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1 - 9 Characterization and antimicrobial activity of lactic acid bacteria from fermentative bioreactors during hydrogen production using cassava processing wastewater
Rosa PRF, Gomes BC, Varesche MBA, Silva EL
10 - 20 Simultaneous removal of Pb(II) and 2,4,6-trichlorophenol by a hierarchical porous PU@PDA@MSNs sponge with reversible "shape memory" effect
Liu SC, Pan JM, Cao J, Dai XH, Meng MJ, Wu RR, Yao JT, Yan YS
21 - 27 Amorphous MnOx modified Co3O4 for formaldehyde oxidation: improved low-temperature catalytic and photothermocatalytic activity
Zheng YL, Wang WZ, Jiang D, Zhang L
28 - 36 Comparison of phenacetin degradation in aqueous solutions by catalytic ozonation with CuFe2O4 and its precursor: Surface properties, intermediates and reaction mechanisms
Qi F, Chu W, Xu BB
37 - 40 Control of nanoporous polymer matrix by an ionic liquid and water pressure for applications to water-treatment and separator
Lee WG, Hwang J, Kang SW
41 - 53 Graphene-CdS nanocomposite inactivation performance toward Escherichia coli in the presence of humic acid under visible light irradiation
Deng CH, Gong JL, Zeng GM, Jiang Y, Zhang C, Liu HY, Huan SY
54 - 60 Microwave-enhanced catalytic degradation of p-nitrophenol in soil using MgFe2O4
Zhou HY, Hu L, Wan JZ, Yang R, Yu XX, Li HB, Chen J, Wang LL, Lu XH
61 - 67 Characterizing flat sheet membrane resistance fraction of chemically enhanced backflush
Lee EJ, An AKJ, Hadi P, Yan DYS
68 - 77 Thin-film nanocomposite membrane with CNT positioning in support layer for energy harvesting from saline water
Son M, Park H, Liu L, Choi H, Kim JH, Choi H
78 - 84 Preparation of graphene nanosheets by shear-assisted supercritical CO2 exfoliation
Li L, Xu JC, Li GH, Jia XL, Li YF, Yang F, Zhang LQ, Xu CM, Gao JS, Liu Y, Fang ZW
85 - 92 Hydraulic characteristics and performance modeling of a modified anaerobic baffled reactor (MABR)
Li SN, Nan J, Gao F
93 - 102 Removal of 17 beta-estradiol by few-layered graphene oxide nanosheets from aqueous solutions: External influence and adsorption mechanism
Jiang LH, Liu YG, Zeng GM, Xiao FY, Hu XJ, Hu X, Wang H, Li TT, Zhou L, Tan XF
103 - 111 Preparation and characterization of Cu/Ni/Fe hydrotalcite-derived compounds as catalysts for the hydrolysis of carbon disulfide
Li Q, Yi HH, Tang XL, Zhao SZ, Zhao B, Liu DD, Gao FY
112 - 121 Heterogeneous photo-Fenton processes using zero valent iron microspheres for the treatment of wastewaters contaminated with 1,4-dioxane
Barndok H, Blanco L, Hermosilla D, Blanco A
122 - 129 Application of UV-C LED activated PMS for the degradation of anatoxin-a
Verma S, Nakamura S, Sillanpaa M
130 - 138 Anaerobic dynamic membrane bioreactor for wastewater treatment at ambient temperature
Alibardi L, Bernava N, Cossu R, Spagni A
139 - 148 A facile method for protein imprinting on directly carboxyl-functionalized magnetic nanoparticles using non-covalent template immobilization strategy
Gao RX, Hao Y, Zhang LL, Cui XH, Liu DC, Zhang M, Tang YH, Zheng YS
149 - 157 Preparation of Ag/alpha-Al2O3 for ethylene epoxidation by an impregnation-bioreduction process with Cinnamomum camphora extract
Jing XL, Huang JL, Wang HX, Du MM, Sun DH, Li QB
158 - 165 Enzyme-catalyzed synthesis and kinetics of ultrasonic assisted methanolysis of waste lard for biodiesel production
Adewale P, Dumont MJ, Ngadi M
166 - 173 Oxidation of toluene by dielectric barrier discharge with photo-catalytic electrode
Chen J, Xie ZM, Tang JH, Zhou J, Lu XT, Zhao HT
174 - 181 Performance and microbial analysis of two different inocula for the removal of chlorobenzene in biotrickling filters
