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1 - 10 Ion exchange homogeneous surface diffusion modelling by binary site resin for the removal of nickel ions from wastewater in fixed beds
Ma A, Abushaikha A, Allen SJ, McKay G
11 - 19 Single crystalline Bi2Ru2O7 pyrochlore oxide nanoparticles as efficient bifunctional oxygen electrocatalyst for hybrid Na-air batteries
Kim M, Ju H, Kim J
20 - 29 Nitrogen vacancies modified graphitic carbon nitride: Scalable and one-step fabrication with efficient visible-light-driven hydrogen evolution
Wu JJ, Li N, Fang HB, Li XT, Zheng YZ, Tao X
30 - 39 Encapsulating all-inorganic perovskite quantum dots into mesoporous metal organic frameworks with significantly enhanced stability for optoelectronic applications
Ren JJ, Li TR, Zhou XP, Dong X, Shorokhov AV, Semenov MB, Krevchik VD, Wang YH
40 - 47 Weak magnetic field accelerates chloroacetamide removal by zero-valent iron in drinking water
Chen SH, Wang FF, Chu W, Li X, Wei HB, Gao NY
48 - 57 Efficient mineralization of aqueous antibiotics by simultaneous catalytic ozonation and photocatalysis using MgMnO3 as a bifunctional catalyst
Lu J, Sun JX, Chen XX, Tian SH, Chen DS, He C, Xiong Y
58 - 66 A new strategy for triggering photocatalytic activity of Cytrochrome P450 by coupling of semiconductors
Jiang HL, Li XQ, Li ML, Niu PP, Wang T, Chen DZ, Chen PH, Zou JP
67 - 73 New lanthanide ternary complex system in electrospun nanofibers: Assembly, physico-chemical property and sensor application
Li XQ, Gu JP, Zhou Z, Ma LF, Tang YP, Gao JW, Wang QM
74 - 90 Construction of nanomaterials with targeting phototherapy properties to inhibit resistant bacteria and biofilm infections
Wang YQ, Jin YY, Chen W, Wang JJ, Chen H, Sun L, Li X, Ji J, Yu Q, Shen LY, Wang BL
91 - 100 CFD-DEM simulations of particulate fouling in microchannels
Trofa M, D'Avino G, Sicignano L, Tomaiuolo G, Greco F, Maffettone PL, Guido S
101 - 109 Self-assembly of alternating copolymer vesicles for the highly selective, sensitive and visual detection and quantification of aqueous Hg2+
Rasheed T, Li CL, Nabeel F, Huang W, Zhou YF
110 - 133 Design and application of heterogeneous catalysts as peroxydisulfate activator for organics removal: An overview
Oh WD, Lim TT
134 - 142 All-solid-state Z-scheme system of NiO/CDs/BiVO4 for visible light-driven efficient overall water splitting
Liu C, Fu YJ, Zhao J, Wang HB, Huang H, Li Y, Dou YJ, Shao MW, Kang ZH
143 - 152 Double affinity integrated MIPs nanoparticles for specific separation of glycoproteins: A combination of synergistic multiple bindings and imprinting effect
Wang P, Zhu HJ, Liu JX, Ma Y, Yao JT, Dai XH, Pan JM
153 - 159 A new efficient eco-friendly quaternary solid-solution nanoenergy material for photocatalytic hydrogen fuel production from H2S aqueous feed
Lashgari M, Ghanimati M
160 - 169 Effect of pore size distribution and particle size of porous metal oxides on phosphate adsorption capacity and kinetics
Kumar PS, Korving L, Keesman KJ, van Loosdrecht MCM, Witkamp GJ
170 - 175 Eco-friendly cross-linked polymeric dielectric material based on natural tannic acid
Shin E, Yoo J, Yoo G, Kim YJ, Kim YS
176 - 187 A comparative study of iron-based PAN fibrous catalysts for peroxymonosulfate activation in decomposing organic contaminants
Han ZB, Li JF, Han X, Ji XJ, Zhao XM
188 - 196 Microbial acclimatization to lipidic-waste facilitates the efficacy of acidogenic fermentation
