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1 - 11 Highly effective removal of Cu(II) by a novel 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane functionalized polyethyleneimine/sodium alginate porous membrane adsorbent
Sun X, Chen JH, Su ZB, Huang YH, Dong XF
12 - 20 Removal of emerging contaminants from a primary effluent of municipal wastewater by means of sequential biological degradation-solar photocatalytic oxidation processes
Gimeno O, Garcia-Araya JF, Beltran FJ, Rivas FJ, Espejo A
21 - 30 Metagenomic and quantitative insights into microbial communities and functional genes of nitrogen and iron cycling in twelve wastewater treatment systems
Shu DT, He YL, Yue H, Wang QY
31 - 36 Effect of free nitrous acid pre-treatment on primary sludge biodegradability and its implications
Zhang TT, Wang QL, Ye L, Yuan ZG
37 - 44 Superhydrophobic TiO2/polyvinylidene fluoride composite surface with reversible wettability switching and corrosion resistance
Qing YQ, Yang CN, Yu NN, Shang Y, Sun YZ, Wang LS, Liu CS
45 - 52 Bi2O3/TiO2 heterostructures: Synthesis, characterization and their application in solar light mediated photocatalyzed degradation of an antibiotic, ofloxacin
Sood S, Mehta SK, Sinha ASK, Kansal SK
53 - 62 Application of magnetic nanocomposite modified with a thiourea based ligand for the preconcentration and trace detection of silver(I) ions by electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry
Ghanei-Motlagh M, Fayazi M, Taher MA, Jalalinejad A
63 - 73 Comparison of DEM simulation and experiments in a dual-column slot-rectangular spouted bed with a suspended partition
Wang ZL, Saidi M, Lim CJ, Grace JR, Tabrizi HB, Chen ZW, Li YH
74 - 81 Size-engineerable NiS2 hollow spheres photo co-catalysts from supermolecular precursor for H-2 production from water splitting
Song XF, Shen WH, Sun Z, Yang C, Zhang P, Gao L
82 - 90 Fabrication of pinecone-like structure superhydrophobic surface on titanium substrate and its self-cleaning property
Li SY, Li Y, Wang J, Nan YG, Ma BH, Liu ZL, Gu JX
91 - 102 Characterization of membrane fouling in submerged ceramic membrane photobioreactors fed with effluent from membrane bioreactors
Low SL, Ong SL, Ng HY
103 - 115 Environment-friendly industrial cleaning agents incorporating plant-oil-based raw materials as chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) alternatives
Kim EJ, Lee YC, Lee HU, Huh YS, Lee M
116 - 124 Controllable nitrogen introduction into porous carbon with porosity retaining for investigating nitrogen doping effect on SO2 adsorption
Sun F, Gao JH, Liu X, Yang YQ, Wu SH
125 - 135 Feasibility of short-term fermentation for short-chain fatty acids production from waste activated sludge at initial pH10: Role and significance of rhamnolipid
He ZW, Yang CX, Wang L, Guo ZC, Wang AJ, Liu WZ
136 - 146 Fabrication of Z-scheme g-C3N4/RGO/Bi2WO6 photocatalyst with enhanced visible-light photocatalytic activity
Ma D, Wu J, Gao MC, Xin YJ, Ma TJ, Sun YY
147 - 153 A two-stage Ce/TiO2-Cu/CeO2 catalyst with separated catalytic functions for deep catalytic combustion of CH2Cl2
Cao S, Shi MP, Wang HQ, Yu FX, Weng XL, Liu Y, Wu ZB
154 - 160 Direct delivery of CO2 into a hydrogen-based membrane biofilm reactor and model development
Xia SQ, Xu XY, Zhou C, Wang CH, Zhou LJ, Rittmann BE
