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1 - 9 Pertechnetate (TcO4-) sequestration from groundwater by cost-effective organoclays and granular activated carbon under oxic environmental conditions
Li D, Seaman JC, Kaplan DI, Heald SM, Sun CJ
10 - 14 ZIF-67 as silver-bullet in adsorptive propane/propylene separation
Andres-Garcia E, Oar-Arteta L, Gascon J, Kapteijn F
15 - 23 Highly effective treatment of petrochemical wastewater by a super-sized industrial scale plant with expanded granular sludge bed bioreactor and aerobic activated sludge
Liang JW, Mai WN, Tang JF, Wei YJ
24 - 29 Transport of N-doped graphene in saturated porous media
Li DY, Li CL, Gao B, Li YC, Sun HM, Wang M
30 - 37 Ecotoxicity variation through parabens degradation by single and catalytic ozonation using volcanic rock
Gomes JF, Frasson D, Pereira JL, Goncalves FJM, Castro LM, Quinta-Ferreira RM, Martins RC
38 - 46 Supported ionic liquid-palladium catalyst for the highly effective hydrochlorination of acetylene
Zhao J, Yue YX, Sheng GF, Wang BL, Lai HX, Di SX, Zhai YY, Guo LL, Li XN
47 - 53 Co-production of high quality hydrogen and synthesis gas via sorption-enhanced steam reforming of glycerol coupled with methane reforming of carbonates
Dang CX, Wu SJ, Cao YH, Wang HJ, Peng F, Yu H
54 - 63 An efficient graphene supported copper salen catalyst for the activation of persulfate to remove chlorophenols in aqueous solution
Qian L, Liu P, Shao S, Wang MJ, Zhan X, Gao SX
64 - 74 A study on the reaction mechanism of non-oxidative methane coupling in a nanosecond pulsed discharge reactor using isotope analysis
Scapinello M, Delikonstantis E, Stefanidis GD
75 - 88 Photocatalytic properties of TiO2 and Fe-doped TiO2 prepared by metal organic framework-mediated synthesis
Valero-Romero MJ, Santaclara JG, Oar-Arteta L, van Koppen L, Osadchii DY, Gascon J, Kapteijn F
89 - 96 Porous materials for steady-state NO conversion: Comparisons of activated carbon fiber cloths, zeolites and metal-organic frameworks
Hu MM, Zhang ZQ, Atkinson JD, Rood MJ, Song LH, Zhang ZL
97 - 103 Secondary battery inspired NiO nanosheets with rich Ni(III) defects for enhancing persulfates activation in phenolic waste water degradation
Yue DT, Guo C, Yan X, Wang R, Fang MY, Wu YW, Qian XF, Zhao YX
104 - 114 Attapulgite-supported nano-Fe-0/peroxymonsulfate for quinclorac removal: Performance, mechanism and degradation pathway
Ding CX, Xiao SJ, Lin YJ, Yu P, Zhong ME, Yang LH, Wang H, Su L, Liao CJ, Zhou YY, Deng YC, Gong DX
115 - 123 Role of peroxymonosulfate on enhancing ozonation for micropollutant degradation: Performance evaluation, mechanism insight and kinetics study
Wu GY, Qin WL, Sun L, Yuan XJ, Xia DS
124 - 138 Valorisation of olive mill wastewater by phenolic compounds adsorption: Development and application of a procedure for adsorbent selection
Frascari D, Rubertelli G, Arous F, Ragini A, Bresciani L, Arzu A, Pinelli D
139 - 147 The novel P3-type layered Na0.65Mn0.75Ni0.25O2 oxides doped by non-metallic elements for high performance sodium-ion batteries
Wang Y, Wang XY, Li XL, Yu RZ, Chen MF, Tang K, Zhang XH
148 - 156 Novel method for regeneration/reactivation of spent dolomite-based sorbents from calcium looping cycles
Su YL, Han R, Gao JH, Wei SY, Sun F, Zhao GB
157 - 170 Activation of peroxymonosulfate by graphitized hierarchical porous biochar and MnFe2O4 magnetic nanoarchitecture for organic pollutants degradation: Structure dependence and mechanism