Zhou QW, Zhang LL, Chen JM, Xu BC, Chu GW, Chen JF
182 - 193 Phosphate adsorption by a Cu(II)-loaded polyethersulfone-type metal affinity membrane with the presence of coexistent ions
Song LZ, Huo JB, Wang XL, Yang FF, He J, Li CY
194 - 201 Enhanced volatile fatty acid production by a modified biological pretreatment in anaerobic fermentation of waste activated sludge
Liu HB, Xiao H, Yin B, Zu YP, Liu H, Fu B, Ma HJ
202 - 215 Physicochemical characteristic of regenerated cellulose/N-doped TiO2 nanocomposite membrane fabricated from recycled newspaper with photocatalytic activity under UV and visible light irradiation
Mohamed MA, Salleh WNW, Jaafar J, Ismail AF, Abd Mutalib M, Sani NAA, Asri SEAM, Ong CS
216 - 223 Enhancement of sludge dewaterability by sequential inoculation of filamentous fungus Mucor circinelloides ZG-3 and Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans LX5
Zheng GY, Wang ZY, Wang DZ, Zhou LX
224 - 232 Preparation of high purity propane from liquefied petroleum gas in a fixed bed by removal of sulfur and butanes
Xiang H, Zhang HP, Liu PF, Yan Y
233 - 239 Kinetics study of acrylic acid polymerization with a microreactor platform
Qiu L, Wang K, Zhu S, Lu YC, Luo GS
240 - 246 Kinetics for electro-oxidation of organic pollutants by using a packed-bed electrode reactor (PBER)
Wang LZ, Wu B, Li P, Zhang B, Balasubramanian N, Zhao YM
247 - 259 Phase transformation of crystalline iron oxides and their adsorption abilities for Pb and Cd
Zhang C, Yu ZG, Zeng GM, Huang BB, Dong HR, Huang JH, Yang ZZ, Wei JJ, Hu L, Zhang Q
260 - 269 Novel efficient process for methanol synthesis by CO2 hydrogenation
Kiss AA, Pragt JJ, Vos HJ, Bargeman G, de Groot MT
270 - 284 Detailed kinetic modelling of vacuum gas oil hydrocracking using bifunctional catalyst: A distribution approach
Browning B, Afanasiev P, Pitault I, Couenne F, Tayakout-Fayolle M
285 - 293 (NH4)(2)WS4 precursor as a hole-injection layer in organic optoelectronic devices
Le QV, Kim CM, Nguyen TP, Park M, Kim TY, Han SM, Kim SY
294 - 304 Evaluation strategy for the control of the copper removal process based on oxidation-reduction potential
Zhang B, Yang CH, Zhu HQ, Li YG, Gui WH
305 - 314 Probing photon localization effect between titania and photonic crystals on enhanced photocatalytic activity of titania film
Li P, Chen SL, Wang AJ, Wang Y
315 - 324 Enhancement of SCR activity and SO2 resistance on VOx/TiO2 catalyst by addition of molybdenum
Kwon DW, Park KH, Hong SC
325 - 332 Performance analysis of a solar-powered electrochemical refrigerator
Long R, Li BD, Liu ZC, Liu W
333 - 342 Exceptional cerium(III) adsorption performance of poly(acrylic acid) brushes-decorated attapulgite with abundant and highly accessible binding sites
Li XJ, Yan CJ, Luo WJ, Gao Q, Zhou Q, Liu C, Zhou S
343 - 350 Hydrophobic coating of expanded perlite particles by plasma polymerization
Gursoy M, Karaman M
351 - 356 Preparation of hollow submicrospheres with ordered porous SiO2 shell and multiple AuPt nanoalloy cores and their high catalytic activity
Qi XH, Li XC, He GH, Zhu YZ, Diao YR, Lu HL
357 - 371 Morphology model for polymer foams formed by thermally induced phase separation
Vonka M, Nistor A, Rygl A, Toulec M, Kosek J
372 - 379 Short-chain organic acids increase the reactivity of zerovalent iron nanoparticles toward polychlorinated aromatic pollutants
Ou YH, Wei CY, Shih YH
380 - 388 Probing the role of thermally reduced graphene oxide in enhancing performance of TiO2 in photocatalytic phenol removal from aqueous environments
Adamu H, Dubey P, Anderson JA
389 - 394 Effects of ionic strength and cationic type on humic acid facilitated transport of tetracycline in porous media
