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1 - 10 Removal of atorvastatin in water mediated by CuFe2O4 activated peroxymonosulfate
Miao D, Peng JB, Wang MJ, Shao S, Wang LH, Gao SX
11 - 23 Design of novel 3D flower-like neodymium molybdate: An efficient and challenging catalyst for sensing and destroying pulmonary toxicity antibiotic drug
Kumar JV, Karthik R, Chen SM, Chen KH, Sakthinathan S, Muthuraj V, Chiu TW
24 - 33 Effect of a weak magnetic field on triclosan removal using zero-valent iron under aerobic and anaerobic conditions
Wu Y, Lin LF, Suanon F, Hu AY, Sun YN, Yu ZM, Yu CP, Sun Q
34 - 37 On the intra-fiber mass transfer limitations in glass-fiber catalysts
Zagoruiko A
38 - 49 Anionic polypeptide poly(gamma-glutamic acid)-functionalized magnetic Fe3O4-GO-(o-MWCNTs) hybrid nanocomposite for high-efficiency removal of Cd (II), Cu(II) and Ni(II) heavy metal ions
Wang L, Hu D, Kong XK, Liu JG, Li XH, Zhou K, Zhao HG, Zhou CH
50 - 56 Effects of pH adjustment on the hydrolysis of Al-enhanced primary sedimentation sludge for volatile fatty acid production
Lin L, Li XY
57 - 64 Constructing fast electron and ion conductive framework for Li2S as advanced lithium sulfur battery
Peng YY, Zhang YY, Wen ZP, Wang YH, Chen ZQ, Hwang BJ, Zhao JB
65 - 76 Evaluation of the potential of dimethyl phthalate degradation in aqueous using sodium percarbonate activated by discharge plasma
Wang TC, Jia HZ, Guo XT, Xia TJ, Qu GZ, Sun QH, Yin XQ
77 - 84 Construction of bimetallic Pd-Ag enhanced AgBr/TiO2 hierarchical nanostructured photocatalytic hybrid capillary tubes and devices for continuous photocatalytic degradation of VOCs
Gao WQ, Zhang XF, Su XW, Wang FL, Liu ZH, Liu BS, Zhan J, Liu H, Sang YH
85 - 93 UiO-66 derived etched carbon/polymer membranes: High-performance supports for the extraction of organic pollutants from water
Cabello CP, Pico MFF, Maya F, del Rio M, Palomino GT
94 - 103 Modifier-free fabrication of durable and multifunctional superhydrophobic paper with thermostability and anti-microbial property
Wen G, Gao XY, Tian P, Zhong LS, Wang ZLL, Guo ZG
104 - 112 Graphene-like porous carbon from sheet cellulose as electrodes for supercapacitors
Mo RJ, Zhao Y, Zhao MM, Wu M, Wang C, Li JP, Kuga S, Huang Y
113 - 119 Apparent kinetics of the water-gas-shift reaction in biomass gasification using ash-layered olivine as catalyst
Kryca J, Priscak J, Lojewska J, Kuba M, Hofbauer H
120 - 126 Pre-magnetization by weak magnetic field enhancing Fe-0-Fenton process for wastewater treatment
Huang T, Zhang GM, Zhang N, Ye J, Xian G
127 - 142 Optimization of bottom tuyere configuration for Basic Oxygen Furnace steelmaking through experiments and CFD simulations
Quiyoom A, Ajmani SK, Buwa VV
143 - 150 Hierarchically porous carbon derived from waste acrylic fibers for super-high capacity lithium ion battery anodes
Liu HC, Shi LD, Han P, Ullah S, Yu JL, Yang B, Li CH, Zhu CZ, Xu J
151 - 158 Zn-Al layered double hydroxides as efficient photocatalysts for NOx abatement
Rodriguez-Rivas F, Pastor A, Barriga C, Cruz-Yusta M, Sanchez L, Pavlovic I
159 - 170 Removal of tetracycline antibiotics from wastewater by pulsed corona discharge plasma coupled with natural soil particles
Wang C, Qu GZ, Wang TC, Deng F, Liang DL
171 - 181 Assessment of kinetic model for ceria oxidation for chemical-looping CO2 dissociation
