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1 - 6 Wet oxidation of process water from hydrothermal carbonization of biomass with nitrate as oxidant
Stutzenstein P, Weiner B, Kohler R, Pfeifer C, Kopinke FD
7 - 13 Biomimetic fluoridated hydroxyapatite coating with micron/nano-topography on magnesium alloy for orthopaedic application
Shen SB, Cai S, Bao XG, Xu P, Li Y, Jiang S, Xu GH
14 - 21 Gel-emulsion templated polymeric monoliths for efficient removal of particulate matters
Liu JF, Li M, Wang P, Liu KQ, Fang Y
22 - 31 Granular activated carbon with grafted nanoporous polymer enhances nanoscale zero-valent iron impregnation and water contaminant removal
Mines PD, Uthuppu B, Thirion D, Jakobsen MH, Yavuz CT, Andersen HR, Hwang Y
32 - 41 Competitive reactions of hydroxyl and sulfate radicals with sulfonamides in Fe2+/S2O82- system: Reaction kinetics, degradation mechanism and acute toxicity
Yang H, Zhuang S, Hu Q, Hu LT, Yang LP, Au CT, Yi B
42 - 50 Iodide-modified Bi4O5Br2 photocatalyst with tunable conduction band position for efficient visible-light decontamination of pollutants
Li R, Liu JX, Zhang XF, Wang YW, Wang YF, Zhang CM, Zhang XC, Fan CM
51 - 60 CO2 sorption/desorption performance study on K2CO3-doped Li4SiO4-based pellets
Seggiani M, Stefanelli E, Puccini M, Vitolo S
61 - 70 3D sponge-like porous structure of Mn2O3 tiny nanosheets coated on Ni(OH)(2)/Mn2O3 nanosheet arrays for quasi-solid-state asymmetric supercapacitors with high performance
Feng LY, Sun JK, Liu YH, Li XX, Ye L, Zhao LJ
71 - 77 Dual-film optofluidic microreactor with enhanced light-harvesting for photocatalytic applications
Li L, Tang DW, Song YC, Jiang B
78 - 84 SnS2 nanoparticles anchored on three-dimensional reduced graphene oxide as a durable anode for sodium ion batteries
Zheng J, Xiong XH, Wang GH, Lin ZH, Ou X, Yang CH, Liu ML
85 - 96 Zero-valent iron nanoparticles supported by functionalized waste rock wool for efficient removal of hexavalent chromium
Zhou LL, Li RR, Zhang GL, Wang DF, Cai DQ, Wu ZY
97 - 107 Iron diselenide combined with hollow graphitic carbon nanospheres as a high-performance anode material for sodium-ion batteries
Park JS, Jeong SY, Jeon KM, Kang YC, Cho JS
108 - 116 S-metolachlor herbicide removal in pilot-scale horizontal subsurface flow constructed wetlands
Gikas GD, Vryzas Z, Tsihrintzis VA
117 - 124 In-situ construction of hierarchical CdS/MoS2 microboxes for enhanced visible-light photocatalytic H-2 production
Liu Y, Niu HT, Gu W, Cai XY, Mao BD, Li D, Shi WD
125 - 132 Multiple roles of palladium-coated magnetic anisotropic particles as catalysts, catalyst supports, and micro-stirrers
Xia M, Kim KH, Lee J, Go EM, Park B, Yu T, Kwak SK, Na HB, Park BJ
133 - 143 Development of selective Co2+ ionic sensor based on various derivatives of benzenesulfonohydrazide (BSH) compound: An electrochemical approach
Hussain MM, Asiri AM, Arshad MN, Rahman MM
144 - 152 Degradation of ciprofloxacin by manganese(III) intermediate: Insight into the potential application of permanganate/bisulfite process
Sun B, Li D, Linghu WS, Guan XH
153 - 161 Removal of cytostatic drugs from wastewater by an anaerobic osmotic membrane bioreactor
Wang XH, Zhang JF, Chang VWC, She QH, Tang CYY
162 - 169 Hierarchically carbon-coated Na3V2(PO4)(3) nanoflakes for high-rate capability and ultralong cycle-life sodium ion batteries
Zhao YL, Cao XX, Fang GZ, Wang YP, Yang HL, Liang SQ, Pan AQ, Cao GZ
170 - 179 New activated carbon sorbent with the zeolite-like selectivity to capture tobacco-specific nitrosamines in solution
Shi CL, Li SH, Sun XD, Wang ZP, Wang YZ, Xiong JW, Gu WB, Wang WM, Yao HM, Wang Y, Zhu JH
