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1 - 9 Enhanced anaerobic phenol degradation by conductive materials via EPS and microbial community alteration
Yan WW, Sun FQ, Liu JB, Zhou Y
10 - 19 Graphene oxide hybrid poly(p-phenylene sulfide) nanofiltration membrane intercalated by bis(triethoxysilyl) ethane
Gao Y, Su KM, Li ZH, Cheng BW
20 - 28 Synthesis of biomass trans-anethole based magnetic hollow polymer particles and their applications as renewable adsorbent
Raza S, Yong XY, Raza M, Deng JP
29 - 38 A flexible all-solid-state asymmetric supercapacitors based on hierarchical carbon cloth@CoMoO4NiCo layered double hydroxide core-shell heterostructures
Zhao YH, He XY, Chen RR, Liu Q, Liu JY, Yu J, Li JQ, Zhang HS, Dong HX, Zhang ML, Wang J
39 - 44 Facile synthesis of Mn-based nanobelts with high catalytic activity for selective catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxides
Qi K, Xie JL, Hu H, Han D, Fang D, Gong PJ, Li FX, He F, Liu XQ
45 - 52 Alumina-coated mesoporous silica SBA-15 as a solid catalyst for catalytic conversion of fructose into liquid biofuel candidate ethyl levulinate
Babaei Z, Chermahini AN, Dinari M
53 - 63 Fabrication of composite membrane with adsorption property and its application to the removal of endocrine disrupting compounds during filtration process
Zhu YW, Wei JF, Zhang H, Liu K, Kong ZY, Dong Y, Jin G, Tian J, Qin Z
64 - 70 Carbon sphere-assisted solution combustion synthesis of porous/hollow structured CeO2-MnOx catalysts
Chen GZ, Song GL, Zhao W, Gao DW, Wei YW, Li CC
71 - 78 Record-high adsorption capacities of polyaniline-derived porous carbons for the removal of personal care products from water
Yoo DK, An HJ, Khan NA, Hwang GT, Jhung SH
79 - 89 Bioaugmentation of activated sludge with Achromobacter denitrificans PR1 for enhancing the biotransformation of sulfamethoxazole and its human conjugates in real wastewater: Kinetic tests and modelling
Nguyen PY, Carvalho G, Polesel F, Torresi E, Rodrigues AM, Rodrigues JE, Cardoso VV, Benoliel MJ, Plosz BG, Reis MAM, Oehmen A
90 - 102 Effect of the NO plus CO reaction on the consumption of carbon supports: An in situ TG-FTIR analysis
Wang LY, Cheng XX, Wang ZQ, Huang H, Ma CY, Qin YK
103 - 109 Na2CO3-doped CaO-based high-temperature CO2 sorbent and its sorption kinetics
Lee CH, Choi SW, Yoon HJ, Kwon HJ, Lee HC, Jeon SG, Lee KB
110 - 119 Catalytic transfer hydrogenation of biomass-derived 5-hydroxymethylfurfural into 2,5-dihydroxymethylfuran over magnetic zirconium-based coordination polymer
Hu L, Li T, Xu JX, He AY, Tang X, Chu XZ, Xu JM
120 - 132 Flow hydrodynamics of immiscible liquids with low viscosity ratio in a rectangular microchannel with T-junction
Kovalev AV, Yagodnitsyna AA, Bilsky AV
133 - 142 An acid-resistant magnetic Nb-substituted crystalline silicotitanate for selective separation of strontium and/or cesium ions from aqueous solution
Zhao XD, Meng QH, Chen G, Wu ZH, Sun GG, Yu GB, Sheng LS, Weng HQ, Lin MZ
143 - 150 UV-a photocatalytic degradation of the radionuclide complexants tributylphosphate and dibutylphosphate
Drinks E, Lepeytre C, Lorentz C, Dunand M, Mangematin S, Dappozze F, Guillard C
151 - 162 Integrated absorption-mineralisation for energy-efficient CO2 sequestration: Reaction mechanism and feasibility of using fly ash as a feedstock
