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1 - 11 Dissolution and reaction in a CO2-brine-clay mineral particle system under geological CO2 sequestration from subcritical to supercritical conditions
Jeon PR, Kim DW, Lee CH
12 - 18 Graphene oxide based membrane intercalated by nanoparticles for high performance nanofiltration application
Chen L, Li N, Wen ZY, Zhang L, Chen Q, Chen LN, Si PC, Feng JK, Li YH, Lou J, Ci LJ
19 - 26 Antibacterial bioelastomers with sustained povidone-iodine release
Papadopoulou EL, Valentini P, Mussino F, Pompa PP, Athanassiou A, Bayer IS
27 - 40 Insights into the Sm/Zr co-doping effects on N-2 selectivity and SO2 resistance of a MnOx-TiO2 catalyst for the NH3-SCR reaction
Sun CZ, Liu H, Chen W, Chen DZ, Yu SH, Liu AN, Dong L, Feng S
41 - 51 Continuous reactive coupling of glycerol and acetone - A strategy for triglyceride transesterification and in-situ valorisation of glycerol by-product
Eze VC, Harvey AP
52 - 63 A magnetic pH-induced textile fabric with switchable wettability for intelligent oil/water separation
Yan T, Chen XQ, Zhang TH, Yu JG, Jiang XY, Hu WJH, Jiao FP
64 - 73 Photocatalytic reduction of CO2 to hydrocarbons using bio-templated porous TiO2 architectures under UV and visible light
Hashemizadeh I, Golovko VB, Choi J, Tsang DCW, Yip ACK
74 - 83 Biotransformation of cadmium-sulfamethazine combined pollutant in aqueous environments: Phanerochaete chrysosporium bring cautious optimism
Guo XY, Peng ZW, Huang DL, Xu P, Zeng GM, Zhou S, Gong XM, Cheng M, Deng R, Yi H, Luo H, Yan XL, Li T
84 - 90 Anion doping CO2-stable oxygen permeable membranes for syngas production
Xue J, Li JQ, Zhuang LB, Chen L, Feldhoff A, Wang HH
91 - 100 Leaf-extract mediated zero-valent iron for oxidation of Arsenic (III): Preparation, characterization and kinetics
Rana A, Kumari N, Tyagi M, Jagadevan S
101 - 110 Amorphous nickel oxide and crystalline manganese oxide nanocomposite electrode for transparent and flexible supercapacitor
Liu XY, Wang JX, Yang GW
111 - 118 Carbon and hydrogen isotope fractionation of phthalate esters during degradation by sulfate and hydroxyl radicals
Zhang D, Wu LP, Yao J, Herrmann H, Richnow HH
119 - 136 Bioreactor design for enzymatic hydrolysis of biomass under the biorefinery concept
Pino MS, Rodriguez-Jasso RM, Michelin M, Flores-Gallegos AC, Morales-Rodriguez R, Teixeira JA, Ruiz HA
137 - 144 Effective biodiesel synthesis from waste cooking oil and biomass residue solid green catalyst
Mansir N, Teo SH, Rabiu I, Taufiq-Yap YH
145 - 155 Synergistic catalytic effects of the Ni and V nanoparticles on the hydrogen storage properties of Mg-Ni-V nanocomposite
Xie XB, Chen M, Liu P, Shang JX, Liu T
156 - 164 Effects of salinity on the nitrogen removal efficiency and bacterial community structure in fixed-bed biofilm CANON bioreactors
Garcia-Ruiz MJ, Castellano-Hinojosa A, Gonzalez-Lopez J, Osorio F
165 - 172 Disperser-induced bacterial disintegration of partially digested anaerobic sludge for efficient biomethane recovery
Banu JR, Kannah RY, Kavitha S, Gunasekaran M, Yeom IT, Kumar G
173 - 183 Interaction of phosphorus with a FeTiOx catalyst for selective catalytic reduction of NOx with NH3: Influence on surface acidity and SCR mechanism
Li XS, Li KZ, Peng Y, Li X, Zhang YI, Wang D, Chen JJ, Li JH
184 - 192 Enhancement of N2O decomposition performance by N2O pretreatment over Ce-Co-O catalyst
You YC, Chang HZ, Ma L, Guo L, Qin X, Li JY, Li JH
