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1 - 8 Achieving sub-10 ppb arsenic levels with iron based biomass-silica gel composites
Martinez-Cabanas M, Carro L, Lopez-Garcia M, Herrero R, Barriada JL, de Vicente MES
9 - 17 Tracking the liquid-liquid extraction performance in mesoflow reactors
Vandermeersch T, Goovaerts R, Luyten J, Denayer JFM, De Malsche W
18 - 30 Removal of paracetamol on biomass-derived activated carbon: Modeling the fixed bed breakthrough curves using batch adsorption experiments
Garcia-Mateos FJ, Ruiz-Rosas R, Marques MD, Cotoruelo LM, Rodriguez-Mirasol J, Cordero T
31 - 37 Ammonia recovery from anaerobic digester effluent through direct aeration
Zhao QB, Ma JW, Zeb I, Yu L, Chen SL, Zheng YM, Frear C
38 - 46 Microwave assisted immobilization of yeast in cellulose biopolymer as a green adsorbent for the sequestration of chromium
Sathvika T, Manasi, Rajesh V, Rajesh N
47 - 55 Hydroxyl functionalization of single-walled carbon nanotubes causes inhibition to the bacterial denitrification process
Su YL, Zheng X, Chen AH, Chen YG, He GY, Chen HQ
56 - 65 Control of ultrafiltration membrane fouling caused by Microcystis cells with permanganate preoxidation: Significance of in situ formed manganese dioxide
Qu FS, Du X, Liu B, He JG, Ren NQ, Li GB, Liang H
66 - 78 Efficient arsenic removal by cross-linked macroporous polymer impregnated with hydrous iron oxide: Material performance
Taleb K, Markovski J, Milosavljevic M, Marinovic-Cincovic M, Rusmirovic J, Ristic M, Marinkovic A
79 - 85 Catalytic regeneration of Diesel Particulate Filters: Comparison of Pt and CePr active phases
Perez VR, Bueno-Lopez A
86 - 92 Mechanism investigation and surface complexation modeling of zinc sorption on aluminum hydroxide in adsorption/coprecipitation processes
Tokoro C, Sakakibara T, Suzuki S
93 - 102 Catalytic degradation of bisphenol A by CoMnAl mixed metal oxides catalyzed peroxymonosulfate: Performance and mechanism
Li W, Wu PX, Zhu YJ, Huang ZJ, Lu YH, Li YW, Dang Z, Zhu NW
103 - 114 Degradation of the antibiotic oxacillin in water by anodic oxidation with Ti/IrO2 anodes: Evaluation of degradation routes, organic by-products and effects of water matrix components
Giraldo AL, Erazo-Erazo ED, Florez-Acosta OA, Serna-Galvis EA, Torres-Palma RA
115 - 119 New application of supported ionic liquids membranes as proton exchange membranes in microbial fuel cell for waste water treatment
Hernandez-Fernandez FJ, De los Rios AP, Mateo-Ramirez F, Godinez C, Lozano-Blanco LJ, Moreno JI, Tomas-Alonso F
120 - 128 Remediation of lead (Pb(II)) wastewater through recovery of lead carbonate in a fluidized-bed homogeneous crystallization (FBHC) system
Chen CS, Shih YJ, Huang YH
129 - 135 Resources availability mediated EPS production regulate microbial cluster formation in activated sludge system
Zhu N, Liu L, Xu Q, Chen GW, Wang G
136 - 142 Direct production of all-wood plastics by kneading in ionic liquids/DMSO
Chen JQ, Chen X, Su M, Ye JD, Hong JG, Yang Z
143 - 148 Supported Liquid Phase Catalyst coating in micro flow Mizoroki-Heck reaction
Stouten SC, Noel T, Wang Q, Hessel V
149 - 155 Denitrification of nitrite by ferrous hydroxy complex: Effects on nitrous oxide and ammonium formation
Wu DL, Shao BB, Fu MY, Luo C, Liu ZG
156 - 165 Transformation of aminopyrine during ozonation: Characteristics and pathways
Miao HF, Zhu XW, Xu DY, Lu MF, Huang ZX, Ren HY, Ruan WQ
166 - 179 Synthesis of co-polymer-grafted gum karaya and silica hybrid organic-inorganic hydrogel nanocomposite for the highly effective removal of methylene blue
Mittal H, Maity A, Ray SS
180 - 187 Behavior of PCDF, PCDD, PCN and PCB during low temperature thermal treatment of MSW incineration fly ash
Weidemann E, Lundin L