Fu HC, Ma SL, Zhao P, Xu SJ, Zhan SH
171 - 179 NiFe2O4 nanocubes anchored on reduced graphene oxide cryogel to achieve a 1.8 V flexible solid-state symmetric supercapacitor
Zhang X, Zhu MC, Ouyang T, Chen Y, Yan J, Zhu K, Ye K, Wang GL, Cheng K, Cao DX
180 - 189 Enhanced reduction of organic pollutants by Fe/Cu@Pd ternary metallic nanoparticles under aerobic conditions: Batch and membrane reactor studies
Xu CH, Pan XY, Fang LP, Li J, Li FB
190 - 199 Continuous synthesis of doped layered double hydroxides in a meso-scale flow reactor
Yaseneva P, An N, Finn M, Tidemann N, Jose N, Voutchkova-Kostal A, Lapkin A
200 - 211 Degradation of methylparaben using BiOI-hydrogel composites activated peroxymonosulfate under visible light irradiation
Hu YY, Li ZK, Yang JH, Zhu HJ
212 - 220 Biomass waste components significantly influence the removal of Cr(VI) using magnetic biochar derived from four types of feedstocks and steel pickling waste liquor
Yi YQ, Tu GQ, Zhao DY, Tsang PE, Fang ZQ
221 - 230 Synthesis of hollow core-shell CdS@TiO2/Ni2P photocatalyst for enhancing hydrogen evolution and degradation of MB
Wu KL, Wu PC, Zhu JF, Liu C, Dong XJ, Wu JN, Meng GH, Xu KB, Hou J, Liu ZY, Guo XH
231 - 242 Mechanically robust, ultrastretchable and thermal conducting composite hydrogel and its biomedical applications
Wang Y, Cao ZX, Wu JR, Ma CS, Qiu CB, Zhao YC, Shao F, Wang HN, Zheng J, Huang GS
243 - 249 Phase transition enabled durable anti-icing surfaces and its DIY design
Wang F, Ding WW, He JY, Zhang ZL
250 - 259 Selective preparation of biomass-derived porous carbon with controllable pore sizes toward highly efficient CO2 capture
Li JX, Michalkiewicz B, Min JK, Ma CD, Chen XC, Gong J, Mijowska E, Tang T
260 - 270 Enhanced chemical looping hydrogen production based on biomass ash-promoted iron ore oxygen carrier
Gu HM, Lang S, Song GH, Zhang SW, Niu MM, Liu WD, Shen LH
271 - 279 Cobalt-boron nanoparticles anchored on graphene as anode of lithium ion batteries
Wang D, Zhou JS, Li JK, Jiang XY, Wang YZ, Gao FM
280 - 288 Halloysite nanotubes sponges with skeletons made of electrospun nanofibers as innovative dye adsorbent and catalyst support
Xu T, Zheng F, Chen ZJ, Ding YC, Liang ZP, Liu YB, Zhu ZT, Fong H
289 - 298 Nanostructure-enhanced water interaction to increase the dual-mode MR contrast performance of gadolinium-doped iron oxide nanoclusters
Si YC, Zhang GL, Wang D, Zhang C, Yang C, Bai G, Qian JC, Chen QE, Zhang ZY, Wu ZY, Xu YS, Zou DH
299 - 312 Designing preferable functional materials based on the secondary reactions of the hierarchical tannic acid (TA)-aminopropyltriethoxysilane (APTES) coating
Wang ZX, Han MC, Zhang J, He F, Xu ZD, Ji SQ, Peng SQ, Li YX
313 - 324 Understanding the enhanced removal of Bi(III) using modified crystalline antimonic acids: creation of a transitional pyrochlore-type structure and the Sb(V)-Bi(III) interaction behaviors
Yu TN, Zhang HB, Cao HZ, Zheng GQ
325 - 333 The multi-mechanisms and interlayer configurations of metoprolol uptake on montmorillonite
Li ZH, Chang PH, Jiang WT, Jean JS
334 - 341 A highly stretchable, self-healing, recyclable and interfacial adhesion gel: Preparation, characterization and applications
Hu RF, Zhao J, Wang YH, Li ZX, Zheng JP
342 - 348 La(OH)(3) loaded magnetic mesoporous nanospheres with highly efficient phosphate removal properties and superior pH stability
