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1 - 7 Flexible cellulose-based thermoelectric sponge towards wearable pressure sensor and energy harvesting
Cheng H, Du YR, Wang BJ, Mao ZP, Xu H, Zhang LP, Zhong Y, Jiang W, Wang LJ, Sui XF
8 - 14 Effect of illumination intensity on photosynthesis assisted anaerobic digestion of cattle manure leachate for enhanced biogas production
Neshat SA, Mohammadi M, Najafpour GD
15 - 26 Importance of filter's microstructure in dynamic filtration modeling of gasoline particulate filters (GPFs): Inhomogeneous porosity and pore size distribution
Gong J, Stewart ML, Zelenyuk A, Strzelec A, Viswanathan S, Rothamer DA, Foster DE, Rutland CJ
27 - 45 Two-dimensional MXenes for energy storage
Sun SJ, Liao C, Hafez AM, Zhu HL, Wu SP
46 - 54 Investigating the influences of electrode material property on degradation behavior of organic wastewaters by iron-carbon micro-electrolysis
Zhu XY, Chen XJ, Yang ZM, Liu Y, Zhou ZY, Ren ZQ
55 - 61 Preparation of Ni-Al layered double hydroxide hollow microspheres for supercapacitor electrode
Wang WC, Zhang N, Shi ZY, Ye ZR, Gao QY, Zhi MJ, Hong ZL
62 - 71 Facile one-pot preparation of nitrogen-doped ultra-light graphene oxide aerogel and its prominent adsorption performance of Cr(VI)
Liang QW, Luo HJ, Geng JJ, Chen JD
72 - 81 Atomic-layer-deposited TiO2-SnZnO/carbon nanofiber composite as a highly stable, flexible and freestanding anode material for lithium-ion batteries
Joshi B, Samuel E, Kim MW, Park S, Swihart MT, Yoon WY, Yoon SS
82 - 91 Morphology controlled porous poly(lactic acid)/zeolitic imidazolate framework-8 fibrous membranes with superior PM2.5 capture capacity
Dai X, Li X, Wang XL
92 - 98 Charge-modulated CO2 capture of C3N nanosheet: Insights from DFT calculations
Li XF, Guo TC, Zhu L, Ling CC, Xue QZ, Xing W
99 - 106 The super-hydrophobic thermite film of the Co3O4/Al core/shell nanowires for an underwater ignition with a favorable aging-resistance
Yu CP, Zhang WC, Gao Y, Ni DB, Ye JH, Zhu CG, Ma KF
107 - 116 Nitrogen-doped porous carbon from ionic liquid@Al-metal-organic framework: A prominent adsorbent for purification of both aqueous and non-aqueous solutions
Sarker M, An HJ, Yoo DK, Jhung SH
117 - 125 Polyurethane-based solid-solid phase change materials with in situ reduced graphene oxide for light-thermal energy conversion and storage
Zhou Y, Liu XD, Sheng DK, Lin CH, Ji FC, Dong L, Xu SB, Wu HH, Yang YM
126 - 136 Silicon oxycarbide produced from silicone oil for high-performance anode material in sodium ion batteries
Chandra C, Kim J
137 - 146 Promoting visible-light-induced photocatalytic degradation of tetracycline by an efficient and stable beta-Bi2O3@g-C3N4 core/shell nanocomposite
Hong YZ, Li CS, Yin BX, Li D, Zhang ZY, Mao BD, Fan WQ, Gu W, Shi WD
147 - 156 Enhanced electrochemical performances of agglomeration-free LaMnO3 perovskite nanoparticles and achieving high energy and power densities with symmetric supercapacitor design
Shafi PM, Joseph N, Thirumurugan A, Bose AC
157 - 165 Reductive lindane degradation with tea extracts in aqueous phase
Wang CW, Liang CJ
166 - 175 Evaluation of a new sponge addition-microbial fuel cell system for removing nutrient from low C/N ratio wastewater
Deng LJ, Ngo HH, Guo WS, Wang J, Zhang HW
176 - 183 Coaggregation mechanism of pyridine-degrading strains for the acceleration of the aerobic granulation process
Liang J, Li W, Zhang HL, Jiang XB, Wang LJ, Liu XD, Shen JY