Farooqui AE, Pica AM, Marocco P, Ferrero D, Lanzini A, Fiorilli S, Llorca J, Santarelli M
182 - 192 Microspherical MnO2-CeO2-Al2O3 mixed oxide for monolithic honeycomb catalyst and application in selective catalytic reduction of NOx with NH3 at 50-150 degrees C
Wang C, Yu F, Zhu MY, Wang XG, Dan JM, Zhang JL, Cao P, Dai B
193 - 202 Shape-controlled synthesis of CoMoO4@Co1.5Ni1.5S4 hybrids with rambutan-like structure for high-performance all-solid-state supercapacitors
Wang C, Guan ZS, Shen YB, Yu SH, Fu XZ, Sun R, Wong CP
203 - 216 Multi-walled carbon nanotubes supported nickel nanoparticles doped with magnesia and copper for adiponitrile hydrogenation with high activity and chemoselectivity under mild conditions
Lv Y, Li J, Feng S, Liu PL, Hao F, Xiong W, Luo HA
217 - 225 Green synthesis of lignin nanoparticle in aqueous hydrotropic solution toward broadening the window for its processing and application
Chen LH, Zhou XY, Shi YF, Gao B, Wu JP, Kirk TB, Xu JK, Xue W
226 - 237 Structure regulation of ZnS@g-C3N4/TiO2 nanospheres for efficient photocatalytic H-2 production under visible-light irradiation
Zhang C, Zhou YM, Bao JH, Fang JS, Zhao S, Zhang YW, Sheng XL, Chen WX
238 - 248 Hierarchically porous gamma-Al2O3 nanosheets: Facile template-free preparation and reaction mechanism for H2S selective oxidation
Shen LJ, Zheng XH, Lei GC, Li X, Cao YN, Jiang LL
249 - 257 Activation of peroxymonosulfate on visible light irradiated TiO2 via a charge transfer complex path
Jo Y, Kim C, Moon GH, Lee J, An T, Choi W
258 - 270 Heavy metal adsorption using PAMAM/CNT nanocomposite from aqueous solution in batch and continuous fixed bed systems
Hayati B, Maleki A, Najafi F, Gharibi F, McKay G, Gupta VK, Puttaiah SH, Marzban N
271 - 280 Aminolysis of cyclic-carbonate vegetable oils as a non-isocyanate route for the synthesis of polyurethane: A kinetic and thermal study
Perez-Sena WY, Cai XS, Kebir N, Vernieres-Hassimi L, Serra C, Salmi T, Leveneur S
281 - 288 Oxygen-incorporation in Co2P as a non-noble metal cocatalyst to enhance photocatalysis for reducing water to H-2 under visible light
Chao YG, Zheng JF, Zhang HX, Li F, Yan F, Tan YS, Zhu ZP
289 - 297 Chemically and thermally stable isocyanate microcapsules having good self-healing and self-lubricating performances
Sun DW, Chong YB, Chen K, Yang JL
298 - 306 Kinetics, pathways and toxicity evaluation of neonicotinoid insecticides degradation via UV/chlorine process
Yin K, Deng YX, Liu CB, He QY, Wei YF, Chen S, Liu TC, Luo SL
307 - 316 Coupled iron-microbial catalysis for CO2 hydrogenation with multispecies microbial communities
Blanchet E, Vahlas Z, Etcheverry L, Rafrafi Y, Erable B, Delia ML, Bergel A
317 - 328 Magnetic nanoparticles combining teamed boronate affinity and surface imprinting for efficient selective recognition of glycoproteins under physiological pH
Zhu HJ, Yao H, Xia KX, Liu JX, Yin XL, Zhang WL, Pan JM
329 - 339 Convective mixing of miscible liquids in a rotor-stator spinning disk reactor
Toma H, Nishino K
340 - 350 Mechanisms for drawdown of floating particles in a laminar stirred tank flowl
Gong H, Huang FL, Li ZP, Gao ZM, Derksen JJ
351 - 360 Superior electrochemical properties of micron-sized aggregates of (Co0.5Fe0.5)(3)O-4 hollow nanospheres and graphitic carbon
