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1 - 12 Cerium-doped whitlockite nanohybrid scaffolds promote new bone regeneration via SMAD signaling pathway
Hu M, Xiao F, Ke QF, Li Y, Chen XD, Guo YP
13 - 31 Removal of nitrophenols and their derivatives by chemical redox: A review
Xiong ZK, Zhang H, Zhang WC, Lai B, Yao G
32 - 36 Hydrocarbon recovery using ultra-microporous fluorinated MOF platform with and without uncoordinated metal sites: I- structure properties relationships for C2H2/C2H4 and CO2/C2H2 separation
Belmabkhout Y, Zhang ZQ, Adil K, Bhatt PM, Cadiau A, Solovyeva V, Xing HB, Eddaoudi M
37 - 46 Reduction and oxidation kinetics of Tierga iron ore for Chemical Looping Combustion with diverse fuels
Mendiara T, Abad A, de Diego LF, Garcia-Labiano F, Gayan P, Adanez J
47 - 57 A polydopamine-modified reduced graphene oxide (RGO)/MOFs nanocomposite with fast rejection capacity for organic dye
Liu YC, Zhu M, Chen MY, Ma LL, Yang B, Li LL, Tu WW
58 - 68 Effective protect of oxygen vacancies in carbon layer coated black TiO2-x/CNNS hetero-junction photocatalyst
Liu C, Wu PC, Wu JN, Hou J, Bai HC, Liu ZY
69 - 78 Preparation of hierarchically porous carbon/magnetic particle composites with broad microwave absorption bandwidth
Huang T, Wu ZC, Yu Q, Tan DG, Li L
79 - 87 Cobalt silicate hydroxide nanosheets in hierarchical hollow architecture with maximized cobalt active site for catalytic oxidation
Shao PH, Tian JY, Duan XG, Yang Y, Shi WX, Luo XB, Cui FY, Luo SL, Wang SB
88 - 98 An investigation on the redox kinetics of NH3-SCR over a V/Mo/Ti catalyst: Evidence of a direct role of NO in the re-oxidation step
Beretta A, Lanza A, Lietti L, Clave SA, Collier J, Nash M
99 - 111 Novel fluidized-bed biofilm reactor for concomitant removal of microcystin-LR and organics
Kumar P, Hegde K, Brar SK, Cledon M, Kermanshahi-Pour A, Roy-Lachapelle A, Galvez-Cloutier R
112 - 118 An investigation of the role of pH in the rapid photocatalytic degradation of MCPA and its primary intermediate by low-power UV LED irradiation
Kelly J, Morrison G, Skillen N, Manesiotis P, Robertson PKJ
119 - 129 Robust three-dimensional g-C3N4@cellulose aerogel enhanced by cross-linked polyester fibers for simultaneous removal of hexavalent chromium and antibiotics
Chen SJ, Lu WY, Han JL, Zhong HT, Xu TF, Wang GQ, Chen WX
130 - 137 Adsorption and detection of organic pollutants by fixed bed carbon nanotube electrochemical membrane
Buffa A, Mandler D
138 - 148 Degradation of dimethyl phthalate by activating peroxymonosulfate using nanoscale zero valent tungsten: Mechanism and degradation pathway
Zhou P, Zhang J, Zhang GC, Li WS, Liu Y, Cheng X, Huo XW, Liu YX, Zhang YL
149 - 158 3D superhydrophobic sponge with a novel compression strategy for effective water-in-oil emulsion separation and its separation mechanism
Yang JB, Wang HC, Tao ZA, Liu XP, Wang ZW, Yue RR, Cui ZF
159 - 167 Characteristics of microplastic removal via coagulation and ultrafiltration during drinking water treatment
Ma BW, Xue WJ, Hu CZ, Liu HJ, Qu JH, Li LL
168 - 175 Advanced treatment of bio-treated dyeing and finishing wastewater using ozone-biological activated carbon: A study on the synergistic effects
Wang WL, Cai YZ, Hu HY, Chen J, Wang J, Xue G, Wu QY
176 - 185 Palladium ion-imprinted polymers with PHEMA polymer brushes: Role of grafting polymerization degree in anti-interference
Yu HY, Shao PH, Fang LL, Pei JJ, Ding L, Pavlostathis SG, Luo XB
