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1 - 8 Enhanced electrokinetic removal of cadmium from sludge using a coupled catholyte circulation system with multilayer of anion exchange resin
Gao J, Luo QS, Zhang CB, Li BZ, Meng L
9 - 15 A stirring packed-bed reactor to enhance the esterification-transesterification in biodiesel production by lowering mass-transfer resistance
Li ZH, Lin PH, Wu JCS, Huang YT, Lin KS, Wu KCW
16 - 22 Granulation of Li1.33Mn1.67O4 (LMO) through the use of cross-linked chitosan for the effective recovery of Li+ from seawater
Hong HJ, Park IS, Ryu T, Ryu J, Kim BG, Chung KS
23 - 32 Computational fluid dynamics model of a modular multichannel reactor for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis: Maximum utilization of catalytic bed by microchannel heat exchangers
Shin MS, Park N, Park MJ, Jun KW, Ha KS
33 - 42 Silica modified calcium alginate-xanthan gum hybrid bead composites for the removal and recovery of Pb(II) from aqueous solution
Zhang S, Xu F, Wang YF, Zhang WZ, Peng XL, Pepe F
43 - 48 Comparative study of visible-light-driven photocatalytic inactivation of two different wastewater bacteria by natural sphalerite
Chen YM, Ng TW, Lu AH, Li Y, Yip HY, An TC, Li GY, Zhao HJ, Gao MH, Wong PK
49 - 56 Reaction characteristics of the dynamic kinetic resolution of 1-phenylethanol over Ru complexes immobilized on PTA-modified gamma-alumina and Novozym 435 (R)
Im JS, Ahn SH, Park YH
57 - 65 Optimal catalyst thickness in titanium dioxide fixed film reactors: Mathematical modelling and experimental validation
Vezzoli M, Farrell T, Baker A, Psaltis S, Martens WN, Bell JM
66 - 73 Synthesis of MFI/EMT zeolite bi-layer films for molecular decontamination
Daou TJ, Lauridant N, Arnold G, Josien L, Faye D, Patarin J
74 - 79 Optical investigation of carbon nanotube agglomerate growth on single catalyst particles
Voelskow K, Nickelsen L, Becker MJ, Xia W, Muhler M, Kunz U, Weber AP, Turek T
80 - 87 Removal of phosphorus using NZVI derived from reducing natural goethite
Liu HB, Chen TH, Zou XH, Xie QQ, Qing CS, Chen D, Frost RL
88 - 98 Ternary composite oxide catalysts CuO/Co3O4-CeO2 with wide temperature-window for the preferential oxidation of CO in H-2-rich stream
Chen YN, Liu DS, Yang LJ, Meng M, Zhang J, Zheng LR, Chu SQ, Hu TD
99 - 105 Adsorptive removal of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D) from water with a metal-organic framework
Jung BK, Hasan Z, Jhung SH
106 - 114 Effect of vacuum ultraviolet on ultrasonic defluorination of aqueous perfluorooctanesulfonate
Yang SW, Sun J, Hu YY, Cheng JH, Liang XY
115 - 123 Comparative electro-Fenton and UVA photoelectro-Fenton degradation of the antibiotic sulfanilamide using a stirred BDD/air-diffusion tank reactor
El-Ghenymy A, Oturan N, Oturan MA, Garrido JA, Cabot PL, Centellas F, Rodriguez RM, Brillas E
124 - 131 Highly antibacterial materials constructed from silver molybdate nanoparticles immobilized in chitin matrix
Tang H, Lu A, Li L, Zhou WJ, Xie ZX, Zhang LN
132 - 139 Amphoteric composite membranes for nanofiltration prepared from sulfated chitosan crosslinked with hexamethylene diisocyanate
Miao J, Lin HC, Wang WM, Zhang LC
140 - 148 Influence of the membrane properties on the catalytic production of dimethyl ether with in situ water removal for the successful capture of co(2)
Diban N, Urtiaga AM, Ortiz I, Erena J, Bilbao J, Aguayo AT
