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1 - 13 Synthesis of sucrose-derived porous carbon-doped ZrxLa1-xOOH materials and their superior performance for the simultaneous immobilization of arsenite and fluoride from binary systems
Prabhu SM, Koilraj P, Sasaki K
14 - 24 An advanced CoSe embedded within porous carbon polyhedra hybrid for high performance lithium-ion and sodium-ion batteries
Li JB, Yan D, Lu T, Yao YF, Pan LK
25 - 34 High temperature CO2 sorption over modified hydrotalcites
Silva JM, Trujillano R, Rives V, Soria MA, Madeira LM
35 - 48 Creating innovative composite materials to enhance the kinetics of CO2 capture by hydroquinone clathrates
Coupan R, Plantier F, Torre JP, Dicharry C, Senechal P, Guerton F, Moonen P, Khoukh A, Kessas SA, Hemati M
49 - 58 Static layer: A key to immobilization of phosphorus in sediments amended with lanthanum modified bentonite (Phoslock (R))
Wang Y, Ding SM, Wang D, Sun Q, Lin J, Shi L, Chen MS, Zhang CS
59 - 70 Facile preparation of BiOX (X = Cl, Br, I) nanoparticles and up-conversion phosphors/BiOBr composites for efficient degradation of NO gas: Oxygen vacancy effect and near infrared light responsive mechanism
Wu XY, Zhang KK, Zhang GK, Yin S
71 - 79 The performance of porous hexagonal BN in high adsorption capacity towards antibiotics pollutants from aqueous solution
Song QQ, Fang Y, Liu ZY, Li LL, Wang YR, Liang JL, Huang Y, Lin J, Hu L, Zhang J, Tang CC
80 - 90 A tri-enzyme magnetic nanobiocatalyst with one pot starch hydrolytic activity
Talekar S, Joshi A, Kambale S, Jadhav S, Nadar S, Ladole M
91 - 100 MnM2O4 microspheres (M = Co, Cu, Ni) for selective catalytic reduction of NO with NH3: Comparative study on catalytic activity and reaction mechanism via in-situ diffuse reflectance infrared Fourier transform spectroscopy
Gao G, Shi JW, Fan ZY, Gao C, Niu CM
101 - 113 Full range of wettability through surface modification of single-wall carbon nanotubes by photo-initiated chemical vapour deposition
Hosseininasab S, Faucheux N, Soucy G, Tavares JR
114 - 123 Enhancement of low-temperature activity and sulfur resistance of Fe0.3Mn0.5Zr0.2 catalyst for NO removal by NH3-SCR
Fang NJ, Guo JX, Shu S, Luo HD, Chu YH, Li JJ
124 - 133 Direct synthesis of Pd incorporated in mesoporous silica for solvent-free selective hydrogenation of chloronitrobenzenes
Yu W, Lin HW, Tan CS
134 - 143 High-performance all-solid-state asymmetrical supercapacitors based on petal-like NiCo2S4/Polyaniline nanosheets
He XY, Liu Q, Liu JY, Li RM, Zhang HS, Chen RR, Wang J
144 - 150 Enhanced reductive removal of bromate using Acid-Washed Zero-Valent iron in the presence of oxalic acid
Lin KYA, Lin CH
151 - 159 Interface optimization of ZnO nanorod/CdS quantum dots heterostructure by a facile two-step low-temperature thermal treatment for improved photoelectrochemical water splitting
Nie Q, Yang L, Cao C, Zeng YM, Wang GZ, Wang CZ, Lin SW
160 - 168 Micro-flocculation/sedimentation and ozonation for controlling ultrafiltration membrane fouling in recycling of activated carbon filter backwash water
Zhang JN, Lin T, Chen W
169 - 175 Continuous three-phase 2-butanone ammoximation process via spray forming TS-1 microspheres in a highly efficient jet loop reactor
Chu QY, Wang P, He GK, Li MD, Zhu HJ, Liu R, Pei FB