Ji L, Yu H, Yu B, Jiang KQ, Grigore M, Wang XL, Zhao SF, Li KK
163 - 172 Fabrication and characterization of phosphorylated chitosan nanofiltration membranes with tunable surface charges and improved selectivities
Song YF, Hu QH, Li TM, Sun YK, Chen XX, Fan J
173 - 181 Robust, self-cleaning, amphiphobic coating with flower-like nanostructure on micro-patterned polymer substrate
Yao WH, Li L, Li OL, Cho YW, Jeong MY, Cho YR
182 - 187 Guiding bubble motion of rechargeable zinc-air battery with electromagnetic force
Wang KL, Liu XT, Pei PC, Xiao Y, Wang YC
188 - 197 Facile fabrication of ascorbic acid reduced graphene oxide-modified electrodes toward electroanalytical determination of sulfamethoxazole in aqueous environments
Chen CY, Chen YC, Hong YT, Lee TW, Huang JF
198 - 205 Pretreatment refining leads to constant particle size distribution of lignocellulose biomass in enzymatic hydrolysis
Gu HQ, An RX, Bao J
206 - 213 Cu3Ge/Ge@C nanocomposites crosslinked by the in situ formed carbon nanotubes for high-rate lithium storage
Liu XY, Lin N, Xu KL, Han Y, Lu Y, Zhao YY, Zhou JB, Yi Z, Cao CH, Qian YT
214 - 224 Bioaugmentated activated sludge degradation of progesterone: Kinetics and mechanism
Yu QM, Geng JJ, Huo HL, Xu K, Huang H, Hu HD, Ren HQ
225 - 231 Development of Cd2+ sensor based on BZNA/Nafion/Glassy carbon electrode by electrochemical approach
El-Shishtawy RM, Al-Ghamdi HA, Alam MM, Al-Amshany ZM, Asiri AM, Rahman MM
232 - 240 Catalytic hydrotreating of jatropha oil into non-isomerized renewable diesel: Effect of catalyst type and process conditions
del Rio JI, Cardeno F, Perez W, Pena JD, Rios LA
241 - 246 A rapid paper-based detection system for determination of human serum albumin concentration
Yang RJ, Tseng CC, Ju WJ, Wang HL, Fu LM
247 - 254 Heterogeneous fluidized-bed Fenton process: Factors affecting iron removal and tertiary treatment application
Anotai J, Wasukran N, Boonrattanakij N
255 - 261 Enhancing chlorophenol biodegradation: Using a co-substrate strategy to resist photo-H2O2 stress in a photocatalytic-biological reactor
Zhao MY, Shi JL, Zhao ZQ, Zhou DD, Dong SS
262 - 267 A two-staged system to generate electricity in microbial fuel cells using methane
Myung J, Saikaly PE, Logan BE
268 - 276 Fabrication of 3D graphene-CNTs/alpha-MoO3 hybrid film as an advance electrode material for asymmetric supercapacitor with excellent energy density and cycling life
Saeed G, Kumar S, Kim NH, Lee JH
277 - 282 Machine learning meets continuous flow chemistry: Automated optimization towards the Pareto front of multiple objectives
Schweidtmann AM, Clayton AD, Holmes N, Bradford E, Bourne RA, Lapkin AA
283 - 292 Degradation of dodecyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride (DDBAC) as a non-oxidizing biocide in reverse osmosis system using UV/persulfate: Kinetics, degradation pathways, and toxicity evaluation
Lee MY, Wang WL, Wu QY, Huang N, Xu ZB, Hu HY
293 - 305 Multi-scale reduced order models for transient simulation of multi-layered monolith reactors
Ratnakar RR, Dadi RK, Balakotaiah V
306 - 315 Simultaneous and efficient removal of Cr(VI) and methyl orange on LDHs decorated porous carbons
Chen SX, Huang YF, Han XX, Wu ZL, Lai C, Wang J, Deng Q, Zeng ZL, Deng SG