186 - 196 Rational design of graphic carbon nitride copolymers by molecular doping for visible-light-driven degradation of aqueous sulfamethazine and hydrogen evolution
Zhou CY, Xu P, Lai C, Zhang C, Zeng GM, Huang DL, Cheng M, Hu L, Xiong WP, Wen XF, Qin L, Yuan JL, Wang WJ
197 - 207 Embedded PEDOT:PSS/AgNFs network flexible transparent electrode for solid-state supercapacitor
Singh SB, Kshetri T, Singh TI, Kim NH, Lee JH
208 - 216 Hydrogen-based syntrophy in an electrically conductive biofilm anode
Dhar BR, Park JH, Park HD, Lee HS
217 - 224 Enhancement of dewaterability and heavy metals solubilization of waste activated sludge conditioned by natural vanadium-titanium magnetite-activated peroxymonosulfate oxidation with rice husk
Liu CG
225 - 232 Preparation and characterization of tebuconazole metal-organic framework-based microcapsules with dual-microbicidal activity
Tang JY, Ding GL, Niu JF, Zhang WB, Tang G, Liang Y, Fan C, Dong HQ, Yang JL, Li JQ, Cao YS
233 - 243 Simultaneous removal of NOx and SO2 with H2O2 catalyzed by alkali/magnetism- modified fly ash: High efficiency, Low cost and Catalytic mechanism
Yang BC, Ma SX, Cui RJ, Sun SJ, Wang J, Li SC
244 - 253 Direct Z-scheme 2D/2D MnIn2S4/g-C3N4 architectures with highly efficient photocatalytic activities towards treatment of pharmaceutical wastewater and hydrogen evolution
Chen W, He ZC, Huang GB, Wu CL, Chen WF, Liu XH
254 - 264 In-situ fabrication of needle-shaped MIL-53(Fe) with 1T-MoS2 and study on its enhanced photocatalytic mechanism of ibuprofen
Liu N, Huang WY, Tang MQ, Yin CC, Gao B, Li ZM, Tang L, Lei JQ, Cui LF, Zhang XD
265 - 274 Polyethyleneimine and carbon disulfide co-modified alkaline lignin for removal of Pb2+ ions from water
Wang QR, Zheng CL, Shen ZX, Lu Q, He C, Zhang TC, Liu JH
275 - 284 Construction of bioinspired organic-inorganic hybrid composite by cellulose-induced interfacial gelation assisted with Pickering emulsion template
Zhao SJ, Wang Z, Kang HJ, Zhang W, Li JZ, Zhang SF, Li L, Huang AM
285 - 297 Fabrication and kinetic study of spherical MgO agglomerates via water-in-oil method for pre-combustion CO2 capture
Jin S, Ko KJ, Song YG, Lee K, Lee CH
298 - 304 Exploration and practice to improve the kinetic analysis of char-CO2 gasification via thermogravimetric analysis
Zhang Y, Geng P, Zheng Y
305 - 320 Hydrogenation and hydrodeoxygenation of aromatic lignin monomers over Cu/C, Ni/C, Pd/C, Pt/C, Rh/C and Ru/C catalysts: Mechanisms, reaction micro-kinetic modelling and quantitative structure-activity relationships
Bjelic A, Grilc M, Hus M, Likozar B
321 - 330 Removal of pharmaceuticals, toxicity and natural fluorescence through the ozonation of biologically-treated hospital wastewater, with further polishing via a suspended biofilm
Tang K, Spiliotopoulou A, Chhetri RK, Ooi GTH, Kaarsholm KMS, Sundmark K, Florian B, Kragelund C, Bester K, Andersen HR
331 - 343 Functionalizing graphene with titanate coupling agents as reinforcement for one-component waterborne poly(urethane-acrylate) anticorrosion coatings
Wang HH, He Y, Fei GQ, Wang CY, Shen YD, Zhu K, Sun LY, Rang NN, Guo DH, Wallace GG
344 - 353 Economical synthesis strategy of RHO zeolites with fine-tuned composition and porosity for enhanced trace CO2 capture
Ke QL, Sun TJ, Wei XL, Guo Y, Xu ST, Wang SD
354 - 362 Adsorption of diclofenac from aqueous solution using UiO-66-type metal-organic frameworks
Zhuang ST, Cheng R, Wang JL
