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1 - 9 Polyaniline-assisted growth of MnO2 ultrathin nanosheets on graphene and porous graphene for asymmetric supercapacitor with enhanced energy density
Wang L, Ouyang Y, Jiao XY, Xia XF, Lei W, Hao QL
10 - 18 Enhanced toluene combustion performance over Pt loaded hierarchical porous MOR zeolite
Zhang JY, Rao C, Peng HG, Peng C, Zhang L, Xu XL, Liu WM, Wang Z, Zhang N, Wang X
19 - 29 Integrated two-phase purification procedure for abatement of pollutants from sanitary landfill leachates
de Pauli AR, Espinoza-Quinones FR, Trigueros DEG, Modenes AN, de Souza ARC, Borba FH, Kroumov AD
30 - 40 Unveiling the hydrodechlorination of trichloroethylene by reduced graphene oxide supported bimetallic Fe/Ni nanoparticles
Sahu RS, Li DL, Doong RA
41 - 53 Aluminium fumarate metal organic framework incorporated polyacrylonitrile hollow fiber membranes: Spinning, characterization and application in fluoride removal from groundwater
Karmakar S, Bhattacharjee S, De S
54 - 65 Perfluorocarbons-graphene oxide nanoplatforms as biocompatible oxygen reservoirs
Maio A, Scaffaro R, Lentini L, Piccionello AP, Pibiri I
66 - 80 Engineering rGO-CNT wrapped Co3S4 nanocomposites for high-performance asymmetric supercapacitors
Mohammadi A, Arsalani N, Tabrizi AG, Moosavifard SE, Naqshbandi Z, Ghadimi LS
89 - 98 Designer fibers from 2D to 3D-Simultaneous and controlled engineering of morphology, shape and size
Yao ZC, Zhang CC, Ahmad Z, Huang J, Li JS, Chang MW
99 - 107 Efficient debromination of Tetrabromobisphenol A (TBBPA) by Au/Fe@biocarbon derived from bioreduction precious metals
Kang NX, Zhu NW, Guo WY, Shi CH, Wu PX, Wei XR
108 - 122 Flame retardant coatings prepared using layer by layer assembly: A review
Qiu XQ, Li ZW, Li XH, Zhang ZJ
123 - 133 Simultaneous Laser Doppler Velocimetry and stand-off Raman spectroscopy as a novel tool to assess flow characteristics of process streams
Haddadi B, Gasser C, Jordan C, Harasek M, Lendl B
134 - 142 Recovery of nutrients and volatile fatty acids from pig manure hydrolysate using two-stage bipolar membrane electrodialysis
Shi L, Hu YS, Xie SH, Wu GX, Hu ZH, Zhan XM
143 - 152 A coherent definition of Henry constant and isosteric heat at zero loading for adsorption in solids - An absolute accessible volume
Prasetyo L, Do DD, Nicholson D
153 - 161 Design of dual-frequency electromagnetic wave absorption by interface modulation strategy
Liu XF, Nie XY, Yu RH, Feng HB
162 - 171 One dimensional and coaxial polyaniline@tin dioxide@multi-wall carbon nanotube as advanced conductive additive free anode for lithium ion battery
Wang MS, Wang ZQ, Chen Z, Yang ZL, Tang ZL, Luo HY, Huang Y, Li X, Xu W
172 - 183 Microwave heating coupled with UV-A irradiation for PAH removal from highly contaminated marine sediments and subsequent photo-degradation of the generated vaporized organic compounds
Falciglia PP, Catalfo A, Finocchiaro G, Vagliasindi FGA, Romano S, De Guidi G
184 - 190 Flexible all-solid-state supercapacitors based on freestanding, binder-free carbon nanofibers@polypyrrole@graphene film
Chen L, Chen LN, Ai Q, Li DP, Si PC, Feng JK, Zhang L, Li YH, Lou J, Ci LJ
191 - 197 Studies on toluene adsorption performance and hydrophobic property in phenyl functionalized KIT-6
Liu S, Chen JJ, Peng Y, Hu FY, Li KZ, Song H, Li X, Zhang YN, Li JH
206 - 215 A novel anode with anticorrosive coating for efficient degradation of toluene
Zhu YJ, Jin K, Li HW, Qian HJ, Wang HY, Zhao L
216 - 224 Magnetic iron-manganese binary oxide supported on carbon nanofiber (Fe3-xMnxO4/CNF) for efficient removal of Hg-0 from coal combustion flue gas
Yang JP, Zhao YC, Liang SF, Zhang SB, Ma SM, Li HL, Zhang JY, Zheng CG
225 - 236 Fabrication of Ag@AgCl/ZnO submicron wire film catalyst on glass substrate with excellent visible light photocatalytic activity and reusability
Yu JJ, Sun DP, Wang TH, Li F
237 - 246 Effect of synergistic interaction between Ce and Mn on the CO2 capture of calcium-based sorbent: Textural properties, electron donation, and oxygen vacancy
Guo HX, Kou XC, Zhao YJ, Wang SP, Sun Q, Ma XB
247 - 256 Achieving high-efficiency and robust 3D thermally conductive while electrically insulating hybrid filler network with high orientation and ordered distribution
Zhang XM, Zhang JJ, Xia LC, Wang JF, Li CH, Xu F, Zhang XL, Wu H, Guo SY
257 - 263 Anchoring hollow MoO2 spheres on graphene for superior lithium storage
Wang PX, Zhang Y, Yin YY, Fan LS, Zhang NQ, Sun KN
264 - 272 Assessment of meso scale zero valent iron catalyzed Fenton reaction in continuous-flow porous media for sustainable groundwater remediation
Ambika S, Devasena M, Nambi IM
273 - 284 Degradation of norfloxacin by CoFe2O4-GO composite coupled with peroxymonosulfate: A comparative study and mechanistic consideration
Chen LW, Ding DH, Liu C, Cai H, Qu Y, Yang SJ, Gao Y, Cai TM
285 - 295 Acidic polymeric ionic liquids based reduced graphene oxide: An efficient and rewriteable catalyst for oxidative desulfurization
Zhang HR, Zhang Q, Zhang L, Pei TT, Dong L, Zhou PY, Li CQ, Xia LX
296 - 304 Unexpected effect of buffer solution on removal of selenite and selenate by zerovalent iron
Qin HJ, Sun YK, Yang HY, Fan P, Qiao JL, Guan XH
305 - 312 Enhanced performance of lithium-sulfur batteries with high sulfur loading utilizing ion selective MWCNT/SPANI modified separator
Shi L, Zeng FL, Cheng X, Lam KH, Wang WK, Wang AB, Jin ZQ, Wu F, Yang YS
322 - 333 Contributions of various processes to the removal of surfactants and personal care products in constructed wetland
Ramprasad C, Philip L
334 - 343 Integrating both homojunction and heterojunction in QDs self-decorated Bi2MoO6/BCN composites to achieve an efficient photocatalyst for Cr(VI) reduction
Meng QQ, Zhou YS, Chen G, Hu YD, Lv CD, Qiang LS, Xing WN
