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1 - 7 Porous sulphur copolymer for gas-phase mercury removal and thermal insulation
Abraham AM, Kumar SV, Alhassan SM
8 - 15 High-performance lithium-sulfur batteries based on self-supporting graphene/carbon nanotube foam@sulfur composite cathode and quasi-solid-state polymer electrolyte
Sun LP, Li H, Zhao ML, Wang GC
16 - 23 Experimental and computational evaluation of area selectively immobilized horseradish peroxidase in a microfluidic device
Hoffmann C, Grundtvig IPR, Thrane J, Garg N, Gernaey KV, Pinelo M, Woodley JM, Kruhne U, Daugaard AE
24 - 32 Adsorption of CO2 on mixed oxides derived from hydrotalcites at several temperatures and high pressures
Garces-Polo SI, Villarroel-Rocha J, Sapag K, Korili SA, Gil A
33 - 41 Simultaneous analysis of electrosorption capacity and kinetics for CDI desalination using different electrode configurations
Zornitta RL, Ruotolo LAM
42 - 48 Toxic effects of CuO, ZnO and TiO2 nanoparticles in environmental concentration on the nitrogen removal, microbial activity and community of Anammox process
Zhang XJ, Zhou Y, Xu TF, Zheng KW, Zhang RR, Peng ZX, Zhang HZ
49 - 56 Realizing high reversible capacity: 3D intertwined CNTs inherently conductive network for CuS as an anode for lithium ion batteries
Wang YH, Zhang YY, Li H, Peng YY, Li JY, Wang J, Hwang BJ, Zhao JB
57 - 65 TiO2@C nanosheets with highly exposed (001) facets as a high-capacity anode for Na-ion batteries
Zhang Q, He HN, Huang XB, Yan J, Tang YG, Wang HY
66 - 75 Novel external-loop CO2-lift reactor for desilication of alkaline/surfactant/polymer produced water from oil well
Chen C, Lu JH, Jing WH, Zhou M, Zhu M, Xing WH
76 - 84 Formation of halogenated by-products during chemical cleaning of humic acid-fouled UF membrane by sodium hypochlorite solution
Wang ZP, Ding JQ, Xie PC, Chen YQ, Wan Y, Wang SL
85 - 91 Treatment of acid mine drainage by forward osmosis: Heavy metal rejection and reverse flux of draw solution constituents
Vital B, Bartacek J, Ortega-Bravo JC, Jeison D
92 - 101 Diameter controlled growth of SWCNTs using Ru as catalyst precursors coupled with atomic hydrogen treatment
Bouanis FZ, Florea I, Bouanis M, Muller D, Nyassi A, Le Normand F, Pribat D
102 - 108 Intercalation of rigid molecules between carbon nanotubes for adsorption enhancement of typical pharmaceuticals
Shan DN, Deng SB, He CH, Li J, Wang HB, Jiang CX, Yu G, Wiesner MR
109 - 117 Effect of integrated pretreatment technologies on RO membrane fouling for treating textile secondary effluent: Laboratory and pilot-scale experiments
Yin ZL, Yang C, Long C, Li AM
118 - 130 Bipolar jet electrospinning bi-functional nanofibrous membrane for simultaneous and sequential filtration of Cd2+ and BPA from water: Competition and synergistic effect
Hou Z, Wen ZB, Wang DD, Wang JN, Francois-Xavier CP, Wintgens T
131 - 139 Liquid-liquid extraction for the separation of Co(II) from Ni(II) with Cyanex 272 using a pilot scale Re-entrance flow microreactor
Zhang LH, Hessel V, Peng JH
140 - 149 Comparing VUV and VUV/Fe2+ processes for decomposition of cloxacillin antibiotic: Degradation rate and pathways, mineralization and by-product analysis
Moussavi G, Rezaei M, Pourakbar M
150 - 159 Facile generation of robust POSS-based superhydrophobic fabrics via thiol-ene click chemistry
Hou K, Zeng YC, Zhou CL, Chen JH, Wen XF, Xu SP, Cheng J, Pi PH
160 - 168 Superior lithium adsorption and required magnetic separation behavior of iron-doped lithium ion-sieves
Wang SL, Zheng SL, Wang ZM, Cui WW, Zhang HL, Yang LR, Zhang Y, Li P
169 - 173 Aromatic hydrocarbon selectivity as a function of CaO basicity and aging during CaO-catalyzed PET pyrolysis using tandem mu-reactor-GC/MS
Kumagai S, Yamasaki R, Kameda T, Saito Y, Watanabe A, Watanabe C, Teramae N, Yoshioka T
174 - 182 Layer-by-layer self-assembly of palladium nanocatalysts with polyelectrolytes grafted on the polydopamine functionalized gas-liquid-solid microreactor