363 - 372 Heavy metal adsorption with zeolites: The role of hierarchical pore architecture
Hong M, Yu LY, Wang YD, Zhang J, Chen ZW, Dong L, Zan QJ, Li RL
373 - 384 Rational design and synthesis of hollow Co3O4@Fe2O3 core-shell nanostructure for the catalytic degradation of norfloxacin by coupling with peroxymonosulfate
Chen LW, Zuo X, Yang SJ, Cai TM, Ding DH
385 - 392 Removal and immobilization of heavy metals in contaminated soils by chlorination and thermal treatment on an industrial-scale
Li JN, Hashimoto Y, Riya S, Terada A, Hou H, Shibagaki Y, Hosomi M
393 - 401 Surface interaction between metazeunerite and an indigenous microorganism Kocuria rosea: Implications for bioremediation of As-U tailings
Zhou L, Dong FQ, Li HL, Huo TT, Wang PP, Liu MX, Yang G, Zhang W, Hu WY, Nie XQ, He HC, Li BW, Frost RL
402 - 408 Coupling a photosynthetic microbial fuel cell (PMFC) with photobioreactors (PBRs) for pollutant removal and bioenergy recovery from anaerobically digested effluent
Yang ZG, Nie CL, Hou QJ, Zhang LJ, Zhang SS, Yu Z, Pei HY
409 - 418 Copper tungsten sulfide anchored on Ni-foam as a high-performance binder free negative electrode for asymmetric supercapacitor
Pazhamalai P, Krishnamoorthy K, Sahoo S, Mariappan VK, Kim SJ
419 - 427 Removal of NO in simulated flue with aqueous solution of peroxymonosulfate activated by high temperature and Fe(II)
Chen XJ, Hu XM, Gao Y
428 - 435 N-doped porous carbons from low-temperature and single-step sodium amide activation of carbonized water chestnut shell with excellent CO2 capture performance
Rao LL, Liu SF, Wang LL, Ma CD, Wu JY, An LY, Hu X
436 - 445 Rapid synthesis of a silsesquioxane-based disulfide-linked polymer for selective removal of cationic dyes from aqueous solutions
Liu HL, Sun RX, Feng SY, Wang DX, Liu HZ
446 - 458 Study of a toroidal-helical pipe as an innovative static mixer in laminar flows
Zhang CG, Ferrell AR, Nandakumar K
459 - 475 Functional nanocomposites from sustainable regenerated cellulose aerogels: A review
Wan CC, Jiao Y, Wei S, Zhang LY, Wu YQ, Li J
476 - 484 Carbon nanotube silica composite hollow fibers impregnated with polyethylenimine for CO2 capture
Keller L, Ohs B, Abduly L, Wessling M
485 - 495 A novel magnetically separable CoFe2O4/Cd0.9Zn0.1S photocatalyst with remarkably enhanced H2 evolution activity under visible light irradiation
Shao ZW, Zeng TT, He YN, Zhang DF, Pu XP
496 - 504 Pareto-optimal design and assessment of monolithic sponges as catalyst carriers for exothermic reactions
Kiewidt L, Thoming J
505 - 517 Evaluating the temperature dependence of heat-transfer based detection: A case study with caffeine and Molecularly Imprinted Polymers as synthetic receptors
Betlem K, Mahmood I, Seixas RD, Sadiki I, Raimbault RLD, Foster CW, Crapnell RD, Tedesco S, Banks CE, Gruber J, Peeters M
518 - 529 Acidity induced fast transformation of acetaminophen by different MnO2: Kinetics and pathways
Zhong C, Zhao H, Cao HB, Fu J, Xie YB, Sun Z
530 - 541 In situ synthesis of a cadmium sulfide/reduced graphene oxide/bismuth Z-scheme oxyiodide system for enhanced photocatalytic performance in chlorinated paraben degradation
Ma N, Chen AC, Bian ZY, Yang YJ, Wang H
542 - 551 Influence of water vapor on cyclic CO2 capture performance in both carbonation and decarbonation stages for Ca-Al mixed oxide
Guo HX, Yan SL, Zhao YJ, Ma XB, Wang SP
552 - 563 Significance of B-site cobalt on bisphenol A degradation by MOFs-templated CoxFe3-xO4 catalysts and its severe attenuation by excessive cobalt-rich phase
