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1 - 10 Electrothermal regeneration by Joule heat effect on carbon cloth based MnO2 catalyst for long-term formaldehyde removal
Zon N, Nie Q, Zhang XR, Zhang GK, Wang JL, Zhang PY
11 - 20 Cu-Ni-CoSex quaternary porous nanocubes as enhanced Pt-free electrocatalysts for highly efficient dye-sensitized solar cells and hydrogen evolution in alkaline medium
Niu YD, Qian X, Xu C, Liu HY, Wu WM, Hou LX
21 - 32 Novel core-shell multi-dimensional hybrid nanoarchitectures consisting of Co(OH)(2) nanoparticles/Ni3S2 nanosheets grown on SiC nanowire networks for high-performance asymmetric supercapacitors
Zhao J, Li ZJ, Yuan XC, Shen T, Lin LG, Zhang M, Meng A, Li QD
33 - 44 Enhanced phosphate removal by zeolite loaded with Mg-Al-La ternary (hydr)oxides from aqueous solutions: Performance and mechanism
Shi WM, Fu YW, Jiang W, Ye YY, Kang JX, Liu DQ, Ren YZ, Li DS, Luo CG, Xu Z
45 - 55 High-performance flexible all-solid-state supercapacitor constructed by free-standing cellulose/reduced graphene oxide/silver nanoparticles composite film
Zou ZH, Zhou WJ, Zhang YH, Yu H, Hu CB, Xiao W
56 - 65 Novel magnetic multi-templates molecularly imprinted polymer for selective and rapid removal and detection of alkylphenols in water
Xie XW, Ma XG, Guo LH, Fan YM, Zeng GL, Zhang MY, Li J
66 - 74 Plasma-enhanced amidoxime/magnetic graphene oxide for efficient enrichment of U(VI) investigated by EXAFS and modeling techniques
Hu BW, Guo XJ, Zheng C, Song G, Chen DY, Zhu YL, Song XF, Sun YB
75 - 83 Enhanced dissimilatory perchlorate reduction in the presence of humic acids or 2,6-anthraquinone disulfonate as quinone redox mediators
Zhu YP, Wu M, Gao NY, Chu WH, Zhao LZ, Wang QF
84 - 93 Hydrothermal crystallization of VO43- stabilized t-Gd(P,V)O-4:Eu(3+)nanocrystals for remarkably improved and color tailorable luminescence
Wang ZH, Li YM, Zhu Q, Wang XJ, Liao MY
94 - 102 Photoelectrochemical detection of 5-hydroxymethylcytosine in genomic DNA based on M. HhaI methyltransferase catalytic covalent bonding
Zhou YL, Yin HS, Sui CJ, Wang Y, Ai SY
103 - 111 Seawater desalination by over-potential membrane capacitive deionization: Opportunities and hurdles
Tang KX, Kim YH, Chang JJ, Mayes RT, Gabitto J, Yiacoumi S, Tsouris C
112 - 119 Uniform ReS2 porous nanospheres assembled from curly ReS2 few-layers with an expanded interlayer spacing for high-performance lithium-ion batteries
Liu S, Lei WW, Liu Y, Zhang WH
120 - 128 Metal-doped organic aerogels for photocatalytic degradation of trimethoprim
Bolobajev J, Kasle M, Kreek K, Kulp M, Koel M, Goib A
129 - 139 The construction of amorphous metal-organic cage-based solid for rapid dye adsorption and time-dependent dye separation from water
Gao Y, Deng SQ, Jin X, Cai SL, Zheng SR, Zhang WG
140 - 149 Efficient degradation of nitrobenzene by Cu-Co-Fe-LDH catalyzed peroxymonosulfate to produce hydroxyl radicals
Lu HT, Sui MH, Yuan BJ, Wang JY, Lv YN
150 - 158 SnS nanoparticles anchored on Ti3C2 nanosheets matrix via electrostatic attraction method as novel anode for lithium ion batteries
Ai JJ, Lei YK, Yang S, Lai CY, Xu QJ
159 - 168 Effective and selective adsorption of phosphate from aqueous solution via trivalent-metals-based amino-MIL-101 MOFs
Liu RT, Chi LN, Wang XZ, Wang Y, Sui YM, Xie TT, Arandiyan H
169 - 179 Numerical simulation of radiation distribution in a slurry reactor: The effect of distribution of catalyst particles
Wang J, Deng BQ, Gao J, Cao HC
180 - 187 Enhanced nitrate removal by micro-electrolysis using Fe-0 and surfactant modified activated carbon