188 - 197 Doxorubicin-loaded magnetic nanocapsules based on N-palmitoyl chitosan and magnetite: Synthesis and characterization
Balan V, Dodi G, Tudorachi N, Ponta O, Simon V, Butnaru M, Verestiuc L
198 - 206 Experimental demonstration and modeling of an adsorption-enhanced reverse flow reactor for the catalytic combustion of coal mine ventilation air methane
Fernandez J, Marin P, Diez FV, Ordonez S
207 - 219 Removing violations of the effluent pollution in a wastewater treatment process
Santin I, Pedret C, Vilanova R, Meneses M
220 - 230 A review of incorporation of constructed wetland with other treatment processes
Liu RB, Zhao YQ, Doherty L, Hu YS, Hao XD
231 - 240 Electricity-magnetism and color-tunable trifunction simultaneously assembled into one strip of flexible microbelt via electrospinning
Lun K, Ma QL, Yang M, Dong XT, Yang Y, Wang JX, Yu WS, Liu GX
241 - 249 High-performance asymmetric supercapacitor based on Co9S8/3D graphene composite and graphene hydrogel
Lin TW, Dai CS, Tasi TT, Chou SW, Lin JY, Shen HH
250 - 257 A novel hydrophilic-hydrophobic magnetic interpenetrating polymer networks (IPNs) and its adsorption towards salicylic acid from aqueous solution
Fu ZY, He CL, Li HB, Yan C, Chen LM, Huang JH, Liu YN
258 - 263 Characterization, DBPs formation, and mutagenicity of soluble microbial products (SMPs) in wastewater under simulated stressful conditions
Zhang BB, Xian QM, Zhu JP, Li AM, Gong TT
264 - 272 Construction of high-efficient photoelectrocatalytic system by coupling with TiO2 nano-tubes photoanode and active carbon/polytetrafluoroethylene cathode and its enhanced photoelectrocatalytic degradation of 2,4-dichlorophene and mechanism
Cheng XW, Pan GP, Yu XJ
273 - 276 Enhanced CO2 separation performance of polymer composite membranes through the synergistic effect of 1,3,5-benzenetricarboxylic acid
Choi Y, Kim YR, Kang YS, Kang SW
277 - 285 Bactericidal mechanism of BiOI-AgI under visible light irradiation
Liang JL, Shan C, Zhang X, Tong MP
286 - 296 Experimental measurement of oxygen mass transfer and bubble size distribution in an air-water multiphase Taylor-Couette vortex bioreactor
Ramezani M, Kong B, Gao X, Olsen MG, Vigil RD
297 - 306 Combined production of bioethanol and biogas from peels of wild cassava Manihot glaziovii
Moshi AP, Temu SG, Nges IA, Malmo G, Hosea KMM, Elisante E, Mattiasson B
307 - 316 Ferrate promoted oxidative cleavage of sulfonamides: Kinetics and product formation under acidic conditions
Kim C, Panditi VR, Gardinali PR, Varma RS, Kim H, Sharma VK
317 - 326 Electrohydrodynamic direct printing of PCL/collagen fibrous scaffolds with a core/shell structure for tissue engineering applications
Kim M, Kim GH
327 - 334 Remarkable improvement in adsorptive denitrogenation of model fossil fuels with CuCl/activated carbon, prepared under ambient condition
Ahmed I, Jhung SH
335 - 343 Kinetic performance of CO2 absorption into a potassium carbonate solution promoted with the enzyme carbonic anhydrase: Comparison with a monoethanolamine solution
Zhang SH, Lu YQ
344 - 352 Removal of noxious Cr (VI) ions using single-walled carbon nanotubes and multi-walled carbon nanotubes
Dehghani MH, Taher MM, Bajpai AK, Heibati B, Tyagi I, Asif M, Agarwal S, Gupta VK
353 - 362 Validating the efficiency of the MB discoloration method for the characterization of Fe-0/H2O systems using accelerated corrosion by chloride ions
Tepong-Tsinde R, Phukan M, Nassi A, Noubactep C, Ruppert H
363 - 371 pH-dependent sulfonamides adsorption by carbon nanotubes with different surface oxygen contents
Yu XQ, Zhang LP, Liang M, Sun WL
372 - 378 Selective nitrate removal from groundwater using a hybrid nanofiltration-reverse osmosis filtration scheme
Epsztein R, Nir O, Lahav O, Green M
