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1 - 14 Biological reactor retrofitting using CFD-ASM modelling
Climent J, Basiero L, Martinez-Cuenca R, Berlanga JG, Julian-Lopez B, Chiva S
15 - 25 Post-plasma-catalytic removal of toluene using MnO2-Co3O4 catalysts and their synergistic mechanism
Chang T, Shen ZX, Huang Y, Lu JQ, Ren DX, Sun J, Cao JJ, Liu HX
26 - 34 Electrocatalytic hydrodechlorination of 2,4-dichlorophenol over palladium nanoparticles and its pH-mediated tug-of-war with hydrogen evolution
Jiang GM, Wang KF, Li JY, Fu WY, Zhang ZY, Johnson G, Lv XS, Zhang YX, Zhang S, Dong F
35 - 45 Acute and chronic responses of macrophyte and microorganisms in constructed wetlands to cerium dioxide nanoparticles: Implications for wastewater treatment
Hu XB, Liu XB, Yang XY, Guo FC, Su XX, Chen Y
46 - 56 Heterophase polymer dispersion: A green approach to the synthesis of functional hollow polymer microparticles
Park SH, Kim J, Hur SH, Kim DH, Kim MH
57 - 66 Controllable synthesis of bifunctional porous carbon for efficient gas-mixture separation and high-performance supercapacitor
Wang J, Zhang PX, Liu L, Zhang Y, Yang JF, Zeng ZL, Deng SG
67 - 73 Advanced oxidation processes based on zero-valent aluminium for treating textile wastewater
Khatri J, Nidheesh PV, Singh SA, Kumar MS
74 - 83 Recovery of phosphorus from incinerated sewage sludge ash by combined two-step extraction and selective precipitation
Fang L, Li JS, Donatello S, Cheeseman CR, Wang QM, Poon CS, Tsang DCW
84 - 94 Optimal process for catalytic cracking of higher olefins on ZSM-5
Sundberg J, Standl S, von Aretin T, Tonigold M, Rehfeldt S, Hinrichsen O, Klein H
95 - 108 Superelastic three-dimensional nanofiber-reconfigured spongy hydrogels with superior adsorption of lanthanide ions and photoluminescence
Wang M, Li X, Hua WK, Deng L, Li PY, Zhang TH, Wang XF
109 - 116 Development of 3D-printed polymer-zeolite composite monoliths for gas separation
Thakkar H, Lawson S, Rownaghi AA, Rezaei F
117 - 124 Microfluidic paper-based platform for whole blood creatinine detection
Tseng CC, Yang RJ, Ju WJ, Fu LM
125 - 134 Removal of microcystin-LR using UV-assisted advanced oxidation processes and optimization of photo-Fenton-like process for treating Nak-Dong River water, South Korea
Park JA, Yang B, Kim JH, Choi JW, Park HD, Lee SH
135 - 142 Creating high CO/CO2 selectivity and large CO working capacity through facile loading of Cu(I) species into an iron-based mesoporous metal-organic framework
Kim AR, Yoon TU, Kim SI, Cho K, Han SS, Bae YS
143 - 156 A critical review on membrane hybrid system for nutrient recovery from wastewater
Yan T, Ye YY, Ma HM, Zhang Y, Guo WS, Du B, Wei Q, Wei D, Ngo HH
157 - 170 Efficient construction of bismuth vanadate-based Z-scheme photocatalyst for simultaneous Cr(VI) reduction and ciprofloxacin oxidation under visible light: Kinetics, degradation pathways and mechanism
Chen F, Yang Q, Wang YL, Yao FB, Ma YH, Huang XD, Li XM, Wang DB, Zeng GM, Yu HQ
171 - 179 A graphene oxide nanosheet-modified Ti nanocomposite electrode with enhanced electrochemical property and stability for nitrate reduction
Ma XJ, Li M, Liu X, Wang LL, Chen N, Li JC, Feng CP
180 - 190 Nano/microstructure decorated thin film composite poly (arylene sulfide sulfone) membrane constructed by induced fouling in organic solvent ultrafiltration
Yuan SS, Zhu JY, Li J, Volodine A, Yang J, Van Puyvelde P, Van der Bruggen B
