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1 - 6 Removal of arsenic from flue gas by using NaClO solution
Zhao Y, Qiu W, Yang CY, Wang JA
7 - 14 Enhanced oils and organic solvents absorption by polyurethane foams composites modified with MnO2 nanowires
Zhang T, Kong LY, Dai YT, Yue XJ, Rong J, Qiu FX, Pan JM
15 - 21 y Sub-10-nm Co3O4 nanoparticles/graphene composites as high-performance anodes for lithium storage
Jang K, Hwang DK, Auxilia FM, Jang J, Song H, Oh BY, Kim Y, Nam J, Park JW, Jeong S, Lee SS, Choi S, Kim IS, Kim WB, Myoung JM, Ham MH
22 - 29 Benzene oxidation by Fe(III)-activated percarbonate: matrix-constituent effects and degradation pathways
Fu XR, Gu XG, Lu SG, Sharma VK, Brusseau ML, Xue YF, Danish M, Fu GY, Qiu ZF, Sui Q
30 - 40 Surface modified glass fiber membranes with superior chemical and thermal resistance for O/W separation
Cao ZP, Hao TY, Wang P, Zhang YF, Cheng BW, Yuan T, Meng JQ
41 - 48 New insight into sludge digestion mechanism for simultaneous sludge thickening and reduction using flat-sheet membrane-coupled aerobic digesters
Zhu XF, Yuan WY, Wu ZC, Wang XH, Zhang XD
49 - 62 Continuous lithium mining from aqueous resources by an adsorbent filter with a 3D polymeric nanofiber network infused with ion sieves
Chung WJ, Torrejos REC, Park MJ, Vivas EL, Limjuco LA, Lawagon CP, Parohinog KJ, Lee SP, Shon HK, Kim H, Nisola GM
63 - 69 Synthesis of N,N-Bis(2-hydroxypropyl)laurylamine and its flotation on quartz
Liu WB, Liu WG, Wei DZ, Li MY, Zhao Q, Xu SC
70 - 79 Monodisperse core-shell magnetic organosilica nanoflowers with radial wrinkle for lipase immobilization
Gao J, Kong WX, Zhou LY, He Y, Ma L, Wang Y, Yin LY, Jiang YJ
80 - 88 Degradation of ethylbenzene in aqueous solution by sodium percarbonate activated with EDDS-Fe(III) complex
Cui H, Gu XG, Lu SG, Fu XR, Zhang X, Fu GY, Qiu ZF, Sui Q
89 - 97 Rational design of sandwiched polyaniline nanotube/layered graphene/polyaniline nanotube papers for high-volumetric supercapacitors
Yang C, Zhang LL, Hu NT, Yang Z, Su YJ, Xu SS, Li M, Yao L, Hong M, Zhang YF
98 - 107 Facile bio-functionalized design of thermally responsive molecularly imprinted composite membrane for temperature-dependent recognition and separation applications
Wu YL, Yan M, Lu J, Wang C, Zhao J, Cui JY, Li CX, Yan YS
108 - 117 Cultivating granular sludge directly in a continuous-flow membrane bioreactor with internal circulation
Chen CQ, Bin LY, Tang B, Huang SS, Fu FL, Chen QY, Wu LY, Wu CM
118 - 129 Effect of calcium ion on phosphate adsorption onto hydrous zirconium oxide
Lin JW, Zhan YH, Wang H, Chu M, Wang CF, He Y, Wang XX
130 - 139 Synthesis and application of LDH intercalated cellulose nanocomposite for separation of rare earth elements (REEs)
Iftekhar S, Srivastava V, Sillanpaa M
140 - 150 Mussel-inspired coating of energetic crystals: A compact core-shell structure with highly enhanced thermal stability
Gong FY, Zhang JH, Ding L, Yang ZJ, Liu XB
151 - 158 Advanced electrochemical energy storage supercapacitors based on the flexible carbon fiber fabric-coated with uniform coral-like MnO2 structured electrodes
Cakici M, Reddy KR, Alonso-Marroquin F
159 - 171 Improvement of CO2 uptake of activated carbons by treatment with mineral acids
Gesikiewicz-Puchalska A, Zgrzebnicki M, Michalkiewicz B, Narkiewicz U, Morawski AW, Wrobel RJ
172 - 177 Zinc acetate supported on N-doped activated carbon as catalysts for acetylene acetoxylation
Wu XY, He PJ, Wang XG, Dai B
178 - 186 Photocatalytic treatment of automotive exhaust emissions
Poulakis E, Philippopoulos C
187 - 196 Production of phenolic hydrocarbons using catalytic depolymerization of empty fruit bunch (EFB)-derived organosolv lignin on H beta-supported Ru
Kim M, Son D, Choi JW, Jae J, Suh DJ, Ha JM, Lee KY
197 - 205 Catalytic reduction of bromate over monometallic catalysts on different powder and structured supports
Restivo J, Soares OSGP, Orfao JJM, Pereira MFR
