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1 - 7 Decorating outer membrane vesicles with organophosphorus hydrolase and cellulose binding domain for organophosphate pesticide degradation
Su FH, Tabanag IDF, Wu CY, Tsai SL
8 - 17 A new criterion to identify safe operating conditions for isoperibolic homogeneous semi-batch reactions
Bai WS, Hao L, Guo ZC, Liu YY, Wang R, Wei HY
18 - 26 Additive-free poly (vinylidene fluoride) aerogel for oil/water separation and rapid oil absorption
Chen XL, Liang YN, Tang XZ, Shen WM, Hu X
27 - 39 Synthesis and characterization of thin film nanocomposite membranes incorporated with surface functionalized Silicon nanoparticles for improved water vapor permeation performance
Baig MI, Ingole PG, Choi WK, Jeon JD, Jang B, Moon JH, Lee HK
40 - 49 Enhanced CH4 recovery and CO2 storage via thermal stimulation in the CH4/CO2 replacement of methane hydrate
Zhang LX, Yang L, Wang JQ, Zhao JF, Dong HS, Yang MJ, Liu Y, Song YC
50 - 58 CH4 - Flue gas replacement occurring in sH hydrates and its significance for CH4 recovery and CO2 sequestration
Lee Y, Seo YJ, Ahn T, Lee J, Lee JY, Kim SJ, Seo Y
59 - 66 High rates of Cr(VI) photoreduction with magnetically recoverable nano-Fe3O4@Fe2O3/Al2O3 catalyst under visible light
Nagarjuna R, Challagulla S, Ganesan R, Roy S
67 - 77 Catalytic degradation of chlorinated organic pollutants over CexFe1-xO2 (x: 0, 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, 1) nanocomposites at mild conditions
Kurian M, Kunjachan C, Sreevalsan A
78 - 88 Facile preparation of rhamnolipid-layered double hydroxide nanocomposite for simultaneous adsorption of p-cresol and copper ions from water
Li Y, Bi HY, Jin YS
89 - 100 Heterogeneous nucleation and surface conformal growth of silver nanocoatings on colloidal silica in a continuous flow static T-mixer
Meincke T, Bao HX, Pflug L, Stingl M, Taylor RNK
101 - 109 Esterification of free fatty acids with methanol to biodiesel using heterogeneous catalysts: From model acid oil to microalgae lipids
Veillette M, Giroir-Fendler A, Faucheux N, Heitz M
110 - 125 Online integrated fractionation-hydrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass using sub- and supercritical water
Piqueras CM, Cabeza A, Gallina G, Cantero DA, Garcia-Serna J, Cocero MJ
126 - 134 Trace ions rejection tunning in NF by selecting solution composition: Ion permeances estimation
Pages N, Reig M, Gibert O, Cortina JL
135 - 141 Microchannel reactor for intensifying oxidation of methanol to formaldehyde over Fe-Mo catalyst
Gribovskii AG, Ovchinnikova EV, Vernikovskaya NV, Andreev DV, Chumachenko VA, Makarshin LL
142 - 150 Efficient integrated processes for pulp and paper wastewater treatment and phytotoxicity reduction: Permanganate, electro-Fenton and Co3O4/UV/peroxymonosulfate
Jaafarzadeh N, Ghanbari F, Ahmadi M, Omidinasab M
151 - 159 Super hydrophilic PVDF based composite membrane for efficient separation of tetracycline
Lu TT, Xu XX, Liu XX, Sun T
160 - 168 Acetylacetonate complexes of vanadium and molybdenum supported on functionalized boehmite nano-particles for the catalytic epoxidation of alkenes
Mirzaee M, Bahramian B, Gholizadeh J, Feizi A, Gholami R
169 - 176 Synthesis, modification, characterization and application of AC@Fe2O3@MnO2 composite for ultrasound assisted dispersive solid phase microextraction of refractory metals in environmental samples
Dimpe KM, Nyaba L, Magoda C, Ngila JC, Nomngongo PN
177 - 183 Controlled oxidation state of Ti in MgO-TiO2 composite for CO2 capture
Hiremath V, Shavi R, Seo JG
184 - 192 Synthesis and remarkable capacitive performance of reduced graphene oxide/silver/nickel-cobalt sulfide ternary nanocomposites
