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1 - 9 Electrochemical regeneration of a graphite adsorbent loaded with Acid Violet 17 in a spouted bed reactor
Liu D, Roberts EPL, Martin AD, Holmes SM, Brown NW, Campen AK, de las Heras N
10 - 19 Anion vs cation exchange membrane strongly affect mechanisms and yield of CO2 fixation in a microbial electrolysis cell
Zeppilli M, Lai A, Villano M, Majone M
20 - 28 Nickel retention by an ion-imprinted polymer: Wide-range selectivity study and modelling of the binding structures
Lenoble V, Laatikainen K, Garnier C, Angeletti B, Coulomb B, Sainio T, Branger C
29 - 38 Preparation of sandwich-like ternary hierarchical nanosheets manganese dioxide/polyaniline/reduced graphene oxide as electrode material for supercapacitor
Wu QH, Chen M, Wang SS, Zhang X, Huan L, Diao GW
39 - 47 Multiphase photo-capillary reactors coated with TiO2 films: Preparation, characterization and photocatalytic performance
Hurtado L, Solis-Casados D, Escobar-Alarcon L, Romero R, Natividad R
48 - 60 Nitrogen-doped&SnO2-incoportaed TiO2 nanofibers as novel and effective photoanode for enhanced efficiency dye-sensitized solar cells
Mohamed IMA, Dao VD, Yasin AS, Mousa HM, Mohamed HO, Choi HS, Hassan MK, Barakat NAM
61 - 71 A new route for the synthesis of La-Ca oxide supported on nano activated carbon via vacuum impregnation method for one pot esterification-transesterification reaction
Abdulkareem-Alsultan G, Asikin-Mijan N, Lee HV, Taufiq-Yap YH
72 - 78 Surface phenomenon of CeO2-added V2O5/TiO2 catalyst based chemical vapor condensation (CVC) for enhanced selective catalytic reduction at low temperatures
Cha W, Ehrman SH, Jurng J
79 - 88 Removal of Pb(II) and Zn(II) using lime and nanoscale zero-valent iron (nZVI): A comparative study
Wang W, Hua YL, Li SL, Yan WL, Zhang WX
89 - 97 Study on the performance of simultaneous desulfurization and denitrification of Fe3O4-TiO2 composites
Li YT, Yi HH, Tang XL, Liu X, Wang Y, Cui BC, Zhao SZ
98 - 105 SIFT-MS a novel tool for monitoring and evaluating a biofilter performance
Volckaert D, Heynderickx PM, Fathi E, Van Langenhove H
106 - 114 Controllable and fast synthesis of bilayer graphene by chemical vapor deposition on copper foil using a cold wall reactor
Mu W, Fu YF, Sun SX, Edwards M, Ye LL, Jeppson K, Liu J
115 - 120 Electrochemical route to prepare polyaniline-coated meshes with controllable pore size for switchable emulsion separation
Liu MM, Li J, Guo ZG
121 - 128 A novel low temperature catalyst regenerated from deactivated SCR catalyst for Hg-0 oxidation
Zhou ZJ, Liu XW, Liao ZQ, Shao HZ, Hu YC, Xu YS, Xu MH
129 - 133 Electric field induced activated carbon fiber (ACF) cathode transition from an initiator/a promoter into an electrocatalyst in ozonation process
Zhang XK, Zhou Y, Zhao C, Sun ZH, Zhang ZG, Mirza ZA, Saylor G, Zhai J, Zheng HL
134 - 140 Interplay between propylene and H2S co-adsorption on the H-2 flux characteristics of Pd-alloy membranes employed in propane dehydrogenation (PDH) processes
Peters TA, Polfus JM, van Berkel FPF, Bredesen R
141 - 148 Hydroxylamine reduced silver colloid for naphthalene and phenanthrene detection using surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy
Haruna K, Saleh TA, Hossain MK, Al-Saadi AA
