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1 - 7 Fabrication of pore window in ordered mesoporous silica by spatial control of functional groups
Park M, Kim JH, Shim IK, Choy JH
8 - 15 Micromixing performance of nanoparticle suspensions in a micro-sieve dispersion reactor
Dong C, Zhang JS, Wang K, Luo GS
16 - 23 Synergistic photocatalytic oxidation and adsorption of elemental mercury by carbon modified titanium dioxide nanotubes under visible light LED irradiation
Zhuang ZK, Yang ZM, Zhou SY, Wang HQ, Sun CL, Wu ZB
24 - 33 Carbothermal preparation of porous carbon-encapsulated iron composite for the removal of trace hexavalent chromium
Zhuang LZ, Li QH, Chen JS, Ma BB, Chen SX
34 - 39 Rapid spectrophotometric determination of peroxymonosulfate in water with cobalt-mediated oxidation decolorization of methyl orange
Zou J, Ma J, Zhang X, Xie PC
40 - 45 Effective conversion of waste polyester-cotton textile to ethanol and recovery of polyester by alkaline pretreatment
Gholamzad E, Karimi K, Masoomi M
46 - 54 Superior CO2 adsorption on pine nut shell-derived activated carbons and the effective micropores at different temperatures
Deng SB, Wei HR, Chen T, Wang B, Huang J, Yu G
55 - 62 Highly efficient removal of uranium (VI) from aqueous solutions using poly(acrylic acid)-functionalized microspheres
Zhang S, Shu XW, Zhou Y, Huang L, Hua DB
63 - 72 Performance of activated carbon/nanoscale zero-valent iron for removal of trihalomethanes (THMs) at infinitesimal concentration in drinking water
Xiao JN, Yue QY, Gao BY, Sun YY, Kong JJ, Gao Y, Li Q, Wang Y
73 - 77 Electrolysis removal of methyl orange dye from water by electrospun activated carbon fibers modified with carbon nanotubes
Sun YY, Wang G, Dong Q, Qian BQ, Meng YL, Qiu JS
78 - 83 Preparation of SnO2 nanoparticles using a helical tube reactor via continuous hydrothermal route
Chu GW, Zeng QH, Shen ZG, Zou HK, Chen JF
84 - 92 The effects of Fe-Mn oxide and TiO2/alpha-Al2O3 on the formation of disinfection by-products in catalytic ozonation
Chen KC, Wang YH
93 - 106 VDROP: A comprehensive model for droplet formation of oils and gases in liquids - Incorporation of the interfacial tension and droplet viscosity
Zhao L, Torlapati J, Boufadel MC, King T, Robinson B, Lee K
107 - 120 Low-temperature plasma preparation and application of carbon black nanoparticles
Yuan JJ, Hong RY, Wang YQ, Feng WG
121 - 129 Comparison of NO2 removal using date pits activated carbon and modified commercialized activated carbon via different preparation methods: Effect of porosity and surface chemistry
Belhachemi M, Jeguirim M, Limousy L, Addoun F
130 - 137 Design and synthesis of pyrophosphate acid/graphene composites with wide stacked pores for methylene blue removal
Wang CB, Zhou JW, Ni J, Cheng YL, Li H
138 - 147 Molecularly imprinted polymer foams with well-defined open-cell structure derived from Pickering HIPEs and their enhanced recognition of lambda-cyhalothrin
Pan JM, Qu Q, Cao J, Yan D, Liu JX, Dai XH, Yan YS
148 - 154 Application of Fe-Zn-Mg-Al-O hydrotalcites supported Au as active nano-catalyst for fermentative hydrogen production
Wimonsong P, Nitisoravut R, Llorca J
155 - 164 Synthesis of multicolor emitting Sr2-xSmxCeO4 nanophosphor with compositionally tuneable photo and thermoluminescence
Monika DL, Nagabhushana H, Sharma SC, Nagabhushana BM, Krishna RH
165 - 173 Carbon dioxide gas delivery to thin-film aqueous systems via hollow fiber membranes
Merriman L, Moix A, Beitle R, Hestekin J
174 - 182 Solar photocatalytic fuel cell using CdS-TiO2 photoanode and air-breathing cathode for wastewater treatment and simultaneous electricity production
Wang B, Zhang H, Lu XY, Xuan J, Leung MKH
183 - 189 Decolorization of anionic dye solutions using the hydrophobically modified polyelectrolytes containing beta-cyclodextrin moieties
