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1 - 10 Template-free synthesis of multifunctional Co3O4 nanotubes as excellent performance electrode materials for superior energy storage
Wang JX, Wang C, Zhen MM
11 - 21 Effect of OctaphenylPolyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane on the electrospun Poly-m-phenylene isophthalamid separators for lithium-ion batteries with high safety and excellent electrochemical performance
Zhao HJ, Deng NP, Yan J, Kang WM, Ju JG, Wang LY, Li ZJ, Cheng BW
22 - 33 Adsorption and visible-light-driven photocatalytic properties of Ag3PO4/WO3 composites: A discussion of the mechanism
Liu XW, Xu JJ, Ni ZY, Wang RC, You JH, Guo R
34 - 42 BiOBrxI1-x/BiOBr heterostructure engineering for efficient molecular oxygen activation
Bai Y, Shi X, Wang PQ, Wnag L, Zhang K, Zhou Y, Xie HQ, Wang J, Ye LQ
43 - 52 Sulfate radical-based technology for the removal of 2-methylisoborneol and 2-methylisoborneol-producing algae in drinking water sources
Li L, Zhang WJ, Zhang YF, Kuppers S, Jin L, Zhang YN, Gao NY, Zhang D
53 - 59 Layered potassium-deficient P2-and P3-type cathode materials KxMnO2 for K-ion batteries
Liu CL, Luo SH, Huang HB, Zhai YC, Wang ZW
60 - 68 Rice-panicle-like gamma-Fe2O3@C nanofibers as high-rate anodes for superior lithium-ion batteries
Yin L, Gao YJ, Jeon I, Yang H, Kim JP, Jeong SY, Cho CR
69 - 80 A magnetically recyclable chitosan composite adsorbent functionalized with EDTA for simultaneous capture of anionic dye and heavy metals in complex wastewater
Chen B, Zhao HN, Chen SJ, Long FX, Huang B, Yang BQ, Pan XJ
81 - 90 CO2 absorption property of Li4SiO4 in the presence of water vapor at room temperature
Yanase I, Sato K, Kobayashi H, Doe T, Naka T
91 - 97 Nanobubbles effect on heavy metal ions adsorption by activated carbon
Kyzas GZ, Bomis G, Kosheleva RI, Efthimiadou EK, Favvasa EP, Kostoglou M, Mitropoulos AC
98 - 106 Degradation kinetics, mechanism and toxicology of tris(2-chloroethyl) phosphate with 185 nm vacuum ultraviolet
Chen YJ, Ye JS, Chen Y, Hu H, Zhang HL, Ou HS
107 - 116 In situ growth of amorphous Fe2O3 on 3D interconnected nitrogen-doped carbon nanofibers as high-performance anode materials for sodium-ion batteries
Shi L, Li Y, Zeng FL, Ran SJ, Dong CY, Leu SY, Boles ST, Lam KH
117 - 129 Reinforcement of epithelial sealing around titanium dental implants by chimeric peptides
Liu ZH, Ma SQ, Lu X, Zhang T, Sun YC, Feng W, Zheng GY, Sui L, Wu XD, Zhang X, Gao P
130 - 141 pH responsive antifouling and antibacterial multilayer films with Selfhealing performance
Hao XP, Wang WH, Yang ZQ, Yue LF, Sun HY, Wang HF, Guo ZH, Cheng F, Chen SG
142 - 150 Elemental mercury oxidation over manganese oxide octahedral molecular sieve catalyst at low flue gas temperature
Liu X, Jiang SJ, Li HL, Yang JP, Yang ZQ, Zhao JX, Peng HY, Shih KM
151 - 160 Adsorption and redox conversion behaviors of Cr(VI) on goethite/carbon microspheres and akaganeite/carbon microspheres composites
Zhang L, Fu FL, Tang B
161 - 169 Hypothesis-driven compartment model for stirred bioreactors utilizing computational fluid dynamics and multiple pH sensors
Norregaard A, Bach C, Kruhne U, Borgbjerg U, Gernaey KV
170 - 177 Combining continuous flow oscillatory baffled reactors and microwave heating: Process intensification and accelerated synthesis of metal-organic frameworks
Laybourn A, Lopez-Fernandez AM, Thomas-Hillman I, Katrib J, Lewis W, Dodds C, Harvey AP, Kingman SW