149 - 155 One-step preparation of AIE-active dextran via formation of phenyl borate and their bioimaging application
Huang HY, Liu MY, Luo SS, Wang K, Wan Q, Deng FJ, Xu DZ, Zhang XY, Wei Y
156 - 164 Eco-friendly synthesis of rutile TiO2 nanostructures with controlled morphology for efficient lithium-ion batteries
Gao RM, Jiao Z, Wang Y, Xu LQ, Xia SS, Zhang HJ
165 - 174 Anti-fouling potential evaluation of PVDF membranes modified with ZnO against polysaccharide
Li N, Zhang J, Tian Y, Zhao JH, Zhang J, Zuo W
175 - 185 Using an experimentally-determined model of the evolution of pore structure for the calcination of cycled limestones
Dai P, Gonzalez B, Dennis JS
186 - 193 Accumulation of Co(II) and Eu(III) by the mycelia of Aspergillus niger isolated from radionuclide-contaminated soils
Song WC, Liang J, Wen T, Wang XX, Hu J, Hayat T, Alsaedi A, Wang XK
194 - 200 Building radially oriented architecture by tailorable V2O5 nanoribbons toward enhanced lithium storage
Jia GQ, Deng ZN, Liu X, Jiang H, Li CZ
201 - 208 Degradation kinetics and mechanism of 2,4-Di-tert-butylphenol with UV/persulfate
Wang QF, Shao YS, Gao NY, Chu WH, Shen X, Lu X, Chen JX, Zhu YP
209 - 215 Reaching steady state under cyclic operations with dispersion: The case of the reverse flow adsorber
Hamou M, Meille V, Schweich D, Latifi A, de Bellefon C
216 - 222 Effects of Al2O3, Fe2O3, and SiO2 on Cr(VI) formation during heating of solid waste containing Cr(III)
Mao LQ, Deng N, Liu L, Cui H, Zhang WY
223 - 231 Three-dimensional Co3O4@NiO hierarchical nanowire arrays for solid-state symmetric supercapacitor with enhanced electrochemical performances
Hu QQ, Gu ZX, Zheng XT, Zhang XJ
232 - 240 Gas-phase supported rapid manufacturing of Ti-6Al-4V alloy spherical particles for 3D printing
Nersisyan HH, Yoo BU, Kim YM, Son HT, Lee KY, Lee JH
241 - 250 Economical and high throughput synthesis of copper nanopowder using continuous stirred tank and tubular flow reactors
Chatterjee S, Maji NC, Shaik AH, Chakraborty J
251 - 258 A novel polymer-grafted hydrophobic charge-induction chromatographic resin for enhancing protein adsorption capacity
Liu T, Lin DQ, Wu QC, Zhang QL, Wang CX, Yao SJ
259 - 270 A single solution for arsenite and arsenate removal from drinking water using cysteine@ZnS:TiO2 nanoparticle modified molecularly imprinted biofouling-resistant filtration membrane
Roy E, Patra S, Madhuri R, Sharma PK
271 - 281 AgPbmSbTem+2 microspheres comprised of self-assembled nanoparticles driven by inhomogenous co-doping synergetic induced dipoles and their thermoelectric and electrochemical Li-storage properties
Wang Q, Fang YY, Zhou J, Zhang GJ, Yang L, Huo H
282 - 288 A new approach to 4-chlorophenol dechlorination on monometallic copper compared to its Cu/Fe bimetallic system
Duan JT, Zhu H, Xu FY, Zhao JZ
289 - 302 Diclofenac removal by simulated solar assisted photocatalysis using, TiO2-based zeolite catalyst; mechanisms, pathways and environmental aspects
Salaeh S, Perisic DJ, Biosic M, Kusic H, Babic S, Stangar UL, Dionysiou DD, Bozic AL
303 - 312 Nitrogen and phosphorus co-doped carbon nanosheets as efficient counter electrodes of dye-sensitized solar cells
Chen M, Shao LL, Guo YX, Cao XQ
313 - 324 Effective removal of sulfur dyes from water by biosorption and subsequent immobilized laccase degradation on crosslinked chitosan beads
Nguyen TA, Fu CC, Juang RS
