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1 - 11 Lightweight and tough nanocellular PP/PTFE nanocomposite foams with defect-free surfaces obtained using in situ nanofibrillation and nanocellular injection molding
Wang GL, Zhao GQ, Zhang L, Mu Y, Park CB
12 - 19 Reactive species distribution characteristics and toluene destruction in the three-electrode DBD reactor energized by different pulsed modes
Jiang N, Guo LJ, Qiu C, Zhang Y, Shang KF, Lu N, Li J, Wu Y
20 - 28 Ice-templating beet-root pectin foams: Controlling texture, mechanics and capillary properties
Christoph S, Hamraoui A, Bonnin E, Garnier C, Coradin T, Fernandes FM
29 - 36 Hollow irregular octahedra-like NiCo2O4 cages composed of mesoporous nanosheets as a superior anode material for lithium-ion batteries
Hou XY, Xue S, Liu MT, Shang XN, Fu YJ, He DY
37 - 48 Population ensemble modeling of biomass dissolution
Ghasemi M, Tsianou M, Alexandridis P
49 - 56 Interconnected sheet-like porous carbons from coal tar by a confined soft-template strategy for supercapacitors
Xie XY, He XJ, Zhang HF, Wei F, Xiao N, Qiu JS
57 - 68 A controlled surface geometry of polyaniline doped titania nanotubes biointerface for accelerating MC3T3-E1 cells growth in bone tissue engineering
Bhattarai DP, Shrestha S, Shrestha BK, Park CH, Kim CS
69 - 78 A polyethyleneimine-driven self-assembled nanoplatform for fluorescence and MR dual-mode imaging guided cancer chemotherapy
Sun X, Zhang MZ, Du RH, Zheng XJ, Tang CG, Wu YQ, He JC, Huang W, Wang YY, Zhang ZY, Han XL, Qian JC, Zhong K, Tian XH, Wu LF, Zhang GL, Wu ZY, Zou DH
79 - 88 Rational construction of bowl-like MnO2 nanosheets with excellent electrochemical performance for supercapacitor electrodes
Liu PB, Zhu YD, Gao XG, Huang Y, Wang Y, Qin SY, Zhang YQ
89 - 99 Enhanced photocatalytic oxidation of SO2 on TiO2 surface by Na2CO3 modification
Wang HM, You CF, Tan ZC
100 - 107 ZVI - Reactive barriers for the remediation of soils polluted with clopyralid: Are they really Worth?
Vidal J, Saez C, Canizares P, Navarro V, Salazar R, Rodrigo MA
108 - 119 Oxyhemoglobin-monitoring photodynamic theranostics with an 808 nm-excited upconversion optical nanoagent
Fang WK, Wei YC, Ye YH, Zhang T, Xing D
120 - 130 A dual colorimetric and SERS detection of Hg2+ based on the stimulus of intrinsic oxidase-like catalytic activity of Ag-CoFe2O4/reduced graphene oxide nanocomposites
Guo Y, Tao YC, Ma XW, Jin J, Wen SS, Ji W, Song W, Zhao B, Ozaki Y
131 - 147 Performance and mechanism into TiO2/Zeolite composites for sulfadiazine adsorption and photodegradation
Liu XH, Liu Y, Lu SY, Guo W, Xi BD
148 - 156 Fabricating of Fe2O3/BiVO4 heterojunction based photoanode modified with NiFe-LDH nanosheets for efficient solar water splitting
Bai SL, Chu HM, Xiang X, Luo RX, He J, Chen AF
157 - 163 Local delivery of deep marine fungus-derived equisetin from polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) nanofibers for anti-MRSA activity
Luo MH, Ming Y, Wang LL, Li YY, Li B, Chen JH, Shi SJ
164 - 172 Construction of CNT@Cr-MIL-101-NH2 hybrid composite for shape-stabilized phase change materials with enhanced thermal conductivity
Wang JJ, Huang XB, Gao HY, Li A, Wang C
173 - 180 Compressive, ultralight and fire-resistant lignin-modified graphene aerogels as recyclable absorbents for oil and organic solvents
Chen CZ, Li FF, Zhang YR, Wang BX, Fan YM, Wang XL, Sun RC
181 - 191 In-situ glycerol aqueous phase reforming and phenol hydrogenation over Raney Ni (R)
Putra RDD, Trajano HL, Liu SD, Lee H, Smith K, Kim CS
192 - 200 Assessment of operational conditions towards mainstream partial nitritation-anammox stability at moderate to low temperature: Reactor performance and bacterial community
