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1 - 7 Oxidation of elemental mercury vapor over gamma-Al2O3 supported CuCl2 catalyst for mercury emissions control
Liu ZY, Li X, Lee JY, Bolin TB
8 - 16 Enhanced visible-light-induced hydrogen evolution from water in a noble-metal-free system catalyzed by ZnTCPP-MoS2/TiO2 assembly
Yuan YJ, Lu HW, Ji ZG, Zhong JS, Ding MY, Chen DQ, Li YH, Tu WG, Cao DP, Yu ZT, Zou ZG
17 - 26 Flame-anchoring mechanisms of a micro cavity-combustor for premixed H-2/air flame
Wan JL, Fan AW, Yao H, Liu W
27 - 35 Fabrication of cell-laden electrospun hybrid scaffolds of alginate-based bioink and PCL microstructures for tissue regeneration
Yeo M, Kim G
36 - 44 In situ synthesis of nickel carbide-promoted nickel/carbon nanofibers nanocomposite catalysts for catalytic applications
Kang J, Han RR, Wang J, Yang L, Fan GL, Li F
45 - 52 Microreactors technology for hydrogen purification: Effect of the catalytic layer thickness on CuOx/CeO2-coated microchannel reactors for the PROX reaction
Laguna OH, Castano MG, Centeno MA, Odriozola JA
53 - 62 Mechanism of PCE oxidation by percarbonate in a chelated Fe(II)-based catalyzed system
Miao ZW, Gu XG, Lu SG, Dionysiou DD, Al-Abed SR, Zang XK, Wu XL, Qiu ZF, Sui Q, Danish M
63 - 70 Optimization of methyl ricinoleate synthesis with ionic liquids as catalysts using the response surface methodology
Xu W, Ge XD, Yan XH, Shao R
71 - 78 Capillary microreactors based on hierarchical SiO2 monoliths incorporating noble metal nanoparticles for the Preferential Oxidation of CO
Miguel-Garcia I, Navlani-Garcia M, Garcia-Aguilar J, Berenguer-Murcia A, Lozano-Castello D, Cazorla-Amoros D
79 - 88 Multi-layered macroporous three-dimensional nanofibrous scaffold via a novel gas foaming technique
Joshi MK, Pant HR, Tiwari AP, Kim HJ, Park CH, Kim CS
89 - 101 Effect of supports on the supported Ni2P catalysts prepared by the phosphidation using triphenylphosphine in liquid phase
Wang JN, Fu YC, Chen H, Shen JY
102 - 112 A facile fabrication of n-type Bi2Te3 nanowire/graphene layer-by-layer hybrid structures and their improved thermoelectric performance
Ju H, Kim M, Kim J
113 - 124 One-pot oxydehydration of glycerol to value-added compounds over metal-doped SiW/HZSM-5 catalysts: Effect of metal type and loading
Thanasilp S, Schwank JW, Meeyoo V, Pengpanich S, Hunsom M
125 - 133 Mitigation of membrane biofouling through surface modification with different forms of nanosilver
Dolina J, Dlask O, Lederer T, Dvorak L
134 - 141 Synthesis of CNT@MIL-68(Al) composites with improved adsorption capacity for phenol in aqueous solution
Han TT, Xiao YL, Tong MM, Huang HL, Liu DH, Wang LY, Zhong CL
142 - 151 XANES and DRIFTS study of sulfated Sb/V/Ce/TiO2 catalysts for NH3-SCR
Kumar PA, Jeong YE, Gautam S, Ha HP, Lee KJ, Chae KH
152 - 159 Hierarchically-organized, well-dispersed hydroxyapatite-coated magnetic carbon with combined organics and inorganics removal properties
Yang HH, Liu Q, Masse S, Zhang H, Li LF, Coradin T
160 - 167 Nitrogen-containing carbon/graphene composite nanosheets with excellent lithium storage performances
Wang HH, Peng HR, Li GC, Chen KZ
168 - 178 Styrene removal in a biotrickling filter and a combined UV-biotrickling filter: Steady- and transient-state performance and microbial analysis
Zhu RY, Christian K, Cheng ZW, Lu LC, Yu JM, Chen JM
179 - 188 New double network hydrogel adsorbent: Highly efficient removal of Cd(II) and Mn(II) ions in aqueous solution
Xu R, Zhou GY, Tang YH, Chu L, Liu CB, Zeng ZB, Luo SL
189 - 197 Efficient reduction of bromate in water by nano-iron hydroxide impregnated granular activated carbon (Fe-GAC)
Xu JH, Gao NY, Zhao DY, Zhang WX, Xu QK, Xiao AH
198 - 205 Removal of six phthalic acid esters (PAEs) from domestic sewage by constructed wetlands
Tang XY, Wang SY, Yang Y, Tao R, Dai YV, Dan A, Li L