379 - 386 Evaluation of ionic liquids as dispersed phase during the production of lactones with E-coli in a three phase partitioning bioreactor
Melgarejo-Torres R, Castillo-Araiza CO, Lopez-Ordaz P, Calleja-Castaneda NV, Cano-Velasco JL, Camacho-Ruiz RM, Lye GJ, Huerta-Ochoa S
387 - 395 Kinetics and boundary flux optimization of integrated photocatalysis and ultrafiltration process for two-phase vegetation and olive washing wastewaters treatment
Ochando-Pulido JM, Stoller M
396 - 401 Degradation of p-chloroaniline by pyrite in aqueous solutions
Zhang YQ, Tran HP, Hussain I, Zhong YQ, Huang SB
402 - 408 Mineral matter interactions during co-pyrolysis of coal and biomass and their impact on intrinsic char co-gasification reactivity
Ellis N, Masnadi MS, Roberts DG, Kochanek MA, Ilyushechkin AY
409 - 415 Oxidative removal of diclofenac by chlorine dioxide: Reaction kinetics and mechanism
Wang YL, Liu HJ, Xie YH, Ni TJ, Liu GG
416 - 424 Sol-gel assisted synthesis of porous nano-crystalline CoFe2O4 composite and its application in the removal of brilliant blue-R from aqueous phase: An ecofriendly and economical approach
Khan MA, Alam MM, Naushad M, Alothman ZA, Kumar M, Ahamad T
425 - 432 Titanium dioxide nanoparticle coating in fluidized bed via supercritical anti-solvent process (SAS)
Martin V, Romero-Diez R, Rodriguez-Rojo S, Cocero MJ
433 - 441 Beyond enhancement of macrophyte litter decomposition in sediments from a terrestrializated shallow lake through bioanode employment
Song N, Jiang HL, Cai HY, Yan ZS, Zhou YL
442 - 451 Effective radiation field model to scattering - Absorption applied in heterogeneous photocatalytic reactors
Mueses MA, Machuca-Martinez F, Hernandez-Ramirez A, Li Puma G
452 - 462 Degradation of levofloxacin in aqueous solutions by Fenton, ferrous ion-activated persulfate and combined Fenton/persulfate systems
Epold I, Trapido M, Dulova N
463 - 471 Performance of chlorobenzene removal in a nonthermal plasma catalysis reactor and evaluation of its byproducts
Zhu RY, Mao YB, Jiang LY, Chen JM
472 - 477 Ionic liquid forms of clopyralid with increased efficacy against weeds and reduced leaching from soils
Zhu JL, Ding GL, Liu Y, Wang BT, Zhang WB, Guo MC, Geng QQ, Cao YS
478 - 487 Achieving profitable biological sludge disintegration through phase separation and predicting its anaerobic biodegradability by non linear regression model
Kavitha S, Kumar SA, Kaliappan S, Yeom IT, Banu JR
488 - 497 Enhancement of stability and photoactivity of TiO2 coatings on annular glass reactors to remove emerging pollutants from waters
Espino-Estevez MR, Fernandez-Rodriguez C, Gonzalez-Diaz OM, Navio JA, Fernandez-Hevia D, Dona-Rodriguez JM
498 - 506 Microcystin-associated disinfection by-products: The real and non-negligible risk to drinking water subject to chlorination
Zong WS, Sun F, Pei HY, Hu WR, Pei RT
507 - 515 Degradation of chloramphenicol by persulfate activated by Fe2+ and zerovalent iron
Nie MH, Yan CX, Li M, Wang XN, Bi WL, Dong WB
516 - 521 Microbial attachment and adsorption-desorption kinetic of tightly bound extracellular polymeric substances on model organic surfaces
Guo JS, Zhang P, Chen YP, Shen Y, Hu X, Yan P, Yang JX, Fang F, Li C, Gao X, Wang GX
522 - 529 Treatment of dissolved perchlorate by adsorption-microbial reduction
Song W, Gao BY, Xu X, Zhang TG, Liu C, Tan X, Sun SL, Yue QY
530 - 537 Hydrothermal pretreatment for biogas production from anaerobic digestion of antibiotic mycelial residue
Li CX, Zhang GY, Zhang ZK, Ma DC, Wang LJ, Xu GW
538 - 546 Performance of alpha-methylnaphthalene degradation by dual oxidant of persulfate/calcium peroxide: Implication for ISCO
Qian YJ, Zhou XF, Zhang YL, Sun PZ, Zhang WX, Chen JB, Guo X, Zhang X