Saha S, Jeon BH, Kurade MB, Chatterjee PK, Chang SW, Markkandan K, Salamad ES, Govindwar SP, Roh HS
197 - 210 A novel efficient hybrid algorithm for Monte Carlo simulation of controlled radical polymerization: The method integrating reactive and deactivated species
Sosnowski S, Szymanski R
211 - 224 Enhancing solar disinfection of water in PET bottles by optimized in-situ formation of iron oxide films. From heterogeneous to homogeneous action modes with H2O2 vs. O-2 - Part 1: Iron salts as oxide precursors
Shekoohiyan S, Rtimi S, Moussavi G, Giannakis S, Pulgarin C
225 - 235 Analysis of the turbulent flow and trailing vortices induced by new design grooved blade impellers in a baffled tank
Martinez-Delgadillo SA, Alonzo-Garcia A, Mendoza-Escamilla VX, Gonzalez-Neria I, Yanez-Varela JA
236 - 242 Feasibility study on a double chamber microbial fuel cell for nutrient recovery from municipal wastewater
Ye YY, Ngo HH, Guo WS, Liu YW, Chang SW, Nguyen DD, Ren JW, Liu Y, Zhang XB
243 - 252 Sulfate radicals generation and refractory pollutants removal on defective facet-tailored TiO2 with reduced matrix effects
Zhang AY, Huang NH, He YY, Zhao PC, Feng JW
253 - 263 Highly efficient and selective removal of mercury ions using hyperbranched polyethylenimine functionalized carboxymethyl chitosan composite adsorbent
Zeng HH, Wang L, Zhang D, Yan P, Nie J, Sharma VK, Wang CY
264 - 282 Nanomaterials for the adsorptive treatment of Hg(II) ions from water
Vikrant K, Kim KH
283 - 290 Removal of radioactive palladium based on novel 2D titanium carbides
Mu WJ, Du SZ, Li XL, Yu QH, Wei HY, Yang YC, Peng SM
291 - 298 Ultra-efficient removal of NO in a MOFs-NTP synergistic process at ambient temperature
Gong XL, Zhao R, Qin JQ, Wang HM, Wang D
299 - 309 Electro-Fenton degradation of ciprofloxacin with highly ordered mesoporous MnCo2O4-CF cathode: Enhanced redox capacity and accelerated electron transfer
Mi XY, Li Y, Ning XM, Jia JH, Yuguo H, Xia YG, Sun Y, Zhan SH
310 - 320 Fabrication of a versatile lignin-based nano-trap for heavy metal ion capture and bacterial inhibition
Xiao D, Ding W, Zhang JB, Ge YY, Wu ZJ, Li ZL
321 - 330 Ultra-high capacity of lanthanum-doped UiO-66 for phosphate capture: Unusual doping of lanthanum by the reduction of coordination number
Min XY, Wu X, Shao PH, Ren Z, Ding L, Luo XB
331 - 339 Cost-effective synthesis of CHA zeolites with controllable morphology and size
Guo Y, Sun TJ, Liu XW, Ke QL, Wei XL, Gu YM, Wang SD
340 - 350 In-situ nitrogen-doped hierarchical porous hollow carbon spheres anchored with iridium nanoparticles as efficient cathode catalysts for reversible lithium-oxygen batteries
Shen JR, Wu HT, Sun W, Qiao JS, Cai HQ, Wang ZH, Sun KN
351 - 361 Hydrothermal gasification of sorbitol: H-2 optimisation at high carbon gasification efficiencies
Paida VR, Brilman DWF, Kersten SRA
362 - 368 N-doped carbon-wrapped MoxC heterophase sheets for high-efficiency electrochemical hydrogen production
Xiong TL, Jia J, Wei ZQ, Zeng LL, Deng YQ, Zhou WJ, Chen SW
369 - 378 Controllable synthesis of highly monodispersed nanoscale Fe-soc-MOF and the construction of Fe-soc-MOF@polypyrrole core-shell nanohybrids for cancer therapy
Cai XC, Deng XR, Xie ZX, Shi YS, Pang ML, Lin J
379 - 388 A long-term stable and environmental friendly self-healing coating with polyaniline/sodium alginate microcapsule structure for corrosion protection of water-delivery pipelines
Cui J, Li XQ, Pei ZQ, Pei YS
