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1 - 10 Georgeite: A rare copper mineral with important drinking water implications
Lytle DA, Wahman DG, Schock MR, Nadagouda MN, Harmon S, Webster K, Botkins J
11 - 21 Simultaneous SO2 removal and CO2 reduction in a nano-BiVO4 vertical bar Cu-In nanoalloy photoelectrochemical cell
Li KJ, Han J, Yang Y, Wang T, Feng YQ, Ajmal S, Liu YY, Deng Y, Tahir MA, Zhang LW
22 - 32 Calcium peroxide promotes hydrogen production from dark fermentation of waste activated sludge
Wang DB, Zhang D, Xu QX, Liu YW, Wang QL, Ni BJ, Yang Q, Li XM, Yang F
33 - 48 Advances in functionalizing fucoidans and alginates (bio)polymers by structural modifications: A review
Fernando IPS, Kim D, Nah JW, Jeon YJ
49 - 57 Realizing high performance solar water oxidation for Ti-doped hematite nanoarrays by synergistic decoration with ultrathin cobalt-iron phosphate nanolayers
Liu G, Zhao Y, Yao R, Li N, Wang MH, Ren HJ, Li JP, Zhao C
58 - 64 Non-catalytic ethane cracking using concentrated solar energy
Lei FQ, Freiberg L, Wang YG, Reddick I, Jovanovic G, Yokochi A, AuYeung N
65 - 75 Zero-valent iron activated persulfate remediation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon-contaminated soils: An in situ pilot-scale study
Song Y, Fang GD, Zhu CY, Zhu FX, Wu S, Chen N, Wu TL, Wang YJ, Gao J, Zhou DM
76 - 90 Competitive adsorption of methane and ethane in montmorillonite nanopores of shale at supercritical conditions: A grand canonical Monte Carlo simulation study
Wang S, Feng QH, Javadpour F, Hu QH, Wu KL
91 - 102 Solar photo-Fenton oxidation for the removal of ampicillin, total cultivable and resistant E-coli and ecotoxicity from secondary-treated wastewater effluents
Ioannou-Ttofa L, Raj S, Prakash H, Fatta-Kassinos D
103 - 108 Co/C/Fe/C hierarchical flowers with strawberry-like surface as surface plasmon for enhanced permittivity, permeability, and microwave absorption properties
Liu L, He N, Wu T, Hu PB, Tong GX
109 - 117 Ferrate(VI) based chemical oxidation for the remediation of aged PCB contaminated soil: Comparison with conventional oxidants and study of limiting factors
Monfort O, Usman M, Soutrel I, Hanna K
118 - 129 Metal-free catalytic ozonation on surface-engineered graphene: Microwave reduction and heteroatom doping
Wang YX, Cao HB, Chen CM, Xie YB, Sun HQ, Duan XG, Wang SB
130 - 136 Photocatalytic oxidation of roxarsone using riboflavin-derivative as a photosensitizer
Meng JZ, Xu F, Yuan SJ, Mu Y, Wang W, Hu ZH
137 - 149 Graphene oxide-tailored dispersion of hybrid barium titanate@polypyrrole particles and the dielectric composites
Yang JH, Xie X, He ZZ, Lu Y, Qi XD, Wang Y
150 - 158 Fast and efficient inactivation of antibiotic resistant Escherichia coli by iron electrode-activated sodium peroxydisulfate in a galvanic cell
Zhang LL, Ma HK, Huang XM, Yan ZX, Ding W, Li ZF, Cang DQ
159 - 169 Efficient capture of actinides from strong acidic solution by hafnium phosphonate frameworks with excellent acid resistance and radiolytic stability
Xiong LP, Lv K, Gu M, Yang CT, Wu FC, Han J, Hu S
170 - 180 The effect of air/fuel composition on the HC emissions for a twin-spark motorcycle gasoline engine: A wide condition range study
Liu XQ, Deng BL, Fu JQ, Xu ZX, Liu JP, Li M, Li Q, Ma ZW, Feng RH
181 - 185 One-step chemical exfoliation of graphite to similar to 100% few-layer graphene with high quality and large size at ambient temperature
Liu MJ, Zhang XS, Wu WY, Liu T, Liu YY, Guo B, Zhang RJ
186 - 195 Bacterial degradation of electrochemically oxidized textile effluent: Performance of oxic, anoxic and hybrid oxic-anoxic consortium
