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1 - 9 Spatially-confined electrochemical reactions of MoO3 nanobelts for reversible high capacity: Critical roles of glucose
Yang CH, Lu HB, Li CJ, Wang LJ, Wang H
10 - 18 Novel and recyclable demulsifier of expanded perlite grafted by magnetic nanoparticles for oil separation from emulsified oil wastewaters
Xu HY, Jia WH, Ren SL, Wang JQ
19 - 29 An experimental study on the recovery of potassium (K) and phosphorous (P) from synthetic urine by crystallization of magnesium potassium phosphate
Gao YK, Liang BL, Chen HX, Yin PG
30 - 39 A novel and feasible approach for one-pack flame-retardant epoxy resin with long pot life and fast curing
Xu YJ, Wang J, Tan Y, Qi M, Chen L, Wang YZ
40 - 50 Oxidation of bromophenols by carbon nanotube activated peroxymonosulfate (PMS) and formation of brominated products: Comparison to peroxydisulfate (PDS)
Guan CT, Jiang J, Luo CW, Pang SY, Yang Y, Wang Z, Ma J, Yu J, Zhao X
51 - 59 Impact of dead cells on biofouling and pharmaceutically active compounds retention by NF/RO membranes
Yang Y, Li C, Hou LA
60 - 73 Gas phase adsorption of volatile organic compounds onto titanium dioxide photocatalysts
Mamaghani AH, Haghighat F, Lee CS
74 - 81 In-situ carbonization for template-free synthesis of MoO2-Mo2C-C microspheres as high-performance lithium battery anode
Yang X, Li Q, Wang HJ, Feng J, Zhang M, Yuan R, Chai YQ
82 - 90 Facile preparation of fluorescent nanodiamond-based polymer composites through a metal-free photo-initiated RAFT process and their cellular imaging
Chen JY, Liu MY, Huang Q, Huang L, Huang HY, Deng FJ, Wen YQ, Tian JW, Zhang XY, Wei Y
91 - 100 Facile synthesis of bifunctional Eu3+-activated NaBiF4 red-emitting nanoparticles for simultaneous white light-emitting diodes and field emission displays
Du P, Huang XY, Yu JS
101 - 109 Metal organic framework-derived CoMn2O4 catalyst for heterogeneous activation of peroxymonosulfate and sulfanilamide degradation
Li CX, Chen CB, Lu JY, Cui S, Li J, Liu HQ, Li WW, Zhang F
110 - 121 Borate crosslinking of polydopamine grafted carbon nanotubes membranes for protein separation
Soyekwo F, Zhang QG, Zhen L, Ning LN, Zhu AM, Liu QL
122 - 132 Tannic acid-inspiration and post-crosslinking of zwitterionic polymer as a universal approach towards antifouling surface
Chen SQ, Xie Y, Xiao TJ, Zhao WF, Li JS, Zhao CS
133 - 142 Influence of inorganic and organic compounds on the decay of peracetic acid in wastewater disinfection
Henao LD, Delli Compagni R, Turolla A, Antonelli M
143 - 151 Nano-cellulose hydrogel coated flexible titanate-bismuth oxide membrane for trinity synergistic treatment of super-intricate anion/cation/oily-water
Xiong Y, Wang C, Wang HW, Jin CD, Sun QF, Xu XJ
152 - 160 Degradation of ibuprofen in water by Fe-II-NTA complex-activated persulfate with hydroxylamine at neutral pH
Jin YY, Sun SP, Yang XY, Chen XD
161 - 168 Facile fabrication of ultrathin carbon layer encapsulated air-stable Mg nanoparticles with enhanced hydrogen storage properties
Chen M, Xie XB, Liu P, Liu T
169 - 182 Aminated-Fe3O4 nanoparticles filled chitosan/PVA/PES dual layers nanofibrous membrane for the removal of Cr(VI) and Pb(II) ions from aqueous solutions in adsorption and membrane processes
Koushkbaghi S, Zakialamdari A, Pishnamazi M, Ramandi HF, Aliabadi M, Irani M
183 - 192 Novel mpg-C3N4/TiO2 nanocomposite photocatalytic membrane reactor for sulfamethoxazole photodegradation
Yu SY, Wang YN, Sun FQ, Wang R, Zhou Y