Cheng D, Liao P, Yuan SH
395 - 404 Equilibrium and kinetic study of chromium sorption on resins with quaternary ammonium and N-methyl-D-glucamine groups
Polowczyk I, Urbano BF, Rivas BL, Bryjak M, Kabay N
405 - 411 Synthesis and characterization of mesoporous zeolite Y by using block copolymers as templates
Zhao J, Yin YC, Li Y, Chen WY, Liu BJ
412 - 421 Effect of methane on the conversion of HFC-134a in a dielectric barrier discharge non-equilibrium plasma reactor
Kundu SK, Kennedy EM, Mackie JC, Holdsworth CI, Molloy TS, Gaikwad VV, Dlugogorski BZ
422 - 430 Monolithic supermacroporous hydrogel prepared from high internal phase emulsions (HIPEs) for fast removal of Cu2+ and Pb2+
Zhu YF, Zheng Y, Wang F, Wang AQ
431 - 437 Sulfur dioxide removal from oxygen-rich exhausts by promoted decomposition
Huang TJ, Mao CW, Lee CC, Chiang DY, Shih C, Wang BC, Lee SY, Wong DSH
438 - 447 Systematic evaluation of materials for post-combustion CO2 capture in a Temperature Swing Adsorption process
Bahamon D, Vega LF
448 - 457 Reduction kinetics and catalytic activity of VOx/gamma-Al2O3-ZrO2 for gas phase oxygen free ODH of ethane
Elbadawi AH, Ba-Shammakh MS, Al-Ghamdi S, Razzak SA, Hossain MM
458 - 468 Surfactants and personal care products removal in pilot scale horizontal and vertical flow constructed wetlands while treating greywater
Ramprasad C, Philip L
469 - 477 Microwave-assisted transesterification of industrial grade crude glycerol for the production of glycerol carbonate
Teng WK, Ngoh GC, Yusoff R, Aroua MK
478 - 486 Constructing polyurethane sponge modified with silica/graphene oxide nanohybrids as a ternary sorbent
Lu XM, Cui ZS, Wei W, Xie JM, Jiang L, Huang J, Liu J
487 - 493 Extraction of naphthenic acid from highly acidic oil using phenolate based ionic liquids
Shah SN, Chellappan LK, Gonfa G, Mutalib MIA, Pilus RBM, Bustam MA
494 - 502 Decomposition and mineralization of sulfaquinoxaline sodium during UV/H2O2 oxidation processes
Liao QN, Ji F, Li JC, Zhan XM, Hu ZH
503 - 512 Modeling the sonophoto-degradation/mineralization of carbamazepine in aqueous solution
Duran A, Monteagudo JM, Exposito AJ, Monsalve V
513 - 535 Impact of heat and mass dispersion and thermal effects on the scale-up of monolith reactors
Gu T, Balakotaiah V
536 - 542 Eco-friendly innovation for nejayote coagulation-flocculation process using chitosan: Evaluation through zeta potential measurements
Meraz KAS, Vargas SMP, Maldonado JTL, Bravo JMC, Guzman MTO, Maldonado EAL
543 - 556 An artificial structure modeler for 3D CFD simulations of catalytic foams
Wehinger GD, Heitmann H, Kraume M
557 - 564 Removal of Cr (VI) from aqueous solutions using chitosan/MWCNT/Fe3O4 composite nanofibers-batch and column studies
Beheshti H, Irani M, Hosseini L, Rahimi A, Aliabadi M
565 - 570 Size-dependent nanocrystal sorbent for copper removal from water
Xu JF, Qu Z, Yan NQ, Zhao YX, Xu XF, Li L
571 - 581 Tuning the adsorptive properties of drinking water treatment residue via oxygen-limited heat treatment for environmental recycle
Wang CH, Jiang HL, Yuan NN, Pei YS, Yan ZS
582 - 598 Hydroxyl radicals based advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) for remediation of soils contaminated with organic compounds: A review
Cheng M, Zeng GM, Huang DL, Lai C, Xu P, Zhang C, Liu Y
599 - 608 Synthesis of functionalized carbon nanotubes by floating catalytic chemical vapor deposition method and their sorption behavior toward arsenic
Sankararamakrishnan N, Chauhan D, Dwivedi J
609 - 619 Preparation of a novel manganese oxide-modified diatomite and its aniline removal mechanism from solution