389 - 397 Plasmonic gold particle generation in layer-by-layer 2D titania films as an effective immobilization strategy of composite photocatalytsts for hydrogen generation
Zhang Q, Zhang YH, Xiao K, Meng ZL, Tong WS, Huang HW, An Q
398 - 407 Improvement of Cr (VI) photoreduction under visible-light by g-C3N4 modified by nano-network structured palygorskite
Zhang J, Gao N, Chen FL, Zhang T, Zhang GL, Wang DF, Xie XY, Cai DQ, Ma XJ, Wu LF, Wu ZY
408 - 418 Activation of persulfate with metal-organic framework-derived nitrogen-doped porous Co@C nanoboxes for highly efficient p-Chloroaniline removal
Liu Y, Chen XY, Yang YL, Feng Y, Wu DL, Mao S
419 - 426 Polyoxometalate-based ionic liquid catalyst with unprecedented activity and selectivity for oxidative desulfurization of diesel in [Omin] BF4
Hao LW, Sun LL, Su T, Hao DM, Liao WP, Deng CL, Ren WZ, Zhang YM, Lu HY
427 - 434 Reaction milling for scalable synthesis of N, P-codoped covalent organic polymers for metal-free bifunctional electrocatalysts
Lin XX, Peng P, Guo JN, Xiang ZH
435 - 445 Theoretical prediction of Li-6/Li-7 separation in solvent extraction system using Urey model
Cui L, Yang X, Wang JF, He HY, Guo YX, Cheng FQ, Zhang SJ
446 - 455 A calcium-based microporous metal-organic framework for efficient adsorption separation of light hydrocarbons
Li LY, Guo LD, Pu SY, Wang JW, Yang QW, Zhang ZG, Yang YW, Ren QL, Alnemrat S, Bao ZB
456 - 466 Ozonation of 3-methylcatechol and 4-methylcatechol in the atmosphere and aqueous particles: Mechanism, kinetics and ecotoxicity assessment
Sun JF, Wei B, Mei Q, An ZX, Wang XY, He MX
467 - 479 Controllable and scalable synthesis of hollow-structured porous aromatic polymer for selective adsorption and separation of HMF from reaction mixture of fructose dehydration
Zhang YB, Luo QX, Lu MH, Luo D, Liu ZW, Liu ZT
480 - 496 Nano-structured bismuth tungstate with controlled morphology: Fabrication, modification, environmental application and mechanism insight
Yi H, Qin L, Huang DL, Zeng GM, Lai C, Liu XG, Li BS, Wang H, Zhou CY, Huang FL, Liu SY, Guo XY
497 - 503 Electrocatalytic cogeneration of reactive oxygen species for synergistic water treatment
Yang SY, Jeong HW, Kim BJ, Han DS, Choi W, Park H
504 - 519 A carbon-number lump based model for simulation of industrial hydrotreaters: Vacuum gas oil (VGO)
Srinivas BK, Pant KK, Gupta SK, Saraf DN, Choudhury IR, Sau M
520 - 530 Particle size effect in liquid-phase hydrogenation of phenylacetylene over Pd catalysts: Experimental data and theoretical analysis
Markov PV, Mashkovsky IS, Bragina GO, Warna J, Gerasimov EY, Bukhtiyarov VI, Stakheev AY, Murzin DY
531 - 539 Partly nitrogenized nickel oxide hollow spheres with multiple compositions for remarkable electrochemical performance
Wang N, Song HD, Ren HB, Chen JY, Yao MQ, Huang WY, Hu WC, Komarneni S
540 - 551 ZnO tetrapods and activated carbon based hybrid composite: Adsorbents for enhanced decontamination of hexavalent chromium from aqueous solution
Sharma M, Joshi M, Nigam S, Shree S, Avasthi DK, Adelung R, Srivastava SK, Mishra YK
552 - 563 Facile construction of 3D magnetic graphene oxide hydrogel via incorporating assembly and chemical bubble and its application in arsenic remediation
Liang JJ, He BH, Li P, Yu J, Zhao XL, Wu HY, Li J, Sun YB, Fan QH
564 - 579 Feasibility of Electrical Resistance Tomography for measurements of liquid holdup distribution in a trickle bed reactor
Singh BK, Jain E, Buwa VV