Yang SJ, Guo XY, Wang ZR, Dzakpasu M, Dai XF, Ding DH, Wu K, Huang Y, Zhang QH, Jin PK, Wang XCC
564 - 571 Insight into pH dependent Cr(VI) removal with magnetic Fe3S4
Liu W, Jin LD, Xu J, Liu J, Li YY, Zhou PP, Wang CC, Dahlgren RA, Wang XD
572 - 583 High efficient removal of bisphenol A in a peroxymonosulfate/iron functionalized biochar system: Mechanistic elucidation and quantification of the contributors
Jiang SF, Ling LL, Chen WJ, Liu WJ, Li DC, Jiang H
584 - 593 Bio-templated fabrication of MnO nanoparticles in SiOC matrix with lithium storage properties
Huang H, Shi C, Fang RY, Xia Y, Liang C, Gan YP, Zhang J, Tao XY, Zhang WK
594 - 603 Activation of peroxymonosulfate by a novel EGCE@Fe3O4 nanocomposite: Free radical reactions and implication for the degradation of sulfadiazine
Tan CQ, Jian XC, Dong YJ, Lu X, Liu XY, Xiang HM, Cui XX, Deng J, Gao HY
604 - 625 CO2 capture by Li4SiO4 sorbents and their applications: Current developments and new trends
Hu YC, Liu WQ, Yang YD, Qu MY, Li HL
626 - 640 Highly fluorinated and hierarchical HNTs/SiO2 hybrid particles for substrate-independent superamphiphobic coatings
Wang KL, Liu XR, Tan Y, Zhang W, Zhang SF, Li JZ, Huang AM
641 - 651 Novel high-performance poly(benzoxazole-co-imide) resins with low dielectric constants and superior thermal stabilities derived from thermal rearrangement of ortho-hydroxy polyimide oligomers
Li XT, Liu T, Jiao YZ, Dong J, Gan F, Zhao X, Zhang QH
652 - 661 Ordered polypyrrole nanorings with near-infrared spectrum absorption and photothermal conversion performance
Qin G, Qiu J
662 - 671 Impact of nano zero valent iron on tetracycline degradation and microbial community succession during anaerobic digestion
Pan XF, Lv N, Li CX, Ning J, Wang T, Wang RM, Zhou MD, Zhu GF
672 - 683 Halloysite nanotubes coated 3D printed PLA pattern for guiding human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCs) orientation
Wu F, Zheng JQ, Li ZX, Liu MX
684 - 705 Mesoporous silica nanoparticles: Synthesis, pharmaceutical applications, biodistribution, and biosafety assessment
Farjadian F, Roointan A, Mohammadi-Samani S, Hosseini M
706 - 712 A study of ferric-carbon micro-electrolysis process to enhance nitrogen and phosphorus removal efficiency in subsurface flow constructed wetlands
Shen YH, Zhuang LL, Zhang J, Fan JL, Yang T, Sun S
713 - 722 Distributing sulfidized nanoscale zerovalent iron onto phosphorus-functionalized biochar for enhanced removal of antibiotic florfenicol
Xu J, Cao Z, Wang Y, Zhang YL, Gao XY, Ahmed MB, Zhang J, Yang Y, Zhou JL, Lowry GV
723 - 732 Mn-doped g-C3N4 composite to activate peroxymonosulfate for acetaminophen degradation: The role of superoxide anion and singlet oxygen
Fan JH, Qin HH, Jiang SM
733 - 745 Selective catalytic synthesis of glycerol monolaurate over silica gel-based sulfonic acid functionalized ionic liquid catalysts
Han XX, Zhu GQ, Ding YX, Miao YL, Wang KW, Zhang HJ, Wang YB, Liu SB
746 - 754 Auto-adjustment of structure and SnO2 content of SnO2/TiO2 microspheres for lithium-ion batteries
Jiang JH, Liu SN, Wang YY, Liu Y, Fan J, Lou XD, Wang XB, Zhang H, Yang L
755 - 764 Bioadsorption and microbe-mediated reduction of Sb(V) by a marine bacterium in the presence of sulfite/thiosulfate and the mechanism study
Zhang HK, Hu XK
765 - 774 Rational synthesis of ternary FeS@TiO2@C nanotubes as anode for superior Na-ion batteries