Akaboci TRV, Gich F, Ruscalleda M, Balaguer MD, Colprim J
201 - 208 Carbon-bonded, oxygen-deficient TiO2 nanotubes with hybridized phases for superior Na-ion storage
Zhao CY, Cai Y, Yin KL, Li HZ, Shen D, Qin N, Lu ZG, Liu CP, Wang HE
209 - 216 Celgard membrane-mediated ion diffusion for synthesizing hierarchical Co (OH)(2) nanostructures for electrochemical applications
Chen MY, Qu G, Yang WJ, Li WH, Tang YW
217 - 224 A paradigm shift design of functional monomers for developing molecularly imprinted polymers
Li QJ, Ling BP, Jiang LD, Ye L
225 - 232 Repeatable replication method with liquid infiltration to fabricate robust, flexible, and transparent, anti-reflective superhydrophobic polymer films on a large scale
Kim S, Hwang HJ, Cho H, Choi D, Hwang W
233 - 239 Local mass-transfer study in a decaying swirling flow electrochemical reactor under single-phase and two-phase (gas-liquid) flow
Contigiani CC, Perez OG, Bisang JM
240 - 247 Facile fabrication of MIL-96 as coating fiber for solid-phase microextraction of trihalomethanes and halonitromethanes in water samples
Zhang BB, Xu GJ, Li L, Wang XL, Li N, Zhao RS, Lin JM
248 - 256 The band structure control of visible-light-driven rGO/ZnS-MoS2 for excellent photocatalytic degradation performance and long-term stability
Hu XF, Deng F, Huang WY, Zeng GS, Luo XB, Dionysiou DD
257 - 267 All-solid-state Z-scheme CdTe/TiO2 heterostructure photocatalysts with enhanced visible-light photocatalytic degradation of antibiotic waste water
Gong YY, Wu YJ, Xu Y, Li L, Li C, Liu XJ, Niu LY
268 - 277 Photocatalytic oxidation of SO2 on TiO2 and the catalyst deactivation: A kinetic study
Wang HM, You CF
278 - 289 Nitrogen-doped porous carbon as-mediated by a facile solution combustion synthesis for supercapacitor and oxygen reduction electrocatalyst
Zhu CY, Takata M, Aoki Y, Habazaki H
290 - 299 Continuous end-to-end production of solid drug dosage forms: Coupling flow synthesis and formulation by electrospinning
Balogh A, Domokos A, Farkas B, Farkas A, Rapi Z, Kiss D, Nyiri Z, Eke Z, Szarka G, Orkenyi R, Matravolgyi B, Faigl F, Marosi G, Nagy ZK
300 - 311 Glycolysis of advanced polyurethanes composites containing thermoregulating microcapsules
Simon D, Rodriguez JF, Carmona M, Serrano A, Borreguero AM
312 - 323 Microbial responses and metabolic pathways reveal the recovery mechanism of an anaerobic digestion system subjected to progressive inhibition by ammonia
Chen SS, He J, Wang HY, Dong B, Li N, Dai XH
324 - 334 Novel one-step synthesis of nitrogen-doped TiO2 by flame aerosol technique for visible-light photocatalysis: Effect of synthesis parameters and secondary nitrogen (N) source
Boningari T, Inturi SNR, Suidan M, Smirniotis PG
335 - 343 Role of two-dimensional nanointerfaces in enhancing the photocatalytic performance of 2D-2D MoS2/CdS photocatalysts for H-2 production
Yuan YJ, Li ZJ, Wu ST, Chen DQ, Yang LX, Cao DP, Tu WG, Yu ZT, Zou ZG
344 - 355 Express Al/Fe oxide-oxyhydroxide sorbent systems for Cr(VI) removal from aqueous solutions
Mikhaylov VI, Maslennikova TP, Krivoshapkina EF, Tropnikov EM, Krivoshapkin PV
356 - 363 Contribution of amide-based coagulant polyacrylamide as precursors of haloacetamides and other disinfection by-products
Ding SK, Chu WH, Bond T, Cao ZQ, Xu B, Gao NY
364 - 377 NiS2 as trapezoid conductive channel modified ternary Z-scheme photocatalyst system, NiGa2O4/NiS2/WO3, for highly photocatalytic simultaneous conversions of NO2- and SO32-
Ma X, Wang GW, Wang CQ, Li SY, Wang J, Song YT