580 - 588 Pd-nanoparticle decorated azobenzene based colloidal porous organic polymer for visible and natural sunlight induced Mott-Schottky junction mediated instantaneous Suzuki coupling
Chakraborty J, Nath I, Verpoort F
589 - 597 Removal of antibiotic resistance genes and control of horizontal transfer risk by UV, chlorination and UV/chlorination treatments of drinking water
Zhang TY, Hu YR, Jiang L, Yao SJ, Lin KF, Zhou YB, Cui CZ
598 - 605 Thermodynamic and kinetic influences of NaCl on HFC-125a hydrates and their significance in gas hydrate-based desalination
Choi W, Lee Y, Mok J, Lee S, Lee JD, Seo Y
606 - 613 Lead-based crystal luminophores: Tuning emissive crystals and application for recording high temperature history with ratiometric and colorimetric signals
Yang YY, Wu YD, Mei DJ, Qu Y
614 - 620 Construction of a porous core-shell homojunction for the photocatalytic degradation of antibiotics
Lyu JZ, Shao JW, Wang YH, Qiu YQ, Li J, Li T, Peng YJ, Liu FY
621 - 633 Improved mixing of solid suspensions in stirred tanks with interface baffles: CFD simulation and experimental validation
Pukkella AK, Vysyaraju R, Tammishetti V, Rai B, Subramanian S
634 - 642 Insight into multifunctional polyester fabrics finished by one-step eco-friendly strategy
Chen SG, Zhang SB, Galluzzi M, Li F, Zhang XC, Yang XH, Liu XY, Cai XH, Zhu XL, Du B, Li JN, Huang P
643 - 657 Oscillatory fluid motion unlocks plug flow operation in helical tube reactors at lower Reynolds numbers (Re <= 10)
McDonough JR, Murta S, Law R, Harvey AP
658 - 665 In-situ anchoring Ag through organic polymer for configuring efficient plasmonic BiVO(4 )photoanode
Guan P, Bai HY, Wang FG, Yu H, Xu DB, Fan WQ, Shi WD
666 - 678 In-situ electrochemical DeNO(x) under mild conditions depending on perovskite-modified gas diffusion electrode
Qi ZY, Dong H, Yu H, Zhang X, Yu HB
679 - 690 Multicycle CO2 capture activity and fluidizability of Al-based synthesized CaO sorbents
Azimi B, Tahmasebpoor M, Sanchez-Jimenez PE, Perejon A, Valverde JM
691 - 706 Experimental and numerical analysis of Y-shaped split and recombination micro-mixer with different mixing units
Shah I, Kim SW, Kim K, Doh YH, Choi KH
707 - 717 CO2 capture using a novel hybrid monolith (H-ZSM5/activated carbon) as adsorbent by combined vacuum and electric swing adsorption (VESA)
Zhao QH, Wu F, Men YH, Jianhua X, Fang X, Zhao JH, Xiao P, Webley PA, Grande CA
718 - 724 Dielectric composite reinforced by in-situ growth of carbon nanotubes on boron nitride nanosheets with high thermal conductivity and mechanical strength
Li Y, Tian XJ, Yang W, Li Q, Hou LQ, Zhu ZX, Tang YS, Wang MJ, Zhang B, Pan T, Li YF
725 - 742 A new insight into corrosion inhibition mechanism of copper in aerated 3.5 wt.% NaCl solution by eco-friendly Imidazopyrimidine Dye: experimental and theoretical approach
Pareek S, Jain D, Hussain S, Biswas A, Shrivastava R, Parida SK, Kisan HK, Lgaz H, Chung IM, Behera D
743 - 751 Selective production of anhydrosugars and furfural from fast pyrolysis of corncobs using sulfuric acid as an inhibitor and catalyst
Fan YY, Zhang DY, Zheng AQ, Zhao ZL, Li HB, Yang TH
752 - 758 Construction of In2Se3/MoS2 heterojunction as photoanode toward efficient photoelectrochemical water splitting
Jiang Y, Wang Q, Han L, Zhang XY, Jiang LX, Wu ZZ, Lai YQ, Wang DZ, Liu FY
759 - 785 Biofuel Production Using Thermochemical Conversion of Heavy Metal-Contaminated Biomass (HMCB) Harvested from Phytoextraction Process
Dastyar W, Raheem A, He J, Zhao M