Cai XQ, Shen XP, Ji ZY, Sheng XX, Kong LR, Yuan AH
193 - 201 Effect of Fe(II/III) on tetracycline degradation under UV/VUV irradiation
Yao H, Pei J, Wang H, Fu J
202 - 213 PVP assisted morphology-controlled synthesis of hierarchical mesoporous ZnCo2O4 nanoparticles for high-performance pseudocapacitor
Tomboc GM, Jadhav HS, Kim H
214 - 221 Synthesis of ZnS quantum dots and CoFe2O4 nanoparticles co-loaded with graphene nanosheets as an efficient broad band EM wave absorber
Zhang N, Huang Y, Zong M, Ding X, Li SP, Wang MY
222 - 228 Free standing three-dimensional nitrogen-doped carbon nanowire array for high-performance supercapacitors
Xu GY, Dou H, Geng XM, Han JP, Chen LF, Zhu HL
229 - 239 Green approach on the development of lock-and-key polymers for API purification
Viveiros R, Lopes MI, Heggie W, Casimiro T
240 - 247 Encapsulation of NiO nanoparticles in mesoporous carbon nanospheres for advanced energy storage
Liu MX, Wang X, Zhu DZ, Li LC, Duan H, Xu ZJ, Wang ZW, Gan LH
248 - 255 Photocatalytic reduction of CO2 with H2O over graphene oxide supported oxygen-rich TiO2 hybrid photocatalyst under visible light irradiation: Process and kinetic studies
Tan LL, Ong WJ, Chai SP, Mohamed AR
256 - 263 Role of temperature on microbial community profiles in an anaerobic bioreactor for treating PTA wastewater
Ma KL, Li XK, Wang K, Ren YH, Chu ZR, Zhang J
264 - 274 Effect of torrefaction on the catalytic post-treatment of sewage sludge pyrolysis vapors using gamma-Al2O3
Atienza-Martinez M, Rubio I, Fonts I, Ceamanos J, Gea G
275 - 288 Fabrication of bridge like Pt@MWCNTs/CoS2 electrocatalyst on conductive polymer matrix for electrochemical hydrogen evolution
Ashassi-Sorkhabi H, Rezaei-Moghadam B, Asghari E, Bagheri R, Hosseinpour Z
289 - 298 Effects of the size and Cu modulation of Pd-n (n <= 38) clusters on Hg-0 adsorption
Ling LX, Fan LL, Feng X, Wang BJ, Zhang RG
299 - 310 Hydrogen assisted magnesiothermic reduction of TiO2
Zhang Y, Fang ZZ, Xia Y, Sun P, Van Devener B, Free M, Lefler H, Zheng SL
311 - 321 Optimization of CdSe nanocrystals synthesis with a microfluidic reactor and development of combinatorial synthesis process for industrial production
Swain B, Hong MH, Kang L, Kim BS, Kim NH, Lee CG
322 - 329 The simultaneous removal of ammonium and manganese from groundwater by iron-manganese co-oxide filter film: The role of chemical catalytic oxidation for ammonium removal
Guo YM, Huang TL, Wen G, Cao X
330 - 339 Mechanism insight of degradation of norfloxacin by magnetite nanoparticles activated persulfate: Identification of radicals and degradation pathway
Ding DH, Liu C, Ji YF, Yang Q, Chen LL, Jiang CL, Cai TM
340 - 346 Preparation of porous ZnO/ZnFe2O4 composite from metal organic frameworks and its applications for lithium ion batteries
Yang X, Xue HT, Yang QD, Yuan R, Kang WP, Lee CS
347 - 358 Zwitterionic ultrafiltration membranes for As (V) rejection
Nayak V, Balakrishna RG, Padaki M, Soontarapa K
359 - 369 Decolourization of aerobically treated palm oil mill effluent (AT-POME) using polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) ultrafiltration membrane incorporated with coupled zinc-iron Oxide nanoparticles
Tan YH, Goh PS, Ismail AF, Ng BC, Lai GS
370 - 376 Recovery of Ru(III) from hydrochloric acid by cloud point extraction with 2-Mercaptobenzothiazole-functionalized ionic liquid
Zhang H, Yang XY, Liu ZH, Yang YZ
377 - 385 Precisely controlled fabrication of magnetic 3D gamma-Fe2O3@ZnO core-shell photocatalyst with enhanced activity: Ciprofloxacin degradation and mechanism insight
Li N, Zhang J, Tian Y, Zhao JH, Zhang J, Zuo W
386 - 395 Degradation of tris(2-chloroethyl) phosphate by ultraviolet-persulfate: Kinetics, pathway and intermediate impact on proteome of Escherichia coli
