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1 - 11 Three-dimensional coral-like NiCoP@C@Ni(OH)(2) core-shell nanoarrays as battery-type electrodes to enhance cycle stability and energy density for hybrid supercapacitors
Zong Q, Yang H, Wang QQ, Zhang QL, Zhu YL, Wang HY, Shen QH
12 - 20 N2O hydrate formation in porous media: A potential method to mitigate N2O emissions
Zhao JF, Guo XW, Sun MR, Zhao YC, Yang L, Song YC
21 - 30 Porous gel materials from waste thermosetting unsaturated polyester for high-efficiency wastewater treatment
Wang XL, An WL, Yang Y, Hu ZY, Xu SM, Liao W, Wang YZ
31 - 40 Iron-modified composite adsorbent coating for azo dye removal and its regeneration by photo-Fenton process: Synthesis, characterization and adsorption mechanism interpretation
Azha SF, Sellaoui L, Yunus EHE, Yee CJ, Bonilla-Petriciolet A, Ben Lamine A, Ismail S
41 - 49 Denitration of the gas-fired boiler flue gas based on chemical-looping combustion
Wu YJ, Luo CH, Wu W, Su QQ
50 - 59 Effect of temperature on flow properties of magnetofluidized beds at low consolidations
Espin MJ, Quintanilla MAS, Valverde JM
60 - 66 Ultrathin Zn2SnO4 (ZTO) passivated ZnO nanocone arrays for efficient and stable perovskite solar cells
Tai MQ, Zhao XY, Shen HP, Guo Y, Zhang MH, Zhou Y, Li X, Yao ZB, Yin XW, Han JH, Li X, Lin H
67 - 79 A new contact time model for the mechanistic assessment of local heat transfer coefficients in bubble column using both the four-optical fiber probe and the fast heat transfer probe-simultaneously
Kagumba M, Al-Naseri H, Al-Dahhan MH
80 - 88 Electro-technologies for the removal of 2,4,6-trichloroanisole from naturally contaminated cork discs: Reactor design and proof of concept
Guedes P, Mateus EP, Fernandes JP, Ribeiro AB
89 - 98 Treatment of highly polluted industrial wastewater by means of sequential aerobic biological oxidation-ozone based AOPs
Chavez AM, Gimeno O, Rey A, Pliego G, Oropesa AL, Alvarez PM, Beltran FJ
99 - 108 Degradation of sulfamethazine by persulfate activated with organo-montmorillonite supported nano-zero valent iron
Wu JX, Wang B, Blaney L, Peng GL, Chen P, Cui YZ, Deng SB, Wang YJ, Huang J, Yu G
109 - 116 Fabrication of stretchable multi-element composite for flexible solid-state electrochemical capacitor application
Hu RF, Wang YH, Zhao J, Jiang RY, Zheng JP
117 - 128 Self-assembled zinc phthalocyanine nanoparticles as excellent photothermal/photodynamic synergistic agent for antitumor treatment
Wang Z, Gai SL, Wang CQ, Yang GX, Zhong CN, Dai YL, He F, Yang D, Yang PP
129 - 138 Synthesis of Bi2WO6 with gradient oxygen vacancies for highly photocatalytic NO oxidation and mechanism study
Huo WC, Dong XA, Li JY, Liu M, Liu XY, Zhang YX, Dong F
139 - 147 Nanoconfinement of Ag nanoparticles inside mesoporous channels of MCM-41 molecule sieve as a regenerable and H2O resistance sorbent for Hg-0 removal in natural gas
Zhang HW, Sun HM, Zhang DY, Zhang WR, Chen SJ, Li M, Liang P
148 - 155 Co-treatment of potassium ferrate and ultrasonication enhances degradability and dewaterability of waste activated sludge
Li W, Yu NJW, Fang AR, Liu BF, Ren NQ, Xing DF
156 - 166 Degradation of macrolide antibiotic erythromycin and reduction of antimicrobial activity using persulfate activated by gamma radiation in different water matrices
Chu LB, Zhuan R, Chen D, Wang JL, Shen YP
