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1 - 10 A high-performance electrode for supercapacitors: Silver nanoparticles grown on a porous perovskite-type material La0.7Sr0.3CoO3-delta substrate
Liu PP, Liu J, Cheng S, Cai WZ, Yu FY, Zhang YP, Wu P, Liu ML
11 - 24 A novel dual temperature responsive mesoporous imprinted polymer for Cd(II) adsorption and temperature switchable controlled separation and regeneration
Liu Y, Hu X, Liu ZC, Meng MJ, Pan JM, Jiang YH, Ni L, Wu WF
25 - 34 High-performance supercapacitors based on the reduced graphene oxide hydrogels modified by trace amounts of benzenediols
Liu CX, Han GY, Chang YZ, Xiao YM, Zhou HH, Shi GQ
35 - 43 Development of nano-CaO2-coated clinoptilolite for enhanced phosphorus adsorption and simultaneous removal of COD and nitrogen from sewage
Zhou K, Wu BR, Su LG, Gao XF, Chai XL, Dai XH
44 - 48 Ectoine bio-milking in methanotrophs: A step further towards methane-based bio-refineries into high added-value products
Cantera S, Lebrero R, Rodriguez S, Garcia-Encina PA, Munoz R
49 - 56 Synthesis of a novel catalyst with nano metal core/carbon shell by a facile pre-complexation strategy and its application in enhanced catalytic decomposition of nitric oxide
Song J, Zhang J, Peng YQ, Zhou JZ, Xu YF, Liu JY, Liu Q, Qian GG
57 - 65 Influence of iron species on integrated microbial fuel cell and electro-Fenton process treating landfill leachate
Hassan M, Pous N, Xie B, Colprim J, Balaguer MD, Puig S
66 - 73 Novel activation of persulfate by its intercalation into Mg/Al-layered double hydroxide: Enhancement of non-radical oxidation
Huang X, Su M, Zhou JZ, Shu WK, Huang ZF, Gao NY, Qian GG
74 - 86 Impact of aerobic famine and feast condition on extracellular polymeric substance production in high-rate contact stabilization systems
Rahman A, Mosquera M, Thomas W, Jimenez JA, Bott C, Wett B, Al-Omari A, Murthy S, Riffat R, De Clippeleir H
87 - 97 Model-based optimization of field-scale electrokinetic treatment of dredged sediments
Masi M, Ceccarini A, Iannelli R
98 - 105 Polyamide-6 for the removal and recovery of the estrogenic endocrine disruptors estrone, 17 beta-estradiol, 17 alpha-ethinylestradiol and the oxidation product 2-hydroxyestradiol in water
Tizaoui C, Ben Fredj S, Monser L
106 - 116 Graphene oxide supported magnesium oxide as an efficient cathode catalyst for power generation and wastewater treatment in single chamber microbial fuel cells
Li M, Zhou SQ, Xu MY
117 - 123 In situ one-step fabrication of durable superhydrophobic-superoleophilic cellulose/LDH membrane with hierarchical structure for efficiency oil/water separation
Yue XJ, Li JX, Zhang T, Qiu FX, Yang DY, Xue MW
124 - 132 ZnO-template synthesis of rattle-type catalysts with supported Pd nanoparticles encapsulated in hollow ZIF-8 for liquid hydrogenation
Lin L, Liu HO, Zhang XF
133 - 140 Co-reduction of nitrate and perchlorate in a pressurized hydrogenotrophic reactor with complete H-2 utilization
Epsztein R, Desitti C, Beliavski M, Tarre S, Green M
141 - 151 Simultaneous removal of several pharmaceuticals and arsenic on Zn-Fe mixed metal oxides: Combination of photocatalysis and adsorption
Di GL, Zhu ZL, Zhang H, Zhu JY, Lu HT, Zhang W, Qiu YL, Zhu LY, Kuppers S
152 - 158 Effect of copper oxide nanoparticles on the ammonia removal and microbial community of partial nitrification process
Zhang XJ, Zhou Y, Yu BY, Zhang N, Wang LN, Fu HQ, Zhang J