184 - 190 Integrated electrochemical-aerating oxidation in recovery system of seawater flue gas desulfurization
Wang DP, Lu YH, Li Z, Wang XL, Xu HB
191 - 201 The remarkable promotional effect of SO2 on Pb-poisoned V2O5-WO3/TiO2 catalysts: An in-depth experimental and theoretical study
Yu YK, Miao JF, He C, Chen JS, Li C, Douthwaite M
202 - 210 Graphene/nanofiber aerogels: Performance regulation towards multiple applications in dye adsorption and oil/water separation
Xiao JL, Lv WY, Song YH, Zheng Q
211 - 217 Pseudocapacitive material with 928 mAh cm(-3) particle-level volumetric specific capacity enabled by continuous phase-transition
Ge X, Gu CD, Yao ZJ, Sun J, Wang XL, Tu JP
218 - 229 Insights into enhanced visible light photocatalytic activity of t-Se nanorods/BiOCl ultrathin nanosheets 1D/2D heterojunctions
Huang H, Ma CC, Zhu Z, Yao X, Liu Y, Liu Z, Li CX, Yan YS
230 - 239 Scalable in-situ growth of self-assembled coordination supramolecular network arrays: A novel high-performance energy storage material
Zhang F, Zhang GW, Yao H, Gao ZT, Chen XJ, Yang YY
240 - 247 Photosensitive but mechanically insensitive graphene oxide-carbohydrazide-metal hybrid crystalline energetic nanomaterials
Yan QL, Liu PJ, He AF, Zhang JK, Ma Y, Hao HX, Zhao FQ, Gozin M
248 - 260 Lightweight, flexible SiCN ceramic nanowires applied as effective microwave absorbers in high frequency
Wang P, Cheng LF, Zhang LT
261 - 270 Mesoporous Ce-Ti-Zr ternary oxide millispheres for efficient catalytic ozonation in bubble column
Shan C, Xu Y, Hua M, Gu M, Yang ZC, Wang P, Lu ZD, Zhang WM, Pan BC
271 - 277 Reusable, salt-tolerant and superhydrophilic cellulose hydrogel-coated mesh for efficient gravity-driven oil/water separation
Ao CH, Hu R, Zhao JQ, Zhang XF, Li QY, Xia T, Zhang W, Lu CH
278 - 286 Charge-driven self-assembly synthesis of straw-sheaf-like Co3O4 with superior cyclability and rate capability for lithium-ion batteries
Wang B, Lu XY, Tsang CW, Wang YH, Au WK, Guo HF, Tang YY
287 - 299 CFD- and radiation field modeling of a gas phase photocatalytic multi-tube reactor
Roegiers J, van Walsem J, Denys S
300 - 310 Enhanced degradation of Bisphenol A (BPA) by peroxymonosulfate with Co3O4-Bi2O3 catalyst activation: Effects of pH, inorganic anions, and water matrix
Hu LM, Zhang GS, Liu M, Wang Q, Wang P
311 - 322 Continuous emulsion copolymerization processes at mild conditions in a 3D-printed tubular bended reactor
Bettermann S, Schroeter B, Moritz HU, Pauer W, Fassbender M, Luinstra GA
323 - 332 Hydrodynamic cavitation and activated persulfate oxidation for degradation of bisphenol A: Kinetics and mechanism
Choi J, Cui M, Lee Y, Kim J, Son Y, Khim J
333 - 340 Graphene (rGO) hydrogel: A promising material for facile removal of uranium from aqueous solution
He YR, Li SC, Li XL, Yang Y, Tang AM, Du L, Tan ZY, Zhang D, Chen HB
341 - 357 Enhanced removal of PhACs in RBF supplemented with biofilm coated adsorbent barrier: Experimental and model studies
Vijayanandan A, Philip L, Bhallamudi SM
358 - 368 Simultaneous removal of HCHO and elemental mercury from flue gas over Co-Ce oxides supported on activated coke impregnated by sulfuric acid
Chen JQ, Li CT, Li SH, Lu P, Gao L, Du XY, Yi YY
369 - 382 Hydroxyl-functionalized TiO2@SiO2@Ni/nZVI nanocomposites fabrication, characterization and enhanced simultaneous visible light photocatalytic oxidation and adsorption of arsenite
Huang Y, Zhang WH, Zhang MS, Zhang X, Zhao YM
383 - 391 Long-term evaluation of a forward osmosis-nanofiltration demonstration plant for wastewater reuse in agriculture