Ao LG, Xia F, Ren Y, Xu J, Shi DZ, Zhang S, Gu L, He Q
188 - 197 Dielectric barrier discharge reactor with the segmented electrodes for decomposition of toluene adsorbed on bare-zeolite
Lee B, Kim DW, Park DW
198 - 208 Synergistic multiple active species for the photocatalytic degradation of contaminants by imidazole-modified g-C3N4 coordination with iron phthalocyanine in the presence of peroxymonosulfate
Dong LL, Xu TF, Chen WX, Lu WY
209 - 219 Control of energy band, layer structure and vacancy defect of graphitic carbon nitride by intercalated hydrogen bond effect of NO3- toward improving photocatalytic performance
Che HN, Liu LH, Che GB, Dong HJ, Liu CB, Li CM
220 - 225 Circuit board-like CoS/MXene composite with superior performance for sodium storage
Zhang YQ, Zhan RM, Xu QJ, Liu H, Tao ML, Luo YS, Bao SJ, Li CM, Xu MW
226 - 236 Three-dimensional (3D) flower-like MoSe2/N-doped carbon composite as a long-life and high-rate anode material for sodium-ion batteries
Zheng FH, Zhong WT, Deng Q, Pan QC, Ou X, Liu YZ, Xiong XH, Yang CH, Chen Y, Lite ML
237 - 247 A novel nanotheranostic agent for dual-mode imaging-guided cancer therapy based on europium complexes-grafted-oxidative dopamine
Zou YB, Sun F, Liu CM, Yu CH, Zhang MJ, He QY, Xiong YX, Xu ZS, Yang SL, Liao GF
248 - 257 Does shaping catalysts modify active phase sites? A comprehensive in situ FTIR spectroscopic study on the performance of a model Ru/Al2O3 catalyst for the CO methanation
Bobadilla LF, Munoz-Murillo A, Laguna OH, Centeno MA, Odriozola JA
258 - 268 Layered copper manganese oxide for the efficient catalytic CO and VOCs oxidation
Wang Y, Yang DY, Li SZ, Zhang LX, Zheng GY, Guo LM
269 - 279 High-hydrophilic and salt rejecting PA-g/co-PVP RO membrane via bionic sand-fixing grass for pharmaceutical wastewater treatment
Liu C, Liu YW, Guo YQ, Wang C, Hu Z, Zhang CH
280 - 287 Performance of constructed wetlands and associated mechanisms of PAHs removal with mussels
Kang Y, Xie HJ, Li B, Zhang J, Ngo HH, Guo WS, Gun ZZ, Kong Q, Liang S, Liu J, Cheng TT, Zhang LW
288 - 297 Sedimentary phosphorus immobilization with the addition of amended calcium peroxide material
Zhou J, Li DP, Chen ST, Xu Y, Geng X, Guo CR, Huang Y
298 - 308 Coupling relationship of fluidization behavior, reaction and particle structure of Ni/MgO catalyst toward fluidized CO methanation
Li J, Wang H, Zhu QS, Lia HZ
309 - 319 3D printed versus spherical adsorbents for gas sweetening
Middelkoop V, Coenen K, Schalck J, Annaland MV, Gallucci F
320 - 327 Orientated growth of copper-based MOF for acetylene storage
Wang ZK, Ge L, Li MR, Lin RJ, Wang H, Zhu ZH
328 - 336 Degradation of organic contaminants through activating bisulfite by cerium (IV): A sulfate radical-predominant oxidation process
Don HY, Chen J, Feng LY, Zhang WX, Guan XH, Strathmann TJ
337 - 347 Oxidation of bisphenol A by persulfate via Fe3O4-alpha-MnO2 nanoflower-like catalyst: Mechanism and efficiency
Dong ZY, Zhang Q, Chen BY, Hong JM
348 - 357 The building of molecularly imprinted single hole hollow particles: A miniemulsion polymerization approach
Wang ZH, Qiu T, Guo LH, Ye J, He LF, Li XY
358 - 366 On the mechanism of water adsorption in carbon micropores - A molecular simulation study
Liu LM, Zeng YH, Tan SJ, Xu H, Do DD, Nicholson D, Liu JJ
367 - 375 Hydrothermal conversion of sewage sludge: Focusing on the characterization of liquid products and their methane yields
Chen HH, Rao Y, Cao LC, Shi Y, Hao SL, Luo G, Zhang SC
376 - 383 Large-scale template-free synthesis of nitrogen-doped 3D carbon frameworks as low-cost ultra-long-life anodes for lithium-ion batteries