786 - 793 Tri-phase (1-x-y) Li2FeSiO4 center dot xLiFeBO(3)center dot yLiFePO(4) nested nanostructure with enhanced Li-storage properties
Tian MY, Hu L, Huang Z, Li MR, Yang JL, Wang Z, Li JN, Lin X, Mu SC
794 - 805 Hydrodynamics and mass transfer characteristics of liquid-liquid slug flow in microchannels: The effects of temperature, fluid properties and channel size
Zhang Q, Liu HC, Zhao SN, Yao CQ, Chen GW
806 - 820 Experimental and numerical study of Upper Swirling Liquid Film (USLF) among Gas-Liquid Cylindrical Cyclones (GLCC)
Yue T, Chen JY, Song JF, Chen XH, Wang Y, Jia ZH, Xu RM
821 - 830 Low operating pressure nanofiltration membrane with functionalized natural nanoclay as antifouling and flux promoting agent
Maalige RN, Aruchamy K, Mahto A, Sharma V, Deepika D, Mondal D, Nataraj SK
831 - 841 New technique for simultaneous measurement of the local solid and gas holdup by using optical fiber probes in the slurry bubble column
Mokhtari M, Chaouki J
842 - 849 Unraveling the molecular interaction mechanism between graphene oxide and aromatic organic compounds with implications on wastewater treatment
Zhang JW, Lu X, Shi C, Yan B, Gong L, Chen JS, Xiang L, Xu HL, Liu QX, Zeng HB
850 - 859 Ionic self-assembly of poly(ionic liquid)-polyoxometalate hybrids for selective adsorption of anionic dyes
Yang HW, Bai LJ, Wei DL, Yang LX, Wang WX, Chen H, Niu YZ, Xue ZX
860 - 868 Selective reduction of CO2 to alcohol products on octahedral catalyst of carbonized Cu(BTC) doped with Pd nanoparticles in a photoelectrochemical cell
Cheng J, Xuan XX, Yang X, Zhou JH, Cen KF
869 - 877 Novel Fe3O4 based superhydrophilic core-shell microspheres for breaking asphaltenes-stabilized water-in-oil emulsion
Mao XH, Gong L, Xie L, Qian H, Wang XG, Zeng HB
878 - 890 Photo-crosslinkable, self-healable and reprocessable rubbers
Xiang HP, Yin JF, Lin GH, Liu XX, Rong MZ, Zhang MQ
891 - 902 Fabrication of CuS/BiVO4 (040) binary heterojunction photocatalysts with enhanced photocatalytic activity for Ciprofloxacin degradation and mechanism insight
Lai C, Zhang MM, Li BS, Huang DL, Zeng GM, Qin L, Liu XG, Yi H, Cheng M, Li L, Chen Z, Chen L
903 - 911 Electrocatalytic hydrodechlorination of 4-chlorophenol on Pd supported multi-walled carbon nanotubes particle electrodes
She XY, Yang Q, Yao FB, Zhong Y, Ren WC, Chen F, Sue J, Ma YH, Fe ZY, Wang DB, Li XM
912 - 923 Polyvinylpyrrolidone/hyaluronic acid-based bilayer constructs for sequential delivery of cutaneous antiseptic and antibiotic
Contardi M, Russo D, Suarato G, Heredia-Guerrero JA, Ceseracciu L, Penna I, Margaroli N, Summa M, Spano R, Tassistro G, Vezzulli L, Bandiera T, Bertorelli R, Athanassiou A, Bayer IS
924 - 935 Remarkably anisotropic conductive MWCNTs/polypropylene nanocomposites with alternating microlayers
Zhao K, Li SS, Huang M, Shi XZ, Zheng GQ, Liu CT, Dai K, Shen CY, Yin R, Guo JZ
936 - 943 Investigation of protic NH4SCN-based deep eutectic solvents as highly efficient and reversible NH3 absorbents
Deng DS, Gao B, Zhang C, Duan XZ, Cui YH, Ning JH
944 - 954 Photocatalytic hydrogen evolution with simultaneous antibiotic wastewater degradation via the visible-light-responsive bismuth spheres-g-C3N4 nanohybrid: Waste to energy insight
Wei ZD, Liu JY, Fang WJ, Xu MQ, Qin Z, Jiang Z, Shangguan WF
955 - 961 High performance bimetal sulfides for lithium-sulfur batteries
Lu XL, Zhang QF, Wang J, Chen SH, Ge JM, Liu ZM, Wang LL, Ding HB, Gong DC, Yang HG, Yu XZ, Zhu J, Lu BA
