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1 - 14 Triazine-based hyper-cross-linked polymers with inorganic-organic hybrid framework derived porous carbons for CO2 capture
Shao LS, Sang YF, Huang JH, Liu YN
15 - 24 Fabrication of two-dimensional Ni2P/ZnIn2S4 heterostructures for enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Li XL, Wang XJ, Zhu JY, Li YP, Zhao J, Li FT
25 - 33 A 3D coral-like structured NaVPO4F/C constructed by a novel synthesis route as high-performance cathode material for sodium-ion battery
Feng PY, Wang W, Hou J, Wang KL, Cheng SJ, Jiang K
34 - 45 Low-cost and high-throughput synthesis of copper nanopowder for nanofluid applications
Maji NC, Krishna HP, Chakraborty J
46 - 55 Management of nitrogen and phosphorus internal loading from polluted river sediment using Phoslock (R) and modified zeolite with intensive tubificid oligochaetes bioturbation
Yin HB, Zhu JC, Tang WY
56 - 68 Photocatalytic activity enhanced by synergistic effects of nano-silver and ZnSe quantum dots co-loaded with bulk g-C3N4 for Ceftriaxone sodium degradation in aquatic environment
Zhao YY, Liang XH, Shi HX, Wang YB, Ren YK, Liu EZ, Zhang X, Fan J, Hu XY
69 - 79 Surface-nucleated heterogeneous growth of zeolitic imidazolate framework - A unique precursor towards catalytic ceramic membranes: Synthesis, characterization and organics degradation
Bao YP, Oh WD, Lim TT, Wang R, Webster RD, Hu X
80 - 91 Synergistic effects and mechanisms of hydroxyl radical-mediated oxidative degradation of sulfamethoxazole by Fe(II)-EDTA catalyzed calcium peroxide: Implications for remediation of antibiotic-contaminated water
Amina, Si XY, Wu K, Si YB, Yousaf B
92 - 99 One-step synthesis of porous Li4SiO4-based adsorbent pellets via graphite moulding method for cyclic CO2 capture
Yang YD, Liu WQ, Hu YC, Sun J, Tong XL, Chen QJ, Li QW
100 - 114 Visible-light-driven photocatalytic degradation of 4-CP and the synergistic reduction of Cr(VI) on one-pot synthesized amorphous Nb2O5 nanorods/graphene heterostructured composites
Yang J, Hao JY, Xu SY, Dai J, Wang Y, Pang XC
115 - 125 A temperature-induced conductive coating via layer-by-layer assembly of functionalized graphene oxide and carbon nanotubes for a flexible, adjustable response time flame sensor
Chen WH, Liu PJ, Liu Y, Wang Q, Duan WF
126 - 137 One-step synthesis of Co-doped UiO-66 nanoparticle with enhanced removal efficiency of tetracycline: Simultaneous adsorption and photocatalysis
Cao J, Yang ZH, Xiong WP, Zhou YY, Peng YR, Li X, Zhou CY, Xu R, Zhang YR
138 - 146 Preparation of nano N-TiO2/graphene oxide/titan grid sheets for visible light assisted photocatalytic ozonation of cefixime
Sheydaei M, Shiadeh HRK, Ayoubi-Feiz B, Ezzati R
147 - 156 Sulfur-doped g-C3N4 nanosheets with carbon vacancies: General synthesis and improved activity for simulated solar-light photocatalytic nitrogen fixation
Cao SH, Fan B, Feng YC, Chen H, Jiang F, Wang X
157 - 166 Unexpected ultrafast and high adsorption of U(VI) and Eu(III) from solution using porous Al2O3 microspheres derived from MIL-53
Huang SY, Pang HW, Li L, Jiang SB, Wen T, Zhuang L, Hu BW, Wang XK
167 - 175 Effects of Fe(II) on Cd(II) immobilization by Mn(III)-rich delta-MnO2
Sun Q, Cui PX, Fan TT, Wu S, Zhu M, Alves ME, Zhou DM, Wang YJ
176 - 188 Microtomography-based CFD modeling of a fixed-bed reactor with an open-cell foam monolith and experimental verification by reactor profile measurements
Dong Y, Korup O, Gerdts J, Cuenya BR, Horn R