316 - 324 Bromate formation during the oxidation of bromide-containing water by ozone/peroxymonosulfate process: Influencing factors and mechanisms
Wen G, Qiang C, Feng YB, Huang TL, Ma J
325 - 332 Clarifying the capacity deterioration mechanism sheds light on the design of ultra-long-life hydrogen storage alloys
Wang CC, Zhou YT, Yang CC, Jiang Q
333 - 342 Effect of Na, K, Ca and P-impurities on diesel oxidation catalysts (DOCs)
Anguita P, Garcia-Vargas JM, Gaillard F, Iojoiu E, Gil S, Giroir-Fendler A
343 - 351 Catalytic activity of different iron oxides: Insight from pollutant degradation and hydroxyl radical formation in heterogeneous Fenton-like systems
Zhao L, Lin ZR, Ma XH, Dong YH
352 - 359 Energy transfer from VO43- group to Sm3+ ions in Ba-3(VO4)(2):3xSm(3+) microparticles: A bifunctional platform for simultaneous optical thermometer and safety sign
Du P, Hua YB, Yu JS
360 - 370 Constructing sphere-like cobalt-molybdenum-nickel ternary hydroxide and calcined ternary oxide nanocomposites for efficient removal of U(VI) from aqueous solutions
Yu SJ, Yin L, Pang HW, Wu YH, Wang XX, Zhang P, Hu BW, Chen ZS, Wang XK
371 - 379 Removal of 17 beta-estradiol by using highly adsorptive magnetic biochar nanoparticles from aqueous solution
Dong XW, He LZ, Hu H, Liu N, Gao S, Piao YX
380 - 388 Application of sulfate radicals from ultrasonic activation: Disintegration of extracellular polymeric substances for enhanced anaerobic fermentation of sulfate-containing waste-activated sludge
Wang H, Cai WW, Liu WZ, Li JQ, Wang B, Yang SC, Wang AJ
389 - 404 Modeling of three-way catalytic converter performance with exhaust mixtures from dithering natural gas-fueled engines
Zeng F, Finke J, Olsen D, White A, Hohn KL
405 - 411 Hybrid electrochemical-granular activated carbon system for the treatment of greywater
Garcia EA, Agullo-Barcelo M, Bond P, Keller J, Gernjak W, Radjenovic J
412 - 422 Z-scheme 2D/3D g-C3N4@ZnO with enhanced photocatalytic activity for cephalexin oxidation under solar light
Li N, Tian Y, Zhao JH, Zhang J, Zuo W, Kong LC, Cui H
423 - 430 A self-healable asymmetric fibered-supercapacitor integrated in self-supported inorganic nanosheets array and conducting polymer electrodes
Wu XM, Meng L, Wang QG, Zhang WZ, Wang Y
431 - 440 Techno-economic assessment of surrogate-based real-time control and monitoring of secondary effluent ozonation at pilot scale
Chys M, Audenaert WTM, Stapel H, Ried A, Wieland A, Weemaes M, Van Langenhove H, Nopens I, Demeestere K, Van Hulle SWH
441 - 449 Photocatalytic oxidation of isoflurane, an anesthetic gas: The influence of operating parameters
Whyte HE, Raillard C, Subrenat A, Hequet V
450 - 458 Detoxification and degradation of sulfamethoxazole by soybean peroxidase and UV + H2O2 remediation approaches
Al-Maqdi KA, Hisaindee S, Rauf MA, Ashraf SS
459 - 468 High-throughput fabrication of porous carbon by chemical foaming strategy for high performance supercapacitor
Ouyang TY, Zhang TY, Wang HZ, Yang F, Yan J, Zhu K, Ye K, Wang GL, Zhou LM, Cheng K, Cao DX
469 - 476 Biogenic manganese oxide: An efficient peroxymonosulfate activation catalyst for tetracycline and phenol degradation in water
Tian N, Tian XK, Nie YL, Yang C, Zhou ZX, Li Y
477 - 489 Insight into chloride effect on the UV/peroxymonosulfate process
