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1 - 8 Using hydrolysis of silicon tetrachloride to prepare highly dispersed precipitated nanosilica
Xiao YB, Wang YJ, Luo GS, Bai SQ
9 - 20 Synthesis and modification of carbon nanomaterials via AC arc and dielectric barrier discharge plasma
Sun DL, Hong RY, Wang F, Liu JY, Kumar MR
21 - 28 Post-treatment of plywood mill effluent by Multi-Barrier Treatment: A pilot-scale study
Rueda-Marquez JJ, Levchuk I, Uski J, Sillanpaa M, Acevedo A, Manzano MA
29 - 46 TiO2 nanocomposite based polymeric membranes: A review on performance improvement for various applications in chemical engineering processes
Bet-moushoul E, Mansourpanah Y, Farhadi K, Tabatabaei M
47 - 57 Organic substrate transformation and sludge characteristics in the integrated anaerobic anoxic oxic-biological contact oxidation (A(2)/O-BCO) system treating wastewater with low carbon/nitrogen ratio
Zhang M, Wang C, Peng YZ, Wang SY, Jia FX, Zeng W
58 - 64 Adsorption mechanism of elemental mercury (Hg-0)) on the surface of MnCl2 (110) studied by Density Functional Theory
Ji WC, Shen ZM, Fan MH, Su PR, Tang QL, Zou CY
65 - 75 Degradation of ibuprofen by a synergistic UV/Fe(III)/Oxone process
Rao YF, Xue D, Pan HM, Feng JT, Li YJ
76 - 88 Scale-up and cost analysis of a photo-Fenton system for sanitary landfill leachate treatment
Silva TFCV, Fonseca A, Saraiva I, Boaventura RAR, Vilar VJP
89 - 96 Efficient oxidative desulfurization of diesel fuel using amide-based ionic liquids
Jiang B, Yang HW, Zhang LH, Zhang RY, Sun YL, Huang Y
97 - 104 Catalytic performances of perovskite oxides for CO oxidation under microwave irradiation
Einaga H, Nasu Y, Oda M, Saito H
105 - 113 Direct microwave-hydrothermal synthesis of Fe-doped titania with extended visible-light response and enhanced H-2-production performance
Zhao WR, Li YJ, Zhang M, Chen JS, Xie LH, Shi QM, Zhu X
114 - 126 Exploring pure and RE co-doped (Eu3+, Tb3+ and Dy3+) gadolinium scandate: Luminescence behaviour and dynamics of energy transfer
Gupta SK, Grover V, Shukla R, Srinivasu K, Natarajan V, Tyagi AK
127 - 140 Analysis of particle behaviors using a region-dependent method in a jetting fluidized bed
Wang TY, Tang TQ, He YR, Yi HL
141 - 149 Removal of Cr(VI) through calixarene based polymer inclusion membrane from chrome plating bath water
Kaya A, Onac C, Alpoguz HK, Yilmaz A, Atar N
150 - 159 Kinetic study of glucose conversion to levulinic acid over Fe/HY zeolite catalyst
Ramli NAS, Amin NAS
160 - 166 Fast start-up of the anammox process with addition of reduced graphene oxides
Yin X, Qiao S, Zhou JT, Tang X
167 - 174 Waste activated sludge fermentation liquid as carbon source for biological treatment of sulfide and nitrate in microaerobic conditions
Wang XW, Zhang Y, Zhang TT, Zhou JT, Chen MX
175 - 183 An investigation of CO2 adsorption kinetics on porous magnesium oxide
Song G, Zhu X, Chen R, Liao Q, Ding YD, Chen L
184 - 192 Covalent triazine polymers using a cyanuric chloride precursor via Friedel-Crafts reaction for CO2 adsorption/separation
Puthiaraj P, Kim SS, Ahn WS
193 - 214 Study and application status of microwave in organic wastewater treatment - A review
Wang NN, Wang P
215 - 222 Development and evaluation of a continuous microwave processing system for hydrocarbon removal from solids
Buttress AJ, Binner E, Yi C, Palade P, Robinson JP, Kingman SW
223 - 230 Low temperature SCR on supported MnOx catalysts for marine exhaust gas cleaning: Effect of KCl poisoning
