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1 - 8 Analytic versus CFD approach for kinetic modeling of gas phase photocatalysis
Verbruggen SW, Lenaerts S, Denys S
9 - 17 Study on the catalysis of CaCO3 in the SNCR deNO(x) process for cement kilns
Fu SL, Song Q, Yao Q
18 - 28 Increasing CO2 carrying capacity of dolomite by means of thermal stabilization by triggered calcination
Herce C, Stendardo S, Cortes C
29 - 33 Water splitting performance of Er3+-doped YVO4 prepared from a layered K3V5O14 precursor
Obregon S, Colon G
34 - 40 Degradation of bisphenol A by ferrate(VI) oxidation: Kinetics, products and toxicity assessment
Han Q, Wang HJ, Dong WY, Liu TZ, Yin YL, Fan HK
41 - 48 Microbial characterization of aggregates within a one-stage nitritation-anammox system using high-throughput amplicon sequencing
Chu ZR, Wang K, Li XK, Zhu MT, Yang L, Zhang J
49 - 58 Comparison of performance, microorganism populations, and bio-physiochemical properties of granular and flocculent sludge from denitrifying phosphorus removal reactors
Wang YY, Jiang XX, Wang H, Guo G, Guo JH, Qin J, Zhou S
59 - 67 Amphiphilic compounds enhance the dechlorination of pentachlorophenol with Ni/Fe bimetallic nanoparticles
Lin CH, Shih YH, MacFarlane J
68 - 77 Catalytic diesel soot oxidation by hydrothermally stable glass catalysts
Zokoe J, McGinn PJ
78 - 87 Development of high void fraction polylactide composite foams using injection molding: Crystallization and foaming behaviors
Ameli A, Nofar M, Jahani D, Rizvi G, Park CB
88 - 95 Enhancement of catalytic activity of immobilized laccase for diclofenac biodegradation by carbon nanotubes
Xu R, Tang RZ, Zhou QJ, Li FT, Zhang BR
96 - 100 Effective treatment of cadmium-cyanide complex by a reagent with combined function of oxidation and coagulation
Hu CZ, You LY, Liu HJ, Qu JH
101 - 108 Polyethylenimine-functionalized poly(vinyl alcohol) magnetic microspheres as a novel adsorbent for rapid removal of Cr(VI) from aqueous solution
Sun XT, Yang LR, Li Q, Liu ZN, Dong TT, Liu HZ
109 - 118 Beneficial co-treatment of simple wet flue gas desulphurization wastes with freshwater sewage through development of mixed denitrification-SANI process
Qian J, Lu H, Jiang F, Ekama GA, Chen GH
119 - 124 A study of ion adsorption onto surface functionalized silica particles
Makavipour F, Pashley RM
125 - 132 Hybrid photosensitizer based on halloysite nanotubes for phenol-based pesticide photodegradation
Bielska D, Karewicz A, Lachowicz T, Berent K, Szczubialka K, Nowakowska M
133 - 139 Reductive degradation of perfluorinated compounds in water using Mg-aminoclay coated nanoscale zero valent iron
Arvaniti OS, Hwang Y, Andersen HR, Stasinakis AS, Thomaidis NS, Aloupi M
140 - 145 Synthesis of magnetically recyclable ZSM-5 zeolite for styrene epoxide rearrangement reaction
Hoang PH, Dien LQ
146 - 155 Photocatalytic hydrogen evolution from aqueous solutions of Na2S/Na2SO3 under visible light irradiation on CuS/Cd0.3Zn0.7S and NizCd0.3Zn0.7S1+z
Markovskaya DV, Cherepanova SV, Saraev AA, Gerasimov EY, Kozlova EA
156 - 168 Fouling of nanofiltration membranes by dyes during brine recovery from textile dye bath wastewater
Chidambaram T, Oren Y, Noel M
169 - 178 Highly efficient removal of aqueous chromate and organic dyes by ultralong HCOOBiO nanowires
Yang LL, Han QF, Wang X, Zhu JW
179 - 188 Copper oxide nanomaterials: Synthesis, characterization and structure-specific antibacterial performance
Ananth A, Dharaneedharan S, Heo MS, Mok YS
189 - 197 Antimicrobial metal-organic frameworks incorporated into electrospun fibers