325 - 334 Adsorption of pharmaceuticals on chitosan-based magnetic composite particles with core-brush topology
Zhang SP, Dong YY, Yang Z, Yang WB, Wu JQ, Dong C
335 - 343 Novel pilot scale continuous photocatalytic membrane reactor for removal of organic micropollutants from water
Plakas KV, Sarasidis VC, Patsios SI, Lambropoulou DA, Karabelas AJ
344 - 350 Mild hydrothermal synthesis of pollucite from soil for immobilization of Cs in situ and its characterization
Fan JJ, Jing ZZ, Zhang Y, Miao JJ, Chen YQ, Jin FM
351 - 361 Enhanced photocatalytic activity of a double conductive C/Fe3O4/Bi2O3 composite photocatalyst based on biomass
Gao NL, Lu ZY, Zhao XX, Zhu Z, Wang YS, Wang DD, Hua ZF, Li CX, Huo PW, Song MS
362 - 368 The viscoelastic characterisation of thermally-treated waste activated sludge
Farno E, Baudez JC, Parthasarathy R, Eshtiaghi N
369 - 375 Zn(NH3)(CO3) inorganic helical framework for selective separation of carbon dioxide
Khazeni N, Foudazi R, Ghassemi A
376 - 383 Phosphorylation of g-C3N4 for enhanced photocatalytic CO2 reduction
Ye LQ, Wu D, Chu KH, Wang B, Xie HQ, Yip HY, Wong PK
384 - 398 Effect of vertical vibration and particle size on the solids hold-up and mean bubble behavior in a pseudo-2D fluidized bed
Cano-Pleite E, Shimizu Y, Acosta-Iborra A, Mawatari Y
399 - 407 ZnO-CuO supported on activated carbon for H2S removal at room temperature
Balsamo M, Cimino S, de Falco G, Erto A, Lisi L
408 - 418 Efficient removal of paracetamol using LaCu1-xMxO3 (M = Mn, Ti) perovskites as heterogeneous Fenton-like catalysts
Carrasco-Diaz MR, Castillejos-Lopez E, Cerpa-Naranjo A, Rojas-Cervantes ML
419 - 425 Micro-distillation system for formaldehyde concentration detection
Liu CC, Wang YN, Fu LM, Chieh C
426 - 430 A novel aqueous plasma electrolysis for carbon fiber
Zhang YP, Chen C, Chen WW, Cheng HW, Wang L
431 - 439 Dodecyl sulfate chain anchored mesoporous graphene: Synthesis and application to sequester heavy metal ions from aqueous phase
Yusuf M, Khan MA, Abdullah EC, Elfghi M, Hosomi M, Terada A, Riya S, Ahmad A
440 - 447 Drastic rate acceleration driven by synergistic effects: Key role of persistent free radicals coupled with ascorbic acid in decomposition of organic contaminants by ferric citrate
Gong F, Luo LS, Yao YY, Dai DJ, Lu WY, Chen WX
448 - 453 Cyclone processing of green liquor dregs (GLD) with results measured and interpreted by ICP-OES and NIR spectroscopy
Makela M, Geladi P, Grimm A, Dahl O, Pietilainen A, Larsson SH
454 - 460 Bismuth-rich Bi4O5X2 (X = Br, and I) nanosheets with dominant {101} facets exposure for photocatalytic H-2 evolution
Bai Y, Chen T, Wang PQ, Wang L, Ye LQ
461 - 468 One-step thiol-isocyanate dispersion polymerization: Preparation of uniform, cross-linked and functional particles
Tan JJ, Li CM, Dan SM, Li H, Gu JW, Zhang BL, Zhang HP, Zhang QY
469 - 475 CaCl2 applied to the extraction of Moringa oleifera seeds and the use for Microcystis aeruginosa removal
Carvalho MS, Alves BRR, Silva MF, Bergamasco R, Coral LA, Bassetti FJ
476 - 484 Methanation of CO in hydrogen-rich gas on Ni-Ru/SiO2 catalyst: The type of active sites and Ni-Ru synergistic effect
Liu B, Yao N, Li S, Wang J, Lv DY, Li XN
485 - 492 Combustion characteristics of a micro segment platinum tubular reactor with a gap
Wu YT, Li YH