Cimino S, Lisi L, Tortorelli M
231 - 242 Surface photomodification of flat-sheet PES membranes with improved antifouling properties by varying UV irradiation time and additive solution pH
Garcia-Ivars J, Iborra-Clar MI, Alcaina-Miranda MI, Mendoza-Roca JA, Pastor-Alcaniz L
243 - 250 Direct photolysis of benzoylecgonine under UV irradiation at 254 nm in a continuous flow microcapillary array photoreactor
Russo D, Spasiano D, Vaccaro M, Andreozzi R, Puma GL, Reis NM, Marotta R
251 - 259 Single stage and countercurrent extraction of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural from aqueous phase systems
Sindermann EC, Holbach A, de Haan A, Kockmann N
260 - 265 Impact of applied voltage on methane generation and microbial activities in an anaerobic microbial electrolysis cell (MEC)
Ding A, Yang Y, Sun GD, Wu DL
266 - 275 Photo-Fenton degradation of ammonia via a manganese-iron double-active component catalyst of graphene-manganese ferrite under visible light
Zhou Y, Xiao B, Liu SQ, Meng ZD, Chen ZG, Zou CY, Liu CB, Chen F, Zhou X
276 - 284 Plasma-catalysis of metal loaded SBA-15 for toluene removal: Comparison of continuously introduced and adsorption-discharge plasma system
Xu XX, Wang PT, Xu WC, Wu JL, Chen LM, Fu ML, Ye DQ
285 - 292 Fenton pre-treatment of secondary sludge to enhance anaerobic digestion: Energy balance and greenhouse gas emissions
Pilli S, More TT, Yan S, Tyagi RD, Surampalli RY
293 - 303 Olive mill wastewater valorisation through phenolic compounds adsorption in a continuous flow column
Frascari D, Bacca AEM, Zama F, Bertin L, Fava F, Pinelli D
304 - 312 Diameter effect of electrospun carbon fiber support for the catalysis of Pt nanoparticles in glucose oxidation
Ye JS, Liu ZT, Lai CC, Lo CT, Lee CL
313 - 322 Colour removal from beet molasses by ultrafiltration with activated charcoal
Bernal M, Ruiz MO, Geanta RM, Benito JM, Escudero I
323 - 329 Effect of polymer backbone chemical structure on metal ions binding by imidazolylmethyl derivatives
Pestov AV, Privar YO, Ustinov AY, Voit AV, Azarova YA, Mekhaev AV, Bratskaya SY
330 - 337 Triclosan removal by NF from a real drinking water source - Effect of natural organic matter
Ogutverici A, Yilmaz L, Yetis U, Dilek FB
338 - 350 Role of sludge volume index in anaerobic sludge granulation in a hybrid anaerobic reactor
Gupta P, Sreekrishnan TR, Ahammad SZ
351 - 357 Long-term production of H-2 over Pt/CdS nanoplates under sunlight illumination
Feng J, An CH, Dai LX, Liu JX, Wei GJ, Bai S, Zhang J, Xiong YJ
358 - 365 Supercritical water gasification of phenol using a Ru/CeO2 catalyst
Guan QQ, Huang XD, Liu J, Gu JJ, Miao RR, Chen QL, Ning P
366 - 374 Fe/Cu bimetallic catalysis for reductive degradation of nitrobenzene under oxic conditions
Sun L, Song HO, Li Q, Li AM
375 - 387 Hydrodynamics and mixing performance of Hartridge Roughton mixers: Influence of the mixing chamber design
Nicolas D, Marc B, Alain G, Jean-Francois H, Dominique H, Pascal P
388 - 396 Lithium orthosilicate for CO2 capture with high regeneration capacity: Kinetic study and modeling of carbonation and decarbonation reactions
Amorim SM, Domenico MD, Dantas TLP, Jose HJ, Moreira RFPM
397 - 403 Construction of enzyme immobilization system through metal-polyphenol assisted Fe3O4/chitosan hybrid microcapsules
Hou C, Wang Y, Zhu H, Wei H
404 - 411 Removal of Fe(II) from groundwater via aqueous portlandite carbonation and calcite-solution interactions