378 - 385 Rapid uptake of pharmaceutical salbutamol from aqueous solutions with anionic cellulose nanofibrils: The importance of pH and colloidal stability in the interaction with ionizable pollutants
Selkala T, Suopajarvi T, Sirvio JA, Luukkonen T, Lorite GS, Kalliola S, Sillanpaa M, Liimatainen H
386 - 394 Free-standing, layered graphene monoliths for long-life supercapacitor
Zou XF, Zhou Y, Wang ZP, Chen SJ, Li WP, Xiang B, Xu LK, Zhu SS, Hou J
395 - 410 A comparative study of the common persulfate activation techniques for the complete degradation of an NSAID: The case of ketoprofen
Amasha M, Baalbaki A, Ghauch A
411 - 418 N-doped foam flame retardant polystyrene derived porous carbon as an efficient scaffold for lithium-selenium battery with long-term cycling performance
Huang JT, Lin YM, Yu JL, Li DZ, Du JG, Yang B, Li CH, Zhu CZ, Xu J
419 - 428 Sodium-promoted Ag/CeO2 nanospheres for catalytic oxidation of formaldehyde
Ma L, Seo CY, Chen XY, Li JH, Schwank JW
429 - 435 Bioleaching of heavy metals from sewage sludge with recirculation of the liquid phase: A mass balance model
Marchenko O, Demchenko V, Pshinko G
436 - 444 Light-responsive UiO-66-NH2/Ag3PO4 MOF-nanoparticle composites for the capture and release of sulfamethoxazole
Xu XY, Chu C, Fu HF, Du XD, Wang P, Zheng WW, Wang CC
445 - 452 Spatial-temporal dynamics of organics and nitrogen removal in surface flow constructed wetlands for secondary effluent treatment under cold temperature
Wu HM, Ma WM, Kong Q, Liu H
453 - 462 Degradation of p-arsanilic acid and simultaneous in-situ removal of arsenic species with ferrate(VI): Kinetics, intermediate and degradation pathway
Fan JY, Ding ZX, Zhao ZW, Liu J
463 - 473 Redefining conventional biomass hydrolysis models by including mass transfer effects. Kinetic model of cellulose hydrolysis in supercritical water
Vaquerizo L, Abad-Fernandez N, Mato RB, Cocero MJ
474 - 483 Lithium ion sieve synthesized via an improved solid state method and adsorption performance for West Taijinar Salt Lake brine
Gu DL, Sun WJ, Han GF, Cui Q, Wang HY
484 - 495 Efficient removal of bisphenol A by superoxide radical and singlet oxygen generated from peroxymonosulfate activated with Fe-0-montmorillonite
Yang SS, Wu PX, Liu JQ, Chen MQ, Ahmed Z, Zhu NW
496 - 506 Magnetic field acceleration of CO2 reforming of methane over novel hierarchical Co/MgO catalyst in fluidized bed reactor
Li J, Li JW, Zhu QS, Li HZ
507 - 522 Experimental study and CFD simulation of the multiphase flow conditions encountered in a Novel Down-flow bubble column
Mutharasu LC, Kalaga DV, Sathe M, Turney DE, Griffin D, Li XL, Kawaji M, Nandakumar K, Joshi JB
523 - 533 Rose-like Ni3S4 as battery-type electrode for hybrid supercapacitor with excellent charge storage performance
Wang HY, Liang MM, Duan D, Shi WY, Song YY, Sun ZB
534 - 540 Quantitative relationships between molecular parameters and reaction rate of organic chemicals in Fenton process in temperature range of 15.8 degrees C-60 degrees C
Cheng ZW, Yang BW, Chen QC, Shen ZM, Yuan T
541 - 550 Characterization of an enzymatic packed-bed microreactor: Experiments and modeling
Strnisa F, Bajic M, Panjan P, Plazl I, Sesay AM, Znidarsic-Plazl P
551 - 558 Co3O4@CoNi-LDHcore/shell nanosheet arrays for high-performance battery-type supercapacitors
Zhou JJ, Li Q, Chen C, Li YL, Tao K, Han L
559 - 572 Evaluation of the effect of inert support on the carbonation reaction of synthetic CaO-based CO2 sorbents
Lopez JM, Grasa G, Murillo R
573 - 584 Accelerated tetracycline degradation by persulfate activated with heterogeneous magnetic NixFe3-xO4 catalysts
Guan RP, Yuan XZ, Wu ZB, Wang H, Jiang LB, Zhang J, Li YF, Zeng GM, Mo D