Jiang LY, Liu L, Xiao SD, Chen JM
620 - 629 Anaerobic fluidized bed digestion of primary and thickened waste activated sludges
Wang Z, Kim M, Nakhla G, Zhu J
630 - 639 Microorganism-derived carbon microspheres for uranium removal from aqueous solution
Li FZ, Li DM, Li XL, Liao JL, Li SJ, Yang JJ, Yang YY, Tang J, Liu N
640 - 649 Agglomeration detection by pressure fluctuation analysis during Cynara cardunculus L. gasification in a fluidized bed
Gomez-Hernandez J, Serrano D, Soria-Verdugo A, Sanchez-Delgado S
650 - 656 Development of gold-doped carbon foams as a sensitive electrochemical sensor for simultaneous determination of Pb (II) and Cu (II)
Xiong W, Zhou L, Liu ST
657 - 667 Bulk processing of ZnO nanostructures via microwave assisted oxidation of mechanically seeded Zn dust for functional paints and coatings
Balanand S, Maria MJ, Rajan TPD, Mohamed AP, Ananthakumar S
668 - 678 Direct modeling of voidage at layer inversion in binary liquid-fluidized bed
Di Maio FP, Di Renzo A
679 - 686 Preparation and kinetics of a heterogeneous sorbent for CO2 capture from the atmosphere
Wang T, Liu J, Huang H, Fang MX, Luo ZY
687 - 697 Removal of hazardous dyes-BR 12 and methyl orange using graphene oxide as an adsorbent from aqueous phase
Robati D, Mirza B, Rajabi M, Moradi O, Tyagi I, Agarwal S, Gupta VK
698 - 707 Novel sea buckthorn biocarbon SBC@beta-FeOOH composites: Efficient removal of doxycycline in aqueous solution in a fixed-bed through synergistic adsorption and heterogeneous Fenton-like reaction
Zhang X, Bai B, Li Puma G, Wang HL, Suo YR
708 - 715 Characterization of NO emission in combustion of hydrothermally treated antibiotic mycelial residue
Ma DC, Zhang GY, Areeprasert C, Li CX, Shen YF, Yoshikawa K, Xu GW
716 - 723 Instrumented small scale extruder to investigate the influence of process parameters during premix membrane emulsification
Gehrmann S, Bunjes H
724 - 732 One-step semi-continuous cyclohexanone production via hydrogenation of phenol in a submerged ceramic membrane reactor
Jiang H, Qu ZY, Li Y, Huang J, Chen RZ, Xing WH
733 - 740 Treatment of spent radioactive anionic exchange resins using Fenton-like oxidation process
Wan Z, Xu LJ, Wang JL
741 - 749 Development of a novel dual-stage method for metaldehyde removal from water
Tao B, Fletcher A
750 - 763 Simultaneous degradation of 1,1,1-trichloroethane and solvent stabilizer 1,4-dioxane by a sono-activated persulfate process
Li BZ, Zhu J
764 - 777 Liquid-liquid extraction system with microstructured coiled flow inverter and other capillary setups for single-stage extraction applications
Kurt SK, Gursel IV, Hessel V, Nigam KDP, Kockmann N
778 - 785 Iron-catalyzed domino sequences: One-pot oxidative synthesis of quinazolinones using metal-organic framework Fe3O(BPDC)(3) as an efficient heterogeneous catalyst
Nguyen VT, Ngo HQ, Le DT, Truong T, Phan NTS
786 - 793 Effect of aluminum hydrolyte species on human enterovirus removal from water during the coagulation process
Shirasaki N, Matsushita T, Matsui Y, Marubayashi T
794 - 801 Interweaved LDH/PAN nanocomposite films: Application in the design of effective hexavalent chromium adsorption technology
Gore CT, Omwoma S, Chen W, Song YF
802 - 811 Porosity and pressure drop in packed beds of spheres between narrow parallel walls
Pistocchini L, Garone S, Motta M
812 - 822 Novel pitaya-inspired well-defined core-shell nanospheres with ultrathin surface imprinted nanofilm from magnetic mesoporous nanosilica for highly efficient chloramphenicol removal
Dai JD, He JS, Xie AT, Gao L, Pan JM, Chen X, Zhou ZP, Wei X, Yan YS