Wang JR, Fan HB, Shen YM, Li CP, Wang G
384 - 394 Macroporous epoxy-carbon fiber structures with a sacrificial 3D printed polymeric mesh suppresses electromagnetic radiation
Mishra S, Katti P, Kumar S, Bose S
395 - 403 Good interaction between well dispersed Pt and LaCoO3 nanorods achieved rapid Co3+/Co2+ redox cycle for total propane oxidation
Luo YJ, Zuo JC, Feng XS, Qian QR, Zheng YB, Lin DF, Huang BQ, Chen QH
404 - 420 Evaluation of adsorption processes of metal ions in multi-element aqueous systems by lignocellulosic adsorbents applying different isotherms: A critical review
Neris JB, Luzardo FHM, da Silva EGP, Velasco FG
421 - 427 Selective conversion of carbon dioxide into methane with a 98% yield on an in situ formed Ni nanoparticle catalyst in water
Zhong H, Yao GD, Cui X, Yan P, Wang XG, Jin FM
428 - 434 A self-healable and mechanical toughness flexible supercapacitor based on polyacrylic acid hydrogel electrolyte
Liao HY, Zhou FL, Zhang ZZ, Yang J
435 - 446 Preparation and characterization of Ni/Al2O3 catalyst coatings on FeCrAl-loy plates used in a catalytic channel reactor with in-situ spatial profiling to study CO2 methanation
Lalinde JAH, Jiang JS, Jai G, Kopyscinski J
447 - 457 Enhanced pseudo-halide promoted corrosion inhibition by biologically active zinc(II) Schiff base complexes
Das M, Biswas A, Kundu BK, Charmier MAJ, Mukherjee A, Mobin SM, Udayabhanu G, Mukhopadhyay S
458 - 462 Facile synthesis of NaVPO4F/C cathode with enhanced interfacial conductivity towards long-cycle and high-rate sodium-ion batteries
Ge XC, Li XH, Wang ZX, Guo HJ, Yan GC, Wu XW, Wang JX
463 - 472 Arsenate adsorption on iron-impregnated ordered mesoporous carbon: Fast kinetics and mass transfer evaluation
Wang ZY, Hu WM, Kang ZH, He XQ, Cai ZX, Deng BL
473 - 486 Facial fabrication of carbon quantum dots (CDs)-modified N-TiO2-x nanocomposite for the efficient photoreduction of Cr(VI) under visible light
Xu L, Bai X, Guo LK, Yang SJ, Jin PK, Yang L
487 - 497 Construction of novel CNT/LaVO4 nanostructures for efficient antibiotic photodegradation
Xu YG, Liu J, Xie M, Jing LQ, Xu H, She XJ, Li HM, Xie JM
498 - 507 Ultrasound-assisted synthesis of chitosan from fungal precursors for biomedical applications
Zhu LF, Li JS, Mai J, Chang MW
508 - 517 Determination of choking in the EMMS model
Chen JH
518 - 532 Superhydrophobic composite coating with active corrosion resistance for AZ31B magnesium alloy protection
Ding CD, Tai Y, Wang D, Tan LH, Fu JJ
533 - 546 Photocatalytic oxidation of volatile organic compounds for indoor environment applications: Three different scaled setups
Shayegan Z, Haghighat F, Lee CS
547 - 558 In-situ synthesis of flexible hybrid composite films for improved thermoelectric performance
An H, Pusko M, Chun D, Park S, Moon J
559 - 566 From the printer to the lungs: Inkjet-printed aerogel particles for pulmonary delivery
Lopez-Iglesias C, Casielles AM, Altay A, Bettini R, Alvarez-Lorenzo C, Garcia-Gonzalez CA
567 - 578 Inactivation of fungi from four typical genera in groundwater using PMS/Cl- system: Efficacy, kinetics and mechanisms
Wen G, Zhao D, Xu XQ, Chen ZH, Huang TL, Ma J
579 - 588 Facile fabrication of composition-tunable Fe/Mg bimetal-organic frameworks for exceptional arsenate removal
Gu Y, Xie DH, Wang YC, Qin WX, Zhang HM, Wang GZ, Zhang YX, Zhao HJ
589 - 599 Singlet oxygen-dominated peroxydisulfate activation by sludge-derived biochar for sulfamethoxazole degradation through a nonradical oxidation pathway: Performance and mechanism