Corzo B, de la Torre T, Sans C, Escorihuela R, Navea S, Malfeito JJ
392 - 400 The mutual promotion of photolysis and laccase-catalysis on removal of dichlorophen from water under simulated sunlight irradiation
Shi HH, Wang GW, Huang QG, Li JH, Yang Y, Gao SX, Wang ZY
401 - 410 Bio-electro-Fenton process for the degradation of Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs in wastewater
Nadais H, Li XH, Alves N, Couras C, Andersen HR, Angelidaki I, Zhang YF
411 - 421 Monuron photodegradation using peroxymonosulfate activated by non-metal-doped TiO2 under visible LED and the modeling via a parallel-serial kinetic approach
Abdelhaleem A, Chu W
422 - 431 High loading anaerobic co-digestion of food waste and grease trap waste: Determination of the limit and lipid/long chain fatty acid conversion
Wu LJ, Kobayashi T, Kuramochi H, Li YY, Xu KQ, Lv YK
432 - 439 The combination of Fenton process and Phanerochaete chrysosporium for the removal of bisphenol A in river sediments: Mechanism related to extracellular enzyme, organic acid and iron
Hu CJ, Huang DL, Zeng GM, Cheng M, Gong XM, Wang RZ, Xue WJ, Hu ZX, Liu YN
440 - 449 Fast preparation of mechanically stable superhydrophobic surface by UV cross-linking of coating onto oxygen-inhibited layer of substrate
Li YS, Shao H, Lv PF, Tang CY, He ZK, Zhou YL, Shuai MB, Mei J, Lau WM
450 - 456 Mass transfer in ammonia-based CO2 absorption in bubbling reactor under static magnetic field
Feng DD, Gao JM, Zhang Y, Li HY, Du Q, Wu SH
457 - 464 Controllable production of guaiacols and phenols from lignin depolymerization using Pd/C catalyst cooperated with metal chloride
Shu RY, Xu Y, Ma LL, Zhang Q, Wang C, Chen Y
465 - 477 Scale-adaptive analysis of Euler-Euler large eddy simulation for laboratory scale dispersed bubbly flows
Liu ZQ, Li BK
478 - 487 Nitrogen-doped carbon nanosheet frameworks decorated with Fe and molecularly imprinted polymer for simultaneous detection of mebendazole and catechol
Rao HB, Liu X, Ding F, Wan Y, Zhao X, Liang RX, Zou P, Wang YY, Wang XX, Zhao QB
488 - 495 Design of orderly carbon coatings for SiO anodes promoted by TiO2 toward high performance lithium-ion battery
Dou F, Shi LY, Song PA, Chen GR, An J, Liu HJ, Zhang DS
496 - 503 Wet air oxidation of indole, benzopyrazole, and benzotriazole: Effects of operating conditions and reaction mechanisms
Zhou LB, Cao HB, Descorme C, Zhao H, Xie YB
504 - 512 Prussian Blue analogue derived porous NiFe2O4 nanocubes for low-concentration acetone sensing at low working temperature
Wang XF, Ma W, Jiang F, Cao ES, Sun KM, Cheng L, Song XZ
513 - 525 Development of nanostructured photocatalytic coatings for anti-bioadhesion and self-cleaning of residual bacterial cells
Li Y, Cheng YF
526 - 538 Magnetofluorescent Fe3O4/carbon quantum dots coated single-walled carbon nanotubes as dual-modal targeted imaging and chemo/photodynamic/photothermal triple-modal therapeutic agents
Zhang M, Wang WT, Cui YJ, Chu XH, Sun BH, Zhou NL, Shen J
539 - 547 Sulfide-modified zerovalent iron for enhanced antimonite sequestration: Characterization, performance, and reaction mechanisms
Huang SS, Xu CH, Shao QQ, Wang YH, Zhang BL, Gao BY, Zhou WZ, Tratnyek PG
548 - 556 Decomposition of antibiotics by gamma irradiation: Kinetics, antimicrobial activity, and real application in food matrices
Alsager OA, Alnajrani MN, Alhazzaa O
557 - 563 Impact of salinity on antibiotic resistance genes in wastewater treatment bioreactors