159 - 171 Concomitant degradation of complex organics and metals recovery from fracking wastewater: Roles of nano zerovalent iron initiated oxidation and adsorption
Abass OK, Zhuo MS, Zhang KS
172 - 185 Competitive adsorption mechanism of thiophene with benzene in FAU zeolite: The role of displacement
Dang SQ, Zhao L, Yang Q, Zheng M, Zhang JJ, Gao JS, Xu CM
186 - 196 A facile and novel emulsion for efficient and convenient fabrication of durable superhydrophobic materials
Wu YQ, Jia SS, Wang S, Qing Y, Yan N, Wang QH, Meng TT
197 - 206 High-rate lactic acid production from food waste and waste activated sludge via interactive control of pH adjustment and fermentation temperature
Zhang WJ, Li X, Zhang T, Li J, Lai SZ, Chen H, Gao P, Xue G
207 - 214 A novel design for an ozone contact reactor and its performance on hydrodynamics, disinfection, bromate formation and oxidation
Yang JX, Li J, Zhu J, Dong ZJ, Luo FF, Wang Y, Liu H, Jiang CC, Yuan HZ
215 - 227 Covalent immobilization of beta-amylase onto functionalized molybdenum sulfide nanosheets, its kinetics and stability studies: A gateway to boost enzyme application
Das R, Mishra H, Srivastava A, Kayastha AM
228 - 235 Electrochemically enhanced removal of perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) from aqueous solution by CNTs-graphene composite electrode
Niu ZJ, Wang YJ, Lin H, Jin FY, Li Y, Niu JF
236 - 245 Degradation of Bisphenol S by heat activated persulfate: Kinetics study, transformation pathways and influences of co-existing chemicals
Wang Q, Lu XH, Cao Y, Ma J, Jiang J, Bai XF, Hu T
246 - 273 Valorization of biomass to hydroxymethylfurfural, levulinic acid, and fatty acid methyl ester by heterogeneous catalysts
Chen SS, Maneerung T, Tsang DCW, Ok YS, Wang CH
274 - 279 Mechanistic interpretation of the curing kinetics of tetra-functional cyclosiloxanes
Song YJ, Liu M, Zhang LY, Mu CZ, Hu X
280 - 292 Adsorption induced deformation in graphitic slit mesopores: A Monte Carlo simulation study
Diao R, Fan CY, Do DD, Nicholson D
293 - 303 An electrochemically-switched BPEI-CQD/PPy/PSS membrane for selective separation of dilute copper ions from wastewater
Gao FF, Du X, Hao XG, Li SS, An XW, Liu MM, Han NC, Wang TH, Guan GQ
304 - 319 Increasing the carbon capture efficiency of the Ca/Cu looping process for power production with advanced process schemes
Martini M, Martinez I, Romano MC, Chiesa P, Gallucci F, Annaland MV
320 - 330 Fabrication of a controllable nanopesticide system with magnetic collectability
Xiang YB, Zhang GL, Chi Y, Cai DQ, Wu ZY
331 - 342 Exploring the advanced oxidation/reduction processes in the VUV photoreactor for dechlorination and mineralization of trichloroacetic acid: Parametric experiments, degradation pathway and bioassessment
Moussavi G, Rezaei M
343 - 352 Fluxible poly(p-phenyleneterephthalamide)-based polymer with tunable condensed state structure and controllable rheology behaviors
Wang Q, Chen Z, Deng SF, Song SK, Xiong CX, Dong LJ
353 - 359 Study on the absorbability, regeneration characteristics and thermal stability of ionic liquids for VOCs removal
Wang WL, Ma XL, Grimes S, Cai HF, Zhang M
360 - 367 Efficient adsorptive separation of C3H6 over C3H8 on flexible and thermoresponsive CPL-1
Chen YW, Qiao ZW, Lv DF, Duan CX, Sun XJ, Wu HX, Shi RF, Xia QB, Li Z
368 - 381 Design of thermally coupled reactive distillation schemes for triethyl citrate production using economic and controllability criteria
