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1 - 11 Evaluation of porous calcium silicate hydrate derived from carbide slag for removing phosphate from wastewater
Fang DX, Huang LP, Fang ZY, Zhang Q, Shen QS, Li YM, Xu XY, Ji FY
12 - 20 Quantitative-Structure-Activity-Relationship (QSAR) models for the reaction rate and temperature of nitrogenous organic compounds in supercritical water oxidation (SCWO)
Cheng ZW, Yang BW, Chen QC, Gao XP, Tan YJ, Yuan T, Shen ZM
21 - 34 Dimethyl ether to hydrocarbons over ZSM-5: Kinetic study in an external recycle reactor
Ortega C, Hessel V, Kolb G
35 - 41 Tube-in-tube hollow fiber catalytic membrane microreactor for the hydrogenation of nitrobenzene
Liu M, Zhu X, Chen R, Liao Q, Ye DD, Zhang B, Liu J, Chen G, Wang K
42 - 52 Enhanced catalytic ozonation treatment of dibutyl phthalate enabled by porous magnetic Ag-doped ferrospinel MnFe2O4 materials: Performance and mechanism
Wang ZM, Ma H, Zhang C, Feng J, Pu SY, Ren YM, Wang Y
53 - 61 Alkaline-assisted leaching of iron-cyanide complex from contaminated soils
Wei YM, Du L, Deng X, Liu XY, Mei XX, Shi DZ
62 - 74 Simulation and optimization of pressure swing adsorption process for high-temperature air separation by perovskite sorbents
Xu M, Wu HC, Lin YS, Deng SG
75 - 84 Facile synthesis of alpha-FeOOH/gamma-Fe2O3 by a pH gradient method and the role of gamma-Fe2O3 in H2O2 activation under visible light irradiation
Ma Y, Wang BB, Wang Q, Xing ST
85 - 92 The influence of low-temperature hydration methods on the stability of Cu-SAPO-34 SCR catalyst
Cao Y, Fan D, Tian P, Cao L, Sun TT, Xu ST, Yang M, Liu ZM
93 - 104 Electrochemical oxidation of volatile organic compounds in all-solid cell at ambient temperature
Zhang B, Chen M, Wang LA, Zhao X, Hu RZ, Chen H, Xie PH, Zhang CB, He H
105 - 112 Adsorptive removal of organophosphate flame retardants from water by non-ionic resins
Wang W, Deng SB, Li DY, Ren L, Wang B, Huang J, Wang YJ, Yu G
113 - 125 Strong promoted catalytic ozonation of atrazine at low temperature using tourmaline as catalyst: Influencing factors, reaction mechanisms and pathways
Wang D, Xu HD, Ma J, Lu XH, Qi JY, Song S
126 - 136 Hydrodynamics of a packed bed of non-spherical polydisperse particles: A fully virtual approach validated by experiments
Pozzobon V, Colin J, Perre P
137 - 148 Enhancement of char gasification in CO2 during chemical looping combustion
Marek EJ, Zheng YY, Scott SA
149 - 161 Fabrication of free-standing graphene oxide films using a facile approach toluene swollen paraffin peeling and green reduction of these films into highly conductive reduced graphene oxide films
Upadhyay RK, Naicker S, Barman A, Roy SS, Thundat T, Waghmare PR
162 - 171 Micromixing efficiency in a rotating packed bed with non-Newtonian fluid
Ouyang Y, Xiang Y, Gao XY, Li WL, Zou HK, Chu GW, Chen JF
172 - 181 Metal-organic frameworks converted flower-like hybrid with Co3O4 nanoparticles decorated on nitrogen-doped carbon sheets for boosted lithium storage performance
Li JB, Yan D, Hou SJ, Lu T, Yao YF, Pan LK
182 - 190 Design of oxygen-deficient NiMoO4 nanoflake and nanorod arrays with enhanced supercapacitive performance
Qing C, Yang CX, Chen MY, Li WH, Wang SY, Tang YW
191 - 196 Effect of surface morphology on catalytic activity for NO oxidation of SmMn2O5 nanocrystals
Ma SJ, Wang XW, Chen T, Yuan ZH
197 - 207 Effects of ordered mesoporous bimodal structures of Fe/KIT-6 for CO hydrogenation activity to hydrocarbons
Cho JM, Han GY, Jeong HK, Roh HS, Bae JW