493 - 502 Novel bile acid sequestrant: A biodegradable hydrogel based on amphiphilic allylamine copolymer
Wang X, Jing SY, Qiu XM, Zhao SL, Liu YS, Tan YB
503 - 510 Strontium ion (Sr2+) separation from seawater by hydrothermally structured titanate nanotubes: Removal vs. recovery
Ryu J, Kim S, Hong HJ, Hong J, Kim M, Ryu T, Park IS, Chung KS, Jang JS, Kim BG
511 - 517 Carbon encapsulated nanosheet-assembled MoS2 nanospheres with highly reversible lithium storage
Mao CM, Zhong Y, Shang HJ, Li CS, Guo ZY, Li GC
518 - 526 Evaluation of mineralization kinetics and pathway of norfloxacin removal from water by electro-Fenton treatment
Ozcan A, Ozcan AA, Demirci Y
527 - 532 Understanding key constituents and feature of the biopolymer in activated sludge responsible for binding heavy metals
Zhou Y, Zhang ZQ, Zhang J, Xia SQ
533 - 543 Hydrothermal synthesis of carbon spheres - BiOI/BiOIO3 heterojunctions for photocatalytic removal of gaseous Hg degrees under visible light
Wu J, Chen XT, Li CE, Qi YF, Qi XM, Ren JX, Yuan BX, Ni B, Zhou RX, Zhang J, Huang TF
544 - 551 Structured catalysts with high thermoconductive properties for the intensification of Water Gas Shift process
Palma V, Pisano D, Martino M, Ciambelli P
552 - 562 Dependency of tunable microwave absorption performance on morphology-controlled hierarchical shells for core-shell Fe3O4@MnO2 composite microspheres
Qiao MT, Lei XF, Ma Y, Tian LD, Su KH, Zhang QY
563 - 572 Non thermal plasma assisted catalysis of methanol oxidation on Mn, Ce and Cu oxides supported on gamma-Al2O3
Norsic C, Tatibouet JM, Batiot-Dupeyrat C, Fourre E
573 - 578 Synthesis of modified CeO2 nanoparticles highly stabilized in organic solvent using higee technology
Wei CL, Di ZC, Zhang DH, Liu ZG, Li SH, Piao JC, Wang HL
579 - 586 A novel control strategy for N2O formation by adjusting E-h in nitrite/Fe(II-III) carbonate green rust system
Lu YS, Yang XX, Wu ZL, Xu L, Xu YF, Qian GR
587 - 593 High-performanced supercapacitor based mesoporous carbon nanofibers with oriented mesopores parallel to axial direction
Ma C, Sheng J, Ma CL, Wang RR, Liu JQ, Xie ZY, Shi JL
594 - 601 Effective mineralization of Diclofenac by catalytic ozonation using Fe-MCM-41 catalyst
Chen WR, Li XK, Pan ZQ, Ma SS, Li LS
602 - 608 Process analysis applied to water reuse for a "closed water cycle" approach
Prisciandaro M, Capocelli M, Piemonte V, Barba D
609 - 620 Ultrahigh adsorption of typical antibiotics onto novel hierarchical porous carbons derived from renewable lignin via halloysite nanotubes-template and in-situ activation
Xie AT, Dai JD, Chen X, Ma P, He JS, Li CX, Zhou ZP, Yan YS
621 - 628 Conceptual design of a modified phenol and ammonia recovery process for the treatment of coal gasification wastewater
Gai HJ, Song HB, Xiao M, Feng YR, Wu YM, Zhou H, Chen BH
629 - 645 Review on the recent progress of carbon counter electrodes for dye-sensitized solar cells
Chen M, Shao LL
646 - 654 Treatment of landfill leachate by continuously reused ferric oxyhydroxide sludge-activated hydrogen peroxide
Kattel E, Trapido M, Dulova N
655 - 666 A new approach for mathematical modeling of the dynamic development of particle morphology
Hamzehlou S, Leiza JR, Asua JM
667 - 678 Effect of nanoconfinement on kinetics and microstructure of poly(butyl acrylate) synthesized by microemulsion polymerization