167 - 179 Enhanced Pb(II) removal by algal-based biosorbent cultivated in high-phosphorus cultures
Li YT, Song SX, Xia L, Yin HQ, Meza JVG, Ju WM
180 - 188 Simultaneous sludge degradation, desalination and bioelectricity generation in two-phase microbial desalination cells
Meng FY, Zhao QL, Zheng Z, Wei LL, Wang K, Jiang JQ, Ding J, Na XL
189 - 198 1-Aminopyrene/rGO nanocomposites for electrochemical energy storage with improved performance
Zhang WY, Kang HW, Liu HL, Yang BC, Liu YX, Yuan MK, Li ZK
199 - 208 Developing hierarchically ultra-micro/mesoporous biocarbons for highly selective carbon dioxide adsorption
Liu X, Sun CG, Liu H, Tan WH, Wang WL, Snape C
209 - 218 Perchlorate removal from brackish water by capacitive deionization: Experimental and theoretical investigations
Xing WL, Liang J, Tang WW, Zeng GM, Wang XX, Li XD, Jiang LB, Luo Y, Li X, Tang N, Huang M
219 - 226 Production of polyhydroxyalkanoates by activated sludge: Correlation with extracellular polymeric substances and characteristics of activated sludge
Li H, Zhang JF, Shen L, Chen Z, Zhang YN, Zhang CP, Li QB, Wang YP
227 - 234 Effect of reduced sulfur group on the formation of CX3R-type disinfection by-products during chlor(am)ination of reduced sulfur compounds
Ding SK, Wang FF, Chu WH, Fang C, Du ED, Yin DQ, Gao NY
235 - 244 Preparation of a morph-genetic CaO-based sorbent using paper fibre as a biotemplate for enhanced CO2 capture
Ma XT, Li YJ, Yan XY, Zhang W, Zhao JL, Wang ZY
245 - 255 Preparation of dual-dummy-template molecularly imprinted polymers coated magnetic graphene oxide for separation and enrichment of phthalate esters in water
Guo LH, Ma XG, Xie XW, Huang RF, Zhang MY, Li J, Zeng GL, Fan YM
256 - 265 Microbial electrolysis followed by chemical precipitation for effective nutrients recovery from digested sludge centrate in WWTPs
Barua S, Zakaria BS, Chung T, Hai FI, Haile T, Al-Mamun A, Dhar BR
266 - 277 Ecological consequences of abrupt temperature changes in anaerobic digesters
Madigou C, Le Cao KA, Bureau C, Mazeas L, Dejean S, Chapleur O
278 - 285 'Useful' template synthesis of N-doped acicular hollow porous carbon/carbon-nanotubes for enhanced capture and selectivity of CO2
He X, Liu J, Jiang YW, Yaseen M, Guan HY, Sun JH, Cui XM, Liao DK, Tong ZF
286 - 293 Ecofriendly construction of enzyme reactor based on three-dimensional porous cryogel composites
Zhao SL, Zou YL, Liu XY, Zhang HX
294 - 303 Biogas upgrading to methane: Application of a regenerable polyethyleneimine-impregnated polymeric resin (NKA-9) via CO2 sorption
Meng Y, Jiang JG, Gao YC, Aihemaiti A, Ju TY, Xu YW, Liu N
304 - 313 The adsorption characteristics of As2O3, Pb-0, PbO and PbCl2 on single atom iron adsorbent with graphene-based substrates
Yang WJ, Gao ZY, Liu XS, Ding XL, Yan WP
314 - 321 Photoluminescence and cathodoluminescence properties of novel rare-earth free narrow-band bright green-emitting ZnB2O4:Mn2+ phosphor for LEDs and FEDs
Chen H, Wang YH
322 - 328 Underwater superoleophobic and underoil superhydrophobic surface made by liquid-exfoliated MoS2 for on-demand oil-water separation
Dong Y, Huang CX, Yang XY
329 - 341 Two-dimensional porous carbon-coated sandwich-like mesoporous SnO2/graphene/mesoporous SnO2 nanosheets towards high-rate and long cycle life lithium-ion batteries
Yao WQ, Wu SB, Zhan L, Wang YL