344 - 354 Steam and alkali resistant Cu-SSZ-13 catalyst for the selective catalytic reduction of NOx in diesel exhaust
Fan C, Chen Z, Pang L, Ming SJ, Dong CY, Albert KB, Liu P, Wang JY, Zhu DJ, Chen HP, Li T
355 - 376 Insight into the highly efficient degradation of PAHs in water over graphene oxide/Ag3PO4 composites under visible light irradiation
Yang XL, Cai HY, Bao MT, Yu JQ, Lu JR, Li YM
377 - 388 Hydrothermal synthesis of mesoporous Mg3Si2O5(OH)(4) microspheres as high-performance adsorbents for dye removal
Sun PP, Xu L, Li J, Zhai PY, Zhang H, Zhang ZS, Zhu WC
389 - 399 Supercritical continuous precipitation polymerization of acrylic acid in a droplet-based millifluidic device
Chen-Jolly H, Guillot P, Mignard E
400 - 409 Efficient removal of hexavalent chromium from water and soil using magnetic ceramsite coated by functionalized nano carbon spheres
Zhou LL, Zhang GL, Wang M, Wang DF, Cai DQ, Wu ZY
410 - 418 Photocatalytic oxygen reduction to hydrogen peroxide over copper doped graphitic carbon nitride hollow microsphere: The effect of Cu(I)-N active sites
Hu SZ, Qu XY, Li P, Wang F, Li Q, Song LJ, Zhao YF, Kang XX
419 - 431 Metal-organic framework-derived Ni-Co alloy@carbon microspheres as high-performance counter electrode catalysts for dye-sensitized solar cells
Jiang XC, Li HM, Li SL, Huang SW, Zhu CL, Hou LX
432 - 443 A ligand anchored conjugate adsorbent for effective mercury(II) detection and removal from aqueous media
Abbas K, Znad H, Awual MR
444 - 452 Caffeine degradation by methanogenesis: Efficiency in anaerobic membrane bioreactor and analysis of kinetic behavior
Chen R, Jiang HY, Li YY
453 - 461 Enhanced photocatalytic degradation of ciprofloxacin over Bi2O3/(BiO)(2)CO3 heterojunctions: Efficiency, kinetics, pathways, mechanisms and toxicity evaluation
Chen MJ, Yao J, Huang Y, Gong H, Chu W
462 - 478 Quaternary magnetic BiOCl/g-C3N4/Cu2O/Fe3O4 nano-junction for visible light and solar powered degradation of sulfamethoxazole from aqueous environment
Kumar A, Kumar A, Sharma G, Al-Muhtaseb AH, Naushad M, Ghfar AA, Stadler FJ
479 - 486 Recycling oxygen from spaceflight solid waste for life support system: Potential of pyrolysis process
Shi R, Zhang FS, Zhang ZY
487 - 496 Glycerol-controlled synthesis of MoS2 hierarchical architectures with well-tailored subunits and enhanced electrochemical performance for lithium ion batteries
Zhang S, Zeng YW, Wang ZT, Zhao J, Dong GD
497 - 507 Nanoscale gadolinium doped ceria (GDC) surface modification of Li-rich layered oxide as a high performance cathode material for lithium ion batteries
Zheng FH, Ou X, Pan QC, Xiong XH, Yang CH, Fu ZY, Liu ML
508 - 518 Insight into the kinetics and mechanism of removal of aqueous chlorinated nitroaromatic antibiotic chloramphenicol by nanoscale zero-valent iron
Liu X, Cao Z, Yuan ZL, Zhang J, Guo XP, Yang Y, He F, Zhao YP, Xu J
519 - 544 A review on catalytic oxidation of chloroaromatics from flue gas
Du CC, Lu SY, Wang QL, Buekens AG, Ni MJ, Debecker DP
545 - 557 Effects of superficial gas velocity and static bed height on gas-solid flow characteristics in a 60-meter-high transparent CFB riser
Xu J, Lu XF, Zhang WQ, Chen JB, Wang QH, Chen Y, Guo Q
558 - 568 Adsorption of furfural from torrefaction condensate using torrefied biomass
Doddapaneni TRKC, Jain R, Praveenkumar R, Rintala J, Romar H, Konttinen J
569 - 578 Polyvinylpyrrolidone and polyacrylamide intercalated molybdenum disulfide as adsorbents for enhanced removal of chromium(VI) from aqueous solutions
Wang J, Wang XX, Zhao GX, Song G, Chen DY, Chen HX, Xie J, Hayat T, Alsaedi A, Wang XK
579 - 586 Catalytic PVDF membrane for continuous reduction and separation of p-nitrophenol and methylene blue in emulsified oil solution
Wang JQ, Wu ZY, Li TT, Ye JR, Shen LQ, She Z, Liu F
587 - 597 Experimental and theoretical study on degradation of oxidized C-60 in water via photo-Fenton method
Li T, Zhang CZ, Ding DQ, Fan XX, Li Y
598 - 610 A stable 3D sol-gel network with dangling fluoroalkyl chains and rapid self-healing ability as a long-lived superhydrophobic fabric coating
Zhang H, Hou CP, Song LX, Ma Y, Ali Z, Gu JW, Zhang BL, Zhang HP, Zhang QY
611 - 618 Using a hierarchically-structured CuO@TiO2-Al2O3 oxygen carrier for chemical looping air separation in a paralleled fluidized bed reactor
Tian X, Wei YJ, Zhao HB
619 - 629 Carbon nanofibers based copper/zirconia catalysts for carbon dioxide hydrogenation to methanol: Effect of copper concentration
Din IU, Shaharun MS, Naeem A, Tasleem S, Johan MR
630 - 637 Long-term low dissolved oxygen accelerates the removal of antibiotics and antibiotic resistance genes in swine wastewater treatment
Ma Z, Wu HH, Zhang KS, Xu XK, Wang C, Zhu WJ, Wu WX
638 - 649 Settleable engineered titanium dioxide nanomaterials for the removal of natural organic matter from drinking water
Gora S, Liang R, Zhou YN, Andrews S
650 - 656 Biomethanization of solid wastes from the alcoholic beverage industry: Malt and sloe. Kinetic and microbiological analysis
de Diego-Diaz B, Fernandez-Rodriguez J, Vitas AI, Penas FJ
657 - 663 Pretreatment of bagasse with a minimum amount of cholinium ionic liquid for subsequent saccharification at high loading and co-fermentation for ethanol production
Ninomiya K, Utami ARI, Tsuge Y, Kuroda K, Ogino C, Taima T, Saito J, Kimizu M, Takahashi K
664 - 672 Partial nitrification-anammox (PNA) treating sewage with intermittent aeration mode: Effect of influent C/N ratios
Miao YY, Peng YZ, Zhang L, Li BK, Li XY, Wu L, Wang SM
673 - 681 Abatement of amoxicillin and doxycycline in binary and ternary aqueous solutions by gas-phase pulsed corona discharge oxidation
Sokolov A, Krakstrom M, Eklund P, Kronberg L, Louhi-Kultanen M