189 - 196 Highly efficient electrodes for supercapacitors using silver-plated carbon nanofibers with enhanced mechanical flexibility and long-term stability
Kim YI, Samuel E, Joshi B, Kim MW, Kim TG, Swihart MT, Yoon SS
197 - 207 Biogas purification by means of adsorption on pine sawdust-based activated carbon: Impact of water vapor
Duran I, Alvarez-Gutierrez N, Rubiera F, Pevida C
208 - 217 Electrochemical/peroxydisulfate/Fe3+ treatment of landfill leachate nanofiltration concentrate after ultrafiltration
Cui YH, Xue WJ, Yang SQ, Tu JL, Guo XL, Liu ZQ
218 - 224 Pre-oxidation of ammonium using nanofiltration membranes for partial nitrification preceding Anammox
Nawi MNM, Stuckey DC
225 - 236 Malic acid-enhanced chitosan hydrogel beads (mCHBs) for the removal of Cr(VI) and Cu(II) from aqueous solution
Zhang YZ, Lin SC, Qiao JQ, Kolodynska D, Ju YM, Zhang MW, Cai MF, Deng DY, Dionysiou DD
237 - 245 Combined CdS nanoparticles-assisted photocatalysis and periphytic biological processes for nitrate removal
Zhu NY, Tang J, Tang CL, Duan PF, Yao LG, Wu YH, Dionysiou DD
246 - 253 Effect of solution chemistry on the reactivity and electron selectivity of zerovalent iron toward Se(VI) removal
Qiao JL, Song YD, Sun YK, Guan XH
254 - 263 Chlorpyrifos and 3,5,6-trichloro-2-pyridinol degradation in zero valent iron coupled anaerobic system: Performances and mechanisms
Zhang F, Hou J, Miao LZ, Chen J, Xu Y, You GX, Liu SQ, Ma JJ
264 - 272 Three-dimensional hierarchical porous Na3V2(PO4)(3)/C structure with high rate capability and cycling stability for sodium-ion batteries
Ling R, Cai S, Xie DL, Li X, Wang MJ, Lin YS, Jiang S, Shen KE, Xiong KZ, Sun XH
273 - 287 Ordered mesoporous Zn-based supported sorbent synthesized by a new method for high-efficiency desulfurization of hot coal gas
Wu MM, Shi L, Lim TT, Veksha A, Yu F, Fan HL, Mi J
288 - 296 A Quantitative-Structure-Activity-Relationship (QSAR) model for the reaction rate constants of organic compounds during the ozonation process at different temperatures
Cheng ZW, Yang BW, Chen QC, Gao XP, Tan YJ, Ma YN, Shen ZM
297 - 304 Novel power-to-syngas concept for plasma catalytic reforming coupled with water electrolysis
Li K, Liu JL, Li XS, Lian HY, Zhu XB, Bogaerts A, Zhu AM
305 - 310 Electrochemical detection of arsenic contamination based on hybridization chain reaction and RecJ(f) exonuclease-mediated amplification
Gu HD, Yang YY, Chen F, Liu TT, Jin J, Pan Y, Miao P
311 - 318 PdCu nanoalloy immobilized in ZIF-derived N-doped carbon/graphene nanosheets: Alloying effect on catalysis
Zhao Q, Liu LJ, Liu R, Zhu LF
319 - 328 Effect of the wavelength on the pathways of 2-MIB and geosmin photocatalytic oxidation in the presence of Fe-N co-doped TiO2
Yuan RF, Wang SN, Liu D, Shao X, Zhou BH
329 - 339 MOF-templated synthesis of CoFe2O4 nanocrystals and its coupling with peroxymonosulfate for degradation of bisphenol A
Yang SJ, Qiu XJ, Jin PK, Dzakpasu M, Wang XCC, Zhang QH, Zhang L, Yang L, Ding DH, Wang WD, Wu K
340 - 349 New design on Li-ion battery anode of ternary complex metal/metal oxide@CNT: A case study of hierarchical NiCo-NiCo2O4@CNTs
Ding CY, Wang LJ, Zhou WW, Wang D, Du Y, Wen GW
350 - 360 A pH-induced charge convertible nanocomposite as novel targeted phototherapy agent and gene carrier
Yang Z, Hou B, Yang Y, Jiang LX, Xie AJ, Shen YH, Zhu MZ
361 - 372 Adsorption for phosphate by crosslinked/non-crosslinked-chitosan-Fe(III) complex sorbents: Characteristic and mechanism
Zhang BAQ, Chen N, Feng CP, Zhang ZY