Santaella MA, Jimenez LE, Orjuela A, Segovia-Hernandez JG
382 - 396 Chemical looping combustion of methane in a large laboratory unit: Model study on the reactivity and effective utilization of typical oxygen carriers
Cheng XM, Li KZ, Wang H, Zhu X, Wei YG, Li ZH, Zheng M, Tian D
397 - 405 Heterogeneous Fenton-like degradation of ofloxacin over a wide pH range of 3.6-10.0 over modified mesoporous iron oxide
Tian XK, Jin H, Nie YL, Zhou ZX, Yang C, Li Y, Wang YX
406 - 416 Facile fabrication of hydrolysis resistant phosphite antioxidants for high-performance optical PET films via in situ incorporation
Sun S, Wang LP, Song PG, Ding LP, Bai YP
417 - 427 Water-soluble triphenylphosphine-derived microgel as the template towards in-situ nitrogen, phosphorus co-doped mesoporous graphene framework for supercapacitor and electrocatalytic oxygen reduction
Wang XW, Liu Y, Wu PY
428 - 433 Using effluents from two-phase anaerobic digestion to feed a methane-producing microbial electrolysis
Zeppilli M, Pavesi D, Gottardo M, Micolucci F, Villano M, Majone M
434 - 444 Chitosan templated synthesis of mesoporous silica and its application in the treatment of aqueous solutions contaminated with cadmium(II) and lead(II)
Lalchhingpuii, Tiwari D, Lalhmunsiama, Lee SM
445 - 453 Deep oxidative desulfurization of fuels by superbase-derived Lewis acidic ionic liquids
Zhang LH, Wang JY, Sun YL, Jiang B, Yang HW
454 - 463 Zn3V2O8 porous morphology derived through a facile and green approach as an excellent anode for high-energy lithium ion batteries
Sambandam B, Soundharrajan V, Song J, Kim S, Jo J, Pham DT, Kim S, Mathew V, Kim J
464 - 473 Enhancement of Zn2+ and Ni2+ removal performance using a deionization pseudocapacitor with nanostructured birnessite and its carbon nanotube composite electrodes
Liu LH, Qiu GH, Suib SL, Liu F, Zheng LR, Tan WF, Qin LH
474 - 483 Arrays of ZnO/MoS2 nanocables and MoS2 nanotubes with phase engineering for bifunctional photoelectrochemical and electrochemical water splitting
Jian WJ, Cheng XL, Huang YY, You Y, Zhou R, Sun TT, Xu J
484 - 496 Autothermal oxidative coupling of methane with ambient feed temperature
Sarsani S, West D, Liang WG, Balakotaiah V
497 - 510 Nanostructured TiO2/CuO dual-coated copper meshes with superhydrophilic, underwater superoleophobic and self-cleaning properties for highly efficient oil/water separation
Yuan SJ, Chen C, Raza A, Song RX, Zhang TJ, Pehkonen SO, Liang B
511 - 518 Nanostructured pyrrhotite supports autotrophic denitrification for simultaneous nitrogen and phosphorus removal from secondary effluents
Yang Y, Chen TH, Morrison L, Gerrity S, Collins G, Porca E, Li RH, Zhan XM
519 - 526 A biotechnological approach for degradation of inhibitory compounds present in lignocellulosic biomass hydrolysate liquor using Bordetella sp BTIITR
Singh B, Verma A, Pooja, Mandal PK, Datta S
527 - 535 Heterogeneous catalysis of ozone using ordered mesoporous Fe3O4 for degradation of atrazine
Zhu SM, Dong BZ, Yu YH, Bu LJ, Deng J, Zhou SQ
536 - 545 Antioxidant sustained release from carbon nanotubes for preparation of highly aging resistant rubber
Fu Y, Yang C, Lvov YM, Zhang LQ, Wang WC
546 - 555 Excellent sodium-ion storage performances of CoSe2 nanoparticles embedded within N-doped porous graphitic carbon nanocube/carbon nanotube composite
Park SK, Kim JK, Kang YC