208 - 219 Novel phosphorus-containing halogen-free ionic liquid toward fire safety epoxy resin with well-balanced comprehensive performance
Shi YQ, Fu T, Xu YJ, Li DF, Wang XL, Wang YZ
220 - 227 Scale-up production of high-tap-density carbon/MnOx/carbon nanotube microcomposites for Li-ion batteries with ultrahigh volumetric capacity
Liu HY, Wang JG, Hua W, Wang JJ, Nan D, Wei CG
228 - 236 Combination of multi-oxidation process and electrolysis for pretreatment of PCB industry wastewater and recovery of highly-purified copper
Min XY, Luo XB, Deng F, Shao PH, Wu X, Dionysiou DD
237 - 244 Adsorption kinetic and species variation of arsenic for As(V) removal by biologically mackinawite (FeS)
Zhou JM, Chen S, Liu J, Frost RL
245 - 253 Dual-templating synthesis of compressible and superhydrophobic spongy polystyrene for oil capture
Zhang N, Zhou Y, Zhang YN, Jiang W, Wang TH, Fu JJ
254 - 260 A novel three-dimensional hierarchical NiCo2O4/Ni2P electrode for high energy asymmetric supercapacitor
Jia H, Li Q, Li C, Song YY, Zheng HR, Zhao JG, Zhang WY, Liu XM, Liu ZL, Liu Y
261 - 268 Defluorination-assisted heteroatom doping reaction with ammonia gas for synthesis of nitrogen-doped porous graphitized carbon
Wang X, Wang WM, Qin R, Xu DZ, Li YL, Ou AP, Lai WC, Liu Y, Liu XY
269 - 284 Formation mechanisms and lengths of the bubbles and liquid slugs in a coaxial-spherical micro mixer in Taylor flow regime
Svetlov SD, Abiev RS
285 - 294 Icariin loaded-hollow bioglass/chitosan therapeutic scaffolds promote osteogenic differentiation and bone regeneration
Xu H, Ge YW, Lu JW, Ke QF, Liu ZQ, Zhu ZA, Guo YP
295 - 303 One pot synthesized CeO2-WO3-TiO2 catalysts with enriched TiO2 (001) facets for selective catalytic reduction of NO with NH3 by evaporation-induced self-assembly method
Zong LY, Zhang GD, Zhao HJ, Zhang JY, Tang ZC
304 - 313 Enhanced photo bio-reaction by multiscale bubbles
Zhao LHB, Lv M, Tang ZY, Tang T, Shan Y, Pan ZC, Sun YH
314 - 326 In situ crystallization kinetics and behavior of mannitol during droplet drying
Har CL, Fu N, Chan ES, Tey BT, Chen XD
327 - 334 Unique hollow NiO nanooctahedrons fabricated through the Kirkendall effect as anodes for enhanced lithium-ion storage
Park SK, Choi JH, Kang YC
335 - 345 Nanoarchitecture of advanced core-shell zero-valent iron particles with controlled reactivity for contaminant removal
Kaslik J, Kolarik J, Filip J, Medrik I, Tomanec O, Petr M, Malina O, Zboril R, Tratnyek PG
346 - 350 Wide potential window and high capacitance for flexible asymmetric supercapacitor based on Cu2Se nanobrush and hydrangea-like NiCo2O4 microspheres
Wu XM, Meng L, Wang QG, Zhang WZ, Wang Y
351 - 362 Enhanced azo dye decolorization and microbial community analysis in a stacked bioelectrochemical system
Kong FY, Ren HY, Pavlostathis SG, Wang AJ, Nan J, Ren NQ
363 - 369 Integral (VOCs, CO2, mercaptans and H2S) photosynthetic biogas upgrading using innovative biogas and digestate supply strategies
Franco-Morgado M, Toledo-Cervantes A, Gonzalez-Sanchez A, Lebrero R, Munoz R
370 - 377 Low temperature solid state synthesis of Li5FeO4 and CO2 capture mechanism via real time in situ synchrotron X-ray diffraction
Blanco MV, Kohopaa K, Snigireva I, Cova F
378 - 392 Modelling studies of enantioselective extraction of an amino acid derivative in slug flow capillary microreactors
Susanti, Schuur B, Winkelman JGM, Heeres HJ, Yue J
393 - 406 Synergistic effect between the redox property and acidity on enhancing the low temperature NH3-SCR activity for NOx removal over the Co0.2CexMn0.8-xTi10 (x=0-0.40) oxides catalysts