373 - 380 An efficient high-throughput grafting procedure for enhancing carbon fiber-to-matrix interactions in composites
Eyckens DJ, Stojcevski F, Hendlmeier A, Arnold CL, Randall JD, Perus MD, Servinis L, Gengenbach TR, Demir B, Walsh TR, Henderson LC
381 - 393 Synergistic effect of carbon nanotube and graphene nanoplates on the mechanical, electrical and electromagnetic interference shielding properties of polymer composites and polymer composite foams
Zhang HM, Zhang GC, Tang M, Zhou LS, Li JT, Fan X, Shi XT, Qin JB
394 - 409 Photocatalytic treatment of VOC industrial emissions: IPA removal using a sensor-instrumented reactor
Debono O, Gaudion V, Redon N, Locoge N, Thevenet F
410 - 418 Remediation of hydrocarbon-heavy metal co-contaminated soil by electrokinetics combined with biostimulation
Ma YS, Li X, Mao HM, Wang B, Wang PJ
419 - 424 A flexible 3D graphene@CNT@MoS2 hybrid foam anode for high-performance lithium-ion battery
Ren J, Ren RP, Lv YK
425 - 435 Performance intensification of the polysulfone ultrafiltration membrane by blending with copolymer encompassing novel derivative of poly(styrene-co-maleic anhydride) for heavy metal removal from wastewater
Ibrahim GPS, Isloor AM, Inamuddin, Asiri AM, Ismail AF, Kumar R, Ahamed MI
436 - 452 Gas suction and mass transfer in gas-liquid up-flow ejector loop reactors. Effect of nozzle and ejector geometry
Opletala M, Novotny P, Linek V, Moucha T, Kordac M
453 - 459 Three-dimensional carbon framework as a promising anode material for high performance sodium ion storage devices
Wang PY, Yang BJ, Zhang GH, Zhang L, Jiao HY, Chen JT, Yan XB
460 - 471 A loose hybrid nanofiltration membrane fabricated via chelating-assisted in-situ growth of Co/Ni LDHs for dye wastewater treatment
Zhao S, Zhu HT, Wang Z, Song P, Ban M, Song XF
472 - 480 Hydrophobic 3D Fe/N/S doped graphene network as oxygen electrocatalyst to achieve unique performance of zinc-air battery
Chen YM, Wang H, Liu FS, Gai HJ, Ji SA, Linkov V, Wang RF
481 - 481 A novel micro-flow system under microwave irradiation for continuous synthesis of 1,4-dihydropyridines in the absence of solvents via Hantzsch reaction (vol 331, pg 161, 2018)
He W, Fang Z, Zhang K, Tu T, Lv NN, Qiu CH, Guo K
482 - 489 Removal of doxorubicin hydrochloride using Fe3O4 nanoparticles synthesized by euphorbia cochinchinensis extract
Weng XL, Ma L, Guo MY, Su YY, Dharmarajan R, Chen ZL
490 - 498 Activation of persulfate by modified drinking water treatment residuals for sulfamethoxazole degradation
Qi CD, Yu G, Huang J, Wang B, Wang YJ, Deng SB
499 - 506 Stamp-assisted printing of nanotextured electrodes for high-performance flexible planar micro-supercapacitors
Chen YB, Li XM, Bi ZJ, Li GJ, He XL, Gao XD
507 - 518 Development of wide-temperature vanadium-based catalysts for selective catalytic reducing of NOx with ammonia: Review
Xu JQ, Chen GR, Guo F, Xie JQ
519 - 532 Liquid distribution and hold-up measurement in counter current flow packed column by electrical capacitance tomography
Wu H, Buschle B, Yang YJ, Tan C, Dong F, Jia JB, Lucquiaud M
533 - 541 Performances and mechanisms of efficient degradation of atrazine using peroxymonosulfate and ferrate as oxidants
Wu SH, Li HR, Li X, He HJ, Yang CP
542 - 549 Synthesis of the mesoporous carbon-nano-zero-valent iron composite and activation of sulfite for removal of organic pollutants
Xu J, Wang XR, Pan F, Qin Y, Xia J, Li JJ, Wu F
550 - 558 Layer-by-layer assembled flame-retardant architecture toward high-performance carbon fiber composite
Shi XH, Xu YJ, Long JW, Zhao Q, Ding XM, Chen L, Wang YZ
