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1 - 15 Removal of metal ions from a petrochemical wastewater using brown macro-algae as natural cation-exchangers
Cechinel MAP, Mayer DA, Pozdniakova TA, Mazur LP, Boaventura RAR, de Souza AAU, de Souza SMAGU, Vilar VJP
16 - 24 Degradation of trimethoprim by thermo-activated persulfate oxidation: Reaction kinetics and transformation mechanisms
Ji YF, Xie WP, Fan Y, Shi YY, Kong DY, Lu JH
25 - 35 An efficient composite ion exchanger of silica matrix impregnated with ammonium molybdophosphate for cesium uptake from aqueous solution
Deng H, Li YX, Huang Y, Ma X, Wu L, Cheng TH
36 - 47 Synthesis of fast response, highly sensitive and selective Ni:ZnO based NO2 sensor
Ganbavle VV, Inamdar SI, Agawane GL, Kim JH, Rajpure KY
48 - 58 Cs+ removal and optical detection by microporous lanthanide silicate Eu-AV-20 in a fixed-bed column
Figueiredo BR, de Melo MMR, Portugal I, Ananias D, Rocha J, Silva CM
59 - 67 Novel tree-like WO3 nanoplatelets with very high surface area synthesized by anodization under controlled hydrodynamic conditions
Fernandez-Dornene RM, Sanchez-Tovar R, Segura-Sanchis E, Garcia-Anton J
68 - 75 Synergistic biosorption between phenol and nickel(II) from Binary mixtures on chemically and biologically modified chitosan beads
Nguyen ML, Huang C, Juang RS
76 - 90 Experimental investigation on turbulence modification in a dilute gas-particle axisymmetric opposed jets flow
Li J, Wang HF, Xiong Y, Jiang GF, Liu ZH, Zheng CG
91 - 97 Photoelectrocatalytic hydrogen production by water splitting using BiVO4 photoanodes
Monfort O, Pop LC, Sfaelou S, Plecenik T, Roch T, Dracopoulos V, Stathatos E, Plesch G, Lianos P
98 - 105 Role of micropores and nitrogen-containing groups in CO2 adsorption on indole-3-butyric acid potassium derived carbons
Deng SB, Chen T, Zhao TN, Yao XL, Wang B, Huang J, Wang YJ, Yu G
106 - 113 Study of influence of pH and salinity on combined flocculation of Chaetoceros gracilis microalgae
Perez L, Salgueiro JL, Maceiras R, Cancela A, Sanchez A
114 - 121 Mesoporous alpha-MnO2 microspheres with high specific surface area: Controlled synthesis and catalytic activities
Lin T, Yu L, Sun M, Cheng G, Lan B, Fu ZW
122 - 127 Water-based high-performance polymer field effect transistors enabled by heat-assisted surfactant elimination
Cho J, Cheon KH, Ha J, Chung DS
128 - 138 Adsorption of antimony(III) from aqueous solution by mercapto-functionalized silica-supported organic-inorganic hybrid sorbent: Mechanism insights
Fan HT, Sun W, Jiang B, Wang QJ, Li DW, Huang CC, Wang KJ, Zhang ZG, Li WX
139 - 149 Hierarchical porous MnO2/CeO2 with high performance for supercapacitor electrodes
Zhang HH, Gu JN, Tong J, Hu YF, Guan B, Hu B, Zhao J, Wang CY
150 - 164 Co-reaction of methanol and olefins on the high silicon HZSM-5 catalyst: A kinetic study
Huang X, Aihemaitijiang D, Xiao WD
165 - 173 One-pot synthesis of alpha-Fe2O3 nanoplates-reduced graphene oxide composites for supercapacitor application
Quan HY, Cheng BC, Xiao YH, Lei SJ
174 - 183 Biomass gasification using chemical looping in a 25 kWth reactor with natural hematite as oxygen carrier
Ge HJ, Guo WJ, Shen LH, Song T, Xiao J