962 - 968 Polar and conductive iron carbide@N-doped porous carbon nanosheets as a sulfur host for high performance lithium sulfur batteries
Wang YZ, Li M, Xu LC, Tang TY, Ali Z, Huang XX, Hou YL, Zhang SQ
969 - 979 An efficient tumor-inducible nanotheranostics for magnetic resonance imaging and enhanced photodynamic therapy
Zhu W, Zhang L, Yang Z, Liu P, Wang J, Cao J, Shen A, Xu Z
980 - 991 Carbon nano-sponge with enhanced electrochemical properties: A new understanding of carbon activation
Mayyas M, Sahajwalla V
992 - 1001 Coupling of electrocoagulation and ozone treatment for textile wastewater reuse
Bilinska L, Blus K, Gmurek M, Ledakowicz S
1002 - 1011 Nitrogen and phosphorus dual-doped carbon derived from chitosan: An excellent cathode catalyst in microbial fuel cell
Liang BL, Li KX, Liu Y, Kang XW
1012 - 1021 Liquid crystal display electrode assisted bio-reactor for highly stable and enhanced biofilm attachment for wastewater treatment - A sustainable approach for e-waste management
Srinivasan R, Nambi IM, Senthilnathan J
1022 - 1037 Graphene family nanomaterials (GFNs)-promising materials for antimicrobial coating and film: A review
Han W, Wu ZN, Li Y, Wang YY
1038 - 1046 Enhanced treatment of tannery wastewater using the electrocoagulation process combined with UVC/VUV photoreactor: Parametric and mechanistic evaluation
Moradi M, Moussavi G
1047 - 1053 A poly (vinylidene fluoride-hexafluoropropylene) based three-dimensional network gel polymer electrolyte for solid-state lithium-sulfur batteries
Xia Y, Liang YF, Xie D, Wang XL, Zhang SZ, Xia XH, Gu CD, Tu JP
1054 - 1064 Electrochemical reductive dechlorination of chlorinated volatile organic compounds (Cl-VOCs): Effects of molecular structure on the dehalogenation reactivity and mechanisms
Lei C, Liang FY, Li J, Chen WQ, Huang BB
1065 - 1073 Ultrasonication-assisted deposition of graphene oxide on electrospun poly (vinylidene fluoride) membrane and the adsorption behavior
Ma FF, Zhang D, Huang T, Zhang N, Wang Y
1074 - 1082 New insights into the adsorption behavior and mechanism of alginic acid onto struvite crystals
Wei L, Hong TQ, Li XY, Li MZ, Zhang Q, Chen TH
1083 - 1090 Photocatalytic degradation performance and mechanism of dibutyl phthalate by graphene/TiO2 nanotube array photoelectrodes
Wang G, Zhang QZ, Chen QH, Ma XH, Xin YJ, Zhu XW, Ma D, Cui CY, Zhang J, Xiao Z
1091 - 1100 Removal of acetaminophen in the Fe2+/persulfate system: Kinetic model and degradation pathways
Wang SL, Wu JF, Lu XQ, Xu WX, Gong Q, Ding JQ, Dan BS, Xie PC
1101 - 1113 Facile and scalable fabrication of superhydrophobic and superoleophilic PDMS-co-PMHS coating on porous substrates for highly effective oil/water separation
Li XP, Cao M, Shan HT, Tezer FH, Li BA
1114 - 1125 Novel glucosamine-based carbon adsorbents with high capacity and its enhanced mechanism of preferential adsorption of C2H6 over C2H4
Wang XJ, Wu Y, Peng JJ, Wu YF, Xiao J, Xia QB, Li Z
1126 - 1138 Novel asphaltene-derived nanoporous carbon with N-S-rich micro-mesoporous structure for superior gas adsorption: Experimental and DFT study
Tehrani NHMH, Alivand MS, Maklavany DM, Rashidi A, Samipoorgiri M, Seif A, Yousefian Z
1139 - 1146 Enrichment and degradation of tetracycline using three-dimensional graphene/MnO2 composites
Song C, Guo BB, Sun XF, Wang SG, Li YT
1147 - 1154 N/S codoped carbon microboxes with expanded interlayer distance toward excellent potassium storage
Li YP, Zhong WT, Yang CH, Zheng FH, Pan QC, Liu YZ, Wang G, Xiong XH, Liu ML