823 - 830 Cetylpyridinium removal using phosphate-assisted electrocoagulation, electroreduction and adsorption on electrogenerated sorbents
Flilissa A, Meleard P, Darchen A
831 - 840 Flexible hollow nanofibers: Novel one-pot electrospinning construction, structure and tunable luminescence-electricity-magnetism trifunctionality
Liu YW, Ma QL, Yang M, Dong XT, Yang Y, Wang JX, Yu WS, Liu GX
841 - 849 Comparison of coagulation efficiency of aluminium and ferric-based coagulants as pre-treatment for UVC/H2O2 treatment of wastewater RO concentrate
Umar M, Ruddick F, Fan LH
850 - 861 Microalgae culture in building-integrated photobioreactors: Biomass production modelling and energetic analysis
Pruvost J, Le Gouic B, Lepine O, Legrand J, Le Borgne F
862 - 871 CeO2-MnOx/ZSM-5 sorbents for H2S removal at high temperature
Liu DJ, Zhou WG, Wu J
872 - 878 Sub- and supercritical esterification of palm fatty acid distillate with carbohydrate-derived solid acid catalyst
Lokman IM, Goto M, Rashid U, Taufiq-Yap YH
879 - 887 Fabrication of free-standing bio-template mesoporous hybrid film for high and selective phosphate removal
Zheng XD, Pan JM, Zhang FS, Liu EL, Shi WD, Yan YS
888 - 895 Reusable fluorocarbon-modified electrospun PDMS/PVDF nanofibrous membranes with excellent CO2 absorption performance
Lin YF, Ye Q, Hsu SH, Chung TW
896 - 904 Role of (1)[O-2]* in chlortetracycline degradation by solar radiation assisted by ruthenium metal complexes
Salazar-Rabago JJ, Sanchez-Polo M, Rivera-Utrilla A, Leyva-Ramos R, Ocampo-Perez R
905 - 916 Nitrogen removal in a two-chambered microbial fuel cell: Establishment of a nitrifying-denitrifying microbial community on an intermittent aerated cathode
Sotres A, Cerrillo M, Vinas M, Bonmati A
917 - 925 Preferential adsorption of Cu in a multi-metal mixture onto biogenic elemental selenium nanoparticles
Jain R, Dominic D, Jordan N, Rene ER, Weiss S, van Hullebusch ED, Hubner R, Lens PNL
926 - 933 Styrene vapor mass transfer in a biotrickling filter: Effects of silicone oil volume fraction, gas-to-liquid flow ratio, and operating temperature
Parnian P, Zamir SM, Shojaosadati SA
934 - 941 Catalytic dehydration of lactic acid to acrylic acid over modified ZSM-5 catalysts
Zhang XH, Lin L, Zhang T, Liu HO, Zhang XF
942 - 952 Cobalt modified red mud catalytic ozonation for the degradation of bezafibrate in water: Catalyst surface properties characterization and reaction mechanism
Xu BB, Qi F, Zhang JZ, Li HN, Sun DZ, Robert D, Chen ZL
953 - 962 Comparison of route, mechanism and extent of treatment for the degradation of a beta-lactam antibiotic by TiO2 photocatalysis, sonochemistry, electrochemistry and the photo-Fenton system
Sema-Galvis EA, Silva-Agredo J, Giraldo AL, Florez OA, Torres-Palma RA
963 - 971 Optimising the shell thickness-to-radius ratio for the fabrication of oil-encapsulated polymeric microspheres
Gao Y, Zhao D, Chang MW, Ahmad Z, Li JS
972 - 978 Self-immobilization of a magnetic biosorbent and magnetic induction heated dye adsorption processes
Zhang QL, Lu T, Bai DM, Lin DQ, Yao SJ
979 - 988 Solubilization augmentation and bacterial community responses triggered by co-digestion of a hydrolytic enzymes blend for facilitating waste activated sludge hydrolysis process
Xin XD, He JG, Feng JH, Li L, Wen ZD, Hu Q, Qiu W, Zhang J
989 - 994 Synthesis and oil absorption of biomorphic MgAl Layered Double Oxide/acrylic ester resin by suspension polymerization
Wang YH, Li QR, Bo LF, Wang XP, Zhang T, Li S, Ren P, Wei GY
995 - 1002 Effect of radical peroxide promoters on the photodegradation of cytarabine antineoplastic in water
Ocampo-Perez R, Rivera-Utrilla J, Mota AJ, Sanchez-Polo M, Leyva-Ramos R