178 - 189 Persulfate non-radical activation by nano-CuO for efficient removal of chlorinated organic compounds: Reduced graphene oxide-assisted and CuO (001) facet-dependent
Du XD, Zhang YQ, Si F, Yao CH, Du MM, Hussain I, Kim H, Huang SB, Lin Z, Hayat W
190 - 198 Mechanisms of Sb(III) oxidation mediated by low molecular weight phenolic acids
Wu TL, Qin WX, Alves ME, Fang GD, Sun Q, Cui PX, Liu C, Zhou DM, Wang YJ
199 - 209 Hydroxyl and sulfate radical mediated degradation of ciprofloxacin using nano zerovalent manganese catalyzed S2O82-
Shah NS, Khan JA, Sayed M, Khan ZU, Ali HS, Murtaza B, Khan HM, Imran M, Muhammad N
210 - 218 Electrochemical removal of hydrogen sulfide from swine manure
Wang YC, Lin HJ, Hu B
219 - 226 Systematic kinetic modeling of the propyl tert-butyl ether synthesis reaction
Badia JH, Fite C, Bringue R, Iborra M, Cunill F
227 - 235 Multifunctional flexible composite aerogels constructed through in-situ growth of metal-organic framework nanoparticles on bacterial cellulose
Ma XT, Lou Y, Chen XB, Shi Z, Xu Y
236 - 244 Enhancement of red emission and site analysis in Eu2+ doped new-type structure Ba3CaK(PO4)(3) for plant growth white LEDs
Xiang JM, Zheng JM, Zhou ZW, Suo H, Zhao Q, Zhou XJ, Zhang NM, Molokeev MS, Guo CF
245 - 254 Hierarchical heterostructures of NiO nanosheet arrays grown on pine twig-like beta-NiS@Ni3S2 frameworks as free-standing integrated anode for high-performance lithium-ion batteries
Wu XY, Li SM, Xu YY, Wang B, Liu JH, Yu M
255 - 261 Ce-modified mesoporous gamma-Al2O3 supported Pd-Pt nanoparticle catalysts and their structure-function relationship in complete benzene oxidation
Chen Z, Li J, Yang P, Cheng Z, Li JR, Zuo SF
262 - 271 Degradation of UV filter BP-1 with nitrogen-doped industrial graphene as a metal-free catalyst of peroxymonosulfate activation
Sun P, Liu H, Zhai ZC, Zhang XS, Fang YS, Tan J, Wu JQ
272 - 281 Synthesis of a novel porous silicon microsphere@carbon core-shell composite via in situ MOF coating for lithium ion battery anodes
Wang K, Pei SE, He ZS, Huang LA, Zhu SS, Guo JF, Shao HB, Wang JM
282 - 291 pH response of zwitterionic polydopamine layer to palladium deposition in the microchannel
Feng H, Zhu X, Chen R, Liao Q, Ye DD, Zhang B, Liu J, Liu M, Chen G, Wang K
292 - 302 Uniform coating of molybdenum disulfide over porous carbon substrates and its electrochemical application
Jeong N, Kim HK, Kim WS, Choi JY, Han JH, Nam JY, Hwang KS, Yang S, Jwa EJ, Kim TY, Park SC, Seo YS, Kim SI
303 - 311 Development of a supramolecular accelerator simultaneously to increase the cross-linking density and ductility of an epoxy resin
Seo J, Yui N, Seo JH
312 - 317 Highly selective poly(ethylene oxide)/ionic liquid electrolyte membranes containing CrO3 for CO2/N-2 separation
Lee WG, Kang SW
318 - 328 Design and preparation of biomimetic polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) films with superhydrophobic, self-healing and drag reduction properties via replication of shark skin and SI-ATRP
Liu Y, Gu HM, Jia Y, Liu J, Zhang H, Wang RM, Zhang BL, Zhang HP, Zhang QY
329 - 340 Construction of crystal defect sites in N-coordinated UiO-66 via mechanochemical in-situ N-doping strategy for highly selective adsorption of cationic dyes
Hu P, Zhao ZX, Sun XD, Muhammad Y, Li J, Chen SB, Pang CJ, Liao TT, Zhao ZX
341 - 349 Insights into sulfamethazine adsorption interfacial interaction mechanism on mesoporous cellulose biochar: Coupling DFT/FOT simulations with experiments