556 - 566 Ca-alginate as a support matrix for Pb(II) biosorption with immobilized biofilm associated extracellular polymeric substances of Pseudomonas aeruginosa N6P6
Kumari S, Mahapatra S, Das S
567 - 573 Evaluating the feasibility of pyrophyllite-based ceramic membranes for treating domestic wastewater in anaerobic ceramic membrane bioreactors
Jeong Y, Cho K, Kwon EE, Tsang YF, Rinklebe J, Park C
574 - 584 Sono-assisted preparation of Fe(II)-Al(III) layered double hydroxides and their application for removing uranium (VI)
Xie LX, Zhong Y, Xiang RJ, Fu GY, Xu YZ, Cheng YX, Liu Z, Wen T, Zhao YY, Liu XQ
585 - 590 Facile preparation and energetic characteristics of core-shell Al/CuO metastable intermolecular composite thin film on a silicon substrate
Zhou X, Wang YJ, Cheng ZP, Ke X, Jiang W
591 - 598 Facile synthesis of microsized MnO/C composites with high tap density as high performance anodes for Li-ion batteries
Wang JG, Liu HY, Liu HZ, Fu ZH, Nan D
599 - 608 Confined growth of uniformly dispersed NiCo2S4 nanoparticles on nitrogen-doped carbon nanofibers for high-performance asymmetric supercapacitors
Ning XL, Li F, Zhou Y, Miao YE, Wei C, Liu TX
609 - 618 Endowing the high efficiency thermally conductive and electrically insulating composites with excellent antistatic property through selectively multilayered distribution of diverse functional fillers
Zhang XM, Zhang JJ, Li CH, Wang JF, Xia LC, Xu F, Zhang XL, Wu H, Guo SY
619 - 628 Inactivation of four genera of dominant fungal spores in groundwater using UV and UV/PMS: Efficiency and mechanisms
Wen G, Xu XQ, Zhu H, Huang TL, Ma J
629 - 638 Tunichrome mimetic matrix, its perspective in abatement for carcinogenic hexavalent chromium and specific coordination behavior
Dwivedi AD, Permana R, Singh JP, Yoon H, Chae KH, Chang YS, Hwang DS
639 - 644 Polymerization-induced phase separation for the fabrication of magnetic sponges for oil spill reclamation
Wu YP, Xue SS, Yang H, Zhang HY, Zhang T, Gou SH
645 - 653 Hydrodynamic behavior of silicon particles with a wide size distribution in a draft tube spout-fluid bed
Zhang YM, Huang GQ, Su GL
654 - 664 Simple design strategy for bath-type high-frequency sonoreactors
Son Y
665 - 672 Mixed cultivation as an effective approach to enhance microalgal biomass and triacylglycerol production in domestic secondary effluent
Wu YH, Zhu SF, Yu Y, Shi XJ, Wu GX, Hu HY
673 - 682 Ordered mesoporous silica-carbon-supported copper catalyst as an efficient and stable catalyst for catalytic oxidative carbonylation
Ren J, Hao PP, Sun W, Shi RN, Liu SS
683 - 690 Can biofilm affect alum sludge adsorption: An engineering scope in a novel biofilm reactor for wastewater treatment
Liu RB, Mao Y, Shen C, Zhao YQ
691 - 696 Zn-assisted magnesiothermic reduction for the preparation of ultra-fine silicon nanocrystals for lithium ion batteries
Ren YP, Zhou XY, Zhou HC, Yang J, Chen S, Wu LL, Nie Y, Wang BA
697 - 702 Enhanced Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 anode performance by adding fumarate in microbial fuel cell
Zhang P, Liu J, Qu YP, Feng YJ
703 - 707 Hexavalent chromium as a cathodic electron acceptor in a bipolar membrane microbial fuel cell with the simultaneous treatment of electroplating wastewater
Kim C, Lee CR, Song YE, Heo J, Choi SM, Lim DH, Cho J, Park C, Jang M, Kim JR
708 - 716 Discharge characteristics of plasma induced by water drop and its potential for water treatment
Wang XP, Zhao DM, Tan XM, Chen YX, Chen ZH, Xiao H