682 - 690 Free-standing N-doped carbon nanofibers/carbon nanotubes hybrid film for flexible, robust half and full lithium-ion batteries
Huang L, Guan Q, Cheng JL, Li C, Ni W, Wang ZP, Zhang Y, Wang B
691 - 697 Simultaneous methane abatement and PHB production by Methylocystis hirsuta in a novel gas-recycling bubble column bioreactor
Garcia-Perez T, Lopez JC, Passos F, Lebrero R, Revah S, Munoz R
698 - 706 Rapid and simultaneous production of furfural and cellulose-rich residue from sugarcane bagasse using a pressurized phosphoric acid-acetone-water system
Wang Q, Zhuang XS, Wang W, Tan XS, Yu Q, Qi W, Yuan ZH
707 - 713 Optimal wastewater treatment using a packed-bed electrode reactor (PBER): From laboratory experiments to industrial-scale approaches
Wang LZ, Kong Y, Jiang JC, Wei DY, Li P, Yang SX, Ting YP
714 - 724 Design of ultra-active iron-based Fischer-Tropsch synthesis catalysts over spherical mesoporous carbon with developed porosity
Chen QJ, Liu GG, Ding SY, Sheikh MC, Long DH, Yoneyama Y, Tsubaki N
725 - 731 Micro/nano-structured FeS2 for high energy efficiency rechargeable Li-FeS2 battery
Ma WQ, Liu XZ, Lei XF, Yuan ZH, Ding Y
732 - 740 Mechanism and performance of a self-flocculating marine bacterium in saline wastewater treatment
Huang ZS, Wang YF, Jiang L, Xu BH, Wang YR, Zhao HX, Zhou WZ
741 - 759 Multiscale modeling of fixed-bed reactors with porous (open-cell foam) non-spherical particles: Hydrodynamics
Das S, Deen NG, Kuipers JAM
760 - 767 Raising the enzymatic performance of lipase and protease in the synthesis of sugar fatty acid esters, by combined ionic exchange - hydrophobic immobilization process on aminopropyl silica support
Bernal C, Poveda-Jaramillo JC, Mesa M
768 - 779 Catalytic combustion of toluene over mesoporous Cr2O3-supported platinum catalysts prepared by in situ pyrolysis of MOFs
Chen X, Chen X, Cai SC, Chen J, Xu WJ, Jia HP, Chen J
780 - 788 Activated carbon (type Maxsorb-III) and MIL-101(Cr) metal organic framework based composite adsorbent for higher CH4 storage and CO2 capture
Kayal S, Chakraborty A
789 - 799 High flux and fouling resistant flat sheet polyethersulfone membranes incorporated with graphene oxide for ultrafiltration applications
Abdel-Karim A, Leaper S, Alberto M, Vijayaraghavan A, Fan XL, Holmes SM, Souaya ER, Badawy MI, Gorgojo P
800 - 806 Promotion of Ag for Co3O4 catalyzing N2O decomposition under simulated real reaction conditions
Yu HB, Wang XP, Wu XX, Chen Y
807 - 816 Fabrication of sustained-release zein nanoparticles via modified coaxial electrospraying
Liu ZP, Zhang YY, Yu DG, Wu D, Li HL
817 - 828 Incorporation of acetate-based ionic liquids into a zeolitic imidazolate framework (ZIF-8) as efficient sorbents for carbon dioxide capture
Mohamedali M, Ibrahim H, Henni A
837 - 844 Steel-Making dust as a potential adsorbent for the removal of lead (II) from an aqueous solution
Bouabidi ZB, El-Naas MH, Cortes D, Mckay G
845 - 854 Activated pyrene decorated graphene with enhanced performance for electrochemical energy storage
Li ZJ, Zhang WY, Li YC, Wang HY, Qin Z
855 - 863 Mechanistic aspects of NH3-SCR reaction over CeO2/TiO2-ZrO2-SO42- catalyst: In situ DRIFTS investigation
Fan J, Ning P, Song ZX, Liu X, Wang LY, Wang J, Wang HM, Long KX, Zhang QL
873 - 881 Synergistic combination of graphitic C3N4 and polyoxometalate-based phase-transfer catalyst for highly efficient reductant-free aerobic hydroxylation of benzene
Long ZY, Chen GJ, Liu S, Huang FM, Sun LM, Qin ZL, Wang Q, Zhou Y, Wang J
882 - 890 Preferential electrocatalytic degradation of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid on molecular imprinted mesoporous SnO2 surface
Tang B, Shi HJ, Fan ZY, Zhao GH
891 - 899 Improving acoustic agglomeration efficiency of coal-fired fly-ash particles by addition of liquid binders
Zhang GX, Zhou TT, Zhang LL, Wang JQ, Chi ZH, Hu E
900 - 906 Versatile Adamantane-based porous polymers with enhanced microporosity for efficient CO2 capture and iodine removal
Chen DY, Fu Y, Yu WG, Yu GP, Pan CY
907 - 921 A comparative study on the photocatalytic behavior of graphene-TiO2 nanostructures: Effect of TiO2 dimensionality on interfacial charge transfer
Yang J, Wen ZH, Shen XX, Dai J, Li Y, Li YJ
922 - 931 Organic-inorganic hybrids-directed ternary NiFeMoS anemone-like nanorods with scaly surface supported on nickel foam for efficient overall water splitting
Yan KL, Qin JF, Liu ZZ, Dong B, Chi JQ, Gao WK, Lin JH, Chai YM, Liu CG
932 - 938 2D MXene/SnS2 composites as high-performance anodes for sodium ion batteries
Wu YT, Nie P, Wu LY, Dou H, Zhang XG
939 - 947 Dual-phase all-polymeric membranes with graft copolymer filler for CO2 capture
Lee JH, Park CH, Jung JP, Kim JH, Kim JH
948 - 956 A novel magnesium ascorbyl phosphate graphene-based monolith and its superior adsorption capability for bisphenol A
Fang Z, Hu YY, Wu XS, Qin YZ, Cheng JH, Chen YC, Tan P, Li HQ
957 - 967 Visual nickel(II) ions treatment in petroleum samples using a mesoporous composite adsorbent
Shahat A, Hassan HMA, El-Shahat MF, El Shahawy O, Awual MR
968 - 975 Inhibitory effect of NOM in photocatalysis process: Explanation and resolution
Ren MJ, Drosos M, Frimmel FH
976 - 984 Heterogeneous photocatalytic degradation of ibuprofen in ultrapure water, municipal and pharmaceutical industry wastewaters using a TiO2/UV-LED system
Jallouli N, Pastrana-Martinez LM, Ribeiro AR, Moreira NFF, Faria JL, Hentati O, Silva AMT, Ksibi M
985 - 994 Biodegradability enhancement of industrial organic raffinate containing pyridine and its derivatives by CWAO using ceria promoted MnOx/Al2O3 catalyst at atmospheric pressure
Sushma, Saroha AK
995 - 1005 A novel pyridine based polymer for highly efficient separation of nickel from high-acidity and high-concentration cobalt solutions
Zong LD, Liu FQ, Chen D, Zhang XP, Ling C, Li AM