Quiros J, Boltes K, Aguado S, de Villoria RG, Vilatela JJ, Rosal R
198 - 209 Uranium extraction using magnetic nano-based particles of diethylenetriamine-functionalized chitosan: Equilibrium and kinetic studies
Mahfouz MG, Galhoum AA, Gomaa NA, Abdel-Rehem SS, Atia AA, Vincent T, Guibal E
210 - 216 Superhydrophobic coating on fiberglass cloth for selective removal of oil from water
Zang DL, Liu F, Zhang M, Niu XG, Gao ZX, Wang CY
217 - 223 Decomposition of sulfur compounds by radiolysis: I. Influential factors
Son YS, Kim JC
224 - 234 Chemistry of defluoridation by one-pot synthesized dicarboxylic acids mediated polyacrylamide-zirconium complex
Prabhu SM, Meenakshi S
235 - 241 Investigating the kinetics of autotrophic denitrification with thiosulfate: Modeling the denitritation mechanisms and the effect of the acclimation of SO-NR cultures to nitrite
Mora M, Dorado AD, Gamisans X, Gabriel D
242 - 249 Structural model to study the influence of thermal treatment on the thixotropic behaviour of waste activated sludge
Ruiz-Hernando M, Labanda J, Llorens J
250 - 259 Fabrication of porous resins via solubility differences for adsorption of cadmium (II)
Li C, Duan HD, Wang XJ, Meng X, Qin DW
260 - 267 Visible-light-active ZnO via oxygen vacancy manipulation for efficient formaldehyde photodegradation
Tang YW, Zhou H, Zhang K, Ding J, Fan TX, Zhang D
268 - 277 Synergistic effect of the parameters affecting wet flue gas desulfurization using magnesium oxides by-products
del Valle-Zermeno R, Niubo M, Formosa J, Guembe M, Aparicio JA, Chimenos JM
278 - 285 Removal of oil from water using polyurethane foam modified with nanoclay
Nikkhah AA, Zilouei H, Asadinezhad A, Keshavarz A
286 - 294 Influence of the anode materials on the electrochemical oxidation efficiency. Application to oxidative degradation of the pharmaceutical amoxicillin
Sopaj F, Rodrigo MA, Oturan N, Podvorica FI, Pinson J, Oturan MA
295 - 312 Development of pore network method in simulation of non-catalytic gas-solid reactions - Study of sulfur dioxide chemisorption on copper oxide sorbents
Adloo H, Safaei Z, Esfahany MN, Ehsani MR
313 - 318 A magnetic nanomaterial modified with poly-lysine for efficient removal of anionic dyes from water
Zhang YR, Su P, Huang J, Wang QR, Zhao BX
319 - 325 Nanoscale zero-valent iron particles for the remediation of plutonium and uranium contaminated solutions
Crane RA, Dickinson M, Scott TB
326 - 333 Comparative study of the hydrogenolysis of glycerol over Ru-based catalysts supported on activated carbon, graphite, carbon nanotubes and KL-zeolite
Gallegos-Suarez E, Guerrero-Ruiz A, Rodriguez-Ramos I, Arcoya A
334 - 343 Pore-network modeling of trickle bed reactors: Pressure drop analysis
Hannaoui R, Horgue P, Larachi F, Haroun Y, Augier F, Quintard M, Prat M
344 - 355 Heterogeneous catalytic oxidation of phenol by in situ generated hydrogen peroxide applying novel catalytic membrane reactors
Osegueda O, Dafinov A, Llorca J, Medina F, Sueiras J
356 - 363 Fabrication of Pd/gamma-Al2O3 catalysts for hydrogenation of 2-ethyl-9,10-anthraquinone assisted by plant-mediated strategy
Chen HM, Huang DP, Su XY, Huang JL, Jing XL, Du MM, Sun DH, Jia LS, Li QB
364 - 371 Deactivation of nickel catalysts in methane cracking reaction: Effect of bimodal meso-macropore structure of silica support
Tanggarnjanavalukul C, Donphai W, Witoon T, Chareonpanich S, Limtrakul J
372 - 382 Evaluation of cesium removal from radioactive waste water using maghemite PVA-alginate beads
Majidnia Z, Idris A