193 - 201 PdO/Pd-CeO2 hollow spheres with fresh Pd surface for enhancing formic acid oxidation
Zhang LL, Ding LX, Luo Y, Zeng YH, Wang SQ, Wang HH
202 - 213 Long-term activity of a CuO/SBA-15 type SOx adsorbent: Impact of the regeneration step
Berger M, Nouali H, Dorge S, Habermacher D, Fiani E, Vierling M, Moliere M, Schonnenbeck C, Brilhac JF, Patarin J
214 - 222 TiO2 coated Si/C interconnected microsphere with stable framework and interface for high-rate lithium storage
Yi Z, Lin N, Xu TJ, Qian YT
223 - 232 Latent curing epoxy system with excellent thermal stability, flame retardance and dielectric property
Xu YJ, Chen L, Rao WH, Qi M, Guo DM, Liao W, Wang YZ
233 - 242 Cooking carbon with protic salt: Nitrogen and sulfur self-doped porous carbon nanosheets for supercapacitors
Miao L, Zhu DZ, Liu MX, Duan H, Wang ZW, Lv YK, Xiong W, Zhu QJ, Li LC, Chai XL, Gan LH
243 - 251 Performance and modeling of UV/persulfate/Ce(IV) process as a dual oxidant photochemical treatment system: Kinetic study and operating cost estimation
Soleymani AR, Moradi M
252 - 262 Exploring the complex removal behavior of natural organic matter upon N-doped reduced graphene oxide-activated persulfate via excitation-emission matrix combined with parallel factor analysis and size exclusion chromatography
Maqbool T, Bae S, Hur J
263 - 272 Flowing water enabled piezoelectric potential of flexible composite film for enhanced photocatalytic performance
Dai BY, Huang HM, Wang FL, Lu CH, Kou JH, Wang LZ, Xu ZZ
273 - 279 Creating graphene-like carbon layers on SiO anodes via a layer-by-layer strategy for lithium-ion battery
Han JL, Chen GR, Yan TT, Liu HJ, Shi LY, An ZX, Zhang JP, Zhang DS
280 - 290 Novel performance prediction model of a biofilm system treating domestic wastewater based on stacked denoising auto-encoders deep learning network
Shi S, Xu GR
291 - 300 3D hierarchical CoWO4/Co3O4 nanowire arrays for asymmetric supercapacitors with high energy density
Zhang MC, Fan HQ, Zhao N, Peng HJ, Ren XH, Wang WJ, Li H, Chen GY, Zhu YN, Jiang XB, Wu P
301 - 312 Permeance inhibition of Pd-based membranes by competitive adsorption of CO: Membrane size effects and first principles predictions
Murmura MA, Sheintuch M
313 - 321 Role of CTAB in the improved H2O resistance for selective catalytic reduction of NO with NH3 over iron titanium catalyst
Li YL, Han XJ, Hou YQ, Guo YP, Liu YJ, Cui Y, Huang ZG
322 - 333 A graphene oxide-Ag co-dispersing nanosystem: Dual synergistic effects on antibacterial activities and mechanical properties of polymer scaffolds
Shuai CJ, Guo W, Wu P, Yang WJ, Hu S, Xia Y, Feng P
334 - 342 Piperazine-promoted aqueous-ammonia-based CO2 capture: Process optimisation and modification
Jiang KQ, Li KK, Yu H, Feron PHM
343 - 365 A review on anode for lithium-sulfur batteries: Progress and prospects
Zhao HJ, Deng NP, Yan J, Kang WM, Ju JG, Ruan YL, Wang XQ, Zhuang XP, Li QX, Cheng BW
366 - 378 Efficient inactivation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa by Cu/Co-alpha-NiMoO4 in visible light
Ray SK, Dhakal D, Sohng JK, Kim SY, Lee SW
379 - 397 Insight into electro-Fenton and photo-Fenton for the degradation of antibiotics: Mechanism study and research gaps
Liu XC, Zhou YY, Zhang JC, Luo L, Yang Y, Huang HL, Peng H, Tang L, Mu Y
398 - 406 A novel approach for synthesis of exfoliated biopolymeric-LDH hybrid nanocomposites via in-stiu coprecipitation with gum Arabic: Application towards REEs recovery
Iftekhar S, Srivastava V, Ramasamy DL, Naseer WA, Sillanpaa M
