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1 - 9 Au@Pd/TiO2 with atomically dispersed Pd as highly active catalyst for solvent-free aerobic oxidation of benzyl alcohol
Sun JY, Han YX, Fu HY, Qu XL, Xu ZY, Zheng SR
10 - 18 Potentially shifting from interspecies hydrogen transfer to direct interspecies electron transfer for syntrophic metabolism to resist acidic impact with conductive carbon cloth
Zhao ZQ, Zhang YB, Li Y, Dang Y, Zhu TT, Quan X
19 - 26 Interface engineering of metal organic framework on graphene oxide with enhanced adsorption capacity for organophosphorus pesticide
Yang QF, Wang J, Zhang WT, Liu FB, Yue XY, Liu YN, Yang M, Li ZH, Wang JL
27 - 36 Inkjet printable constantan ink for the fabrication of flexible and conductive film
Gu Y, Wu AD, Federici JF, Zhang XD
37 - 46 Selectivity control of H-2/O-2 plasma reaction for direct synthesis of high purity H2O2 with desired concentration
Yi YH, Xu C, Wang L, Yu J, Zhu QR, Sun SQ, Tu X, Meng CG, Zhang JL, Guo HC
47 - 55 Facile fabrication of hierarchical structured superhydrophobic surface and its ultra dynamic water repellency
Shen YZ, Liu SY, Zhu CL, Tao J, Wang GY
56 - 64 Robust performance of a novel anaerobic biofilm membrane bioreactor with mesh filter and carbon fiber (ABMBR) for low to high strength wastewater treatment
Li N, He L, Lu YZ, Zeng RJ, Sheng GP
65 - 73 Constructing multiform morphologies of YF: Er3+/Yb3+ up-conversion nano/micro-crystals towards sub-tissue thermometry
Suo H, Zhao XQ, Zhang ZY, Li T, Goldys EM, Guo CF
74 - 82 Novel sustainable geopolymer based syntactic foams: An eco-friendly alternative to polymer based syntactic foams
Zhang LY, Zhang F, Liu M, Hu X
83 - 98 Axially oriented tubercle vein and X-crossed sheet of N-Co3O4@C hierarchical mesoarchitectures as potential heterogeneous catalysts for methanol oxidation reaction
Shenashen MA, Hassen D, El-Safty SA, Isago H, Elmarakbi A, Yamaguchi H
99 - 108 Enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen generation of nano-sized mesoporous InNbO4 crystals synthesized via a polyacrylamide gel route
Zhou M, Zu XT, Sun K, Liu W, Xiang X
109 - 120 Comparative effect of growth media on the monitoring of E. coli inactivation and regrowth after solar and photo-Fenton treatment
Valero P, Giannakis S, Mosteo R, Ormad MP, Pulgarin C
121 - 135 Graphene-family nanomaterials in wastewater treatment plants
Suarez-Iglesias O, Collado S, Oulego P, Diaz M
136 - 143 Techno-economic analysis of a process for CO2-free coproduction of iron and hydrocarbon chemical products
Parkinson B, Greig C, McFarland E, Smart S
144 - 156 A simple and robust approach for early detection of defluidization
Shabanian J, Sauriol P, Chaouki J
157 - 170 Non-thermal plasma technology for organic contaminated soil remediation: A review
Zhang H, Ma DY, Qiu RL, Tang YT, Du CM
171 - 178 Performance evaluation of a microfiltration-osmotic membrane bioreactor (MF-OMBR) during removing silver nanoparticles from simulated wastewater
Wang XH, Zhao YX, Li XF, Ren YP
179 - 186 Vapor phase solvents loaded in zeolite as the sustainable medium for the preparation of Cu-BTC and ZIF-8
Chen Y, Yang CY, Wang XQ, Yang JF, Li JP
187 - 196 Sub-micron silicon/pyrolyzed carbon@natural graphite self-assembly composite anode material for lithium-ion batteries
Wang ZL, Mao ZM, Lai LF, Okubo M, Song YH, Zhou YJ, Liu X, Huang W