1003 - 1007 Dual-responsive Sr2SiO4:Eu2+-Ba3MgSi2O8:Eu2+, Mn2+ composite phosphor to human eyes and plant chlorophylls applications for general lighting and plant lighting
Mao ZY, Chen JJ, Li J, Wang DJ
1008 - 1016 Simultaneous removal of perchlorate and nitrate in a combined reactor of sulfur autotrophy and electrochemical hydrogen autotrophy
Gao MC, Wang S, Ren Y, Jin CJ, She ZL, Zhao YG, Yang SY, Guo L, Zhang J, Li ZW
1017 - 1027 Self-assembled magnetic graphene supported ZIF-67 as a recoverable and efficient adsorbent for benzotriazole
Lin KYA, Lee WD
1028 - 1034 Kinetic effects of hydrogen addition on the catalytic self-ignition of methane over platinum in micro-channels
Chen JJ, Gao XH, Xu DG
1035 - 1048 Preparation, characterization and properties of PVDF-g-PAMPS/PMMA-co-PAMPS/silica nanoparticle as a new proton exchange nanocomposite membrane
Ahmadian-Alam L, Kheirmand M, Mandavi H
1049 - 1057 The impact of recycling alum-humic-floc (AHF) on the removal of natural organic materials (NOM): Behavior of coagulation and adsorption
Xu YP, Chen T, Liu ZQ, Zhu SJ, Cui FY, Shi WX
1058 - 1067 Removal of chlorpheniramine in a nanoscale zero-valent iron induced heterogeneous Fenton system: Influencing factors and degradation intermediates
Wang L, Yang J, Li YM, Lv J, Zou JT
1068 - 1079 The influences of Mg/Al molar ratio on the properties of PtIn/Mg(Al)O-x catalysts for propane dehydrogenation reaction
Xia K, Lang WZ, Li PP, Long LL, Yan X, Guo YJ
1080 - 1093 A sustainable, eugenol-derived epoxy resin with high biobased content, modulus, hardness and low flammability: Synthesis, curing kinetics and structure-property relationship
Wan JT, Gan B, Li C, Molina-Aldareguia J, Kalali EN, Wang X, Wang DY
1094 - 1105 Self-assembly of zein microspheres with controllable particle size and narrow distribution using a novel built-in ultrasonic dialysis process
Liu GJ, Wei DW, Wang HD, Hu YT, Jiang YB
1106 - 1116 Adsorption of nickel(II) on polyacrylonitrile nanofiber modified with 2-(2'-pyridyl)imidazole
Ndayambaje G, Laatikainen K, Laatikainen M, Beukes E, Fatoba O, van der Walt N, Petrik L, Sainio T
1117 - 1126 Experimental research on ethanol-chemistry decomposition routes in a microwave plasma torch for hydrogen production
Rincon R, Marinas A, Munoz J, Melero C, Calzada MD
1127 - 1135 Poly aluminum chloride (PAC) enhanced formation of aerobic granules: Coupling process between physicochemical-biochemical effects
Liu Z, Liu YJ, Kuschk P, Wang JX, Chen Y, Wang XC
1136 - 1145 Efficient antimicrobial activity and reduced toxicity of 1-dodecy1-3-methylimidazolium tetrafluoroborate ionic liquid/beta-cyclodextrin complex
Hodyna D, Bardeau JF, Metelytsia L, Riabov S, Kobrina L, Laptiy S, Kalashnikova L, Parkhomenko V, Tarasyuk O, Rogalsky S
1146 - 1155 Promoted electromethanosynthesis in a two-chamber microbial electrolysis cells (MECs) containing a hybrid biocathode covered with graphite felt (GF)
Zhen GY, Lu XQ, Kobayashi T, Kumar G, Xu KQ
1156 - 1164 Facile process to greatly improve the photocatalytic activity of the TiO2 thin film on window glass for the photodegradation of acetone and benzene
Xie H, Liu BS, Zhao XJ
1165 - 1173 Development and application of Fe3O4-Pd nanospheres as catalyst for electrochemical-heterogeneous Fenton process
Kim K, Qiu P, Cui M, Khim J
1174 - 1183 Influence of temperature and time on the Eu3+ reaction with synthetic Na-Mica-n (n=2 and 4)
Garcia-Jimenez MJ, Cota A, Osuna FJ, Pavon E, Alba MD
1184 - 1195 Disinfection of water using pulsed power technique: Effect of system parameters and kinetic study
Singh RK, Babu V, Philip L, Ramanujam S
1196 - 1203 Function of homoacetogenesis on the heterotrophic methane production with exogenous H-2/CO2 involved