407 - 414 Bioassembly of fungal hypha/graphene oxide aerogel as high performance adsorbents for U(VI) removal
Li Y, Li LY, Chen T, Duan T, Yao WT, Zheng K, Dai LC, Zhu WK
415 - 423 The performance of diphenyldichlorosilane coated ammonium exchange zeolite and its application in the combination of adsorption and biodegradation of hydrocarbon contaminated ground water
Ma JC, Stevens GW, Mumford KA
424 - 431 Gas-responsive cationic microgels for forward osmosis desalination
Rabiee H, Jin B, Yun S, Dai S
432 - 439 One-step synthesis of flour-derived functional nanocarbons with hierarchical pores for versatile environmental applications
Tian WJ, Zhang HY, Sun HQ, Tade MO, Wang SB
440 - 446 Gasification of metallurgical coke in CO2-CO-N-2 with and without H-2
Zhang H
447 - 454 Non-thermal plasma catalysis for chlorobenzene removal over CoMn/TiO2 and CeMn/TiO2: Synergistic effect of chemical catalysis and dielectric constant
Song H, Hu FY, Peng Y, Li KZ, Bai SP, Li JH
455 - 461 CoP3@PPy microcubes as anode for lithium-ion batteries with improved cycling and rate performance
Liu Q, Luo Y, Chen WL, Yan YW, Xue LH, Zhang WX
462 - 471 Oilfield produced water treatment to clean water using integrated activated carbon-bentonite adsorbent and double stages membrane process
Kusworo TD, Aryanti N, Qudratun, Utomo DP
472 - 482 Low magnetic field-induced alignment of nickel particles in segregated poly (L-lactide)/poly(epsilon-caprolactone)/multi-walled carbon nanotube nanocomposites: Towards remarkable and tunable conductive anisotropy
Shi YD, Yu HO, Li J, Tan YJ, Chen YF, Wang M, Wu H, Guo SY
483 - 492 Aramid fiber with excellent interfacial properties suitable for resin composite in a wide polarity range
Cheng Z, Zhang LJ, Jiang C, Dai Y, Meng CB, Luo LB, Liu XY
493 - 504 Adsorption/reduction of nitrogen dioxide on activated carbons: Textural properties versus surface chemistry - A review
Jeguirim M, Belhachemi M, Limousy L, Bennici S
505 - 513 Construction and multifunctional applications of carbon dots/PVA nanofibers with phosphorescence and thermally activated delayed fluorescence
He JL, He YL, Chen YH, Zhang XJ, Hu CF, Zhuang JL, Lei BF, Liu YL
514 - 524 Comparison of coagulation and magnetic chitosan nanoparticle adsorption on the removals of organic compound and coexisting humic acid: A case study with salicylic acid
Wang N, Xu ZH, Xu WY, Xu J, Chen YY, Zhang M
525 - 534 Effect of hydraulic retention time on the modelling and optimization of joint 1,3 PDO and BuA production from 2G glycerol in a chemostat process
Varrone C, Skiadas IV, Gavala HN
535 - 542 Persulfate enhanced photoelectrocatalytic degradation of cyanide using a CuFe2O4 modified graphite felt cathode
Guo T, Dang CZ, Tian SC, Wang YB, Cao D, Gong Y, Zhao S, Mao R, Yang B, Zhao X
543 - 551 Simultaneous syngas and biochar production during heavy metal separation from Cd/Zn hyperaccumulator (Sedum alfredii) by gasification
Cui XQ, Shen Y, Yang QY, Kawi S, He ZL, Yang XE, Wang CH
552 - 562 A new generation of high performance anode materials with semiconductor heterojunction structure of SnSe/SnO2@Gr in lithium-ion batteries
Chen K, Wang XJ, Wang G, Wang BB, Liu XJ, Bai JT, Wang H
563 - 573 Robust erythrocyte-like Fe2O3@carbon with yolk-shell structures as high-performance anode for lithium ion batteries
Zheng ZM, Zao Y, Zhang QB, Cheng Y, Chen HX, Zhang KL, Wang MS, Peng DL