193 - 200 Excellent disinfection and fluoride removal using bifunctional nanocomposite
Dhillon A, Sapna, Choudhary BL, Kumar D, Prasad S
201 - 209 A new nano lead-doped mesoporous carbon composite as negative electrode additives for ultralong-cyclability lead-carbon batteries
Wang LY, Zhang H, Zhang WF, Guo H, Cao GP, Zhao HL, Yang YS
210 - 219 In situ electrokinetic isolation of cadmium from paddy soil through pore water drainage: Effects of voltage gradient and soil moisture
Tang XQ, Li QY, Wang ZH, Hu YP, Hu Y, Li R
220 - 227 Developing a Langmuir-type excitation equilibrium equation to describe the effect of light intensity on the kinetics of the photocatalytic oxidation
Deng YX
228 - 241 Facile microwave synthesis of a Z-scheme imprinted ZnFe2O4/Ag/PEDOT with the specific recognition ability towards improving photocatalytic activity and selectivity for tetracycline
Lu ZY, Yu ZH, Dong JB, Song MS, Liu Y, Liu XL, Ma ZF, Su H, Yan YS, Huo PW
242 - 255 Fabrication of 3D net-like MWCNTs/ZnFe2O4 hybrid composites as high-performance electromagnetic wave absorbers
Shu RW, Zhang GY, Wang X, Gao X, Wang M, Gan Y, Shi JJ, He J
256 - 264 Efficient reuse of anode scrap from lithium-ion batteries as cathode for pollutant degradation in electro-Fenton process: Role of different recovery processes
Cao ZQ, Zheng XH, Cao HB, Zhao H, Sun Z, Guo Z, Wang K, Zhou B
265 - 274 Utilizing the supernatant of waste sulfuric acid after dolomite neutralization to recover nutrients from swine wastewater
Xiao DA, Huang HM, Zhang P, Gao ZW, Zhao N
275 - 281 Role of ammonia on haloacetonitriles and halonitromethanes formation during Ultraviolet irradiation followed by chlorination/chloramination
Ye Z, Liu WJ, Sun WJ, Nie XB, Ao XW
282 - 289 Efficient photocatalytic hydrogen production over Rh and Nb codoped TiO2 nanorods
Huang JQ, Li GJ, Zhou ZF, Jiang YB, Hu QQ, Xue CB, Guo W
290 - 299 New strategy to prepare ultramicroporous carbon by ionic activation for superior CO2 capture
Liu Z, Zhang Z, Jia ZJ, Zhao L, Zhang TT, Xing W, Komarneni S, Subhan F, Yan ZF
300 - 311 Integrated aerobic granular sludge and membrane process for enabling municipal wastewater treatment and reuse water production
Wang L, Liang WZ, Chen WS, Zhang WX, Mo JH, Liang KG, Tang B, Zheng Y, Jiang F
312 - 321 Bio-inspired synthesis of three-dimensional porous g-C3N4@carbon microflowers with enhanced oxygen evolution reactivity
Tong ZW, Yang D, Zhao XY, Shi JF, Ding F, Zou XY, Jiang ZY
322 - 332 In situ synthesis of graphene/WO3 co-decorated TiO2 nanotube array photoelectrodes with enhanced photocatalytic activity and degradation mechanism for dimethyl phthalate
Wang G, Chen QH, Liu YP, Ma D, Xin YJ, Ma XH, Zhang XW
333 - 341 Formation and degradation of polybrominated dibenzofurans (PBDFs) in the UV photolysis of polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) in various solutions
Wang R, Tang T, Lu GN, Huang KB, Chen MH, Tao XQ, Yin H, Dang Z
342 - 350 Textural properties determined CO2 capture of tetraethylenepentamine loaded SiO2 nanowires from alpha-sepiolite
Ouyang J, Zheng CH, Gu W, Zhang Y, Yang HM, Suib SL
351 - 371 Adsorptive and photocatalytic removal of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) in water by metal-organic frameworks (MOFs)
Pi YH, Li XY, Xia QB, Wu JL, Li YW, Xiao J, Li Z
372 - 384 Synthesis of magnetically recoverable Fe-0/graphene-TiO2 nanowires composite for both reduction and photocatalytic oxidation of metronidazole
Wang XY, Wang AQ, Lu MY, Ma J
