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1 - 9 Magnetic graphene oxide/MgAl-layered double hydroxide nanocomposite: One-pot solvothermal synthesis, adsorption performance and mechanisms for Pb2+, Cd2+, and Cu2+
Huang QQ, Chen Y, Yu HQ, Yan LG, Zhang JH, Wang B, Du B, Xing LT
10 - 26 Advanced binder-free electrode based on core-shell nanostructures of mesoporous Co3V2O8-Ni3V2O8 thin layers@porous carbon nanofibers for high-performance and flexible all-solid-state supercapacitors
Hosseini H, Shahrokhian S
27 - 36 The enhanced effect of Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans on pyrite based Cr(VI) reduction
Gan M, Li JY, Sun SJ, Cao YY, Zheng ZH, Zhu JY, Liu XX, Wang J, Qiu GZ
37 - 46 A two-dimensional nitrogen-rich carbon/silicon composite as high performance anode material for lithium ion batteries
Mu TS, Zuo PJ, Lou SF, Pan QR, Li Q, Du CY, Gao YZ, Cheng XQ, Ma YL, Yin GP
47 - 57 A novel amphoteric beta-cyclodextrin-based adsorbent for simultaneous removal of cationic/anionic dyes and bisphenol A
Zhou YB, Hu YH, Huang WW, Cheng G, Cui CZ, Lu J
58 - 64 Treatment of municipal sewage with low carbon-to-nitrogen ratio via a novel integrated process
Wang D, Wang GW, Yang FL, Liu CF
65 - 74 Three-dimensional mass transfer modeling of ibuprofen adsorption on activated carbon prepared by sonication
Frohlich AC, Ocampo-Perez R, Diaz-Blancas V, Salau NPG, Dotto GL
75 - 82 Enhanced lanthanum adsorption by amine modified activated carbon
Iannicelli-Zubiani EM, Stampino PG, Cristiani C, Dotelli G
83 - 92 Enhanced photocatalytic performance of Ag@TiO2 for the gaseous acetaldehyde photodegradation under fluorescent lamp
Zeng QL, Xie XF, Wang X, Wang Y, Lu GH, Pui DYH, Sun J
93 - 101 Degradation mechanism and kinetic modeling for UV/peroxydisulfate treatment of penicillin antibiotics
Zhou XF, Liu DD, Zhang YL, Chen JB, Chu HQ, Qian YJ
102 - 111 Tetsubo-like alpha-Fe2O3/C nanoarrays on carbon cloth as negative electrode for high-performance asymmetric supercapacitors
Chen DZ, Zhou S, Quan HY, Zou R, Gao WM, Luo XB, Guo L
112 - 125 Bioinspired fabrication of carbonated hydroxyapatite/chitosan nanohybrid scaffolds loaded with TWS119 for bone regeneration
Chen YX, Yu JQ, Ke QF, Gao YS, Zhang CQ, Guo YP
126 - 136 Insights into atrazine degradation by persulfate activation using composite of nanoscale zero-valent iron and graphene: Performances and mechanisms
Wu SH, He HJ, Li X, Yang CP, Zeng GM, Wu B, He SY, Lu L
137 - 145 Enhanced oxidation of antibiotics by ferrate(VI)-sulfur(IV) system: Elucidating multi-oxidant mechanism
Feng MB, Sharma VK
146 - 156 Biomass polymeric microspheres containing aldehyde groups: Immobilizing and controlled-releasing amino acids as green metal corrosion inhibitor
Bao JP, Zhang HY, Zhao XH, Deng JP
157 - 163 The role and mechanism of triethanolamine in simultaneous absorption of NOx and SO2 by magnesia slurry combined with ozone gas-phase oxidation
Wu Q, Sun CL, Wang HQ, Wang T, Wang YJ, Wu ZB
164 - 174 Synthesis and adsorption performance of a modified micro-mesoporous MIL-101(Cr) for VOCs removal at ambient conditions
Shafiei M, Alivand MS, Rashidi A, Samimi A, Mohebbi-Kalhori D
175 - 186 Preparation of ultra-small molecule-like Ag nano-clusters in silicate glass based on ion-exchange process: Energy transfer investigation from molecule-like Ag nano-clusters to Eu3+ ions
Zhao JY, Yang ZW, Yu CY, Qiu JB, Song ZG
187 - 197 Chemical looping combustion using geopolymer-based oxygen carriers
Bendoni R, Miccio F, Medri V, Landi E
198 - 207 pH-responsive magnetic metal-organic framework nanocomposite: A smart porous adsorbent for highly specific enrichment of cis-diol containing luteolin
Liu SC, Ma Y, Gao L, Pan JM
208 - 217 Ordered mesoporous polymer-carbon composites containing amidoxime groups for uranium removal from aqueous solutions
Zhang ZB, Dong ZM, Wang XX, Ying D, Niu FL, Cao XH, Wang YQ, Hua R, Liu YH, Wang XK
218 - 226 Microfluidic generation of Prussian blue-laden magnetic micro-adsorbents for cesium removal