Hamdouni A, Montes-Hernandez G, Tlili M, Findling N, Renard F, Putnis CV
412 - 419 Degradation of chlortoluron during UV irradiation and UV/chlorine processes and formation of disinfection by-products in sequential chlorination
Guo ZB, Lin YL, Xu B, Huang H, Zhang TY, Tian FX, Gao NY
420 - 444 High temperature CO2 sorbents and their application for hydrogen production by sorption enhanced steam reforming process
Yancheshmeh MS, Radfarnia HR, Iliuta MC
445 - 452 Calcium hydroxyapatite microfibrillated cellulose composite as a potential adsorbent for the removal of Cr(VI) from aqueous solution
Hokkanen S, Bhatnagar A, Repo E, Lou S, Sillanpaa M
453 - 461 Selective removal of formaldehyde based on Hantzsch reaction using acetylacetone/ammonia-modified mixed matrix absorbent as a novel absorber
Doroodmand MM, Kharekani MG
462 - 475 Micromixing characterisation in rapid mixing devices by chemical methods and LES modelling
Bertrand M, Lamarque N, Lebaigue O, Plasari E, Ducros F
476 - 485 Fully recycling dairy wastewater by an integrated isoelectric precipitation-nanofiltration-anaerobic fermentation process
Chen ZW, Luo JQ, Chen XR, Hang XF, Shen F, Wan YH
486 - 494 Pre-concentration of nalidixic acid through adsorption-desorption cycles: Adsorbent selection and modeling
Patino Y, Diaz E, Ordonez S
495 - 503 Removal of Cu(II) and tetracycline using an aromatic rings-functionalized chitosan-based flocculant: Enhanced interaction between the flocculant and the antibiotic
Jia SY, Yang Z, Yang WB, Zhang TT, Zhang SP, Yang XZ, Dong YY, Wu JQ, Wang YP
504 - 513 Recovery of Au(III) by radiation synthesized aminomethyl pyridine functionalized adsorbents based on cellulose
Dong Z, Liu JZ, Yuan WJ, Yi YP, Zhao L
514 - 523 Copper nanoparticles sensitized TiO2 nanotube arrays electrode with enhanced photoelectrocatalytic activity for diclofenac degradation
Hua ZL, Dai ZY, Bai X, Ye ZF, Wang P, Gu HX, Huang X
524 - 534 A hierarchically porous MgFe2O4/gamma-Fe2O3 magnetic microspheres for efficient removals of dye and pharmaceutical from water
Lu L, Li J, Yu J, Song P, Ng DHL
535 - 543 Photocatalytic activity of TiO2 films prepared by surfactant-mediated sol-gel methods over commercial polymer substrates
Camara RM, Portela R, Gutierrez-Martin F, Sanchez B
544 - 552 Determination of the gas-to-liquid partitioning coefficients using a new dynamic absorption method (DynAb method)
Bruneel J, Walgraeve C, Van Huffel K, Van Langenhove H
553 - 571 Fungal pelleted reactors in wastewater treatment: Applications and perspectives
Espinosa-Ortiz EJ, Rene ER, Pakshirajan K, van Hullebusch ED, Lens PNL
572 - 581 Detrimental effects of magnesium (II) on hydroxyapatite precipitation from synthetic industrial brines
Hermassi M, Valderrama C, Dosta J, Cortina JL, Batis NH
582 - 594 Green technology in wastewater treatment technologies: Integration of membrane bioreactor with various wastewater treatment systems
Neoh CH, Noor ZZ, Mutamim NSA, Lim CK
595 - 603 Removal of tetrachloroethylene from homogeneous and heterogeneous porous media: Combined effects of surfactant solubilization and oxidant degradation
Zheng F, Gao B, Sun YY, Shi XQ, Xu HX, Wu JC, Gao YW
604 - 613 Effects of physicochemical properties of poly-epsilon-caprolactone on nitrate removal efficiency during solid-phase denitrification
Zhang Q, Ji FY, Xu XY
614 - 621 Photocatalytic degradation of geosmin by Pd nanoparticle modified WO3 catalyst under simulated solar light