180 - 188 Long-term stable simultaneous partial nitrification, anammox and denitrification (SNAD) process treating real domestic sewage using suspended activated sludge
Ding SZ, Bao P, Wang B, Zhang Q, Peng YZ
189 - 203 Achieving enhanced blue-light-driven photocatalysis using nanosword-like VO2/CuWO4 type II n-n heterojunction
Dashtian K, Ghaedi M, Shirinzadeh H, Hajati S, Shahbazi S
204 - 213 Surface-modified polymer nanofiber membrane for high-efficiency microdust capturing
Kim HJ, Park SJ, Park CS, Le TH, Lee SH, Ha TH, Kim HI, Kim J, Lee CS, Yoon H, Kwon OS
214 - 222 Bioassembly of fungal hyphae/carbon nanotubes composite as a versatile adsorbent for water pollution control
Zhu WK, Li Y, Dai LC, Li JW, Li XY, Li W, Duan T, Lei J, Chen T
223 - 229 Highly selective adsorption of SF6 over N-2 in a bromine-functionalized zirconium-based metal-organic framework
Kim MB, Kim KM, Kim TH, Yoon TU, Kim EJ, Kim JH, Bae YS
230 - 239 Facile fabrication of robust MOF membranes on cloth via a CMC macromolecule bridge for highly efficient Pb(II) removal
Yang WX, Wang J, Yang QF, Pei HN, Hu N, Suo YR, Li ZH, Zhang DH, Wang JL
240 - 248 Impact of zinc on biologically mediated monochloramine decay in waters from a field based pilot scale drinking water distribution system
Kulkarni V, Awad J, van Leeuwen J, Drikas M, Chow C, Cook D, Medlock A, Trolio R, Amal R
249 - 258 Novel one-step synthesis of sulfur doped-TiO2 by flame spray pyrolysis for visible light photocatalytic degradation of acetaldehyde
Boningari T, Inturi SNR, Suidan M, Smirniotis PG
259 - 267 Fast and efficient removal of chromium (VI) anionic species by a reusable chitosan-modified multi-walled carbon nanotube composite
Huang YM, Lee XQ, Macazo FC, Grattieri M, Cai R, Minteer SD
268 - 277 Retrofitting membrane bioreactor (MBR) into osmotic membrane bioreactor (OMBR): A pilot scale study
Blandin G, Gautier C, Toran MS, Monclus H, Rodriguez-Roda I, Comas J
278 - 287 Ethylene glycol dimethacrylate modified hyper-cross-linked resins: Porogen effect on pore structure and adsorption performance
Zhang T, Zhou F, Huang JH, Man RL
288 - 295 Breakthrough studies of the adsorption of Cs from freshwater using a mesoporous silica material containing ferrocyanide
Michel C, Barre Y, Ben Guiza M, de Dieuleveult C, De Windt L, Grandjean A
296 - 302 Adsorption of estrogen contaminants (17 beta-estradiol and 17 alpha-ethynylestradiol) by graphene nanosheets from water: Effects of graphene characteristics and solution chemistry
Jiang LH, Liu YG, Zeng GM, Liu SB, Hu XJ, Zhou L, Tan XF, Liu N, Li MF, Wen J
303 - 316 The structure, properties and transesterification catalytic activities of the calcium glyceroxide
Esipovich A, Rogozhin A, Danov S, Belousov A, Kanakov E
317 - 321 Effect of humic acid in surface water on the electrochemical performance of bromate detection
Lee YG, Jang A
322 - 333 Enhanced copper adsorption by DTPA-chitosan/alginate composite beads: Mechanism and application in simulated electroplating wastewater
Huang YJ, Wu HL, Shao TK, Zhao X, Peng H, Gong YF, Wan HH
334 - 345 Modified electrochemical charge storage properties of h-BN/rGO superlattice through the transition from n to p type semiconductor by fluorine doping
Saha S, Samanta P, Murmu NC, Banerjee A, Ganesh RS, Inokawa H, Kuila T
346 - 358 Controllable preparation of SB-3CT loaded PLGA microcapsules for traumatic-brain-injury pharmaco-therapy
Chen H, Jia F, Zhu CC, Xu JM, Hua XB, Xi ZH, Shen L, Zhao SC, Cen L
359 - 368 Removal of p-arsanilic acid by an amino-functionalized indium-based metal-organic framework: Adsorption behavior and synergetic mechanism