184 - 190 Efficiency of neonicotinoids photocatalytic degradation by using annular slurry reactor
Banic ND, Abramovic BF, Sojic DV, Krstic JB, Fincur NL, Bakovic IP
191 - 197 The influence of clay minerals and surfactants on hydrocarbon removal during the washing of petroleum-contaminated soil
Li G, Guo SH, Hu JX
198 - 207 Investigation of microbial structure and composition involved in membrane fouling in the forward osmosis membrane bioreactor treating anaerobic bioreactor effluent
Ding Y, Tian Y, Liu J, Li N, Zhang J, Zuo W, Li ZP
208 - 215 Activated carbon fibers with redox-active functionalities improves the continuous anaerobic biotransformation of 4-nitrophenol
Amezquita-Garcia HJ, Rangel-Mendez JR, Cervantes FJ, Razo-Flores E
216 - 222 Enhancement of the catalytic activity and stability of immobilized aminoacylase using modified magnetic Fe3O4 nanoparticles
Feng JC, Yu SR, Li J, Mo T, Li P
223 - 231 Determination of persulphates using N,N-diethyl-p-phenylenediamine as colorimetric reagent: Oxidative coloration and degradation of the reagent without bactericidal effect in water
Gokulakrishnan S, Mohammed A, Prakash H
232 - 238 Photocatalytic decomposition of perfluorooctanoic acid by noble metallic nanoparticles modified TiO2
Li MJ, Yu ZB, Liu Q, Sun L, Huang WY
239 - 248 A novel photoelectro-peroxone process for the degradation and mineralization of substituted benzenes in water
Frangos P, Wang HJ, Shen WH, Yu G, Deng SB, Huang J, Wang B, Wang YJ
249 - 258 Synthesis and characterization of novel covalently linked waterborne polyurethane/Fe3O4 nanocomposite films with superior magnetic, conductive properties and high latex storage stability
Chen SL, Zhang SD, Jin T, Zhao GH
259 - 265 Synthesis, characterization and chemical binding of a Ni(II) Schiff base complex on functionalized MWNTs; Catalytic oxidation of cyclohexene with molecular oxygen
Bazarganipour M, Salavati-Niasari M
266 - 271 Self-development of hollow TiO2 nanoparticles by chemical conversion coupled with Ostwald ripening
Nguyen DT, Kim KS
272 - 281 Magnetic AuNP@Fe3O4 nanoparticles as reusable carriers for reversible enzyme immobilization
Cao Y, Wen LY, Svec F, Tan TW, Lv YQ
282 - 290 Photocatalytic degradation of recalcitrant POME waste by using silver doped titania: Photokinetics and scavenging studies
Ng KH, Lee CH, Khan MR, Cheng CK
291 - 299 Effect of MnO2 polymorphs structure on the selective catalytic reduction of NOx with NH3 over TiO2-Palygorskite
Luo SP, Zhou WT, Xie AJ, Wu FQ, Yao C, Li XZ, Zuo SX, Liu TH
300 - 310 Hexane decomposition without particle emission using a novel dielectric barrier discharge reactor filled with porous dielectric balls
Jin Q, Jiang BQ, Han JY, Yao SL
311 - 319 Facile fabrication of magnetic cucurbit[6]uril/graphene oxide composite and application for uranium removal
Shao L, Wang XF, Ren YM, Wang SF, Zhong JR, Chu MF, Tang H, Luo LZ, Xie DH
320 - 328 Improvements of CaO-based sorbents for cyclic CO2 capture using a wet mixing process
Sun Z, Xu CC, Chen SY, Xiang WG
329 - 338 A bi-functional Co-CaO-Ca12Al14O33 catalyst for sorption-enhanced steam reforming of glycerol to high-purity hydrogen
Dang CX, Yu H, Wang HJ, Peng F, Yang YH
339 - 346 Surface modification of g-C3N4 by hydrazine: Simple way for noble-metal free hydrogen evolution catalysts