Guan YH, Ma J, Liu DK, Ou ZF, Zhang WQ, Gong XL, Fu Q, Crittenden JC
490 - 500 A novel 3D silver nanowires@polypyrrole sponge loaded with water giving excellent microwave absorption properties
Yu LJ, Yang QX, Liao JL, Zhu YF, Li X, Yang WT, Fu YQ
501 - 509 Reduction of isoxazoles including sulfamethoxazole by aqueous Fe-II-tiron complex: Impact of structures
Chen YL, Dong H, Zhang HC
510 - 518 Fe3O4@LAS/RGO composites with a multiple transmission-absorption mechanism and enhanced electromagnetic wave absorption performance
Yang YA, Xia L, Zhang T, Shi B, Huang LN, Zhong B, Zhang XY, Wang HT, Zhang J, Wen GW
519 - 529 In-situ hydrothermal growth of Zn4Si2O7(OH)(2)center dot H2O anchored on 3D N, S-enriched carbon derived from plant biomass for flexible solid-state asymmetrical supercapacitors
Zhang YF, Jiang HM, Wang QS, Meng CG
530 - 538 Self-assembly and epitaxial growth of multifunctional micro-nano-spheres for effective separation of water-in-oil emulsions with ultra-high flux
Han XY, Hu JY, Chen K, Wang P, Zhang G, Gu JJ, Ding C, Zheng XS, Cao FF
539 - 548 Comparative study of activation methods to design nitrogen-doped ultra-microporous carbons as efficient contenders for CO2 capture
Rehman A, Park SJ
549 - 557 MnO2 enhances electrocatalytic hydrodechlorination by Pd/Ni foam electrodes and reduces Pd needs
Lou ZM, Zhou JS, Sun M, Xu J, Yang KL, Lv D, Zhao YP, Xu XH
558 - 571 A fundamental investigation of gas/solid mass transfer in open-cell foams using a combined experimental and CFD approach
Bracconi M, Ambrosetti M, Maestri M, Groppi G, Tronconi E
572 - 580 Elucidating the impact of Ni and Co loading on the selectivity of bimetallic NiCo catalysts for dry reforming of methane
Horlyck J, Lawrey C, Lovell EC, Amal R, Scott J
581 - 589 Comparative study of glyphosate removal on goethite and magnetite: Adsorption and photo-degradation
Yang Y, Deng QZ, Yan W, Jing CY, Zhang YL
590 - 600 Shape memory polyurethane nanocomposites with porous architectures for enhanced microwave shielding
Menon AV, Madras G, Bose S
601 - 611 Heterogeneous activation of peroxymonosulfate by LaFeO3 for diclofenac degradation: DFT-assisted mechanistic study and degradation pathways
Rao YF, Zhang YF, Han FM, Guo HC, Huang Y, Li RY, Qi F, Ma J
612 - 624 Phosphate recovery from water using cellulose enhanced magnesium carbonate pellets: Kinetics, isotherms, and desorption
Martin E, Lalley J, Wang WH, Nadagouda MN, Sahle-Demessie E, Chae SR
625 - 633 Facile fluorine-free one step fabrication of superhydrophobic aluminum surface towards self-cleaning and marine anticorrosion
Zhang BB, Zhu QJ, Li YT, Hou BR
634 - 643 Inexpensive metal oxides nanoparticles doped Na2CO3 fibers for highly selective capturing trace HCl from HCl/CO2 mixture gas at low temperature
Liang SY, Fan ZY, Zhang WD, Guo M, Cheng FQ, Zhang M
644 - 654 Methane surface diffusion capacity in carbon-based capillary with application to organic-rich shale gas reservoir
Song WH, Yao BW, Yao J, Li Y, Sun H, Yang YF, Zhang L
655 - 663 Influence of titanium dioxide nanoparticles on functionalities of constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment
Yang XY, Chen Y, Liu XB, Guo FC, Su XX, He Q
664 - 672 Enhanced photoactivity of Bi2WO6 by iodide insertion into the interlayer for water purification under visible light