383 - 389 Distribution of OH bond to metal-oxide in Mg3-xCaxFe-layered double hydroxide (x=0-1.5): Its role in adsorption of selenate and chromate
Zhou JZ, Su YW, Zhang J, Xu XX, Zhao J, Qian GR, Xu YF
390 - 398 A comparative study about adsorption of natural palygorskite for methylene blue
Zhang Y, Wang WB, Zhang JP, Liu P, Wang AQ
399 - 408 Valorization of tannery wastes: Lipoamino acid surfactant mixtures from the protein fraction of process wastewater
Bautista ME, Perez L, Garcia MT, Cuadros S, Marsal A
409 - 416 Self-assembled TiO2 agglomerates hybridized with reduced-graphene oxide: A high-performance hybrid photocatalyst for solar energy conversion
Ryu J, Kim S, Kim HI, Jo EH, Kim YK, Kim M, Jang HD
417 - 426 Removal of estrone (E1), 17 beta-estradiol (E2), and 17 alpha-ethinylestradiol (EE2) from wastewater by liquid-liquid extraction
Ben Fredj S, Nobbs J, Tizaoui C, Monser L
427 - 435 Reduction of 3-nitro-4-methoxy-acetylaniline to 3-amino-4-methoxy-acetylaniline catalyzed by metallic Cu nanoparticles at low reaction temperature
Feng YH, Wang AL, Yin HB, Yan XB, Shen LQ
436 - 446 Effect of flow orientation on liquid-liquid slug flow in a capillary tube
Biswas KG, Patra R, Das G, Ray S, Basu JK
447 - 455 Compostable properties of antimicrobial bioplastics based on cinnamaldehyde cross-linked gliadins
Balaguer MP, Villanova J, Cesar G, Gavara R, Hernandez-Munoz P
456 - 463 Upgrading the performances of ultrafiltration membrane system coupled with activated sludge reactor by addition of biofilm supports for the treatment of hospital effluents
Mousaab A, Claire C, Magali C, Christophe D
464 - 477 Spatiotemporal behavior of Pt/Rh/CeO2/BaO catalyst during lean-rich cycling
Nguyen H, Harold MP, Luss D
478 - 489 Performance evaluation of high density riser and downer: Experimental study using ozone decomposition
Wang CX, Zhu J, Barghi S
490 - 498 Validation of a two-dimensional modeling of an externally irradiated slurry photoreactor
Palmisano G, Loddo V, Augugliaro V, Bellardita M, Roda GC, Parrino F
499 - 508 O-2 mass transfer in an oscillatory flow reactor provided with smooth periodic constrictions. Individual characterization of k(L) and a
Ferreira A, Teixeira JA, Rocha F
509 - 516 Validation of a simple kinetic modelling approach for agro-industrial waste anaerobic digesters
Lopez I, Passeggi M, Borzacconi L
517 - 526 Rapid selective separation and recovery of a specific target dye from mixture consisted of different dyes by magnetic Ca-ferrites nanoparticles
Liu XY, An S, Wang YJ, Yang Q, Zhang L
527 - 540 Visualization and quantitative analysis of dispersive mixing by a helical static mixer in upward co-current gas-liquid flow
Rabha S, Schubert M, Grugel F, Banowski M, Hampel U
541 - 551 Micro-kinetics of NOx storage and reduction with H-2/CO/C3H6 on Pt/BaO/Al2O3 monolith catalysts
Kota AS, Luss D, Balakotaiah V
552 - 562 Ozonation of phenacetin in associated with a magnetic catalyst CuFe2O4: The reaction and transformation
Qi F, Chu W, Xu BB
563 - 570 Integrated perspectives of a greenhouse study to upgrade an antimony and arsenic mine soil - Potential of enhanced phytotechnologies
Couto N, Guedes P, Zhou DM, Ribeiro AB
571 - 578 In-situ improved phenol adsorption at ions-enrichment interface of porous adsorbent for simultaneous removal of copper ions and phenol
Han JX, Du ZJ, Zou W, Li HQ, Zhang C
579 - 587 Experimental study on the fluidization behaviors of the superfine particles
Liu HP, Zhang LY, Chen TP, Wang SW, Han ZJ, Wu SH