191 - 201 Corn straw-derived biochar impregnated with alpha-FeOOH nanorods for highly effective copper removal
Yang F, Zhang SS, Li HP, Li SS, Cheng K, Li JS, Tsang DCW
202 - 211 Three dimensional reduced graphene oxide/ZIF-67 aerogel: Effective removal cationic and anionic dyes from water
Yang QX, Lu R, Ren SS, Chen CT, Chen ZJ, Yang XY
212 - 223 Efficiently texturing hierarchical epoxy layer for smart superhydrophobic surfaces with excellent durability and exceptional stability exposed to fire
Jia SS, Lu XH, Luo S, Qing Y, Yan N, Wu YQ
224 - 231 A novel non-imprinted adsorbent with superior selectivity towards high-performance capture of Ag(I)
Liu X, Yang LM, Luo XB, Pei JJ, Xi Y, Liu CB, Liu LL
232 - 243 On concentration polarisation in a fluidized bed membrane reactor for biogas steam reforming: Modelling and experimental validation
de Nooijer N, Gallucci F, Pellizzari E, Melendez J, Tanaka DAP, Manzolini G, Annaland MV
244 - 254 Emulsion-based synchronous pesticide encapsulation and surface modification of mesoporous silica nanoparticles with carboxymethyl chitosan for controlled azoxystrobin release
Xu CL, Cao LD, Zhao PY, Zhou ZL, Cao C, Li FM, Huang QL
255 - 262 Fenton oxidation of organic contaminants with aquifer sediment activated by ascorbic acid
Hou XJ, Huang XP, Li ML, Zhang YS, Yuan SH, Ai ZH, Zhao JC, Zhang LZ
263 - 270 Heterogeneous activation of peroxymonosulfate by different ferromanganese oxides for tetracycline degradation: Structure dependence and catalytic mechanism
Yang QX, Yang XF, Yan Y, Sun C, Wu HJ, He J, Wang DS
271 - 280 Performance and microbial community of a novel non-aeration-based up-flow bioelectrochemical filter (UBEF) treating real domestic wastewater
Yang N, Zhan GQ, Li DP, He XH, Zhang YY, Jiang QR, Liu H, Wang C
281 - 291 Upflow anaerobic-microaerobic fixed biofilm reactor integrating methanogenesis with partial nitrification
Hussain A, Lee J, Reid R, Lee HS
292 - 300 Enhanced visible-light-driven photocatalytic sterilization of tungsten trioxide by surface-engineering oxygen vacancy and carbon matrix
Wang R, Zhang WT, Zhu WX, Yan LZ, Li SH, Chen K, Hu N, Suo YR, Wang JL
301 - 309 Recovering ammonia from municipal wastewater by flow-electrode capacitive deionization
Fang K, Gong H, He WY, Peng F, He CH, Wang KJ
310 - 318 One-step co-electrodeposition of hierarchical radial NixP nanospheres on Ni foam as highly active flexible electrodes for hydrogen evolution reaction and supercapacitor
Cao XY, Jia DD, Li D, Cui L, Liu JQ
319 - 326 Size regulation and dispersion of ceria using confined spaces for adsorptive desulfurization
Subhan F, Aslam S, Yan ZF, Naeem M, Ullah R, Etim UJ
327 - 337 Carbon dioxide adsorption over amine modified silica: Effect of amine basicity and entropy factor on isosteric heats of adsorption
Zelenak V, Skrinska M, Zukal A, Cejka J
338 - 349 High-performance solid-state flexible supercapacitor based on reduced graphene oxide/hierarchical core-shell Ag nanowire@NiAl layered double hydroxide film electrode
Li L, Hui KS, Hui KN, Zhang TF, Fu JJ, Cho YR
350 - 360 Enhancing surface corrosion of zero-valent aluminum (ZVAl) and electron transfer process for the degradation of trichloroethylene with the presence of persulfate
Ren TF, Yang SY, Jiang YT, Sun XR, Zhang YX
361 - 369 Palladium supported on low-surface-area fiber-based materials for catalytic oxidation of volatile organic compounds
Deng H, Kang SY, Wang CY, He H, Zhang CB