717 - 736 Experimental and numerical hydrodynamic studies of ionic liquid-aqueous plug flow in small channels
Li Q, Angeli P
737 - 747 Regeneration of iron-montmorillonite adsorbent as an efficient heterogeneous Fenton catalytic for degradation of Bisphenol A: Structure, performance and mechanism
Yang SS, Wu PX, Yang QL, Zhu NW, Lu GN, Dang Z
748 - 758 Removal of anthracenemethanol from soil through a magnetic system assisted by ceramsite coated with nanoflower-structured carbon and preparation for its engineering application
Wang M, Zhang GL, Pang T, Cai DQ, Wu ZY
759 - 767 Complete stereo-complexation of enantiomeric polylactides for scalable continuous production
Pan GW, Xu HL, Mu BB, Ma BM, Yang J, Yang YQ
768 - 775 Preparation of titanium-base lithium ionic sieve with sodium persulfate as eluent and its performance
Ji ZY, Yang FJ, Zhao YY, Liu J, Wang N, Yuan JS
776 - 784 Carbon nanofibers decorated with FeOx nanoparticles as a flexible electrode material for symmetric supercapacitors
Samuel E, Joshi B, Jo HS, Kim YI, An S, Swihart MT, Yun JM, Kim KH, Yoon SS
785 - 815 A comprehensive review on process and engineering aspects of pharmaceutical wet granulation
Suresh P, Sreedhar I, Vaidhiswaran R, Venugopal A
816 - 824 Enhanced selective adsorption of benzotriazole onto nanosized zeolitic imidazolate frameworks confined in polystyrene anion exchanger
Wang XZ, Zhuo N, Fu CG, Tian ZQ, Li HG, Zhang JL, Wu W, Yang Z, Yang WB
825 - 833 Multifunctional and highly compressive cross-linker-free sponge based on reduced graphene oxide and boron nitride nanosheets
Li HL, Jing L, Tay RYJ, Tsang SH, Lin JJ, Zhu MM, Leong FN, Teo EHT
834 - 843 K2.25Ni0.55Co0.37Fe(CN)(6) nanoparticle connected by cross-linked carbon nanotubes conductive skeletons for high-performance energy storage
Xu PP, Wang GL, Wang HH, Li YJ, Miao CX, Qu J, Zhang YC, Ren FD, Cheng K, Ye K, Zhu K, Cao DX, Zhang XF
844 - 852 A practical Li ion battery anode material with high gravimetric/volumetric capacities based on T-Nb2O5/graphite composite
Zhao GY, Zhang L, Li CL, Huang HH, Sun X, Sun KN
853 - 861 Visible-light-assisted generation of high-valent iron-oxo species anchored axially on g-C3N4 for efficient degradation of organic pollutants
Chen X, Lu WY, Xu TF, Li N, Zhu ZX, Wang GQ, Chen WX
862 - 872 High-temperature ethane dehydrogenation in microporous zeolite membrane reactor: Effect of operating conditions
Dangwal S, Liu RC, Kim SJ
873 - 883 All-solid state asymmetric supercapacitor based on NiCoAl layered double hydroxide nanopetals on robust 3D graphene and modified mesoporous carbon
Bai X, Liu Q, Liu JY, Gao Z, Zhang HS, Chen RR, Li ZS, Li RM, Liu PL, Wang J
884 - 893 Sustainable waste water deammonification by vacuum membrane distillation without pH adjustment: Role of water chemistry
Yang X, Pang HJ, Zhang JH, Liubinas A, Duke M
894 - 903 An integrated O/A two-stage packed-bed reactor (INT-PBR) for total nitrogen removal from low organic carbon wastewater
Xing W, Zhang WQ, Li DS, Li JL, Jia FF, Cui YW, Ren FM
904 - 914 Sonolytic degradation of chlorophene enhanced by Fenton-mediated oxidation and H-center dot-scavenging effect
Bolobajev J, Goi A
915 - 926 Identification of O-bridge iron perfluorophthalocyanine dimer and generation of high-valent diiron-oxo species for the oxidation of organic pollutants
Zhou JY, Wu F, Zhu ZX, Xu TF, Lu WY
927 - 942 Photocatalytic degradation of perfluorooctanoic acid and perfluorooctane sulfonate in water: A critical review