197 - 206 Ultrafast and high-capacity adsorption of Gd(III) onto inorganic phosphorous acid modified mesoporous SBA-15
Gao Q, Xie JF, Shao YT, Chen C, Han B, Xia KS, Zhou CG
207 - 216 Sorption enhanced steam reforming of biodiesel by-product glycerol on Ni-CaO-MMT multifunctional catalysts
Jiang B, Dou BL, Wang KQ, Zhang C, Li MJ, Chen HS, Xu YJ
217 - 225 Low-strength wastewater treatment in an anammox UASB reactor: Effect of the liquid upflow velocity
Reino C, Carrera J
226 - 237 The use of Moringa oleifera as a natural coagulant in surface water treatment
Camacho FP, Sousa VS, Bergamasco R, Teixeira MR
238 - 249 The effect of defect-rich molybdenum disulfide nanosheets with phosphorus, nitrogen and silicon elements on mechanical, thermal, and fire behaviors of unsaturated polyester composites
Wang D, Wen PY, Wang J, Song L, Hu Y
250 - 260 Rapid gravity filtration operational performance assessment and diagnosis for preventative maintenance from on-line data
Upton A, Jefferson B, Moore G, Jarvis P
261 - 269 Toward the minimization of fluorescence loss in hybrid cross-linked core-shell PS/QD/PMMA nanoparticles: Effect of the shell thickness
Luis AD, Bonnefond A, Barrado M, Guraya T, Iturrondobeitia M, Okariz A, Paulis M, Leiza JR
270 - 282 On-line analysis of primary tars from biomass pyrolysis by single photoionization mass spectrometry: Experiments and detailed modelling
Jia LY, Dufour A, Le Brech Y, Authier O, Mauviel G
283 - 292 Electrochemical sensing and remediation of 4-nitrophenol using bio-synthesized copper oxide nanoparticles
Singh S, Kumar N, Kumar M, Jyoti, Agarwal A, Mizaikoff B
293 - 300 Ultrafiltration membranes functionalized with lipophilic bismuth dimercaptopropanol nanoparticles: Anti-fouling behavior and mechanisms
Li MF, Bradley JC, Badireddy AR, Lu HJ
301 - 308 Mixing regime simulation and cellulose particle tracing in a stacked frame photocatalytic reactor
Nagarajan S, Stella L, Lawton LA, Irvine JTS, Robertson PKJ
309 - 316 Study of optimal parameters of the H2O2/O-3 method for the decomposition of acetic acid
Takeuchi N, Mizoguchi H
317 - 327 Supercritical fluid coating of API on excipient enhances drug release
Li QG, Huang DE, Lu TJ, Seville JPK, Xing L, Leeke GA
328 - 335 Influence of channel geometry on Fischer-Tropsch synthesis in microstructured reactors
Piermartini P, Boeltken T, Selinsek M, Pfeifer P
336 - 344 Modification of clays and zeolites by ionic liquids for the uptake of chloramphenicol from water
Sun K, Shi Y, Xu W, Potter N, Li ZH, Zhu JX
345 - 354 Oxidation of geosmin and 2-methylisoborneol by the photo-Fenton process: Kinetics, degradation intermediates, and the removal of microcystin-LR and trihalomethane from Nak-Dong River water, South Korea
Park JA, Nam HL, Choi JW, Ha J, Lee SH
355 - 363 Symbiosis of denitrification, anammox and anaerobic pathways-An innovative approach for confiscating the major bottlenecks of anammox process
Tomar S, Gupta SK
364 - 373 Biosorption of binary heavy metal systems: Phenomenological mathematical modeling
Suzaki PYR, Munaro MT, Triques CC, Kleinubing SJ, Klen MRF, Jorge LMD, Bergamasco R
374 - 381 Theoretical and experimental study of enzyme kinetics in a microreactor system with surface-immobilized biocatalyst
Milozic N, Lubej M, Lakner M, Znidarsic-Plazl P, Plazl I
382 - 397 Hydroformylation and tandem isomerization-hydroformylation of n-decenes using a rhodium-BiPhePhos catalyst: Kinetic modeling, reaction network analysis and optimal reaction control