370 - 379 Hollow Ni/Co-S microspheres derived from spherical coordination polymers: Preparation, characterization and application in energy storage
Yao CG, Ni YH
380 - 388 Removal of Microcystis aeruginosa and Microcystin-LR using a graphitic-C3N4/TiO2 floating photocatalyst under visible light irradiation
Song JK, Wang XJ, Ma JX, Wang X, Wang JY, Xia SQ, Zhao JF
389 - 398 Highly permeable biocatalytic membrane prepared by 3D modification: Metal-organic frameworks ameliorate its stability for micropollutants removal
Ren ZY, Luo JQ, Wan YH
399 - 408 Multi-porous quaternized chitosan/polystyrene microbeads for scalable, efficient heparin recovery
Eskandarloo H, Godec M, Arshadi M, Padilla-Zakour OI, Abbaspourrad A
409 - 415 Mercury removal by biomass-derived porous carbon: Experimental and theoretical insights into the effect of H2S
Shen FH, Liu J, Dong YC, Wu DW
416 - 437 Compositing doped-carbon with metals, non-metals, metal oxides, metal nitrides and other materials to form bifunctional electrocatalysts to enhance metal-air battery oxygen reduction and evolution reactions
Wang YJ, Fan HB, Ignaszak A, Zhang L, Shao SQ, Wilkinson DP, Zhang JJ
438 - 446 Fluorescence-switchable ultrasmall fluorinated graphene oxide with high near-infrared absorption for controlled and targeted drug delivery
Gong PW, Ji SJ, Wang JQ, Dai DJ, Wang F, Tian M, Zhang L, Guo FF, Liu Z
447 - 454 Synthesis of highly stable CuInZnS/ZnS//ZnS quantum dots with thick shell and its application to quantitative immunoassay
Wu RL, Wang TY, Wu M, Lv YB, Liu XP, Li JJ, Shen HB, Li LS
455 - 463 Degradation of chloramphenicol using a combination system of simulated solar light, Fe2+ and persulfate
Nie MH, Yan CX, Xiong XY, Wen XM, Yang X, Lv ZL, Dong WB
464 - 475 Elemental mercury removal from flue gas using heat and Co2+/Fe2+ coactivated oxone oxidation system
Liu YX, Wang Y
476 - 484 Ferric ion pair mediated biomass redox flow fuel cell and related chemical reaction kinetics study
Zu XH, Sun LL, Gong J, Liu XC, Liu YX, Du X, Liu W, Chen LF, Yi GB, Zhang WG, Lin WJ, Li WZ, Deng YL
485 - 493 Disinfection of simulated ballast water by a flow-through electro-peroxone process
Zhang YQ, Zuo SJ, Zhang Y, Li M, Cai JJ, Zhou MH
494 - 502 Competitive adsorption of perfluoroalkyl substances on anion exchange resins in simulated AFFF-impacted groundwater
Maimaiti A, Deng SB, Meng PP, Wang W, Wang B, Huang J, Wang YJ, Yu G
503 - 513 Insights into the effects of bio-augmentation on the granule-based anammox process under continuous oxytetracycline stress: Performance and microflora structure
Zhang QQ, Yang GF, Sun KK, Tian GM, Jin RC
514 - 525 Absorption rates of carbon dioxide in amines in hydrophilic and hydrophobic solvents
Rayer AV, Mobley PD, Soukri M, Gohndrone TR, Tanthana J, Zhou J, Lail M
526 - 534 Mechanistic understanding of polychlorinated biphenyls degradation by peroxymonosulfate activated with CuFe2O4 nanoparticles: Key role of superoxide radicals
Qin WX, Fang GD, Wang YJ, Zhou DM
535 - 545 Highly efficient removal of Gd(III) using hybrid hydrosols of carbon nanotubes/graphene oxide in dialysis bags and synergistic enhancement effect
Guo LY, Xu YP, Zhuo MP, Liu LY, Xu Q, Wang LZ, Shi C, Ye B, Fan XC, Chen WF
546 - 556 Formation of stretched fibrils and nanohybrid shish-kebabs in isotactic polypropylene-based nanocomposites by application of a dynamic oscillatory shear
Li LW, Li W, Geng LH, Chen BY, Mi HY, Hong KL, Peng XF, Kuang TR
557 - 568 A packed-bed DBD micro plasma reactor for CO2 dissociation: Does size matter?