Yin RL, Guo WQ, Wang HZ, Du JS, Wu QL, Chang JS, Ren NQ
600 - 610 Permanganate oxidation and ferric ion precipitation (KMnO4-Fe(III)) process for treating phenylarsenic compounds
Xie XD, Zhao W, Hu YA, Xu XR, Cheng HF
611 - 624 Structure evolution during order-disorder transitions in aliphatic polycarbonate based polyurethanes. Self-healing polymer
Matejka L, Spirkova M, Dybal J, Kredatusova J, Hodan J, Zhigunov A, Slouf M
625 - 632 Hierarchical MoS2 anchored on core-shell Si@C with increased active-sites and charge transfer for superior cycling and rate capability in lithium-ion batteries
Zhang XL, Huang LW, Zeng P, Wu L, Shen QQ, Gao ZX, Chen YG
633 - 640 Electrostimulated bio-dechlorination of trichloroethene by potential regulation: Kinetics, microbial community structure and function
Chen F, Li ZL, Liang B, Yang JQ, Cheng HY, Huang C, Nan J, Wang AJ
641 - 654 Methanol steam reforming performance optimisation of cylindrical microreactor for hydrogen production utilising error backpropagation and genetic algorithm
Zheng TQ, Zhou W, Yu W, Ke YZ, Liu YX, Liu RL, Hui KS
655 - 666 Insight into (OH)-O-center dot and O-2(center dot-) formation in heterogeneous catalytic ozonation by delocalized electrons and surface oxygen-containing functional groups in layered-structure nanocarbons
Song ZL, Zhang YT, Liu C, Xu BB, Qi F, Yuan DH, Pu SY
667 - 677 Enhancing antifogging/frost-resisting performances of amphiphilic coatings via cationic, zwitterionic or anionic polyelectrolytes
Bai S, Li XH, Zhang RC, Li C, Zhu KY, Sun PC, Zhao YH, Ren LX, Yuan XY
678 - 688 A systematic study of enhanced ozone mass transfer for ultrasonic-assisted PTFE hollow fiber membrane aeration process
Wang B, Xiong XGY, Shui YY, Huang ZY, Tian K
689 - 697 Adsorption driven preferential degradation of alkyl phenols on hydrophobic perfluoroalkyl modified {001}-TiO2
Fan ZY, Wei T, Shi HJ, Tang B, Zhao GH
698 - 714 Application of ionizing radiation in decomposition of perfluorooctanoate (PFOA) in waters
Trojanowicz M, Bartosiewicz I, Bojanowska-Czajka A, Kulisa K, Szreder T, Bobrowski K, Nichipor H, Garcia-Reyes JF, Nalecz-Jawecki G, Meczynska-Wielgosz S, Kisala J
715 - 723 Impact of resuscitation promoting factor (Rpf) in membrane bioreactor treating high-saline phenolic wastewater: Performance robustness and Rpf-responsive bacterial populations
Su XM, Wang YY, Xue BB, Hashmi MZ, Lin HJ, Chen JR, Wang Z, Mei RW, Sun FQ
724 - 736 Reclaimable La: ZnO/PAN nanofiber catalyst for photodegradation of methyl paraoxon and its toxicological evaluation utilizing early life stages of zebra fish (Danio rerio)
Lakshmi K, Kadirvelu K, Mohan PS
737 - 749 A-stage and high-rate contact-stabilization performance comparison for carbon and nutrient redirection from high-strength municipal wastewater
Rahman A, De Clippeleir H, Thomas W, Jimenez JA, Wettg B, Al-Omari A, Murthy S, Riffat R, Butt C
750 - 760 Hybrid iron montmorillonite nano-particles as an oxygen scavenger
Kombaya-Touckia-Linina EM, Gaucel S, Sougrati MT, Khederlou K, Pen N, Stievano L, Gontard N, Guillard V
761 - 775 Molecular reconstruction: Recent progress toward composition modeling of petroleum fractions
Ren Y, Liao ZW, Sun JY, Jiang BB, Wang JD, Yang YR, Wu Q
776 - 786 Template-free synthesis of tunable hollow microspheres of aniline and aminocarbazole copolymers emitting colorful fluorescence for ultrasensitive sensors
Cheng ZH, Dai ZY, Li J, Wang HH, Huang MR, Li XG, Liao YZ
787 - 801 Selective control of volatile fatty acids production from food waste by regulating biosystem buffering: A comprehensive study
Dahiya S, Mohan SV