385 - 397 Fabrication of an efficient system for Zn ions removal from industrial wastewater based on graphene oxide nanosheets decorated with highly crystalline polyaniline nanofibers (GO-PANI): Experimental and ab initio quantum mechanics approaches
Ramezanzadeh M, Asghari M, Ramezanzadeh B, Bahlakeh G
398 - 404 Synergistic conversion and removal of total Cr from aqueous solution by photocatalysis and capacitive deionization
Hou SJ, Xu XT, Wang M, Lu T, Sun CQ, Pan LK
405 - 415 Hydrogen production from biomass using iron-based chemical looping technology: Validation, optimization, and efficiency
Kuo PC, Chen JR, Wu W, Chang JS
416 - 427 Modeling of regeneration stage of 3A and 4A zeolite molecular sieves in TSA process used for dewatering of aliphatic alcohols
Gabrus E, Witkiewicz K, Nastaj J
428 - 435 High speed water purification and efficient phosphate rejection by active nanofibrous membrane for microbial contamination and regrowth control
He JJ, Wang W, Shi RS, Zhang WJ, Yang X, Shi WX, Cui FY
436 - 445 Fabrication of strong nanocomposite films with renewable forestry waste/montmorillonite/reduction of graphene oxide for fire retardant
Chen GG, Hu YJ, Peng F, Bian J, Li MF, Yao CL, Sun RC
446 - 454 Persulfate activation in gas phase surface discharge plasma for synergetic removal of antibiotic in water
Tang SF, Yuan DL, Rao YD, Li N, Qi JB, Cheng TZ, Sun ZT, Gu JM, Huang HM
455 - 461 Highly porous and surface-expanded spinel hydrogen manganese oxide (HMO)/Al2O3 composite for effective lithium (Li) recovery from seawater
Hong HJ, Ryu T, Park IS, Kim M, Shin J, Kim BG, Chung KS
462 - 470 Transparent slippery liquid-infused nanoparticulate coatings
Liu MM, Hou YY, Li J, Tie L, Guo ZG
471 - 479 Multi-level fluorescent logic gate based on polyamine coated carbon dots capable of responding to four stimuli
Zou WS, Zhao QC, Kong WL, Wang XF, Chen XM, Zhang J, Wang YQ
480 - 487 Efficient photocatalytic H-2 production via rational design of synergistic spatially-separated dual cocatalysts modified Mn0.5Cd0.5S photocatalyst under visible light irradiation
Liu XL, Liu Q, Wang P, Liu YZ, Huang BB, Rozhkova EA, Zhang QQ, Wang ZY, Dai Y, Lu J
488 - 498 Boosting soot combustion efficiency of Co3O4 nanocrystals via tailoring crystal facets
Zhai GJ, Wang JG, Chen ZM, An W, Men Y
499 - 505 Electrokinetic delivery of anodic in situ generated active chlorine to remediate diesel-contaminated sand
Song Y, Cang L, Fang GD, Ata-Ul-Karim ST, Xu HT, Zhou DM
506 - 514 FeF2/BiVO4 heterojuction photoelectrodes and evaluation of its photoelectrochemical performance for water splitting
Wang QZ, Niu TJ, Wang L, Yan CX, Huang JW, He JJ, She HD, Su BT, Bi YP
515 - 521 Enhancing recovery of ammonia from rare earth wastewater by air stripping combination of microwave heating and high gravity technology
Yin SH, Chen KH, Srinivasakannan C, Guo SH, Li SW, Peng JH, Zhang LB
522 - 531 Lightweight spongy bone-like graphene@SiC aerogel composites for high-performance microwave absorption
Jiang Y, Chen Y, Liu YJ, Sui GX
532 - 540 Effect of mineralizing agents on the adsorption performance of metal-organic framework MIL-100(Fe) towards chromium(VI)
Fang Y, Wen J, Zeng GM, Jia FY, Zhang SY, Peng ZL, Zhang HB
541 - 551 Magnetically driven superhydrophobic silica sponge decorated with hierarchical cobalt nanoparticles for selective oil absorption and oil/water separation
Mi HY, Jing X, Xie H, Huang HX, Turng LS
552 - 559 Electrochemical deposition of highly loaded polypyrrole on individual carbon nanotubes in carbon nanotube film for supercapacitor