342 - 352 Self-supported hierarchical bead-chain graphite felt@FePO4@polyaniline: A flexible electrode for all-solid-state supercapacitors with ultrahigh energy density
Wang ZY, Shen M, Liu TC, Yang CM, Li JH, Qian D
353 - 363 Nonnegligible role of biomass types and its compositions on the formation of persistent free radicals in biochar: Insight into the influences on Fenton-like process
Huang DL, Luo H, Zhang C, Zeng GM, Lai C, Cheng M, Wang RZ, Deng R, Xue WJ, Gong XM, Guo XY, Li T
364 - 372 A rubber-like, underwater superoleophobic hydrogel for efficient oil/water separation
Su MJ, Liu Y, Li SH, Fang ZP, He BQ, Zhang YH, Li YL, He PX
373 - 386 Photo-removal of 2,2 ' 4,4 '-tetrabromodiphenyl ether in liquid medium by reduced graphene oxide bridged artificial Z-scheme system of Ag@Ag3PO4/g-C3N4
Liang C, Zhang L, Guo H, Niu CG, Wen XJ, Tang N, Liu HY, Yang YY, Shao BB, Zeng GM
387 - 397 High-intensity compact ultrasound assisted synthesis of porous N-doped graphene thin microsheets with well-dispersed near-spherical Ni2P nanoflowers for energy storage
Chen G, Tang SC, Song YY, Meng XK, Yin J, Xia YD, Liu ZG
398 - 407 Designed of bifunctional Z-scheme CuSnO3@Cu2O heterojunctions film for photoelectrochemical catalytic reduction and ultrasensitive sensing nitrobenzene
Wang Q, Wu XQ, Zhang L
408 - 415 Simultaneous recovery of H-2-rich syngas and removal of HCN during pyrolytic recycling of polyurethane by Ni/Mg/Al catalysts
Kumagai S, Yabuki R, Kameda T, Saito Y, Yoshioka T
416 - 427 Pyrolysis of iron phthalocyanine on activated carbon as highly efficient non-noble metal oxygen reduction catalyst in microbial fuel cells
Liu Y, Fan YS, Liu ZM
428 - 438 A new approach for the stabilization of amorphous drug nanoparticles during continuous antisolvent precipitation
Trzenschiok H, Distaso M, Peukert W
439 - 449 Utilizing UV-LED pulse width modulation on TiO2 advanced oxidation processes to enhance the decomposition efficiency of pharmaceutical micropollutants
Liang R, Van Leuwen JC, Bragg LM, Arlos MJ, Fong LCMLC, Schneider OM, Jaciw-Zurakowsky I, Fattahi A, Rathod S, Peng P, Servos MR, Zhou YN
450 - 460 Catalytic conversion of furfuryl alcohol to n-hexyl levulinate using modified dendritic fibrous nanosilica
Mohammadbagheri Z, Chermahini AN
461 - 469 Design of spatially separated Au and CoO dual cocatalysts on hollow TiO2 for enhanced photocatalytic activity towards the reduction of CO2 to CH4
Zhu SY, Liao WR, Zhang MY, Liang SJ
470 - 484 Lactoferrin adsorption onto silver nanoparticle interface: Implications of corona on protein conformation, nanoparticle cytotoxicity and the formulation adjuvanticity
Nayak PS, Borah SM, Gogoi H, Asthana S, Bhatnagar R, Jha AN, Jha S
485 - 498 A poly(butyl methacrylate)/graphene oxide/TiO2 nanocomposite coating with superior corrosion protection for AZ31 alloy in chloride solution
Nazeer AA, Al-Hetlani E, Amin MO, Quinones-Ruiz T, Lednev IK
499 - 507 Robust synthesis of bright multiple quantum dot-embedded nanobeads and its application to quantitative immunoassay
Li JJ, Lv YB, Li N, Wu RL, Xing M, Shen HB, Li LS, Chen X
508 - 518 Micromixing in oscillatory baffled flows
McDonough JR, Oates MF, Law R, Harvey AP
519 - 527 Synergistic 1,4-dioxane removal by non- thermal plasma followed by biodegradation
Xiong Y, Zhang Q, Wandell R, Bresch S, Wang HH, Locke BR, Tang YN
528 - 537 Study on the synthesis of poly(pyrrole methane)s with the hydroxyl in different substituent position and their selective adsorption for Pb2+