Xue Q, Liu YG, Zhou Q, Utsumi M, Zhang ZY, Sugiura N
622 - 630 Influence of Bi-doping on Mn1-xBixFe2O4 catalytic ozonation of di-n-butyl phthalate
Ren YM, Chen Y, Zeng T, Feng J, Ma J, Mitch WA
631 - 638 Ozone-free nitric oxide production using an atmospheric pressure surface discharge - A way to minimize nitrogen dioxide co-production
Malik MA, Jiang CQ, Heller R, Lane J, Hughes D, Schoenbach KH
639 - 648 Degradation of Metoprolol by photo-Fenton: Comparison of different photoreactors performance
Romero V, Gonzalez O, Bayarri B, Marco P, Gimenez J, Esplugas S
649 - 655 Features of sulfur oils catalytic combustion in fluidized bed
Yazykov NA, Dubinin YV, Simonov AD, Reshetnikov SI, Yakovlev VA
656 - 667 The assessment of the photocatalytic activity of magnetically retrievable ZnO coated gamma-Fe2O3 in sunlight exposure
Qamar MT, Aslam M, Ismail IMI, Salah N, Hameed A
668 - 675 Combination of non-thermal plasma and Pd/LaMnO3 for dilute trichloroethylene abatement
Vandenbroucke AM, Dinh MTN, Nuns N, Giraudon JM, De Geyter N, Leys C, Lamonier JF, Morent R
676 - 681 Producing high quality carbide-derived carbon from low quality byproducts stemming from SiC production
Ariyanto T, Laziz AM, Glasel J, Zhang GR, Garbes J, Etzold BJM
682 - 691 Thermoresponsive polyaniline nanoparticles: Preparation, characterization, and their potential application in waterborne anticorrosion coatings
Gao XZ, Liu HJ, Cheng F, Chen Y
692 - 702 Carbon dioxide adsorption by zinc-functionalized ionic liquid impregnated into bio-templated mesoporous silica beads
Arellano IH, Madani SH, Huang JH, Pendleton P
703 - 716 Modelling chemical kinetics of a complex reaction network of active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) synthesis with process optimization for benzazepine heterocyclic compound
Grom M, Stavber G, Drnovsek P, Likozar B
717 - 720 Graphene oxide reduction during surface-initiated atom transfer radical polymerization of glycidyl methacrylate: Controlling electro-responsive properties
Mrlik M, Ilcikova M, Plachy T, Pavlinek V, Spitalsky Z, Mosnacek J
721 - 729 Efficient removal of fluoride by hierarchical Ce-Fe bimetal oxides adsorbent: Thermodynamics, kinetics and mechanism
Tang DD, Zhang GK
730 - 739 Fabrication and characterization of Fe/Ni nanoparticles supported by polystyrene resin for trichloroethylene degradation
Zhou ZM, Ruan WJ, Huang HS, Shen CH, Yuan BL, Huang CH
740 - 749 Ozonation as pre-treatment of activated sludge process of a wastewater containing benzalkonium chloride and NiO nanoparticles
Carbajo JB, Petre AL, Rosal R, Berna A, Leton P, Garcia-Calvo E, Perdigon-Melon JA
750 - 758 On the ability to electrogenerate hydrogen peroxide and to regenerate ferrous ions of three selected carbon-based cathodes for electro-Fenton processes
Petrucci E, Da Pozzo A, Di Palma L
759 - 767 The conversion of glycerol to lactic acid catalyzed by ZrO2-supported CuO catalysts
Yang GY, Ke YH, Ren HF, Liu CL, Yang RZ, Dong WS
768 - 777 Ozonation treatment of urban primary and biotreated wastewaters: Impacts and modeling
Marce M, Domenjoud B, Esplugas S, Baig S
778 - 788 Design of sulfonated mesoporous silica catalyst for fructose dehydration guided by difructose anhydride intermediate incorporated reaction network
Huang Y, Chao PY, Cheng TY, Ho Y, Lin CT, Hsu HY, Wong JJ, Tsai TC
789 - 805 Hydrothermal conversion of biomass waste to activated carbon with high porosity: A review
Jain A, Balasubramanian R, Srinivasan MP