Jorke A, Gaide T, Behr A, Vorholt A, Seidel-Morgenstern A, Hamel C
398 - 403 Switchable and simultaneous oil/water separation induced by prewetting with a superamphiphilic self-cleaning mesh
Du X, You SJ, Wang XH, Wang QR, Lu JD
404 - 414 Hierarchical porous carbon modified with ionic surfactants as efficient sulfur hosts for the high-performance lithium-sulfur batteries
Chen MF, Jiang SX, Cai SY, Wang XY, Xiang KX, Ma ZY, Song P, Fisher AC
415 - 423 Nickel toxicity to the performance and microbial community of enhanced biological phosphorus removal system
Sun J, Yang Q, Wang DB, Wang S, Chen F, Zhong Y, Yi KX, Yao FB, Jiang C, Li SB, Li XM, Zeng GM
424 - 434 Enhanced carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus removal from domestic wastewater in a novel anoxic-aerobic photobioreactor coupled with biogas upgrading
Garcia D, Alcantara C, Blanco S, Perez R, Bolado S, Munoz R
435 - 449 Solar carbothermal reduction of aerosolized ZnO particles under vacuum: Modeling, experimentation, and characterization of a drop tube reactor
Brkic M, Koepf E, Meier A
450 - 460 Bio-inspired GO-Ag/PVDF/F127 membrane with improved anti-fouling for natural organic matter (NOM) resistance
Wu Q, Chen GE, Sun WG, Xu ZL, Kong YF, Zheng XP, Xu SJ
461 - 465 Design of long-term stable red-emitting CsPb(Br-0.4, I-0.6)(3) perovskite quantum dot film for generation of warm white light
Song YH, Choi SH, Yoo JS, Kang BK, Ji EK, Jung HS, Yoon DH
466 - 474 Halloysite nanotube-magnetic iron oxide nanoparticle hybrids for the rapid catalytic decomposition of pentachlorophenol
Tsoufis T, Katsaros F, Kooi BJ, Bletsa E, Papageorgiou S, Deligiannakis Y, Panagiotopoulos I
475 - 486 Flexible core-shell/bead-like alginate@PEI with exceptional adsorption capacity, recycling performance toward batch and column sorption of Cr(VI)
Yan YZ, An QD, Xiao ZY, Zheng W, Zhai SG
487 - 497 A combined nanostructure constructed by graphene and boron nitride nanotubes reinforces ceramic scaffolds
Shuai CJ, Feng P, Wu P, Liu Y, Liu XY, Lai D, Gao CD, Peng SP
498 - 507 Degradation of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid in water by persulfate activated with FeS (mackinawite)
Chen H, Zhang ZL, Mingbao FB, Liu W, Wang WJ, Yang Q, Hu YN
508 - 517 All-solid-state Z-scheme system of RGO-Cu2O/Bi2O3 for tetracycline degradation under visible-light irradiation
Shen HQ, Wang JX, Jiang JH, Luo BF, Mao BD, Shi WD
518 - 526 Core-shell reduced graphene oxide/MnOx@carbon hollow nanospheres for high performance supercapacitor electrodes
Liu MX, Shi MC, Lu WJ, Zhu DZ, Li LC, Gan LH
527 - 534 Macroscopic and spectroscopic insights into the mutual interaction of graphene oxide, Cu(II), and Mg/Al layered double hydroxides
Hu BW, Huang CC, Li X, Sheng GD, Li H, Ren XM, Ma JY, Wang J, Huang YY
535 - 543 Pomegranate-like porous carbon coated CuxSny/Sn/SnO2 submicrospheres as superior lithium ion battery anode
Wang HJ, Du X, Jiang XY, Chai YQ, Yang X, Yuan R
544 - 555 Constructing nano-structure on silver/ceria-zirconia towards highly active and stable catalyst for soot oxidation
Deng XL, Li MX, Zhang J, Hu XY, Zheng JB, Zhang NW, Chen BH
556 - 566 Degradation of sulfamethoxazole by ionizing radiation: Identification and characterization of radiolytic products
Kim HY, Kim TH, Cha SM, Yu S
567 - 579 Pd(II) and Pt(IV) sorption using alginate and algal-based beads