Chen LQ, Yuan FL, Li ZB, Niu XY, Zhu YJ
407 - 431 Recent advances in synthesis, modification and photocatalytic applications of micro/nano-structured zinc indium sulfide
Pan Y, Yuan XZ, Jiang LB, Yu HB, Zhang J, Wang H, Guan RP, Zeng GM
432 - 444 Polydopamine-assisted deposition of polypyrrole on electrospun poly (vinylidene fluoride) nanofibers for bidirectional removal of cation and anion dyes
Ma FF, Zhang D, Zhang N, Huang T, Wang Y
445 - 453 Enhanced chromium(VI) removal by zero-valent iron in the presence of anions and a weak magnetic field: Batch and column tests
Sun YK, Song YD, Qiao JL, Pan BC, Zhang WM, Guan XH
454 - 462 Metal-organic framework derived porous ternary ZnCo2O4 nanoplate arrays grown on carbon cloth as binder-free electrodes for lithium-ion batteries
Liu TQ, Wang WQ, Yi MJ, Chen QD, Xu C, Cai DP, Zhan HB
463 - 472 Electrostatic assembly of superwetting porous nanofibrous membrane toward oil-in-water microemulsion separation
Wang N, Zhai YY, Yang YY, Yang X, Zhu ZG
473 - 480 Enhanced superoxide radical production for ofloxacin removal via persulfate activation with Cu-Fe oxide
Wang Q, Wang BB, Ma Y, Xing ST
481 - 491 Degradation of 3-nitro-1,2,4-trizole-5-one (NTO) in wastewater with UV/H2O2 oxidation
Terracciano A, Christodoulatos C, Koutsospyros A, Zheng ZY, Su TL, Smolinski B, Arienti P, Meng XG
492 - 506 Bio-electro-Fenton processes for wastewater treatment: Advances and prospects
Li XH, Chen S, Angelidaki I, Zhang YF
507 - 516 Magnetic nitrogen-doped nanocarbons for enhanced metal-free catalytic oxidation: Integrated experimental and theoretical investigations for mechanism and application
Li HR, Tian JY, Zhu ZG, Cui FY, Zhu YA, Duan XG, Wang SB
517 - 524 Effect of Ti doping on heterogeneous oxidation of NO over Fe3O4 (111) surface by H2O2: A density functional study
Song ZJ, Wang B, Yu J, Ma C, Chen T, Yang W, Liu S, Sun LS
525 - 540 Role of NH3 oxidation in NOx reduction performance of dual-layer and mixed LNT-SCR configurations
Singh S, Bhatia D
541 - 552 Degradation of phenanthrene in sulfate radical based oxidative environment by nZVI-PDA functionalized rGO catalyst
Gu MB, Sui Q, Farooq U, Zhang X, Qiu ZF, Lyu SG
553 - 562 Significant enhancement of micropollutant photocatalytic degradation using a TiO2 nanotube array photoanode based photocatalytic fuel cell
Ye Y, Bruning H, Li XL, Yntema D, Rijnaarts HHM
563 - 568 Manufacturing process centered on dry-pulp direct kneading method opens a door for commercialization of cellulose nanofiber reinforced composites
Igarashi Y, Sato A, Okumura H, Nakatsubo F, Yano H
569 - 576 Insights on the statistical physics modeling of the adsorption of Cd2+ and Pb2+ ions on bentonite-chitosan composite in single and binary systems
Sellaoui L, Soetaredjo FE, Ismadji S, Bonilla-Petriciolet A, Belver C, Bedia J, Ben Lamine A, Erto A
577 - 588 Removal of Sb(V) from aqueous solutions using Fe-Mn binary oxides: The influence of iron oxides forms and the role of manganese oxides
Yang KL, Zhou JS, Lou ZM, Zhou XR, Liu YL, Li YZ, Baig SA, Xu XH
589 - 598 Advanced nutrient removal from ammonia and domestic wastewaters by a novel process based on simultaneous partial nitrification-anammox and modified denitrifying phosphorus removal
Zhao J, Wang XX, Li XY, Jia SY, Peng YZ
599 - 605 Efficient synthesis of sec-butanol from sec-butyl acetate under mild conditions with the basic ionic liquid catalysts