806 - 815 Cu-2(pzdc)(2)L [L = dipyridyl-based ligands] porous coordination polymers: Hysteretic adsorption and diffusion kinetics of CO2 and CH4
Chen HH, Riascos-Rodriguez K, Marcano-Gonzalez ME, Hernandez-Maldonado AJ
816 - 825 Polymer supported graphene-CdS composite catalyst with enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen production from water splitting under visible light
Xu J, Wang L, Cao XJ
826 - 832 Carbon dioxide capture using various metal oxyhydroxide-biochar composites
Creamer AE, Gao B, Wang SS
833 - 845 Estimation of kinetic parameters and diffusion coefficients for the transesterification of triolein with methanol on a solid ZnAl2O4 catalyst
Allain F, Portha JF, Girot E, Falk L, Dandeu A, Coupard V
846 - 854 New insights into the various decomposition and reactivity behaviors of NH4HSO4 with NO on V2O5/TiO2 catalyst surfaces
Ye D, Qu RY, Song H, Gao X, Luo ZY, Ni MJ, Cen KF
855 - 868 Utilization of milli-scale coiled flow inverter in combination with phase separator for continuous flow liquid-liquid extraction processes
Gursel IV, Kurt SK, Aalders J, Wang Q, Noel T, Nigam KDP, Kockmann N, Hessel V
869 - 872 Pore formation in crystalline polymer film with organic solvent and water-pressure for applications to water-treatment and separator
Hwang J, Kang SW
873 - 879 Degradation of nitrobenzene by Fenton-like reaction in a H2O2/schwertmannite system
Duan HT, Liu Y, Yin XH, Bai JF, Qi J
880 - 888 Adsorption of phenol and Cu(II) onto cationic and zwitterionic surfactant modified montmorillonite in single and binary systems
Ma LY, Chen QZ, Zhu JX, Xi YF, He HP, Zhu RL, Tao Q, Ayoko GA
889 - 895 Selective uranium sorption from salt lake brines by amidoximated Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Bai J, Yin XJ, Zhu YF, Fan FL, Wu XL, Tian W, Tan CM, Zhang X, Wang Y, Cao SW, Fan FY, Qin Z, Guo JS
896 - 902 Maintenance of a translation-coupled RNA replication in dynamic micro-sized compartments under continuous stirring and flow
Yoshiyama T, Motohashi C, Ichihashi N, Ichii T, Yomo T
903 - 910 Marine macro-alga Sargassum cymosum as electron donor for hexavalent chromium reduction to trivalent state in aqueous solutions
de Souza FB, Brandao HD, Hackbarth FV, de Souza AAU, Boaventura RAR, de Souza SMAGU, Vilar VJP
911 - 921 Preparation and structural evolution of well aligned-carbon nanotube arrays onto conductive carbon-black layer/carbon paper substrate with enhanced discharge capacity for Li-air batteries
Li Y, Huang YF, Zhang ZL, Duan DH, Hao XG, Liu SB
922 - 928 Palladium nanoparticles confined within ZSM-5 zeolite with enhanced stability for hydrogenation of p-nitrophenol to p-aminophenol
Wang F, Ren J, Cai YL, Sun L, Chen CL, Liang S, Jiang XM
929 - 935 Room temperature efficient reduction of NOx by H-2 in a permeable compounded membrane - Catalytic reactor
Shi N, Tu BS, Sun W, Liu JY, Cao LM, Gong XQ, Yang J
936 - 947 Comparative adsorption performance of ibuprofen and tetracycline from aqueous solution by carbonaceous materials
Alvarez-Torrellas S, Rodriguez A, Ovejero G, Garcia J
948 - 955 Sequestration of hexavalent chromium by Fe(II)/Fe(III) hydroxides: Structural Fe(II) reactivity and PO43- effect
He HP, Wu DL, Wang QM, Luo C, Duan N
956 - 970 HIPEs template: Towards the synthesis of polymeric catalysts with adjustable porous structure, acid-base strength and wettability for biomass energy conversation
Zhang YL, Pan JM, Chen Y, Shi WD, Yan YS, Yu LB