Liu YP, Zhang WL, Zhao CC, Wang H, Chen J, Yang L, Feng JT, Yan W
538 - 546 Highly efficient removal of radioactive Sr-90 based on sulfonic acid-functionalized alpha-zirconium phosphate nanosheets
Mu WJ, Du SZ, Yu QH, Li XL, Wei HY, Yang YC, Peng SM
547 - 558 Highly efficient and acid-corrosion resistant nitrogen doped magnetic carbon nanotubes for the hexavalent chromium removal with subsequent reutilization
Huang JN, Cao YH, Qin BH, Zhong GY, Zhang J, Yu H, Wang HJ, Peng F
559 - 570 Mechanisms of shale gas adsorption: Evidence from thermodynamics and kinetics study of methane adsorption on shale
Chen L, Zuo L, Jiang ZX, Jiang S, Liu KY, Tang JQ, Zhang LC
571 - 577 Covalently linked organo-sulfonic acid modified titanate nanotube hybrid nanostructures for the catalytic esterification of levulinic acid with n-butyl alcohol
Zhou SL, Liu XX, Lai JH, Zheng M, Liu WZ, Xu Q, Yin DL
578 - 587 Reaction mechanism for NH3-SCR of NOx over CuMn2O4 catalyst
Yang YJ, Liu J, Liu F, Wang Z, Ding JY, Huang H
588 - 598 Thin-felt hollow-B-ZSM-5/SS-fiber catalyst for methanol-to-propylene: Toward remarkable stability improvement from mesoporosity-dependent diffusion enhancement
Ding J, Jia YS, Chen PJ, Zhao GF, Liu Y, Lu Y
599 - 608 Evaluation of electricity production from Fenton oxidation pretreated sludge using a two-chamber microbial fuel cell
Zhang XL, Miao XX, Li JD, Li ZQ
609 - 614 A new electrochemically-based process for the removal of perchloroethylene from gaseous effluents
Munoz-Morales M, Saez C, Canizares P, Rodrigo MA
615 - 624 Reduced graphene oxide/polyacrylamide composite hydrogel scaffold as biocompatible anode for microbial fuel cell
Chen JY, Xie P, Zhang ZP
625 - 634 A population balance model for the prediction of breakage of emulsion droplets in SMX plus static mixers
Lebaz N, Sheibat-Othman N
635 - 650 Recent progress of microfluidic reactors for biomedical applications
Shi HH, Nie KX, Dong B, Long MQ, Xu H, Liu ZC
651 - 659 Polyacrylamide modified molybdenum disulfide composites for efficient removal of graphene oxide from aqueous solutions
Wang J, Zhu MY, Chen ZS, Chen YT, Hayat T, Alsaedi A, Wang XK
660 - 670 Ti-MOF derived TixFe1-xOy shells boost Fe2O3 nanorod cores for enhanced photoelectrochemical water oxidation
Li CH, Huang CL, Chuah XF, Raja DS, Hsieh CT, Lu SY
671 - 679 Preparation of kasugamycin conjugation based on ZnO quantum dots for improving its effective utilization
Liang Y, Duan YH, Fan C, Dong HQ, Yang JL, Tang JY, Tang G, Wang WC, Jiang N, Cao YS
680 - 689 Utilization of ferric groundwater treatment residuals for inorganic-organic hybrid biosorbent preparation and its use for vanadium removal
Zhang RC, Leiviska T, Tanskanen J, Gao BY, Yue QY
690 - 702 3-D CFD-PBM coupled modeling and experimental investigation of struvite precipitation in a batch stirred reactor
Mousavi SE, Choudhury MR, Rahaman MS
703 - 712 Co3O4@PC derived from ZIF-67 as an efficient catalyst for the selective catalytic reduction of NOx with NH3 at low temperature
Bai YR, Dong JP, Hou YQ, Guo YP, Liu YJ, Li YL, Han XJ, Huang ZG
713 - 724 Novel sandwich-structured composite pellicle displays high and tuned electrically conductive anisotropy, magnetism and photoluminescence
Yang L, Ma QL, Xi X, Li D, Liu JY, Dong XT, Yu WS, Wang JX, Liu GX