Wang SY, Vincent T, Roux JC, Faur C, Guibal E
580 - 590 Effects of temperature, pressure, and interparticle forces on the hydrodynamics of a gas-solid fluidized bed
Shabanian J, Chaouki J
591 - 598 High-rate autotrophic denitrification in a fluidized-bed reactor at psychrophilic temperatures
Di Capua F, Milone I, Lakaniemi AM, Lens PNL, Esposito G
599 - 609 A reconfigurable fluidic reactor for intensification of hydrolysis at mild conditions
Yang N, Jin YM, Li DD, Jin ZY, Xu XM
610 - 618 A facile route to graphene-covered and carbon-encapsulated CoSO4 nanoparticles as anode materials for lithium-ion batteries
Wu SP, Lu MJ, Tian XD, Jiang C
619 - 628 A novel simultaneous partial nitrification Anammox and denitrification (SNAD) with intermittent aeration for cost-effective nitrogen removal from mature landfill leachate
Zhang FZ, Peng YZ, Miao L, Wang Z, Wang SY, Li BK
629 - 637 Degradation of sulfamethoxazole by medium pressure UV and oxidants: Peroxymonosulfate, persulfate, and hydrogen peroxide
Ao XW, Liu WJ
638 - 645 Chelating agents enhanced CaO2 oxidation of bisphenol A catalyzed by Fe3+ and reuse of ferric sludge as a source of catalyst
Zhou YB, Fang XB, Wang TH, Hu YH, Lu J
646 - 654 Experimental study on CO2 capture mechanisms using Na2ZrO3 sorbents synthesized by soft chemistry method
Ji GZ, Memon MZ, Zhuo HR, Zhao M
655 - 662 Feasibility of sludge deep-dewatering with sawdust conditioning for incineration disposal without energy input
Liu HB, Xiao H, Fu B, Liu H
663 - 670 High performance of CuY zeolite for catalyzing acetylene carbonylation and the effect of copper valence states on catalyst
Xie H, Yi DZ, Shi L, Meng X
671 - 679 Continuous hydrogen production from enzymatic hydrolysate of Agave tequilana bagasse: Effect of the organic loading rate and reactor configuration
Contreras-Davila CA, Mendez-Acosta HO, Arellano-Garcia L, Alatriste-Mondragon F, Razo-Flores E
680 - 692 CFD modeling of a fixed-bed biofilm reactor coupling hydrodynamics and biokinetics
Prades L, Dorado AD, Climent J, Guimera X, Chiva S, Gamisans X
693 - 701 Chemoautotrophic denitrification based on ferrous iron oxidation: Reactor performance and sludge characteristics
Wang R, Yang C, Zhang M, Xu SY, Dai CL, Liang LY, Zhao HP, Zheng P
702 - 710 Synthesis of Fe-ZSM-5@Ce/mesoporous-silica and its enhanced activity by sequential reaction process for NH3-SCR
Zhang L, Du TY, Qu HX, Chi B, Zhong Q
711 - 723 A comparative study on metal organic frameworks for indoor environment application: Adsorption evaluation
Bahri M, Haghighat F, Kazemian H, Rohani S
724 - 733 Synthesis of zeolitic imidazolate framework-8 particles of controlled sizes, shapes, and gate adsorption characteristics using a central collision-type microreactor
Watanabe S, Ohsaki S, Hanafusa T, Takada K, Tanaka H, Mae K, Miyahara MT
734 - 744 Metal-organic-frameworks derived porous carbon-wrapped Ni composites with optimized impedance matching as excellent lightweight electromagnetic wave absorber
Liu W, Shao QW, Ji GB, Liang XH, Cheng Y, Quan B, Du YW
745 - 752 Exploring beyond palladium: Catalytic reduction of aqueous oxyanion pollutants with alternative platinum group metals and new mechanistic implications
Chen X, Huo XC, Liu JY, Wang Y, Werth CJ, Strathmann TJ
753 - 758 Formation of lipophilic drug-loaded human serum albumin nanofibers crossMark with the aid of glutathione
Tiwari AP, Joshi MK, Maharjan B, Lee J, Park CH, Kim CS