1155 - 1165 Synergistic adsorption of Cu(II) and photocatalytic degradation of phenanthrene by a jaboticaba-like TiO2/titanate nanotube composite: An experimental and theoretical study
Cheng KY, Cai ZQ, Fu J, Sun XB, Sun WL, Chen L, Zhang DD, Liu W
1166 - 1175 Novel anisotropic ordered polymeric materials based on metallopolymer precursors as dye sensitized solar cells
Gopinath J, Balasubramanyam RKC, Santosh V, Swami SK, Kumar DK, Gupta SK, Dutta V, Reddy KR, Sadhu V, Sainath AVS, Aminabhavi TM
1176 - 1185 Enhanced electrocatalytic dechlorination by dispersed and moveable activated carbon supported palladium catalyst
Zhou JS, Lou Z, Xu J, Zhou XX, Yang KL, Gao XY, Zhang YL, Xu XH
1186 - 1207 Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in the environment: Recent updates on sampling, pretreatment, cleanup technologies and their analysis
Reddy AVB, Moniruzzaman M, Aminabhavi TM
1208 - 1217 Elucidating biochemical transformations of Fe and S in an innovative Fe(II)dosed anaerobic wastewater treatment process using spectroscopic and phylogenetic analyses
Deng DY, Lin O, Rubenstein A, Weidhaas JL, Li LS
1218 - 1226 Enhanced decomplexation of Cu(II)-EDTA: The role of acetylacetone in Cu-mediated photo-Fenton reactions
Zhang L, Wu BD, Zhang GY, Gan YH, Zhang SJ
1227 - 1234 Polyamine-appended porous organic polymers for efficient post-combustion CO2 capture
Yang YQ, Chuah CY, Bae TH
1235 - 1242 Highly stable activated carbon composite material to selectively capture gas-phase elemental mercury from smelting flue gas: Copper polysulfide modification
Yang S, Wang DL, Liu H, Liu C, Xie XF, Xu ZF, Liu ZL
1243 - 1252 In situ formation of zinc phthalate as a highly dispersed beta-nucleating agent for mechanically strengthened isotactic polypropylene
Qin W, Xin Z, Pan CM, Sun SB, Jiang XF, Zhao SC
1253 - 1261 Titanium oxide-Ti3C2 hybrids as sulfur hosts in lithium-sulfur battery: Fast oxidation treatment and enhanced polysulfide adsorption ability
Pan H, Huang XX, Zhang R, Wang D, Chen YT, Duan XM, Wen GW
1262 - 1278 Electrospinning tissue engineering and wound dressing scaffolds from polymer-titanium dioxide nanocomposites
Ghosal K, Agatemor C, Spitalsky Z, Thomas S, Kny E
1279 - 1286 Extracorporeal magnetic thermotherapy materials for self-controlled temperature through phase transition
Wang WT, Fan XQ, Qiu JJ, Umair MM, Ju BZ, Zhang SF, Tang BT
1287 - 1295 Perovskite-type CsPbBr3 quantum dots/UiO-66(NH2) nanojunction as efficient visible-light-driven photocatalyst for CO2 reduction
Wan SP, Ou M, Zhong Q, Wang XM
1296 - 1304 A comparison of the photolytic and photocatalytic degradation of fluvastatin
Liu TT, Wang L, Sun CX, Liu X, Miao R, Lv YT
1305 - 1323 Direct numerical simulation of hydrodynamic dispersion in open-cell solid foams
Chandra V, Das S, Peters EAJF, Kuipers JAM
1324 - 1331 Microbial mineralization of struvite: Salinity effect and its implication for phosphorus removal and recovery
Zhao TL, Li H, Huang YR, Yao QZ, Huan Y, Zhou GT
1332 - 1341 Modelling study on the effects of chloride on the degradation of bezafibrate and carbamazepine in sulfate radical-based advanced oxidation processes: Conversion of reactive radicals
Wu YX, Yang Y, Liu YZ, Zhang LQ, Feng L
1342 - 1350 Oxidation of 2,4-bromophenol by UV/PDS and formation of bromate and brominated products: A comparison to UV/H2O2
Luo CW, Gao J, Wu DJ, Jiang J, Liu YZ, Zhou WW, Ma J
1351 - 1362 Li-LSX-zeolite evaluation for post-combustion CO2 capture