725 - 735 Translucent packed bed structures for high throughput photocatalytic reactors
Claes T, Dilissen A, Leblebici ME, Van Gerven T
736 - 750 Synthesis of novel regenerable 13X zeolite-polyimide adsorbent foams
Ramya G, Crittenden B, Smith M, Camus O, Chew YMJ, Perera S
751 - 763 Phosphorus adsorption in Fe-loaded activated carbon: Two-site monolayer equilibrium model and phenomenological kinetic description
Braun JCA, Borba CE, Godinho M, Perondi D, Schontag JM, Wenzel BM
764 - 772 Hydroxylamine enhanced degradation of naproxen in Cu2+ activated peroxymonosulfate system at acidic condition: Efficiency, mechanisms and pathway
Chi HZ, He X, Zhang JQ, Wang D, Zhai XD, Ma J
773 - 782 Direct white emissive Cl-doped graphene quantum dots-based flexible film as a single luminophore for remote tunable UV-WLEDs
Wang XF, Wang GG, Li JB, Liu Z, Chen YX, Liu LF, Han JC
783 - 791 Solution-processable thermally conductive polymer composite adhesives of benzyl-alcohol-modified boron nitride two-dimensional nanoplates
Jung DW, Kim JM, Yoon HW, Nam KM, Kwon YE, Jeong S, Baek YH, Choi YS, Chang SJ, Yi GR, Cho JY, Lee G
792 - 804 Self-healing performance and corrosion resistance of graphene oxide-mesoporous silicon layer-nanosphere structure coating under marine alternating hydrostatic pressure
Wang W, Wang HL, Zhao J, Wang X, Xiong CS, Song LY, Ding R, Han P, Li WH
805 - 811 Closing the balance by the CLOBAL procedure: Towards more accurate concentration, conversion and selectivity values
Heynderickx PM
812 - 819 UV photolysis of tetrachloro-p-benzoquinone (TCBQ) in aqueous solution: Mechanistic insight from quantum chemical calculations
Gu J, Yang L, Jiang J, Ma J, Song Y, Song H, Tian WQ
820 - 829 SO2 promoted in situ recovery of thermally deactivated Fe-2(SO4)(3)/TiO2 NH3-SCR catalysts: From experimental work to theoretical study
Yu YK, Chen CW, Ma MD, Douthwaite M, He C, Miao JF, Chen JS, Li C
830 - 838 Promotional effect of SO2 on Cr2O3 catalysts for the marine NH3-SCR reaction
Guo MY, Liu QL, Zhao PP, Han JF, Li X, Ha Y, Fu ZC, Song CF, Ji N, Liu CX, Ma DG, Li ZG
839 - 852 Evaluation of torrefied poplar-biomass as a low-cost sorbent for lead and terbium removal from aqueous solutions and energy co-generation
Demey H, Melkior T, Chatroux A, Attar K, Thiery S, Miller H, Grateau M, Sastre AM, Marchand M
853 - 861 A BiVO4 film photoanode with re-annealing treatment and 2D thin Ti3C2TX flakes decoration for enhanced photoelectrochemical water oxidation
Yan DJ, Fu XC, Shang ZC, Liu JK, Luo HA
862 - 873 Utilizing discarded SiC heating rod to fabricate SiC/Sb-SnO2 anode for electrochemical oxidation of wastewater
Zhang XL, Shao D, Lyu W, Tan GQ, Ren HJ
874 - 884 Numerical simulation of selective catalytic reduction of NO and SO2 oxidation in monolith catalyst
Zheng CH, Xiao LF, Qu RY, Liu SJ, Xin Q, Ji PD, Song H, Wu WH, Gao X
885 - 896 Absorption and photocatalytic degradation of VOCs by perfluorinated ionomeric coating with TiO2 nanopowders for air purification
Sansotera M, Kheyli SGM, Baggioli A, Bianchi CL, Pedeferri MP, Diamanti MV, Navarrini W
897 - 907 High-performance textile electrodes for wearable electronics obtained by an improved in situ polymerization method
Lv JC, Zhou PW, Zhang LP, Zhong Y, Sui XF, Wang BJ, Chen ZZ, Xu H, Mao ZP
908 - 918 Enhanced removal of emerging contaminants using persulfate activated by UV and pre-magnetized Fe-0