759 - 768 Efficient tuning of surface copper species of Cu/SiO2 catalyst for hydrogenation of dimethyl oxalate to ethylene glycol
Zhao YJ, Li SM, Wang Y, Shan B, Zhang J, Wang SP, Ma XB
769 - 776 Comparison of metoprolol degradation by Fe-III-NTA modified Fenton-like reaction in the absence and presence of manganese: Efficiency and intermediates
Li YF, Sun JH, Sun SP
777 - 790 Nanoporous ceramic supported ionic liquid membranes for CO2 and SO2 removal from flue gas
Karousos DS, Labropoulos AI, Sapalidis A, Kanellopoulos NK, Iliev B, Schubert TJS, Romanos GE
791 - 800 Boron and phosphorus co-doped carbon counter electrode for efficient hole-conductor-free perovskite solar cell
Chen M, Zha RH, Yuan ZY, Jing QS, Huang ZY, Yang XK, Yang SM, Zhao XH, Xu DL, Zou GD
801 - 806 Overlooked effects of organic solvents from sample preparation on reaction constants of micropollutants in UV-based advanced oxidation processes
Li W, Wu RQ, Duan JM, Saint CP, Mulcahy D
807 - 814 High-efficiency mixing process in secondary rotating stream
Wang DG, Wang YH, Sun ZY, Zhou RT, Zhu BK, Zhang RK
815 - 825 Chemical oxidation of benzene and trichloroethylene by a combination of peroxymonosulfate and permanganate linked by in-situ generated colloidal/amorphous MnO2
Cui JX, Zhang LY, Xi BD, Zhang J, Mao XH
826 - 835 Amine functionalized multi-walled carbon nanotubes: Single and binary CI crossmark systems for high capacity dye removal
Maleki A, Hamesadeghi U, Daraei H, Hayati B, Najafi F, McKay G, Rezaee R
836 - 846 Efficient removal mechanism for antibiotic resistance genes from aquatic environments by graphene oxide nanosheet
Yu WC, Zhan SH, Shen ZQ, Zhou QX, Yang D
847 - 857 Experimentation and CFD modelling of a microchannel reactor for carbon dioxide methanation
Engelbrecht N, Chiuta S, Everson RC, Neomagus HWJP, Bessarabov DG
858 - 872 LES-DEM investigation of the timerelated solid phase properties and improvements of flow uniformity in a dualside refeed CFB
Wang S, Luo K, Yang SL, Hu CS, Fan JR
873 - 881 Recycled PET/MWCNT-ZnO quantum dot nanocomposites: Adsorption of Cd(II) ion, morphology, thermal and electrical conductivity properties
Mallakpour S, Behranvand V
882 - 889 Aggregation kinetics of nanosized activated carbons in aquatic environments
Chen CY, Huang WL
890 - 898 Composite ultrafiltration membrane tailored by MOF@GO with highly improved water purification performance
Ma J, Guo XY, Ying YP, Liu DH, Zhong CL
899 - 911 Novel amidoamine functionalized multi-walled carbon nanotubes for removal of mercury(II) ions from wastewater: Combined experimental and density functional theoretical approach
Deb AKS, Dwivedi V, Dasgupta K, Ali SM, Shenoy KT
912 - 927 Applications of high gravity technologies for wastewater treatment: A review
Jiao WZ, Luo S, He Z, Liu YZ
928 - 937 Preparation, characterization of nano ZnO-blended cellulose acetate-polyurethane membrane for photocatalytic degradation of dyes from water
Rajeswari A, Vismaiya S, Pius A
938 - 945 Comparison of Fenton, UV-Fenton and nano-Fe3O4 catalyzed UV-Fenton in degradation of phloroglucinol under neutral and alkaline conditions: Role of complexation of Fe3+ with hydroxyl group in phloroglucinol
Wang Y, Lin XH, Shao ZZ, Shan DP, Li GZ, Irini A
946 - 956 Hydrodynamic cavitation of brewery spent grain diluted by wastewater
Montusiewicz A, Pasieczna-Patkowska S, Lebiocka M, Szaja A, Szymanska-Chargot M