Xu XJ, Liu ZB, Ji SM, Wang ZS, Ni ZY, Lv YQ, Liu JW, Liu J
775 - 778 A novel discovery of a gaseous sH clathrate hydrate former
Kim E, Seo Y
779 - 789 Highly porous zirconium-crosslinked graphene oxide/alginate aerogel beads for enhanced phosphate removal
Shan SJ, Tang H, Zhao Y, Wang W, Cui FY
790 - 800 Water pollution indicators and chemometric expertise for the assessment of the impact of municipal solid waste landfills on groundwater located in their area
Kapelewska J, Kotowska U, Karpinska J, Astel A, Zielinski P, Suchta J, Algrzym K
801 - 809 Production of S-doped porous graphene via post-treatment with MgSO4 as sulphur source
Ma XL, Zhao L, Song XY, Zhao L, Yu ZQ, Xiao ZH, Wang XJ, Li SP, Cao YM, Ning GQ, Gao JS
810 - 812 Comment on "simultaneous and efficient removal of Cr(VI) and methyl orange on LDHs decorated porous carbons"
Tran HN
813 - 813 BiOBrxI1-x/BiOBr heterostructure engineering for efficient molecular oxygen activation (vol 365, pg 34, 2019)
Bai Y, Shi X, Wang PQ, Wnag L, Zhang K, Zhou Y, Xie HQ, Wang JA, Ye LQ
814 - 826 Neodymium embedded ordered mesoporous carbon (OMC) for enhanced adsorption of sunset yellow: Characterizations, adsorption study and adsorption mechanism
Ahmad ZU, Yao LG, Wang J, Gang DD, Islam F, Lian QY, Zappi ME
827 - 827 Development of macroporous Magneli phase Ti4O7 ceramic materials: As an efficient anode for mineralization of poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances (vol 354, pg 1058, 2018)
Lin H, Niu JF, Liang ST, Wang C, Wang YJ, Jin FY, Luo Q, Chiang SYD, Huang QG
828 - 839 Promoted peroxymonosulfate activation into singlet oxygen over perovskite for ofloxacin degradation by controlling the oxygen defect concentration
Gao PP, Tian XK, Nie YL, Yang C, Zhou ZX, Wang YX
840 - 851 Design and mechanism of action of multifunctional BPE's with high performance in the separation of hazardous metal ions from polluted water Part I: Chitosan-poly(N-vinylcaprolactam) and its derivatives
Garcia OGZ, Oropeza-Guzman MT, Monal WMA, Lopez-Maldonado EA
852 - 862 Graphene oxide-functionalized dual-scale channels architecture for high-throughput removal of organic pollutants from water
Tian J, Wei JF, Zhang H, Kong ZY, Zhu YW, Qin Z
863 - 873 Preparation of methyl acrylate from methyl acetate and methanol with mild catalysis of cobalt complex
Wang G, Li ZX, Li CS, Zhang SJ
874 - 881 Enhanced Cr(VI) removal in the synergy between the hydroxyl-functionalized ball-milled ZVI/Fe3O4 composite and Na(2)EDTA complexation
Wang CF, Wu YF, Qu TX, Liu SS, Pi YQ, Shen JY
882 - 893 Biomass-derived carbon and polypyrrole addition on SiC whiskers for enhancement of electromagnetic wave absorption
Dong S, Zhang XH, Hu PT, Zhang WZ, Han JC, Hu P
894 - 901 Ultrafine palladium nanoparticles supported on 3D self-supported Ni foam for cathodic dechlorination of florfenicol
Yang LM, Chen ZL, Cui D, Luo XB, Liang B, Yang LX, Liu T, Wang AJ, Luo SL
902 - 913 Periclase-induced generation of flowerlike clay-based layered double hydroxides: A highly efficient phosphate scavenger and solid-phase fertilizer
Kong LC, Tian Y, Wang Y, Li N, Liu Y, Pang Z, Huang XH, Li M, Zhang J, Zuo W
914 - 923 gamma-FeOOH graphene polyacrylamide carbonized aerogel as air-cathode in electro-Fenton process for enhanced degradation of sulfamethoxazole
Wang YZ, Zhang HM, Li BK, Yu MC, Zhao R, Xu XT, Cai L
924 - 932 A new photocatalyst based on Co(CO3)(0.5)(OH)center dot 0.11H(2)O/Bi2WO6 nanocomposites for high-efficiency cocatalyst-free O-2 evolution