588 - 596 Enhanced photocatalytic degradation of harmful dye and phenyl hydrazine chemical sensing using ZnO nanourchins
Umar A, Akhtar MS, Al-Hajry A, Al-Assiri MS, Dar GN, Islam MS
597 - 606 Facile synthesis of polypyrrole decorated reduced graphene oxide-Fe3O4 magnetic composites and its application for the Cr(VI) removal
Wang H, Yuan XZ, Wu Y, Chen XH, Leng LJ, Wang H, Li H, Zeng GM
607 - 615 Crosslinked polyDADMAC gels as highly selective and reusable arsenate binding materials
Pirgalioglu S, Ozbelge TA, Ozbelge HO, Bicak N
616 - 627 Numerical simulation of Taylor bubble formation in a microchannel with a converging shape mixing junction
Dang MH, Yue J, Chen GW
628 - 639 Three-dimensional two-fluid modeling of a cylindrical fluidized bed and validation of the Maximum Entropy method to determine bubble properties
Sobrino C, Acosta-Iborra A, Izquierdo-Barrientos MA, de Vega M
640 - 647 Kinetics of Jojoba oil methanolysis using a waste from fish industry as catalyst
Sanchez M, Marchetti JM, El Boulifi N, Aracil J, Martinez M
648 - 657 Removal of low concentration contaminant species using photocatalysis: Elimination of ethene to sub-ppm levels with and without water vapor present
Nielsen MG, Vesborg PCK, Hansen O, Chorkendorff I
658 - 664 A simple and practical route to prepare useable pristine graphene for electrochemical applications
Du WC, Qi SP, Zhu YY, Sun PP, Zhu LH, Jiang XQ
665 - 675 Matching of kinetics of CaCO3 decomposition and CuO reduction with CH4 in Ca-Cu chemical looping
Qin CL, Feng B, Yin JJ, Ran JY, Zhang L, Manovic V
676 - 682 Pre-coagulation on the submerged membrane fouling in nano-scale: Effect of sedimentation process
Yu WZ, Qu JH, Gregory J
683 - 690 Separation of SF6 from SF6/N-2 mixture using metal-organic framework MIL-100(Fe) granule
Kim PJ, You YW, Park H, Chang JS, Bae YS, Lee CH, Suh JK
691 - 701 CNF-reinforced polymer aerogels: Influence of the synthesis variables and economic evaluation
Victor-Roman S, Simon-Herrero C, Romero A, Gracia I, Valverde JL, Sanchez-Silva L
702 - 709 Gas-phase removal of hydrogen sulfide using iron oxyhydroxide at low temperature: Measurement of breakthrough curve and modeling of sulfidation mechanism
Yamamoto T, Tayakout-Fayolle M, Geantet C
710 - 715 Hybrid vesicles co-assembled from anionic graft copolymer and metal ions for controlled drug release
Li GY, Qi MY, Yu NN, Liu XY
716 - 726 Development of an attrition-leaching hybrid process for direct aqueous mineral carbonation
Julcour C, Bourgeois F, Bonfils B, Benhamed I, Guyot F, Bodenan F, Petiot C, Gaucher EC
727 - 736 Segregation direction reversal of gas-fluidized biomass/inert mixtures -Experiments based on Particle Segregation Model predictions
Di Renzo A, Di Maio FP, Girimonte R, Vivacqua V
737 - 746 CO2 sequestration by indirect carbonation of artificial gypsum generated in the manufacture of titanium dioxide pigments
Perez-Moreno SM, Gazquez MJ, Bolivar JP
747 - 755 Magnetically separable reactive sorbent based on the CeO2/gamma-Fe2O3 composite and its utilization for rapid degradation of the organophosphate pesticide parathion methyl and certain nerve agents
Janos P, Kuran P, Pilarova V, Trogl J, Stastny M, Pelant O, Henych J, Bakardjieva S, Zivotsky O, Kormunda M, Mazanec K, Skoumal M
756 - 765 Anion exchange cycle of catalyst in liquid-liquid phase-transfer catalysis reaction: Novel autocatalysis
Zhao QQ, Sun J, Liu BJ, He JX
766 - 774 Methane reforming in a small-scaled plasma reactor - Industrial application of a plasma process from the viewpoint of the environmental profile
Wang Q, Spasova B, Hessel V, Kolb G