559 - 583 Stimuli-responsive peptide-based biomaterials as drug delivery systems
Shah A, Malik MS, Khan GS, Nosheen E, Iftikhar FJ, Khan FA, Shukla SS, Akhter MS, Kraatz HB, Aminabhavi TM
584 - 594 Template-free synthesis of hierarchical porous carbon with controlled morphology for CO2 efficient capture
Chen CW, Huang H, Yu YK, Shi JW, He C, Albilali R, Pan H
595 - 605 Enhanced nitrate removal and high selectivity towards dinitrogen for groundwater remediation using biochar-supported nano zero-valent iron
Wei AL, Ma J, Chen JJ, Zhang Y, Song JX, Yu XY
606 - 614 N-S co-doped C@SnS nanoflakes/graphene composite as advanced anode for sodium-ion batteries
Shi JR, Wang YP, Su Q, Cheng FY, Kong XZ, Lin JD, Zhu T, Liang SQ, Pan AQ
615 - 625 Ultrathin mesoporous NiMoO4-modified MoO3 core/shell nanostructures: Enhanced capacitive storage and cycling performance for supercapacitors
Zhang XY, Wei L, Guo X
626 - 634 Performance of artificial sweetener sucralose mineralization via UV/O-3 process: Kinetics, toxicity and intermediates
Xu Y, Wu Y, Zhang W, Fan XH, Wang Y, Zhang H
635 - 635 An efficient and green pathway for continuous Friedel-Crafts acylation over alpha-Fe2O3 and CaCO3 nanoparticles prepared in the microreactors (vol 331, pg 443, 2018)
Fang Z, He W, Tu T, Lv NN, Qiu CH, Li X, Zhu N, Wan L, Guo K
636 - 644 Construction of a Bi2MoO6:Bi2Mo3O12 heterojunction for efficient photocatalytic oxygen evolution
Wu XL, Ng YH, Wen XM, Chung HY, Wong RJ, Du Y, Dou SX, Amal R, Scott J
645 - 656 Development of g-C3N4/TiO2/Fe3O4@SiO2 heterojunction via sol-gel route: A magnetically recyclable direct contact Z-scheme nanophotocatalyst for enhanced photocatalytic removal of ibuprofen from real sewage effluent under visible light
Kumar A, Khan M, Zeng XK, Lo IMC
657 - 665 Insight on the generation of reactive oxygen species in the CaO2/Fe(II) Fenton system and the hydroxyl radical advancing strategy
Xue YF, Sui Q, Brusseau ML, Zhang X, Qiu ZF, Lyu SG
666 - 678 Folded-hand silicon/carbon three-dimensional networks as a binder-free advanced anode for high-performance lithium-ion batteries
He Y, Xiang KX, Zhou W, Zhu YR, Chen XH, Chen H
679 - 688 Apacite nanocomposites: A novel bioactive, biocompatible and osteogenic product originated from atmospheric carbon dioxide processed spontaneously in Calcoline
Karimi M, Kalantarzadeh R, Saba G, Hafshejani TM, Shamsi M, Jahangir V, Jodaei A, Sadeghinik A
689 - 698 Organic solvent resistant membranes made from a cross-linked functionalized polymer with intrinsic microporosity (PIM) containing thioamide groups
Gao J, Japip S, Chung TS
699 - 707 Improvement of bioavailable carbon source and microbial structure toward enhanced nitrate removal by Tubifex tubifex
Kang Y, Zhang J, Li B, Zhang YJ, Sun HL, Ngo HH, Guo WS, Xie HJ, Hu Z, Zhao CC
708 - 716 An amphiphobic graphene-based hydrogel as oil-water separator and oil fence material
Hu WJH, Zhang PB, Liu XK, Yan B, Xiang L, Zhang JW, Gong L, Huang J, Cui KX, Zhu LP, Zeng HB
717 - 726 Acceptability of land application of alum-based water treatment residuals - An explicit and comprehensive review
Zhao YQ, Liu RB, Awe OW, Yang Y, Shen C
727 - 735 Furfural degradation through heat-activated persulfate: Impacts of simulated brine and elevated pressures
Manz KE, Adams TJ, Carter KE
736 - 745 Activation of persulfate by a novel Fe(II)-immobilized chitosan/alginate composite for bisphenol A degradation
Kang YG, Vu HC, Le TT, Chang YS