176 - 187 Denitrogenation and desulfurization of model diesel fuel using functionalized polymer: Charge transfer complex formation and adsorption isotherm study
Misra P, Badoga S, Chenna A, Dalai AK, Adjaye J
188 - 198 Application of ascorbic acid to enhance trichioroethene degradation by Fe(III)-activated calcium peroxide
Zhang X, Gu XG, Lu SG, Brusseau ML, Xu MH, Fu XR, Qiu ZF, Sui Q
199 - 207 Mesoporous black Ti3+/N-TiO2 spheres for efficient visible-light-driven photocatalytic performance
Cao Y, Xing ZP, Shen YC, Li ZZ, Wu XY, Yan X, Zou JL, Yang SL, Zhou W
208 - 220 Study of a Cu-CuO chemical loop for the calcination of CaCO3 in a fixed bed reactor
Alarcon JM, Fernandez JR, Abanades JC
221 - 228 Carbon nanotube/hematite core/shell nanowires on carbon cloth for supercapacitor anode with ultrahigh specific capacitance and superb cycling stability
Zhang ZX, Wang H, Zhang YX, Mu XM, Huang BY, Du JW, Zhou JY, Pan XJ, Xie EQ
229 - 238 Intelligent nanospheres with potential-triggered undamaged regeneration ability and superparamagnetism for selective separation of cesium ion
Wu ZJ, Wang MJ, An XW, Du J, Fan HL, Lin NM, Wang ZD, Hao XG, Guan GQ
239 - 248 Increased adsorption of aqueous zinc species by Ar/O-2 plasma-treated carbon nanotubes immobilized in hollow-fiber ultrafiltration membrane
Farid MU, Luan HY, Wang YF, Huang H, An AK, Khan RJ
249 - 256 Encapsulation of aluminum nanoparticles within copper oxide matrix for enhancing their reactive properties
Ahn JY, Kim SH
257 - 269 Performance and bacterial community structure of a granular autotrophic nitrogen removal bioreactor amended with high antibiotic concentrations
Rodriguez-Sanchez A, Margareto A, Robledo-Mahon T, Aranda E, Diaz-Cruz S, Gonzalez-Lopez J, Barcelo D, Vahala R, Gonzalez-Martinez A
270 - 278 Rapid and efficient catalytic oxidation of As(III) with oxygen over a Pt catalyst at increased temperature
Zhao JX, Matsune H, Takenaka S, Kishida M
279 - 288 Synthesis of millimeter-scale sponge Fe/Cu bimetallic particles removing TBBPA and insights of degradation mechanism
Yu YJ, Huang Z, Deng DY, Ju YM, Ren LY, Xiang MD, Li LZ, Li H
289 - 299 Treatment of highly acidic wastewater containing high energetic compounds using dimensionally stable anode
Goyal A, Srivastava VC
300 - 309 Microbial community compositional analysis for membrane bioreactor treating antibiotics containing wastewater
Zhu YJ, Wang YY, Jiang XX, Zhou S, Wu M, Pan ML, Chen H
310 - 321 Ozonation efficiency in removing organic micro pollutants from wastewater with respect to hydraulic loading rates and different wastewaters
El-taliawy H, Ekblad M, Nilsson F, Hagman M, Paxeus N, Jonsson K, Cimbritz M, Jansen JL, Bester K
322 - 331 Carbon formation on iron-based oxygen carriers during CH4 reduction period in Chemical Looping Hydrogen Generation process
Zhu M, Chen SY, Ma SW, Xiang WG
332 - 341 Pollutant removals employing unsaturated and partially saturated vertical flow wetlands: A comparative study
Saeed T, Sun GZ
342 - 349 A simple online phase separator for the microfluidic mass transfer studies
Liu D, Wang K, Wang Y, Wang YD, Luo GS
350 - 359 Functionalized chitosan biosorbents with ultra-high performance, mechanical strength and tunable selectivity for heavy metals in wastewater treatment
Wang BJ, Zhu Y, Bai ZS, Luque R, Xuan J
360 - 368 Enhanced removal of Microcystis aeruginosa in BDD-CF electrochemical system by simple addition of Fe2+
