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1 - 9 Superior lithium storage in nitrogen-doped carbon nanofibers with open-channels
Park SW, Kim JC, Dar MA, Shim HW, Kim DW
10 - 17 Few-layered ReS2 nanosheets grown on carbon nanotubes: A highly efficient anode for high-performance lithium-ion batteries
Qi F, He JR, Chen YF, Zheng BJ, Li Q, Wang XQ, Yu B, Lin J, Zhou JH, Li PJ, Zhang WL, Li YR
18 - 24 A novel hierarchically structured siliceous packing to boost the performance of rotating bed enzymatic reactors
Szymanska K, Odrozek K, Zniszczol A, Pudlo W, Jarzbski AB
25 - 34 Polymerization-induced phase separation fabrication: A versatile microfluidic technique to prepare microfibers with various cross sectional shapes and structures
Liu W, Xu ZN, Sun LX, Guo P, Zeng CF, Wang CQ, Zhang LX
35 - 45 Hierarchical Co3O4@Ni(OH)(2) core-shell nanosheet arrays for isolated all- solid state supercapacitor electrodes with superior electrochemical performance
Bai X, Liu Q, Liu JY, Zhang HS, Li ZS, Jing XY, Liu PL, Wang J, Li RM
46 - 57 Production of bimodal polyethylene on chromium oxide/metallocene binary catalyst: Evaluation of comonomer effects
Moreno J, Paredes B, Carrero A, Velez D
58 - 66 Concomitant Cr(VI) reduction and Cr(III) precipitation with nitrate in a methane/oxygen-based membrane biofilm reactor
Long M, Zhou C, Xia SQ, Guadiea A
67 - 82 Design and characterization of a stagnation flow reactor for heterogeneous microkinetic studies
Zanier F, Michelon N, Canu P
83 - 91 Effect of anionic surfactant inhibition on sewage treatment by a submerged anaerobic membrane bioreactor: Efficiency, sludge activity and methane recovery
Nie YL, Kato H, Sugo T, Hojo T, Tian XK, Li YY
92 - 100 Removal of nitroimidazole antibiotics from water by adsorption over metal-organic frameworks modified with urea or melamine
Seo PW, Khan NA, Jhung SH
101 - 107 Two-step oxidation of bulk Sb to one-dimensional Sb2O4 submicro-ntubes as advanced anode materials for lithium-ion and sodium-ion batteries
Yi Z, Han QG, Li X, Wu YM, Cheng Y, Wang LM
108 - 114 Superhigh adsorption of perfluorooctane sulfonate on aminated polyacrylonitrile fibers with the assistance of air bubbles
Meng PP, Deng SB, Wang B, Huang J, Wang YJ, Yu G
115 - 123 Facile preparation of graphene nanosheets encapsulated Fe3O4 octahedra composite and its high lithium storage performances
Ye JJ, Hao Q, Liu BB, Li YP, Xu CX
124 - 131 Long-term performance of enhanced-zero valent iron for drinking water treatment: A lab-scale study
Liu P, Gernjak W, Keller J
132 - 141 Melt processing and structural manipulation of highly linear disentangled ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene
Huang YF, Xu JZ, Zhang ZC, Xu L, Li LB, Li JF, Li ZM
142 - 151 Linker impact on the adsorption capacity of polyaspartate/montmorillonite composites towards methyl blue removal
Elsherbiny AS, El-Hefnawy ME, Gemeay AH
152 - 158 Study of elemental mercury removal from flue gases using Tetravalent manganese Feroxyhyte
Kokkinos E, Kellartzis I, Diamantopoulou I, Stavropoulos G, Vourlias G, Mitrakas M
159 - 166 The remarkable effect of the coexisting arsenite and arsenate species ratios on arsenic removal by manganese oxide
Hou JT, Luo JL, Song SX, Li YZ, Li QZ
167 - 176 Simultaneous photocatalytic Cr(VI) reduction and ciprofloxacin oxidation over TiO2/Fe-omicron composite under aerobic conditions: Performance, durability, pathway and mechanism
Diao ZH, Xu XR, Jiang D, Liu JJ, Kong LJ, Li G, Zuo LZ, Wu QH
177 - 190 Synthesis of RGD-peptide modified polyester-urethane) urea electrospun nanofibers as a potential application for vascular tissue engineering
Zhu TH, Yu K, Bhutto MA, Guo XR, Shen W, Wang J, Chen WM, El-Hamshary H, Al-Deyab SS, Mo XM
191 - 200 Natural organic matter resistant powder activated charcoal supported titanate nanotubes for adsorption of Pb(II)
Ma J, Li F, Qian TW, Liu HF, Liu W, Zhao DY
201 - 209 Activation of peroxymonosulfate by microwave irradiation for degradation of organic contaminants