Jiang X, Yin YY, Wang CY, Tian XZ
190 - 197 Reusable magnetic microspheres for efficient removal of atrazine in aqueous media
Zhou Q, Wang W, Shuang CD, Wang MQ, Ma Y, Li AM
198 - 206 In-situ fabrication of polyelectrolyte-CSH superhydrophilic coatings via layer-by-layer assembly
Guo HX, Sun PZ, Liang YC, Ma YW, Qin ZP, Cui SP
207 - 216 Surface characterization studies on F-doped V2O5/TiO2 catalyst for NO reduction with NH3 at low-temperature
Zhang SL, Zhong Q, Zhao W, Li YT
217 - 228 Process enhancement at near neutral pH of a homogeneous photo-Fenton reaction using ferricarboxylate complexes: Application to oxytetracycline degradation
Pereira JHOS, Queiros DB, Reis AC, Nunes OC, Borges MT, Boaventura RAR, Vilara VJP
229 - 236 Kinetic study of acetaminophen degradation by UV-based advanced oxidation processes
Tan CQ, Gao NY, Zhou SQ, Xiao YL, Zhuang ZZ
237 - 242 Dissolved organic matter removal by magnetic anion exchange resin and released ion elimination by electrolysis
Wang J, Li HB, Li AM, Shuang CD, Zhou Q
243 - 250 Study of elemental mercury oxidation over an SCR catalyst with calcium chloride addition
Zhang MZ, Wang P, Dong Y, Sui H, Xiao DD
251 - 257 Separate and simultaneous removal of phenol, chromium, and cyanide from aqueous solution by coagulation/precipitation: Mechanisms and theory
Golbaz S, Jafari AJ, Rafiee M, Kalantary RR
258 - 263 Oxidation of ammonium sulfite by oxygen in a microporous tube-in-tube microchannel reactor
Sun BC, Li PF, Liang Y, Arowo M, Wang JX, Meng H, Chen JF, Shao L
264 - 273 Enhanced adsorption of hydrogen sulfide and regeneration ability on the composites of zinc oxide with reduced graphite oxide
Song HS, Park MG, Ahn W, Lim SN, Yi KB, Croiset E, Chen Z, Nam SC
274 - 280 An innovative method to quickly and simply prepare TiO2 nanorod arrays and improve their performance in photo water splitting
Su YF, Lee MC, Wang GB, Shih YH
281 - 290 Cobalt recovery with simultaneous methane and acetate production in biocathode microbial electrolysis cells
Huang L, Jiang L, Wang Q, Quan X, Yang J, Chen L
291 - 297 Precipitation of iron-hydroxy-phosphate of added ferric iron from domestic wastewater by an alternating aerobic-anoxic process
Fulazzaky MA, Salim NAA, Abdullah NH, Yusoff ARM, Paul E
298 - 304 Performance and hydrodynamic features of a staged up-flow ANAMMOX sludge bed (SUASB) reactor
Ji YX, Xing BS, Yang GF, Ni WM, Guo LX, Jin RC
305 - 315 Modeling and simulation of the adsorption of biogas hydrogen sulfide on treated sewage-sludge
Ortiz FJG, Aguilera PG, Ollero P
316 - 324 Mechanistic investigation on the green recovery of ionic, nanocrystalline, and metallic gold by two anionic nanocelluloses
Dwivedi AD, Dubey SP, Hokkanen S, Sillanpaa M
325 - 331 Fabrication of CdSe/ZnS quantum dots thin film by electrohydrodynamics atomization technique for solution based flexible hybrid OLED application
Zubair M, Mustafa M, Lee K, Yoon C, Doh YH, Choi KH
332 - 340 Multiphase parallel flow stabilization in curved microchannel
Kositanont C, Putivisutisak S, Tagawa T, Yamada H, Assabumrungrat S
341 - 349 ZnO/Ag hybrid nanocubes in alginate biopolymer: Synthesis and properties
Trandafilovic LV, Whiffen RK, Dimitrijevic-Brankovic S, Stoiljkovic M, Luyt AS, Djokovic V
350 - 355 Adsorption of carbon dioxide by diethanolamine activated alumina beads in a fixed bed
Auta M, Hameed BH
356 - 365 High performance polyurethane nanocomposite films prepared from a masterbatch of graphene oxide in polyether polyol
Pokharel P, Lee DS
366 - 376 Monitoring the post-irradiation E-coli survival patterns in environmental water matrices: Implications in handling solar disinfected wastewater
Giannakis S, Gamo AIM, Darakas E, Escalas-Canellas A, Pulgarin C
377 - 384 A sustainable technology for Pb and Zn stabilization based on the use of only waste materials: A green chemistry approach to avoid chemicals and promote CO2 sequestration