Pan YW, Zhang Y, Zhou MH, Cai JJ, Tian YS
919 - 928 Insight into CaO2-based Fenton and Fenton-like systems: Strategy for CaO2-based oxidation of organic contaminants
Xue YF, Sui Q, Brusseau ML, Zhou W, Qiu ZF, Lyu SG
929 - 936 Degradation of the flame retardant triphenyl phosphate by ferrous ion-activated hydrogen peroxide and persulfate: Kinetics, pathways, and mechanisms
Song QY, Feng YP, Liu GG, Lv WY
937 - 944 Sn-doped CsPbBr3 QDs glasses with excellent stability and optical properties for WLED
Liu SN, Shao GZ, Ding L, Liu JM, Xiang WD, Liang XJ
945 - 952 Fabrication of porous carbons from mesitylene for highly efficient CO2 capture: A rational choice improving the carbon loop
Qi SC, Liu Y, Peng AZ, Xue DM, Liu X, Liu XQ, Sun LB
953 - 959 CrPd nanoparticles on NH2-functionalized metal-organic framework as a synergistic catalyst for efficient hydrogen evolution from formic acid
Gao DW, Wang ZL, Wang C, Wang LY, Chi Y, Wang MG, Zhang JJ, Wu C, Gu Y, Wang HL, Zhao ZK
960 - 967 Quantum chemical investigations of the decomposition of the peroxydisulfate ion to sulfate radicals
Zhang R, Wang XX, Zhou L, Crump D
968 - 974 The efficiency and mechanism in a novel electro-Fenton process assisted by anodic photocatalysis on advanced treatment of coal gasification wastewater
Xu P, Xu H, Zheng DY
975 - 981 Simple fabrication method of flexible and translucent high-aspect ratio superhydrophobic polymer tube using a repeatable replication and nondestructive detachment process
Kim S, Cho H, Hwang W
982 - 989 Bioremediation of wastewater from automobile service station in anoxicaerobic sequential reactors and microbial analysis
Mallick SK, Chakraborty S
990 - 998 Fixed-bed reactor scale-up and modelling for Cr(VI) removal using nano iron-based coated biomass as packing material
Vilardi G, Rodriguez-Rodriguez J, Ochando-Pulido JM, Di Palma L, Verdone N
999 - 1006 Fabrication of bilayered attapulgite for solar steam generation with high conversion efficiency
Jia J, Liang WD, Sun HX, Zhu ZQ, Wang CJ, Li A
1007 - 1018 Modeling and simulation of the efficient separation of methane/nitrogen mixtures with [Ni-3(HCOO)(6)] MOF by PSA
Mate VIA, Dobladez JAD, Alvarez-Torrellas S, Larriba M, Rodriguez AM
1019 - 1029 Enhanced anaerobic biodegradation efficiency and mechanism of quinoline, pyridine, and indole in coal gasification wastewater
Shi JX, Xu CY, Han YX, Han HJ
1030 - 1042 Cobalt-doped zinc manganese oxide porous nanocubes with controlled morphology as positive electrode for hybrid supercapacitors
Hussain SK, Yu JS
1043 - 1052 High sulfur loading, rGO-linked and polymer binder-free cathodes based on rGO wrapped N,P-codoped mesoporous carbon as sulfur host for Li-S batteries
Zhao QN, Zhao KQ, Ji GP, Guo XL, Han M, Wen J, Ren ZL, Zhao SC, Gao Z, Wang RH, Li M, Sun KA, Hu N, Xu CH
1053 - 1062 Degradation of tetracycline by medium pressure UV-activated peroxymonosulfate process: Influencing factors, degradation pathways, and toxicity evaluation
Ao XW, Sun WJ, Li SM, Yang C, Li C, Lu ZD
1063 - 1077 Utilization of multi-metal laden spent biosorbent for removal of glyphosate herbicide from aqueous solution and its mechanism elucidation
Ramrakhiani L, Ghosh S, Mandal AK, Majumdar S
1078 - 1088 Precipitation of calcium sulfate dihydrate in the presence of fulvic acid and magnesium ion
Xu YD, Liao YX, Lin ZL, Lin J, Li QW, Lin JY, Jin ZX