547 - 554 Effects of fermentation by-products and inhibitors on pervaporative recovery of biofuels from fermentation broths with novel silane modified silicalite-1/PDMS/PAN thin film composite membrane
Yi SL, Qi BK, Su Y, Wan YH
555 - 566 Characteristics of olivine as a bed material in an indirect biomass gasifier
Marinkovic J, Thunman H, Knutsson P, Seemann M
567 - 577 Preparation and characterization of molecular imprinted polymer functionalized with core/shell magnetic particles (Fe3O4@SiO2@MIP) for the simultaneous recognition and enrichment of four taxoids in Taxus x media
Fan JP, Xu XK, Xu R, Zhang XH, Zhu JH
578 - 588 Inactivation of bacterial spores subjected to sub-second thermal stress
Zhou W, Orr MW, Jian G, Watt SK, Lee VT, Zachariah MR
589 - 596 BAC filtration to mitigate micropollutants and EfOM content in reclamation reverse osmosis brines
Justo A, Gonzalez O, Sans C, Esplugas S
597 - 604 Adsolubilization of 2,4,6-trichlorophenol from aqueous solution by surfactant intercalated ZnAl layered double hydroxides
Zhao PW, Liu XH, Tian WL, Yan DP, Sun XM, Lei XD
605 - 614 Simple morphology-controlled fabrication of nickel chromite nanostructures via a novel route
Beshkar F, Zinatloo-Ajabshir S, Salavati-Niasari M
615 - 630 A review on carbon dioxide mineral carbonation through pH-swing process
Azdarpour A, Asadullah M, Mohammadian E, Hamidi H, Junin R, Karaei MA
631 - 638 Effective polysulfone-amorphous SiO2 NPs electrospun nanofiber membrane for high flux oil/water separation
Obaid M, Tolba GMK, Motlak M, Fadali OA, Khalil KA, Almajid AA, Kim B, Barakat NAM
639 - 647 Schiff based ligand containing nano-composite adsorbent for optical copper(II) ions removal from aqueous solutions
Awual MR, Eldesoky GE, Yaita T, Naushad M, Shiwaku H, AlOthman ZA, Suzuki S
648 - 658 Gas hold-up distribution and mixing time in gas-liquid stirred tanks
Montante G, Paglianti A
659 - 666 Lithium ion recovery from brine using granulated polyacrylamide-MnO2 ion-sieve
Xiao JL, Sun SY, Song XF, Li P, Yu JG
667 - 672 Comparing pretreatment methods for improving microalgae anaerobic digestion: Thermal, hydrothermal, microwave and ultrasound
Passos F, Carretero J, Ferrer I
673 - 680 Application of iron-activated persulfate oxidation for the degradation of PCBs in soil
Tang XJ, Hashmi MZ, Zeng B, Yang JW, Shen CF
681 - 688 Inhibition of the anammox activity by aromatic compounds
Ramos C, Fernandez I, Suarez-Ojeda ME, Carrera J
689 - 695 Biofiltration performance and characteristics of high-temperature gaseous benzene, hexane and toluene
Hu QY, Wang C, Huang KX
696 - 714 Water treatment technologies for the remediation of naphthenic acids in oil sands process-affected water
Quinlan PJ, Tam KC
715 - 724 Combination of hydrothermal carbonization and wet oxidation of various biomasses
Riedel G, Koehler R, Poerschmann J, Kopinke FD, Weiner B
725 - 734 Toward energy-neutral wastewater treatment: A membrane combined process of anaerobic digestion and nitritation-anammox for biogas recovery and nitrogen removal
Dai WC, Xu XC, Liu B, Yang FL
735 - 746 Recovery of uranyl from aqueous solutions using amidoximated polyacrylonitrile/exfoliated Na-montmorillonite composite
Li WP, Han XY, Wang XY, Wang YQ, Wang WX, Xu H, Tan TS, Wu WS, Zhang HX
747 - 756 Novel-CdS-nanorod with stacking fault structures: Preparation and properties of visible-light-driven photocatalytic hydrogen production from water
He K, Wang M, Guo LJ
757 - 766 Synthesis of water-dispersible graphene-modified magnetic polypyrrole nanocomposite and its ability to efficiently adsorb methylene blue from aqueous solution
Bai LZ, Li ZP, Zhang Y, Wang T, Lu RH, Zhou WF, Gao HX, Zhang SB
767 - 776 Fibrillation of chain branched poly (lactic acid) with improved blood compatibility and bionic structure
Li ZQ, Zhao XW, Ye L, Coates P, Caton-Rose F, Martyn M