Kang SM, Rethinasabapathy M, Hwang SK, Lee GW, Jang SC, Kwak CH, Choe SR, Huh YS
227 - 237 Degradation of phenolic acids by gamma radiation as model compounds of cork wastewaters
Madureira J, Barros L, Melo R, Verde SC, Ferreira ICFR, Margaca FMA
238 - 247 Treatment of pharmaceutical wastewater containing beta-lactams antibiotics by a pilot-scale anaerobic membrane bioreactor (AnMBR)
Huang B, Wang HC, Cui D, Zhang B, Chen ZB, Wang AJ
248 - 261 One-pot hydrothermal synthesis of g-C3N4/Ag/AgCl/BiVO4 micro-flower composite for the visible light degradation of ibuprofen
Akbarzadeh R, Fung CSL, Rather RA, Lo IMC
262 - 271 Cascade applications of robust MIL-96 metal organic frameworks in environmental remediation: Proof of concept
Azhar MR, Abid HR, Tade MO, Periasamy V, Sun HQ, Wang SB
272 - 279 Utilisation of FGD gypsum for silicate removal from scheelite flotation wastewater
Kang JH, Hu YH, Sun W, Liu RQ, Gao ZY, Guan QJ, Tang HH, Yin ZG
280 - 288 Design advanced carbon materials from lignin-based interpenetrating polymer networks for high performance sodium-ion batteries
Zhang HM, Zhang WF, Ming H, Pang J, Zhang H, Cao GP, Yang YS
289 - 297 Ultrafast selective capture of phosphorus from sewage by 3D Fe3O4@ZnO via weak magnetic field enhanced adsorption
Li N, Tian Y, Zhao JH, Zhan W, Du JY, Kong LC, Zhang J, Zuo W
298 - 307 Self-made anion-exchange membrane with polyaniline as an additive for sulfuric acid enrichment
Xie RS, Ning P, Qu GF, Li JY, Ren MJ, Du CD, Gao HJ, Li ZSC
308 - 316 Modelling the mercury removal from polluted waters by using TOMAC microcapsules considering the metal speciation
Borreguero AM, Leura A, Rodriguez JF, Vaselli O, Nisi B, Higueras PL, Carmona M
317 - 326 Efficient separation of Re(VII) by radiation-induced reduction from aqueous solution
Shang Y, Xiao JX, Weng HQ, Li FH, Cheng S, Yamashita S, Muroya Y, Lin MZ
327 - 334 Performance of ozonation and biological activated carbon in eliminating sulfonamides and sulfonamide-resistant bacteria: A pilot-scale study
Li G, Ben WW, Ye H, Zhang D, Qiang ZM
335 - 343 Conformal deposition of atomic TiO2 layer on chalcogenide nanorod with excellent activity and durability towards solar H-2 generation
Liu MC, Xue F, Wang XX, Fu WL, Wang Y, Lu YJ, Li NX
344 - 350 High temperature growth of single-walled carbon nanotubes with a narrow chirality distribution by tip-growth mode
He M, Yang T, Shang D, Xin B, Chernov AI, Obraztsova ED, Sainio J, Wei N, Cui H, Jiang H, Kauppinen E
351 - 360 Two-stage selective recovery process of scandium from the group of rare earth elements in aqueous systems using activated carbon and silica composites: Dual applications by tailoring the ligand grafting approach
Ramasamy DL, Puhakka V, Repo E, Ben Hammouda S, Sillanpaa M
361 - 370 Adsorption and catalytic oxidation of pharmaceuticals by nitrogen-doped reduced graphene oxide/Fe3O4 nanocomposite
Peng GL, Zhang MH, Deng SB, Shan DA, He Q, Yu G
371 - 382 Mussel-inspired modification of PPS membrane to separate and remove the dyes from the wastewater
Xu Y, Li ZH, Su KM, Fan TT, Cao L
383 - 391 Heterogeneous activation of peroxymonosulfate over monodispersed Co3O4/activated carbon for efficient degradation of gaseous toluene
Xie RJ, Ji J, Huang HB, Lei DX, Fang RM, Shu YJ, Zhan YJ, Guo KH, Leung DYC
392 - 401 Catalytic degradation of tetracycline hydrochloride by persulfate activated with nano Fe-0 immobilized mesoporous carbon
Jiang X, Guo YH, Zhang LB, Jiang WJ, Xie RZ
402 - 413 Construction of highly biocompatible hydroxyethyl cellulose/soy protein isolate composite sponges for tissue engineering
Zhao YT, He M, Jin HF, Zhao L, Du QY, Deng HB, Tian WQ, Li YP, Lv XP, Chen Y
414 - 431 Steady and unsteady regimes in a T-shaped micro-mixer: Synergic experimental and numerical investigation
Mariotti A, Galletti C, Mauri R, Salvetti MV, Brunazzi E
432 - 440 CO2 capturing performances of millimeter scale beads made by tetraethylenepentamine loaded ultra-fine palygorskite powders from jet pulverization