Wang L, Wang ZQ, Zhang LL, Hu C
673 - 681 Enhanced activation of persulfate by carbohydrate-derived carbon cryogels for effective removal of organic pollutants
Liang L, Zhou MH, Yang WL, Jiang LL
682 - 694 Micro-reactor mixing unit interspacing for fast liquid-liquid reactions leading to a generalized scale-up methodology
Mielke E, Plouffe P, Mongeon SS, Aellig C, Filliger S, Macchi A, Roberge DM
695 - 703 MXene debris modified eggshell membrane as separator for high-performance lithium-sulfur batteries
Yin LX, Xu GY, Nie P, Dou H, Zhang XG
704 - 715 Liquid dispersion and gas absorption in a multi-stage high-speed disperser
Ai T, Mudassar AM, Cai ZQ, Gao ZM
716 - 721 Tannic acid-assisted fabrication of Fe-Pd nanoparticles for stable rapid dechlorination of two organochlorides
Liu MY, Huang RL, Che MD, Su RX, Qi W, He ZM
722 - 729 Continuous and controlled directional water transportation on a hydrophobic/superhydrophobic patterned surface
Xu C, Feng R, Song F, Wu JM, Luo YQ, Wang XL, Wang YZ
730 - 736 Effects of different carbon substrates on performance, microbiome community structure and function for bioelectrochemical-stimulated dechlorination of tetrachloroethylene
Chen F, Li ZL, Yang JQ, Liang B, Lin XQ, Nan J, Wang AJ
737 - 744 Experiment and modeling for flux and permeate concentration of heavy metal ion in adsorptive membrane filtration using a metal-organic framework incorporated nanofibrous membrane
Efome JE, Rana D, Matsuura T, Lan CQ
745 - 755 Chiral polyaniline with superhelical structures for enhancement in microwave absorption
Li X, Yu LJ, Yu LM, Dong YB, Gao Q, Yang QX, Yang WT, Zhu YF, Fu YQ
756 - 764 Anaerobic digestion restricted to phase I for nutrient release and energy production using waste-water grown Chlorella vulgaris
Khalid M, Johnson E, Vij A, Bouwer EJ, Janjua HA, Betenbaugh MJ
765 - 773 Graphene oxide-cellulose nanocrystal (GO-CNC) composite functionalized PVDF membrane with improved antifouling performance in MBR: Behavior and mechanism
Lv JL, Zhang GQ, Zhang HM, Yang FL
774 - 781 Creation of a multifunctional superhydrophobic coating for composite insulators
Peng WY, Gou XL, Qin HL, Zhao MY, Zhao XZ, Guo ZG
782 - 802 Efficient visible-light driven photocatalyst, silver (meta) vanadate: Synthesis, morphology and modification
Guo JY, Liang J, Yuan XZ, Jiang LB, Zeng GM, Yu HB, Zhang J
803 - 810 A thermostable anion-pillared metal-organic framework for C2H2/C2H4 and C2H2/CO2 separations
Jiang MD, Cui XL, Yang LF, Yang QW, Zhang ZG, Yang YW, Xing HB
811 - 817 Inhibition kinetics of ammonium oxidizing bacteria under Cu(II) and As(III) stresses during the nitritation process
Tang CJ, Duan CS, Liu P, Chai XL, Min XB, Wang S, Xiao RY, Wei ZS
818 - 827 Photodynamic therapy in hypoxia: Near-infrared-sensitive, self-supported, oxygen generation nano-platform enabled by upconverting nanoparticles
Niu N, Zhang Z, Gao X, Chen ZJ, Li SJ, Li J
828 - 836 Enhancing lead removal from water by complex-assisted filtration with acacia gum
Manawi Y, McKay G, Ismail N, Fard AK, Kochkodan V, Atieh MA
837 - 846 Radical assisted iron impregnation on preparing sewage sludge derived Fe/carbon as highly stable catalyst for heterogeneous Fenton reaction
Wen HF, Gu L, Yu HX, Qiao XB, Zhang DF, Ye JF