Qi CD, Liu XT, Lin CY, Zhang HJ, Li X, Ma J
210 - 232 Graphene and its nanocomposites as a platform for environmental applications
Kumar V, Kim KH, Park JW, Hong J, Kumar S
233 - 242 Regeneration of cobalt complexes by thermal decomposition and acid treatment for NO absorption
Wu D, Tan Z, Feng X, Anderson WA, Li QG
243 - 250 Characterization and C-, N-disinfection byproduct formation of dissolved organic matter in MBR and anaerobic-anoxic-oxic (AAO) processes
Meng YJ, Wang MM, Guo B, Zhu FP, Wang Y, Lu J, Ma D, Sun YY, Gao B
251 - 261 Mechanism identification of temperature influence on mercury adsorption capacity of different halides modified bio-chars
Li GL, Wang SX, Wu QG, Wang FY, Ding D, Shen B
262 - 273 A gemini-type superspreader: Synthesis, spreading behavior and superspreading mechanism
Lin J, Wang W, Bai WL, Zhu MN, Zheng C, Liu ZL, Cai XF, Lu DD, Qiao ZW, Chen FQ, Chen JX
274 - 282 Combination of photocatalysis with hydrodynamic cavitation for degradation of tetracycline
Wang XN, Jia JP, Wang YL
283 - 295 Solar photoreactor design by the photon path length and optimization of CD CrossMark the radiant field in a Ti0(2)-based CPC reactor
Otalvaro-Marin HL, Mueses MA, Crittenden JC, Machuca-Martinez F
296 - 303 Graphitic C3N4 modified by Ni2P cocatalyst: An efficient, robust and low cost photocatalyst for visible-light-riven H-2 evolution from water
Zhao H, Sun SN, Jiang PP, Xu ZJ
304 - 314 LiCOPO4 (LCP) as an effective peroxymonosulfate activator for degradation of diethyl phthalate in aqueous solution without controlling pH: Efficiency, stability and mechanism
Lin XM, Ma YW, Wan JQ, Wang Y
315 - 323 Low temperature partial oxidation of methane via BaBi0.05Co0.8Nb0.15O3_(delta)-Ni phyllosilicate catalytic hollow fiber membrane reactor
Wang ZG, Ashok J, Pu ZW, Kawi S
324 - 334 Detailed kinetic modeling of chemical quenching processes of acetylene-rich gas at high temperature
Cheng Y, Li TY, Rehmet C, An H, Yan BH, Cheng Y
335 - 344 Advanced treatment of triazole fungicides discharged water in pilot scale by integrated system: Enhanced electrochemical oxidation, upflow biological aerated filter and electrodialysis
Cui T, Zhang YH, Han WQ, Li JS, Sun XY, Shen JY, Wang LJ
345 - 354 Preferable phosphate sequestration by nano-La(III) (hydr)oxides modified wheat straw with excellent properties in regeneration
Qiu H, Liang C, Yu JH, Zhang QR, Song MX, Chen FH
355 - 363 Aerosol synthesis of molybdenum diselenide-reduced graphene oxide composite with empty nanovoids and enhanced hydrogen evolution reaction performances
Park SK, Park GD, Ko D, Kang YC, Piao Y
364 - 372 Accelerated startup of moving bed biofilm process with novel electrophilic suspended biofilm carriers
Mao YJ, Quan X, Zhao HM, Zhang YB, Chen S, Liu T, Quan WZ
373 - 381 Separation of V(V) and Cr(VI) in leaching solution using annular centrifugal contactors
Jing XH, Ning PG, Cao HB, Sun Z, Wang JY
382 - 391 Preparation, crystal structure and photoluminescence properties of Ce3+ activated Ba3Y1_yLuyAl2O7.5 phosphors for near-UV LEDs
Wang YC, Ding JY, Li YY, Ding X, Wang YH
392 - 402 Catalytic oxidation of vinyl chloride emissions over Co-Ce composite oxide catalysts
Wang C, Zhang CH, Hua WC, Guo YL, Lu GZ, Gil S, Giroir-Fendler A
403 - 414 Degradation of organic pollutants in near -neutral pH solution by Fe-C micro-electrolysis system
Yang ZM, Ma YP, Liu Y, Li QS, Zhou ZY, Ren ZQ
415 - 425 Precursor suitability and pilot scale production of super activated carbon for greenhouse gas adsorption and fuel gas storage
Sawant SY, Munusamy K, Somani RS, John M, Newalkar BL, Bajaj HC
426 - 436 Oxidative degradation of benzoic acid using Fe-0 - and sulfidized Fe-0-activated persulfate: A comparative study
Rayaroth MP, Lee CS, Aravind UK, Aravindakumar CT, Chang YS
437 - 447 Single-helix carbon microcoils prepared via Fe(III)-osmotically induced shape transformation of zucchini (Cucurbita pepo L.) for enhanced adsorption and antibacterial activities