1006 - 1015 Chloramphenicol removal by zero valent iron activated peroxymonosulfate system: Kinetics and mechanism of radical generation
Tan CQ, Dong YJ, Fu DF, Gao NY, Ma JX, Liu XY
1016 - 1022 Degradation mechanism of anatoxin-a in UV-C/H2O2 reaction
Tak SY, Kim MK, Lee JE, Lee YM, Zoh KD
1023 - 1033 Dispersion and assembly of reduced graphene oxide in chiral nematic liquid crystals by charged two-dimensional nanosurfactants
Lin PC, Yan Q, Chen Y, Li XX, Cheng ZD
1034 - 1045 Interaction forces between goethite and polymeric flocculants and their effect on the flocculation of fine goethite particles
Liang GJ, Nguyen AV, Chen WM, Nguyen TAH, Biggs S
1046 - 1054 A hybrid flame retardant for semi-aromatic polyamide: Unique structure towards self-compatibilization and flame retardation
Lin XB, Chen L, Long JW, Shuang-Lan D, Wang YZ
1055 - 1064 Catalytic conversion of carbohydrates into 5-hydroxymethyl furfural over sulfonated hyper-cross-linked polymer in DMSO
Dong KJ, Zhang J, Luo WM, Su L, Huang ZL
1065 - 1073 Oxidation kinetics of algal-derived taste and odor compounds during water treatment with ferrate(VI)
Shin J, Lee D, Hwang TM, Lee Y
1074 - 1084 Influence of the boron doping level on the electrochemical oxidation of raw landfill leachates: Advanced pre-treatment prior to the biological nitrogen removal
Fudala-Ksiazek S, Sobaszek M, Luczkiewicz A, Pieczynska A, Ofiarska A, Fiszka-Borzyszkowska A, Sawczak M, Ficek M, Bogdanowicz R, Siedlecka EM
1085 - 1092 Glucose biofuel cells using bi-enzyme catalysts including glucose oxidase, horseradish peroxidase and terephthalaldehyde crosslinker
Chung Y, Tannia DC, Kwon Y
1093 - 1100 Self-healing three-dimensional bulk materials based on core-shell nanofibers
Lee MW, An S, Kim YI, Yoon SS, Yarin AL
1101 - 1107 CO2 activation promotes available carbonate and phosphorus of antibiotic mycelial fermentation residue-derived biochar support for increased lead immobilization
Liu YC, Zhu XD, Wei XC, Zhang SC, Chen JM, Ren ZYJS
1108 - 1118 Antibacterial surfaces prepared by electrospray coating of photocatalytic nanoparticles
Jalvo B, Faraldos M, Bahamonde A, Rosal R
1119 - 1127 Stable graphene oxide/poly(ethyleneimine) 3D aerogel with tunable surface charge for high performance selective removal of ionic dyes from water
Zhao Q, Zhu XY, Chen BL
1128 - 1134 Efficient removal of heavy metal ions based on the optimized dissolution-diffusion-flow forward osmosis process
Zhao XZ, Liu CK
1135 - 1147 Evaluation of scale-up strategies for the batch synthesis of dense and hollow mesoporous silica microspheres
Soltys M, Balouch M, Kaspar O, Lhotka M, Ulbrich P, Zadrazil A, Kovacik P, Stepanek F
1148 - 1158 Constructing 3D bacterial cellulose/graphene/polyaniline nanocomposites by novel layer-by-layer in situ culture toward mechanically robust and highly flexible freestanding electrodes for supercapacitors
Luo HL, Dong JJ, Zhang Y, Li G, Guo RS, Zuo GF, Ye MD, Wang ZR, Yang ZW, Wan YZ
1159 - 1168 Porous clays heterostructures as supports of iron oxide for environmental catalysis
Sanchis R, Cecilia JA, Soriano MD, Vazquez MI, Dejoz A, Nieto JML, Castellon ER, Solsona B
1169 - 1175 A novel hydrogen peroxide stabilizer in descaling process of metal surface
Oh D, Zhou L, Chang D, Lee W
1176 - 1185 Mechanism of high contaminant removal performance in the expanded granular sludge blanket (EGSB) reactor involved with granular activated carbon for low-strength wastewater treatment
Yang B, Wang M, Wang JF, Song XS, Wang YH, Xu H, Bai JH
1186 - 1194 Phosphate dosing to sustain the ammonium removal activity of an iron-manganese co-oxide filter film at pilot scale: Effects on chemical catalytic oxidation
Zhang RF, Huang TL, Wen G, Chen YP, Cao X, Zhang BB, Wang BS
1195 - 1205 Enzymatic reactive absorption of CO2 in MDEA by means of an innovative biocatalyst delivery system
Leimbrink M, Nikoleit KG, Spitzer R, Salmon S, Bucholz T, Gorak A, Skiborowski M
1206 - 1213 A novel experimental system for the exploration of CO2-water-rock interactions under conditions relevant to CO2 geological storage
Rendel PM, Wolff-Boenisch D, Gavrieli I, Ganor J
1222 - 1232 Experimental and numerical study of secondary flow in a T-type bend of a CFB riser
Jia MD, Yan CY, Song JF, Wei YD, Zhou FQ, Sun LQ, Wang D
1233 - 1241 Efficient biodiesel production using a lipase@ZIF-67 nanobioreactor
Rafiei S, Tangestaninejad S, Horcajada P, Moghadam M, Mirkhani V, Mohammadpoor-Baltork I, Kardanpour R, Zadehahmadi F
1242 - 1251 A mechanistic kinetic model for singlet oxygen mediated self-sensitized photo-oxidation of organic pollutants in water
Xie XD, Zhang ZC, Hu YN, Cheng HF
1252 - 1259 Reductive degradation of 2,2 ', 4,4 '-tretrabromodiphenyl ether with PAC-Pd/Fe nanoparticles: Effects of Pd loading, initial pH and HA, and degradation pathway
Huang GF, Wang MM, Hu YY, Cheng JH, Lv SH, Yang K
1260 - 1269 CO2 capture using triamine- grafted SBA-15: The impact of the support pore structure
Lashaki MJ, Sayari A
1270 - 1280 Biomass-derived N-doped porous carbon as electrode materials for Zn-air battery powered capacitive deionization
Zhao CJ, Liu GQ, Sun N, Zhang X, Wang GZ, Zhang YX, Zhang HM, Zhao HJ
1281 - 1288 Remediation strategy and electrochemistry flushing & reduction technology for real Cr(VI)-contaminated soils
Li D, Ji GZ, Hu J, Hu SY, Yuan XZ
1289 - 1296 Nitrate removal from water using electrostatic regeneration of functionalized adsorbent
Palko JW, Oyarzun DI, Ha B, Stadermann M, Santiago JG
1297 - 1308 Heterogeneous activation of peroxymonocarbonate by Co-Mn oxides for the efficient degradation of chlorophenols in the presence of a naturally occurring level of bicarbonate
Pi L, Yang N, Han W, Xiao W, Wang DH, Xiong Y, Zhou M, Hou HB, Mao XH