585 - 598 N-rich porous carbons with a high graphitization degree and multiscale pore network for boosting high-rate supercapacitor with ultrafast charging
Chang BB, Shi WW, Han SC, Zhou YN, Liu YX, Zhang SR, Yang BC
599 - 607 Improved removal of hexavalent chromium from 10 mg/L solution by new micron sized polymer clusters of aniline formaldehyde condensate
Terangpi P, Chakraborty S, Ray M
608 - 615 Development of nitrogen-doped carbon for selective metal ion capture
Ji QH, Hu CZ, Liu HJ, Qu JH
616 - 626 Effective electrochemical inactivation of Microcystis aeruginosa and degradation of microcystins via a novel solid polymer electrolyte sandwich
Bakheet B, Islam MA, Beardall J, Zhang XW, McCarthy D
627 - 636 Controlled synthesis of ordered sandwich CuCo2O4/reduced graphene oxide composites via layer-by-layer heteroassembly for high-performance supercapacitors
Liang PJ, Wang F, Hu ZA
637 - 644 From powder to cloth: Facile fabrication of dense MOF-76(Tb) coating onto natural silk fiber for feasible detection of copper ions
Li J, Yuan X, Wu YN, Ma XL, Li FT, Zhang BR, Wang Y, Lei ZF, Zhang ZY
645 - 652 Flexible inorganic composite nanofibers with carboxyl modification for controllable drug delivery and enhanced optical monitoring functionality
Li S, Zhang J, Ju DD, Li X, Zhang JC, Yan X, Zhang HD, Song F, Long YZ
653 - 659 Optimising small hydrocyclone design using 3D printing and CFD simulations
Vega-Garcia D, Brito-Parada PR, Cilliers JJ
660 - 672 Advanced anaerobic digested sludge dewaterability enhancement using sludge based activated carbon (SBAC) in combination with organic polymers
Wang N, Zhang WJ, Cao BD, Yang P, Cui FG, Wang DS
673 - 680 Investigating the aerated VUV/PS process simultaneously generating hydroxyl and sulfate radicals for the oxidation of cyanide in aqueous solution and industrial wastewater
Moussavi G, Pourakbar M, Aghayani E, Mahdavianpour M
681 - 691 Improved efficiency of anaerobic digestion through direct interspecies electron transfer at mesophilic and thermophilic temperature ranges
Lin RC, Cheng J, Ding LK, Murphy JD
692 - 702 Highly efficient and selective recovery of Au(III) from a complex system by molybdenum disulfide nanoflakes
Feng B, Yao CZ, Chen SY, Luo R, Liu SH, Tong SS
703 - 713 UV-LEDs floating-bed photoreactor for the removal of caffeine and paracetamol using ZnO supported on polystyrene pellets
Vaiano V, Matarangolo M, Sacco O
714 - 728 Restricted access copper imprinted poly(allylthiourea): The role of hydroxyethyl methacrylate (HEMA) and bovine serum albumin (BSA) on the sorptive performance of imprinted polymer
Suquila FAC, de Oliveira LLG, Tarley CRT
729 - 738 Role of the process conditions on the sulphation and stability of a CuO/SBA-15 type SOx adsorbent in cycling operations
Berger M, Dorge S, Nouali H, Habermacher D, Fiani E, Vierling M, Moliere M, Brilhac JF, Patarin J
739 - 746 Adsorption of UV-quenching substances (UVQS) from landfill leachate with activated carbon
Deng Y, Jung CI, Zhao RZ, Torrens K, Wu LY
747 - 756 Activation strategies of metal-organic frameworks for the sorption of reduced sulfur compounds
Deng Y, Vellingiri K, Kim KH, Boukhvalov DW, Philip L
757 - 766 CFD modelling of flow patterns, tortuosity and residence time distribution in monolithic porous columns reconstructed from X-ray tomography data
Pawlowski S, Nayak N, Meireles M, Portugal CAM, Velizarov S, Crespo JG
767 - 775 A wet process for oxidation-absorption of nitric oxide by persulfate/calcium peroxide
Wang ZP, Zhang YG, Tan ZC, Li QH
776 - 790 Pore-scale modelling of the coupled thermal and reactive flow at the combustion front during crude oil in-situ combustion
Xu QH, Long W, Jiang H, Zan C, Huang J, Chen X, Shi L