Ouyang J, Gu W, Zhang Y, Yang HM, Jin YL, Chen J, Jiang JL
441 - 449 Nitrogen-doped carbon fiber foam enabled sulfur vapor deposited cathode for high performance lithium sulfur batteries
Ren WC, Ma W, Zhang SF, Tang BT
450 - 461 Dual redox/pH-responsive hybrid polymer-lipid composites: Synthesis, preparation, characterization and application in drug delivery with enhanced therapeutic efficacy
Li J, Ma YJ, Wang Y, Chen BZ, Guo XD, Zhang CY
462 - 470 Removal of sulfamethoxazole from salt-laden wastewater in constructed wetlands affected by plant species, salinity levels and co-existing contaminants
Liang YX, Zhu H, Banuelos G, Shutes B, Yan BX, Cheng XW
471 - 482 Ordered mesoporous carbons as highly efficient absorbent for coal gasification wastewater - A real case study based on the Inner Mongolia Autonomous coal gasification wastewater
Gai HJ, Guo K, Xiao M, Zhang N, Li ZY, Lv ZG, Song HB
483 - 494 Removal of elemental mercury from flue gas using red mud impregnated by KBr and KI reagent
Yang W, Hussain A, Zhang J, Liu YX
495 - 504 Electronic and metagenomic insights into the performance of bioelectrochemical reactor simultaneously treating sewage sludge and Cr (VI)-laden wastewater
Yu H, Zhao QL, Dong QS, Jiang JQ, Wang K, Zhang YS
505 - 515 Characterization of novel geopolymer - Zeolite composites as solid adsorbents for CO2 capture
Minelli M, Papa E, Medri V, Miccio F, Benito P, Doghieri F, Landi E
516 - 525 Adsorption-photocatalysis functional expanded graphite C/C composite for in-situ photocatalytic inactivation of Microcystis aeruginosa
Wang X, Wang XJ, Zhao JF, Song JK, Su CL, Wang ZC
526 - 538 Improving the functionality and performance of AA2024 corrosion sensing coatings with nanocontainers
Galvao TLP, Sousa I, Wilhelm M, Carneiro J, Oprsal J, Kukackova H, Spacek V, Maia F, Gomes JRB, Tedim J, Ferreira MGS
539 - 546 Raw materials recovery from spent hydrochloric acid-based galvanizing wastewater
Pietrelli L, Ferro S, Vocciante M
547 - 555 Construction of Ag/g-C3N4 photocatalysts with visible-light photocatalytic activity for sulfamethoxazole degradation
Song YL, Qi JY, Tian JY, Gao SS, Cui FY
556 - 564 Interactive effects between tetracycline and nitrosifying sludge microbiota in a nitritation membrane bioreactor
Sheng BB, Cong HY, Zhang SQ, Meng FG
565 - 577 Electrically modulated optical properties of fluorescent chiral nematic liquid crystals
Lin PC, Yan Q, Wei Z, Li XX, Wang HY, Huang ZR, Wang XZ, Cheng ZD
578 - 587 Recovery of metal oxoanions from basic solutions using cooperative sorption - Separation of Na2MoO4 and NaOH
Laatikainen M, Laatikainen K, Heinonen J, Sainio T
588 - 600 Synergy effects of combined red muds as oxygen carriers for chemical looping combustion of methane
Deng GX, Li KZ, Gu ZH, Zhu X, Wei YG, Cheng XM, Wang H
601 - 609 A simple approach to fabricate of Ni-NiCo2O4@ZnCo2O4 yolk-shell nano-tetrahedron composite as high-performance anode material for lithium-ion batteries
Xin HL, Li DZ, Shi LD, Ji MW, Lin YM, Yu JL, Yang B, Li CH, Zhu CZ
610 - 617 In tandem effects of activated carbon and quorum quenching on fouling control and simultaneous removal of pharmaceutical compounds in membrane bioreactors
Xiao YY, Waheed H, Xiao KK, Hashmi I, Zhou Y
618 - 627 Metal-organic framework-derived hollow CoS nanobox for high performance electrochemical energy storage
Wei XJ, Li YH, Peng HR, Zhou M, Ou YQ, Yang YB, Zhang YH, Xiao P
628 - 638 A Novel Prototype Offset Multi Tubular Photoreactor (OMTP) for solar photocatalytic degradation of water contaminants
Ochoa-Gutierrez KSO, Tabares-Aguilar ET, Mueses MA, Machuca-Martinez FM, Li Puma G
639 - 647 The effect of shear flow on microreactor clogging
Sicignano L, Tomaiuolo G, Perazzoa A, Nolan SP, Maffettone PL, Guido S
648 - 657 Simple formation of chitosan tablet with self-supporting blocks: Fe-3(+) - mediated supramolecular coordination
Liu JX, Wu RR, Gu RX, Qiu FX, Pan JM