Wu CM, Gao ZY, Wang Y, Luo YB
606 - 615 Enhanced electro-Fenton performance by fluorine-doped porous carbon for removal of organic pollutants in wastewater
Zhao K, Quan X, Chen S, Yu HT, Zhang YB, Zhao HM
616 - 622 Germanium nanoparticles supported by 3D ordered macroporous nickel frameworks as high-performance free-standing anodes for Li-ion batteries
Liu X, Liu YS, Harris MM, Li JH, Wang KX, Chen JS
623 - 632 Enhanced antimonate (Sb(V)) removal from aqueous solution by La-doped magnetic biochars
Wang L, Wang JY, Wang ZX, He C, Lyu W, Yan W, Yang L
633 - 640 The effect of contaminants on the application of polyamine functionalised ion exchange resins for uranium extraction from sulfate based mining process waters
Amphlett JTM, Ogden MD, Foster RI, Syna N, Soldenhoff KH, Sharrad CA
641 - 652 Emissions and treatment of VOCs emitted from wood-based construction materials: Impact on indoor air quality
Harb P, Locoge N, Thevenet F
653 - 662 Nitrogen oxide removal from simulated flue gas by UV-irradiated electrolyzed seawater: Efficiency optimization and pH-dependent mechanisms
Yang SL, Han ZT, Pan XX, Liu BJ, Zhao DS
663 - 671 Fabrication of Sb2O3/PbO photocatalyst for the UV/PMS assisted degradation of carbamazepine from synthetic wastewater
Wang Z, Srivastava V, Iftekhar S, Ambat I, Sillanpaa M
672 - 679 Morphology engineering of electro-deposited iron oxides for aqueous rechargeable Ni/Fe battery applications
Song Y, Lu XC, Deng P, Hu WR, Sun Z, Liu XX, Sun XQ
680 - 691 Enhanced degradation of refractory organics in concentrated landfill leachate by Fe-0/H2O2 coupled with microwave irradiation
Chen WM, Zhang AP, Gu ZP, Li QB
692 - 705 Synthesis of Bi2S3/Bi2WO6 hierarchical microstructures for enhanced visible light driven photocatalytic degradation and photoelectrochemical sensing of ofloxacin
Adhikari S, Kim DH
706 - 715 Confinement of mesopores within ZSM-5 and functionalization with Ni NPs for deep desulfurization
Subhan F, Aslam S, Yan ZF, Liu Z, Etim UJ, Wadood A, Ullah R
716 - 726 Self-templated transformation of MOFs into layered double hydroxide nanoarrays with selectively formed Co9S8 for high-performance asymmetric supercapacitors
Yang QJ, Liu Y, Xiao LS, Yan M, Bai HY, Zhu FF, Lei Y, Shi WD
727 - 739 Efficient extraction of multivalent cations from aqueous solutions into sitinakite-based sorbents
Perovskiy IA, Khramenkova EV, Pidko EA, Krivoshapkin PV, Vinogradov AV, Krivoshapkina EF
740 - 752 Degradation of atrazine by persulfate activation with copper sulfide (CuS): Kinetics study, degradation pathways and mechanism
Peng JL, Lu XH, Jiang X, Zhang YH, Chen QX, Lai B, Yao G
753 - 757 Enhanced solubility of carbon dioxide for encapsulated ionic liquids in polymeric materials
Kaviani S, Kolahchyan S, Hickenbottom KL, Lopez AM, Nejati S
758 - 766 Degradation of oxytetracycline (OTC) and nitrogen conversion characteristics using a novel strain
Shao SC, Hu YY, Cheng JH, Chen YC
767 - 776 Designable synthesis of core-shell SiCw@C heterostructures with thickness-dependent electromagnetic wave absorption between the whole X-band and Ku-band
Dong S, Zhang WZ, Zhang XH, Hu P, Han JC
777 - 789 Synergistic degradation of antibiotic sulfamethazine by novel pre-magnetized Fe-0/PS process enhanced by ultrasound
Pan YW, Zhang Y, Zhou MH, Cai JJ, Li X, Tian YS
790 - 801 Combined experimental and theoretical investigation on selective removal of mercury ions by metal organic frameworks modified with thiol groups
Li J, Liu Y, Ai YJ, Alsaedi A, Hayat T, Wang XK