Ballard N, Aguirre M, Asua JM
679 - 691 Nanocomposites of nanosilica-immobilized-nanopolyaniline and crosslinked nanopolyaniline for removal of heavy metals
Mahmoud ME, Fekry NA, El-Latif MMA
692 - 702 Iron ore reduction predicted by a discrete approach
Peters B, Hoffmann F
703 - 713 Formation of size-tuneable biodegradable polymeric nanoparticles by solvent displacement method using micro-engineered membranes fabricated by laser drilling and electroforming
Othman R, Vladisavljevic GT, Shahmohamadi H, Nagy ZK, Holdich RG
714 - 727 Application of NZVI-contained emulsified substrate to bioremediate PCE-contaminated groundwater - A pilot-scale study
Sheu YT, Lien PJ, Chen KF, Ou JH, Kao CM
728 - 736 Novel cellulose nanowhiskers-based polyurethane foam for rapid and persistent removal of methylene blue from its aqueous solutions
Kumari S, Chauhan GS, Ahn JH
737 - 746 Highly efficient removal of bivalent heavy metals from aqueous systems by magnetic porous Fe3O4-MnO2: Adsorption behavior and process study
Zhao JH, Liu J, Li N, Wang W, Nan J, Zhao ZW, Cui FY
747 - 756 Catalytic degradation of PNP and stabilization/solidification of Cd simultaneously in soil using microwave-assisted Fe-bearing attapulgite
Wang X, Zhong DL, Hou HJ, Gu QB, Yang R, Chen J, Yang JK, Wang LL
757 - 765 Performance and microbial analysis of a biotrickling filter inoculated by a specific bacteria consortium for removal of a simulated mixture of pharmaceutical volatile organic compounds
Hu J, Zhang LL, Chen JM, Luo Y, Sun BC, Chu GW
766 - 773 A coupled, multiphase heat flux boundary condition for the discrete element method
Lattanzi AM, Hrenya CM
774 - 783 Green synthesis of magnetic MOF@GO and MOF@CNT hybrid nanocomposites with high adsorption capacity towards organic pollutants
Jabbari V, Veleta JM, Zarei-Chaleshtori M, Gardea-Torresdey J, Villagran D
784 - 792 Single-step scalable synthesis of three-dimensional highly porous graphene with favorable methane adsorption
Mahmoudian L, Rashidi A, Dehghani H, Rahighi R
793 - 807 Nitric oxide removal from flue gas by combined persulfate and ferrous-EDTA solutions: Effects of persulfate and EDTA concentrations, temperature, pH and SO2
Adewuyi YG, Khan MA
808 - 816 CFD investigation of a multi-tube photocatalytic reactor in non-steady-state conditions
van Walsem J, Verbruggen SW, Modde B, Lenaerts S, Denys S
817 - 825 Influence of the anode material on the degradation of naproxen by Fenton-based electrochemical processes
Coria G, Sires I, Brillas E, Nava JL
826 - 840 Identification of intermediates and transformation pathways derived from photocatalytic degradation of five antibiotics on ZnIn2S4
Gao B, Dong SN, Liu JD, Liu LF, Feng QQ, Tan N, Liu TT, Bo LL, Wang L
841 - 851 Fabrication of binder-free polyaniline grafted multiwalled carbon nanotube/TiO2 nanotubes/Ti as a novel energy storage electrode for supercapacitor applications
Faraji M, Moghadam PN, Hasanzadeh R
852 - 863 Oxidation of benzotriazole and benzothiazole in photochemical processes: Kinetics and formation of transformation products
Borowska E, Felis E, Kalka J
864 - 872 Correspondence analysis of bio-refractory compounds degradation and microbiological community distribution in anaerobic filter for coking wastewater treatment
Huang Y, Hou XL, Liu ST, Ni JR