Santhanam M, Selvaraj R, Veerasubbian V, Sundaram M
196 - 207 Exceptional electromagnetic interference shielding and microwave absorption properties of room temperature synthesized polythiophene thin films with double negative characteristics (DNG) in the Ku-band region
Kulkarni G, Kandesar P, Velhal N, Phadtare V, Jatratkar A, Shinde SK, Kim DY, Puri V
208 - 237 Core-shell materials for advanced batteries
Lu WJ, Guo XT, Luo YQ, Li Q, Zhu RM, Pang H
238 - 246 Ultrafiltration membrane microreactor (MMR) for simultaneous removal of nitrate and phosphate from water
Gao Q, Wang CZ, Liu S, Hanigan D, Liu ST, Zhao HZ
247 - 254 The degradation of diethyl phthalate by reduced smectite clays and dissolved oxygen
Chen N, Fang GD, Liu GX, Zhou DM, Gao J, Gu C
255 - 268 Permittivity and chemical characterization of woody biomass during pyrolysis and gasification
Uzi A, Shen Y, Kawi S, Levy A, Wang CH
269 - 278 Continuous flow pulse corona discharge reactor for the tertiary treatment of drinking water: Insights on disinfection and emerging contaminants removal
Singh RK, Philip L, Ramanujam S
279 - 289 Comparison between MOF UTSA-16 and BPL activated carbon in hydrogen purification by PSA
Brea P, Delgado JA, Agueda VI, Uguina MA
290 - 298 A novel strategy for fabricating robust superhydrophobic fabrics by environmentally-friendly enzyme etching
Cheng Y, Zhu TX, Li SH, Huang JY, Mao JJ, Yang H, Gao SW, Chen Z, Lai YK
299 - 308 Fabrication of porous carbon nitride foams/acrylic resin composites for efficient oil and organic solvents capture
Bu XH, Lu Y, Chen SW, Li DX, Zhang ZW, Qian P
309 - 319 Ultra-high surface area and nitrogen-rich porous carbons prepared by a low-temperature activation method with superior gas selective adsorption and outstanding supercapacitance performance
Zhang Y, Liu L, Zhang PX, Wang J, Xu M, Deng Q, Zeng ZL, Deng SG
320 - 334 Synthetic architecture of integrated nanocatalysts with controlled spatial distribution of metal nanoparticles
Zhan GW
335 - 335 Hierarchically porous zeolite X composites for manganese ion-exchange and solidification: Equilibrium isotherms, kinetic and thermodynamic studies (vol 308, pg 476, 2017)
Al-Jubouri SM, Holmes SM
336 - 340 A novel functional material of Co3O4/Fe2O3 nanocubes derived from a MOF precursor for high-performance electrochemical energy storage and conversion application
Wei XJ, Li YH, Peng HR, Gao D, Ou YQ, Yang YB, Hu JR, Zhang YH, Xiao P
341 - 350 Efficient removal of As(III) by Cu nanoparticles intercalated in carbon nanotube membranes for drinking water treatment
Luan HY, Teychene B, Huang HO
351 - 366 Historic and futuristic review of electron beam technology for the treatment of SO2 and NOx in flue gas
Park JH, Ahn JW, Kim KH, Son YS
367 - 368 Hydrodynamics and mass transfer performance during the chemical oxidative polymerization of aniline in microreactors (vol 353, pg 769, 2018)
Song Y, Song JA, Shang MJ, Xu WH, Liu S, Wang BY, Lu QH, Su YH
369 - 379 Comprehensive solubility of N2O and mass transfer studies on an effective reactive N,N-dimethylethanolamine (DMEA) solvent for post-combustion CO2 capture
Ling H, Gao HX, Liang ZW
380 - 389 Ozone-assisted catalysis of CO: In situ Fourier transform IR evidence of the cooperative effect of a bimetallic Ag-Pd catalyst
Tou A, Kim HH, Einaga H, Teramoto Y, Ogata A
390 - 398 Electrospun Ti4O7/C conductive nanofibers as interlayer for lithium-sulfur batteries with ultra long cycle life and high-rate capability
Guo Y, Li J, Pitcheri R, Zhu JH, Wen P, Qiu YJ
399 - 415 Progress and challenges in photocatalytic disinfection of waterborne Viruses: A review to fill current knowledge gaps