1309 - 1315 Dimension induced intrinsic physio-electrical effects of nanostructured TiO2 on its antibacterial properties
Zhang LL, Bai HW, Liu L, Sun DDL
1316 - 1327 Adsorption of argon on graphitized carbon black preloaded with methanol, ammonia and water: The role of adsorption regions and adsorbates
Zeng YH, Xu H, Do DD, Nicholson D
1328 - 1340 Effective pseudocapacitive charge storage/release by hybrids of poly(3,4-ethylenedioxypyrrole) with Fe3O4 nanostructures or Co3O4 nanorods
Reddy BN, Deshagani S, Deepa M, Ghosal P
1341 - 1350 Synthesis and CO2 adsorption properties of hydrotalcite-like compounds prepared from aluminum saline slag wastes
Gil A, Arrieta E, Vicente MA, Korili SA
1351 - 1360 Understanding the mechanisms of how poly aluminium chloride inhibits short-chain fatty acids production from anaerobic fermentation of waste activated sludge
Chen YN, Wu YX, Wang DB, Li HL, Wang QL, Liu YW, Peng L, Yang Q, Li XM, Zeng GM, Chen YR
1361 - 1370 Polyamine functionalised ion exchange resins: Synthesis, characterisation and uranyl uptake
Amphlett JTM, Ogden MD, Foster RI, Syna N, Soldenhoff K, Sharrad CA
1371 - 1382 Dramatic toughness enhancement of benzoxazine/epoxy thermosets with a novel hyperbranched polymeric ionic liquid
Chen SY, Zhang JH, Zhou JL, Zhang DH, Zhang AQ
1383 - + Enhancing anaerobic fermentation performance through eccentrically stirred mixing: Experimental and modeling methodology
Huang YK, Dehkordy FM, Li Y, Emadi S, Bagtzoglou A, Li BK
1392 - 1398 Polyethyleneimine cryogels for metal ions sorption
Privar Y, Malakhova I, Pestov A, Fedorets A, Azarova Y, Schwarz S, Bratskaya S
1399 - 1409 One-pot synthesis of sandwich-like MgO@Carbon with enhanced sorption capacity of organic dye
Zheng XG, Huang M, You YH, Fu XJ, Liu Y, Wen J
1410 - 1421 An efficient kinetic Monte Carlo scheme for computing Helmholtz free energy and entropy in bulk fluids and adsorption systems
Tan SL, Do DD, Nicholson D
1422 - 1429 A facile VUV/H2O system without auxiliary substances for efficient degradation of gaseous toluene
Zhan YJ, Ji J, Huang HB, He M, Leung DYC, Liu SL, Shu YJ, Feng QY, Xie RJ, Fang RM, Ye XG
1430 - 1439 Degradation of organic pollutants by Co3O4-mediated peroxymonosulfate oxidation: Roles of high-energy {001}-exposed TiO2 support
Zhang AY, He YY, Chen YP, Feng JW, Huang NH, Lian F
1440 - 1454 Immobilization of two polyelectrolytes leading to a novel hydrogel for high-performance Hg2+ removal to ppb and sub-ppb levels
Mazumder MAJ, Alhaffar MT, Ali SA
1455 - 1465 Methane diffusion in shales with multiple pore sizes at supercritical conditions
Chen MJ, Kang YL, Zhang TS, You LJ, Li XC, Chen ZX, Wu KL, Yang B
1466 - 1476 Fabrication of hierarchical MnMoO4 center dot H2O@MnO2 core-shell nanosheet arrays on nickel foam as an advanced electrode for asymmetric supercapacitors
Xu JS, Sun YD, Lu MJ, Wang L, Zhang J, Qian JH, Liu XY
1477 - 1483 Facile synthesis of hierarchical porous metal-organic frameworks with enhanced catalytic activity
Duan CX, Li FE, Luo SJ, Xiao J, Li LB, Xi HX
1484 - 1492 Flow regime identification in gas-solid two-phase fluidization via acoustic emission technique
Zhou YF, Yang L, Lu YJ, Hu XY, Luo X, Chen HB
1493 - 1501 Degradation of 1H-benzotriazole using ultraviolet activating persulfate: Mechanisms, products and toxicological analysis
Ye JS, Zhou PL, Chen Y, Ou HS, Liu J, Li CS, Li QS
1502 - 1517 Activation of persulfate (PS) and peroxymonosulfate (PMS) and application for the degradation of emerging contaminants
Wang JL, Wang SZ
1518 - 1526 Facile fabrication of nanostructured cerium-manganese binary oxide for enhanced arsenite removal from water
Chen J, Wang JY, Zhang GS, Wu QY, Wang DT
1527 - 1536 Efficient degradation of p-arsanilic acid with arsenic adsorption by magnetic CuO-Fe3O4 nanoparticles under visible light irradiation
Sun TY, Zhao ZW, Liang ZJ, Liu J, Shi WX, Cui FY
1537 - 1549 Hydroxyl radical generation by zero-valent iron/Cu (ZVI/Cu) bimetallic catalyst in wastewater treatment: Heterogeneous Fenton/Fenton-like reactions by Fenton reagents formed in-situ under oxic conditions
Yamaguchi R, Kurosu S, Suzuki M, Kawase Y
1550 - 1562 Thermoplastic starch wastes are converted and stored into acetone through butanol in a depressurised digester
Oh ST, Martin A, Kang SJ
1563 - 1572 A comprehensive integrated membrane bioreactor model for greenhouse gas emissions
Mannina G, Cosenza A, Ekama GA
1573 - 1583 Hierarchical FeCo2O4@NiCo layered double hydroxide core/shell nanowires for high performance flexible all-solid-state asymmetric supercapacitors
He XY, Li RM, Liu JY, Liu Q, Chen RR, Song DL, Wang J
1584 - 1593 Multifunctional superamphiphobic SiO2 coating for crude oil transportation
Wu Y, Zhao MY, Guo ZG
1594 - 1604 Bistability in membrane reactors due to membrane inhibition by competitive adsorption of reactants
Murmura MA, Annesini MC, Sheintuch M
1605 - 1613 Facile synthesis of hierarchically porous MgO sorbent doped with CaCO3 for fast CO2 capture in rapid intermediate temperature swing sorption
Jin S, Ho K, Lee CH
1614 - 1620 Crosslinking-induced spontaneous growth: A novel strategy for synthesizing sandwich-type graphene@Fe3O4 dots/amorphous carbon with high lithium storage performance
Li CF, Li ZP, Ye XJ, Yang XQ, Zhang GQ, Li ZH
1621 - 1629 Simultaneous Cr(VI) reduction and bioelectricity generation in a dual chamber microbial fuel cell
Li M, Zhou SQ, Xu YT, Liu ZJ, Ma FZ, Zhi LL, Zhou X
1642 - 1649 Self-evaporating from inside to outside to construct cobalt oxide nanoparticles-embedded nitrogen-doped porous carbon nanofibers for high-performance lithium ion batteries
Wang XF, Tang YH, Shi PH, Fan JC, Xu QJ, Min YL
1679 - 1690 A novel composite hydrogel for adsorption and photocatalytic degradation of bisphenol A by visible light irradiation
Zhu HJ, Li ZK, Yang JH