206 - 221 Grafting of diallyldimethylammonium chloride on graphene oxide by RAFT polymerization for modification of nanocomposite polysulfone membranes using in water treatment
Kochameshki MG, Marjani A, Mahmoudian M, Farhadi K
222 - 229 Enhanced photocatalytic activity of Ag3PO4 photocatalyst via glucose-based carbonsphere modification
Song LM, Yang JF, Zhang SJ
230 - 239 Dy3+ and Eu3+ Co-doped NaGdF4 nanofibers endowed with bifunctionality of tunable multicolor luminescence and paramagnetic properties
Li D, Ma QL, Xi X, Dong XT, Yu WS, Wang JX, Liu GX
240 - 248 Facile approach to the green synthesis of novel ternary composites with excellent superhydrophobic and thermal stability property: An expanding horizon
Guo XG, Li XM, Lai C, Jiang X, Li XL, Shu YJ
249 - 262 Experimental and CFD study of particle deposition on the outer surface of vortex finder of a cyclone separator
Song JF, Wei YD, Sun GG, Chen JY
263 - 271 Bioinspired synthesis of pDA/SiO2-based porous ciprofloxacin-imprinted nanocomposite membrane by a polydopamine-assisted organic-inorganic method
Wu YL, Lu J, Meng MJ, Dai JD, Lin XY, Gao J, Li CX, Yan YS
272 - 277 Pie-like free-standing paper of graphene paper@Fe3O4 nanorod array@carbon as integrated anode for robust lithium storage
Guo JX, Zhu HF, Sun YF, Tang L, Zhang X
278 - 287 Microwave aqueous synthesis of hydroxyapatite bilayer coating on magnesium alloy for orthopedic application
Shen SB, Cai S, Li Y, Ling R, Zhang FY, Xu GH, Wang FW
288 - 297 The Pt-NiO catalysts over the metallic monolithic support for oxidation of carbon monoxide and hexane
Kucharczyk B, Tylus M, Okal J, Checmanowski J, Szczygiel B
298 - 304 Alkylation desulfurization of FCC gasoline over organic-inorganic heteropoly acid catalyst
Yu FL, Wang QY, Yuan B, Xie CX, Yu ST
305 - 312 Determinations of trace lead in various natural samples by a novel active microband-electrode probe
Zhang W, Xu YW, Tahir HE, Zou XB
313 - 320 Enhanced driving force and charge separation efficiency in disordered SnNbxOy: Boosting photocatalytic activity toward water reduction
Huang SS, Lang JY, Du CF, Bian FG, Su YG, Wang XJ
321 - 329 A new polyamide adjusted triazinyl-beta-cyclodextrin side group embedded magnetic nanoparticles for bacterial capture
Abdolmaleki A, Mallakpour S, Mahmoudian M, Sabzalian MR
330 - 338 Direct Cr (VI) bio-reduction with organics as electron donor by anaerobic sludge
Qian J, Zhou JM, Wang LL, Wei L, Li Q, Wang DB, Wang QL
339 - 348 Oxidation of microcystin-LR by the Fenton process: Kinetics, degradation intermediates, water quality and toxicity assessment
Park JA, Yang B, Park C, Choi JW, van Genuchten CM, Lee SH
349 - 365 Optimized nano-scale zero-valent iron supported on treated activated carbon for enhanced nitrate and phosphate removal from water
Khalil AME, Eljamal O, Amen TWM, Sugihara Y, Matsunaga N
366 - 373 A magnetic superhydrophilic/oleophobic sponge for continuous oil-water separation
Su CP, Yang H, Song S, Lu B, Chen R
374 - 380 Room-temperature synthesis of graphene quantum dots via electron-beam irradiation and their application in cell imaging
Wang L, Li WT, Wu B, Li Z, Pan DY, Wu MH
381 - 396 Synthesis of cross-linked PVA membranes embedded with multi-wall carbon nanotubes and their application to esterification of acetic acid with methanol
Shameli A, Ameri E
397 - 408 Membrane fouling between a membrane bioreactor and a moving bed membrane bioreactor: Effects of solids retention time
Fu C, Yue XD, Shi XQ, Ng KK, Ng HY
409 - 416 Pilot-scale investigation on the treatment of cellulosic ethanol biorefinery wastewater
Hu Q, Fan LR, Gao DW
417 - 425 Core shell MoS2/C nanospheres embedded in foam-like carbon sheets composite with an interconnected macroporous structure as stable and high-capacity anodes for sodium ion batteries
Wang BB, Xia Y, Wang G, Zhou YX, Wang H
426 - 434 NiCo2O4 hollow microspheres with tunable numbers and thickness of shell for supercapacitors
Qi XH, Zheng WJ, He GH, Tian TF, Du NX, Wang L
435 - 444 Pervaporative removal of organosulfur compounds (OSCs) from gasoline using PEBA and PDMS based commercial hydrophobic membranes