206 - 219 Design and packaging of a highly integrated microreactor system for high-temperature on-board hydrogen production
Jiang B, Santis-Alvarez AJ, Muralt P, Poulikakos D, Borhani N, Thome JR, Maeder T
220 - 226 Comparative study of oxidation of benzyl alcohol: Influence of Cu-doped metal cation on nano ZnO catalytic activity
Forouzani M, Mardani HR, Ziari M, Malekzadeh A, Biparva P
227 - 234 Enhancement of enzymatic digestibility of Miscanthus by electron beam irradiation and chemical combined treatments for bioethanol production
Yang SJ, Yoo HY, Choi HS, Lee JH, Park C, Kim SW
235 - 244 Magnetic microcapsules with inner asymmetric structure: Controlled preparation, mechanism, and application to drug release
Zhang BL, Zhang HP, Tian L, Li XJ, Li W, Fan XL, Ali N, Zhang QY
245 - 252 ZnO nanoparticles anchored to silica filler. A curing accelerator for isoprene rubber composites
Susanna A, Armelao L, Callone E, Dire S, D'Arienzo M, Di Credico B, Giannini L, Hanel T, Morazzoni F, Scotti R
253 - 261 Optimization of microwave-assisted etherification of glycerol to polyglycerols by sodium carbonate as catalyst
Bookong P, Ruchirawat S, Boonyarattanakalin S
262 - 270 Removal of cesium from low-level radioactive wastewaters using magnetic potassium titanium hexacyanoferrate
Zhang HX, Zhao X, Wei JY, Li FZ
271 - 280 Hydrophobic activated carbon supported Ni-based acid-resistant catalyst for selective hydrogenation of phthalic anhydride to phthalide
Liu YX, Gu YJ, Hou YX, Yang Y, Deng SG, Wei ZJ
281 - 287 Integration of autotrophic nitrogen removal, ozonation and activated carbon filtration for treatment of landfill leachate
Gao JL, Oloibiri V, Chys M, De Wandel S, Decostere B, Audenaert W, He YL, Van Hulle SWH
288 - 297 Dramatic CO2 photoreduction with H2O vapors for CH4 production using the TiO2 (bottom)/Fe-TiO2 (top) double-layered films
Do JY, Im Y, Kwak BS, Kim JY, Kang M
298 - 304 Industrial development of long chain paraffin (n-C-10(0)-C-13(0)) dehydrogenation catalysts and the deactivation characterization
He SB, Wang B, Dai XH, Sun CL, Bai ZW, Wang X, Guo Q
305 - 314 Behavior analysis of a porous bed electrochemical reactor the treatment of petrochemical industry wastewater contaminated by hydrogen sulfide (H2S)
Mattiusi EM, Kaminari NMS, Ponte MJJS, Ponte HA
315 - 321 Enhanced adsorption of Congo red dye by functionalized carbon nanotube/mixed metal oxides nanocomposites derived from layered double hydroxide precursor
Yang SX, Wang LY, Zhang XD, Yang WJ, Song GL
322 - 330 Reduction of palladium onto pyrogallol-derived nano-resin and its mechanism
Can M, Bulut E, Ozacar M
331 - 341 Phenolic wastewaters treatment by electrocoagulation process using Zn anode
Fajardo AS, Rodrigues RF, Martins RC, Castro LM, Quinta-Ferreira RM
342 - 350 Fast and efficient cesium removal from simulated radioactive liquid waste by an isotope dilution-precipitate flotation process
Soliman MA, Rashad GM, Mahmoud MR
351 - 356 NO oxidation over Ni-Co perovskite catalysts
Zhong SF, Sun YY, Xin HC, Yang CP, Chen L, Li XB
357 - 365 Novel integrated approach of adsorption and photo-oxidation using Ag-TiO2/PU for bioaerosol removal under visible light
Pham TD, Lee BK
366 - 373 Production of hydrogen in a Pd-membrane reactor via catalytic reforming of olive mill wastewater
Tosti S, Cavezza C, Fabbricino M, Pontoni L, Palma V, Ruocco C
374 - 380 Electron beam induced degradation of atrazine in aqueous solution
Xu G, Yao JZ, Tang L, Yang XY, Zheng M, Wang H, Wu MH
381 - 390 Biosequestration of CO2 using power plant algae (Rhizoclonium hieroglyphicum JUCHE2) in a Flat Plate Photobio-Bubble-Reactor -Experimental and modeling
Pradhan L, Bhattacharjee V, Mitra R, Bhattacharya I, Chowdhury R
391 - 404 Modeling and simulation of an industrial three phase trickle bed reactor responsible for the hydrogenation of 1,3-butadiene: A case study
Tohidian T, Dehghani O, Rahimpour MR