Liu RB, Hao XD, Wei J
1204 - 1211 Recycling struvite pyrolysate obtained at negative pressure for ammonia nitrogen removal from landfill leachate
Huang HM, Liu JH, Xu CL, Gao FM
1212 - 1223 Metals (Mg, Sr and Al) modified CaO based sorbent for CO2 sorption/desorption stability in fixed bed reactor for high temperature application
Phromprasit J, Powell J, Assabumrungrat S
1224 - 1232 Eulerian simulation of a circulating fluidized bed with a new flow structure-based drag model
Hou BL, Wang XD, Zhang T, Li HZ
1233 - 1241 Catalytic oxidation of elemental mercury by Mn-Mo/CNT at low temperature
Zhao B, Liu XW, Zhou ZJ, Shao HZ, Xu MH
1242 - 1250 Catalytic debromination of tetrabromobisphenol A by Ni/nZVI bimetallic particles
Li Y, Li XQ, Xiao Y, Wei CH, Han DH, Huang WL
1251 - 1258 Barium carbonate precipitation as a method to fix and utilize carbon dioxide
Park S, Bang JH, Song K, Jeon CW, Park J
1259 - 1269 Synthesis and characterization of novel drug delivery system using modified chitosan based hydrogel grafted with cyclodextrin
Anirudhan TS, Divya PL, Nima J
1270 - 1278 Carbon dioxide utilization using a pretreated brine solution at normal temperature and pressure
Kang D, Jo H, Lee MG, Park J
1279 - 1286 Bioleaching of fluoride-bearing secondary copper sulphides: Column experiments with Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans
Rodrigues MLM, Lopes KCS, Leoncio HC, Silva LAM, Leao VA
1287 - 1294 High rate autotrophic denitrification in fluidized-bed biofilm reactors
Zou G, Papirio S, Lakaniemi AM, Ahoranta SH, Puhakka JA
1295 - 1307 Performance of suspended and attached growth bioreactors for the removal of cationic and anionic pharmaceuticals
Arya V, Philip L, Bhallamudi SM
1308 - 1316 Microwave-induced cracking and CO2 reforming of toluene on biomass derived char
Li LZ, Song ZL, Zhao XQ, Ma CY, Kong XQ, Wang FM
1317 - 1327 Degradation kinetics and mechanism of oxytetracycline by hydroxyl radical-based advanced oxidation processes
Liu YQ, He XX, Fu YS, Dionysiou DD
1328 - 1341 Monolayer-multilayer adsorption phenomenological model: Kinetics, equilibrium and thermodynamics
Scheufele FB, Modenes AN, Borba CE, Ribeiro C, Espinoza-Quinones FR, Bergamasco R, Pereira NC
1342 - 1347 Performance study of pervaporation in a microfluidic system for the removal of acetone from water
Zhang YL, Benes NE, Lammertink RGH
1348 - 1360 Improving CO2 adsorption capacities and CO2/N-2 separation efficiencies of MOF-74(Ni, Co) by doping palladium-containing activated carbon
Adhikari AK, Lin KS
1361 - 1372 Hierarchical macro and mesoporous foams synthesized by HIPEs template and interface grafted route for simultaneous removal of lambda-cyhalothrin and copper ions
Pan JM, Zeng J, Cao Q, Gao HP, Gen YC, Peng YX, Dai XH, Yan YS
1373 - 1385 Evaluation of synthetic Birnessite utilization as a sorbent for cobalt and strontium removal from aqueous solution
Ghaly M, El-Dars FMSE, Hegazy MM, Rahman ROA
1386 - 1396 Phosphate adsorption using modified iron oxide-based sorbents in lake water: Kinetics, equilibrium, and column tests
Lalley J, Han C, Li X, Dionysiou DD, Nadagouda MN
1397 - 1405 pH-tunable surface charge of chitosan/graphene oxide composite adsorbent for efficient removal of multiple pollutants from water
Yan H, Yang H, Li AM, Cheng RS
1406 - 1413 Adsorptive removal of diclofenac sodium from water with Zr-based metal-organic frameworks
Hasan Z, Khan NA, Jhung SH
1414 - 1414 Generation of singlet oxygen over Bi(V)/Bi(III) composite and its use for oxidative degradation of organic pollutants (vol 264, pg 681, 2014)
Zhang T, Ding YB, Tang HQ