Chang ZH, Feng DY, Huang ZH, Liu XX
560 - 566 Enhanced water dissociation performance of graphitic-C3N4 assembled with ZnCr-layered double hydroxide
Liu X, Liang JT, Song XL, Yang HM, Li XJ, Dai HY, Song YL, Liu Y, Hu J, Pan XR, OuYang X, Liang ZH
567 - 575 Complete mineralization of organic pollutants in water by treatment with air non-thermal plasma
Ceriani E, Marotta E, Shapoval V, Favaro G, Paradisi C
576 - 583 Osmotic membrane bioreactors assisted with microfiltration membrane for salinity control (MF-OMBR) operating at high sludge concentrations: Performance and implications
Zhu WJ, Wang XH, She QH, Li XF, Ren YP
584 - 594 Fate of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and antibiotic resistance genes in the electrokinetic treatment of antibiotic-polluted soil
Li HN, Li BX, Ma JL, Ye J, Guo P, Li LF
595 - 608 New magnetic chitosan/alginate/Fe3O4@SiO2 hydrogel composites applied for removal of Pb(II) ions from aqueous systems
Facchi DP, Cazetta AL, Canesin EA, Almeida VC, Bonafe EG, Kipper MJ, Martins AF
609 - 615 Highly efficient capture and recovery of uranium by reusable layered double hydroxide intercalated with 2-mercaptoethanesulfonate
Asiabi H, Yamini Y, Shamsayei M
616 - 641 Opportunities and challenges in sustainable treatment and resource reuse of sewage sludge: A review
Raheem A, Sikarwar VS, He J, Dastyar W, Dionysiou DD, Wang W, Zhao M
642 - 653 Symmetric and asymmetric coupled autocatalytic reactions in an isothermal CSTR
Kashyap AM, Gurumoorthy AVP, Subramaniam P
654 - 660 Electron donation mechanism of superior Cs-supported oxides for catalytic soot combustion
Li Q, Xin Y, Zhang ZL, Cao XM
661 - 670 Effect of nitrate on electricity generation in single-chamber air cathode microbial fuel cells
Huang HB, Cheng SA, Yang JW, Li CC, Sun Y, Cen KF
671 - 683 Presentation and perspective of appealing green facilities for eco-cyclic water management
Liu RB, Wei T, Zhao YQ, Wang YE
684 - 696 Size dependence of nanosheet BiVO4 with oxygen vacancies and exposed {001} facets on the photodegradation of oxytetracycline
Xu J, Bian ZY, Xin X, Chen AC, Wang H
697 - 708 Bioinspired platform with reversibly switchable wettability for transfer and storage of droplets
Liu Y, Gao HP, Li SY, Han ZW, Ren LQ
709 - 721 Nitrogen doped BiFeO3 with enhanced magnetic properties and photo-Fenton catalytic activity for degradation of bisphenol A under visible light
Jia YF, Wu CJ, Kim DH, Lee BW, Rhee SJ, Park YC, Kim CS, Wang QJ, Liu CL
722 - 732 Preparation, characterization, and application of multiple stimuli-responsive rattle-type magnetic hollow molecular imprinted poly (ionic liquids) nanospheres (Fe3O4@void@PILMIP) for specific recognition of protein
Fan JP, Yu JX, Yang XM, Zhang XH, Yuan TT, Peng HL
733 - 740 Towards a better understanding of the synergistic effect in the electro-peroxone process using a three electrode system
Guo Z, Xie YB, Wang YX, Cao HB, Xiao JD, Yang J, Zhang Y
741 - 749 Superior activity of CeO2 modified V2O5/AC catalyst for mercury removal at low temperature
Zhu YC, Han XJ, Huang ZG, Hou YQ, Guo YP, Wu MH
750 - 754 Analysis of inter-particle dilution effects in a catalytic packed bed reactor
Tanwar M, Bhatia D, Harold MP
755 - 763 Understanding bacterial communities of partial nitritation and nitratation reactors at ambient and low temperature
Yu H, Meng W, Song YH, Tian ZY
764 - 771 Continuous fermentation of xylose to short chain fatty acids by Lactobacillus buchneri under low pH conditions
Veeravalli SS, Mathews AP