Zhang C, Li Y, Shuai DM, Shen Y, Wang DW
416 - 427 Hierarchical structure electrodes of NiO ultrathin nanosheets anchored to NiCo2O4 on carbon cloth with excellent cycle stability for asymmetric supercapacitors
Ouyang Y, Huang RJ, Xia XF, Ye HT, Jiao XY, Wang L, Lei W, Hao QL
428 - 438 A comparative study of hybrid membrane photobioreactor and membrane photobioreactor for simultaneous biological removal of atrazine and CNP from wastewater: A performance analysis and modeling
Derakhshan Z, Ehrampoush MH, Mahvi AH, Dehghani M, Faramarzian M, Eslami H
439 - 447 Enhanced stability and electrocatalytic properties of Ti/RuxIr1-xO2 anodes produced by a new laser process
Santos GOS, Silva LRA, Alves YGS, Silva RS, Eguiluz KIB, Salazar-Banda GR
448 - 456 Enhanced 2, 4-dichlorophenol degradation at pH 3-11 by peroxymonosulfate via controlling the reactive oxygen species over Ce substituted 3D Mn2O3
Tian N, Tian XK, Nie YL, Yang C, Zhou ZX, Li Y
457 - 469 Phenomenological behavior coupling hydrodynamics and electrode kinetics in a flow electrochemical reactor. Numerical analysis and experimental validation
Rivera FF, Hidalgo PE, Castaneda-Zaldivar F, Terol-Villalobos IR, Orozco G
470 - 477 The functions of Pt located at different positions of HZSM-5 in H-2-SCR
Wang XP, Wang XJ, Yu HB, Wang XK
478 - 486 Honeycomb-like nitrogen and sulfur dual-doped hierarchical porous biomass carbon bifunctional interlayer for advanced lithium-sulfur batteries
Jiang SX, Chen MF, Wang XY, Zhang Y, Huang C, Zhang YP, Wang Y
487 - 497 Influence of (photo) bromination on the transformation, aggregation and sedimentation of graphene oxide
Li Y, Zhang M, Hao RJ, Wang HH, He XZ, Du TT, Yang X, Wang YY
498 - 509 Electrical resistivity tomography used to characterize bubble distribution in complex aerated reactors: Development of the method and application to a semi-industrial MBR in operation
Suard E, Clement R, Fayolle Y, Alliet M, Albasi C, Gillot S
510 - 519 Performance investigation of Pb(II) removal by synthesized hydroxyapatite based ceramic ultrafiltration membrane: Bench scale study
RoyChoudhury P, Majumdar S, Sarkar S, Kundu B, Sahoo GC
520 - 531 Kinetic model for adsorption and desorption of H2O and CO2 on hydrotalcite-based adsorbents
Coenen K, Gallucci F, Hensen E, Annaland MV
532 - 539 Novel smart textile with phase change materials encapsulated core-sheath structure fabricated by coaxial electrospinning
Lu Y, Xiao XD, Fu J, Huan CM, Qi S, Zhan YJ, Zhu YQ, Xu G
540 - 550 The effect of oxygen vacancies and water on HCHO catalytic oxidation over Co3O4 catalyst: A combination of density functional theory and microkinetic study
Deng JL, Song WY, Chen LL, Wang L, Jing MZ, Ren Y, Zhao Z, Liu J
551 - 559 Bimetallic copper cobalt selenide nanowire-anchored woven carbon fiber-based structural supercapacitors
Deka BK, Hazarika A, Kim J, Kim N, Jeong HE, Park YB, Park HW
560 - 571 Stable nitrite accumulation and phosphorous removal from nitrate and municipal wastewaters in a combined process of endogenous partial denitrification and denitrifying phosphorus removal (EPDPR)
Wang XX, Zhao J, Yu DS, Chen GH, Du SM, Zhen JY, Yuan MF
572 - 585 Performance of different biological waste air purification processes in treatment of a waste gas mix containing tert-butyl alcohol and acetone: A comparative study
Dobslaw D, Scholler J, Krivak D, Helbich S, Engesser KH
586 - 593 Enhanced hydrolysis of streptomycin from production wastewater using CaO/MgO solid base catalysts
Tang M, Dou XM, Tian Z, Yang M, Zhang Y