Chen L, Li YZ, Sun YB, Chen Y, Qian JS
349 - 363 Integrating the plasmonic effect and p-n heterojunction into a novel Ag/Ag2O/PbBiO2Br photocatalyst: Broadened light absorption and accelerated charge separation co-mediated highly efficient visible/NIR light photocatalysis
Guo H, Niu CG, Huang DW, Tang N, Liang C, Zhang L, Wen XJ, Yang Y, Wang WJ, Zeng GM
364 - 384 Structure and functionality design of novel carbon and faradaic electrode materials for high-performance capacitive deionization
Han B, Cheng G, Wang YK, Wang XK
385 - 392 Self-assembly of basket-weave organic layer formed on defective inorganic surface
Al Zoubi W, Kamil MP, Yang HW, Ko YG
393 - 401 Lignin containing cellulose nanofibril application in pMDI wood adhesives for drastically improved gap-filling properties with robust bondline interfaces
Chen HY, Nair SS, Chauhan P, Yan N
402 - 414 Cell membrane adhesive n-hexadecyl choline phosphate as vaccine delivery systems for anticancer immunotherapy
Li S, Qu YC, Yu XF, Xue W, Liu ZH
415 - 422 Feasibility of using hollow double walled Mn2O3 nanocubes for hybrid Na-air battery
Parveen N, Khan Z, Ansari SA, Park S, Senthilkumar ST, Kim Y, Ko H, Cho MH
423 - 434 Thiol-modified magnetic polypyrrole nanocomposite: An effective adsorbent for the adsorption of silver ions from aqueous solution and subsequent water disinfection by silver-laden nanocomposite
Mahlangu T, Das R, Abia LK, Onyango M, Ray SS, Maity A
435 - 444 Microporous polyolefin strands as controlled-release devices for mosquito repellents
Mapossa AB, Sibanda MM, Sitoe A, Focke WW, Braack L, Ndonyane C, Mouatcho J, Smart J, Muaimbo H, Androsch R, Loots MT
445 - 451 Water-based polyurethane formulations for robust superhydrophobic fabrics
Huang SS, Liu GJ, Zhang KK, Hu H, Wang J, Miao L, Tabrizizadeh T
452 - 463 Quantifying kinetics of mineralization of carbon dioxide by olivine under moderate conditions
Wang F, Dreisinger D, Jarvis M, Hitchins T, Dyson D
464 - 472 Ultralight, thermal insulating, and high-temperature-resistant mullite-based nanofibrous aerogels
Liu RL, Dong X, Xie ST, Jia T, Xue YJ, Liu JC, Jing W, Guo AR
473 - 482 Ultrathin Bi4O5Br2 nanosheets for selective photocatalytic CO2 conversion into CO
Bai Y, Yang P, Wang L, Yang B, Xie HQ, Zhou Y, Ye LQ
483 - 493 Antibacterial, high-flux and 3D porous molecularly imprinted nanocomposite sponge membranes for cross-flow filtration of emodin from analogues
Lu J, Qin YY, Zhang Q, Yu C, Wu YL, Yan YS, Fan HG, Meng MJ, Li CX
494 - 500 Decomposition of volatile fatty acids using electron beam irradiation
Seo SH, Park JH, Kim K, Kim TH, Kim HW, Son YS
501 - 510 Step-feeding organic carbon enhances high-strength nitrate and ammonia removal via DEAMOX process
Du R, Cao SB, Li BK, Zhang HY, Li XY, Zhang Q, Peng YZ
511 - 518 Fabrication and characterization of amphiphilic magnetic water purification materials for efficient PPCPs removal
Yao ZJ, Jiao W, Shao FM, Song HO, Zhang HC, Zhou Q, Li AM
519 - 530 Fabrication and characterization of 3D-printed biocomposite scaffolds based on PCL and silanated silica particles for bone tissue regeneration
Jeon H, Lee M, Yun S, Kang D, Park KH, Choi S, Choi E, Jin S, Shim JH, Yun WS, Yoon BJ, Park J
531 - 541 Efficient remediation of 2,4-dichlorophenol from aqueous solution using beta-cyclodextrin-based submicron polymeric particles
Zhou LQ, Xu ZJ, Yi K, Huang QY, Chai KG, Tong ZF, Ji HB