1691 - 1698 Electron transfer-induced catalytic enhancement over bismuth nanoparticles supported by N-doped graphene
Li SZ, Yang YS, Liu LJ, Zhao Q
1699 - 1708 Synthesis of magnetic Fe-N doped porous carbon possessing hollow-acicular structure with high activity and stability for lumbrukinase adsorptive immobilization
Chang Q, Liu L, Muhammad Y, Weng SX, Feng ZF, Wei TY, Lei JL, Tong ZF, Zhao ZX
1709 - 1718 Electrofermentation of food waste - Regulating acidogenesis towards enhanced volatile fatty acids production
Sravan JS, Butti SK, Sarkar O, Krishna KV, Mohan SV
1719 - 1728 Enhancement of adsorption capacity of clay through spray drying and surface modification process for wastewater treatment
Olusegun SJ, Lima LFD, Mohallem ND
1729 - 1739 Self-powered wire type UV sensor using in-situ radial growth of BaTiO3 and TiO2 nanostructures on human hair sized single Ti-wire
Alluri NR, Purusothaman Y, Chandrasekhar A, Kim SJ
1740 - 1748 Graphene multilayered sheets assembled by porous Bi2Fe4O9 microspheres and the excellent electromagnetic wave absorption properties
Lin Y, Dai JJ, Yang HB, Wang L, Wang F
1749 - 1753 Highly permeable and selective CO2 separation membrane to utilize 5-hydroxyisophthalic acid in poly(ethylene oxide) matrix
Yoon KW, Kang SW
1754 - 1765 A chemical looping scheme of co-feeding of coke-oven gas and pulverized coke toward polygeneration of olefins and ammonia
Xiang D, Xiang JJ, Liu S, Sun Z, Jiang Y, Dong ZB, Tao QB, Cao Y
1766 - 1774 Continuous production of antioxidant liposome for synergistic cancer treatment using high-gravity rotating packed bed
Liu YP, Wu K, Wang JX, Le Y, Zhang LL
1775 - 1780 An electroactive polymer composite with reinforced bending strength, based on tubular micro carbonized-cellulose
Nasri-Nasrabadi B, Kaynak A, Nia ZK, Li JL, Zolfagharian A, Adams S, Kouzani AZ
1781 - 1791 Enhanced activity, selectivity and stability of a CuO-ZnO-ZrO2 catalyst by adding graphene oxide for CO2 hydrogenation to methanol
Witoon T, Numpilai T, Phongamwong T, Donphai W, Boonyuen C, Warakulwit C, Chareonpanich M, Limtrakul J
1792 - 1807 Analysis of Ru/La-Al2O3 catalyst loading on alumina monoliths and controlling regimes in methane steam reforming
Ashraf MA, Sanz O, Italiano C, Vita A, Montes M, Specchia S
1808 - 1819 Graphene oxide/CuFe2O4 foam as an efficient absorbent for arsenic removal from water
Wu LK, Wu H, Zhang HB, Cao HZ, Hou GY, Tang YP, Zheng GQ
1820 - 1827 Electro-oxidation of cytostatic drugs: Experimental and theoretical identification of by-products and evaluation of ecotoxicological effects
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1828 - 1834 An integrated microfluidic loop-mediated isothermal amplification platform for koi herpesvirus detection
Chen SC, Liu CC, Wang YN, Fu LM, Shih SH
1835 - 1841 Activated carbons from agricultural waste solvothermally doped with sulphur as electrodes for supercapacitors
Elmouwahidi A, Castelo-Quiben J, Vivo-Vilches JF, Perez-Cadenas AF, Maldonado-Hodar FJ, Carrasco-Marin F
1842 - 1850 Simultaneous enhancement of nitrogen removal and nitrous oxide reduction by a saturated biochar-based intermittent aeration vertical flow constructed wetland: Effects of influent strength
Zhou X, Jia LX, Liang CL, Feng LK, Wang RG, Wu HM
1851 - 1868 Methoxy-functionalized mesostructured stable carbon catalysts for effective biodiesel production from non-edible feedstock
Teo SH, Islam A, Ng CH, Mansir N, Ma TL, Choong SYT, Taufiq-Yap YH
1869 - 1877 An environment-friendly route to synthesize pyramid-like g-C3N4 arrays for efficient degradation of rhodamine B under visible-light irradiation
Yu YZ, Wang CC, Luo LH, Wang JG, Meng J
1878 - 1885 Treatment of wastewater containing nickel by complexation-ultrafiltration using sodium polyacrylate and the stability of PAA-Ni complex in the shear field
Gao J, Qiu YR, Hou H, Zhang Q, Zhang XD
1886 - 1896 Novel reduced graphene oxide wrapped-SrTiO3 flower-like nanostructure with Ti-C bond for free noble metal decomposition of formic acid to hydrogen
Guo MX, Liu Q, Wu MH, Lv T, Jia LS
1897 - 1904 Gas-liquid-solid monolithic microreactor with Pd nanocatalyst coated on polydopamine modified nickel foam for nitrobenzene hydrogenation
Chen G, Zhu X, Chen R, Liao Q, Ye DD, Feng H, Liu J, Liu M
1905 - 1916 Importance of spinel reaction kinetics in packed-bed chemical looping combustion using a CuO/Al2O3 oxygen carrier
San Pio MA, Sabatino F, Gallucci F, Annaland MV
1917 - 1926 Oxidative stress induced membrane biofouling and its implications to on-line chemical cleaning in MBR
Cai WW, Liu Y
1927 - 1942 On the reasons for deactivation of titanate nanotubes with metals catalysts in the acetalization of glycerol with acetone
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1943 - 1953 Evolution of active sites and catalytic consequences of mesoporous MCM-41 supported copper catalysts for the hydrogenation of ethylene carbonate
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1954 - 1964 Experimental and computational studies of oxygen transport in a Taylor-Couette bioreactor
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1965 - 1976 Organic carbon recovery modeling for a rotating belt filter and its impact assessment on a plant-wide scale
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1977 - 1987 Improved synthesis of medium chain triacylglycerol catalyzed by lipase based on use of supercritical carbon dioxide pretreatment
More SB, Waghmare JS, Gogate PR, Naik SN
1988 - 1995 Non-thermal plasma treatment for the elimination of odorous compounds from exhaust air from cooking processes
Holzer F, Kopinke FD, Roland U
1996 - 2003 Optimization of a split and recombine micromixer by improved exploitation of secondary flows
Hermann P, Timmermann J, Hoffmann M, Schluter M, Hofmann C, Lob P, Ziegenbalg D