He B, Liu HH, Lin Z, Yan L, Ning JQ, Zhong YJ, Zheng CC, Zhang ZY, Hu Y
933 - 943 Enhanced persulfate-mediated photocatalytic oxidation of bisphenol A using bioelectricity and a g-C3N4/Fe2O3 heterojunction
Yan SD, Shi Y, Tao YF, Zhang H
944 - 954 Interaction mechanism between different facet TiO2 and U(VI): Experimental and density-functional theory investigation
Chen K, Chen CL, Ren XM, Alsaedi A, Hayat T
955 - 962 Preparation, ignition, and combustion of magnesium-calcium iodate reactive nano-composite powders
Liu XH, Schoenitz M, Dreizin EL
963 - 975 Synthesis and application of stable, reusable TiO2 polymeric composites for photocatalytic removal of metronidazole: Removal kinetics and density functional analysis
Neghi N, Kumar M, Burkhalov D
976 - 981 Impact of synthesis conditions on Pb(II) removal efficiency from aqueous solution by green tea extract reduced graphene oxide
Weng XL, Wu J, Ma L, Owens G, Chen ZL
982 - 993 Can graphene oxide improve the performance of biocatalytic membrane?
Zhang H, Luo JQ, Li SS, Woodley JM, Wan YH
994 - 1005 Nanofiltration membranes consisting of quaternized polyelectrolyte complex nanoparticles for heavy metal removal
Ye CC, An QF, Wu JK, Zhao FY, Zheng PY, Wang NX
1006 - 1012 The concentration profile of two-solid beds after slow defluidization: Model and experiment
Girimonte R, Formisani B, Vivacqua V
1013 - 1023 Dynamic characterizations of gas-solid flow in a novel multistage fluidized bed via nonlinear analyses
Wu GP, He Y, Luo L, Chen W
1024 - 1034 Fluidization dynamics of cohesive Geldart B particles. Part I: X-ray tomography analysis
Ma JL, van Ommen JR, Liu DY, Mudde RF, Chen XP, Wagner EC, Liang C
1035 - 1045 Dynamic optimization of a two-stage emulsion polymerization to obtain desired particle morphologies
Faust JMM, Hamzehlou S, Leiza JR, Asua JM, Mhamdi A, Mitsos A
1046 - 1055 Insights into enhanced removal of TCE utilizing sulfide-modified nanoscale zero-valent iron activated persulfate
Dong HR, Hou KJ, Qiao WW, Cheng YJ, Zhang LH, Wang B, Li L, Wang YY, Ning Q, Zeng GM
1056 - 1064 Photodegradation of polychlorinated diphenyl sulfides mediated by reactive oxygen species on silica gel
Ge JL, Wang XH, Li CG, Wang SY, Wang LH, Qu RJ, Wang ZY
1065 - 1074 A novel microbe consortium, nano-visible light photocatalyst and microcapsule system to degrade PAHs
Wang C, Li YZ, Tan H, Zhang AK, Xie YL, Wu B, Xu H
1075 - 1085 Photo-electrochemical oxidation of hypophosphite and phosphorous recovery by UV/Fe2+/peroxydisulfate with electrochemical process
Tian SC, Zhang ZH
1086 - 1096 Degradation kinetic of phthalate esters and the formation of brominated byproducts in heat-activated persulfate system
Wang ZY, Shao YS, Gao NY, Lu X, An N
1097 - 1110 Efficient degradation of sulfamethoxazole by the CuO@Al2O3 (EPC) coupled PMS system: Optimization, degradation pathways and toxicity evaluation
Yan JF, Li J, Peng JL, Zhang H, Zhang YH, Lai B
1111 - 1119 Curcumin-releasing chitosan/aloe membrane for skin regeneration
Liu XC, You LJ, Tarafder S, Zou L, Fang ZX, Chen JD, Lee CH, Zhang QQ
1120 - 1129 Gadolinium phosphate/chitosan scaffolds promote new bone regeneration via Smad/Runx2 pathway
Zhao PP, Hu HR, Liu JY, Ke QF, Peng XY, Ding H, Guo YP
1130 - 1138 Interaction between NO and SO2 removal processes in a pulsed corona discharge plasma (PCDP) reactor and the mechanism
