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1 - 10 Beneficial roles of H-donors as diluent and H-shuttle for asphaltenes in catalytic upgrading of vacuum residue
Kim SH, Kim KD, Lee H, Lee YK
11 - 18 Plasmonic photocatalytic reactor design: Use of multilayered films for improved organic degradation rates in a recirculating flow reactor
Pickering JW, Bhethanabotla VR, Kuhn JN
19 - 26 Novel synthesis of metal sulfides-loaded porous carbon as anode materials for lithium-ion batteries
Zhang SQ, Lin R, Yue WB, Niu FZ, Ma J, Yang XJ
27 - 37 Heat transfer to a gas from densely packed beds of monodisperse spherical particles
Singhal A, Cloete S, Radl S, Quinta-Ferreira R, Amini S
38 - 49 Internal pore decoration with polydopamine nanoparticle on polymeric ultrafiltration membrane for enhanced heavy metal removal
Fang XF, Li JS, Li X, Pan SL, Zhang X, Sun XY, Shen JY, Han WQ, Wang LJ
50 - 58 Adsorptive removal of ibuprofen and diclofenac from water using metal-crossMark organic framework-derived porous carbon
Bhadra BN, Ahmed I, Kim S, Jhung SH
59 - 68 Aqueous tetracycline degradation by coal-based carbon electrocatalytic filtration membrane: Effect of nano antimony-doped tin dioxide coating
Liu ZM, Zhu MF, Zhao L, Deng C, Ma J, Wang Z, Liu HB, Wang H
69 - 79 One-pot large-area synthesis of graphitic filamentous nanocarbon-aligned carbon thin layer/carbon nanotube forest hybrid thin films and their corrosion behaviors in simulated seawater condition
Jeong N, Jwa E, Kim C, Choi JY, Nam JY, Hwang KS, Han JH, Kim HK, Park SC, Seo YS, Jang MS
80 - 87 Concentrating synthetic estrogen 17 alpha-ethinylestradiol using microporous polyethersulfone hollow fiber membranes: Experimental exploration and molecular simulation
Ng CK, Bope CD, Nalaparaju A, Cheng Y, Lu LY, Wang R, Cao B
88 - 97 Aerobic granulation accelerated by biochar for the treatment of refractory wastewater
Zhang DJ, Li W, Hou C, Shen JY, Jiang XB, Sun XY, Li JS, Han WQ, Wang LJ, Liu XD
98 - 113 Advantages and challenges of Tween 80 surfactant-enhanced technologies for the remediation of soils contaminated with hydrophobic organic compounds
Cheng M, Zeng GM, Huang DL, Yang CP, Lai C, Zhang C, Liu Y
114 - 122 Detoxification of solid waste containing Cr(VI) with phosphate by thermal treatment
Mao LQ, Su P, Huang B, Zhang WY
123 - 131 Reaction kinetics of carbon dioxide absorption in aqueous solutions of piperazine, N-(2-aminoethyl) ethanolamine and their blends
Wang T, Liu F, Ge K, Fang MX
132 - 138 A study of a ferric-lactate complex as draw solute in forward osmosis
Yu MC, Zhang HM, Yang FL
139 - 151 Kinetic model for the reversible deactivation of a Pt/Al2O3 catalyst during NO oxidation
Khazanchi R, Reddy D, Bhatia D
152 - 159 A new disposal method for systematically processing of ceftazidime: The intimate coupling UV/algae-algae treatment
Liu YH, Wang ZZ, Yan K, Wang ZL, Torres OL, Guo RX, Chen JQ
160 - 168 Nesquehonite as a carbon sink in ambient mineral carbonation of ultramafic mining wastes
Zarandi AE, Larachi F, Beaudoin G, Plante B, Sciortino M
169 - 181 Preparation and characterization of novel TiO2/lignin and TiO2-SiO2/lignin hybrids and their use as functional biosorbents for Pb(II)
Klapiszewski L, Siwinska-Stefanska K, Kolodynska D