594 - 601 Reverting fluoroform back to chlorodifluoromethane and dichlorofluoromethane: Intermolecular Cl/F exchange with chloroform at moderate temperatures
Han WF, Wang JC, Chen LL, Yang LT, Wang SC, Xi M, Tang HD, Liu WC, Song WY, Zhang JJ, Li Y, Liu HZ
602 - 623 Design and synthesis of covalent organic frameworks towards energy and environment fields
Cao S, Li B, Zhu RM, Pang H
624 - 636 Synergetic transformations of multiple pollutants driven by BiVO4-catalyzed sulfite under visible light irradiation: Reaction kinetics and intrinsic mechanism
Chen F, Yang Q, Yao FB, Ma YH, Wang YL, Li XM, Wang DB, Wang LL, Yu HQ
637 - 649 (MoS4)(2-) intercalated CAMoS(4)center dot LDH material for the efficient and facile sequestration of antibiotics from aqueous solution
Gupta K, Huo JB, Yang JCE, Fu ML, Yuan BL, Chen ZX
650 - 660 Applicability of HDPC-supported Cu nanoparticles composite synthesized from anaerobically digested wheat straw for octocrylene degradation in aqueous solutions
Fu D, Kurniawan TA, Li H, Wang LY, Chen Z, Li W, Wang YP, Wang HT, Li QB
661 - 670 Oscillations and hysteresis during hydrocarbon oxidation on a diesel oxidation catalyst: Predictive model
Peng PY, Harold MP, Luss D
671 - 678 Three-dimensional MoS2/rGO foams as efficient sulfur hosts for high-performance lithium-sulfur batteries
You Y, Ye YW, Wei ML, Sun WJ, Tang Q, Zhang J, Chen X, Li HQ, Xu J
679 - 686 Novel room-temperature synthesis of MIL-100(Fe) and its excellent adsorption performances for separation of light hydrocarbons
Yuan BQ, Wang X, Zhou X, Xiao J, Li Z
687 - 696 3-Dimensional hierarchically porous ZnFe2O4/C composites with stable performance as anode materials for Li-ion batteries
Feng DY, Yang H, Guo XZ
697 - 709 A novel multi-shelled Fe3O4@MnOx hollow microspheres for immobilizing U(VI) and Eu(III)
Song S, Zhang S, Huang SY, Zhang R, Yin L, Hu YZ, Wen T, Zhuang L, Hu BW, Wang XK
710 - 720 Competitive growth of alpha- and beta-transcrystallinity in isotactic polypropylene induced by the multilayered distribution of alpha-nucleating agents: Toward high mechanical performances
Luo SS, Zheng Y, Zheng Z, Wu H, Shen JB, Guo SY
721 - 730 Boosting performance of lanthanide magnetism perovskite for advanced oxidation through lattice doping with catalytically inert element
Miao J, Duan XG, Li J, Dai J, Liu B, Wang SB, Zhou W, Shao ZP
731 - 739 A novel photocatalytic optical hollow-fiber with high photocatalytic activity for enhancement of 4-chlorophenol degradation
Zhong NB, Chen M, Luo YH, Wang ZK, Xin X, Rittmann BE
740 - 751 Immobilization of boronic acid and vinyl-functionalized multiwalled carbon nanotubes in hybrid hydrogel via light-triggered chemical polymerization for aqueous phase molecular recognition
Liu SC, Zhang X, Ma Y, Bai X, Chen XP, Liu JX, Pan JM
752 - 759 3D urchin-like architectures assembled by MnS nanorods encapsulated in N-doped carbon tubes for superior lithium storage capability
Wang RR, Li BS, Lai LF, Hou MZ, Gao JC, Wu RB
760 - 776 Analysis of textural properties of CaO-based CO2 sorbents by ex situ USAXS
Benedetti A, Ilavsky J, Segre C, Strumendo M
777 - 783 Procedural growth of fungal hyphae/Fe3O4/graphene oxide as orderedstructure composites for water purification
Zhu WK, Lei J, Li Y, Dai LC, Chen T, Bai XY, Zhou J, Wang L, Duan T
784 - 796 Intercalation of barium into monoclinic tungsten oxide nanoplates for enhanced photoelectrochemical water splitting
Kalanur SS, Seo H
797 - 804 Selective separation of cesium contaminated clays from pristine clays by flotation
Zhang HG, Tangparitkul S, Hendry B, Harper J, Kim YK, Hunter TN, Lee JW, Harbottle D