775 - 784 Hierarchically structured polyacrylonitrile nanofiber mat as highly efficient lead adsorbent for water treatment
Luo C, Wang JQ, Jia P, Liu YX, An JH, Cao B, Pan K
785 - 793 Effect of channel size on mass transfer during liquid-liquid plug flow in small scale extractors
Tsaoulidis D, Angeli P
794 - 802 High-load anaerobic co-digestion of cheese whey and liquid fraction of dairy manure in a one-stage UASB process: Limits in co-substrates ratio and organic loading rate
Rico C, Munoz N, Fernandez J, Rico JL
803 - 812 Preparation and characterization of novel phenolic acid (hydroxybenzoic and hydroxycinnamic acid derivatives) grafted chitosan microspheres with enhanced adsorption properties for Fe(II)
Liu J, Wu HT, Lu JF, Wen XY, Kan J, Jin CH
813 - 822 Highly concentrated, reactive and stable dispersion of zero-valent iron nanoparticles: Direct surface modification and site application
Soukupova J, Zboril R, Medrik I, Filip J, Safarova K, Ledl R, Mashlan M, Nosek J, Cernik M
823 - 830 Characterization of TiO2 nanoparticle suspensions in aqueous solutions and TiO2 nanoparticle retention in water-saturated columns packed with glass beads
Sygouni V, Chrysikopoulos CV
831 - 838 A mechanism of the photocatalytic decomposition of 2,4-dinitrophenol on TiO2 immobilized on a glass surface
Shiraishi F, Miyawaki A, Chand R
839 - 846 Adsorption of fluoride by Fe-Mg-La triple-metal composite: Adsorbent preparation, illustration of performance and study of mechanisms
Yu Y, Yu L, Chen JP
847 - 853 Decolorization by Caldicellulosiruptor saccharolyticus with dissolved hydrogen under extreme thermophilic conditions
Shen N, Huo YC, Chen JJ, Zhang F, Zheng H, Zeng RJ
854 - 861 Activation of peroxymonosulfate with magnetic Fe3O4-MnO2 core-shell nanocomposites for 4-chlorophenol degradation
Liu J, Zhao ZW, Shao PH, Cui FY
862 - 874 On-site pure hydrogen production by methane steam reforming in high flux membrane reactor: Experimental validation, model predictions and membrane inhibition
Patrascu M, Sheintuch M
875 - 881 Passive photo-catalytic destruction of air-borne VOCs in high traffic areas using TiO2-coated flexible PVC sheet
Tejasvi R, Sharma M, Upadhyay K
882 - 890 APTES grafted ordered mesoporous silica KIT-6 for CO2 adsorption
Kishor R, Ghoshal AK
891 - 896 Characterizing the impact of sand addition on the efficiency of granular iron for contaminant removal in batch systems
Miyajima K, Noubactep C
897 - 903 Adsorption of Pb2+ on amino-functionalized core-shell magnetic mesoporous SBA-15 silica composite
Wang SG, Wang KK, Dai C, Shi HZ, Li JL
904 - 912 Fabrication of a low-cost cementitious catalytic membrane for p-chloronitrobenzene degradation using a hybrid ozonation-membrane filtration system
Wang Z, Chen ZL, Chang J, Shen JM, Kang J, Chen Q
913 - 920 A highly efficient CaO-based CO2 sorbent prepared by a citrate-assisted sol-gel technique
Radfarnia HR, Sayari A
921 - 931 High-performance towards Cr(VI) removal using multi-active sites of polypyrrole-graphene oxide nanocomposites: Batch and column studies
Setshedi KZ, Bhaumik M, Onyango MS, Maity A
932 - 938 Dewaterability of anaerobic digestate from food waste: Relationship with extracellular polymeric substances
Lu F, Zhou Q, Wu D, Wang TF, Shao LM, He PJ
939 - 945 Saccharification of carbohydrates in microalgal biomass by physical, chemical and enzymatic pre-treatments as a previous step for bioethanol production
Hernandez D, Riano B, Coca M, Garcia-Gonzalez MC
946 - 957 Interaction of humic substances on fouling in membrane distillation for seawater desalination