971 - 977 Continuous microreactor synthesis of ZIF-8 with high space-time-yield and tunable particle size
Polyzoidis A, Altenburg T, Schwarzer M, Loebbecke S, Kaskel S
978 - 981 Low temperature oxidation of Fe-included single-walled carbon nanohorns in water by ozone injection to enhance porous and magnetic properties
Sano N, Yamada K, Suntornlohanakul T, Tamon H
982 - 991 Methanol catalytic micro-combustor with pervaporation-based methanol supply system
Zhang ZC, Yuan W, Deng J, Tang Y, Li ZT, Tang KR
992 - 998 CO oxidation catalyzed by NiO supported on mesoporous Al2O3 at room temperature
Han SW, Kim DH, Jeong MG, Park KJ, Kim YD
999 - 1008 Augmenting the adsorption of palladium from spent catalyst using a thiazole ligand tethered on an amine functionalized polymeric resin
Sharma S, Rajesh N
1009 - 1018 Production of pectinases by solid-state fermentation in a pilot-scale packed-bed bioreactor
Pitol LO, Biz A, Mallmann E, Krieger N, Mitchell DA
1019 - 1032 Systematic screening and modification of Ni based catalysts for hydrogen generation from supercritical water gasification of lignin
Kang K, Azargohar R, Dalai AK, Wang H
1033 - 1043 Approaching a reversible stripping process for CO2 capture
Lin YJ, Rochelle GT
1044 - 1050 WO3 promoted Mn-Zr mixed oxide catalyst for the selective catalytic reduction of NOx with NH3
Liu ZM, Liu YX, Li Y, Su H, Ma LL
1051 - 1058 Diffusion controlling porphyrin assembled structures
Ma JQ, Li Z, Lin Q, Zhang WL, Han YS
1059 - 1068 Dynamic capture of low-concentration CO2 on amine hybrid silsesquioxane aerogel
Kong Y, Shen XD, Fan MH, Yang M, Cui S
1069 - 1080 CO2 absorption into N-methyldiethanolamine aqueous-organic solvents
Tamajon FJ, Alvarez E, Cerdeira F, Gomez-Diaz D
1081 - 1089 A simple one-pot in-situ method for the synthesis of aluminum and lanthanum binary oxyhydroxides in chitosan template towards defluoridation of water
Prabhu SM, Subaramanian M, Meenakshi S
1090 - 1096 Degradation of iohexol by UV/chlorine process and formation of iodinated trihalomethanes during post-chlorination
Wang Z, Lin YL, Xu B, Xia SJ, Zhang TY, Gao NY
1097 - 1107 Study of catalytic activity at the Ag/Al-SBA-15 catalysts for CO oxidation and selective CO oxidation
Zhang XD, Dong H, Wang Y, Liu N, Zuo YH, Cui LF
1108 - 1117 Corrosion protection of AA2024 by sol-gel coatings modified with MBT-loaded polyurea microcapsules
Maia F, Yasakau KA, Carneiro J, Kallip S, Tedim J, Henriques T, Cabral A, Venancio J, Zheludkevich ML, Ferreira MGS
1118 - 1126 Preparation of water-compatible molecular imprinted conductive polyaniline nanoparticles using polymeric micelle as nanoreactor for enhanced paracetamol detection
Luo J, Sun J, Huang J, Liu XY
1127 - 1136 Magnetic responsive metal-organic frameworks nanosphere with core-shell structure for highly efficient removal of methylene blue
Shao YM, Zhou LC, Bao C, Ma JJ, Liu MZ, Wang F
1137 - 1144 Selective catalytic reduction of nitric oxide by hydrogen over NiFe2-xPdxO4 catalysts at low temperature
Xu CC, Sun W, Cao LM, Yang J
1145 - 1153 Promoting dynamic adsorption of Pb2+ in a single pass flow using fibrous nano-TiO2/cellulose membranes
Li YX, Li L, Cao LX, Yang CF
1154 - 1167 Preparation and characterization of a reactive filter for groundwater defluoridation
Oladoja NA, Liu Y, Drewes JE, Helmreich B
1168 - 1175 A new water-soluble polycarbobetaine showing high selectivity toward copper
Mouton J, Turmine M, Van den Berghe H, Coudane J