Hong YJ, Park SK, Roh KC, Lee JK, Kang YC
361 - 368 Preparation of a novel nanobiocatalyst by immobilizing penicillin acylase onto magnetic nanocrystalline cellulose and its use for efficient synthesis of cefaclor
Huang ZX, Cao SL, Xu P, Wu H, Zong MH, Lou WY
369 - 375 Impact of diffusion at the gas/liquid interface on deep hydrodesulfurization of fluid catalytic cracking naphtha
Wang L, Fang DR, Wang YS, Tian H, Liu J, Ren WZ
376 - 387 Boosting lithium-ion storage performance by synergistically coupling Zn0.76Co0.24S with N-/S-doped carbon and carbon nanofiber
Yin XJ, Sun WW, Lv LP, Wang Y
388 - 396 Hierarchically porous carbon derived from metal-organic frameworks for separation of aromatic pollutants
Teng W, Bai N, Chen ZH, Shi JM, Fan JW, Zhang WX
397 - 405 Kinetics of coupling cracking of butene and pentene on modified HZSM-5 catalyst
Li JW, Li T, Ma HF, Sun QW, Li CZ, Ying WY, Fang DY
406 - 415 Highly uranium elimination by crab shells-derived porous graphitic carbon nitride: Batch, EXAFS and theoretical calculations
Zhang CL, Liu Y, Li X, Chen HX, Wen T, Jiang ZH, Ai YJ, Sun YB, Hayat T, Wang XK
416 - 426 Numerical investigation of a coarse-grain discrete element method in solid mixing in a spouted bed
Takabatake K, Mori Y, Khinast JG, Sakai M
427 - 437 A general method for high-performance Li-ion battery Ge composites electrodes from ionic liquid electrodeposition without binders or conductive agents: The cases of CNTs, RGO and PEDOT
Hao J, Pan L, Zhang HC, Chi CX, Guo QJ, Zhao JP, Yang Y, Liu XX, Ma XX, Li Y
438 - 446 Ultrasound assisted intensified synthesis of 1-benzyloxy-4-nitrobenzene in the presence of phase transfer catalyst
Diwathe MC, Gogate PR
447 - 457 Monitoring polymer flocculation in oil sands tailings: A population balance model approach
Vajihinejad V, Soares JBP
458 - 465 Crosslinked poly(ionic liquid) anchored with organic probe as a new promising platform for organic solvent-free recognition, quantification, and selective removal of heavy metal ion
Hu CC, Gao Q, Liu S, Chang LL, Xia KS, Han B, Zhou CG
466 - 476 Chemical, microbial and toxicological assessment of wastewater treatment plant effluents during disinfection by ozonation
Nasuhoglu D, Isazadeh S, Westlund P, Neamatallah S, Yargeau V
477 - 488 Production of glycerol carbonate using a novel Ti-SBA-15 catalyst
Devi P, Das U, Dalai AK
489 - 496 Guest-dependent pressure induced gate-opening effect enables effective separation of propene and propane in a flexible MOF
Wang XQ, Krishna R, Li LB, Wang B, He T, Zhang YZ, Li JR, Li JP
497 - 505 Design of nano-starch-reinforced ethyl-co-vinyl acetate elastomers by simultaneously constructing interfacial bonding and novel reversible matrix crosslinking
Xu PW, Zhao XY, Ma PM, Chen MQ, Dong WF, Hoch M, Lemstra PJ
506 - 514 Electrodriven transport of chromium (VI) using 1-octanol/PVC in polymer inclusion membrane under low voltage
Meng XR, Wang CH, Ren TT, Wang L, Wang XD
515 - 524 Kinetic and mechanistic investigations of the degradation of sulfachloropyridazine in heat-activated persulfate oxidation process
Liu L, Lin S, Zhang W, Farooq U, Shen GX, Hu SQ
525 - 534 Evaluation of single-component and multi-component adsorption of metronidazole, phosphate and nitrate on activated carbon from Prosopis juliflora
Manjunath SV, Kumar M