574 - 584 Synthesis of Schiff base functionalized superparamagnetic Fe3O4 composites for effective removal of Pb(II) and Cd(II) from aqueous solution
Zhao JJ, Niu YZ, Ren B, Chen H, Zhang SX, Jin J, Zhang Y
585 - 594 Fabrication of robust surfaces with special wettability on porous copper substrates for various oil/water separations
Cao CY, Cheng J
595 - 606 Highly efficient removal of pharmaceuticals from water by well-defined carbide-derived carbons
Alvarez-Torrellas S, Munoz M, Glasel J, de Pedro ZM, Dominguez CM, Garcia J, Etzold BJM, Casas JA
607 - 617 Fabrication and theoretical investigation of MoS2-Co3S4 hybrid hollow structure as electrode material for lithium-ion batteries and supercapacitors
Lei X, Yu K, Qi RJ, Zhu ZQ
618 - 630 Phosphate recovery from real fresh urine by Ca(OH)(2) treated natural zeolite
Mitrogiannis D, Psychoyou M, Koukouzas N, Tsoukalas N, Palles D, Kamitsos E, Pantazidis A, Oikonomou G, Baziotis I
631 - 639 Double functional polymer brush-grafted cotton fiber for the fast visual detection and efficient adsorption of cadmium ions
Jia JZ, Liu CK, Wang L, Liang XY, Chai XY
640 - 647 Direct carbonization of Zn/Co zeolitic imidazolate frameworks for efficient adsorption of Rhodamine B
Zhang JJ, Yan XL, Hu XY, Feng R, Zhou M
648 - 659 Selective electro-oxidation of phenol to benzoquinone/hydroquinone on polyaniline enhances capacitance and cycling stability of polyaniline electrodes
Han CL, Ye YL, Wang GW, Hong W, Feng CH
660 - 668 A step forward towards synthesizing a stable and regeneratable nanocomposite for remediation of trichloroethene
Farooq U, Danish M, Lu S, Naqvi M, Qiu ZF, Sui Q
669 - 681 Zeolite supported Fe/Ni bimetallic nanoparticles for simultaneous removal of nitrate and phosphate: Synergistic effect and mechanism
He YH, Lin H, Dong YB, Li B, Wang L, Chu SY, Luo MK, Liu JF
682 - 694 Degradation of atrazine in soil by dielectric barrier discharge plasma - Potential singlet oxygen mediation
Aggelopoulos CA, Tataraki D, Rassias G
695 - 702 In situ formation of La(OH)(3)-poly(vinylidene fluoride) composite filtration membrane with superior phosphate removal properties
Chen L, Liu F, Wu Y, Zhao LM, Li YZ, Zhang X, Qian JS
703 - 710 Polydopamine tethered CPO/HRP-TiO2 nano-composites with high bio-catalytic activity, stability and reusability: Enzyme-photo bifunctional synergistic catalysis in water treatment
Cheng HP, Hu MC, Zhai QG, Li SN, Jiang YC
711 - 720 In situ modulation of crystallinity and nano-structures to enhance the stability and osseointegration of hydroxyapatite coatings on Ti-6Al-4V implants
Xia LG, Xie YT, Fang B, Wang XH, Lin KL
721 - 730 Enrichment of nitrite-dependent anaerobic methane oxidizing bacteria in a membrane bioreactor
Allegue T, Arias A, Fernandez-Gonzalez N, Omil F, Garrido JM
731 - 740 Sandwich-like Co3O4/MXene composite with enhanced catalytic performance for Bisphenol A degradation
Liu YX, Luo R, Li Y, Qi JW, Wang CH, Li JS, Sun XY, Wang LJ
741 - 753 Methanol to dimethyl ether conversion over a ZSM-5 catalyst: Intrinsic kinetic study on an external recycle reactor
Ortega C, Rezaei M, Hessel V, Kolb G
754 - 762 Chemoselective solution synthesis of pyrazolic-structure-rich nitrogen-doped graphene for supercapacitors and electrocatalysis
Wang XQ, Ding YJ, Lu H, Chen F, Zhang N, Ma MM
763 - 770 Chloramphenicol photo-Fenton degradation and toxicity changes in both surface water and a tertiary effluent from a municipal wastewater treatment plant at near-neutral conditions
Ricardo IA, Paiva VAB, Paniagua CES, Trovo AG