182 - 191 Removal of di-(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate from aqueous solution by UV/peroxymonosulfate: Influencing factors and reaction pathways
Huang JY, Li XF, Ma MJ, Li DL
192 - 201 Enhanced defluoridation using reusable strong acid cation exchangers in crossMark Al3+ form (SAC-Al) containing hydrated Al(III) oxide nanoparticles
Praipipat P, El-Moselhy MM, Khuanmar K, Weerayutsil P, Nguyen TT, Padungthon S
202 - 211 Remediation of an aged PCP-contaminated soil by chemical oxidation under flow-through conditions
Rybnikova V, Singhal N, Hanna K
212 - 222 Fabrication of ZSM-11(5) particles with nanorods oriented-stacking morphology by an in-situ feeding method
Yu QJ, Tang XL, Yi HH
223 - 231 Sorption performance and mechanisms of arsenic(V) removal by magnetic gelatin-modified biochar
Zhou Z, Liu YG, Liu SB, Liu HY, Zeng GM, Tan XF, Yang CP, Ding Y, Yan ZL, Cai XX
232 - 239 Degradation of p-fluoronitrobenzene in biological and bioelectrochemical systems: Differences in kinetics, pathways, and microbial community evolutions
Feng HJ, Wang YF, Zhang XQ, Shen DS, Li N, Chen W, Huang B, Liang YX, Zhou YY
240 - 248 Application of a novel advanced oxidation process using sulfite and zero-valent iron in treatment of organic pollutants
Xie PC, Guo YZ, Chen YQ, Wang ZP, Shang R, Wang SL, Ding JQ, Wan Y, Jiang W, Ma J
249 - 256 Bi24Ga2O39 for visible light photocatalytic reduction of Cr(VI): Controlled synthesis, facet-dependent activity and DFT study
Meng XD, Zhang GK, Li N
257 - 265 Effect of various chemical oxidation agents on soil microbial communities
Kakosova E, Hrabak P, Cernik M, Novotny V, Czinnerova M, Trogl J, Popelka J, Kuran P, Zoubkova L, Vrtoch L
266 - 276 Improving the hydrophilic and antifouling properties of polyvinylidene fluoride membrane by incorporation of novel nanohybrid GO@SiO2 particles
Zhu ZY, Jiang JL, Wang XD, Huo XN, Xu YW, Li QQ, Wang L
277 - 290 A review on recent technological advancement in the activated carbon production from oil palm wastes
Rashidi NA, Yusup S
291 - 300 Enhanced nitrogen removal and associated microbial characteristics in a modified single-stage tidal flow constructed wetland with step-feeding
Wang Z, Huang ML, Qi R, Fan SS, Wang Y, Fan T
301 - 310 Growth of ultrafine CuCo2O4 nanoparticle on graphene with enhanced lithium storage properties
Jiang F, Su QM, Li HJ, Yao LB, Deng HH, Du GH
311 - 319 Improving the pollutant removal efficiency of packed-bed plasma reactors incorporating ferroelectric components
Gomez-Ramirez A, Montoro-Damas AM, Rodriguez MA, Gonzalez-Elipe AR, Cotrino J
320 - 327 Metal organic framework-derived Fe/carbon porous composite with low Fe content for lightweight and highly efficient electromagnetic wave absorber
Liu QT, Liu XF, Feng HB, Shui HC, Yu RH
328 - 335 Bismuth iron oxide nanocomposite supported on graphene oxides as the high efficient, stable and reusable catalysts for the reduction of nitroarenes under continuous flow conditions
Sun HB, Ai YJ, Li D, Tang ZK, Shao ZX, Liang QL
336 - 346 Synergistic effects of 2D graphene oxide nanosheets and 1D carbon nanotubes in the constructed 3D carbon aerogel for high performance pollutant removal
Shen Y, Zhu XY, Zhu LZ, Chen BL