Ou HS, Liu J, Ye JS, Wang LL, Gao NY, Ke J
396 - 407 Efficient transformation of trichloroethylene activated through sodium percarbonate using heterogeneous zeolite supported nano zero valent iron-copper bimetallic composite
Danish M, Gu XG, Lu SG, Ahmad A, Naqvi M, Farooq U, Zhang X, Fu XR, Miao ZW, Xue YF
408 - 418 Adsorption of chlorophenoxy pesticides on activated carbon with gradually removed external particle layers
Derylo-Marczewska A, Blachnio M, Marczewski AW, Swiatkowski A, Buczek B
419 - 427 An effective Pd-NiOx-P composite catalyst for glycerol electrooxidation: Co-existed phosphorus and nickel oxide to enhance performance of Pd
Kang YM, Wang W, Pu YL, Li JM, Chai D, Lei ZQ
428 - 437 Performance of different oxidants in the presence of oxisol: Remediation of groundwater contaminated by gasoline/ethanol blend
Andrade LN, Araujo SF, Matos AT, Henriques AB, Oliveira LC, Souza PP, Chagas P, Leao MMD, Amorim CC
438 - 462 A review on the adsorption of heavy metals by clay minerals, with special focus on the past decade
Uddin MK
463 - 475 Mechanistic insights into the remediation of bromide ions from desalinated water using roasted date pits
Al-Ghouti MA, Al Disi ZA, Al-Kaabi N, Khraisheh M
476 - 491 Hierarchically porous zeolite X composites for manganese ion-exchange and solidification: Equilibrium isotherms, kinetic and thermodynamic studies
Al-Jubouri SM, Holmes SM
492 - 504 Solar photo-Fenton and UV/H2O2 processes against the antidepressant Venlafaxine in urban wastewaters and human urine. Intermediates formation and biodegradability assessment
Giannakis S, Hendaoui I, Jovic M, Grandjean D, De Alencastro LF, Girault H, Pulgarin C
505 - 515 Heterogeneous activation of peroxymonosulfate using ordered mesoporous Co3O4 for the degradation of chloramphenicol at neutral pH
Deng J, Feng SF, Zhang KJ, Li J, Wang HY, Zhang TQ, Ma XY
516 - 526 Efficacious means for inhibiting the deactivation of K2CO3/AC for low-concentration CO2 removal in the presence of SO2 and NO2
Guo YF, Li CH, Lu SX, Zhao CW
527 - 534 Preparation of water soluble and biocompatible AIE-active fluorescent organic nanoparticles via multicomponent reaction and their biological imaging capability
Long Z, Liu MY, Jiang RM, Wan Q, Mao LC, Wan YQ, Deng FJ, Zhang XY, Wei Y
535 - 543 Particle processing by dense gas antisolvent precipitation: ARISE scale-up
Foster NR, Kurniawansyah F, Tandya A, Delgado C, Mammucari R
544 - 556 Computational study of the bubbling-to-slugging transition in a laboratory-scale fluidized bed
Ramirez E, Finney CEA, Pannala S, Daw CS, Halow J, Xiong QG
557 - 567 A novel mixed matrix membrane allowing for flow-through removal of boron
Wang Z, Wang P, Cao JJ, Zhang YF, Cheng BW, Meng JQ
568 - 577 The effect of aqueous corrosion on the structure and reactivity of zero-valent iron nanoparticles
Pullin H, Springell R, Parry S, Scott T
578 - 587 H-2-rich syngas production through mixed residual biomass and HDPE waste via integrated catalytic gasification and tar cracking plus bio-char upgrading
Esfahani RAM, Osmieri L, Specchia S, Yusup S, Tavasoli A, Zamaniyan A
588 - 596 Dramatically enhanced aerobic Cr(VI) reduction with scrap zero-valent aluminum induced by oxalate
Jiang B, Xin SS, Gao L, Luo SY, Xue JL, Wu MB
597 - 605 Fabrication of beta-cyclodextrin/poly (L-glutamic acid) supported magnetic graphene oxide and its adsorption behavior for 17 beta-estradiol
Jiang LH, Liu YG, Liu SB, Hu XJ, Zeng GM, Hu X, Liu SM, Liu SH, Huang BY, Li MF
606 - 618 Flow regime identification for upward two-phase flow in helically coiled tubes
Zhu HY, Li ZX, Yang XT, Zhu GY, Tu JY, Jiang SY