Lv YC, Zhang RS, Zeng SL, Liu KY, Huang SY, Liu YF, Xu PF, Lin CX, Cheng YJ, Liu MH
369 - 380 TiO2 photocatalytic oxidation of a mixture of emerging contaminants: A kinetic study independent of radiation absorption based on the direct-indirect model
Mena E, Rey A, Beltran FJ
381 - 392 Theoretical investigation on the oxidation mechanism of dibutyl phthalate by hydroxyl and sulfate radicals in the gas and aqueous phase
Li HX, Zhang YY, Wan JQ, Xiao H, Chen X
393 - 410 Biochar-templated g-C3N4/Bi2O2CO3/CoFe2O4 nano-assembly for visible and solar assisted photo-degradation of paraquat, nitrophenol reduction and CO2 conversion
Kumar A, Kumar A, Sharma G, Al-Muhtaseb AH, Naushad M, Ghfar AA, Guo CS, Stadler FJ
411 - 423 Significant enhancement in treatment of salty wastewater by pre-magnetization Fe-0/H2O2 process
Pan YW, Zhou MH, Cai JJ, Li X, Wang W, Li B, Sheng XJ, Tang ZX
424 - 431 Enhanced removal of p-nitrophenol in a microbial fuel cell after long-term operation and the catabolic versatility of its microbial community
Zhao HH, Kong CH
432 - 441 A sustainable route from biomass cotton to construct lightweight and high-performance microwave absorber
Zhao HQ, Cheng Y, Ma JN, Zhang YN, Ji GB, Du YW
442 - 449 Interactive effect of electrode potential on pollutants conversion in denitrifying sulfide removal microbial fuel cells
Wang K, Zhang SH, Chen Z, Bao RB
450 - 458 Post-endogenous denitrification and phosphorus removal in an alternating anaerobic/oxic/anoxic (AOA) system treating low carbon/nitrogen (C/N) domestic wastewater
Zhao WH, Huang Y, Wang MX, Pan C, Li XY, Peng YZ, Li BK
459 - 467 Sustained heparin release actuator achieved from thermal and water activated shape memory hydrogels containing main-chain LC units
Guo HL, Dai WT, Miao Y, Wang YZ, Ma D, Xue W
468 - 478 Removal of elemental mercury by bio-chars derived from seaweed impregnated with potassium iodine
Liu ZY, Yang W, Xu W, Liu YX
479 - 486 Electricity production and evolution of microbial community in the constructed wetland-microbial fuel cell
Xu F, Cao FQ, Kong Q, Zhou LL, Yuan Q, Zhu YJ, Wang Q, Du YD, Wang ZD
487 - 498 A facile fabrication and highly tunable microwave absorption of 3D flower-like Co3O4-rGO hybrid-architectures
Ma JR, Wang XX, Cao WQ, Han C, Yang HJ, Yuan J, Cao MS
499 - 508 Porous carbon spheres for simultaneous removal of benzene and H2S
Qi JW, Wei GP, Li Y, Li JS, Sun XY, Shen JY, Han WQ, Wang LJ
509 - 518 Triazine-based hyper-cross-linked polymers derived porous carbons for CO2 capture
Shao LS, Wang SQ, Liu MQ, Huang JH, Liu YN
519 - 530 Principle and application of hydrogen peroxide based advanced oxidation processes in activated sludge treatment: A review
Guan RP, Yuan XZ, Wu ZB, Jiang LB, Li YF, Zeng GM
531 - 538 Degradation and initial mechanism pathway of chloramphenicol by photo-Fenton process at circumneutral pH
Ricardo IA, Paniagua CES, Paiva VAB, Goncalves BR, Sousa RMF, Machado AEH, Trovo AG
539 - 546 alpha-Fe2O3/polyaniline nanocomposites as an effective catalyst for improving the electrochemical performance of microbial fuel cell
Li M, Zhou SQ
547 - 556 Silver nanoparticles modified two-dimensional transition metal carbides as nanocarriers to fabricate acetycholinesterase-based electrochemical biosensor
Jiang YJ, Zhang XN, Pei LJ, Yue S, Ma L, Zhou LY, Huang ZH, He Y, Gao J
557 - 565 Ammonia assisted functionalization of cuprous oxide within confined spaces of SBA-15 for adsorptive desulfurization
Subhan F, Aslam S, Yan ZF, Zhen L, Ikram M, Ullah R, Etim UJ, Ahmad A
566 - 574 Novel iron bound to soil organic matter catalyzes H2O2 to oxidize long-chain alkanes effectively in soil
Xu JL, Li L, Guo Y, Zhang MJ, Huang TL