Rychlewska K, Kujawski W, Konieczny K
445 - 453 The rapid coagulation of graphene oxide on La-doped layered double hydroxides
Wang J, Li YS, Chen WY, Peng JX, Hu J, Chen ZS, Wen T, Lu SS, Chen YT, Hayat T, Ahmad B, Wang XK
454 - 462 Sulfide removal and sulfur production in a membrane aerated biofilm reactor: Model evaluation
Sun J, Dai XH, Liu YW, Peng L, Ni BJ
463 - 470 Superhydrophilic coatings with intricate nanostructure based on biotic materials for antifogging and antibiofouling applications
Choi M, Xiangde L, Park J, Choi D, Heo J, Chang M, Lee C, Hong J
471 - 479 Combination of VOC degradation and electro-hydrodynamic pumping actions in a surface dielectric barrier discharge reactor
Rohani V, Nobrega PA, Zadeh M, Cauneau F, Fulcheri L
480 - 488 Green fuel through green route by using a task-specific and neutral 0 CrossMark phosphonium ionic liquid: A joint experimental and theoretical study
Moghadam FR, Azizian S, Kianpour E, Yarie M, Bayat M, Zolfigol MA
489 - 502 Recent progress of carbonaceous" materials in fuel cell applications: An overview
You PY, Kamarudin SK
503 - 512 Elemental mercury adsorption and regeneration performance of sorbents FeMnOx), enhanced via non-thermal plasma
Zeng XB, Xu Y, Zhang B, Luo GQ, Sun P, Zou RJ, Yao H
513 - 521 Effective removal of emulsified oil from oily wastewater using in-situ generated metallic hydroxides from leaching solution of white mud
Gao RT, Li F, Li YJ, Wu T
522 - 531 The synthesis of hierarchical porous Al2O3/acrylic resin composites as durable, efficient and recyclable absorbents for oil/water separation
Yue XJ, Zhang T, Yang DY, Qiu FX, Rong J, Xu JC, Fang JS
532 - 544 The effects of pulsation and retraction on non-Newtonian flows in three-stream injector atomization systems
Strasser W, Battaglia F
545 - 551 Synthesis of tube shape MnO/C-P composite from 3,4,9,10-perylenetetracarboxylic dianhydride for lithium ion batteries
Ma JJ, Wang HJ, Liu XR, Lu LD, Nie LY, Yang X, Chai YQ, Yuan R
552 - 562 Nanosilica reinforced ion-exchange polyHIPE type membrane for removal of nickel ions: Preparation, characterization and adsorption studies
Moghbeli MR, Khajeh A, Alikhani M
563 - 576 The role of lipopeptide biosurfactant on microbial remediation of aged polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs)-contaminated soil
Bezza FA, Chirwa EMN
577 - 587 Adsorption of aromatic organoarsenic compounds by ferric and manganese binary oxide and description of the associated mechanism
Joshi TP, Zhang G, Jefferson WA, Perfilev AV, Liu RP, Liu HJ, Qu JH
588 - 595 Enhanced styrene removal in a two-phase partitioning bioreactor operated as a biotrickling filter: Towards full-scale applications
San-Valero P, Gabaldon C, Penya-Roja JM, Quijano G
596 - 606 Degradation of emerging pollutants in water under solar irradiation using novel TiO2-ZnO/clay nanoarchitectures
Tobajas M, Belver C, Rodriguez JJ
607 - 616 One-step method to prepare starch-based superabsorbent polymer for slow release of fertilizer
Xiao XM, Yu L, Xie FW, Bao XY, Liu HS, Ji ZL, Chen L
617 - 627 Improved reversible redox cycles on MTiOx (M = Fe, Co, Ni, and Cu) particles afforded by rapid and stable oxygen carrier capacity for use in chemical looping combustion of methane
Kwak BS, Park NK, Ryu SO, Baek JI, Ryu HJ, Kang M
628 - 637 The role of nanosized nickel particles in microwave-assisted dry reforming of lignin
Tsodikov MV, Ellert OG, Nikolaev SA, Arapova OV, Konstantinov GI, Bukhtenko OV, Vasil'kov AY
638 - 645 Highly reductive radical CO2 center dot- deriving from a system with SO4 center dot- and formate anion: Implication for reduction of Cr(VI) from wastewater
Ren HJ, Hou ZM, Han X, Zhou R
646 - 654 Oxidation of antipyrine by chlorine dioxide: Reaction kinetics and degradation pathway
Jia XH, Feng L, Liu YZ, Zhang LQ
655 - 662 Technical and environmental assessment of gold recovery from secondary streams obtained in the processing of waste printed circuit boards