Kodasma R, Fermoso J, Sanna A
1363 - 1370 High-radiance LED-driven fluidized bed photoreactor for the complete oxidation of n-hexane in air
Bueno-Alejo CJ, Hueso JL, Mallada R, Julian I, Santamaria J
1371 - 1382 Optimization of electrochemical sequential reduction-oxidation of chlorophene with CoNi alloy anchored ionic liquid-graphene cathode: Comparison, mechanism and toxicity study
Xu DD, Zhang L, Wang H, Bian ZY
1383 - 1389 Flexible Ketone-bridged organic porous nanospheres: Promoting porosity utilizing intramolecular hydrogen-bonding effects for effective gas separation
Wang YY, Xiong SH, Li FF, Tao J, Tang JT, Liu C, Yuan KY, Pan CY, Yu GP, Liu YN
1390 - 1398 Short-term responses of denitrification to chlorothalonil in riparian sediments: Process, mechanism and implication
Chen Y, Su XX, Wang YY, Zhao SY, He Q
1399 - 1409 Novel insight into adsorption and co-adsorption of heavy metal ions and an organic pollutant by magnetic graphene nanomaterials in water
Huang D, Wu JZ, Wang L, Liu XM, Meng J, Tang XJ, Tang CX, Xu JM
1410 - 1420 Modeling and process optimization of a full-scale emulsion polymerization reactor
Copelli S, Barozzi M, Petrucci N, Moreno VC
1421 - 1437 The effect of bioelectrochemical systems on antibiotics removal and antibiotic resistance genes: A review
Yan WF, Xiao Y, Yan WD, Ding R, Wang SH, Zhao F
1438 - 1445 Performance evaluation of aqueous organic redox flow battery using anthraquinone-2,7-disulfonic acid disodium salt and potassium iodide redox couple
Lee W, Permatasari A, Kwon BW, Kwon Y
1446 - 1453 Erythromycin degradation and ERY-resistant gene inactivation in erythromycin mycelial dreg by heat-activated persulfate oxidation
Zhang YX, Liu HL, Xin YJ, Shen YP, Wang J, Cai C, Wang MM
1454 - 1463 Adsorption and catalytic oxidation of elemental mercury over regenerable magnetic Fe-Ce mixed oxides modified by non-thermal plasma treatment
Xu Y, Luo GQ, Pang QC, He SW, Deng FF, Xu YQ, Yao H
1464 - 1470 A novel inorganic-conductive polymer core-sheath nanowire arrays as bendable electrode for advanced electrochemical energy storage
Wu XM, Meng L, Wang QG, Zhang WZ, Wang Y
1471 - 1478 Fractal-like kinetics of adsorption on heterogeneous surfaces in the fixed-bed column
Hu QL, Xie YH, Feng CP, Zhang ZY
1479 - 1488 Effective degradation of fenitrothion by zero-valent iron powder (Fe-0) activated persulfate in aqueous solution: Kinetic study and product identification
Liu HX, Yao JY, Wang LH, Wang XH, Qu RJ, Wang ZY
1489 - 1498 Accelerated degradation of polyvinyl alcohol via a novel and cost effective heterogeneous system based on Na2S2O8 activated by Fe complex functionalized waste PAN fiber and visible LED irradiation
Dong YC, Bian LR, Wang P
1499 - 1506 Graphene enhanced Mn-Ce binary metal oxides for catalytic oxidation and adsorption of elemental mercury from coal-fired flue gas
Ma YP, Mu BL, Zhang XJ, Yuan DL, Ma C, Xu HM, Qu Z, Fang SM
1507 - 1518 Poplar catkin-derived self-templated synthesis of N-doped hierarchical porous carbon microtubes for effective CO2 capture
Chang BB, Shi WW, Yin H, Zhang SR, Yang BC
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1529 - 1538 Boosting operating voltage of vanadium oxide-based symmetric aqueous supercapacitor to 2 V
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1601 - 1609 Impact of alginate selection for wastewater treatment by immobilised Chlorella vulgaris
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