161 - 173 Rapid methane hydrate formation to develop a cost effective large scale energy storage system
Veluswamy HP, Wong AJH, Babu P, Kumar R, Kulprathipanja S, Rangsunvigit P, Linga P
174 - 184 Carbon integral honeycomb monoliths as support of copper catalysts in the Kharasch-Sosnovsky oxidation of cyclohexene
Gatica JM, Garcia-Cabeza AL, Yeste MP, Marin-Barrios R, Gonzalez-Leal JM, Blanco G, Cifredo GA, Guerra FM, Vidal H
185 - 192 Enhanced NOx removal performance and microbial community shifts in an oxygen-resistance chemical absorption-biological reduction integrated system
Li W, Li MF, Zhang L, Zhao JK, Xia YF, Liu N, Li SJ, Zhang SH
193 - 200 Ni(Co)-Gd0.1Ti0.1Zr0.1Ce0.7O2 mesoporous materials in partial oxidation and dry reforming of methane into synthesis gas
Zagaynov IV, Loktev AS, Arashanova AL, Ivanov VK, Dedov AG, Moiseev II
201 - 208 Electrochemical-catalytic reduction of nitrate over Pd-Cu/gamma Al2O3 catalyst in cathode chamber: Enhanced removal efficiency and N-2 selectivity
Zhang ZG, Xu YP, Shi WX, Wang W, Zhang RJ, Bao X, Zhang B, Li L, Cui FY
209 - 219 Stability analysis of functionalized mesoporous carbon materials in aqueous solution
Goscianska J, Olejnik A, Nowak I, Marciniak M, Pietrzak R
220 - 231 Graphene oxide based molecularly imprinted polymers with double recognition abilities: The combination of covalent boronic acid and traditional non-covalent monomers
Liu SC, Pan JM, Zhu HJ, Pan GQ, Qiu FX, Meng MJ, Yao JT, Yuan D
232 - 242 Accumulation of heavy metals in aboveground biomass of Phragmites australis in horizontal flow constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment: A review
Vymazal J, Brezinova T
243 - 251 Facile mercury detection and removal from aqueous media involving ligand impregnated conjugate nanomaterials
Awual MR, Hasan MM, Eldesoky GE, Khaleque MA, Rahman MM, Naushad M
252 - 262 Development and validation of a computationally efficient pseudo 3D model for planar SOFC integrated with a heating furnace
Tang S, Amiri A, Vijay P, Tade MO
263 - 272 Electrospun zein nanoribbons for treatment of lead-contained wastewater
Wen HF, Yang C, Yu DG, Li XY, Zhang DF
273 - 281 Total oxidation of VOCs on mesoporous iron oxide catalysts: Soft chemistry route versus hard template method
Solsona B, Garcia T, Sanchis R, Soriano MD, Moreno M, Rodriguez-Castellon E, Agouram S, Dejoz A, Nieto JML
282 - 289 Synthesis of mesoporous zeolite Y nanocrystals in octahedral motifs mediated by amphiphilic organosilane surfactant
Qamar M, Baig I, Azad AM, Ahmed MI, Qamaruddin M
290 - 301 Comparison of hyper-thermophilic-mesophilic two-stage with single-stage mesophilic anaerobic digestion of waste activated sludge: Process performance and microbial community analysis
Wu LJ, Higashimori A, Qin Y, Hojo T, Kubota K, Li YY
302 - 311 A simple and timesaving method for the mass-transfer assessment of solvents used in physical absorption
Biard PF, Coudon A, Couvert A, Giraudet S
312 - 318 Understanding the roles of switchable-hydrophilicity tertiary amines in recovering heavy hydrocarbons from oil sands
Sui H, Xu L, Li XG, He L
319 - 327 Combined effect of acoustic agglomeration and vapor condensation on fine particles removal
Yan JP, Chen LQ, Yang LJ
328 - 334 Conversion of COS by corona plasma and the effect of simultaneous removal of COS and dust
Ma YX, Wang XQ, Ning P, Cheng C, Xu K, Wang F, Bian ZT, Yan SD