Liu J, Zhu X, Liao Q, Chen R, Ye DD, Feng H, Liu M, Chen G
183 - 191 The As behavior of natural arsenical-containing colloidal ferric oxyhydroxide reacted with sulfate reducing bacteria
Fan LJ, Zhao FH, Liu J, Frost RL
192 - 204 Kinetic model considering catalyst deactivation for the steam reforming of bio-oil over Ni/La2O3-alpha Al2O3
Gayubo AG, Valle B, Aramburu B, Montero C, Bilbao J
205 - 215 UV-Vis-infrared light-driven thermocatalytic abatement of benzene on Fe doped OMS-2 nanorods enhanced by a novel photoactivation
Chen J, Li YZ, Fang SM, Yang Y, Zhao XJ
216 - 226 Mesoporous MgO promoted with NaNO3/NaNO2 for rapid and high-capacity CO2 capture at moderate temperatures
Zhao X, Ji GZ, Liu W, He X, Anthony EJ, Zhao M
227 - 236 Reduction of nitrobenzene in aqueous and soil phases using carboxymethyl cellulose stabilized zero-valent iron nanoparticles
Cai ZQ, Fu J, Du PH, Zhao X, Hao XD, Liu W, Zhao DY
237 - 244 Complexing agent engineered strategy for anchoring SnO2 nanoparticles on sulfur/nitrogen co-doped graphene for superior lithium and sodium ion storage
Wang HG, Jiang C, Yuan CP, Wu Q, Li Q, Duan Q
245 - 252 Transformation of substituted anilines by ferrate(VI): Kinetics, pathways, and effect of dissolved organic matter
Sun SF, Liu YL, Ma J, Pang SY, Huang ZS, Gu J, Gao Y, Xue M, Yuan YX, Jiang J
253 - 259 Chestnut shell-like Li4Ti5O12 hollow spheres for high-performance aqueous asymmetric supercapacitors
Xing LL, Huang KJ, Cao SX, Pang H
260 - 266 Rational design of MoS2-reduced graphene oxide sponges as free-standing anodes for sodium-ion batteries
Li JL, Qin W, Xie JP, Lin R, Wang ZL, Pan LK, Mai WJ
267 - 276 Mechanism insights into the oxidative degradation of decabromodiphenyl ethane by potassium permanganate in acidic conditions
Chen J, Xu XX, Pan XX, Yao JY, Li CG, Qu RJ, Wang ZY
277 - 285 Algal biofilm-assisted microbial fuel cell to enhance domestic wastewater treatment: Nutrient, organics removal and bioenergy production
Yang ZG, Pei HY, Hou QJ, Jiang LQ, Zhang LJ, Nie CL
286 - 292 Sorption behavior and mechanism of organophosphate flame retardants on activated carbons
Wang W, Deng S, Li DY, Ren L, Shan DN, Wang B, Huang J, Wang YJ, Yu G
293 - 302 Effects of DC electric fields on meso-scale structures in electrostatic gas-solid fluidized beds
Yang Y, Ge SY, Zhou YF, Sun JY, Huang ZL, Wang JD, Lungu M, Liao ZW, Jiang BB, Yang YR
303 - 311 A family of kinetic distributions for interpretation of experimental fluctuations in kinetic problems
Pacheco H, Thiengo F, Schmal M, Pinto JC
312 - 320 H2O2 assisted photoelectrocatalytic degradation of diclofenac sodium at g-C3N4/BiVO4 photoanode under visible light irradiation
Sun JY, Guo YP, Wang Y, Cao D, Tian SC, Xiao K, Mao R, Zhao X
321 - 330 Confinedly tailoring Fe3O4 clusters-NG to tune electromagnetic parameters and microwave absorption with broadened bandwidth
Wang XX, Ma T, Shu JC, Cao MS
331 - 339 Novel mesoporous composite with zeolite-like selectivity to capture tobacco specific nitrosamine NNK
Li SH, Sun XD, Wang YZ, Shi CL, Gu WB, Wang WM, Yao HM, Wang Y, Zhu JH
340 - 350 High efficient separation of U(VI) and Th(IV) from rare earth elements in strong acidic solution by selective sorption on phenanthroline diamide functionalized graphene oxide
Li FH, Yang Z, Weng HQ, Chen G, Lin MZ, Zhao C
351 - 360 Characteristics and difference of oxidation and coagulation mechanisms for the removal of organic compounds by quantum parameter analysis
Cheng ZW, Yang BW, Chen QC, Ji WC, Shen ZM
361 - 369 Improvement of (R,R)-2,3-butanediol production from corn stover hydrolysate by cell recycling continuous fermentation
Ma KD, He MX, You HY, Pan LW, Wang ZC, Wang YW, Hu GQ, Cui YB, Maeda T
370 - 376 3D spongy CoS2 nanoparticles/carbon composite as high-performance anode material for lithium/sodium ion batteries
Zhang YH, Wang NN, Sun CH, Lu ZX, Xue P, Tang B, Bai ZC, Dou SX