347 - 357 Robust multifunctional superhydrophobic coatings with enhanced water/oil separation, self-cleaning, anti-corrosion, and anti-biological adhesion
Cho EC, Chang-Jian CW, Chen HC, Chuang KS, Zheng JH, Hsiao YS, Lee KC, Huang JH
358 - 367 Response of acclimatized mesophilic biohydrogen cultures to feed changes
Haroun BM, Hafez H, Nakhla G, Nasr FA
368 - 377 Perforniance of flocs and biofilms in integrated fixed-film activated sludge (IFAS) systems for the treatment of oil sands process-affected water (OSPW)
Huang CK, Shi YJ, El-Din MG, Liu Y
378 - 387 Impact of SRT on the efficiency and microbial community of sequential anaerobic and aerobic membrane bioreactors for the treatment of textile industry wastewater
Yurtsever A, Calimlioglu B, Sahinkaya E
388 - 395 The influence of carbon source and catalyst nanoparticles on CVD synthesis of CNT aerogel
Hoecker C, Smail F, Pick M, Boies A
396 - 405 Comparative analysis of ozonation (O-3) and activated carbon catalyzed ozonation (ACCO) for destroying chlorophyll a and reducing dissolved organic carbon from a eutrophic water reservoir
Mousavi SMS, Dehghanzadeh R, Ebrahimi SM
406 - 417 Cysteine-montmorillonite composites for heavy metal cation complexation: A combined experimental and theoretical study
El Adraa K, Georgelin T, Lambert JF, Jaber F, Tielens F, Jaber M
418 - 433 Research on the low temperature catalytic hydrolysis of COS and CS2 over walnut shell biochar modified by Fe-Cu mixed metal oxides and basic functional groups
Song X, Ning P, Wang C, Li K, Tang LH, Sun X, Ruan HT
434 - 442 Adsorption of copper(II) by sulfur microparticles
Xie XY, Deng RK, Pang YQ, Bai Y, Zheng WJ, Zhou YH
443 - 452 Synthesis of BiVO4/P25 composites for the photocatalytic degradation of ethylene under visible light
Song XL, Li YY, Wei ZD, Ye SY, Dionysiou DD
453 - 465 Micro-mixing measurement by chemical probe in homogeneous and isotropic turbulence
Lemenand T, Della Valle D, Habchi C, Peerhossaini H
466 - 476 Facilely synthesized meso-macroporous polymer as support of poly (ethyleneimine) for highly efficient and selective capture of CO2
Liu FJ, Huang K, Yoo CJ, Okonkwo C, Tao DJ, Jones CW, Dai S
477 - 487 Preparation of hierarchical core-shell C@NiCo2O4@Fe3O4 composites for enhanced microwave absorption performance
Wei SA, Wang XX, Zhang BQ, Yu MX, Zheng YW, Wang Y, Liu JQ
488 - 497 Metal-free synthesis of quinolines catalyzed by carbon aerogels: Influence of the porous texture and surface chemistry
Godino-Ojer M, Soriano E, Calvino-Casilda V, Maldonado-Hodar FJ, Perez-Mayoral E
498 - 507 Synthesis of rhodium phosphide cocatalyst and remarkably enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen evolution over CdS under visible light radiation
Song LM, Li TT, Zhang SJ, Zhang SN
508 - 514 Efficient conversion of fructose into 5-ethoxymethylfurfural with hydrogen sulfate ionic liquids as co-solvent and catalyst
Guo HX, Qi XH, Hiraga Y, Aida TM, Smith RL
515 - 525 Green and selective oxidation of cyclohexane over vanadium pyrophosphate supported on mesoporous KIT-6
Rezaei M, Chermahini AN, Dabbagh HA
526 - 536 CNTs reinforced super-hydrophobic-oleophilic electrospun polystyrene oil sorbent for enhanced sorption capacity and reusability