335 - 345 Liquid carbon dioxide-based coating of a uniform carbon layer on hierarchical porous MoO2 microspheres and assessment of their electrochemical performance
Hwang J, Min D, Yoon D, Chang W, Kim J
346 - 352 SIFT-MS analysis of the removal of dimethyl sulphide, n-hexane and toluene from waste air by a two phase partitioning bioreactor
Volckaert D, Ebude DEL, Van Langenhove H
353 - 360 Ultrafine nickel-copper carbonate hydroxide hierarchical nanowire networks for high-performance supercapacitor electrodes
Zheng XT, Ye YL, Yang Q, Geng BY, Zhang XJ
361 - 370 Enhancing the cycling stability of the polyaniline hybrids benefited from the hollow manganese dioxide/acetylene black skeleton
Xi YL, Wei GD, Liu XL, Pang MJ, Liu LB, Yang Y, Ji Y, Izotov VY, Klyui NI, Han W
371 - 380 Adsolubilization phenomenon perceived in chitosan beads leading to a fast and enhanced malachite green removal
Das D, Pal A
381 - 390 On the adsorbate restructuring induced hysteresis of simple gas adsorption in slit micropores
Diao R, Fan CY, Do DD, Nicholson D
391 - 399 A novel approach for intensification of enzymatic depolymerization of carboxymethyl cellulose using ultrasonic and ultraviolet irradiations
Prajapat AL, Das P, Gogate PR
400 - 404 Microfluidic devices fabricated using stereolithography for preparation of monodisperse double emulsions
Kanai T, Tsuchiya M
405 - 413 Efficient adsorption of PFOS and F53B from chrome plating wastewater and their subsequent degradation in the regeneration process
Du ZW, Deng SB, Liu DC, Yao XL, Wang Y, Lu XY, Wang B, Huang J, Wang YJ, Xing BS, Yu G
414 - 417 Effect of Al(NO3)(3) on suppression of the reduction of Ag ions in a poly (vinylpyrrolidone)/AgClO4 complex membrane
Yoon KW, Kang SW
418 - 427 Selective adsorption of CO on CuCl/Y adsorbent prepared using CuCl2 as precursor: Equilibrium and thermodynamics
Gao F, Wang YQ, Wang SH
428 - 437 Removal of arsenic from water using synthetic Fe7S8 nanoparticles
Cantu J, Gonzalez LE, Goodship J, Contreras M, Joseph M, Garza C, Eubanks TM, Parsons JG
438 - 453 Effect of the active metal on the catalytic activity of the titanate nanotubes for dry reforming of methane
Coelho DC, Oliveira AC, Josue M, Oliveira AC, Lucredio AF, Assaf EM, Rodriguez-Castellon E
454 - 464 Control of diesel particulate emission based on Ag/CeOx/FeOy catalysts supported on cordierite
Nascimento LF, Lima JF, de Sousa PC, Serra OA
465 - 476 Exploring complex structural evolution of graphene oxide/ZnO triangles and its impact on photoelectrochemical water splitting
Chandrasekaran S, Chung JS, Kim EJ, Hur SH
477 - 489 Removal of hexavalent chromium from electroplating wastewaters using marine macroalga Pelvetia canaliculata as natural electron donor
Hackbarth FV, Maass D, de Souza AAU, Vilar VJP, de Souza SMAGU
490 - 498 Process analysis of biological Sabatier reaction for bio-methane production
Leonzio G
499 - 506 Reaction of dichloromethane under non-oxidative conditions in a dielectric barrier discharge reactor and characterisation of the resultant polymer
Gaikwad V, Kennedy E, Mackie J, Holdsworth C, Molloy S, Kundu S, Stockenhuber M, Dlugogorski B
507 - 514 Ozonation for source treatment of pharmaceuticals in hospital wastewater - Ozone lifetime and required ozone dose
Hansen KMS, Spiliotopoulou A, Chhetri RK, Casas ME, Bester K, Andersen HR