Chen Q, Zheng JW, Xu JC, Dang Z, Zhang LJ
350 - 358 Activation of peroxymonosulfate by sludge-derived biochar for the degradation of triclosan in water and wastewater
Wang SZ, Wang JL
359 - 370 Co-doped NaBiO3 nanosheets with surface confined Co species: High catalytic activation of peroxymonosulfate and ultra-low Co leaching
Ding YB, Nie WS, Li WJ, Chang Q
371 - 381 In-situ synthesis of 3D microsphere-like In2S3/InVO4 heterojunction with efficient photocatalytic activity for tetracycline degradation under visible light irradiation
Yuan XZ, Jiang LB, Liang J, Pan Y, Zhang J, Wang H, Leng LJ, Wu ZB, Guan RP, Zeng GM
382 - 392 High-throughput extraction and separation of Ce(III) and Pr(III) using a chaotic advection microextractor
Xie TL, Chen MX, Xu C, Chen J
393 - 399 Robust photocatalytic reduction of Cr(VI) on UiO-66-NH2(Zr/Hf) metal-organic framework membrane under sunlight irradiation
Du XD, Yi XH, Wang P, Zheng WW, Deng JG, Wang CC
400 - 412 Capacitive deionization performance of CNTs-Si-Ag based electrodes for the removal of heat stable salts from methyldiethanolamine (MDEA) solution in natural gas sweetening units
Arora N, Banat F, Alhseinat E
413 - 422 A ratiometric optical thermometer with high sensitivity and superior signal discriminability based on Na3Sc2P3O12: Eu2+, Mn2+ thermochromic phosphor
Zhang XG, Zhu ZP, Guo ZY, Sun ZS, Chen YB
423 - 435 Development of a novel bi-enzymatic silver dendritic hierarchical nanostructure cascade catalytic system for efficient conversion of starch into gluconic acid
Rezaei S, Landarani-Isfahani A, Moghadam M, Tangestaninejad S, Mirkhani V, Mohammadpoor-Baltork I
436 - 444 Janus-like boronate affinity magnetic molecularly imprinted nanobottles for specific adsorption and fast separation of luteolin
Yao JT, Ma Y, Liu JX, Liu SC, Pan JM
445 - 452 Modelling of a liquid-liquid-solid-gas system: Hydrogenation of dispersed liquid sodium to sodium hydride
Salmi T, Russo V
453 - 460 Characterization of the interaction of rare earth elements with P507 in a microfluidic extraction system using spectroscopic analysis
Chen KH, He Y, Srinivasakannan C, Li SW, Yin SH, Peng JH, Guo SH, Zhang LB
461 - 471 Catalytic depolymerization of organosolv lignin from bagasse by carbonaceous solid acids derived from hydrothermal of lignocellulosic compounds
Asawaworarit P, Daorattanachai P, Laosiripojana W, Sakdaronnarong C, Shotipruk A, Laosiripojana N
472 - 482 Promotion of peroxydisulfate activation over Cu0.84Bi2.08O4 for visible light induced photodegradation of ciprofloxacin in water matrix
Tang H, Dai Z, Xie XD, Wen ZP, Chen R
483 - 491 In-situ growth of 1T/2H-MoS2 on carbon fiber cloth and the modification of SnS2 nanoparticles: A three-dimensional heterostructure for high-performance flexible lithium-ion batteries
Lin XP, Xue DY, Zhao LZ, Zong FY, Duan XC, Pan X, Zhang JM, Li QH
492 - 505 Liquid-liquid extraction of calcium using ionic liquids in spiral microfluidics
Marsousi S, Karimi-Sabet J, Moosavian MA, Amini Y
506 - 515 Complete nitrogen removal and electricity production in Thauera-dominated air-cathode single chambered microbial fuel cell
Yang N, Zhan GQ, Li DP, Wang X, He XH, Liu H
516 - 523 Gelatin cages: The formation and characterization of carriers for housing catalyst cargoes
Zhang XM, Simone G
524 - 533 Enhanced anoxic biodegradation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in aged soil pretreated by hydrogen peroxide