Imre-Lucaci A, Nagy M, Imre-Lucaci F, Fogarasi S
663 - 673 Facile synthesis of dicamba ester over heterogeneous magnesium oxide and kinetic modelling
Deshmukh GP, Yadav GD
674 - 681 Composite of nonexpansion reduced graphite oxide and carbon derived from pitch as anodes of Na-ion batteries with high coulombic efficiency
Yang SB, Dong W, Shen D, Li SN, Sun W, Hong XD, Wang M, Mao YQ
682 - 690 Structurally tuned lead magnesium titanate perovskite as a photoelectrode material for enhanced photoelectrochemical water splitting
Chandrasekaran S, Kim EJ, Chung JS, Yoo IK, Senthilkumar V, Kim YS, Bowen CR, Adamaki V, Hur SH
691 - 699 Facile immobilization of Ag nanoparticles on microchannel walls in microreactors for catalytic applications
Zhang L, Liu Z, Wang Y, Xie R, Ju XJ, Wang W, Lin LG, Chu LY
700 - 707 Formation of enhanced gelatum using ethanol/water binary medium for fabricating chitosan aerogels with high specific surface area
Zhang SZ, Feng J, Feng JZ, Jiang YG
708 - 716 Enhancements in ElectroKinetic Remediation Technology: Focus on water management and wastewater recovery
Vocciante M, Bagatin R, Ferro S
717 - 724 Degradation of TBBPA and BPA from aqueous solution using organo-montmorillonite supported nanoscale zero-valent iron
Peng XX, Tian Y, Liu SW, Jia XS
725 - 737 The effect of fly ash on reactivity of calcium based sorbents for CO2 capture
Chen HC, Wang F, Zhao CS, Khalili N
738 - 752 Advances in draw solutes for forward osmosis: Hybrid organic-inorganic nanoparticles and conventional solutes
Alejo T, Arruebo M, Carcelen V, Monsalvo VM, Sebastian V
753 - 765 Catalytic performance of hierarchical metal oxides for per-oxidative degradation of pyridine in aqueous solution
Singh S, Lo SL
766 - 771 Covalent organic polymer functionalization of activated carbon surfaces through acyl chloride for environmental clean-up
Mines PD, Thirion D, Uthuppu B, Hwang Y, Jakobsen MH, Andersen HR, Yavuz CT
772 - 786 Influence of temperature and solvent concentration on the kinetics of the enzyme carbonic anhydrase in carbon capture technology
Gladis A, Gundersen MT, Fosbol PL, Woodley JM, von Solms N
787 - 794 High-performance wastewater treatment based on reusable functional photo-absorbers
Liu YC, Wang XQ, Wu H
795 - 801 Synthesis and spectroscopic investigation of Ba3La6(SiO4)(6):Eu2+ green phosphors for white light-emitting diodes
Zhong JS, Chen DQ, Yuan YJ, Chen LF, Yu H, Ji ZG
802 - 814 Self-standing cuprous oxide nanoparticles on silica@ polyphosphazene nanospheres: 3D nanostructure for enhancing the flame retardancy and toxic effluents elimination of epoxy resins via synergistic catalytic effect
Qiu SL, Xing WY, Feng XM, Yu B, Mu XW, Yuen RKK, Hu Y
815 - 823 The adsorption behavior and mechanism of Cr(VI) on 3D hierarchical alpha-Fe2O3 structures exposed by (001) and non-(001) planes
Liu Z, Yu RT, Dong YP, Li W, Lv BL
824 - 839 Optimization of spray dried attrition-resistant iron based oxygen carriers for chemical looping reforming
De Vos Y, Jacobs M, Van Der Voort P, Van Driessche I, Snijkers F, Verberckmoes A
840 - 849 Acid base interaction and its influence on the adsorption kinetics and selectivity order of aromatic sulfur heterocycles adsorbing on Ag-Al2O3
Neubauer R, Husmann M, Weinlaender C, Kienzl N, Leitner E, Hochenauer C
850 - 865 Advanced neural network prediction and system identification of liquid-liquid flow patterns in circular microchannels with varying angle of confluence
Nandagopal MSG, Abraham E, Selvaraju N
866 - 872 Validation of energy storage of TiO2-NiO/TiO2 film by electrochemical process and photocatalytic activity
Buama S, Junsukhon A, Ngaotrakanwiwat P, Rangsunvigit P
873 - 885 Optimization of the product spectrum for 1-pentene cracking on ZSM-5 using single-event methodology. Part 2: Recycle reactor
von Aretin T, Standl S, Tonigold M, Hinrichsen O
886 - 897 Optimization of the product spectrum for 1-pentene cracking on ZSM-5 using single-event methodology. Part 1: Two-zone reactor
von Aretin T, Standl S, Tonigold M, Hinrichsen O