542 - 552 In-situ construction of "octopus"-like nanostructure to achieve high performance epoxy thermosets
Heng ZG, Zhang XQ, Chen Y, Zou HW, Liang M
553 - 561 A comparative electrochemical investigation and an effective promotion towards electrochemical performance of MnCO3 aggregates
Tang YQ, Lu YC
562 - 568 Hydrodynamic control of droplet breakup, immobilization, and coalescence for a multiplex microfluidic static droplet array
Jeong HH, Lee B, Jin SH, Lee CS
569 - 576 Methane hydrates: Nucleation in microporous materials
Andres-Garcia E, Dikhtiarenko A, Fauth F, Silvestre-Albero J, Ramos-Fernandez EV, Gascon J, Corma A, Kapteijn F
577 - 590 Deep removal of sulfur and trace organic compounds from biogas to protect a catalytic methanation reactor
Calbry-Muzyka AS, Gantenbein A, Schneebeli J, Frei A, Knorpp AJ, Schildhauer TJ, Biollaz SMA
591 - 599 Bionic SiO2@Fc(COCH3)(2) core-shell nanostructure for enhancing the electrochromic properties of ferrocene
Hua CX, Xu HB, Hou S, Shang L, Dou SL, Zheng YC, Zhang PP, Gan Y, Zhao JP, Li Y
600 - 611 Insight into enhanced carbamazepine photodegradation over biochar-based magnetic photocatalyst Fe3O4/BiOBr/BC under visible LED light irradiation
Li S, Wang ZW, Zhao XT, Yang X, Liang GW, Xie XY
612 - 620 Hydroxylamine-assisted catalytic degradation of ciprofloxacin in ferrate/persulfate system
Li C, Lin H, Armutlulu A, Xie RZ, Zhang YL, Meng XY
621 - 630 Fabrication of agricultural waste supported UiO-66 nanoparticles with high utilization in phosphate removal from water
Qiu H, Ye MC, Zeng QQ, Li WL, Fortner J, Liu LL, Yang LY
631 - 644 Bimodal mesoporous hard carbons from stabilized resorcinol-formaldehyde resin and silica template with enhanced adsorption capacity
Fuentes-Quezada E, de la Llave E, Halac E, Jobbagy M, Viva FA, Bruno MM, Corti HR
645 - 653 Adsorption mechanisms of ibuprofen and naproxen to UiO-66 and UiO-66-NH2: Batch experiment and DFT calculation
Sun WL, Li HB, Li HM, Li S, Cao XQ
654 - 664 Mathematical modelling and experimental investigation of CO2 absorber recovery using an electro-acidification method
Jiang CX, Li SL, Zhang DY, Yang ZJ, Yu DB, Chen X, Wang YM, Xu TW
665 - 672 Photoenhanced oxidation of nC(60) in water: Exploring H2O2 and hydroxyl radical based reactions
Ou YN, Wu JW, Meyer JR, Foston M, Fortner JD, Li WL
673 - 679 Microwave-assisted liquid phase exfoliation of graphite fluoride into fluorographene
Lei F, Yang M, Jiang F, Zhang H, Zhang Z, Sun DZ
680 - 685 From two-dimensional to three-dimensional structures: A superior thermal-driven actuator with switchable deformation behavior
Song JA, Zhang Y
686 - 700 Comparing flow regime transition of magnetized fluidized bed with Geldart-B particles between magnetization- FIRST and -LAST operation modes
Zhu QH, Li HZ, Zhu QS, Huang QS
701 - 713 pi-Conjugated polyaniline-assisted flexible titania nanotubes with controlled surface morphology as regenerative medicine in nerve cell growth
Shrestha BK, Shrestha S, Baral ER, Lee JY, Kim BS, Park CH, Kim CS
714 - 720 Decomposition of benzene as a tar analogue in CO2 and H-2 carrier gases, using a non-thermal plasma
Saleem F, Zhang K, Harvey AP
721 - 727 Hydroxyl radicals and reactive chlorine species generation via E+-ozonation process and their contribution for concentrated leachate disposal
Wang H, Shen YW, Lou ZY, Zhu NW, Yuan HP, Liu CN