Uytdenhouwen Y, Van Alphen S, Michielsen I, Meynen V, Cool P, Bogaerts A
569 - 582 Development of an irradiation and kinetic model for UV processes in volatile organic compounds abatement applications
Montecchio F, Babler MU, Engvall K
583 - 591 Distinct hydrophobic-hydrophilic dual interactions occurring in the clathrate hydrates of 3,3-dimethyl-1-butanol with help gases
Moon S, Park SO, Ahn YH, Kim H, Shin E, Hong S, Lee Y, Kwak SK, Park Y
592 - 598 Enhanced photocatalytic CO2 reduction via the synergistic effect between Ag and activated carbon in TiO2/AC-Ag ternary composite
Jiang ZY, Zhang XH, Yuan ZM, Chen JC, Huang BB, Dionysiou DD, Yang GH
599 - 607 Carbon-encapsulated 1D SnO2/NiO heterojunction hollow nanotubes as high-performance anodes for sodium-ion batteries
Zhang WM, Cao P, Li L, Yang K, Wang K, Liu S, Yu Z
608 - 617 One-pot synthesis of high performance Cu-SAPO-18 catalyst for NO reduction by NH3-SCR: Influence of silicon content on the catalytic properties of Cu-SAPO-18
Chen Z, Fan C, Pang L, Ming SJ, Guo W, Liu P, Chen HP, Li T
618 - 629 Fe-modified MnOx/TiO2 as the SCR catalyst for simultaneous removal of NO and mercury from coal combustion flue gas
Zhang SB, Zhao YC, Yang JP, Zhang JY, Zheng CG
630 - 636 Hydrogen transfer effect and reaction mechanism for catalytic hydrolysis of HCN in ionic liquids: A density functional theory study
Song X, Ning P, Li K, Sun X, Wang C, Sun L
637 - 643 Effect of different potassium species on the deactivation of V2O5-WO3/TiO2 SCR catalyst: Comparison of K2SO4, KCl and K2O
Kong M, Liu QC, Zhou J, Jiang LJ, Tian YM, Yang J, Ren S, Li JL
644 - 652 Kinetics and mechanism insights into the photodegradation of hydroperfluorocarboxylic acids in aqueous solution
Liu JQ, Li CG, Qu RJ, Wang LH, Feng JF, Wang ZY
653 - 660 Facile synthesis of M-Sb (M=Ni, Sn) alloy nanoparticles embedded in N-doped carbon nanosheets as high performance anode materials for lithium ion batteries
Pan QC, Wu YA, Zheng FH, Ou X, Yang CH, Xiong XH, Liu ML
661 - 668 From kinetics to equilibrium control in CO2 capture columns using Encapsulated Ionic Liquids (ENILs)
Santiago R, Lemus J, Moreno D, Moya C, Larriba M, Alonso-Morales N, Gilarranz MA, Rodriguez JJ, Palomar J
669 - 677 Efficient autotrophic denitrification performance through integrating the bio-oxidation of Fe(II) and Mn(II)
Luo XX, Su JF, Shao PH, Liu H, Luo XB
678 - 684 Al-Ti2O6 a mixed metal oxide based composite membrane: A unique membrane for removal of heavy metals
Sunil K, Karunakaran G, Yadav S, Padaki M, Zadorozhnyy V, Pai RK
685 - 692 Disulfide polymer grafted porous carbon composites for heavy metal removal from stormwater runoff
Ko D, Mines PD, Jakobsen MH, Yavuz CT, Hansen HCB, Andersen HR
693 - 703 Simultaneously facilitating dispersion and thermal reduction of graphene oxide to enhance thermal conductivity of poly(vinylidene fluoride)/graphene nanocomposites by water in continuous extrusion
Tong J, Huang HX, Wu M
704 - 712 Introducing hydrate aluminum into porous thermally-treated calcium-rich attapulgite to enhance its phosphorus sorption capacity for sediment internal loading management
Yin HB, Ren C, Li W