Chen Y, Lin B, Wang H, Yang Y, Zhu HB, Yu WL, Basset JM
347 - 347 Particle size controlled synthesis of CdS nanoparticles on a microfluidic chip (vol 280, pg 385, 2015)
Dai J, Yang XY, Hamon M, Kong LZ, Lee WS, Park S, Hong JW
348 - 360 Hydrodynamics of organic and ionic liquids in a slurry bubble column reactor operated at elevated temperatures
Gotz M, Lefebvre J, Mors F, Reimert R, Graf F, Kolb T
361 - 368 Production of NMSBA from the oxidation of NMST with oxygen catalyzed by H3PW12O40/Co/Mn/Br homogeneous catalytic system
Long XL, Zhang C, Zhu Y, Yang ZL, Yuan WK
369 - 376 Efficient ceria-silica catalysts for BTX oxidation: Probing the catalytic performance and oxygen storage
da Silva AGM, Fajardo HV, Balzer R, Probst LFD, Prado NT, Camargo PHC, Robles-Dutenhefner PA
377 - 386 Advanced removal of C. famata in bioaerosols by simultaneous adsorption and photocatalytic oxidation of Cu-doped TiO2/PU under visible irradiation
Pham TD, Lee BK
387 - 393 Mechanochemical destruction of Chinese PFOS alternative F-53B
Zhang KL, Cao ZG, Huang J, Deng SB, Wang B, Yu G
394 - 399 Enhanced saccharification for wheat straw with micro-thermal explosion technology of in situ SO3 reaction
Wang H, Pan CY, Xu F, Liu LJ, Yao RS
400 - 407 Polar-modified post-cross-linked polystyrene and its adsorption towards salicylic acid from aqueous solution
Ling X, Li HB, Zha HW, He CL, Huang JH
408 - 415 Selective reduction of nitrate into nitrogen using Fe-Pd bimetallic nanoparticle supported on chelating resin at near-neutral pH
Shi JL, Long C, Li AM
416 - 426 The development of new comprehensive kinetic modeling for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis process over Co-Ru/gamma-Al2O3 nano-catalyst in a fixed-bed reactor
Mosayebi A, Mehrpouya MA, Abedini R
427 - 435 Adsorption of U(VI) by multilayer titanate nanotubes: Effects of inorganic cations, carbonate and natural organic matter
Liu W, Zhao X, Wang T, Zhao DY, Ni JR
436 - 446 Coupled simulation of convection section with dual stage steam feed mixing of an industrial ethylene cracking furnace
Hu GH, Yuan BF, Zhang L, Li JL, Du WL, Qian F
447 - 458 Optimal WWTP process selection for treatment of domestic wastewater - A realistic full-scale retrofitting study
Bozkurt H, van Loosdrecht MCM, Gernaey KV, Sin G
459 - 466 Promotional effect of microwave hydrothermal treatment on the low-temperature NH3-SCR activity over iron-based catalyst
Xiong ZB, Wu C, Hu Q, Wang YZ, Jin J, Lu CM, Guo DX
467 - 475 Metal-organic frameworks with high working capacities and cyclic hydrothermal stabilities for fresh water production
Kim SI, Yoon TU, Kim MB, Lee SJ, Hwang YK, Chang JS, Kim HJ, Lee HN, Lee UH, Bae YS
476 - 484 KOH-activated carbon prepared from sucrose spherical carbon: Adsorption equilibrium, kinetic and thermodynamic studies for Methylene Blue removal
Bedin KC, Martins AC, Cazetta AL, Pezoti O, Almeida VC
485 - 496 Rationally designed hybrid molecularly imprinted polymer foam for highly efficient lambda-cyhalothrin recognition and uptake via twice imprinting strategy
Yin YJ, Pan JM, Cao J, Ma Y, Pan GQ, Wu RR, Dai XH, Meng MJ, Yan YS
497 - 507 Single bubble behavior in gas-liquid-solid mini-fluidized beds