Liu MT, Li QL, Sun HH, Jia SY, He XW, Li M, Zhang XX, Ye L
564 - 571 Performances and microbial characteristics of granular sludge for autotrophic nitrogen removal from synthetic and mainstream domestic sewage
Liang YH, Li D, Su QL, Zhang J
572 - 578 Characterization of cyclopentane clathrates with gaseous guests for gas storage and separation
Lee J, Jin YK, Seo Y
579 - 590 Interaction of U(VI) with ternary layered double hydroxides by combined batch experiments and spectroscopy study
Song S, Yin L, Wang XX, Liu L, Huang SY, Zhang R, Wen T, Yu SJ, Fu D, Hayat T, Wang XK
591 - 598 Unique surface structure of nano-sized CuInS2 anchored on rGO thin film and its superior photocatalytic activity in real wastewater treatment
Xie CJ, Lu XY, Deng F, Luo XB, Gao J, Dionysiou DD
599 - 627 Wastewater treatment by means of advanced oxidation processes based on cavitation - A review
Gagol M, Przyjazny A, Boczkaj G
628 - 635 Graphene oxide@Mg3Si4O9(OH)(10): A hierarchical layered silicate nanocomposite with superior adsorption capacity for enriching Eu(III)
Wang YH, Chi B, Xiao CL, Chen DG, Wang YJ, Liu MH
636 - 650 Hydrodynamics of countercurrent bubble column: Experiments and predictions
Trivedi R, Renganathan T, Krishnaiah K
651 - 669 Critical review of the science and sustainability of persulphate advanced oxidation processes
Ike IA, Linden KG, Orbell JD, Duke M
670 - 679 A biomimetic spherical cactus superhydrophobic coating with durable and multiple anti-corrosion effects
Zhu YJ, Sun FL, Qian HJ, Wang HY, Mu LW, Zhu JH
680 - 687 Mathematical modeling on the nitrogen removal inside the membrane-aerated biofilm dominated by ammonia-oxidizing archaea (AOA): Effects of temperature, aeration pressure and COD/N ratio
Li M, Du CY, Liu J, Quan X, Lan MC, Li BA
688 - 699 High hydrophilic antifouling membrane modified with capsaicin-mimic moieties via microwave assistance (MWA) for efficient water purification
Zhang LL, Shan CY, Jiang XH, Li X, Yu LM
700 - 708 Highly efficient in-situ metal-free electrochemical advanced oxidation process using graphite felt modified with N-doped graphene
Yang WL, Zhou MH, Liang L
709 - 718 Drastic enhancement of H2O2 electro-generation by pulsed current for ibuprofen degradation: Strategy based on decoupling study on H2O2 decomposition pathways
Zhou W, Gao JH, Ding Y, Zhao HQ, Meng XX, Wang Y, Kou KK, Xu YQ, Wu SH, Qin YK
719 - 725 The degradation of methyl orange and membrane fouling behavior in anaerobic baffled membrane bioreactor
Liu JD, Xiong JX, Tian C, Gao B, Wang L, Jia XL
726 - 733 Iron-nitrogen-carbon species boosting fast conversion kinetics of Fe1-xS@C nanorods as high rate anodes for lithium ion batteries
Ma QN, Song H, Zhuang QY, Liu J, Zhang ZH, Mao CM, Peng HR, Li GC, Chen KZ
734 - 744 Hydrothermal carbon superstructures enriched with carboxyl groups for highly efficient uranium removal
Han B, Zhang EY, Cheng G, Zhang LJ, Wang DW, Wang XK
745 - 751 Photocatalytic-induced electron transfer via anode-respiring bacteria (ARB) at an anode that intimately couples ARB and a TiO2 photocatalyst
Zhou DD, Dong SS, Ki DW, Rittmann BE
752 - 763 Multiple steady states in the oxidative steam reforming of methanol
Kim JH, Jang YS, Kim DH
764 - 773 Engineering of highly conductive and ultra-thin nitrogen-doped graphene films by combined methods of microwave irradiation, ultrasonic spraying and thermal annealing
Tung TT, Alotaibi F, Nine MJ, Silva R, Tran DNH, Janowska I, Losic D