Naidu G, Jeong S, Vigneswaran S
958 - 965 Sustainable photosynthetic biocathode in microbial desalination cells
Kokabian B, Gude VG
966 - 972 Selective and fast recovery of neodymium from seawater by magnetic iron oxide Fe3O4
Tu YJ, Lo SC, You CF
973 - 979 Development of a partial heating system to enhance bio-ammonia production and recovery by anaerobic digestion of nitrogen-rich wastewater: Effect of partial heating modules
Lu JW, Kitamura Y, Takisawa K, Jiang WZ
980 - 988 High performance supercapacitor electrode materials based on porous NiCo2O4 hexagonal nanoplates/reduced graphene oxide composites
Ma LB, Shen XP, Zhou H, Ji ZY, Chen KM, Zhu GX
989 - 998 Molecularly imprinted nanofiber membranes enhanced biodegradation of trace bisphenol A by Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Liu F, Liu Q, Zhang YH, Liu YJ, Wan YC, Gao KC, Huang Y, Xia W, Wang HY, Shi Y, Huang Z, Lu B
999 - 1008 Simple method of deposition of CuO nanoparticles on a cellulose paper and its antibacterial activity
Booshehri AY, Wang R, Xu R
1009 - 1021 Methane decomposition over Ni, Co and Fe based monometallic catalysts supported on sol gel derived SiO2 microflakes
Pudukudy M, Yaakob Z
1022 - 1032 Low-temperature synthesis of graphene/Bi2Fe4O9 composite for synergistic adsorption-photocatalytic degradation of hydrophobic pollutant under solar irradiation
Hu ZT, Liu JC, Yan XL, Oh WD, Lim TT
1033 - 1042 Intensification of cavitational activity using gases in different types of sonochemical reactors
Gogate PR, Shaha S, Csoka L
1043 - 1051 Synthesis of clamshell derived Ca(OH)(2) nano-particles via simple surfactant-hydration treatment
Asikin-Mijan N, Taufiq-Yap YH, Lee HV
1052 - 1064 Hysteresis in autothermal methane reforming over Rh catalysts: Bifurcation analysis
Mancusi E, Acampora L, Marra FS, Altimari P
1065 - 1076 Effect of co-precipitation and impregnation on K-decorated Fe2O3/Al2O3 oxygen carrier in Chemical Looping Combustion of bituminous coal
Ge HJ, Shen LH, Gu HM, Jiang SX
1077 - 1089 Methane decomposition using Ni-Cu alloy nano-particle catalysts and catalyst deactivation studies
Wang HY, Lua AC
1090 - 1098 A highly active and stable Co4N/gamma-Al2O3 catalyst for CO and CO2 methanation to produce synthetic natural gas (SNG)
Razzaq R, Li CS, Usman M, Suzuki K, Zhang SJ
1099 - 1107 Electrochemically enhanced reduction of hexavalent chromium in contaminated clay: Kinetics, energy consumption, and application of pulse current
Sun TR, Pamukcu S, Ottosen LM, Wang F
1108 - 1115 Photocatalytic degradation of four non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in water under visible light by P25-TiO2/tetraethyl orthosilicate film and determination via ultra performance liquid chromatography electrospray tandem mass spectrometry
Zhang HJ, Zhang P, Ji Y, Tian J, Du ZX
1116 - 1125 Catalytic activity of (CeO2)-O-IV/(Ce2O3)-O-III-silica mesoporous composite materials for oxidation and esterification reactions
Pal N, Cho EB, Kim D, Gunathilake C, Jaroniec M
1126 - 1136 Scale adaptive simulation of bubble column flows
Masood RMA, Khalid Y, Delgado A
1137 - 1143 Estimation of gas and liquid slug lengths for T-shaped microreactors
Miyabayashi K, Tonomura O, Hasebe S
1144 - 1151 A green approach towards simultaneous remediations of chromium(VI) and arsenic(III) in aqueous solution
Jiang B, Guo JB, Wang ZH, Zheng X, Zheng JT, Wu WT, Wu MB, Xue QZ
1152 - 1160 Enhancement of Au/AC acetylene hydrochlorination catalyst activity and stability via nitrogen-modified activated carbon support