Li YJ, Liu MY, Li XN
508 - 516 Treatment of landfill leachate using electrochemically assisted UV/chlorine process: Effect of operating conditions, molecular weight distribution and fluorescence EEM-PARAFAC analysis
Ye ZH, Zhang H, Zhang X, Zhou DJ
517 - 527 A novel chemical pathway for energy efficient production of Ti metal from upgraded titanium slag
Zhang Y, Fang ZZ, Xia Y, Huang Z, Lefler H, Zhang TY, Sun P, Free ML, Guo J
528 - 537 Impact of graphene oxide embedded polyethersulfone membranes for the effective treatment of distillery effluent
Kiran SA, Thuyavan YL, Arthanareeswaran G, Matsuura T, Ismail AF
538 - 548 Enhanced clofibric acid removal by activated carbons: Water hardness as a key parameter
Mestre AS, Nabico A, Figueiredo PL, Pinto ML, Santos MSCS, Fonseca IM
549 - 559 Structural characterizations of fluoride doped CeTi nanoparticles and its differently promotional mechanisms on ozonation for low-temperature removal of NOx (x=1, 2)
Ding J, Thong Q, Cai HRJ, Zhang SL
560 - 570 Photocatalytic decomposition of pollen allergenic extracts of Cupressus arizonica and Platanus hybrida
Jimenez-Relinque E, Sapina M, Nevshupa R, Roman E, Castellote M
571 - 577 Continuous treatment of biologically treated textile effluent using a multi-cell electrochemical reactor
Ling YF, Hu JY, Qian ZH, Zhu LW, Chen XM
578 - 584 High-rate hydrogenotrophic denitrification in a pressurized reactor
Epsztein R, Beliavski M, Tarre S, Green M
585 - 593 Copper modified activated coke for mercury removal from coal-fired flue gas
Zhao B, Yi HH, Tang XL, Li Q, Liu DD, Gao FY
594 - 601 Performance of continuous stirred-tank reactors connected in series as a photocatalytic reactor system
Miyawaki A, Taira S, Shiraishi F
602 - 609 Sr2+ and Tb3+ doping tuning the size, morphology, and photoluminescence of NaCeF4 nanorods via solvothermal method
Huang ZX, Yang Y, Gong LJ, Ma M, Xu CF
610 - 621 The application of a novel fluidised photo reactor under UV-Visible and natural solar irradiation in the photocatalytic generation of hydrogen
Skillen N, Adams M, McCullagh C, Ryu SY, Fina F, Hoffmann MR, Irvine JTS, Robertson PKJ
622 - 631 Selective separation of phenol from salicylic acid effluent over molecularly imprinted polystyrene nanospheres composite alumina membranes
Liu Y, Meng MJ, Yao JT, Da ZL, Feng YH, Yan YS, Li CX
632 - 639 Synthesis of ultrathin hollow carbon shell from petroleum asphalt for high-performance anode material in lithium-ion batteries
Li P, Liu JY, Wang YW, Liu Y, Wang XN, Nam KW, Kang YM, Wu MB, Qiu JS
640 - 662 Engineered nanomaterials for water treatment and remediation: Costs, benefits, and applicability
Adeleye AS, Conway JR, Garner K, Huang YX, Su YM, Keller AA
663 - 678 A modelling approach to the techno-economics of Biomass-to-SNG/Methanol systems: Standalone vs Integrated topologies
Arteaga-Perez LE, Gomez-Capiro O, Karelovic A, Jimenez R
679 - 688 Tb/Eu-AV-9: A lanthanide silicate for the sensing and removal of cesium ions from aqueous solutions
Figueiredo BR, Ananias D, Portugal I, Rocha J, Silva CM
689 - 700 Experimental investigation on biomass gasification using chemical looping in a batch reactor and a continuous dual reactor
Ge HJ, Guo WJ, Shen LH, Song T, Xiao J