Wu JY, An AK, Guo JX, Lee EJ, Farid MU, Jeong S
537 - 547 Experimental scale multi component absorption of SO2 and NO by NH3/NaClO scrubbing
Raghunath CV, Mondal MK
548 - 553 Submergence patterns of floating crude oil by granular particles
Boglaienko D, Tansel B
554 - 569 On the influence of steam on the CO2 chemisorption capacity of a hydrotalcite-based adsorbent for SEWGS applications
Coenen K, Gallucci F, Pio G, Cobden P, van Dijk E, Hensen E, Annaland MV
570 - 582 Sorption enhanced catalytic Steam Methane Reforming: Experimental data and simulations describing the behaviour of bi-functional particles
Aloisi I, Di Giuliano A, Di Carlo A, Foscolo PU, Courson C, Gallucci K
583 - 593 Highly efficient mussel-like inspired modification of aramid fibers by UV-accelerated catechol/polyamine deposition followed chemical grafting for high-performance polymer composites
Wang L, Shi YX, Chen SX, Wang WC, Tian M, Ning NY, Zhang LQ
594 - 599 Epoxidation of methyl oleate in a TiO2 coated-wall capillary microreactor
Phimsen S, Yamada H, Tagawa T, Kiatkittipong W, Kiatkittipong K, Laosiripojana N, Assabumrungrat S
600 - 611 UV-LED photocatalytic oxidation of carbon monoxide over TiO2 supported with noble metal nanoparticles
Kolobov NS, Svintsitskiy DA, Kozlova EA, Selishchev DS, Kozlov DV
612 - 621 Immobilization of aqueous and sediment-sorbed ciprofloxacin by stabilized Fe-Mn binary oxide nanoparticles: Influencing factors and reaction mechanisms
Yan ZL, Liu YG, Tan XF, Liu SB, Zeng GM, Jiang LH, Li MF, Zhou Z, Liu S, Cai XX
622 - 630 Algae decorated TiO2/Ag hybrid nanofiber membrane with enhanced photocatalytic activity for Cr(VI) removal under visible light
Wang L, Zhang CB, Gao F, Mailhot G, Pan G
631 - 639 An innovative method to introduce magnetism into demulsifier
Fang SW, Chen B, Chen T, Duan M, Xiong Y, Shi P
640 - 649 Lower treating temperature leading to higher air purification activity
Lu ZZ, Liu D, Zhou JT, Dong F
650 - 659 n-Heptane isomerization over molybdenum supported on bicontinuous concentric lamellar silica KCC-1: Influence of phosphorus and optimization using response surface methodology (RSM)
Fatah NAA, Triwahyono S, Jalil AA, Salamun N, Mamat CR, Majid ZA
660 - 669 Repeated batch production of 1,3-propanediol from biodiesel derived waste glycerol by Klebsiella pneumoniae
Yang X, Kim DS, Choi HS, Kim CK, Thapa LP, Park C, Kim SW
670 - 680 New insight into the effect of mixed liquor properties changed by pre-ozonation on ceramic UF membrane fouling in wastewater treatment
Tang SY, Zhang ZH, Zhang XH
681 - 687 Phase change behavior and kinetics of CO2 absorption into DMBA/DEEA solution in a wetted-wall column
Wang LD, An SL, Li QW, Yu SH, Wu SY
688 - 699 Non-thermal plasma enhanced NSR performance over Pt/M/Ba/Al2O3 (M = Mn, Co, Cu) catalysts
Bai ZF, Zhang ZS, Chen BB, Zhao Q, Crocker M, Shi C
700 - 713 Thiourea grafted PVDF affinity membrane with narrow pore size distribution for Au (III) adsorption: Preparation, characterization, performance investigation and modeling
Wang XM, Xu JB, Li L, Li HG, Yang CF
714 - 726 Electrospinning Polyvinyl alcohol/silica-based nanofiber as highly efficient adsorbent for simultaneous and sequential removal of Bisphenol A and Cu(II) from water
Wang DD, Wang JN