1176 - 1186 The role of superficial radicals in the kinetic modeling of 3-pyridinemethanol and 3-pyridinecarboxyaldehyde selective oxidation to vitamin B3 in water by means of a TiO2/Cu(II)/UV-solar photocatalytic system
Spasiano D, Raspolini L, Satyro S, Mancini G, Pirozzi F, Marotta R
1187 - 1196 Fundamental flame characteristics of premixed H-2-air combustion in a planar porous micro-combustor
Li J, Li QQ, Wang YT, Guo ZL, Liu XL
1197 - 1202 Further verification of adsorption dynamic intraparticle model (ADIM) for fluid-solid adsorption kinetics in batch reactors
Russo V, Tesser R, Masiello D, Trifuoggi M, Di Serio M
1203 - 1209 Hydrophobic channels produced by micelle-structured CTAB inside MCM-41 mesopores: A unique trap for the hazardous hormone ethinyl estradiol
Ribeiro-Santos TA, Henriques FF, Villarroel-Rocha J, de Castro MCM, Magalhaes WF, Windmoller D, Sapag K, Lago RM, Araujo MH
1210 - 1215 Modeling of dioxin adsorption on activated carbon
Guo YY, Li YR, Zhu TY, Wang J, Ye M
1216 - 1223 Impacts of hydrogen to carbon ratio (H/C) on fundamental properties and supercritical cracking performance of hydrocarbon fuels
Yue L, Li GQ, He GJ, Guo YS, Xu L, Fang WJ
1224 - 1233 Sulfur poisoning in Ni-anode solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs): Deactivation in single cells and a stack
Papurello D, Lanzini A, Fiorilli S, Smeacetto F, Singh R, Santarelli M
1234 - 1243 Removal of gaseous sulfur and phosphorus compounds by carbon-coated porous magnesium oxide composites
Vu AT, Ho K, Lee CH
1244 - 1253 Synthesis, characterization and visible light photocatalytic activity of metal based TiO2 monoliths for CO2 reduction
Ola O, Maroto-Valer MM
1254 - 1263 Visible-light-activated oxygen-rich TiO2 as next generation photocatalyst: Importance of annealing temperature on the photoactivity toward reduction of carbon dioxide
Tan LL, Ong WJ, Chai SP, Mohamed AR
1264 - 1272 TiO2 thick films supported on stainless steel foams and their photoactivity in the nonylphenol ethoxylate mineralization
da Silva SW, Bortolozzi JP, Banus ED, Bernardes AM, Ulla MA
1273 - 1284 Hierarchical porous Ca(BO2)(2) microspheres: Hydrothermal-thermal conversion synthesis and their applications in heavy metal ions adsorption and solvent-free oxidation of benzyl alcohol
Zhang ZQ, Zhang H, Zhu L, Zhang Q, Zhu WC
1285 - 1294 Solution-processable rGO-Pt nanohybrids synthesized in an aqueous fructose solution for transparent and efficient dye-sensitized solar cells
Kim SH, Dao VD, Larina LL, Jung KD, Choi HS
1295 - 1304 Direct and generalized synthesis of carbon-based yolk-shell nanocomposites from metal-oleate precursor
Hao PP, Ren J, Yang LL, Qin ZF, Lin JY, Li Z
1305 - 1314 Percolation as new method of preparation of modified biosorbents for pollutants removal
Pezoti O, Cazetta AL, Bedin KC, Souza LS, Souza RP, Melo SR, Almeida VC
1315 - 1321 Catalytic aerobic oxidation of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural over VO2+ and Cu2+ immobilized on amino functionalized SBA-15
Liu XX, Xiao JF, Ding H, Zhong WZ, Xu Q, Su SP, Yin DL
1322 - 1328 Comparative study of the factors associated with the application of metal hexacyanoferrates for environmental Cs decontamination
Parajuli D, Takahashi A, Noguchi H, Kitajima A, Tanaka H, Takasaki M, Yoshino K, Kawamoto T
1329 - 1338 Heat and mass transfer of temperature-vacuum swing desorption for CO2 capture from air
Wurzbacher JA, Gebald C, Brunner S, Steinfeld A