728 - 739 Valorization of steel slag towards a Fenton-like catalyst for the degradation of paraben by activated persulfate
Matthaiou V, Oulego P, Frontistis Z, Collado S, Hela D, Konstantinou IK, Diaz M, Mantzavinos D
740 - 749 A new industrial process of NaHCO3 and its crystallization kinetics by using the common ion effect of Na2CO3
Jiang SF, Zhang YD, Li ZB
750 - 761 Selective reduction of Cu2+ with simultaneous degradation of tetracycline by the dual channels ion imprinted POPD-CoFe2O4 heterojunction photocatalyst
He F, Lu ZY, Song MS, Liu XL, Tang H, Huo PW, Fan WQ, Dong HJ, Wu XY, Han S
762 - 777 Highly stretchable and durable strain sensor based on carbon nanotubes decorated thermoplastic polyurethane fibrous network with aligned wavelike structure
Ren MN, Zhou YJ, Wang Y, Zheng GQ, Dai K, Liu CT, Shen CY
778 - 787 Facile production of NaIO4-encapsulated nanoAl microsphere as green primary explosive and its thermodynamic research
Wan ZY, Cruz ATM, Li Y, Li YC, Ye YH, Zhu SG, Zhang L
788 - 796 Hydrophobicity and resistance against microorganisms of heat and chemically crosslinked poly(vinyl alcohol) nanofibrous membranes
Kumar A, Ryparova P, Hosseinpourpia R, Adamopoulos S, Prosek Z, Zigon J, Petric M
797 - 805 Whole conversion of microalgal biomass into biofuels through successive high-throughput fermentation
El-Dalatony MM, Salama E, Kurade MB, Kim KY, Govindwar SP, Kim JR, Kwon EE, Min B, Jang M, Oh SE, Chang SW, Jeon BH
806 - 816 Evaluating iopamidol degradation performance and potential dual-wavelength synergy by UV-LED irradiation and UV-LED/chlorine treatment
Gao ZC, Lin YL, Xu B, Xia Y, Hu CY, Cao TC, Zou XY, Gao NY
817 - 828 Flexible, durable and thermal conducting thiol-modified rGO-WPU/cotton fabric for robust electromagnetic interference shielding
Wang Y, Wang W, Xu R, Zhu MF, Yu D
829 - 837 Mechanically robust reduced graphene oxide/bacterial cellulose film obtained via biosynthesis for flexible supercapacitor
Guan FY, Chen SY, Sheng N, Chen Y, Yao JJ, Pei QB, Wang HP
838 - 847 Oxygen vacancy-rich ultrathin sulfur-doped bismuth oxybromide nanosheet as a highly efficient visible-light responsive photocatalyst for environmental remediation
Wang Q, Liu ZQ, Liu DM, Wang W, Zhao ZW, Cui FY, Li GB
848 - 860 Synthesis of magnetic CuO/MnFe2O4 nanocompisite and its high activity for degradation of levofloxacin by activation of persulfate
Ma QL, Zhang HX, Zhang XY, Li B, Guo RN, Cheng QF, Cheng XW
861 - 865 Blending high concentration of anaerobic digestion effluent and rainwater for cost-effective Chlorella vulgaris cultivation in the photobioreactor
Xie BH, Gong WJ, Tang XB, Bai LM, Guo YQ, Wang JL, Zhao J, Fan YH, Li GB, Liang H
866 - 878 Combination of CuS and g-C3N4 QDs on upconversion nanoparticles for targeted photothermal and photodynamic cancer therapy
Xu MS, Yang GX, Bi HT, Xu JT, Feng LL, Yang D, Sun QQ, Gai SL, He F, Dai YL, Zhong CN, Yang PP
879 - 889 A co-operative endeavor by nitrifying bacteria Nitrosomonas and Zirconium based metal organic framework to remove hexavalent chromium
Sathvika T, Balaji S, Chandra M, Soni A, Rajesh V, Rajesh N
890 - 899 Liquid fertilizer production by ammonia recovery from treated ammonia-rich regenerated streams using liquid-liquid membrane contactors
Vecino X, Reig M, Bhushan B, Gibert O, Valderrama C, Cortina JL
900 - 911 Novel flexible Mn-based carbon nanofiber films as interlayers for stable lithium-metal battery