2004 - 2013 Nitrogen-rich hyper-crosslinked polymers for low-pressure CO2 capture
Fayemiwo KA, Vladisavljevic GT, Nabavi SA, Benyahia B, Hanak DP, Loponov KN, Manovic V
2014 - 2020 Extraordinary toughness enhancement of poly(lactic acid) by incorporating very low loadings of noncovalent functionalized graphene-oxide via masterbatch-based melt blending
Zhang XR, Geng BY, Chen HY, Chen YF, Wang YT, Zhang L, Liu HZ, Yang HG, Chen JZ
2021 - 2029 Two-step method to synthesize spinel Co3O4-MnCo2O4 with excellent performance for lithium ion batteries
Yang F, Li WY, Tang BHJ
2030 - 2038 Electro-bioremediation at the prototype scale: What it should be learned for the scale-up
Barba S, Lopez-Vizcaino R, Saez C, Villasenor J, Canizares P, Navarro V, Rodrigo MA
2039 - 2049 Effect of electron acceptor on community structures of denitrifying polyphosphate accumulating organisms in anaerobic-anoxic-oxic (A(2)O) process using DNA based stable-isotope probing (DNA-SIP)
Guo Y, Zeng W, Li N, Peng YZ
2050 - 2057 Efficient MnOx supported on coconut shell activated carbon for catalytic oxidation of indoor formaldehyde at room temperature
Fang RM, Huang HB, Ji J, He M, Feng QY, Zhan YJ, Leung DYC
2068 - 2078 Enhancement of hydrophilicity and the resistance for irreversible fouling of polysulfone (PSF) membrane immobilized with graphene oxide (GO) through chloromethylated and quaternized reaction
Wang HT, Wang W, Wang L, Zhao B, Zhang ZH, Xia XM, Yang HF, Xue Y, Chang N
2079 - 2087 Redox performance of Na-modified Fe2O3/Al2O3 with syngas as reducing agent in chemical looping combustion process
Huang WC, Kuo YL, Su PC, Tseng YH, Lee HY, Ku Y
2088 - 2097 Anaerobic treatment of raw domestic wastewater in a UASB-digester at 10 degrees C and microbial community dynamics
Zhang L, De Vrieze J, Hendrickx TLG, Wei W, Temmink H, Rijnaarts H, Zeeman G
2098 - 2104 Investigating the performance of biomass-derived biochars for the removal of gaseous ozone, adsorbed nitrate and aqueous bisphenol A
Zhou L, Richard C, Ferronato C, Chovelon JM, Sleiman M
2105 - 2114 Numerical analysis of gas-solid flow in a novel spouted bed structure under the longitudinal vortex effects
Wu F, Gao WW, Zhang JJ, Ma XX, Zhou WJ
2115 - 2123 Influence of material composition on the CO2 and H2O adsorption capacities and kinetics of potassium-promoted sorbents
Coenen K, Gallucci F, Cobden P, van Dijk E, Hensen E, Annaland MV
2124 - 2133 Remediation of soil contaminated by fluorene using needle-plate pulsed corona discharge plasma
Zhan JX, Liu YN, Cheng WY, Zhang A, Li R, Li X, Ognier S, Cai SJ, Yang C, Liu JX
2134 - 2141 In situ monitoring of wastewater biofilm formation process via ultrasonic time domain reflectometry (UTDR)
Wang JF, Ren HQ, Li XH, Li JX, Ding LL, Geng JJ, Xu K, Huang H, Hu HD
2142 - 2153 Synergistic effects of 2D/2D ZnV2O6/RGO nanosheets heterojunction for stable and high performance photo-induced CO2 reduction to solar fuels
Bafaqeer A, Tahir M, Amin NAS
2154 - 2166 Facile synthesis of super-hydrophobic, electrically conductive and mechanically flexible functionalized graphene nanoribbon/polyurethane sponge for efficient oil/water separation at static and dynamic states
Qiang F, Hu LL, Gong LX, Zhao L, Li SN, Tang LC
2167 - 2178 Preparation of bimetallic Ni@Ru nanoparticles supported on SiO2 and their catalytic performance for CO methanation
Li SS, Gong DD, Tang HG, Ma Z, Liu ZT, Liu Y
2179 - 2189 H2S removal from syngas using wastes pyrolysis chars
Hervy M, Minh DP, Gerente C, Weiss-Hortala E, Nzihou A, Villot A, Le Coq L
2190 - 2200 N-doped one-dimensional carbonaceous backbones supported MoSe2 nanosheets as superior electrodes for energy storage and conversion
Zhu MN, Luo ZG, Pan AQ, Yang HL, Zhu T, Liang SQ, Cao GZ
2201 - 2207 Kinetic modeling of fatty acid methyl esters and triglycerides hydrodeoxygenation over nickel and palladium catalysts
Hachemi I, Murzin DY
2208 - 2214 Separation of lanthanum and cerium from chloride medium in presence of complexing agent along with EHEHPA (P507) in a serpentine microreactor
Jiang F, Yin SH, Srinivasakannan C, Li SW, Peng JH
2215 - 2221 Heteropoly acid-loaded ionic liquid@metal-organic frameworks: Effective and reusable adsorbents for the desulfurization of a liquid model fuel
Khan NA, Bhadra BN, Jhung SH
2222 - 2230 Polysaccharide-templated preparation of mechanically-tough, conductive and self-healing hydrogels
Liu SL, Kang MM, Li KW, Yao F, Oderinde O, Fu GD, Xu LQ
2231 - 2237 Process design for green and selective production of bio-based surfactant with heterogeneous resin catalyst
Sasayama T, Kamikanda Y, Shibasaki-Kitakawa N
2238 - 2249 The consecutive calcination/sulfation in calcium looping for CO2 capture: Particle modeling and behaviour investigation
Qin CL, He DL, Zhang ZH, Tan LL, Ran JY
2250 - 2254 Large-scale synthesis of dihydrostreptomycin via hydrogenation of streptomycin in a membrane dispersion microreactor
Xia ST, Ding XF, Wang YJ, Luo GS, Wu ZT, Cheng YF, Hao BY
2255 - 2263 Improving reductive performance of zero valent iron by H2O2/HCl pretreatment: A case study on nitrate reduction
Yang Z, Shan C, Mei YC, Jiang Z, Guan XH, Pan BC
2264 - 2272 Preparation of itraconazole nanoparticles by anti-solvent precipitation method using a cascaded microfluidic device and an ultrasonic spray drier
Zhang X, Chen HJ, Qian F, Cheng Y
2273 - 2282 Direct coating of a DKGM hydrogel on glass fabric for multifunctional oil-water separation in harsh environments
You H, Jin YZ, Chen JC, Li CM
2283 - 2292 Oxygen vacancies enhanced HCHO oxidation on a novel NaInO2 supported Pt catalyst at room temperature
Liu F, Shen J, Xu DF, Zhou WY, Zhang SY, Wan L
2293 - 2302 Preparation of magnetic superhydrophilic molecularly imprinted composite resin based on multi-walled carbon nanotubes to detect triazines in environmental water