746 - 759 Seaweed-derived multifunctional nitrogen/cobalt-codoped carbonaceous beads for relatively high-efficient peroxymonosulfate activation for organic pollutants degradation
Zhao X, An QD, Xiao ZY, Zhai SR, Shi Z
760 - 768 Enhancement of Cr(VI) removal by mechanically activated micron-scale zero-valent aluminum (MA-mZVAl): Performance and mechanism especially at near-neutral pH
Zhang YX, Yang SY, Zhang YQ, Wu S, Xin J
769 - 780 Hydrodynamics and mass transfer performance during the chemical oxidative polymerization of aniline in microreactors
Song Y, Song JA, Shang MJ, Xu WH, Liu S, Wang BY, Lu QH, Su YH
781 - 795 Activated carbon impregnated by zero-valent iron nanoparticles (AC/nZVI) optimized for simultaneous adsorption and reduction of aqueous hexavalent chromium: Material characterizations and kinetic studies
Mortazavian S, An H, Chun D, Moon J
796 - 804 Experimental and numerical study of cavitating flow with suction in a mixing reactor for water treatment
Zhang YG, Tian YP, Zhang ZT, Lin SY
805 - 813 Visible-light-driven photocatalytic degradation of ciprofloxacin by a ternary Mn2O3/Mn3O4/MnO2 valence state heterojunction
Zhao JH, Zhao ZW, Li N, Nan J, Yu RX, Du JY
814 - 823 TiN modified NaTi2(PO4)(3) as an anode material for aqueous sodium ion batteries
Liu ZX, An YF, Pang G, Dong SY, Xu CY, Mi CH, Zhang XG
824 - 838 Graphitic carbon nitride modified graphene/Nie-Al layered double hydroxide and 3D functionalized graphene for solid-state asymmetric supercapacitors
Bandyopadhyay P, Li X, Kim NH, Lee JH
839 - 848 Montmorillonite based porous clay heterostructures modified with Fe as catalysts for selective catalytic reduction of NO with propylene
Yuan MH, Deng WY, Dong SL, Li QC, Zhao BT, Su YX
849 - 857 Single-walled carbon nanotube-mediated physical gelation of binary polymer blends: An efficient route to versatile porous carbon electrode materials
Kim Y, Kim S, Noh S, Kim S, Park G, Le TH, Han H, Kim YA, Yoon H
858 - 866 A numerical modelling study of SO2 adsorption on activated carbons with new rate equations
Li ZY, Liu YS, Wang HH, Tsai CJ, Yang X, Xing Y, Zhang CZ, Xiao P, Webley PA
867 - 877 Efficient removal of thallium(I) from wastewater using flower-like manganese dioxide coated magnetic pyrite cinder
Li HS, Li XW, Xiao TF, Chen YH, Long JY, Zhang GS, Zhang P, Li CL, Zhuang LZ, Li KK
878 - 889 Electrochemical communication in anaerobic digestion
Oh ST, Kang SJ, Azizi A
890 - 899 Enhanced oxidation resistance of NaBH4-treated mackinawite (FeS): Application to Cr(VI) and As(III) removal
Han YS, Lee CM, Chon CM, Kwon JA, Park JH, Shin YJ, Lim DH
900 - 910 Self-recoverable and mechanical-reinforced hydrogel based on hydrophobic interaction with self-healable and conductive properties
Deng Y, Hussain I, Kang MM, Li KW, Yao F, Liu SL, Fu GD
911 - 919 Specific uptake luteolin by boronate affinity-based single-hole hollow imprinted polymers sealed in dialysis bags
Bai X, Liu SC, Liu JX, Ma Y, Zhang WL, Pan JM
920 - 929 Flexible phase change materials for thermal storage and temperature control
Sun QR, Zhang HQ, Xue JJ, Yu XP, Yuan YP, Cao XL
930 - 939 Precisely fabricating Ce-O-Ti structure to enhance performance of Ce-Ti based catalysts for selective catalytic reduction of NO with NH3
Fei ZY, Yang YR, Wang MH, Tao ZL, Liu Q, Chen X, Cui MF, Zhang ZX, Tang JH, Qiao X
940 - 948 Low-cost DETA impregnation of acid-activated sepiolite for CO2 capture
Liu LB, Chen HB, Shiko E, Fan XF, Zhou YF, Zhang G, Luo X, Hu X
949 - 963 Multiphase flow studies for microscale hydrodynamics in the structured packed column
Singh RK, Galvin JE, Sun X