang BY, Fu YF, Liu SY
298 - 309 Hydrodynamic studies in magnetically assisted external-loop airlift reactor
Lechowska J, Kordas M, Konopacki M, Fijalkowski K, Drozd R, Rakoczy R
310 - 324 Synthesis and adsorption characteristics of grafted hydrazinyl amine magnetite-chitosan for Ni(II) and Pb(II) recovery
Hamza MF, Wei YZ, Mira HI, Abdel-Rahman AAH, Guibal E
325 - 338 Hydrogels with superior mechanical properties from the synergistic effect in hydrophobic-hydrophilic copolymers
Mredha MTI, Pathak SK, Tran VT, Cui JX, Jeon I
339 - 348 An improved corona discharge ignited by oxide cathodes with high secondary electron emission for toluene degradation
Yao XM, Jiang N, Li J, Lu N, Shang KF, Wu Y
349 - 356 In-situ approach to fabricate BiOI photocathode with oxygen vacancies: Understanding the N-2 reduced behavior in photoelectrochemical system
Bai YJ, Bai HY, Qu KG, Wang FG, Guan P, Xu DB, Fan WQ, Shi WD
357 - 363 Mixing efficiency of a rotor-stator spinning disc extractor
Wang YB, Li J, Jin Y, Luo JH, Chen M, Yan C
364 - 374 Pyrolyzed chitosan-based materials for CO2/CH4 separation
Lourenco MAO, Nunes C, Gomes JRB, Pires J, Pinto ML, Ferreira P
375 - 382 The application of automated feedback and feedforward control to a LED-based photocatalytic reactor
Khodadadian F, de la Garza FG, van Ommen JR, Stankiewicz AI, Lakerveld R
383 - 391 Effect of carbon chain structure on the phthalic acid esters (PAEs) adsorption mechanism by mesoporous cellulose biochar
Chen Q, Zheng JW, Yang Q, Dang Z, Zhang LJ
392 - 401 Highly efficient H-2 production over NiCo2O4 decorated g-C3N4 by photocatalytic water reduction
Chang WX, Xue WH, Liu EZ, Fan J, Zhao BR
402 - 412 Preferential production of reactive species and bactericidal efficacy of gas-liquid plasma discharge
Shen J, Zhang H, Xu ZM, Zhang ZL, Cheng C, Ni GH, Lan Y, Meng YD, Xia WD, Chu PK
413 - 421 MOFs-derived magnetic chestnut shell-like hollow sphere NiO/Ni@C composites and their removal performance for arsenic(V)
Lv ZM, Fan QH, Xie Y, Chen ZS, Alsaedi A, Hayat T, Wang XK, Chen CL
422 - 429 Bridging effects behind the coadsorption of copper and sulfamethoxazole by a polyamine-modified resin
Qiu H, Ling C, Yuan RR, Liu FQ, Li AM
430 - 441 Reverse water gas shift (RWGS) over Ni - Spatially-resolved measurements and simulations
Benzinger W, Daymo E, Hettel M, Maier L, Antinori C, Pfeifer P, Deutschmann O
442 - 452 Effect of vortex on mass transport and mixing in microcapillary channels
Feng XS, Ren YK, Sun HZ, Chen XM, Zhang KL, Jia YK, Hou LK, Xiao MY, Jiang HY
453 - 459 Fate of calcium, magnesium and inorganic carbon in electrochemical phosphorus recovery from domestic wastewater
Lei Y, Hidayat I, Saakes M, van der Weijden R, Buisman CJN
460 - 468 Reclaiming phosphorus from secondary treated municipal wastewater with engineered biochar
Zheng YL, Wang B, Wester AE, Chen JJ, He F, Chen H, Gao B
469 - 481 Development of graphitic domains in carbon foams for high efficient electro/photo-to-thermal energy conversion phase change composites
Maleki M, Karimian H, Shokouhimehr M, Ahmadi R, Valanezhad A, Beitollahi A
482 - 486 Sr-LSX zeolite for air separation
Yang X, Epiepang FE, Li JB, Wei YW, Liu YS, Yang RT
487 - 496 Decomplexation of EDTA-chelated copper and removal of copper ions by non-thermal plasma oxidation/alkaline precipitation
Cao Y, Qian XC, Zhang YX, Qu GZ, Xia TJ, Guo XT, Jia HZ, Wang TC
497 - 503 Functional hyper-crosslinked resins with tailored adsorption properties for environmental applications
Castaldo R, Ambrogi V, Avolio R, Cocca M, Gentile G, Errico ME, Avella M
504 - 512 Hierarchical porous ceramics with 3D reticular architecture and efficient flow-through filtration towards high-temperature particulate matter capture
Liu JJ, Ren B, Wang YL, Lu YJ, Wang L, Chen YG, Yang JL, Huang Y