149 - 157 Adsorption of dissolved organic matter (DOM) onto the synthetic iron pipe corrosion scales (goethite and magnetite): Effect of pH
Rahman MS, Whalen M, Gagnon GA
158 - 165 Comparison of FeCl3 and alum pre-treatment on UF membrane fouling
Yu WZ, Graham N, Liu HJ, Qu JH
166 - 172 Silica-based monoliths for enzyme catalyzed reactions in microfluidic systems with an emphasis on glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase and cellulase
Yesil-Celiktas O, Cumana S, Smirnova I
173 - 183 Coarse grid simulation of heterogeneous gas-solid flow in a CFB riser with polydisperse particles
Chen XZ, Wang JW, Li JH
184 - 188 Synthesis of ZrB2 nanofibers by carbothermal reduction via electrospinning
Li F, Kang Z, Huang X, Zhang GJ
189 - 194 Selective production of valuable chemicals from biomass by two-step conversion combining pre-oxidation and hydrothermal degradation
Muranaka Y, Iwai A, Hasegawa I, Mae K
195 - 202 Enhanced catalytic hydrogenation of aqueous bromate over Pd/mesoporous carbon nitride
Zhang P, Jiang F, Chen H
203 - 210 Enhanced catalytic activity and stability of Ce doping on Cr supported HZSM-5 catalysts for deep oxidation of chlorinated volatile organic compounds
Yang P, Xue XM, Meng ZH, Zhou RX
211 - 222 Enhanced sorption of methylene blue from aqueous solutions by semi-IPN composite cryogels with anionically modified potato starch entrapped in PAAm matrix
Dragan ES, Loghin DFA
223 - 231 A facile route for the synthesis of ZnS rods with excellent photocatalytic activity
Chen FJ, Cao YL, Jia DZ
232 - 239 Cork boiling wastewater treatment at pilot plant scale: Comparison of solar photo-Fenton and ozone (O-3, O-3/H2O2). Toxicity and biodegradability assessment
De Torres-Socias E, Fernandez-Calderero I, Oller I, Trinidad-Lozano MJ, Yuste FJ, Malato S
240 - 246 Renewable and high-concentration syngas production from oxidative reforming of simulated biogas with low energy cost in a plasma shade
Liu JL, Li XS, Zhu X, Li K, Shi C, Zhu AM
247 - 255 Simulation and experimental investigation of planar micromixers with short-mixing-length
Cheri MS, Latifi H, Moghaddam MS, Shahraki H
256 - 265 Manganese dioxide/iron oxide/acid Oxidized multi-walled carbon nanotube magnetic nanocomposite for enhanced hexavalent chromium removal
Luo C, Tian Z, Yang B, Zhang L, Yan SQ
266 - 275 Kinetic study of methyl-butenes dimerization and trimerization in liquid-phase over a macroreticular acid resin
Granollers M, Izquierdo JF, Fite C, Cunill F
276 - 283 Catalyst consumption during one and two steps transesterification of crude soybean oils
Pisarello ML, Querini CA
284 - 299 Applications versus properties of Mg-Al layered double hydroxides provided by their syntheses methods: Alkoxide and alkoxide-free sol-gel syntheses and hydrothermal precipitation
Chubar N, Gerda V, Megantari O, Micusik M, Omastova M, Heister K, Man P, Fraissard J
300 - 311 Life cycle assessment for the direct synthesis of adipic acid in microreactors and benchmarking to the commercial process
Wang Q, Gursel IV, Shang MJ, Hessel V
312 - 317 Optical frequency domain reflectometry measurements of spatio-temporal temperature inside catalytic reactors: Applied to study wrong-way behavior
Nguyen H, Harold MP, Luss D
318 - 326 UV-initiated polymerization of hydrophobically associating cationic flocculants: Synthesis, characterization, and dewatering properties