957 - 966 Ultrahigh adsorption capacity of anionic dyes with sharp selectivity through the cationic charged hybrid nanofibrous membranes
Zhu ZG, Wu P, Liu GJ, He XF, Qi BY, Zeng GF, Wang W, Sun YH, Cui FY
967 - 974 Performance of integrated anaerobic/aerobic sequencing batch reactor treating poultry slaughterhouse wastewater
Rajab AR, Salim MR, Sohaili J, Anuar AN, Salmiati, Lakkaboyana SK
975 - 982 Efficient and selective removal of heavy metals using microporous layered silicate AMH-3 as sorbent
Kim J, Kwak SY
983 - 992 Mechanistic study of simultaneous arsenic and fluoride removal using granular TiO2-La adsorbent
Yan L, Tu HW, Chan TS, Jing CY
993 - 1003 Response surface methodology optimization of adsorptive desulfurization on nickel/activated carbon
Danmaliki GI, Saleh TA, Shamsuddeen AA
1004 - 1009 Synthesis of a hybrid Anderson-type polyoxometalate in deep eutectic solvents (DESs) for deep desulphurization of model diesel in ionic liquids (ILs)
Lu HY, Li PC, Liu YM, Hao LW, Ren WZ, Zhu WJ, Deng CL, Yang F
1010 - 1022 Comparative study on the support properties in the total oxidation of dichloromethane over Pt catalysts
El Assal Z, Ojala S, Pitkaaho S, Pirault-Roy L, Darif B, Comparot JD, Bensitel M, Keiski RL, Brahmi R
1023 - 1032 Insight into reactive oxygen species in persulfate activation with copper oxide: Activated persulfate and trace radicals
Du XD, Zhang YQ, Hussain I, Huang SB, Huang WL
1033 - 1041 Degradation of pharmaceutical diclofenac and ibuprofen in aqueous solution, a direct comparison of ozonation, photocatalysis, and non-thermal plasma
Aziz KHH, Miessner H, Mueller S, Kalass D, Moeller D, Khorshid I, Rashid MAM
1042 - 1050 Nanostructured potassium copper hexacyanoferrate-cellulose hydrogel for selective and rapid cesium adsorption
Kim Y, Kim YK, Kim S, Harbottle D, Lee JW
1051 - 1060 High performance of Fe nanoparticles/carbon aerogel sorbents for H2S Removal
Tian H, Wu J, Zhang WB, Yang SY, Li FQ, Qi YF, Zhou RX, Qi XM, Zhao LL, Wang XJ
1061 - 1070 A novel membrane-based integrated process for fractionation and reclamation of dairy wastewater
Chen ZW, Luo JQ, Wang YJ, Cao WF, Qi BK, Wan YH
1071 - 1081 Remarkable supercapacitive performance of TiO2 nanotube arrays by introduction of oxygen vacancies
Zhang JF, Wang Y, Wu JJ, Shu X, Yu CP, Cui JW, Qin YQ, Zhang Y, Ajayan PM, Wu YC
1082 - 1087 Photoluminescence study of a broad yellow-emitting phosphor K2ZrSi2O7:Bi3+
Wang DY, Tang ZB, Khan WU, Wang YH
1088 - 1098 Direct fabrication of lamellar self-supporting Co3O4/N/C peroxymonosulfate activation catalysts for effective aniline degradation
Huang QQ, Zhang JY, He ZY, Shi PH, Qin X, Yao WF
1099 - 1111 Removal of VOCs by catalytic process. A study of MnZnO composites synthesized from waste alkaline and Zn/C batteries
Gallegos MV, Peluso MA, Finocchio E, Thomas HJ, Busca G, Sambeth JE
1112 - 1121 Photocatalytic degradation of highly refractive phenolic polymer Mechanistic insights as revealed by Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) and solid-state C-13 NMR spectroscopy
Sundarapandiyan S, Renitha TS, Sridevi J, Saravanan P, Chandrasekaran B, Raju GB
1122 - 1131 Enhanced hydrophobic MIL(Cr) metal-organic framework with high capacity and selectivity for benzene VOCs capture from high humid air
Zhu MP, Hu P, Tong ZF, Zhao ZX, Zhao ZX
1132 - 1141 Microwave-assisted synthesis of hierarchical mesoporous nano-Ti0(2)/cellulose composites for rapid adsorption of Pb2+