619 - 631 Detailed numerical simulation of unsteady drag coefficient of deformable droplet
Shao CX, Luo K, Fan JR
632 - 648 Removal of thiophenes from FCC gasoline by using a hollow fiber pervaporation module: Modeling, validation, and influence of module dimensions and flow directions
Jain M, Attarde D, Gupta SK
649 - 655 Ionic liquid based solvent micro-extraction of Ag and Cd from saline and hyper-saline waters
Herce-Sesa B, Lopez-Lopez JA, Pinto JJ, Moreno C
656 - 663 Correlation between microbial community structure and performances of membrane bioreactor for treatment of palm oil mill effluent
Neoh CH, Yung PY, Noor ZZ, Razak MH, Aris A, Din MFM, Ibrahim Z
664 - 668 Task-specific hexaethylene glycol bridged di-cationic ionic liquids as catalysts for nucleophilic fluorination using potassium fluoride
Jadhav VH, Kim JG, Park SH, Kim DW
669 - 682 A factorial approach to understanding the effect of inner geometry of baffled meso-scale tubes on solids suspension and axial dispersion in continuous, oscillatory liquid-solid plug flows
Ejim LN, Yerdelen S, McGlone T, Onyemelukwe I, Johnston B, Florence AJ, Reis NM
683 - 691 The separation of catechol and phenol with each other by two-stage batch foam fractionation
Huang D, Liu W, Wu ZL, Zhao YL, Yin H, Ding LL, Hu N, Li HZ, Zheng HJ
692 - 699 Removal of antibiotics and resistance genes from swine wastewater using vertical flow constructed wetlands: Effect of hydraulic flow direction and substrate type
Huang X, Zheng JL, Liu CX, Liu L, Liu YH, Fan HY
700 - 709 Mass transfer kinetics of Cd(II) ions adsorption by titania polyvinylalcohol-alginate beads from aqueous solution
Fulazzaky MA, Majidnia Z, Idris A
710 - 718 Novel mechanistic view of catalytic ozonation of gaseous toluene by dual-site kinetic modelling
Hu MC, Yao ZH, Hui KN, Hui KS
719 - 726 CO2, CH4 and N-2 separation with a 3DFD-printed ZSM-5 monolith
Couck S, Lefevere J, Mullens S, Protasova L, Meynen V, Desmet G, Baron GV, Denayer JFM
727 - 737 Importance of uniform distribution of impregnated trioctylphosphine oxide in hollow fiber membranes for simultaneous extraction/stripping of phenol
Das K, Praveen P, Loh KC
738 - 744 Kinetic modelling of benzyl alcohol selective oxidation in aqueous mixtures of nitric and sulfuric acids
Di Somma I, Russo D, Andreozzi R, Marotta R, Guido S
745 - 753 Self-organized transparent 1D TiO2 nanotubular photoelectrodes grown by anodization of sputtered and evaporated Ti layers: A comparative photoelectrochemical study
Krysa J, Lee K, Pausova S, Kment S, Hubicka Z, Ctvrtlik R, Schmuki P
754 - 759 Lignin-based resin production from lignocellulosic biomass combining acidic saccharification and acetone-water treatment
Muranaka Y, Nakagawa H, Hasegawa I, Maki T, Hosokawa J, Ikuta J, Mae K
760 - 771 2D-alumina platelets enhance mechanical and abrasion properties of PA612 via interfacial hydrogen-bond interactions
Qian MB, Sun YQ, Xu XD, Liu LN, Song PA, Yu YM, Wang H, Qian J
772 - 782 Tailoring poly(lactic acid) for packaging applications via the production of fully bio-based in situ microfibrillar composite films
Kakroodi AR, Kazemi Y, Nofar M, Park CB
783 - 790 Simultaneous perchlorate and nitrate removal coupled with electricity generation in autotrophic denitrifying biocathode microbial fuel cell
Jiang C, Yang Q, Wang DB, Zhong Y, Chen F, Li X, Zeng GM, Li XM, Shang MR
791 - 797 One-step removal of Cr(VI) at alkaline pH by UV/sulfite process: Reduction to Cr(III) and in situ Cr(III) precipitation
Xie BH, Shan C, Xu Z, Li XC, Zhang XL, Chen JJ, Pan BC
798 - 808 Recyclable superparamagnetic adsorbent based on mesoporous carbon for sequestration of radioactive Cesium
Husnain SM, Um W, Chang YY, Chang YS