Gou YL, Yang SC, Cheng YJ, Song Y, Qiao PW, Li PZ, Ma JS
534 - 542 A novel storage driven granular post denitrification process: Long-term effects of volume reduction on phosphate recovery
Salehi S, Cheng KY, Heitz A, Ginige MP
543 - 553 Glutathione and H2O2 consumption promoted photodynamic and chemotherapy based on biodegradable MnO2-Pt@Au-25 nanosheets
Bi HT, Dai YL, Yang PP, Xu JT, Yang D, Gai SL, He FH, An GH, Zhong CN, Lin J
554 - 569 Experimental and numerical investigation of the influence of laterally sprayed water mist on a methane-air jet flame
Li HT, Chen XK, Shu CM, Wang QH, Zhang YN
570 - 579 Evaluation of micromixing in helically coiled microreactors using artificial intelligence approaches
Izadi M, Rahimi M, Beigzadeh R
580 - 591 Self-assembly photocatalytic reduction synthesis of graphene-encapusulated LaNiO3 nanoreactor with high efficiency and stability for photocatalytic water splitting to hydrogen
Lv T, Wu MH, Guo MX, Liu Q, Jia LS
592 - 597 A novel microfluidic enzyme-organocatalysis combination strategy for ringopening copolymerizations of lactone, lactide and cyclic carbonate
Huang WJ, Zhu N, Liu YH, Wang J, Zhong J, Sun Q, Sun T, Hu X, Fang Z, Guo K
598 - 608 Novel heterogeneous denitrification catalyst over a wide temperature range: Synergy between CeO2, ZrO2 and TiO2
Gong PJ, Xie JL, Fang D, Liu XQ, He F, Li FX
609 - 621 Two phase gas-liquid stratified laminar flows in tubular reactors sustaining liquid phase reactions
Ramji S, Vir A, Pushpavanam S
622 - 631 Achieving efficient and inexpensive vanadium flow battery by combining CexZr1-xO2 electrocatalyst and hydrocarbon membrane
Yu LH, Un F, Xiao WD, Xu L, Xi JY
632 - 640 Wet scrubber coupled with UV/PMS process for efficient removal of gaseous VOCs: Roles of sulfate and hydroxyl radicals
Xie RJ, Ji J, Guo KH, Lei DX, Fan QJ, Leung DYC, Huang HB
641 - 661 Shape-stabilized phase change materials based on porous supports for thermal energy storage applications
Huang XB, Chen X, Li A, Atinafu D, Gao HY, Dong WJ, Wang G
662 - 672 Follow-up mechanism study on NO oxidation with vaporized H2O2 catalyzed by Fe2O3 in a fixed-bed reactor
Wu B, Zhang SP, He SS, Xiong YQ
673 - 679 Toward a mechanistic understanding of microfluidic droplet-based extraction and separation of lanthanides
Zhang H, Wang HZ, Luo XJ, Leung DYC, Pang QS, Xu H, Zhang L, Xuan J
680 - 692 Zinc ferrite nanoparticle decorated boron nitride nanosheet: Preparation, magnetic field arrangement, and flame retardancy
Zhang QR, Li ZW, Li XH, Yu LG, Zhang ZJ, Wu ZS
693 - 701 Synthesis of imprinted styrene-maleic acid functionalized resin for enantio-selective extraction of R-amphetamine
Monier M, Youssef I, Abdel-Latif DA
702 - 716 Development of new multifunctional filter based nonwovens for organics pollutants reduction and detoxification: High catalytic and antibacterial activities
Nabil B, Morshed MN, Ahmida E, Nemeshwaree B, Christine C, Julien V, Olivier T, Abdelkrim A
717 - 726 Highly efficient removal of trimethoprim based on peroxymonosulfate activation by carbonized resin with Co doping: Performance, mechanism and degradation pathway
Liu Y, Guo HG, Zhang YL, Cheng X, Zhou P, Deng J, Wang JQ, Li W
727 - 736 COx free hydrogen production through water-gas shift reaction in different hybrid multifunctional reactors
Sori MA, Roch C, Tosti S, Mendes A, Madeira LM