Hong L, Chen DZ, Yang M, Yin LJ, Wang D, Wang LF
1139 - 1149 Combined microbial desalination and chemical-production cell with Fenton process for treatment of electroplating wastewater nanofiltration concentrate
Lan J, Ren YX, Lu YB, Liu GL, Luo HP, Zhang RD
1150 - 1158 Enhancement of the quinoline separation from pyridine: Study on competitive adsorption kinetics in foam fractionation with salt
Huang D, Wang C, Yin H, Zhang SY, Qin SJ, Liu W, Wu ZL, Li ZQ, Yang CY
1159 - 1165 Chitosan-derived mesoporous carbon with ultrahigh pore volume for amine impregnation and highly efficient CO2 capture
Peng HL, Zhang JB, Zhang JY, Zhong FY, Wu PK, Huang K, Fan JP, Liu FJ
1166 - 1174 A novel layered double hydroxide coupled with zero valent iron system for selenate removal under anaerobic condition: Batch and continuous studies
Xu L, Huang YH
1175 - 1194 Extensive studies on the treatment of pulp mill wastewater using aerobic granular sludge (AGS) technology
Vashi H, Iorhemen OT, Tay JH
1195 - 1204 Selective reduction of nitrate to nitrogen gas by novel Cu2O-Cu-0@Fe-0 composite combined with HCOOH under UV radiation
Zhang DF, Wang BQ, Gong XB, Yang Z, Liu Y
1205 - 1214 Improved photocatalytic reduction of Cr(VI) by molybdenum disulfide modified with conjugated polyvinyl alcohol
Wang K, Chen PP, Nie WY, Xu Y, Zhou YF
1215 - 1223 New insights into the formation and transformation of active species in nZVI/BC activated persulfate in alkaline solutions
Luo HY, Lin QT, Zhang XF, Huang ZF, Liu SS, Jiang JR, Xiao RB, Liao XY
1224 - 1233 E-coli-MS2 bacteriophage interactions during solar disinfection of wastewater and the subsequent post-irradiation period
Voumard M, Giannakis S, Carratala A, Pulgarin C
1234 - 1243 Polysaccharide assisted microencapsulation for volatile phase change materials with a fluorescent retention indicator
Zhang Y, Jiang Z, Zhang ZB, Ding YL, Yu QH, Li YL
1244 - 1251 Tin disulfide embedded in N-, S-doped carbon nanofibers as anode material for sodium-ion batteries
Xia J, Jiang KZ, Xie JJ, Guo SH, Liu L, Zhang Y, Nie S, Yuan YT, Yan HX, Wang XY
1252 - 1264 SiO2 microparticles with carbon nanotube-derived mesopores as an efficient support for enzyme immobilization
Kumar A, Park GD, Patel SKS, Kondaveeti S, Otari S, Anwar MZ, Kalia VC, Singh Y, Kim SC, Cho BK, Sohn JH, Kim DR, Kang YC, Lee JK
1265 - 1302 2D MXenes: Electromagnetic property for microwave absorption and electromagnetic interference shielding
Cao MS, Cai YZ, He P, Shu JC, Cao WQ, Yuan J
1303 - 1315 Antibiotic residues may stimulate or suppress methane yield and microbial activity during high-solid anaerobic digestion
Zhi SL, Zhang KQ
1316 - 1326 Efficient degradation of atrazine by Co-NZ catalyst prepared by electroless plating in the presence of peroxymonosulfate: Characterization, performance and mechanistic consideration
Ji FZ, Zhang H, Wei XX, Zhang YH, Lai B
1327 - 1338 Rapid and steady concentration gradient generation platform for an antimicrobial susceptibility test
Shi HH, Hou ZL, Zhao YL, Nie KX, Dong B, Chao LM, Shang SH, Long MQ, Liu ZC
1339 - 1351 Mechanism, ab initio calculations and microkinetics of straight-chain alcohol, ether, ester, aldehyde and carboxylic acid hydrodeoxygenation over Ni-Mo catalyst
Hocevar B, Grilc M, Hus M, Likozar B
1352 - 1359 Ultrafine 1D graphene interlayer in g-C3N4/graphene/recycled carbon fiber heterostructure for enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen generation