1089 - 1097 Efficient near-infrared photocatalysts based on NaYF4:Yb3+,Tm3+@ NaYF4:Yb3+, Nd3+@TiO2 core@shell nanoparticles
Huang HN, Li HL, Wang ZY, Wang P, Zheng ZK, Liu YY, Dai Y, Li YJ, Huang BB
1098 - 1109 Diglycolamide-grafted Fe3O4/polydopamine nanomaterial as a novel magnetic adsorbent for preconcentration of rare earth elements in water samples prior to inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry determination
Li FK, Gong AJ, Qiu LN, Zhang WW, Li JR, Liu Z
1110 - 1120 Graphene loaded with nano-Cu as a highly efficient foam interface material with excellent properties of thermal-electronic conduction, anti-permeation and electromagnetic interference shielding
Ye XZ, Hu J, Li B, Hong M, Zhang YF
1121 - 1141 Catalytic decomposition of sulfamethazine antibiotic and pharmaceutical wastewater using Cu- TiO2@ functionalized SWCNT ternary porous nanocomposite: Influential factors, mechanism, and pathway studies
Payan A, Isari AA, Gholizade N
1142 - 1151 Strategies for scaling-up packed-bed bioreactors for solid-state fermentation: The case of cellulolytic enzymes production by a thermophilic fungus
Perez CL, Casciatori FP, Thomeo JC
1152 - 1160 Degradation of fermentation inhibitors from lignocellulosic hydrolysate liquor using immobilized bacterium, Bordetella sp. BTIITR
Singh B, Kumar P, Yadav A, Datta S
1161 - 1172 Performance and mechanism comparison of manganese oxides at different valence states for catalytic oxidation of NO
Wang H, Chen H, Wang Y, Lyu YK
1173 - 1181 Novel p-n heterojunction photocatalyst fabricated by flower-like BiVO4 and Ag2S nanoparticles: Simple synthesis and excellent photocatalytic performance
Zhao W, Tu XY, Wang XM, Dai BL, Zhang LL, Xu JM, Feng Y, Sheng N, Zhu FX
1182 - 1189 Magnetic and dispersible FeCoNi-graphene film produced without heat treatment for electromagnetic wave absorption
Kim T, Lee J, Lee K, Park B, Jung BM, Lee SB
1190 - 1197 Bisulfite-induced drastic enhancement of bisphenol A degradation in Fe3+-H2O2 Fenton system
Chen MT, Zhang ZM, Zhu LH, Wang N, Tang HQ
1198 - 1206 Improved organic pollutants removal and simultaneous electricity production via integrating Fenton process and dual rotating disk photocatalytic fuel cell system using bamboo charcoal cathode
Zhang J, Li LW, Zheng JL, Yang PL, Wu XH, Cheng CX, Li J, Tian YJ, Wang F
1207 - 1214 In-situ power generation and nutrients recovery from waste activated sludge - Long-term performance and system optimization
Wu D, Sun FQ, Chua FJD, Lu D, Stuckey DC, Zhou Y
1215 - 1224 Getting insight into the oxidation of SO2 to SO3 over V2O5-WO3/TiO2 catalysts: Reaction mechanism and effects of NO and NH3
Qing MX, Su S, Wang LL, Liu LJ, Xu K, He LM, Jun X, Hu S, Wang Y, Xiang J
1225 - 1234 Engineering nanohaired 3D cobalt hydroxide wheels in electrospun carbon nanofibers for high-performance supercapacitors
Mukhiya T, Dahal B, Ojha GP, Kang D, Kim T, Chae SH, Muthurasu A, Kim HY
1235 - 1244 Hybrid supercapacitors based on metal organic frameworks using p-phenylenediamine building block
Kannangara YY, Rathnayake UA, Song JK
1245 - 1254 Polyurethane foams with functionalized graphene towards high fire-resistance, low smoke release, superior thermal insulation
Cao ZJ, Liao W, Wang SX, Zhao HB, Wang YZ
1255 - 1263 Efficient decontamination of multi-component wastewater by hydrophilic electrospun PAN/AgBr/Ag fibrous membrane