Zhao J, Xu JT, Xu JH, Zhang TT, Di XX, Ni J, Li XN
1161 - 1167 Coagulation performance and membrane fouling of different aluminum species during coagulation/ultrafiltration combined process
Feng LJ, Wang WY, Feng RQ, Zhao S, Dong HY, Sun SL, Gao BY, Yue QY
1168 - 1174 The continuous flow synthesis of 2,4,5-trifluorobenzoic acid via sequential Grignard exchange and carboxylation reactions using microreactors
Deng QL, Shen RW, Zhao ZM, Yan MM, Zhang LX
1175 - 1186 Direct synthesis of DME over nanostructured CuO-ZnO-Al2O3/HZSM-5 catalyst washcoated on high pressure microreactor: Effect of catalyst loading and process condition on reactor performance
Allahyari S, Haghighi M, Ebadi A
1187 - 1191 Effects of surfactant type and concentration on graphene retention and transport in saturated porous media
Liu L, Gao B, Wu L, Sun YY, Zhou ZH
1192 - 1198 Development of K and N based composite CO2 sorbents (KN) dried with a supercritical fluid
Wu Y, Chen XP, Fan MH, Jiang GD, Kong Y, Bland AE
1199 - 1207 Synthesis, activity and hydrophobicity of Fe-ZSM-5@silicalite-1 for NH3-SCR
Du TY, Qu HX, Liu Q, Zhong Q, Ma WH
1208 - 1217 pH, geoelectrical and membrane flux parameters for the monitoring of water-saturated silicate and carbonate porous media contaminated by CO2
Abidoye LK, Das DB
1218 - 1225 Evaluation of flurbiprofen removal from aqueous solution by electrosynthesized ferrate(VI) ion and electrocoagulation process
Barisci S, Ulu F, Sillanpaa M, Dimoglo A
1226 - 1236 Removal of trihalomethanes from reclaimed-water by original and modified nanoscale zero-valent iron: Characterization, kinetics and mechanism
Xiao JA, Gao BY, Yue QY, Gao Y, Li Q
1237 - 1243 Influence of a CO2-enriched flue gas on mercury capture by activated carbons
Lopez-Anton MA, Rumayor M, Diaz-Somoano M, Martinez-Tarazona MR
1244 - 1251 Electrochemical degradation of nitrofurans furazolidone by cathode: Characterization, pathway and antibacterial activity analysis
Kong DY, Liang B, Yun H, Ma JC, Li ZL, Wang AJ, Ren NQ
1252 - 1259 Catalytic complete oxidation of acetylene and propene over clay versus cordierite honeycomb monoliths without and with chemical vapor deposited cobalt oxide
Assebban M, Tian ZY, El Kasmi A, Bahlawane N, Harti S, Chafik T
1260 - 1267 Effects of temperature on adsorption and oxidative degradation of bisphenol A in an acid-treated iron-amended granular activated carbon
Kim JR, Huling SG, Kan E
1268 - 1274 Anaerobic co-digestion of sewage sludge and fruit wastes: Evaluation of the transitory states when the co-substrate is changed
Fonoll X, Astals S, Dosta J, Mata-Alvarez J
1275 - 1283 A novel biotemplated synthesis of TiO2/wood charcoal composites for synergistic removal of bisphenol A by adsorption and photocatalytic degradation
Luo LJ, Yang Y, Xiao M, Bian LC, Yuan B, Liu YJ, Jiang FZ, Pan XJ
1284 - 1291 Correlating the photocatalytic activity and the optical properties of Mark LiVMoO6 photocatalyst under the UV and the visible region of the solar radiation spectrum
Hurtado L, Natividad R, Torres-Garcia E, Farias J, Li Puma G
1292 - 1302 Enhanced adsorption of cadmium ions by 3D sulfonated reduced graphene oxide
Wu SB, Zhang KS, Wang XL, Jia Y, Sun B, Luo T, Meng FL, Jin Z, Lin DY, Shen W, Kong LT, Liu JH
1303 - 1310 Ozone degradation of 1-naphthol on multiwalled carbon nanotubes/iron oxides and recycling of the adsorbent
Wang XX, Chen CL, Li JX, Wang XK
1311 - 1311 Aqueous tetracycline degradation by non-thermal plasma combined with nano-TiO2 (vol 258, pg 18, 2014)
He D, Sun YB, Xin L, Feng JW