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1 - 8 Facile synthesis of ultrasmall Si particles embedded in carbon framework using Si-carbon integration strategy with superior lithium ion storage performance
Li ZH, Li ZP, Zhong WH, Li CF, Li LQ, Zhang HY
9 - 20 Structural characteristics of biochar-graphene nanosheet composites and their adsorption performance for phthalic acid esters
Abdul G, Zhu XY, Chen BL
21 - 30 Optimization of PDMS-embedded palladium hydrodechlorination catalysts
Comandella D, Werheid M, Kopinke FD, Mackenzie K
31 - 38 Smart polymeric nanoparticles for boron scavenging
Alves S, Santos C, da Costa AP, Silva M, Baleizao C, Farinha JPS
39 - 47 Photocatalytic Fe-doped TiO2/PSF composite UF membranes: Characterization and performance on BPA removal under visible-light irradiation
Wang Q, Yang CY, Zhang GS, Hu LM, Wang P
48 - 56 Selective liquid-phase hydrogenation of fructose to D-mannitol over copper-supported metallic nanoparticles
Zelin J, Meyer CI, Regenhardt SA, Sebastian V, Garetto TF, Marchi AJ
57 - 64 Reactions of SO2 on hydrated cement particle system for atmospheric pollution reduction: A DRIFTS and XANES study
Ramakrishnan G, Wu QY, Moon J, Orlov A
65 - 74 Microporous amine-functionalized aromatic polymers and their carbonized products for CO2 adsorption
Puthiaraj P, Lee YR, Ahn WS
75 - 88 Rapid removal of salicylic acid, 4-nitroaniline, benzoic acid and phthalic acid from wastewater using magnetized fast pyrolysis biochar from waste Douglas fir
Karunanayake AG, Todd OA, Crowley ML, Ricchetti LB, Pittman CU, Anderson R, Mlsna TE
89 - 97 Fouling in gravity driven Point-of-Use drinking water treatment systems
Chawla C, Zwijnenburg A, Kemperman AJB, Nijmeijer K
98 - 107 Degradation of octafluorodibenzo-p-dioxin by UV/Fe(II)/potassium monopersulfate system: Kinetics, influence of coexisting chemicals, degradation products and pathways
Zeng XL, Chen J, Qu RJ, Feng MB, Wang ZY
108 - 118 Ultrathin Mg-Al layered double hydroxide prepared by ionothermal synthesis in a deep eutectic solvent for highly effective boron removal
Gao ZS, Xie SL, Zhang B, Qiu XH, Chen FX
119 - 130 Fabricating an enhanced sterilization chitosan-based flocculants: Synthesis, characterization, evaluation of sterilization and flocculation
Li X, Zheng HL, Wang YL, Sun YJ, Xu BC, Zhao CL
131 - 142 Rhamnolipid based micellar-enhanced ultrafiltration for simultaneous removal of Cd(II) and phenolic compound from wastewater
Verma SP, Sarkar B
143 - 154 Characterization and catalytic properties of molybdenum supported on nano gamma Al2O3 for upgrading of anisole model compound
Saidi M, Rahzani B, Rahimpour MR
155 - 162 Graphene cryogel-based counter electrode materials freeze-dried using different solution media for dye-sensitized solar cells
Ma J, Shen W, Li C, Zheng J, Yu F
163 - 169 Enhanced Sr adsorption performance of MnO2-alginate beads in seawater and evaluation of its mechanism
Hong HJ, Kim BG, Hong J, Ryu J, Ryu T, Chung KS, Kim H, Park IS
170 - 178 Efficient removal of Cs+ and Sr2+ from aqueous solution using hierarchically structured hexagonal tungsten trioxide coated Fe3O4
Mu WJ, Yu QH, Li XL, Wei HY, Jian Y
179 - 190 Intensified CO2 absorption in a microchannel reactor under elevated pressures
Yao CQ, Zhu K, Liu YY, Liu HC, Jiao FJ, Chen GW
191 - 199 Potential demonstrations of "hot spots" presence by adsorption-desorption of toluene vapor onto granular activated carbon under microwave radiation
Yang ZY, Yi HH, Tang XL, Zhao SZ, Yu QJ, Gao FY, Zhou YS, Wang JG, Huang YH, Yang K, Shi YR
200 - 211 Synthesis of multifunctional upconversion NMOFs for targeted antitumor drug delivery and imaging in triple negative breast cancer cells
Chowdhuri AR, Laha D, Chandra S, Karmakar P, Sahu SK
212 - 218 Carbon-nanotube-based sandwich-like hollow fiber membranes for expanded microcystin-LR removal applications
Wei GL, Quan X, Fan XF, Chen S, Zhang YB
219 - 228 Cu(II)-influenced adsorption of ciprofloxacin from aqueous solutions by magnetic graphene oxide/nitrilotriacetic acid nanocomposite: Competition and enhancement mechanisms
Li MF, Liu YG, Liu SB, Shu D, Zeng GM, Hu XJ, Tan XF, Jiang LH, Yan ZL, Cai XX
229 - 239 Different approaches for preparing a novel thiol-functionalized graphene oxide/Fe-Mn and its application for aqueous methylmercury removal
Huang Y, Tang JC, Gai LS, Gong YY, Guan HW, He RZ, Lyu HH
240 - 247 Mixed metal oxide coated polymer beads for enhanced phosphorus removal from membrane bioreactor effluents
Park HS, Kwak SH, Mahardika D, Mameda N, Choo KH
248 - 257 Optimal biogas sparging strategy, and the correlation between sludge and fouling layer properties in a submerged anaerobic membrane bioreactor (SAnMBR)
Zhang Q, Tan GH, Stuckey DC
258 - 267 Fabrication of silica-free superparamagnetic ZrO2@Fe3O4 with enhanced phosphate recovery from sewage: Performance and adsorption mechanism
Fang LP, Wu BL, Lo IMC
268 - 278 Removal of hydrogen sulfide in air using cellular concrete waste: Biotic and abiotic filtrations
Jaber MB, Couvert A, Amrane A, Le Cloirec P, Dumont E
279 - 287 Co3O4 nanoparticles as oxygen carriers for chemical looping combustion: A materials characterization approach to understanding oxygen carrier performance
Alalwan HA, Cwiertny DM, Grassian VH
288 - 296 Experimental investigation of the effect of ethyl alcohol surfactant on oxygen mass transfer and bubble size distribution in an air-water multiphase Taylor-Couette vortex bioreactor
Ramezani M, Legg MJ, Haghighat A, Li ZY, Vigil RD, Olsen MG
297 - 306 Kinetic and thermodynamic studies on one-step synthesis of methyl acrylate promoted by generated ionic liquid at mild temperature
Wang G, Li ZX, Li CS, Wang H
307 - 320 Geometrical improvement of inline high shear mixers to intensify micromixing performance
Qin HY, Zhang C, Xu Q, Dang XH, Li W, Lei KL, Zhou LT, Zhang JL
321 - 332 Robust water repellent treatment for woven cotton fabrics with eco-friendly polymers
Zahid M, Heredia-Guerrero JA, Athanassiou A, Bayer IS