713 - 722 Direct synthesis of dimethyl ether from CO2 and H-2 over novel bifunctional catalysts containing CuO-ZnO-ZrO2 catalyst admixed with WOx/ZrO2 catalysts
Witoon T, Kidkhunthod P, Chareonpanich M, Limtrakul J
723 - 731 Melamine foam-supported 3D interconnected boron nitride nanosheets network encapsulated in epoxy to achieve significant thermal conductivity enhancement at an ultralow filler loading
Wang XW, Wu PY
732 - 744 Reactor systems for syngas fermentation processes: A review
Asimakopoulos K, Gavala HN, Skiadas IV
745 - 753 Hypoxic methane oxidation coupled to denitrification in a membrane biofilm
Alrashed W, Lee J, Park J, Rittmann BE, Tang Y, Neufeld JD, Lee HS
754 - 764 Enhanced photocatalytic degradation of chrysene by Fe2O3@ZnHCF nanocubes
Rachna, Rani M, Shanker U
765 - 774 Perchlorate catalysis reduction by benzalkonium chloride immobilized biomass carbon supported Re-Pd bimetallic cluster particle electrode
Xu BB, Zhai YB, Chen W, Wang B, Wang TF, Zhang C, Li CT, Zeng GM
775 - 785 KOH activated N-doped novel carbon aerogel as efficient metal-free oxygen reduction catalyst for microbial fuel cells
Tian XY, Zhou MH, Tan CL, Li M, Liang L, Li KR, Su P
786 - 798 In situ synthesis of polyurethane scaffolds with tunable properties by controlled crosslinking of tri-block copolymer and polycaprolactone triol for tissue regeneration
Mi HY, Jing X, Yilmaz G, Hagerty BS, Enriquez E, Turng LS
799 - 810 A two-step approach for producing oxygen-free aromatics from lignin using formic acid as a hydrogen source
Hidajat MJ, Riaz A, Kim J
811 - 819 Controllable green synthesis of crassula peforata-like TiO2 with high photocatalytic activity based on deep eutectic solvent (DES)
Wang Q, Dong BH, Zhao YQ, Huang F, Xie JF, Cui GW, Tang B
820 - 830 Gd-modified MnOx for the selective catalytic reduction of NO by NH3: The promoting effect of Gd on the catalytic performance and sulfur resistance
Fan ZY, Shi JW, Gao C, Gao G, Wang BR, Wang Y, He C, Niu CM
831 - 839 H2S selective catalytic oxidation over Ce substituted La1-xCexFeO3 perovskite oxides catalyst
Zhang FL, Zhang X, Jiang GX, Li N, Hao ZP, Qu SQ
840 - 849 Thermoplastic cellulose acetate oleate films with high barrier properties and ductile behaviour
Tedeschi G, Guzman-Puyol S, Paul UC, Barthel MJ, Goldoni L, Caputo G, Ceseracciu L, Athanassiou A, Heredia-Guerrero JA
850 - 859 Nitrogen-doped biomass-based hierarchical porous carbon with large mesoporous volume for application in energy storage
Wang B, Wang YH, Peng YY, Wang X, Wang NX, Wang J, Zhao JB
860 - 869 Fructose dehydration promoted by acidic catalysts obtained from biodiesel waste
Mantovani M, Mandelli D, Goncalves M, Carvalho WA
870 - 876 Cobweb-inspired DNA-based membranes for multicomponent pollutant-oil-water emulsions separation
Lin X, Heo J, Hong J
877 - 887 Novel bimetallic catalyst supported by red mud for enhanced nitrate reduction
Hamid S, Bae S, Lee W
888 - 897 N/S-doped graphene derivatives and TiO2 for catalytic ozonation and photocatalysis of water pollutants
Pedrosa M, Pastrana-Martinez LM, Pereira MFR, Faria JL, Figueiredo JL, Silva AMT
898 - 907 Removal of tetracycline residue from pharmaceutical wastewater by using 3D composite film
Song Z, Ma YL, Li CE, Xu M