Qin QQ, Deng NP, Wang LY, Zhang LT, Jia YR, Dai Z, Liu Y, Kang WM, Cheng BW
912 - 928 Endosulfan removal through bioremediation, photocatalytic degradation, adsorption and membrane separation processes
Mudhoo A, Bhatnagar A, Rantalankila M, Srivastava V, Sillanpaa M
929 - 940 Insight into the decomposition mechanism of C6F12O-CO2 gas mixture
Li Y, Zhang XX, Tian SS, Xiao S, Li YL, Chen DC
941 - 950 Adsorption and desorption of U(VI) on different-size graphene oxide
Liu X, Sun J, Xu XT, Alsaedi A, Hayat T, Li JX
951 - 963 Visible-light photocatalytic oxidation of gas-phase Hg-0 by colored TiO2 nanoparticle-sensitized Bi5O7I nanorods: Enhanced interfacial charge transfer based on heterojunction
Cheng HQ, Wu J, Tian FG, Liu QZ, Qi XM, Li QW, Pan WG, Li ZZ, Wei J
964 - 973 One-pot synthesis of monolithic Mn-Ce-Zr ternary mixed oxides catalyst for the catalytic combustion of chlorobenzene
Long GY, Chen MX, Li YJ, Ding JF, Sun RZ, Zhou YF, Huang XY, Han GR, Zhao WR
974 - 981 A robust hierarchical 3D Si/CNTs composite with void and carbon shell as Li-ion battery anodes
Zhang H, Zhang XF, Jin H, Zong P, Bai Y, Lian K, Xu H, Ma F
982 - 989 Dual-functional millisphere of anion-exchanger-supported nanoceria for synergistic As(III) removal with stoichiometric H2O2: Catalytic oxidation and sorption
Shan C, Dong H, Huang P, Hua M, Liu Y, Gao GD, Zhang WM, Lv L, Pan BC
990 - 1002 Synergetic removal of elemental mercury and NO over TiCe0.25Sn0.25Ox catalysts from flue gas: Performance and mechanism study
Yang B, Li Z, Huang Q, Chen MD, Xu LL, Shen YS, Zhu SM
1003 - 1010 Degradation kinetics of diatrizoate during UV photolysis and UV/chlorination
Hu CY, Hou YZ, Lin YL, Li AP, Deng YG
1011 - 1019 Isobutane adsorption with carrier gas recirculation at different relative humidities using activated carbon fiber cloth and electrothermal regeneration
Liu YX, Mallouk K, Emamipour H, Rood MJ, Liu XM, Yan ZF
1020 - 1029 Foldable uniform GeOx/ZnO/C composite nanofibers as a high-capacity anode material for flexible lithium ion batteries
He X, Hu Y, Chen RZ, Shen Z, Wu KS, Cheng ZL, Pan P
1030 - 1041 Fabrication of polylysine based antibacterial coating for catheters by facile electrostatic interaction
Yu H, Liu L, Li X, Zhou RT, Yan SJ, Li CS, Luan SF, Yin JH, Shi HC
1042 - 1050 Decarbonylation reaction of saturated and oxidized tar from pyrolysis of low aromaticity biomass boost reduction of hexavalent chromium
Shang H, Zhu XD, Shen MH, Luo JW, Zhou SJ, Li LJ, Shi Q, Zhou DM, Zhang SC, Chen JM, Ren ZJ
1051 - 1062 Enhancing solar disinfection of water in PET bottles by optimized in-situ formation of iron oxide films. From heterogeneous to homogeneous action modes with H2O2 vs. O-2 - Part 2: Direct use of (natural) iron oxides
Shekoohiyan S, Rtimi S, Moussavi G, Giannakis S, Pulgarin C
1063 - 1070 Core-shell Fe2N@amorphous carbon nanocomposite-filled 3D graphene framework: An additive-free anode material for lithium-ion batteries
Ding RR, Zhang JZ, Zhang J, Li ZH, Wang CY, Chen MM
1071 - 1081 Optimisation of modulation period of TiO2/Al reactive multilayer films for laser-driven flyer plates
Guo W, Wu LZ, Meng NX, Chen YR, Ma ZP, Zhou X, Zhang W, Shen RQ, Ye YH
1082 - 1091 Hydrothermal process reduced Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1-driven bioleaching of heavy metals in a novel aerated concrete synthesized using municipal solid waste incineration bottom ash
Biswal BK, Chen ZT, Yang EH