737 - 745 Functional UiO-66 for the removal of sulfur-containing compounds in gas and liquid mixtures: A molecular simulation study
Wei W, Zhang K, Qiao ZW, Jiang JW
746 - 755 Cornlike ordered N-doped carbon coated hollow Fe3O4 by magnetic self-assembly for the application of Li-ion battery
Wang Y, Chen L, Liu HT, Xiong ZM, Zhao L, Liu SH, Huang CM, Zhao YM
756 - 770 Syngas production via solar-driven chemical looping methane reforming from redox cycling of ceria porous foam in a volumetric solar reactor
Chuayboon S, Abanades S, Rodat S
771 - 780 Integrated treatment of reverse osmosis brines coupling electrocoagulation with advanced oxidation processes
Azerrad SP, Isaacs M, Dosoretz CG
781 - 790 Undamaged depositing large-area ZnO quantum dots/RGO films on photoelectrodes for the construction of pure Z-scheme
Jiao ZB, Guan XG, Wang M, Wang QM, Xu BH, Bi YP, Zhao XS
791 - 798 Quantifying chlorine-reactive substances to establish a chlorine decay model of reclaimed water using chemical chlorine demands
Wang YH, Wu YH, Du Y, Li Q, Cong Y, Huo ZY, Chen Z, Yang HW, Liu SM, Hu HY
799 - 810 Degradation of ibuprofen by thermally activated persulfate in soil systems
Liu YK, Wang SY, Wu YL, Chen HC, Shi YH, Liu M, Dong WB
811 - 818 Photomagnetic nanoparticles in dual-modality imaging and photo-sonodynamic activity against bacteria
Wang ZF, Liu CC, Zhao YM, Hu M, Ma DD, Zhang P, Xue YW, Li XY
819 - 829 The facile fabrication of novel visible-light-driven Z-scheme CuInS2/Bi2WO6 heterojunction with intimate interface contact by in situ hydrothermal growth strategy for extraordinary photocatalytic performance
Lu XY, Che WJ, Hu XF, Wang Y, Zhang AT, Deng F, Luo SL, Dionysiou DD
830 - 838 Production of anhydrous biobutanol using a biosorbent developed from oat hulls
Huang Q, Niu CH, Dalai AK
839 - 849 Impact of photocatalyst optical properties on the efficiency of solar photocatalytic reactors rationalized by the concepts of initial rate of photon absorption (IRPA) dimensionless boundary layer of photon absorption and apparent optical thickness
Acosta-Herazo R, Mueses MA, Li Puma G, Machuca-Martinez F
850 - 856 Self-assembly of hierarchical N-heterocycles-inorganic materials into three-dimensional structure for superior corrosion protection
Al Zoubi W, Ko YG
857 - 868 Construction of novel Z-scheme nitrogen-doped carbon dots/{001} TiO2 nanosheet photocatalysts for broad-spectrum-driven diclofenac degradation: Mechanism insight, products and effects of natural water matrices
Wang FL, Wu YL, Wang YF, Li JH, Jin XY, Zhang QX, Li RB, Yan SC, Liu HJ, Feng YP, Liu GG, Lv WY
869 - 876 Origami system for efficient solar driven distillation in emergency water supply
Xu Y, Ma JX, Liu DQ, Xu HB, Cui FY, Wang W
877 - 885 Fast synthesis and separation of nanoparticles via in-situ reactive flash nanoprecipitation and pH tuning
Zhu ZX, Xu P, Fan GK, Liu NN, Xu SQ, Li XL, Xue HG, Shao CH, Guo YL
886 - 894 Tunable zero-order drug delivery systems created by modified triaxial electrospinning
Liu XK, Yang YY, Yu DG, Zhu MJ, Zhao M, Williams GR
895 - 903 In situ catalytic growth 3D multi-layers graphene sheets coated nano-silicon anode for high performance lithium-ion batteries
Wang MS, Wang GL, Wang S, Zhang J, Wang J, Zhong W, Tang F, Yang ZL, Zheng J, Li X
904 - 914 Peroxymonosulfate activation for efficient sulfamethoxazole degradation by Fe3O4/beta-FeOOH nanocomposites: Coexistence of radical and non-radical reactions