791 - 798 Novel three dimensional hierarchical porous Sn-Ni alloys as anode for lithium ion batteries with long cycle life by pulse electrodeposition
Dong X, Liu WB, Chen X, Yan JZ, Li N, Shi SQ, Zhang SC, Yang XS
799 - 811 What happens in a catalytic fixed-bed reactor for n-butane oxidation to maleic anhydride? Insights from spatial profile measurements and particle resolved CFD simulations
Dong Y, Geske M, Korup O, Ellenfeld N, Rosowski F, Dobner C, Horn R
812 - 823 Rational design of bone extracellular matrix mimicking tri-layered composite nanofibers for bone tissue regeneration
Rezk AI, Unnithan AR, Park CH, Kim CS
824 - 834 Modelling and optimisation of a multistage Reverse Osmosis processes with permeate reprocessing and recycling for the removal of N-nitrosodimethylamine from wastewater using Species Conserving Genetic Algorithms
Al-Obaidi MA, Li JP, Alsadaie S, Kara-Zaitri C, Mujtaba IM
835 - 843 Earth-abundant nanotubes with layered assembly for battery-type supercapacitors
Zhou J, Dai SM, Li YA, Han FF, Yuan Y, Tang J, Tang WH
844 - 855 Electrochemical mineralization of sulfamethoxazole over wide pH range using (FeFeIII)-Fe-II LDH modified carbon felt cathode: Degradation pathway, toxicity and reusability of the modified cathode
Ganiyu SO, Le TXH, Bechelany M, Oturan N, Papirio S, Esposito G, van Hullebusch E, Cretin M, Oturan MA
856 - 866 Photochromic polypropylene fibers based on UV-responsive silica@phosphomolybdate nanoparticles through melt spinning technology
Pinto TV, Fernandes DM, Guedes A, Cardoso N, Duraes NF, Silva C, Pereira C, Freire C
867 - 871 One-pot synthesis of an ionic porous organic framework for metal-free catalytic CO2 fixation under ambient conditions
Yu XY, Sun JK, Yuan JY, Zhang WJ, Pan CY, Liu YNA, Yu GP
872 - 882 Mathematical modelling of the ensiling process before biogas production: Strengthening the links between biomass storage and anaerobic digestion
Franco RT, Bayard R, Buffiere P
883 - 892 Oxidative degradation of a novel AMP/AEP blend designed for CO2 capture based on partial oxy-combustion technology
Vega F, Cano M, Sanna A, Infantes JM, Maroto-Valer MM, Navarrete B
893 - 901 Electrocoagulation of boron by electrochemically co-precipitated spinel ferrites
Widhiastuti F, Lin JY, Shih YJ, Huang YH
902 - 910 Harnessing the synergic lithium storage and morphology evolution of 1D bundle-like NiCo2O4@TiO2 hybrid to prolong the cycling life for lithium ion batteries
Liu P, Ru Q, Wang Z, Wang B, Guo Q, Zhang P, Hou XH, Su SC, Ling FCC
911 - 919 Development of waste-derived sorbents from biomass and brominated flame retarded plastic for elemental mercury removal from coal-fired flue gas
Xu Y, Deng FF, Pang QC, He SW, Xu YQ, Luo GQ, Yao H
920 - 929 Fate of sulfadiazine and its corresponding resistance genes in up-flow microbial fuel cell coupled constructed wetlands: Effects of circuit operation mode and hydraulic retention time
Song HL, Li H, Zhang S, Yang YL, Zhang LM, Xu H, Yang XL
930 - 938 Oxidation of acetaminophen by Green rust coupled with Cu(II) via dioxygen activation: The role of various interlayer anions (CO32-, SO42-, Cl-)
Zhao LH, Chen YF, Feng Y, Wu DL
939 - 948 Developments and challenges in the manufacturing, characterization and scale-up of energetic nanomaterials - A review
van der Heijden AEDM
949 - 959 Spacer arm-facilitated tethering of laccase on magnetic polydopamine nanoparticles for efficient biocatalytic water treatment
Chen C, Sun W, Lv HY, Li H, Wang YB, Wang P
960 - 970 Electrochemical removal of thiamethoxam using three-dimensional porous PbO2-CeO2 composite electrode: Electrode characterization, operational parameters optimization and degradation pathways