805 - 814 Pseudocapacitance behavior on Fe3O4-pillared SiOx microsphere wrapped by graphene as high performance anodes for lithium-ion batteries
Liao C, Wu SP
815 - 821 Tuning secondary building unit of Cu-BTC to simultaneously enhance its CO2 selective adsorption and stability under moisture
Wu YF, Lv ZQ, Zhou X, Peng JJ, Tang YN, Li Z
822 - 829 Polyethylenimine-impregnated resins: The effect of support structures on selective adsorption for CO2 from simulated biogas
Yang HY, Li WZ, Liu J, Sun YK, Liu WZ
830 - 839 Enhancing the stability and capacitance of vanadium oxide nanoribbons/3D-graphene binder-free electrode by using VOSO4 as redox-active electrolyte
Wang AY, Chaudhary M, Lin TW
840 - 849 Clean and energy-efficient mass production of biochar by process integration: Evaluation of process concept
Kim M, Park J, Yu S, Ryu C, Park J
850 - 857 Introduction of chemically bonded zirconium oxide in CaO-based high-temperature CO2 sorbents for enhanced cyclic sorption
Yoon HJ, Lee KB
858 - 870 Pyrolysis of wood pellets in the presence of oxygen carriers in a fluidised bed coupled with a DBD reactor for tar quantification
Zheng YY, Grant R, Hu WT, Scott SA
871 - 880 Sorption properties of carbamoylmethylphosphonated-based polymer combining both sorption and thermosensitive properties: New valuable hydrosoluble materials for rare earth elements sorption
Gomes Rodrigues D, Monge S, Pellet-Rostaing S, Dacheux N, Bouyer D, Faur C
881 - 890 2D MoSe2-Ni(OH)(2) nanohybrid as an efficient electrode material with high rate capability for asymmetric supercapacitor applications
Kirubasankar B, Palanisamy P, Arunachalam S, Murugadoss V, Angaiah S
891 - 900 Toward high-performance all-solid-state supercapacitors using facilely fabricated graphite nanosheet-supported CoMoS4 as electrode material
Wei M, Wang C, Yao YB, Yu SH, Liao WH, Ren JW, Sun R, Wong CP
901 - 909 Design and durability study of environmental-friendly room-temperature processable icephobic coatings
Wu XH, Zhao X, Ho JWC, Chen Z
910 - 919 Amorphous cerium phosphate on P-doped Fe2O3 nanosheets for efficient photoelectrochemical water oxidation
Bu XB, Gao YX, Zhang SH, Tian Y
920 - 941 Remediation of water pollution with native cyclodextrins and modified cyclodextrins: A comparative overview and perspectives
Sikder MT, Rahman MM, Jakariya M, Hosokawa T, Kurasaki M, Saito T
942 - 951 Designed growth of WO3/PEDOT core/shell hybrid nanorod arrays with modulated electrochromic properties
Shi YD, Zhang Y, Tang K, Cui JW, Shu X, Wang Y, Liu JQ, Jiang Y, Tan HH, Wu YC
952 - 962 Construction of Fe2O3/Co3O4/exfoliated graphite composite and its high efficient treatment of landfill leachate by activation of potassium persulfate
Guo RN, Meng Q, Zhang HX, Zhang XY, Li B, Cheng QF, Cheng XW
963 - 973 A new choice of polymer precursor for solvent-free method: Preparation of N-enriched porous carbons for highly selective CO2 capture
Zhang PX, Zhong Y, Ding J, Wang J, Xu M, Deng Q, Zeng ZL, Deng SG
974 - 985 Enhanced biocatalytic sustainability of laccase by immobilization on functionalized carbon nanotubes/polysulfone membranes
Costa JB, Lima MJ, Sampaio MJ, Neves MC, Faria JL, Morales-Torres S, Tavares APM, Silva CG
986 - 998 Co3Sn2/SnO2 heterostructures building double shell micro-cubes wrapped in three-dimensional graphene matrix as promising anode materials for lithium-ion and sodium-ion batteries
Hu XJ, Wang G, Wang BB, Liu XJ, Wang H
999 - 1010 D35-TiO2 nano-crystalline film as a high performance visible-light photocatalyst towards the degradation of bis-phenol A
Bai X, Yang L, Hagfeldt A, Johansson EMJ, Jin PK