Long YJ, Li HN, Xing X, Ni JR
369 - 377 Steam, dry, and steam-dry chemical looping reforming of diesel fuel in a 1 kW(th) unit
Garcia-Diez E, Garcia-Labiano F, de Diego LF, Abad A, Gayan P, Adanez J, Ruiz JAC
378 - 385 SnO2 nanotube arrays grown via an in situ template-etching strategy for effective and stable perovskite solar cells
Gao CM, Yuan S, Cao BQ, Yu JH
386 - 395 Mathematical modeling of nitrous oxide (N2O) production in anaerobic/anoxic/oxic processes: Improvements to published N2O models
Ding XQ, Zhao JQ, Hu B, Li XL, Ge GH, Gao K, Chen Y
396 - 403 Flexible and wearable strain sensing fabrics
Cai GM, Yang MY, Xu ZL, Liu JG, Tang B, Wang XG
404 - 414 Determination of the bubble-to-emulsion phase mass transfer coefficient in gas-solid fluidized beds using a non-invasive infra-red technique
Medrano JA, Gallucci F, Boccia F, Alfano N, Annaland MV
415 - 423 Treatment of a hypersaline brine, extracted from a potential CO2 sequestration site, and an industrial wastewater by membrane distillation and forward osmosis
Salih HH, Dastgheib SA
424 - 432 Ionic liquid-assisted synthesis of rGO wrapped three-dimensional CuS ordered nanoerythrocytes with enhanced performance for asymmetric supercapacitors
Cui YX, Zhang J, Li GY, Sun Y, Zhang GF, Zheng WJ
433 - 441 Assembly of PDMS/SiO2-PTFE and activated carbon fibre as a liquid water-resistant gas sorbent structure
Park EJ, Kim HJ, Han SW, Jeong JH, Kim IH, Seo HO, Kim YD
442 - 448 Evaluation of cation inhibition and adaptation based on microbial activity and community structure in anaerobic wastewater treatment under elevated saline concentration
Onodera T, Syutsubo K, Hatamoto M, Nakahara N, Yamaguchi T
449 - 456 In situ electrochemically generated peroxymonophosphoric acid as an oxidant for the effective removal of gaseous acetaldehyde
Muthuraman G, Thirumavalavan M, Il Shik M
457 - 465 Membrane cleaning assisted by high shear stress for restoring ultrafiltration membranes fouled by dairy wastewater
Zhang WX, Ding LH, Jaffrin MY, Tang B
466 - 473 In situ generation of inverse spinel CoFe2O4 nanoparticles onto nitrogen-doped activated carbon for an effective cathode electrocatalyst of microbial fuel cells
Huang QS, Zhou PJ, Yang H, Zhu LL, Wu HY
474 - 484 Polycarbonate toughening with reduced graphene oxide: Toward high toughness, strength and notch resistance
Wang JF, Li CH, Zhang XM, Xia LC, Zhang XL, Wu H, Guo SY
485 - 494 Degradation kinetics and mechanism of desethyl-atrazine and desisopropyl-atrazine in water with (OH)-O-center dot and SO4 center dot- based-AOPs
Khan JA, He XX, Shah NS, Sayed M, Khan HM, Dionysiou DD
495 - 501 Boron-based reactive materials with high concentrations of iodine as a biocidal additive
Liu XH, Schoenitz M, Dreizin EL
502 - 512 Performance of a pilot split-type anaerobic membrane bioreactor (AnMBR) treating antibiotics solvent wastewater at low temperatures
Hu DX, Xu J, Chen ZB, Wu P, Wang ZJ, Wang PE, Xiao TT, Su HY, Li X, Wang HX, Zhang Y
513 - 520 In-situ preparation of iron(III) hexacyanoferrate nano-layer on polyacrylonitrile membranes for cesium adsorption from aqueous solutions
Jia ZQ, Cheng XX, Guo YX, Tu LY
521 - 532 Innovative conditioning of algal-based sorbents: Macro-porous discs for palladium sorption
Wang SY, Vincent T, Roux JC, Faur C, Guibal E
533 - 543 A recyclable phosphinic acid functionalized polyacrylonitrile fiber for selective and efficient removal of Hg2+