Zhang JJ, Li L, Li YX, Yang CF
1142 - 1151 Surface ion imprinting-mediated carbon nanofiber-grafted highly porous polymeric beads: Synthesis and application towards selective removal of aqueous Pb(II)
Mishra S, Verma N
1152 - 1159 Robust micro-nanoscale flowerlike ZnO/epoxy resin superhydrophobic coating with rapid healing ability
Zhang X, Si YF, Mo JL, Guo ZG
1160 - 1167 Surface tunable magnetic nano-sorbents for carbon dioxide sorption and separation
Li WL, Wu JW, Lee SS, Fortner JD
1168 - 1183 Influence of gas-liquid mass transfer on kinetic modeling: Carbonation of epoxidized vegetable oils
Cai XS, Zheng JL, Warna J, Salmi T, Taouk B, Leveneur S
1184 - 1193 A molecular dynamic simulation on the factors influencing the fluidity of molten coke ash during alkalization with K(2)0 and Na(2)0
Li KJ, Khanna R, Bouhadja M, Zhang JL, Liu ZJ, Su BX, Yang TJ, Sahajwall V, Singh CV, Barati M
1194 - 1205 Experimental investigation and model validation of a CaO/Ca(OH)(2) fluidized bed reactor for thermochemical energy storage applications
Criado YA, Huille A, Rouge S, Abanades JC
1206 - 1214 A liquid foam-bed photobioreactor for microalgae production
Janoska A, Lamers PP, Hamhuis A, van Eimeren Y, Wijffels RH, Janssen M
1215 - 1221 The dechlorination of TCE by a perchlorate reducing consortium
Wen LL, Zhang Y, Chen JX, Zhang ZX, Yi YY, Tang Y, Rittmann BE, Zhao HP
1222 - 1232 Short-term pre-aeration applied to the dry anaerobic digestion of MSW, with a focus on the spectroscopic characteristics of dissolved organic matter
Ni Z, Liu JG, Zhang MW
1233 - 1241 Endogenous metabolism of anaerobic ammonium oxidizing bacteria in response to short-term anaerobic and anoxic starvation stress
Ma X, Wang YY, Zhou S, Yan Y, Lin XM, Wu M
1242 - 1250 Convenient and large-scale synthesis of hollow graphene-like nanocages for electrochemical supercapacitor application
Li ZS, Zhang L, Li BL, Liu ZS, Liu ZH, Wang HQ, Li QY
1251 - 1257 Biodegradation of levofloxacin by an acclimated freshwater microalga, Chlorella vulgaris
Xiong JQ, Kurade MB, Jeon BH
1258 - 1268 Enhanced formation of sulfate radicals by metal-doped BiFeO3 under visible light for improving photo-Fenton catalytic degradation of 2-chlorophenol
Soltani T, Lee BK
1269 - 1277 Nanocomposite of ultrasmall Co3O4 nanoparticles deposited on ultrathin MoS2 surfaces for excellent performance anode materials in lithium ion batteries
Lou YB, He D, Wang ZF, Hu YH, Shen Y, Ming J, Chen JX
1278 - 1287 Adsorbents based on crown ether functionalized composite mesoporous silica for selective extraction of trace silver
Hong MZ, Wang X, You WJ, Zhuang ZY, Yu Y
1288 - 1294 High and efficient Li2CuO2-CO2 chemisorption using different partial pressures and enhancement produced by the oxygen addition
Lara-Garcia HA, Pfeiffer H
1295 - 1301 Facile synthesis of bimodal nanoporous carbons by templating selective Swelling-induced mesoporous block copolymers
Guo LM, Wang XT, Wang Y
1302 - 1310 Synthesis of graphene-like ultrathin polyaniline and its post-polymerization coating on nanosilica leading towards superhydrophobicity of composites
Bhandari S, Singha NK, Khastgir D
1311 - 1319 Characterization of odorous compounds and odor load in indoor air of modern complex MBT facilities
Colon J, Alvarez C, Vinot M, Lafuente FJ, Ponsa S, Sanchez A, Gabriel D