1339 - 1348 Determining disinfection efficiency on E-faecalis in saltwater by photolysis of H2O2: Implications for ballast water treatment
Moreno-Andres J, Romero-Martinez L, Acevedo-Merino A, Nebot E
1349 - 1356 Resin oxidization phenomenon and its influence factor during chromium(VI) removal from wastewater using gel-type anion exchangers
Xiao K, Xu FY, Jiang LH, Duan N, Zheng SK
1357 - 1365 Degradation of p-Nitrophenol by thermally activated persulfate in soil system
Chen XQ, Murugananthan M, Zhang YR
1366 - 1373 Analytical investigation of specific adsorption kinetics of CO2 gas on dendrimer loaded in organoclays
Shah KJ, Imae T
1374 - 1383 Combined effects of PAC adsorption and in situ chlorination on membrane fouling in a pilot-scale coagulation and ultrafiltration process
Wang H, Qu FS, Ding A, Liang H, Jia RB, Li K, Bai LM, Chang HQ, Li GB
1384 - 1391 Intrinsic kinetics of clofibric acid photocatalytic degradation in a fixed-film reactor
Manassero A, Zacarias SM, Satuf ML, Alfano OM
1392 - 1404 A multiregion operator-splitting CFD approach for coupling microkinetic modeling with internal porous transport in heterogeneous catalytic reactors
Maffei T, Gentile G, Rebughini S, Bracconi M, Manelli F, Lipp S, Cuoci A, Maestri M
1405 - 1413 Bioethanol combustion with CO2 capture in a 1 kW(th) Chemical Looping Combustion prototype: Suitability of the oxygen carrier
de Diego LF, Serrano A, Garcia-Labiano F, Garcia-Diez E, Abad A, Gayan P, Adanez J
1414 - 1423 Surface-functionalized activated sericite for the simultaneous removal of cadmium and phenol from aqueous solutions: Mechanistic insights
Lalhmunsiama, Tiwari D, Lee SM
1424 - 1434 beta-Cyclodextrin incorporated nanoporous carbon: Host-guest inclusion for removal of p-Nitrophenol and pesticides from aqueous solutions
Zolfaghari G
1435 - 1442 Combination of uniform SnO2 nanocrystals with nitrogen doped graphene for high-performance lithium-ion batteries anode
Li ZT, Wu GL, Deng SZ, Wang SJ, Wang YK, Zhou JY, Liu SP, Wu WT, Wu MB
1443 - 1454 Fabrication of CuO hierarchical flower-like structures with biomimetic superamphiphobic, self-cleaning and corrosion resistance properties
Li H, Yu SR, Han XX
1455 - 1464 Understanding the performance of optofluidic fuel cells: Experimental and theoretical analyses
Zhang H, Wang HZ, Leung MKH, Xu H, Zhang L, Xuan J
1465 - 1483 Numerical optimization of a structured tubular reactor for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis
Kaskes B, Vervloet D, Kapteijn F, van Ommen JR
1484 - 1493 Simultaneous removal of heavy metals from field-polluted soils and treatment of soil washing effluents through combined adsorption and artificial sunlight-driven photocatalytic processes
Satyro S, Race M, Di Natale F, Erto A, Guida M, Marotta R
1494 - 1505 Aminated polysulfone/TiO2 composite membranes for an effective removal of Cr(VI)
Jyothi MS, Nayak V, Padaki M, Balakrishna RG, Soontarapa K
1506 - 1513 Fabrication of pilot-scale photocatalytic disinfection device by installing TiO2 coated helical support into UV annular reactor for strengthening sterilization
Yu HT, Song L, Hao YF, Lu N, Quan X, Chen S, Zhang YB, Feng YJ
1514 - 1521 Combined Fe-0/air and Fenton process for the treatment of dinitrodiazophenol (DDNP) industry wastewater
Yuan Y, Lai B, Tang YY
1522 - 1533 A comparative study on the adsorption of 8-amino-1-naphthol-3,6-disulfonic acid by a macroporous amination resin
Zhang ZW, Wang F, Yang WB, Yang Z, Li AM