Zhou TY, Ding J, He ZY, Li JY, Liang ZH, Li CY, Li Y, Chen YH, Ding L
2303 - 2307 Passive separation of recovered ammonia from catholyte for reduced energy consumption in microbial electrolysis cells
Qin MH, White C, Zou SQ, He Z
2308 - 2318 An innovative cell-printed microscale collagen model for mimicking intestinal villus epithelium
Kim W, Kim GH
2319 - 2334 Compartmental modeling of large stirred tank bioreactors with high gas volume fractions
Nauha EK, Kalal Z, Ali JM, Alopaeus V
2335 - 2342 Ferrate(VI) decomposition in water in the absence and presence of natural organic matter (NOM)
Deng Y, Jung C, Liang YM, Goodey N, Waite TD
2343 - 2355 Calcium-Looping performance of mechanically modified Al2O3-CaO composites for energy storage and CO2 capture
Benitez-Guerrero M, Valverde JM, Sanchez-Jimenez PE, Perejon A, Perez-Maqueda LA
2356 - 2362 Metal-organic-framework-derived N-C-Co film as a shuttle-suppressing interlayer for lithium sulfur battery
Wang JN, Wu T, Zhang SP, Gu S, Jin J, Wen ZY
2363 - 2372 Technical feasibility of UV/electro-chlorine advanced oxidation process and pH response
Kishimoto N, Katayama Y, Kato M, Otsu H
2373 - 2382 Enhancement of aerobic granulation and nutrient removal by an algal-bacterial consortium in a lab-scale photobioreactor
Zhang B, Lens PNL, Shi WX, Zhang RJ, Zhang ZQ, Guo Y, Bao X, Cui FY
2383 - 2391 A facile synthesis of controlled Mn3O4 hollow polyhedron for high-performance lithium-ion battery anodes
Wang MY, Huang Y, Zhang N, Wang K, Chen XF, Ding X
2392 - 2400 Effect of hydraulic coefficient on membrane performance for rejection of emerging contaminants
Babu VS, Padaki M, D'Souza LP, Deon S, Balakrishna RG, Ismail AF
2401 - 2407 In situ construction of fibrous AgNPs/g-C3N4 aerogel toward light-driven COx-free methanol dehydrogenation at room temperature
Liu YY, Yang SY, Yin SN, Feng LG, Zang Y, Xue HG
2408 - 2439 TiO2 photocatalyst for removal of volatile organic compounds in gas phase - A review
Shayegan Z, Lee CS, Haghighat F
2440 - 2449 Electrochemical properties of uniquely structured Fe2O3 and FeSe2/graphitic-carbon microrods synthesized by applying a metal-organic framework
Park SK, Kim JK, Kang YC
2450 - 2458 Water vapor separation from flue gas using MOF incorporated thin film nanocomposite hollow fiber membranes
Ingole PG, Sohail M, Abou-Elanwar AM, Baig MI, Jeon JD, Choi WK, Kim H, Lee HK
2459 - 2466 A novel electroconductive graphene/fly ash-based geopolymer composite and its photocatalytic performance
Zhang YJ, He PY, Zhang YX, Chen H
2467 - 2479 Streamer propagation in a packed bed plasma reactor for plasma catalysis applications
Wang WZ, Kim HH, Van Laer K, Bogaerts A
2480 - 2487 Ag supported on CeO2 with different morphologies for the catalytic oxidation of HCHO
Yu L, Peng RS, Chen LM, Fu ML, Wu JL, Ye DQ
2488 - 2499 Novel synthesis of Ru/OMS catalyst by solvent-free method: Selective hydrogenation of levulinic acid to gamma-valerolactone in aqueous medium and kinetic modelling
Molleti J, Tiwari MS, Yadav GD
2500 - 2510 Hierarchical hollow microspheres grafted with Co nanoparticle-embedded bamboo-like N-doped carbon nanotube bundles as ultrahigh rate and long-life cathodes for rechargeable lithium-oxygen batteries
Kim JH, Park SK, Oh YJ, Kang YC
2511 - 2519 Comparative study of peroxide oxidants activated by nZVI: Removal of 1,4-Dioxane and arsenic(III) in contaminated waters
Kang YG, Yoon H, Lee W, Kim EJ, Chang YS
2520 - 2529 Effect of lignin, cellulose and hemicellulose on calcium looping behavior of CaO-based sorbents derived from extrusion-spherization method
Xu YQ, Ding HR, Luo C, Zheng Y, Xu Y, Li XS, Zhang ZW, Shen C, Zhang LQ
2530 - 2538 ZnO-based materials and enzymes hybrid systems as highly efficient catalysts for recalcitrant pollutants abatement
Sarro M, Gule NP, Laurenti E, Gamberini R, Paganini MC, Mallon PE, Calza P
2539 - 2546 Selective degradation of sulfonamide antibiotics by peroxymonosulfate alone: Direct oxidation and nonradical mechanisms
Yin RL, Guo WQ, Wang HZ, Du JS, Zhou XJ, Wu QL, Zheng HS, Chang JS, Ren NQ
2547 - 2557 A novel two-dimensional coordination polymer-polypyrrole hybrid material as a high-performance electrode for flexible supercapacitor
Yao H, Zhang F, Zhang GW, Luo HY, Liu L, Shen MH, Yang YY
2558 - 2567 Low temperature applicable polyelectrolyte gelator to covalently bridged partially hydrolyzed poly(acrylamide) in situ gel for fossil energy recovery
Wang LZ, Long YF, Bai BJ
2579 - 2592 Biosurfactants enhanced heavy metals removal from sludge in the electrokinetic treatment
Tang J, He JG, Xin XD, Hu HZ, Liu TT
2593 - 2602 Simultaneous biogas purification and CO2 capture by vacuum swing adsorption using zeolite NaUSY
Jiang YY, Ling JH, Xiao P, He YDA, Zhao QH, Chu Z, Liu YS, Li ZY, Webley PA
2603 - 2615 Ion-pair extraction-reaction of calcium using Y-shaped microfluidic junctions: An optimized separation approach
Jahromi PF, Karimi-Sabet J, Amini Y
2616 - 2624 Production of eco-friendly poly(oxymethylene) dimethyl ethers catalyzed by acidic ionic liquid: A kinetic investigation
Wang D, Zhao F, Zhu GL, Xia CG
2625 - 2637 Current advances of VOCs degradation by bioelectrochemical systems: A review
Zhang SH, You JP, Kennes C, Cheng ZW, Ye JX, Chen DZ, Chen JM, Wang LD
2638 - 2646 N-doped graphene supported PtAu/Pt intermetallic core/dendritic shell nanocrystals for efficient electrocatalytic oxidation of formic acid
Xu H, Yan B, Li SM, Wang J, Wang CQ, Guo J, Du YK
2647 - 2647 Enanced nitrogen removal in an aerobic granular sequencing batch reactor performing simultaneous nitrification, endogenous denitrification and phosphorus removal with low superficial gas velocity (vol 326, pg 1223, 2017)
He QL, Zhang W, Zhang SL, Wang HY