873 - 881 pi-pi conjugations improve the long-term antibacterial properties of graphene oxide/quaternary ammonium salt nanocomposites
Ye XL, Qin XM, Yan XR, Guo JK, Huang LH, Chen DJ, Wu T, Shi QS, Tan SZ, Cai X
882 - 889 Polysulfone/sulfonated polysulfone alloy membranes with an improved performance in processing mariculture wastewater
Song D, Xu J, Fu YP, Xu LN, Shan BT
890 - 896 Enhancement of the Fenton and photo-Fenton processes by components found in wastewater from the industrial processing of natural products: The possibilities of cork boiling wastewater reuse
Papoutsakis S, Pulgarin C, Oller I, Sanchez-Moreno R, Malato S
897 - 907 LaCoO3 perovskite oxide activation of peroxymonosulfate for aqueous 2-phenyl-5-sulfobenzimidazole degradation: Effect of synthetic method and the reaction mechanism
Pang XT, Guo Y, Zhang YT, Xu BB, Qi F
908 - 916 Deep oxidative desulfurization of dibenzothiophene using a flower-like WO3 center dot H2O catalyst in an organic biphasic system
Xiao X, Zhong H, Zheng CX, Lu ML, Zuo XX, Nan JM
917 - 933 Well-dispersed nebula-like ZnO/CeO2@HNTs heterostructure for efficient photocatalytic degradation of tetracycline
Ye ZF, Li JZ, Zhou MJ, Wang HQ, Ma Y, Huo PW, Yu LB, Yan YS
934 - 940 Metal ion-oxytetracycline interactions on maize straw biochar pyrolyzed at different temperatures
Jia MY, Wang F, Jin X, Song Y, Bian YR, Boughner LA, Yang XL, Gu CG, Jiang X, Zhao QG
941 - 952 Bifurcation features of mixtures containing CO and hydrocarbons in diesel oxidation catalyst
Dadi RK, Luss D, Balakotaiah V
953 - 961 Selection of ammonium oxidizing bacteria, (AOB) over nitrite oxidizing bacteria (NOB) based on conversion rates
Wu J, He CD, van Loosdrecht MCM, Perez J
962 - 969 Forward osmosis desalination by utilizing chlorhexidine glucbnate based mouthwash as a reusable draw solute
Ray SS, Chen SS, Nguyen NC, Nguyen HT, Li CW, Wang J, Yan B
970 - 976 Dramatic increase in electrical conductivity in epoxy composites with uni-directionally oriented laminae of carbon nanotubes
Mei H, Xia JC, Han DY, Xiao SS, Deng JL, Cheng LF
977 - 985 Effect of process variables on the performance of electrochemical acidification of Kraft black liquor by electrodialysis with bipolar membrane
Haddad M, Labrecque R, Bazinet L, Savadogo O, Paris J
986 - 992 Treatment of strongly acidic wastewater with high arsenic concentrations by ferrous sulfide (FeS): Inhibitive effects of S(0)-enriched surfaces
Liu RP, Yang ZC, He ZL, Wu LY, Hu CZ, Wu WZ, Qu JH
993 - 999 The chemical synthesis of SmCo5 single-crystal particles with small size and high performance
Ma ZH, Yang SX, Zhang TL, Jiang CB
1000 - 1008 Insights into the generation of high-valent copper-oxo species in ligand-modulated catalytic system for oxidizing organic pollutants
Wang YY, Xia HC, Sun K, Wu S, Lu WY, Xu JF, Li N, Pei KM, Zhu ZX, Chen WX
1009 - 1019 Coating Ni particles to preserve their conductivity during sintering in oxidizing atmospheres
Heidary DSB, Randall CA
1020 - 1030 Aromatic block co-polyimide membranes for sour gas feed separations
Yahaya GO, Qahtani MS, Ammar AY, Bahamdan AA, Ameen AW, Alhajry RH, Ben Sultan MM, Hamad F
1031 - 1044 Predictive control of an activated sludge process for long term operation
Foscoliano C, Del Vigo S, Mulas M, Tronci S
1045 - 1063 The method of quasiperiodic fields for diffusion in periodic porous media
Mathieu-Potvin F