Liu RL, Yu P, Luo ZM, Bai XF, Li XQ, Fu Q
448 - 458 High-throughput synthesis of cross-linked poly(cyclotriphosphazeneco-bis(aminomethyl)ferrocene) microspheres and their performance as a superparamagnetic, electrochemical, fluorescent and adsorbent material
Ali S, Zuhra Z, Butler IS, Dar SU, Hameed MU, Wu DZ, Zhang LQ, Wu ZP
459 - 468 Development of a novel flexible polymer-based biosensor platform for the thermal detection of noradrenaline in aqueous solutions
Casadio S, Lowdon JW, Betlem K, Ueta JT, Foster CW, Cleij TJ, van Grinsven B, Sutcliffe OB, Banks CE, Peeters M
469 - 480 Dispersion of nickel nanoparticles in the cages of metal-organic framework: An efficient sorbent for adsorptive removal of thiophene
Aslam S, Subhan F, Yan ZF, Etim UJ, Zeng JB
481 - 490 Largely enhanced thermal conductivity of poly (ethylene glycol)/boron nitride composite phase change materials for solar-thermal-electric energy conversion and storage with very low content of graphene nanoplatelets
Yang J, Tang LS, Bao RY, Bai L, Liu ZY, Yang W, Xie BH, Yang MB
491 - 499 Mesoporous MnCo2O4.5 nanoneedle arrays electrode for high-performance asymmetric supercapacitor application
Kuang LP, Ji FZ, Pan XX, Wang DL, Chen XM, Jiang D, Zhang Y, Ding BF
500 - 508 Facile preparation of biocompatible polymer microgels with tunable properties and unique functions to solely stabilize high internal phase emulsions
Hu B, Li YQ, Chen Q, Zhang Z, Shi CJ, Li W
509 - 515 Sodium persulfate based PVDF membrane for concurrent advanced oxidation and ultrafiltration of ofloxacin in water
Wang GW, Wang D, Dong XL, Zhang XF, Ma HC
516 - 526 Radiation resistance of poly(methyl methacrylate)/reduced graphene oxide nanocomposites fabricated through latex mixing and in situ reduction
Lin Y, Liu YH, Zhang DG, Chen CL, Wu GZ
527 - 536 An investigation of the photocatalytic activity of nano alpha-Fe2O3/ZnO on the photodegradation of cefixime trihydrate
Shooshtari NM, Ghazi MM
537 - 551 An intelligent coating doped with inhibitor-encapsulated nanocontainers for corrosion protection of pipeline steel
Feng Y, Cheng YF
552 - 561 Structure-reactivity relationship in the degradation of three representative fluoroquinolone antibiotics in water by electrogenerated active chlorine
Serna-Galvis EA, Jojoa-Sierra SD, Berrio-Perlaza KE, Ferraro F, Torres-Palma RA
562 - 572 Shape-controllable syntheses of ternary Ni-Co-Se alloy hollow microspheres as highly efficient catalytic materials for dye-sensitized solar cells
Shao L, Qian X, Li HM, Xu C, Hou LX
573 - 582 One-step synthesis of size-tunable gold nanoparticles immobilized on chitin nanofibrils via green pathway and their potential applications
Huang Y, Fang Y, Chen LY, Lu A, Zhang L
583 - 590 Synthesis of unique hierarchical mesoporous layered-cube Mn2O3 by dual-solvent for high-capacity anode material of lithium-ion batteries
Fang YC, Huang YD, Zhang S, Jia W, Wang XC, Guo Y, Jia DZ, Wang LS
591 - 597 Denitration and renitration processes in sulfate radical-mediated degradation of nitrobenzene
Ji YF, Shi YY, Wang L, Lu JH
598 - 607 Vapor-phase elemental mercury adsorption by activated carbon co-impregnated with sulfur and chlorine
Sano A, Takaoka M, Shiota K
608 - 620 A systematic procedure for the virtual reconstruction of open-cell foams
Bracconi M, Ambrosetti M, Maestri M, Groppi G, Tronconi E
621 - 629 An easily prepared carbon quantum dots and employment for inverted organic photovoltaic devices
Zhang XY, Liu CY, Li ZQ, Guo JX, Shen L, Guo WB, Zhang L, Ruan SP, Long YB
630 - 638 Cerium oxide modified activated carbon as an efficient and effective adsorbent for rapid uptake of arsenate and arsenite: Material development and study of performance and mechanisms
Yu Y, Zhang CY, Yang LM, Chen JP
639 - 639 Efficient catalytic ozonation by ruthenium nanoparticles supported on SiO2 or TiO2: Towards the use of a non-woven fiber paper as original support (vol 289, pg 374, 2016)
Biard PF, Werghi B, Soutrel I, Orhand R, Couvert A, Denicourt-Nowicki A, Roucoux A