Li CX, Wu JE, Peng W, Fang ZD, Liu J
915 - 925 Photocatalytic self-cleaning carbon nitride nanotube intercalated reduced graphene oxide membranes for enhanced water purification
Wei YB, Zhu YX, Jiang YJ
926 - 933 beta-Ketoenamine-linked covalent organic framework coating for ultra-high-performance solid-phase microextraction of polybrominated diphenyl ethers from environmental samples
Liu L, Meng WK, Zhou YS, Wang X, Xu GJ, Wang ML, Lin JM, Zhao RS
934 - 949 Double network shape memory hydrogels activated by near-infrared with high mechanical toughness, nontoxicity, and 3D printability
Dai WT, Guo HL, Gao B, Ruan ML, Xu LQ, Wu JP, Kirk TB, Xu JK, Ma D, Xue W
950 - 954 Fabrication of porous SnS nanosheets and their combination with conductive polymer for hybrid thermoelectric application
Ju H, Park D, Kim J
955 - 963 A facile dissolved and reassembled strategy towards sandwich-like rGO@NiCoAl-LDHs with excellent supercapacitor performance
Guo DX, Song XM, Tan LC, Ma HY, Sun WF, Pang HJ, Zhang LL, Wang XM
964 - 972 Impregnation of hydrotalcite with NaNO3 for enhanced high-temperature CO2 sorption uptake
Kim S, Lee KB
973 - 984 Electron beam induced degradation of ofloxacin in aqueous solution: Kinetics, removal mechanism and cytotoxicity assessment
Changotra R, Guin JP, Khader SA, Varshney L, Dhir A
985 - 993 Hierarchically structured Co9S8@NiCo2O4 nanobrushes for high-performance flexible asymmetric supercapacitors
Liu Q, Hong XD, Zhang X, Wang W, Guo WX, Liu XY, Ye MD
994 - 1002 Highly fluorescent N-doped carbon dots with two-photon emission for ultrasensitive detection of tumor marker and visual monitor anticancer drug loading and delivery
Gong PW, Sun L, Wang F, Liu XC, Yan ZQ, Wang MZ, Zhang L, Tian ZZ, Liu Z, You JM
1003 - 1013 Fabricating MoS2 nanoflakes photoanode with unprecedented high photoelectrochemical performance and multi-pollutants degradation test for water treatment
Zhou YR, Fan X, Zhang G, Dong WY
1014 - 1021 Towards microbial biofuel cells: Improvement of charge transfer by self-modification of microoganisms with conducting polymer - Polypyrrole
Kisieliute A, Popov A, Apetrei RM, Carac G, Morkvenaite-Vilkonciene I, Ramanaviciene A, Ramanavicius A
1022 - 1031 One-step synthesis of novel Fe3C@nitrogen-doped carbon nanotubes/graphene nanosheets for catalytic degradation of Bisphenol A in the presence of peroxymonosulfate
Ma WJ, Wang N, Du YC, Tong TZ, Zhang LJ, Lin KYA, Han XJ
1032 - 1041 Degradation of three nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs by UV/persulfate: Degradation mechanisms, efficiency in effluents disposal
Fu YY, Gao XS, Geng JJ, Li SL, Wu G, Ren HQ
1042 - 1051 Heterostructured SnS-ZnS@C hollow nanoboxes embedded in graphene for high performance lithium and sodium ion batteries
Zhang Y, Wang PX, Yin YY, Zhang XY, Fan LS, Zhang NQ, Sun KN
1052 - 1061 Rational design of few-layered ReS2 nanosheets/N-doped mesoporous carbon nanocomposites for high-performance pseudocapacitive lithium storage
Liu S, Lei WW, Liu Y
1062 - 1069 Temperature dependence of non-thermal plasma assisted hydrocracking of toluene to lower hydrocarbons in a dielectric barrier discharge reactor
Saleem F, Zhang K, Harvey A
1070 - 1070 RETRACTION: Carbon dot/TAT peptide co-conjugated bubble nanoliposome for multicolor cell imaging, nuclear-targeted delivery, and chemo/photothermal synergistic therapy (Retraction of Vol 86, Pg 818, 2016)
Roy E, Patra S, Madhuri R, Sharma PK