Wang SN, Yang Q, Chen F, Sun J, Luo K, Yao FB, Wang XL, Wang DB, Li XM, Zeng GM
943 - 961 Integrating compositional features in model compounds for a kinetic mechanism of hemicellulose pyrolysis
Dussan K, Dooley S, Monaghan R
962 - 976 Synergetic effect of titanium dioxide ultralong nanofibers and activated carbon fibers on adsorption and photodegradation of toluene
Tian MJ, Liao F, Ke QF, Guo YJ, Guo YP
977 - 987 Pd nanoparticles encaged within amine-functionalized metal-organic frameworks: Catalytic activity and reaction mechanism in the hydrogenation of 2,3,5-trimethylbenzoquinone
Zheng S, Yang PY, Zhang FM, Chen DL, Zhu WD
988 - 996 Antibacterial activity of the thin ZnO film formed by atomic layer deposition under UV-A light
Park KH, Han GD, Neoh KC, Kim TS, Shim JH, Park HD
997 - 1008 Determination of onset of bubbling and slugging in a fluidized bed using a dual-plane electrical capacitance tomography system
Agu CE, Tokheim LA, Eikeland M, Moldestad BME
1009 - 1021 Modeling multiple gas jet interactions during fluidization in a pseudo-2D bed
Kanholy SK, Estejab B, Battaglia F
1022 - 1030 Chemical structures of extra- and intra-cellular algogenic organic matters as precursors to the formation of carbonaceous disinfection byproducts
Hua LC, Lin JL, Chen PC, Huang CP
1031 - 1042 Directly synthesized V-containing BEA zeolite: Acid-oxidation bifunctional catalyst enhancing C-alkylation selectivity in liquid-phase methylation of phenol
Xie JY, Zhuang WX, Yan N, Du YH, Xi SB, Zhang W, Tang JJ, Zhou Y, Wang J
1043 - 1050 High yield preparation of uniform polyurea microspheres through precipitation polymerization and their application as laccase immobilization support
Jiang XB, Yu YT, Li XM, Kong XZ
1051 - 1057 Biorecovery mechanism of palladium as nanoparticles by Enterococcus faecalis: From biosorption to bioreduction
Cui JY, Zhu NW, Kang NX, Ha C, Shi CH, Wu PX
1058 - 1065 Metallic-substrate-supported manganese oxide as Joule-heat-ignition catalytic reactor for removal of carbon monoxide and toluene in air
Li JJ, Lu XF, Wu F, Qin SL, You ZX
1066 - 1074 Interaction mechanism of uranium(VI) with three-dimensional graphene oxide-chitosan composite: Insights from batch experiments, IR, XPS, and EXAFS spectroscopy
Huang ZW, Li ZJ, Zheng LR, Zhou LM, Chai ZF, Wang XL, Shi WQ
1075 - 1086 Pressure-driven liquid-liquid separation in Y-shaped microfluidic junctions
Jahromi PF, Karimi-Sabet J, Amini Y, Fadaei H
1087 - 1097 Metagenomic and metabolomic analysis reveals the effects of chemical phosphorus recovery on biological nutrient removal system
Dai HL, Dai ZQ, Peng LH, Wu YF, Zou HM, Lu XW
1098 - 1111 Continuous preparation of structure-controlled carbon nanoparticle via arc plasma and the reinforcement of polymeric composites
Wang F, Hong RY
1112 - 1121 Heterogeneous degradation of refractory pollutants by peroxymonosulfate activated by CoOx-doped ordered mesoporous carbon
Wang YB, Cao D, Zhao X
1122 - 1138 Bed expansion and multi-bubble behavior of gas-liquid-solid micro-fluidized beds in sub-millimeter capillary
Li XN, Liu MY, Li YJ
1139 - 1152 Bacterial bioflocculants: A review of recent advances and perspectives
Shahadat M, Teng TT, Rafatullah M, Shaikh ZA, Sreekrishnan TR, Ali SW
1153 - 1163 Novel water-purification hybrid processes involving in-situ regenerated activated carbon, membrane separation and advanced oxidation
Sarasidis VC, Plakas KV, Karabelas AJ