777 - 787 Preparation and evaluation of a mesoporous calcium-silicate material (MCSM) from coal fly ash for removal of Co(II) from wastewater
Qi GX, Lei XF, Li L, Yuan C, Sun YL, Chen JB, Chen J, Wang Y, Hao JM
788 - 798 Chemical-activated carbons from peach stones for the adsorption of emerging contaminants in aqueous solutions
Torrellas SA, Lovera RG, Escalona N, Sepulveda C, Sotelo JL, Garcia J
799 - 808 Inhalable curcumin formulations: Micronization and bioassay
Kurniawansyah F, Duong HTT, Danh LT, Mammucari R, Vittorio O, Boyer C, Foster N
809 - 820 Validation of a novel open-source work-flow for the simulation of packed-bed reactors
Boccardo G, Augier F, Haroun Y, Ferre D, Marchisio DL
821 - 839 Discrete element simulation for the evaluation of solid mixing in an industrial blender
Sakai M, Shigeto Y, Basinskas G, Hosokawa A, Fuji M
840 - 850 Catalytic oxidation of styrene over Cu-doped hydrotalcites
Thao NT, Huyen LTK
851 - 860 Polymeric micelle-coated mesoporous silica nanoparticle for enhanced fluorescent imaging and pH-responsive drug delivery
Xu XB, Lu SY, Gao CM, Wang XG, Bai X, Duan HG, Gao NN, Feng C, Liu MZ
861 - 873 Naproxen abatement by thermally activated persulfate in aqueous systems
Ghauch A, Tuqan A, Kibbi N
874 - 884 Analysis of gas phase characteristics and mixing performance in an activated sludge bioreactor using electrical resistance tomography
Babaei R, Bonakdarpour B, Ein-Mozaffari F
885 - 896 Static and dynamic adsorptive removal of selenite and selenate by alkoxide-free sol-gel-generated Mg-Al-CO3 layered double hydroxide: Effect of competing ions
Chubar N, Szlachta M
897 - 903 Inherent rate constants and humidity impact factors of anatase TiO2 film in photocatalytic removal of formaldehyde from air
Zhu XB, Chang DL, Li XS, Sun ZG, Deng XQ, Zhu AM
904 - 911 Rejection and adsorption of trace pharmaceuticals by coating a forward osmosis membrane with TiO2
Huang MH, Chen YS, Huang CH, Sun PZ, Crittenden J
912 - 920 A novel strategy for accelerating the recovery of an anammox reactor inhibited by copper(II): EDTA washing combined with biostimulation via low-intensity ultrasound
Zhang ZZ, Cheng YF, Zhou YH, Buayi XMGL, Jin RC
921 - 928 Hydro-liquefaction of sawdust and its three components in supercritical ethanol with [BMIM]Cl/NiCl2 catalyst
Liu D, Li QY, Zhao AZ, Song LH, Wu PP, Yan ZF
929 - 938 Simultaneous photocatalytic elimination of gaseous NO and SO2 in a BiOI/Al2O3-padded trickling scrubber under visible light
Xia DH, Hu LL, He C, Pan WQ, Yang TS, Yang YC, Shu D
939 - 947 Hybridising nitrogen doped titania with kaolinite: A feasible catalyst for a semi-continuous photo-degradation reactor system
Sia TH, Dai S, Jin B, Biggs M, Chong MN
948 - 963 Hydrodynamics and residence time distribution of liquid flow in tubular reactors equipped with screen-type static mixers
Abou Hweij K, Azizi F
964 - 972 Simultaneous sorption of 4-nitrophenol and 2-nitrophenol on a hybrid geocomposite based on surfactant-modified pillared-clay and activated carbon
Hamidouche S, Bouras O, Zermane F, Cheknane B, Houari M, Debord J, Harel M, Bollinger JC, Baudu M
973 - 982 A simple flow device for enhanced mass transfer in reduced dimensions
Biswas KG, Ray S, Das G, Basu JK
983 - 993 CuO/CeO2 based monoliths for CO preferential oxidation in H-2-rich streams
Barbato PS, Di Benedetto A, Landi G, Lisi L
994 - 1003 Preparation and characterization of TiO2-based nanosheets for photocatalytic degradation of acetylsalicylic acid: Influence of calcination temperature
Li D, Cheng XW, Yu XJ, Xing ZP
1004 - 1009 Modelling of succinic acid heterogeneous catalytic ozonation on metallic foam
Audirac A, Pontlevoy F, Leitner NKV
1010 - 1022 Salt deposition problems in supercritical water oxidation
Xu DH, Huang CB, Wang SZ, Lin GK, Guo Y