847 - 854 Feasibility of in situ enriching anammox bacteria in a sequencing batch biofilm reactor (SBBR) for enhancing nitrogen removal of real domestic wastewater
Zhang JH, Zhang L, Miao YY, Sun YW, Li XY, Zhang Q, Peng YZ
855 - 862 Effect of flocculation pre-treatment on membrane nutrient recovery of digested chicken slurry: Mitigating suspended solids and retaining nutrients
Luo HZ, Lyu T, Muhmood A, Xue Y, Wu HT, Meers E, Dong RJ, Wu SB
863 - 875 One-step in situ synthesis of CdS/SnO2 heterostructure with excellent photocatalytic performance for Cr(VI) reduction and tetracycline degradation
Zhang L, Niu CG, Liang C, Wen XJ, Huang DW, Guo H, Zhao XF, Zeng GM
876 - 885 Prestrain-free electrostrictive film sandwiched by asymmetric electrodes for out-of-plane actuation
Guo DJ, Han YB, Ding YH, Fang SM, Tan W
886 - 898 Study on in-situ regeneration and reaction mechanism of meta-xylene saturated resins with dielectric barrier discharge
Xiao ZH, Hao CJ, Yan ZY, Qiu J, Wang YF, Liu KF
899 - 908 Influence of EfOM on simultaneous rejection and degradation of PhACs during a forward osmosis coupled with electrochemical oxidation process
Liu PX, Yu XZ, Zhao Q, Cui YC, Li Y, Lu J, Hou B
909 - 922 Fabrication and characterization of graphene-based carbon hollow spheres for encapsulation of organic corrosion inhibitors
Haddadi SA, Ramazani SAA, Mahdavian M, Taheri P, Mol JMC
923 - 939 Characterization of gas-solid fluidization in fluidized beds with different particle size distributions by analyzing pressure fluctuations in wind caps
Jiang HW, Chen HW, Gao JQ, Lu JF, Wang Y, Wang CP
940 - 946 Controlled synthesis of nickel carbide nanoparticles and their application in lithium storage
Yang J, Zhang XL, Zhou XY, Hong Y, Shao JJ, Zhang YZ, Yan QY, Dong XC
947 - 956 Oxygen vacancies and phosphorus codoped black titania coated carbon nanotube composite photocatalyst with efficient photocatalytic performance for the degradation of acetaminophen under visible light irradiation
Feng XY, Wang PF, Hou J, Qian J, Wang C, Ao YH
957 - 963 Efficient and stable green-emitting CsPbBr3 perovskite nanocrystals in a microcapsule for light emitting diodes
Song YH, Park SY, Yoo JS, Park WK, Kim HS, Choi SH, Bin Kwon S, Kang BK, Kim JP, Jung HS, Yoon DH, Yang WS, Seo YS
964 - 971 Nitrogen-doped hierarchically porous carbonaceous nanotubes for lithium ion batteries
Lin J, Xu YL, Wang J, Zhang BF, Li D, Wang C, Jin YL, Zhu JB
972 - 995 Recent progress in hierarchically structured O-2-cathodes for Li-O-2 batteries
Gao JC, Cai XY, Wang J, Hou MZ, Lai LF, Zhang LL
996 - 1003 Surface modulation of NiCo2O4 nanowire arrays with significantly enhanced reactivity for ultrahigh-energy supercapacitors
Qiu WD, Xiao HB, Yu MH, Li Y, Lu XH
1004 - 1013 Oxidation of bisphenol A by nonradical activation of peroxymonosulfate in the presence of amorphous manganese dioxide
Wang LH, Jiang J, Pang SY, Zhou Y, Li J, Sun SF, Gao Y, Jiang CC
1014 - 1021 Interplay among ozone and nitrogen oxides in air plasmas: Rapid change in plasma chemistry
Park S, Choe W, Jo C
1022 - 1034 Synthesis of alpha-aminophosphonate functionalized chitosan sorbents: Effect of methyl vs phenyl group on uranium sorption
Imam EA, El-Sayed IE, Mahfouz MG, Tolba AA, Akashi T, Galhoum AA, Guibal E