535 - 548 Novel process for the exergetically efficient recycling of chlorine by gas phase electrolysis of hydrogen chloride
Bechtel S, Vidakovic-Koch T, Sundmacher K
549 - 556 Effect of milling mechanism on the CO2 capture performance of limestone in the Calcium Looping process
Benitez-Guerrero M, Valverde JM, Perejon A, Sanchez-Jimenez PE, Perez-Maqueda LA
557 - 566 Microwave carbonized cellulose for trace pharmaceutical adsorption
Feng ZX, Odelius K, Rajarao GK, Hakkarainen M
567 - 577 Heterogeneous photo-Fenton degradation of bisphenol A over Ag/AgCl/ferrihydrite catalysts under visible light
Zhu YP, Zhu RL, Xi YF, Xu TY, Yan LX, Zhu JX, Zhu GQ, He HP
578 - 589 Effect of surface fluorination of P25-TiO2 on adsorption of indoor environment volatile organic compounds
Shayegan Z, Haghighat F, Lee CS, Bahloul A, Huard M
590 - 599 Insight into efficient co-removal of Se(IV) and Cr(VI) by magnetic mesoporous carbon microspheres: Performance and mechanism
Lu JW, Fu F, Zhang L, Tang B
600 - 605 A catalytic hydrocracking approach for zeolite detemplation at mild condition
Liu XG, Zhang YM, Wang ZR, Zhang BQ, Yao ZH, Wang ZY, Li X, Wang H, Hu MC
606 - 620 Aerosol-assisted synthesis of submicron particles at room temperature using ultra-fine liquid atomization
Mezhericher M, Nunes JK, Guzowski JJ, Stone HA
621 - 629 Catalytic decomposition of HCN on copper manganese oxide at low temperatures: Performance and mechanism
Li YJ, Yang H, Zhang YC, Hu J, Huang JH, Ning P, Tian SL
630 - 639 Bioengineered PLGA-chitosan nanoparticles for brain targeted intranasal delivery of antiepileptic TRH analogues
Kaur S, Manhas P, Swami A, Bhandari R, Sharma KK, Jain R, Kumar R, Pandey SK, Kuhad A, Sharma RK, Wangoo N
640 - 648 Closing the cycle: Phosphorus removal and recovery from diluted effluents using acid resistive membranes
Nir O, Sengpiel R, Wessling M
649 - 661 Simultaneous improvement in toughness, strength and biocompatibility of poly(lactic acid) with polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane
Liu ZB, Hu D, Huang L, Li WQ, Tian JH, Lu L, Zhou CR
662 - 671 Electrochemical degradation of fluoxetine on nanotube array intercalated anode with enhanced electronic transport and hydroxyl radical production
Wang C, Niu JF, Yin LF, Huang JX, Hou LA
672 - 681 A Monte Carlo study of adsorption-induced deformation in wedge-shaped graphitic micropores
Zeng YH, Liu LM, Zhang H, Do DD, Nicholson D
682 - 691 Sorption and desorption of anionic, cationic and zwitterionic polyfluoroalkyl substances by soil organic matter and pyrogenic carbonaceous materials
Zhi Y, Liu JX
692 - 711 A review on modification methods of adsorbents for elemental mercury from flue gas
Xu W, Hussain A, Liu YX
712 - 725 Effects of Zr doping on Fe2O3/CeO2 oxygen carrier in chemical looping hydrogen generation
Ma SW, Li M, Wang GB, Zhang L, Chen SY, Sun Z, Hu J, Zhu M, Xiang WG
726 - 738 Transition metal catalyzed sulfite auto-oxidation systems for oxidative decontamination in waters: A state-of-the-art minireview
Zhou DN, Chen L, Li JJ, Wu F
739 - 747 Synthesis of PVA-g-POEM graft copolymers and their use in highly permeable thin film composite membranes
Kim DH, Park MS, Choi Y, Lee KB, Kim JH
748 - 761 Multicomponent transport in nanoporous networks: Theory and simulation
Hu CX, Bhatia SK