377 - 386 Novel hierarchical composite adsorbent for selective lead(II) ions capturing from wastewater samples
Shahat A, Hassan HMA, Azzazy HME, El-Sharkawy EA, Abdou HM, Awual MR
387 - 397 Efficient, stable and selective adsorption of heavy metals by thio-functionalized layered double hydroxide in diverse types of water
Ali J, Wang HB, Ifthikar J, Khan A, Wang T, Zhan K, Shahzad A, Chen ZL, Chen ZQ
398 - 408 Nitrogen-doped bamboo-like carbon nanotubes with Ni encapsulation for persulfate activation to remove emerging contaminants with excellent catalytic stability
Kang J, Duan XG, Wang C, Sun HQ, Tan XY, Tade MO, Wang SB
409 - 418 Polymerization induced shaping of Pickering emulsion droplets: From simple hollow microspheres to molecularly imprinted multicore microrattles
Wang ZH, Qiu T, Guo LH, Ye J, He LF, Li XY
419 - 430 Acid-catalyzed hydrolysis of semi-aromatic polyamide NF membrane and its application to water softening and antibiotics enrichment
Jun BM, Lee HK, Kwon YN
431 - 439 Ultrathin MoS2 nanosheets tightly anchoring onto nitrogen-doped graphene for enhanced lithium storage properties
Xia SS, Wang YR, Liu Y, Wu CH, Wu MH, Zhang HJ
440 - 448 Efficient organic pollutants removal from industrial paint wastewater plant employing Fenton with integration of oxic/hydrolysis acidification/oxic
Li X, Zhang WJ, Lai SZ, Gan YF, Li J, Ye TT, You JG, Wang SY, Chen H, Deng WY, Liu YN, Zhang WQ, Xue G
449 - 455 Synthesis of MoS2 quantum dots cocatalysts and their efficient photocatalytic performance for hydrogen evolution
Sun J, Duan LX, Wu Q, Yao WF
456 - 463 Enhanced bioproduction of short-chain fatty acids from waste activated sludge by potassium ferrate pretreatment
Li L, He JG, Xin XD, Wang MF, Xu J, Zhang J
464 - 478 On concentration polarization in fluidized bed membrane reactors
Helmi A, Voncken RJW, Raijmakers AJ, Roghair I, Gallucci F, Annaland MV
479 - 485 Hybrid aerogel-derived carbon/porous reduced graphene oxide dual-functionalized NiO for high-performance lithium storage
Ding CY, Zhou WW, Wang XY, Shi B, Wang D, Zhou PY, Wen GW
486 - 498 Selective catalytic two-electron O-2 reduction for onsite efficient oxidation reaction in heterogeneous electro-Fenton process
Zhao HY, Qian L, Chen Y, Wang QN, Zhao GH
499 - 507 Significantly enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen generation over graphitic carbon nitride with carefully modified intralayer structures
Luo B, Song R, Jing DW
508 - 516 Converting mesophilic upflow sludge blanket (UASB) reactors to thermophilic by applying axenic methanogenic culture bioaugmentation
Zhu XY, Treu L, Kougias PG, Campanaro S, Angelidaki I
517 - 527 A versatile strategy to fabricate dual-imprinted porous adsorbent for efficient treatment co-contamination of lambda-cyhalothrin and copper(II)
Liu JX, Pan JM, Ma Y, Liu SC, Qiu FX, Yan YS
528 - 536 Efficient conversion of cellulose into 5-hydroxymethylfurfural over niobia/carbon composites
Li XC, Peng KH, Xia QN, Liu XH, Wang YQ
537 - 547 Enhancement of mixing inside ionic liquid droplets through various micro-channels design
Bai L, Fu YH, Yao M, Cheng Y
548 - 555 One step synthesis of SnS2 nanosheets assembled hierarchical tubular structures using metal chelate nanowires as a soluble template for improved Na-ion storage
Zhao J, Yu X, Gao ZG, Zhao WX, Xu RM, Liu Y, Shen H
556 - 562 A carbonic anhydrase inspired temperature responsive polymer based catalyst for accelerating carbon capture
Hu GP, Xiao ZY, Smith K, Kentish S, Stevens G, Connal LA
563 - 571 A nanocellulose template strategy for the controllable synthesis of tungsten-containing mesoporous silica for ultra-deep oxidative desulfurization
Shen DZ, Dai YF, Han J, Gan LH, Liu J, Long MN
572 - 581 Enhanced degradation of organic pollutants over Cu-doped LaAlO3 perovskite through heterogeneous Fenton-like reactions
Wang HH, Zhang LL, Hu C, Wang XK, Lyu L, Sheng GD
582 - 595 A novel algal-based sorbent for heavy metal removal
Demey H, Vincent T, Guibal E