809 - 817 Removal of lead ion and oil droplet from aqueous solution by lignin-grafted carbon nanotubes
Li ZL, Chen JY, Ge YY
818 - 826 Fabrication of Ag2O/TiO2-Zeolite composite and its enhanced solar light photocatalytic performance and mechanism for degradation of norfloxacin
Gou JF, Ma QL, Deng XY, Cui YQ, Zhang HX, Cheng XW, Li XL, Xie MZ, Cheng QF
827 - 839 Amine tethered pore-expanded MCM-41: A promising adsorbent for CO2 capture
Loganathan S, Ghoshal AK
840 - 852 Reduction and oxidation kinetic modeling of NiO-based oxygen transfer materials
Ipsakis D, Heracleous E, Silvester L, Bukur DB, Lemonidou AA
853 - 862 Effect of operational parameters on the performance of a magnetic responsive biocatalytic membrane reactor
Gebreyohannes AY, Giorno L, Vankelecom IFJ, Verbiest T, Aimar P
863 - 871 Waste-art-paper biochar as an effective sorbent for recovery of aqueous Pb(II) into value-added PbO nanoparticles
Xu XB, Hu X, Ding ZH, Chen YJ, Gao B
872 - 879 Large-scale graphene production by ultrasound-assisted exfoliation of natural graphite in supercritical CO2/H2O medium
Gao HY, Zhu KX, Hu GX, Xue C
880 - 888 Efficient removal of bromate with core-shell Fe@Fe2O3 nanowires
Shen WJ, Lin FJ, Jiang X, Li HF, Ai ZH, Zhang LZ
889 - 896 Facile synthesis of Ag/Ag3PO4/AMB composite with improved photocatalytic performance
Liu XQ, Chen WJ, Jiang H
897 - 903 Density functional theory study on the heterogeneous reaction between Hg-0 and HCl over spinel-type MnFe2O4
Yang YJ, Liu J, Zhang BK, Liu F
904 - 911 One-step green synthesis of bimetallic Fe/Ni nanoparticles by eucalyptus leaf extract: Biomolecules identification, characterization and catalytic activity
Weng XL, Guo MY, Luo F, Chen ZL
912 - 928 Experimental characterization of dense gas-liquid flow in a bubble column using voidage probes
Tyagi P, Buwa VV
929 - 939 Local gas distribution and mass transfer characteristics in an annulus-rising airlift reactor with non-Newtonian fluid
Han M, Gonzalez G, Vauhkonen M, Laari A, Koiranen T
940 - 953 Radiative transfer approach using Monte Carlo Method for actinometry in complex geometry and its application to Reinecke salt photodissociation within innovative pilot-scale photo(bio)reactors
Rochatte V, Dahi G, Eskandari A, Dauchet J, Gros F, Roudet M, Cornet JF
954 - 962 Kinetic study and optimization of electro-Fenton process for dissolution and mineralization of ion exchange resins
Cheng TH, Huang CP, Huang YH, Shih YJ
963 - 973 Reduction of selenate with hydrazine monohydrate over Pt catalysts in aqueous solution
Zhao JX, Matsune H, Takenaka S, Kishida M
974 - 979 Meticulous insight on the state of fuel in a solid oxide carbon fuel cell
Jang H, Park Y, Lee J
980 - 987 Highly efficient Pd-doped aluminate spinel catalysts with different divalent cations for the selective catalytic reduction of NO with H-2 at low temperature
Xu CC, Sun W, Cao LM, Li TT, Cai XX, Yang J
988 - 1000 Microkinetic analysis of ethanol to 1,3-butadiene reactions over MgO-SiO2 catalysts based on characterization of experimental fluctuations
Da Ros S, Jones MD, Mattia D, Schwaab M, Barbosa-Coutinho E, Rabelo-Neto RC, Noronha FB, Pinto JC
1001 - 1009 Hydroxyl-containing organic molecule induced self-assembly of porous graphene monoliths with high structural stability and recycle performance for heavy metal removal
Fang QL, Zhou XF, Deng W, Liu ZP
1010 - 1020 Fabrication of Mn oxide incorporated ceramic membranes for membrane fouling control and enhanced catalytic ozonation of p-chloronitrobenzene
Cheng XX, Liang H, Qu FS, Ding A, Chang HQ, Liu B, Tang XB, Wu DJ, Li GB
1021 - 1033 Reuse and recycling of amine-functionalized silica materials for CO2 adsorption