Zheng HL, Sun YJ, Zhu CJ, Guo JS, Zhao C, Liao Y, Guan QQ
327 - 337 Photocatalytic performance of Li1-xAgxVMoO6 (0 <= x <= 1) compounds
Hurtado L, Torres-Garcia E, Romero R, Ramirez-Serrano A, Wood J, Natividad R
338 - 345 Synthesis of polyethylenimine-functionalized poly(glycidyl methacrylate) magnetic microspheres and their excellent Cr(VI) ion removal properties
Sun XT, Yang LR, Xing HF, Zhao JM, Li XP, Huang YB, Liu HZ
346 - 353 Reductive degradation of chlorinated organic pollutants-contaminated water by bimetallic Pd/Al nanoparticles: Effect of acidic condition and surfactants
Yang B, Zhang YF, Deng SB, Yu G, Lu YH, Wu JH, Xiao JZ, Chen G, Cheng XB, Shi LL
354 - 360 Kinetic model of the methane conversion into higher hydrocarbons with a dielectric barrier discharge microplasma reactor
Wang BW, Yan WJ, Ge WJ, Duan XF
361 - 371 Novel BiOCl-C3N4 heterojunction photocatalysts: In situ preparation via an ionic-liquid-assisted solvent-thermal route and their visible-light photocatalytic activities
Wang XJ, Wang Q, Li FT, Yang WY, Zhao Y, Hao YJ, Liu SJ
372 - 379 Hydroxyl-functionalized ionic liquid-based cross-linked polymer as highly efficient adsorbent for anionic azo dyes removal
Gao HJ, Wang Y, Zheng LQ
380 - 388 Fabrication of polysulphone/hydroxyapatite nanofiber composite implant and evaluation of their in vitro bioactivity and biocompatibility towards the post-surgical therapy of gastric cancer
Saravanabhavan SS, Dharmalingam S
389 - 396 Degradation of diclofenac in water using a pulsed corona discharge
Dobrin D, Bradu C, Magureanu M, Mandache NB, Parvulescu VI
397 - 405 Nitrate adsorption by multiple biomaterial based resins: Application of pilot-scale and lab-scale products
Xu X, Gao BY, Yue QY, Li Q, Wang Y
406 - 415 Aqueous fluoride removal using ZnCr layered double hydroxides and their polymeric composites: Batch and column studies
Koilraj P, Kannan S
416 - 422 Removal of bisphenol A from wastewater by Ca-montmorillonite modified with selected surfactants
Zheng SL, Sun ZM, Park Y, Ayoko GA, Frost RL
423 - 429 An XPS study of chromate and vanadate sorption mechanism by chitosan membrane containing copper nanoparticles
de Godoi FC, Rodriguez-Castellon E, Guibal E, Beppu MM
430 - 436 Experimental study of Co(II) additive on ammonia escape in carbon capture using renewable ammonia
Ma SC, Song HH, Zang B, Chen GD, Zhu SJ
437 - 447 Fast X-ray tomography for the quantification of the bubbling-, turbulent-and fast fluidization-flow regimes and void structures
Saayman J, Nicol W, Van Ommen JR, Mudde RF
448 - 463 Synthesis of dimethyl carbonate and propylene glycol in a pilot-scale reactive distillation column: Experimental investigation, modeling and process analysis
Holtbruegge J, Heile S, Lutze P, Gorak A
464 - 474 Oxygen carrier dispersion in inert packed beds to improve performance in chemical looping combustion
Harper RN, Boyce CM, Scott SA
475 - 483 Acceleration comparison between Fe2+/H2O2 and Co2+/oxone for decolouration of azo dyes in homogeneous systems
Yu ZY, Wang WH, Song L, Lu LQ, Wang ZY, Jiang XF, Dong CN, Qiu RY
484 - 490 Efficiency and sensitivity of the wet oxidation/biological steps in coupled pharmaceutical wastewater treatment
Collado S, Quero D, Laca A, Diaz M
491 - 499 Oxidation time effect of activated carbons for drug adsorption
Kyzas GZ, Lazaridis NK, Deliyanni EA