Liu XL, Xu S, Chi HB, Xu T, Guo YF, Yuan YP, Yang B
1360 - 1371 A green approach towards functional hydrogel particles from synthetic polymers via spherical capsule mini-reactors
Huang XL, Zhou DX, Wang YL, He C, Zhao WF, Sun SD, Zhao CS
1372 - 1378 Minimum fluidization velocity growth due to bed inventory increase in an Air Dense Medium Fluidized Bed
Fu ZJ, Zhu J, Barghi S, Zhao YM, Luo ZF, Duan CL
1379 - 1390 Assembly of graphene on Ag3PO4/AgI for effective degradation of carbamazepine under Visible-light irradiation: Mechanism and degradation pathways
Duan Y, Deng L, Shi Z, Zhu L, Li GC
1391 - 1399 Suppressing formation pathway of PCDD/Fs by S-N-containing compound in full-scale municipal solid waste incinerators
Chen ZL, Lin XQ, Lu SY, Li XD, Yan JH
1400 - 1410 Polyurethane films modified with polyaniline-zinc oxide nanocomposites for biofouling mitigation
Mooss VA, Hamza F, Zinjarde SS, Athawale AA
1411 - 1418 Initial dissolved oxygen-adjusted electrochemical generation of sulfate green rust for cadmium removal using a closed-atmosphere Fe-electrocoagulation system
Xu LQ, Xu XJ, Wu DL
1419 - 1426 Heterojunction engineering of MoSe2/MoS2 with electronic modulation towards synergetic hydrogen evolution reaction and supercapacitance performance
Li SZ, Zang WJ, Liu XM, Pennycook SJ, Kou ZK, Yang CH, Guan C, Wang J
1427 - 1435 Understanding the role of mediators in the efficiency of advanced oxidation processes using white-rot fungi
Vasiliadou IA, Molina R, Pariente MI, Christoforidis KC, Martinez F, Melero JA
1436 - 1441 Studies on morphology changes of copper sulfide nanoparticles in a continuous Couette-Taylor reactor
Tang ZM, Kim WS, Yu TK
1442 - 1452 Low-pressure electroneutral loose nanofiltration membranes with polyphenol-inspired coatings for effective dye/divalent salt separation
Zhang N, Jiang B, Zhang LH, Huang ZH, Sun YL, Zong Y, Zhang HM
1453 - 1462 Evolution of the polydispersity of ammonium polyphosphate in a reactive extrusion process: Polycondensation mechanism and kinetics
Yang JX, Kong XJ, Xu DH, Xie WJ, Wang XL
1463 - 1471 Insight into mechanism of arsanilic acid degradation in permanganate-sulfite system: Role of reactive species
Shi ZY, Jin C, Zhang J, Zhu L
1472 - 1485 Rational construction of novel rose petals-like yttrium molybdate nanosheets: A Janus catalyst for the detection and degradation of cardioselective beta-blocker agent acebutolol
Chen TW, Kumar JV, Chen SM, Mutharani B, Karthik R, Nagarajan ER, Muthuraj V
1486 - 1492 Separation of hydrogen sulfide from gas phase using Ce3+/Mn2+-enhanced fenton-like oxidation system
Wang Y, Liu YX, Xu JJ
1493 - 1501 Fluorescence resonance energy transfer based quantum dot-Aptasensor for the selective detection of microcystin-LR in eutrophic water
Lee EH, Son A
1502 - 1508 Degradation kinetics and pathway of 1H-benzotriazole during UV/chlorination process
Lee JE, Kim MK, Lee JY, Lee YM, Zoh KD
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1644 - 1651 Efficient removal of heavy metal ions based on the selective hydrophilic channels
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1659 - 1667 NiTe2/N-doped graphitic carbon nanosheets derived from Ni-hexamine coordination frameworks for Na-ion storage
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1668 - 1676 A cathode for Li-ion batteries made of vanadium oxide on vertically aligned carbon nanotube arrays/graphene foam
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