513 - 524 Nitrogen-doped Co-C/MWCNTs nanocomposites derived from bimetallic metal-organic frameworks for electromagnetic wave absorption in the X-band
Shu RW, Li WJ, Wu Y, Zhang JB, Zhang GY
525 - 536 Improving dewaterability and filterability of waste activated sludge by electrochemical Fenton pretreatment
Cai MQ, Wang Q, Wells G, Dionysiou DD, Song ZJ, Jin MC, Hu JQ, Ho SH, Xiao RY, Wei ZS
537 - 547 Comparison of UV-AOPs ( UV/H2O2, UV/PDS and UV/Chlorine) for TOrC removal from municipal wastewater effluent and optical surrogate model evaluation
Miklos DB, Wang WL, Linden KG, Drewes E, Hubner U
548 - 560 Degradable conductive injectable hydrogels as novel antibacterial, anti-oxidant wound dressings for wound healing
Qu J, Zhao X, Liang YP, Xu YM, Ma PX, Guo BL
561 - 569 Biochar-induced Fe(III) reduction for persulfate activation in sulfamethoxazole degradation: Insight into the electron transfer, radical oxidation and degradation pathways
Wang HZ, Guo WQ, Yin RL, Du JS, Wu QL, Luo HC, Liu BH, Sseguya F, Ren NQ
570 - 575 Insights on the pH-dependent roles of peroxymonosulfate and chlorine ions in phenol oxidative transformation
Li CX, Chen CB, Wang YJ, Fu XZ, Cui S, Lu JY, Li J, Liu HQ, Li WW, Lau TC
576 - 587 Microwave-anion-exchange route to ultrathin cobalt-nickel-sulfide nanosheets for hybrid supercapacitors
Rafai S, Qiao C, Naveed M, Wang ZT, Younas W, Khalid S, Cao CB
588 - 599 Combustion synthesis, characterization and photocatalytic application of CuS/Bi4Ti3O12 p-n heterojunction materials towards efficient degradation of 2-methyl-4-chlorophenoxyacetic acid herbicide under visible light
Das K, Majhi D, Bhoi YP, Mishra BG
600 - 608 Design and synthesis of mint leaf-like polyacrylonitrile and carbon nanosheets for flexible all-solid-state asymmetric supercapacitors
Liu YJ, Liu N, Yu LM, Jiang XH, Yan XF
609 - 618 Hybrid material passivation approach to stabilize the silicon nanowires in aqueous electrolyte for high-energy efficient supercapacitor
Chodankar NR, Bagal IV, Ryu SW, Kim DH
619 - 627 Preparation and electromagnetic wave absorption performance of Fe3Si/SiC@SiO2 nanocomposites
Zhang M, Li ZJ, Wang T, Ding SQ, Song GY, Zhao J, Meng A, Yu HY, Li QD
628 - 637 Simultaneous removal of mixed contaminants, copper and norfloxacin, from aqueous solution by ZIF-8
Zhou L, Li N, Owens G, Chen ZL
638 - 649 Superhydrophobic double-layer coating for efficient heat dissipation and corrosion protection
Zou YC, Wang YM, Xu SM, Jin T, Wei DQ, Ouyang JH, Jia DC, Zhou Y
650 - 657 Self-assembled thixotropic silver cluster hydrogel for anticancer drug release
Ma Y, Shi L, Liu F, Zhang Y, Pang YH, Shen XF
658 - 666 ZnO/CdS/PbS nanotube arrays with multi-heterojunctions for efficient visible-light-driven photoelectrochemical hydrogen evolution
Wang RN, Chen SB, Ng YH, Gao QZ, Yang SY, Zhang SQ, Peng F, Fang YP, Zhang SS
667 - 678 A novel three-dimensional galvanic cell enhanced Fe2+/persulfate system: High efficiency, mechanism and damaging effect of antibiotic resistant E-coli and genes
Ma HK, Zhang LL, Huang XM, Ding W, Jin H, Li ZF, Cheng SK, Zheng L
679 - 691 An intelligent nanoplatform for simultaneously controlled chemo-, photothermal, and photodynamic therapies mediated by a single NIR light
Sun QQ, He F, Bi HT, Wang Z, Sun CQ, Li CX, Xu JT, Yang D, Wang XX, Gai SL, Yang PP
692 - 701 The influence of bromide on the degradation of sulfonamides in UV/free chlorine treatment: Degradation mechanism, DBPs formation and toxicity assessment
Xiang HM, Shao YS, Gao NY, Lu X, Chu WH, An N, Tan CQ, Zheng XH, Gao YQ
702 - 711 Roles of carbon source-derived extracellular polymeric substances in solids accumulation and nutrient removal in horizontal subsurface flow constructed wetlands
Liu HQ, Hu Z, Jiang LP, Zhuang LL, Hao LJ, Zhang J, Nie LC
712 - 720 Fluid dynamics in continuous settler
Luna FDT, Silva AG, Fukumasu NK, Bazan O, Gouveia JHA, Moraes D, Yanagihara JI, Vianna AS