596 - 607 Prospect of open-cell solid foams for floating-platform multiphase reactor applications - Maldistribution susceptibility and hydrodynamic behavior
Dashliborun AM, Fussel A, Larachi F
608 - 618 Preparation of highly-hydrophobic novel N-coordinated UiO-66(Zr) with dopamine via fast mechano-chemical method for (CHO-/Cl-)-VOCs competitive adsorption in humid environment
Hu P, Liang XP, Yaseen M, Sun XD, Tong ZF, Zhao ZX, Zhao ZX
619 - 627 Removal of organic carbon, nitrogen, emerging contaminants and fluorescing organic matter in different constructed wetland configurations
Sgroi M, Pelissari C, Roccaro P, Sezerino PH, Garcia J, Vagliasindi FGA, Avila C
628 - 636 Electro-oxidation of tetracycline by a Magneli phase Ti4O7 porous anode: Kinetics, products, and toxicity
Liang ST, Lin H, Yan XF, Huang QG
637 - 646 Ni nanoparticles encapsulated in the channel of titanate nanotubes: Efficient noble-metal-free catalysts for selective hydrogen generation from hydrous hydrazine
Wang HF, Wu LM, Jia AZ, Li XN, Shi ZT, Duan MM, Wang YJ
647 - 657 Microbial community and bioelectrochemical activities in MFC for degrading phenol and producing electricity: Microbial consortia could make differences
Hassan H, Jin B, Donner E, Vasileiadis S, Saint C, Dai S
658 - 670 Accelerated self-healing performance of magnetic gradient coating
Wang W, Li WH, Fan WJ, Zhang XY, Song LY, Xiong CS, Gao X, Liu XJ
671 - 681 Modeling and simulation of a biological process for treating different COD:N ratio wastewater using an extended ASM1 model
Gao F, Nan J, Li SN, Wang YR
682 - 694 In-situ dual effect studies using novel Fe-TiO2 composite for the pilot-plant degradation of pentoxifylline
Bansal P, Verma A
695 - 701 Microfluidic paper-based chip platform for formaldehyde concentration detection
Liu CC, Wang YN, Fu LM, Huang YH
702 - 710 Biofiltration of benzo[alpha] pyrene, toluene and formaldehyde in air by a consortium of Rhodococcus erythropolis and Fusarium solani: Effect of inlet loads, gas flow and temperature
Vergara-Fernande A, Yanez D, Morales P, Scott F, Aroca G, Diaz-Robles L, Moreno-Casas P
711 - 716 Nitrogen removal during anaerobic digestion of wasted activated sludge under supplementing Fe(III) compounds
Yang YF, Zhang YB, Li Y, Zhao HM, Peng H
717 - 726 Coordination polymer-derived cobalt nanoparticle-embedded carbon nanocomposite as a magnetic multi-functional catalyst for energy generation and biomass conversion
Lai HK, Chou YZ, Lee MH, Lin KYA
727 - 736 Functionalization of polyacrylonitrile/Na-Y-zeolite composite with amidoxime groups for the sorption of Cu(II), Cd(II) and Pb(II) metal ions
Elwakeel KZ, El-Bindary AA, Kouta EY, Guibal E
737 - 748 Accelerated photocatalytic degradation of diclofenac by a novel CQDs/BiOCOOH hybrid material under visible-light irradiation: Dechloridation, detoxicity, and a new superoxide radical model study
Chen P, Zhang QX, Su YH, Shen LZ, Wang FL, Liu HJ, Liu Y, Cai ZW, Lv WY, Liu GG
749 - 756 Modification of chitosan with carbamoyl benzoic acids for testing its coagulant-flocculant and binding capacities in removal of metallic ions typically contained in plating wastewater
Martinez-Quiroz M, Lopez-Maldonado EA, Ochoa-Teran A, Pina-Luis GE, Oropeza-Guzman MT
757 - 774 Photoconductive network structured copper oxide for simultaneous photoelectrocatalytic degradation of antibiotic (tetracycline) and bacteria (E. coli)
Eswar NK, Singh SA, Madras G
775 - 786 Synthesis of novel flower-like layered double oxides/carbon dots nanocomposites for U (VI) and Am-241(III) efficient removal: Batch and EXAFS studies
Yao W, Wang XX, Liang Y, Yu SJ, Gu PC, Sun YB, Xu C, Chen J, Hayat T, Alsaedi A, Wang XK
787 - 797 Perfluorooctane sulfonate and perfluorobutane sulfonate removal from water by nanofiltration membrane: The roles of solute concentration, ionic strength, and macromolecular organic foulants
Wang JX, Wang L, Xu CQ, Zhi R, Miao R, Liang T, Yue XL, Lv YT, Liu TT