Qayum A, Wei J, Li QN, Chen DR, Jiao XL, Xia YG
1264 - 1284 A new methane hydrate decomposition model considering intrinsic kinetics and mass transfer
Song SF, Shi BH, Yu WC, Ding L, Chen YC, Yu YF, Ruan CY, Liu Y, Wang W, Gong J
1285 - 1295 Modeling of the molybdenum loss in iron molybdate catalyst pellets for selective oxidation of methanol to formaldehyde
Raun KV, Johannessen J, McCormack K, Appel CC, Baier S, Thorhauge M, Hoj M, Jensen AD
1296 - 1303 Rationally assembled porous carbon superstructures for advanced supercapacitors
Gu BN, Su H, Chu X, Wang Q, Huang HC, He JQ, Wu TJ, Deng WL, Zhang HT, Yang WQ
1304 - 1316 Sulfur-doped copper-cobalt bimetallic oxides with abundant Cu(I): A novel peroxymonosulfate activator for chloramphenicol degradation
Chen C, Liu L, Guo J, Zhou LX, Lan YQ
1317 - 1332 Improving the degradation of atrazine in the three-dimensional (3D) electrochemical process using CuFe2O4 as both particle electrode and catalyst for persulfate activation
Li J, Yan JF, Yao G, Zhang YH, Li X, Lai B
1333 - 1344 Degradation of diatrizoate in water by Fe(II)-activated persulfate oxidation
Shang WT, Dong ZJ, Li M, Song XL, Zhang M, Jiang CC, Sun FY
1345 - 1351 2D feather-shaped alumina slice as efficient Pd catalyst support for oxidation reaction of the low-concentration methane
Guo TY, Nie XR, Du JP, Li JP
1352 - 1362 Study the photocatalytic mechanism of the novel Ag/p-Ag2O/n-BiVO4 plasmonic photocatalyst for the simultaneous removal of BPA and chromium(VI)
Zhao W, Zhang J, Zhu FX, Mu FH, Zhang LL, Dai BL, Xu JM, Zhu AF, Sun C, Leung DYC
1363 - 1370 Decomposition of perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) using a hybrid process with electron beam and chemical oxidants
Kim TH, Lee SH, Kim HY, Doudrick K, Yu S, Kim SD
1371 - 1380 Li4Ti5O12 nanosheets assembled in tubular architecture for lithium storage
Liu Y, Yan XD, Xu BQ, Lan JL, Yu YH, Yang XP, Lin YH, Nan CW
1381 - 1391 Self-assembled mixed micelle loaded with natural pyrethrins as an intelligent nano-insecticide with a novel temperature-responsive release mode
Zhang YF, Chen W, Jing MM, Liu SZ, Feng JT, Wu H, Zhou YW, Zhang X, Ma ZQ
1392 - 1399 Lattice Boltzmann simulation of gas-solid heat transfer in random assemblies of spheres: The effect of solids volume fraction on the average Nusselt number for Re <= 100
Chen Y, Muller CR
1400 - 1410 Adsorption/catalytic combustion of toxic 1,2-dichloroethane on multifunctional Nb2O5-TiO2 composite metal oxides
Yang P, Li J, Bao LF, Zhou X, Zhang XW, Fan SK, Chen ZY, Zuo SF, Qi CZ
1411 - 1422 Interconnected superporous adsorbent prepared via yeast-based Pickering HIPEs for high-efficiency adsorption of Rb+, Cs+ and Sr2+
Lu TT, Zhu YF, Wang WB, Qi YX, Wang AQ
1423 - 1436 New insight into the cosolvent effect on the degradation of tetrabromobisphenol A (TBBPA) over millimeter-scale palladised sponge iron (Pd-s-Fe-0) particles
Huang Z, Deng DY, Qiao JQ, Ju YM, Chen YL, Dionysiou DD
1437 - 1450 A rapid heat pressing strategy to prepare fluffy reduced graphene oxide films with meso/macropores for high-performance supercapacitors
Ye XK, Zhu YC, Jiang HD, Wang LL, Zhao P, Yue ZY, Wan ZQ, Jia CY
1451 - 1461 Novel visible-light-driven direct Z-scheme CdS/CuInS2 nanoplates for excellent photocatalytic degradation performance and highly-efficient Cr (VI) reduction
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