1320 - 1327 Degradation of Bisphenol A using peroxymonosulfate activated by one-step prepared sulfur-doped carbon nitride as a metal-free heterogeneous catalyst
Lin KYA, Zhang ZY
1328 - 1334 Surface modification with hierarchical CuO arrays toward a flexible, durable superhydrophobic and self-cleaning material
Xu CL, Song F, Wang XL, Wang YZ
1335 - 1345 Magnetic stabilization of fluidized beds: Effect of magnetic field orientation
Espin MJ, Quintanilla MAS, Valverde JM
1346 - 1353 MOF-74 and UTSA-16 film growth on monolithic structures and their CO2 adsorption performance
Rezaei F, Lawson S, Hosseini H, Thakkar H, Hajari A, Monjezi S, Rownaghi AA
1354 - 1363 Production of hydrogen from hydrogen sulfide with perovskite type catalysts: LaMO3
Guldal NO, Figen HE, Baykara SZ
1364 - 1369 Pulsatile micromixing using water-head-driven microfluidic oscillators
Li Z, Kim SJ
1370 - 1381 Facile one-pot synthesis of highly dispersed Ni nanoparticles embedded Q crossMark in HMS for dry reforming of methane
Wang MZ, Zhang QL, Zhang TF, Wang YR, Wang J, Long KX, Song ZX, Liu X, Ning P
1382 - 1395 Manganese-containing hollow TS-1: Description of the catalytic sites and surface properties for solvent -free oxidation of ethylbenzene
Liu MQ, Xiao ZS, Dai J, Zhong WZ, Xu Q, Mao LQ, Yin DL
1396 - 1405 Conversion enhancement for acetalization using a catalytically active membrane in a pervaporation membrane reactor
Qing WH, Chen JR, Shi XN, Wu JQ, Hu JY, Zhang WD
1406 - 1414 A novel passive micromixer designed by applying an optimization algorithm to the zigzag microchannel
Chen XY, Li TC
1415 - 1425 H-2 production from sorption enhanced steam reforming of biogas using multifunctional catalysts of Ni over Zr-, Ce- and La-modified CaO sorbents
Phromprasit J, Powell J, Wongsakulphasatch S, Kiatkittipong W, Bumroongsakulsawat P, Assabumrungrat S
1426 - 1437 Scaling analysis of a microcombustor
Jejurkar SY, Mishra DP
1438 - 1446 Facile fabrication of "green" SnS2 quantum dots/reduced graphene oxide composites with enhanced photocatalytic performance
Yuan YJ, Chen DQ, Shi XF, Tu JR, Hu B, Yang LX, Yu ZT, Zou ZG
1447 - 1453 UV-assisted construction of 3D hierarchical rGO/Bi2MoO6 composites for enhanced photocatalytic water oxidation
Ke J, Duan XG, Luo S, Zhang HY, Sun HQ, Liu J, Tade M, Wang SB
1454 - 1467 Titanate nanotubes as acid catalysts for acetalization of glycerol with acetone: Influence of the synthesis time and the role of structure on the catalytic performance
de Carvalho DC, Oliveira AC, Ferreira OP, Filho JM, Tehuacanero-Cuapa S, Oliveira AC
1468 - 1476 Microreactor with silver-loaded metal-organic framework films for gas-phase reactions
Papurello RL, Fernandez JL, Miro EE, Zamaro JM
1477 - 1485 Reactable ionic liquid induced homogeneous carbon superdoping of BiPO4 for superior photocatalytic removal of 4-chlorophenol
Di J, Chen J, Ji MX, Zhang Q, Xu L, Xia JX, Li HM
1486 - 1493 Pd/C-CaO-catalyzed alpha-alkylation and hydrodeoxygenation of an acetone-butanol-ethanol mixture for biogasoline synthesis
Vo HT, Yeo SM, Dahnum D, Jae J, Hong CS, Lee H
1494 - 1508 Hydrogen production with a microchannel heat-exchanger reactor by single stage water-gas shift; catalyst development
Izquierdo U, Neuberg S, Pecov S, Pennemann H, Zapf R, Wichert M, Barrio VL, Cambra JF, Kolb G
1509 - 1520 A comprehensive review of micro-distillation methods
Yang RJ, Liu CC, Wang YN, Hou HH, Fu LM
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