721 - 730 Experimental and computational investigation of oxidative quenching governed aqueous organocatalyzed atom transfer radical polymerization
Bian C, Zhou YN, Deetz JD, Luo ZH
731 - 742 Tunable nitrogen-doped microporous carbons: Delineating the role of optimum pore size for enhanced CO2 adsorption
Rehman A, Park SJ
743 - 757 g-C3N4 nanosheet@CoAl-layered double hydroxide composites for electrochemical energy storage in supercapacitors
Sanati S, Rezvani Z
758 - 766 Analysis of interactions of mustard gas surrogate vapors with porous carbon textiles
Giannakoudakis DA, Barczak M, Florent M, Bandosz TJ
767 - 782 Combustion vs. hybrid sol-gel-plasma surface design of coke-resistant Co-promoted Ni-spinel nanocatalyst used in combined reforming of CH4/CO2/O-2 for hydrogen production
Sajjadi SM, Haghighi M
783 - 793 Design of the seamless integrated C@NiMn-OH-Ni3S2/Ni foam advanced electrode for supercapacitors
Xu TH, Li GY, Yang XH, Guo ZX, Zhao LJ
794 - 801 Nitrogen enriched porous carbons from D-glucose with excellent CO2 capture performance
Rao LL, Ma R, Liu SF, Wang LL, Wu ZZ, Yang J, Hu X
802 - 811 Simultaneous recovery of microalgae, ammonium and phosphate from simulated wastewater by MgO modified diatomite
Li J, Wang XJ, Wang J, Li Y, Xia SQ, Zhao JF
812 - 817 Multi-graded foams upon time-dependent exposition to blowing agent
Trofa M, Di Maio E, Maffettone PL
818 - 829 Designed mesoporous hollow sphere architecture metal (Mn, Co, Ni) silicate: A potential electrode material for flexible all solid-state asymmetric supercapacitor
Wang QS, Zhang YF, Jiang HM, Li XJ, Cheng Y, Meng CG
830 - 841 Atmospheric pressure glow discharge for CO2 conversion: Model-based exploration of the optimum reactor configuration
Trenchev G, Nikiforov A, Wang W, Kolev S, Bogaerts A
842 - 850 Polydopamine-coated gold core/hollow mesoporous silica shell particles as a nanoplatform for multimode imaging and photothermal therapy of tumors
Cai C, Li X, Wang Y, Liu MX, Shi XY, Xia JD, Shen MW
851 - 864 Enhanced activation of peroxymonosulfate by magnetic Co3MnFeO6 nanoparticles for removal of carbamazepine: Efficiency, synergetic mechanism and stability
Zhang L, Zhao XF, Niu CG, Tang N, Guo H, Wen XJ, Liang C, Zeng GM
865 - 876 Prussian blue analogue derived magnetic Cu-Fe oxide as a recyclable photo-Fenton catalyst for the efficient removal of sulfamethazine at near neutral pH values
Cheng M, Liu Y, Huang DL, Lai C, Zeng GM, Huang JH, Liu ZF, Zhang C, Zhou CY, Qin L, Xiong WP, Yi H, Yang Y
877 - 886 A redox prodrug micelle co-delivering camptothecin and curcumin for synergetic B16 melanoma cells inhibition
Hu YF, Wu S, He Y, Deng LH
887 - 896 Capacitive deionization using nitrogen-doped mesostructured carbons for highly efficient brackish water desalination
Xu XT, Allah AE, Wang C, Tan HB, Farghali AA, Khedr MH, Malgras V, Yang T, Yamauchi Y
897 - 908 Complete degradation of bisphenol A and nonylphenol by a composite of biogenic manganese oxides and Escherichia coli cells with surface-displayed multicopper oxidase CotA
Zhang Z, Ruan ZY, Liu J, Liu C, Zhang FM, Linhardt RJ, Li L
909 - 920 Graphene-oxide-induced lamellar structures used to fabricate novel composite solid-solid phase change materials for thermal energy storage
Xia YP, Zhang HZ, Huang PR, Huang CW, Xu F, Zou YJ, Chu HL, Yan EH, Sun LX
921 - 921 Significant enhancement of bromate removal in drinking water: Implications for the mechanism of sonocatalytic reduction (vol 317, pg 404, 2017)
Cui M, Choi J, Lee Y, Ma J, Kim D, Choi J, Jang M, Khim J
922 - 937 Electron donors for autotrophic denitrification
Di Capua F, Pirozzi F, Lens PNL, Esposito G
938 - 946 Photodegradation of novel brominated flame retardants (NBFRs) in a liquid system: Kinetics and photoproducts
Ling SY, Huang K, Tariq M, Wang YW, Chen X, Zhang W, Lin KF, Zhou BS