Bosio A, Zacco A, Borgese L, Rodella N, Colombi P, Benassi L, Depero LE, Bontempi E
385 - 393 Methane abatement in a gas-recycling biotrickling filter: Evaluating innovative operational strategies to overcome mass transfer limitations
Estrada JM, Lebrero R, Quijano G, Perez R, Figueroa-Gonzalez I, Garcia-Encina PA, Munoz R
394 - 401 The Ce doping Cu/ZSM-5 as a new superior catalyst to remove NO from diesel engine exhaust
Pang L, Fan C, Shao LN, Song KP, Yi JX, Cai X, Wang J, Kang M, Li T
402 - 407 C2/C3 fatty acid stress on anammox consortia dominated by Candidatus Jettenia asiatica
Huang XL, Gao DW, Tao Y, Wang XL
408 - 417 Activated carbons prepared from industrial pre-treated cork: Sustainable adsorbents for pharmaceutical compounds removal
Mestre AS, Pires RA, Aroso I, Fernandes EM, Pinto ML, Reis RL, Andrade MA, Pires J, Silva SP, Carvalho AP
418 - 426 Identification of the salinity effect on N2O production pathway during nitrification: Using stepwise inhibition and N-15 isotope labeling methods
Zhao W, Wang YY, Lin XM, Zhou D, Pan ML, Yang J
427 - 437 One-flow feed divided electrochemical reactor for indirect electrolytic production of hypochlorite from brine for swimming pool treatment-experimental and theoretical optimization
Tzedakis T, Assouan Y
438 - 447 An oscillating feedback microextractor with asymmetric feedback channels
Xu C, Chu YF
448 - 455 Novel anode made of iron scrap for a reduced-cost electrocoagulator
Ardhan N, Moore EJ, Phalakornkule C
456 - 463 A new approach for one step synthesis of magnetic carbon nanotubesidiatomite earth composite by chemical vapor deposition method: Application for removal of lead ions
Alijani H, Beyki MH, Shariatinia Z, Bayat M, Shemirani F
464 - 471 Transformation of SiO2 in Titanium Silicalite-1/SiO2 extrudates during tetrapropylammonium hydroxide treatment and improvement of catalytic properties for propylene epoxidation
Song WC, Zuo Y, Xiong G, Zhang XF, Jin FY, Liu LP, Wang XS
472 - 477 Characterization of an engineered cellulose based membrane by thiol dendrimer for heavy metals removal
Algarra M, Vazquez MI, Alonso B, Casado CM, Casado J, Benavente J
478 - 485 Enhanced destruction of Cu(CN)(3)(2-) by H2O2 under alkaline conditions in the presence of EDTA/pyrophosphate
Chen FY, Zhao X, Liu HJ, Qu JH
486 - 492 Kinetics of wet peroxide oxidation of phenol with a gold/activated carbon catalyst
Dominguez CM, Quintanilla A, Casas JA, Rodriguez JJ
493 - 501 Characterization of a continuous micro-scale pilot unit for petroleum residue hydroconversion with dispersed catalysts: Hydrodynamics and performances in once-through and recycling mode
Jansen T, Guerry D, Gotteland D, Bacaud R, Lacroix M, Ropars M, Lorentz C, Geantet C, Tayakout-Fayolle M
502 - 507 Facile and large scale combustion synthesis of alpha-CoMoO4: Mimics the redox behavior of a battery in aqueous hybrid device
Baskar S, Meyrick D, Ramakrishnan KS, Minakshi M
508 - 517 Effect of molybdenum on mercury oxidized by V2O5-MoO3/TiO2 catalysts
Zhao B, Liu XW, Zhou ZJ, Shao HZ, Wang C, Si JP, Xu MH
518 - 525 Synthesis and characterization of waterborne polyurethane dispersions with different chain extenders for potential application in waterborne ink
Lei L, Zhong L, Lin XQ, Li YY, Xia ZB
526 - 537 Rheological characterisation of primary and secondary sludge: Impact of solids concentration
Markis F, Baudez JC, Parthasarathy R, Slatter P, Eshtiaghi N
538 - 543 Adenovirus inactivation by in situ photocatalytically and photoelectrocatalytically generated halogen viricides
Li GY, Liu XL, Zhang HM, Wong PK, An TC, Zhou WQ, Li B, Zhao HJ
544 - 553 Synthesis of 3-picoline from acrolein and ammonia through a liquid-phase reaction pathway using SO42-/ZrO2-FeZSM-5 as catalyst
Zhang X, Luo CW, Huang C, Chen BH, Huang DG, Pan JG, Chao ZS