1092 - 1100 Abatement of ozone-recalcitrant micropollutants during municipal wastewater ozonation: Kinetic modelling and surrogate-based control strategies
Cruz-Alcalde A, Esplugas S, Sans C
1101 - 1110 Synergistic impact of humic acid on the photo-reductive decomposition of perfluorooctanoic acid
Guo CX, Zhang CJ, Sun ZY, Zhao XY, Zhou Q, Hoffmann MR
1111 - 1118 Synergy effect of E-peroxone process in the degradation of structurally diverse pharmaceuticals: A QSAR analysis
Li X, Wang B, Wang YJ, Li K, Yu G
1119 - 1127 Highly efficient removal of enrofloxacin by magnetic montmorillonite via adsorption and persulfate oxidation
Peng GL, Li T, Ai BX, Yang SG, Fu JW, He Q, Yu G, Deng S
1128 - 1136 Efficient removal of phosphate by a millimeter-sized nanocomposite of titanium oxides encapsulated in positively charged polymer
Nie GZ, Wu LR, Du Y, Wang HL, Xu YH, Ding ZH, Liu ZY
1137 - 1149 Enhanced removal of ionic dyes by hierarchical organic three-dimensional layered double hydroxide prepared via soft-template synthesis with mechanism study
Zhang P, Ouyang SD, Li P, Huang Y, Frost RL
1150 - 1157 Fast and high adsorption of Ni(II) on vermiculite-based nanoscale hydrated zirconium oxides
Liu DC, Deng SB, Vakili M, Du RJ, Tao LY, Sun JY, Wang B, Huang J, Wang YJ, Yu G
1158 - 1166 Lightweight and ultrathin TiO2-Ti3C2TX/graphene film with electromagnetic interference shielding
Xiang C, Guo RH, Lin SJ, Jiang SX, Lan JW, Wang C, Cui C, Xiao HY, Zhang Y
1167 - 1176 Valorization of calcium carbonate-based solid wastes for the treatment of hydrogen sulfide in a semi-continuous reactor
Martinez MG, Minh P, Nzihou A, Sharrock P
1177 - 1187 Numerical simulation of reactive mixing process in a stirred reactor with the DQMOM-IEM model
Duan XX, Feng X, Mao ZS, Yang C
1188 - 1198 All-solid-state Z-scheme Co9S8/graphitic carbon nitride photocatalysts for simultaneous reduction of Cr(VI) and oxidation of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid under simulated solar irradiation
Gu JY, Chen H, Jiang F, Wang X, Li L
1199 - 1212 Nitrogen-rich hierarchically porous polyaniline-based adsorbents for carbon dioxide (CO2) capture
Kutorglo EM, Hassouna F, Beltzung A, Kopecky D, Sedlarova I, Soos M
1213 - 1222 Cobalt doped g-C3N4 activation of peroxymonosulfate for monochlorophenols degradation
Xie M, Tang JC, Kong LS, Lu WH, Natarajan V, Zhu F, Zhan JH
1223 - 1232 Intensified redox co-conversion of As(III) and Cr(VI) with MIL-125(Ti)-derived COOH functionalized TiO2: Performance and mechanism
Gao KH, Chen JT, Liu ZM, Li YR, Wu YC, Zhao JY, Na P
1233 - 1240 High tap-density graphene cathode material for lithium-ion capacitors via a mass-scalable synthesis method
Zong J, Ni W, Xu H, Ding F, Wang TY, Feng W, Liu XJ
1241 - 1246 Bead nano-necklace spheres on 3D carbon nanotube scaffolds for high-performance electromagnetic-interference shielding
Wang HB, Li N, Wang W, Shi J, Xu ZW, Liu LS, Hu YL, Jing ML, Liu LY, Zhang XX
1247 - 1254 Comparative study of low-index {101}-TiO2, {001}-TiO2, {100}-TiO2 and high-index {201}-TiO2 on glyphosate adsorption and photo-degradation
Yang Y, Deng QZ, Zhang YL
1255 - 1261 PHA accumulation of a mixed microbial culture co-exists with ammonia partial nitritation
Fra-Vazquez A, Santorio S, Palmeiro-Sanchez T, del Rio AV, Mosquera-Corral A
1262 - 1276 Improved recyclability and selectivity of environment-friendly MFA-based heterojunction imprinted photocatalyst for secondary pollution free tetracycline orientation degradation