Sanz-Perez ES, Dantas TCM, Arencibia A, Calleja G, Guedes APMA, Araujo AS, Sanz R
1034 - 1047 A green method to prepare nanosilica modified graphene oxide to inhibit nanoparticles re-aggregation during melt processing
Scaffaro R, Maio A
1048 - 1064 Industrial waste derived biosorbent for toxic metal remediation: Mechanism studies and spent biosorbent management
Ramrakhiani L, Halder A, Majumder A, Mandal AK, Majumdar S, Ghosh S
1065 - 1072 A new MOF-505@GO composite with high selectivity for CO2/CH4 and CO2/N-2 separation
Chen YW, Lv DF, Wu JL, Xiao J, Xi HX, Xia QB, Li Z
1073 - 1080 Carbon capture and utilization using industrial wastewater under ambient conditions
Kang D, Lee MG, Jo H, Yoo Y, Lee SY, Park J
1081 - 1089 The accelerated enzymatic biodegradation and COD removal of petroleum hydrocarbons in the SCR using active bacterial biomass capable of in-situ generating peroxidase and biosurfactants
Moussavi G, Shekoohiyan S, Naddafi K
1090 - 1097 Flexible microfluidic fabrication of oil-encapsulated alginate microfibers
Chaurasia AS, Jahanzad F, Sajjadi S
1098 - 1104 Insight into the influences of pH value on Pb(II) removal by the biopolymer extracted from activated sludge
Zhou Y, Xia SQ, Zhang J, Nguyen BT, Zhang ZQ
1105 - 1111 Droplet-based millifluidic device under microwave irradiation: Temperature measurement and polymer particle synthesis
Garagalza O, Petit C, Mignard E, Sarrazin F, Reynaud S, Grassl B
1112 - 1119 Efficient pyrite activating persulfate process for degradation of p-chloroaniline in aqueous systems: A mechanistic study
Zhang YQ, Tran HP, Du XD, Hussain I, Huang SB, Zhou SQ, Wen W
1120 - 1132 Constructed Floating Wetlands: A review of research, design, operation and management aspects, and data meta-analysis
Pavlineri N, Skoulikidis NT, Tsihrintzis VA
1133 - 1144 Adsorption of anionic and cationic dyes from aqueous solution using gelatin-based magnetic nanocomposite beads comprising carboxylic acid functionalized carbon nanotube
Saber-Samandari S, Saber-Samandari S, Joneidi-Yekta H, Mohseni M
1145 - 1153 Efficient removal of gaseous trichloroethylene by continuous feed electro-scrubbing using a new homogeneous heterobimetallic electro-catalyst
Govindan M, Gopal RA, Moon IS
1154 - 1164 Detecting densified zone formation in membrane-assisted fluidized bed reactors through pressure measurements
Wassie SA, Zaabout A, Gallucci F, Cloete S, Annaland MV, Amini S
1165 - 1173 Synthesis of hierarchical NiS microflowers for high performance asymmetric supercapacitor
Guan B, Li Y, Yin BY, Liu KF, Wang DW, Zhang HH, Cheng CJ
1174 - 1184 Facile synthesis of novel sulfonated polyaniline functionalized graphene using m-aminobenzene sulfonic acid for asymmetric supercapacitor application
Bandyopadhyay P, Kuila T, Balamurugan J, Nguyen TT, Kim NH, Lee JH
1185 - 1199 NIR hyperspectral investigation of extraction kinetics of ionic-liquid assisted bitumen extraction
Tourvieille JN, Larachi F, Duchesne C, Chen J
1200 - 1208 Marine microalgaes-derived porous ZnMn2O4/C microspheres and performance evaluation as Li -ion battery Anode by using different binders
Chen JX, Liu W, Liu S, Wang HL, Zhang Y, Chen SG
1209 - 1224 Novel gas holdup correlation for slurry bubble column reactors operated in the homogeneous regime
Gotz M, Lefebvre J, Mors F, Ortloff F, Reimert R, Bajohr S, Kolb T
1225 - 1232 First principles study of adsorption and oxidation mechanism of elemental mercury by HCl over MoS2 (100) surface
Xu ZM, Lv XJ, Chen JA, Jiang LX, Lai YQ, Li J
1233 - 1242 Electrochemical treatment of chloramphenicol using Ti-Sn/gamma-Al2O3 particle electrodes with a three-dimensional reactor
Sun YJ, Li P, Zheng HL, Zhao C, Xiao XF, Xu YH, Sun WQ, Wu HF, Ren MJ