Yao YW, Huang CJ, Yang Y, Li MY, Ren BL
971 - 981 On the hydrodynamics of a pseudo two-dimensional two-zone gas-solid fluidized bed
Sarbanha AA, Movahedirad S, Ehsani M
982 - 991 Exploring the production of bio-succinic acid from apple pomace using an environmental approach
Gonzalez-Garcia S, Argiz L, Miguez P, Gullon B
992 - 999 The role of interactions of effective biofilm surface area and mass transfer in nitrogen removal efficiency of an integrated fixed-film activated sludge system
Liu YW, Li CY, Lackner S, Wagner M, Horn H
1000 - 1009 Classical theory and electron-scale view of exceptional Cd(II) adsorption onto mesoporous cellulose biochar via experimental analysis coupled with DFT calculations
Chen Q, Zheng JW, Zheng LC, Dang Z, Zhang LJ
1010 - 1021 Complete Ca/Cu cycle for H-2 production via CH4 sorption enhanced reforming in a Lab-Scale fixed bed reactor
Diez-Martin L, Lopez JM, Fernandez JR, Martinez I, Grasa G, Murillo R
1022 - 1034 Electrokinetic removal of chromium from chromite ore-processing residue using graphite particle-supported nanoscale zero-valent iron as the three-dimensional electrode
Huang T, Liu LF, Zhou LL, Zhang SW
1035 - 1042 A pilot-scale study on start-up and stable operation of mainstream partial nitrification-anammox biofilter process based on online pH-DO linkage control
Jiang HC, Liu GH, Ma YM, Xu XL, Chen JH, Yang YQ, Liu XH, Wang HC
1043 - 1055 Photocatalytic activity and mechanism of bisphenol a removal over TiO2-x/rGO nanocomposite driven by visible light
Xu L, Yang L, Johansson EMJ, Wang YH, Jin PK
1056 - 1065 Phosphorous dendrimer bound polyethyleneimine as solid sorbents for post-combustion CO2 capture
Thompson SJ, Soukri M, Lail M
1066 - 1072 Synthesis and assembly of three-dimensional MoS2/rGO nanovesicles for high-performance lithium storage
Dong YR, Jiang H, Deng ZN, Hu YJ, Li CZ
1073 - 1083 Gas-liquid oxygen transfer in aerated and agitated slurry systems with high solid volume fractions
Pino-Herrera DO, Fayolle Y, Pageot S, Huguenot D, Esposito G, van Hullebusch ED, Pechaud Y
1084 - 1091 Combustion of energetic iodine-rich coordination polymer - Engineering of new biocidal materials
Chinnam AK, Shlomovich A, Shamis O, Petrutik N, Kumar D, Wang KC, Komarala EP, Tov DS, Suceska M, Yan QL, Gozin M
1092 - 1102 Biodiesel production with the simultaneous removal of nitrogen, phosphorus and COD in microalgal-bacterial communities for the treatment of anaerobic digestion effluent in photobioreactors
Xie BH, Gong WJ, Tian Y, Qu FS, Luo YL, Du X, Tang XB, Xu DL, Lin DC, Li GB, Liang H
1103 - 1113 Immobilization, enrichment and recycling of Cr(VI) from wastewater using a red mud/carbon material to produce the valuable chromite (FeCr2O4)
Li CM, Yu J, Li WS, He Y, Qiu YL, Li P, Wang C, Huang FL, Wang DL, Gao SQ
1114 - 1124 Elimination of pesticide atrazine by photoelectrocatalysis using a photoanode based on WO3 nanosheets
Fernandez-Domene RM, Sanchez-Tovar R, Lucas-granados B, Munoz-Portero MJ, Garcia-Anton J
1125 - 1134 Siloxane and polyether dual modification improves hydrophobicity and interpenetrating polymer network of bio-polymer for coated fertilizers with enhanced slow release characteristics
Ma XX, Chen JQ, Yang YC, Su XR, Zhang SG, Gao B, Li YCC
1135 - 1143 Manganese oxide nanoparticles impregnated graphene oxide aggregates for cadmium and copper remediation
Wan SL, Ding W, Wang YL, Wu JY, Gu YW, He F
1144 - 1154 Modelling the synthesis of nanoparticles in continuous microreactors: The role of diffusion and residence time distribution on nanoparticle characteristics
Panariello L, Mazzei L, Gavriilidis A