771 - 781 Lactic acid assisted fabrication of bioactive three-dimensional PLLA/beta-TCP fibrous scaffold for biomedical application
Lee S, Joshi MK, Tiwari AP, Maharjan B, Kim KS, Yun YH, Park CH, Kim CS
782 - 790 Novel crosslinked chitosan for enhanced adsorption of hexavalent chromium in acidic solution
Vakili M, Deng SB, Li T, Wang W, Wang WJ, Yu G
791 - 797 Synthesis of widely emission-tunable Ag-Ga-S and its quaternary derivative quantum dots
Kim JH, Kim BY, Jang EP, Yoon SY, Kim KH, Do YR, Yang H
798 - 807 Modelling the two-dimensional growth and oriented attachment of goethite nanorods synthesized via oxidation of aqueous ferrous hydroxide slurries
Guldenpfennig A, Distaso M, Taylor RNK, Peukert W
808 - 818 Synthesis, characterization and evaluations of the Ag/ZSM-5 for ethylene oxidation at room temperature: Investigating the effect of water and deactivation
Yang HL, Ma CY, Li Y, Wang JH, Zhang X, Wang G, Qiao NL, Sun YG, Cheng J, Hao ZP
819 - 827 Development of polymeric iron/zirconium-pillared clinoptilolite for simultaneous removal of multiple inorganic contaminants from wastewater
Zhou K, Wu BR, Dai XH, Chai XL
828 - 835 Degradation kinetics of chlortetracycline in wastewater using ultrasonication assisted laccase
Pulicharla R, Das RK, Brar SK, Drogui P, Surampalli RY
836 - 848 Rapid degradation of naproxen by AgBr-alpha-NiMoO4 composite photocatalyst in visible light: Mechanism and pathways
Ray SK, Dhakal D, Lee SW
849 - 859 In-situ self-sacrificial fabrication of lanthanide hydroxycarbonates/graphitic carbon nitride heterojunctions: nitrogen photofixation under simulated solar light irradiation
Feng XW, Chen H, Jiang F, Wang X
860 - 869 CO2 hydrogenation to formate over nano-scale zero-valent nickel catalyst under atmospheric pressure
Zhao Y, Wang TH, Wang XH, Hao RL, Wang H
870 - 876 Stability of hydrous ferric oxide nanoparticles encapsulated inside porous matrices: Effect of solution and matrix phase
Pan BJ, Chen D, Zhang HC, Wu JY, He F, Wang JD, Chen JM
877 - 888 Kinetics of the transesterification of methyl palmitate and sucrose using surfactants
Gutierrez MF, Rivera JL, Suaza A, Orjuela A
889 - 899 Design and synthesis of tube-in-tube structured NiO nanobelts with superior electrochemical properties for lithium-ion storage
Oh SH, Park JS, Jo MS, Kang YC, Cho JS
900 - 912 Architecture alternatives for propane dehydrogenation in a membrane reactor
Sheintuch M, Nekhamkina O
913 - 922 Plasma catalysis application of gold nanoparticles for acetaldehyde decomposition
Jia ZX, Ben Amar M, Yang DZ, Brinza O, Kanaev A, Duten X, Vega-Gonzalez A
923 - 931 Chitosan-graft-PAMAM loading nitric oxide for efficient antibacterial application
Li GW, Yu SM, Xue W, Ma D, Zhang W
932 - 943 Mussel-inspired elastic interpenetrated network hydrogel as an alternative for anti-thrombotic stent coating membrane
Obiweluozor FO, Maharjan B, Emechebe AG, Park CH, Kim CS
944 - 952 Methanol oxidation in dry and humid air by dielectric barrier discharge plasma combined with MnO2-CuO based catalysts
Norsic C, Tatibouet JM, Batiot-Dupeyrat C, Fourre E
953 - 962 Hierarchical MgFe-layered double hydroxide microsphere/graphene composite for simultaneous electrochemical determination of trace Pb(II) and Cd(II)
Ma Y, Wang YC, Xie DH, Gu Y, Zhu XL, Zhang HM, Wang GZ, Zhang YX, Zhao HJ
963 - 971 Removal of Sudan IV from a simulated biphasic oily wastewater by using lipophilic carbon adsorbents
de Tuesta JLD, Silva AMT, Faria JL, Gomes HT