Xu G, Zhao YL, Hou LP, Cao J, Tao ML, Zhang WQ
544 - 553 Electrochemical detoxification and recovery of spent SCR catalyst by in-situ generated reactive oxygen species in alkaline media
Xue YD, Zhang Y, Zhang Y, Zheng SL, Zhang Y, Jin W
554 - 563 Hierarchical ultrathin NiAl layered double hydroxide nanosheet arrays on carbon nanotube paper as advanced hybrid electrode for high performance hybrid capacitors
Zhang L, Chen R, Hui KN, Hui KS, Lee H
564 - 575 Novel preparation of activated carbon by cold oxygen plasma treatment combined with pyrolysis
Kazak O, Eker YR, Bingol H, Tor A
576 - 587 Simultaneous removal of U(VI) and humic acid on defective TiO2-x investigated by batch and spectroscopy techniques
Song SA, Huang SY, Zhang R, Chen ZS, Wen T, Wang SH, Hayat T, Alsaedi A, Wang XK
588 - 600 Multifunctional ZnO nanorod-reduced graphene oxide hybrids nanocomposites for effective water remediation: Effective sunlight driven degradation of organic dyes and rapid heavy metal adsorption
Ranjith KS, Manivel P, Rajendrakumar RT, Uyar T
601 - 610 Controlled release of vancomycin hydrochloride from a composite structure of polymeric films and porous fibers on implants
Lv JP, Li XZ, Yin HJ, Wang L, Pei YX, Lv X
611 - 623 Synthesis and electrochemical analysis of Nb2O5-TiO2/H-rGO sandwich type layered architecture electrode for supercapacitor application
Rajagopal R, Lee YS, Ryu KS
624 - 631 Catalytic ozonation for advanced treatment of incineration leachate using (MnO2-Co3O4)/AC as a catalyst
Li CH, Jiang F, Sun DZ, Qiu B
632 - 646 Ultra-tough and super thermal-insulation nanocellular PMMA/TPU
Wang GL, Zhao JC, Mark LH, Wang GZ, Yu KJ, Wang CD, Park CB, Zhao GQ
647 - 654 Mechanistic insights into TiO2 thickness in Fe3O4@TiO2-GO composites for enrofloxacin photodegradation
Yu YQ, Yan L, Cheng JM, Jing CY
655 - 664 Generalized correlations for mass transfer and pressure drop in fiber-based catalyst supports
Reichelt E, Jahn M
665 - 671 Macroscopic and molecular study of the sorption and co-sorption of graphene oxide and Eu(III) onto layered double hydroxides
Chang K, Sun YX, Ye F, Li X, Sheng GD, Zhao DL, Linghu WS, Li H, Liu J
672 - 680 Multifunctional enhancement of woven carbon fiber/ZnO nanotube-based structural supercapacitor and polyester resin-domain solid-polymer electrolytes
Deka BK, Hazarika A, Kwon O, Kim D, Park YB, Park HW
681 - 689 Effect of coagulant on acidogenic fermentation of sludge from enhanced primary sedimentation for resource recovery: Comparison between FeCl3 and PACl
Lin L, Li RH, Yang ZY, Li XY
690 - 699 Construction of Z-scheme photocatalytic systems using ZnIn2S4, CoOx-loaded Bi2MoO6 and reduced graphene oxide electron mediator and its efficient nonsacrificial water splitting under visible light
Wan SP, Ou M, Zhong Q, Zhang SL, Song FJ
700 - 707 The influence of xMnyCe/gamma-Al2O3 on NOx catalysts on the properties of NOx storage and reduction over Pt-Ce-Ba/gamma-Al2O3 catalysts
Wang P, Yi J, Gu WY, Luo P, Lei LL
708 - 714 Non-thermal plasma injection-CeO2-WO3/TiO2 catalytic method for high-efficiency oxidation of elemental mercury in coal-fired flue gas
An JT, Lou J, Meng QM, Zhang ZJ, Ma XX, Li J
715 - 724 Degradation of doxorubicin to non-toxic metabolites using Fe-Ni bimetallic nanoparticles
Kadu BS, Wani KD, Kaul-Ghanekar R, Chikate RC