802 - 816 Production of nanostructured carbon materials using Fe-Mo/MgO catalysts via mild catalytic pyrolysis of polyethylene waste
Aboul-Enein AA, Awadallah AE
817 - 824 Robust and flexible strain sensors based on dual physically cross-linked double network hydrogels for monitoring human-motion
Xia S, Song SX, Gao GH
825 - 834 Deep oxidation and removal of arsenite in groundwater by rationally positioning oxidation and adsorption sites in binary Fe-Cu oxide/TiO2
Wei YF, Liu CB, Luo SL, Ma JH, Zhang YM, Feng HP, Yin K, He QY
835 - 848 Enhancement of Fe@porous carbon to be an efficient mediator for peroxymonosulfate activation for oxidation of organic contaminants: Incorporation NH2-group into structure of its MOF precursor
Liu C, Wang YP, Zhang YT, Li RY, Meng WD, Song ZL, Qi F, Xu BB, Chu W, Yuan DH, Yu B
849 - 855 Improvement in mechanical properties of SBR/Fly ash composites by in-situ grafting-neutralization reaction
Yang SY, Liang P, Peng XK, Zhou YX, Hua KH, Wu WJ, Cai ZD
856 - 865 Biochar modification significantly promotes the activity of Co3O4 towards heterogeneous activation of peroxymonosulfate
Chen LW, Yang SJ, Zuo X, Huang Y, Cai TM, Ding DH
866 - 874 Membrane filtration-based recovery of extracellular polymer substances from excess sludge and analysis of their heavy metal ion adsorption properties
Cao DQ, Song X, Fang XM, Yang WY, Hao XD, Iritani E, Katagiri N
875 - 884 Shish-kebab type MnCo2O4@Co3O4 nanoneedle arrays derived from MnCo-LDH@ZIF-67 for high-performance supercapacitors and efficient oxygen evolution reaction
Zhou JJ, Han X, Tao K, Li Q, Li YL, Chen C, Han L
885 - 895 In situ preparation of explosive embedded CuO/Al/CL20 nanoenergetic composite with enhanced reactivity
Zhu Y, Zhou X, Xu JB, Ma XX, Ye YH, Yang GC, Zhang KL
896 - 904 Covalently cross-linked graphene oxide aerogel with stable structure for high-efficiency water purification
Chen C, Zhu XY, Chen BL
905 - 912 Enhancing microalgae cultivation in anaerobic digestate through nitrification
Praveen P, Guo YC, Kang H, Lefebvre C, Loh KC
913 - 921 Preparation of a novel ultra-high temperature low-damage fracturing fluid system using dynamic crosslinking strategy
Zhang Y, Mao JC, Zhao JZ, Yang XJ, Zhang ZY, Yang B, Zhang WL, Zhang H
922 - 931 Adsorption model development for mass transport characteristics of MFEP structure by physisorption method
Xu GM, Guan WJ, Shi S, Blersch D
932 - 940 Excellent cycle life of electrode materials based on hierarchical mesoporous CoGa2O4 microspheres
Chen X, Chai H, Cao YL, Jia DZ, Liu AJ, Zhou WY
941 - 976 Graphene- and CNTs-based carbocatalysts in persulfates activation: Material design and catalytic mechanisms
Chen X, Oh WD, Lim TT
977 - 982 Kinetic separation of propylene over propane in a microporous metal-organic framework
Li LB, Lin RB, Wang XQ, Zhou W, Jia LT, Li JP, Chen BL
983 - 994 Highly-efficient degradation of amiloride by sulfate radicals-based photocatalytic processes: Reactive kinetics, degradation products and mechanism
Chen F, Yang Q, Wang DB, Yao FB, Ma YH, Li XM, Wang JJ, Jiang LH, Wang LL, Yu HQ
995 - 1006 MS2 bacteriophage inactivation using a N-doped TiO2-coated photocatalytic membrane reactor: Influence of water-quality parameters
Horovitz I, Avisar D, Luster E, Lozzi L, Luxbacher T, Mamane H
1007 - 1017 From semi-batch to continuous tubular reactors: A kinetics-free approach
Florit F, Busini V, Storti G, Rota R
1018 - 1031 Splicing process inspired cuckoo search algorithm based ENNs for modeling FCCU reactor-regenerator system