Lu ZY, Peng JY, Song MS, Liu Y, Liu XL, Huo PW, Dong HJ, Yuan SQ, Ma ZF, Han S
1277 - 1286 Cauliflower-like CuS/ZnS nanocomposites decorated g-C3N4 nanosheets as noble metal-free photocatalyst for superior photocatalytic water splitting
Rameshbabu R, Ravi P, Sathish M
1287 - 1300 Thermal performance of a 30 kW fluidized bed reactor for solar gasification: A CFD-DEM study
Bellan S, Kodama T, Matsubara K, Gokon N, Cho HS, Inoue K
1301 - 1309 In situ synthesis of core-shell structured Ge@NC hybrids as high performance anode material for lithium-ion batteries
Wang BR, Jin J, Wen ZY
1310 - 1319 Highly porous carbon nanofoams synthesized from gas-phase plasma for symmetric supercapacitors
Zhang TF, Xia QX, Wan ZX, Yun JM, Wang QM, Kim KH
1320 - 1329 Surprise in the phosphate modification of BiOCl with oxygen vacancy: In situ construction of hierarchical Z-scheme BiOCl-OV-BiPO4 photocatalyst for the degradation of carbamazepine
Gao XY, Tang GB, Peng W, Guo Q, Luo YM
1330 - 1340 Air-gap membrane distillation as a one-step process for textile wastewater treatment
Leaper S, Abdel-Karim A, Gad-Allah TA, Gorgojo P
1341 - 1354 Applicability of pulsed corona discharge treatment for the degradation of chloroform
Jose J, Ramanujam S, Philip L
1355 - 1362 center dot OH mineralization of norfloxacin in the process of algae bloom water treatment in a drinking water treatment system of 12,000m(3) per day
Yu YX, Yao L, Bai MD, Ji Z, Li J, Huang XD
1363 - 1370 Heterogeneously catalyzed binary oxidants system with magnetic fly ash for the degradation of bisphenol A
Xu XM, Zong SY, Chen WM, Liu D
1371 - 1389 Suspension flow behavior and particle residence time distribution in helical tube devices
Hohmann L, Schmalenberg M, Prasanna M, Matuschek M, Kockmann N
1390 - 1406 gamma-Radiolysis as a highly efficient green approach to the synthesis of metal nanoclusters: A review of mechanisms and applications
Ghoreishian SM, Kang SM, Raju GSR, Norouzi M, Jang SC, Yun HJ, Lim ST, Han YK, Roh C, Huh YS
1407 - 1415 An integrated strategy towards the high-yield fabrication of soluble boron nitride nanosheets
E SF, Zhu ZZ, Xie LY, Li Z, Geng RJ, Li TT, Li CW, Lu WB, Yao YG
1416 - 1426 Assessment of VOC absorption in hydrophobic ionic liquids: Measurement of partition and diffusion coefficients and simulation of a packed column
Castillo ASR, Biard PF, Guiheneuf S, Paquin L, Amrane A, Couvert A
1427 - 1436 Flexible and conductive polyurethane composites for electromagnetic shielding and printable circuit
Xu YD, Yang YQ, Yan DX, Duan HJ, Zhao GZ, Liu YQ
1437 - 1446 Photocatalytic nanofiber-coated alumina hollow fiber membranes for highly efficient oilfield produced water treatment
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1509 - 1516 Synthesis of Sn-MnO@nitrogen-doped carbon yolk-shelled three-dimensional interconnected networks as a high-performance anode material for lithium-ion batteries
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1633 - 1645 Dental enamel-mimetic large-sized multi-scale ordered architecture built by a well controlled bottom-up strategy
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1646 - 1655 Highly efficient removal of aqueous Hg2+ and CH3Hg+ by selective modification of biochar with 3-mercaptopropyltrimethoxysilane
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