908 - 928 Molybdenum and tungsten disulfides-based nanocomposite films for energy storage and conversion: A review
Xia D, Gong F, Pei XD, Wang WB, Li H, Zeng W, Wu MQ, Papavassiliou DV
929 - 939 One-step production of biodiesel from Jatropha oils with high acid value at low temperature by magnetic acid-base amphoteric nanoparticles
Wang YT, Fang Z, Yang XX, Yang YT, Luo J, Xu K, Bao GR
940 - 951 Superhydrophobic oligoaniline-containing electroactive silica coating as pre-process coating for corrosion protection of carbon steel
Ye YW, Liu ZY, Liu W, Zhang DW, Zhao HC, Wang LP, Li XG
952 - 959 Complexation Electrodialysis as a general method to simultaneously treat wastewaters with metal and organic matter
Jiang CX, Chen HL, Zhang YL, Feng HY, Shehzad MA, Wang YM, Xu TW
960 - 965 Two products one catalyst: Emulsifiers and biodiesel production combining enzymology, nanostructured materials engineering and simulation models
Ferrero GO, Sanchez-Faba EM, Eimer GA
966 - 977 Chalcogenide photocatalysts for selective oxidation of aromatic alcohols to aldehydes using O-2 and visible light: A case study of CdIn2S4, CdS and In2S3
Ye XJ, Chen YH, Ling CC, Zhang JF, Meng SG, Fu XL, Wang XC, Chen SF
978 - 991 Macroscopic fuel reactor modelling of a 5 kW(th) interconnected fluidized bed for in-situ gasification chemical looping combustion of coal
Xu HP, Ma JC, Zhao HB
992 - 999 Magnetite enhances anaerobic digestion and methanogenesis of fresh leachate from a municipal solid waste incineration plant
Lei YQ, Wei LX, Liu TY, Xiao YY, Dang Y, Sun DZ, Holmes DE
1000 - 1011 Li1-xNi0.33Co1/3Mn1/3O2/Ag for electrochemical lithium recovery from brine
Lawagon CP, Nisola GM, Cuevas RAI, Kim H, Lee SP, Chung WJ
1012 - 1024 Enhancement of the degradation of atrazine through CoFe2O4 activated peroxymonosulfate (PMS) process: Kinetic, degradation intermediates, and toxicity evaluation
Li J, Xu MJ, Yao G, Lai B
1025 - 1036 Isotopic transient analysis of oxygen exchange over oxides
Sadovskaya EM, Bobin AS, Skazka VV
1037 - 1048 Influence of graphitic/amorphous coated carbon on HER activity of low temperature synthesized beta-Mo2C@C nanocomposites
Mir RA, Pandey OP
1049 - 1062 Pressure-swing-adsorption of gaseous mixture in isotropic porous medium: Transient 3D modeling and validation
Gautier R, Dbouk T, Campesi MA, Hamon L, Harion JL, Pre P
1063 - 1063 Simultaneous analysis of electrosorption capacity and kinetics for CDI desalination using different electrode configurations (vol 332, pg 33, 2018)
Zornitta RL, Ruotolo LAM
1064 - 1065 Slippery liquid-infused porous surface for corrosion protection with self-healing property (vol 345, pg 147, 2018)
Xiang TF, Zhang M, Sadig HR, Li ZC, Zhang MX, Dong CD, Yang L, Chan WM, Li C
1066 - 1066 A novel and feasible approach for one-pack flame-retardant epoxy resin with long pot life and fast curing (vol 337, pg 30, 2018)
Xu YJ, Wang J, Tan Y, Qi M, Chen L, Wang YZ
1067 - 1067 Drastic enhancement of H2O2 electro-generation by pulsed current for ibuprofen degradation: Strategy based on decoupling study on H2O2 decomposition pathways (vol 338, pg 709, 2018)
Zhou W, Gao JH, Ding YN, Zhao HQ, Meng XX, Wang Y, Kou KK, Xu YQ, Wu SH, Qin YK