Zhu XH, Wang N
1032 - 1041 Preparation and characterization of a soy protein-based high-performance adhesive with a hyperbranched cross-linked structure
Zhang Y, Zhang M, Chen MS, Luo J, Li XN, Gao Q, Li JZ
1042 - 1049 Determination of intrinsic kinetic parameters in photocatalytic multi-tube reactors by combining the NTUm-method with radiation field modelling
van Walsem J, Roegiers J, Modde B, Lenaerts S, Denys S
1050 - 1057 Sodium ions pre-intercalation stabilized tunnel structure of Na2Mn8O16 nanorods for supercapacitors with long cycle life
Xu WN, Wan J, Huo WC, Yang Q, Li YR, Zhang CL, Gu X, Hu CG
1058 - 1067 Development of macroporous Magneli phase Ti4O7 ceramic materials: As an efficient anode for mineralization of poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances
Lin H, Niu JF, Liang ST, Wang C, Wang YJ, Jin FY, Luo Q, Huang QG
1068 - 1074 Intensified extraction and separation Pr (III)/Nd (III) from chloride solution in presence of a complexing agent using a serpentine microreactor
He Y, Chen KH, Srinivasakannan C, Li SW, Yin SH, Peng JH, Guo SH, Zhang LB
1075 - 1082 Shaping of ultrahigh-loading MOF pellet with a strongly anti-tearing binder for gas separation and storage
Zheng JY, Cui XL, Yang QW, Ren QL, Yang YW, Xing HB
1083 - 1091 Microorganism-decorated nanocellulose for efficient diuron removal
Liu J, Morales-Narvaez E, Vicent T, Merkoci A, Zhong GH
1092 - 1099 Co-treatment of septage and municipal wastewater in a quadripartite microbial desalination cell
Ebrahimi A, Kebria DY, Najafpour GD
1100 - 1109 Aqueous chlorination of benzodiazepines diazepam and oxazepam: Kinetics, transformation products and reaction pathways
Yang B, Xu C, Kookana RS, Williams M, Du J, Ying GG, Gu FL
1110 - 1119 Noval tannic acid-based polyether as an effective demulsifier for water-in-aging crude oil emulsions
Li ZW, Geng HK, Wang XJ, Jing B, Liu YF, Tan YB
1120 - 1131 Natural Fe-bearing manganese ore facilitating bioelectro-activation of peroxymonosulfate for bisphenol A oxidation
Yan SD, Zhang XP, Shi Y, Zhang H
1132 - 1140 Fabrication of Ni-Al LDH/nitramine-N-doped graphene hybrid composites via a novel self-assembly process for hybrid supercapacitors
Tian H, Bao WT, Jiang Y, Wang L, Zhang L, Sha O, Wu CQ, Gao FM
1141 - 1152 Fe3O4@MIL-100(Fe)-UCNPs heterojunction photosensitizer: Rational design and application in near infrared light mediated hypoxic tumor therapy
Wang XX, Xu JT, Yang D, Sun CQ, Sun QQ, He F, Gai SL, Zhong CN, Li CX, Yang PP
1153 - 1163 Immobilization of L-asparaginase on aspartic acid functionalized graphene oxide nanosheet: Enzyme kinetics and stability studies
Monajati M, Borandeh S, Hesami A, Mansouri D, Tamaddon AM
1164 - 1173 Synergistic coupling of lamellar MoSe2 and SnO2 nanoparticles via chemical bonding at interface for stable and high-power sodium-ion capacitors
Zhao X, Zhao YD, Liu ZH, Yang Y, Sui JH, Wang HE, Cai W, Cao GZ
1174 - 1184 New sucker-type precise capturer of tobacco specific nitrosamines derived from the SBA-15 in situ modified with polyaniline
Sun XD, Shi CL, Li SH, Wang YZ, Xiong JW, Qi DW, Wang WM, Yao HM, Wang Y, Zhu JH
1185 - 1196 Corrosive environments tolerant, ductile and self-healing hydrogel for highly efficient oil/water separation
Liu Y, Su MJ, Fu YB, Zhao PP, Xia M, Zhang YH, He BQ, He PX
1197 - 1207 Description of droplet coalescence and breakup in emulsions through a homogeneous population balance model
Castellano S, Sheibat-Othman N, Marchisio D, Buffo A, Charton S