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1 - 9 Isolation, identification and characterization of Cr(VI) reducing Bacillus cereus from chromium contaminated soil
Murugavelh S, Mohanty K
10 - 18 Microwave-assisted synthesis of Ag@AgBr-intercalated K4Nb6O17 composite and enhanced photocatalytic degradation of Rhodamine B under visible light
Cui WQ, Wang H, Liang YH, Han BX, Liu L, Hu JS
19 - 26 Novel single-stage autotrophic nitrogen removal via co-immobilizing partial nitrifying and anammox biomass
Qiao S, Tian T, Duan XM, Zhou JT, Cheng YJ
27 - 35 Microbial degradation of imidacloprid and toxicological analysis of its biodegradation metabolites in silkworm (Bombyx mori)
Phugare SS, Kalyani DC, Gaikwad YB, Jadhav JP
36 - 47 Saccharification of alkali treated biomass of Kans grass contributes higher sugar in contrast to acid treated biomass
Kataria R, Ruhal R, Babu R, Ghosh S
48 - 58 Microwave assisted synthesis of polycinnamamide Mg/Al mixed oxide nanocomposite and its application towards the removal of arsenate from aqueous medium
Islam M, Mishra PC, Patel R
59 - 63 Two-stage mesophilic anaerobic-thermophilic digestion for sludge sanitation to obtain advanced treated sludge
Lloret E, Salar MJ, Blaya J, Pascual JA
64 - 72 Effects of water vapour on CO2 capture with vacuum swing adsorption using activated carbon
Xu D, Xiao P, Zhang J, Li G, Xiao GK, Webley PA, Zhai YC
73 - 79 Mechanistic study on formaldehyde removal over Pd/TiO2 catalysts: Oxygen transfer and role of water vapor
Huang HB, Ye XG, Huang HL, Zhang L, Leung DYC
80 - 92 Effect of ammonia gas addition to the synthesis environment of single-walled carbon nanotubes on their surface chemistry
Shahverdi A, Soucy G, Simard B, Mostaghimi J
93 - 101 Competitive adsorption of CO2/CH4 mixture on dry and wet coal from subcritical to supercritical conditions
Lee HH, Kim HJ, Shi Y, Keffer D, Lee CH
102 - 110 Dewaterability of sewage sludge by ultrasonic, thermal and chemical treatments
Ruiz-Hernando M, Martinez-Elorza G, Labanda J, Llorens J
111 - 114 Highly permeable ionic liquid/Cu composite membrane for olefin/paraffin separation
Hong GH, Ji D, Kang SW
115 - 123 Catalytic ozonation of organic micropollutants using carbon nanofibers supported on monoliths
Restivo J, Orfao JJM, Pereira MFR, Garcia-Bordeje E, Roche P, Bourdin D, Houssais B, Coste M, Derrouiche S
124 - 132 A comparative investigation on the catalytic activity of H-Al-MCM-48 and H-Zr-MCM-48 mesoporous molecular sieve on alkylation of phenol with tert-butyl alcohol
Zhao Q, Shen YL, Wang Q, Tian J, Zhou XP, Jiang TS
133 - 140 The role of different properties of activated carbon in CO2 adsorption
Yin GJ, Liu ZY, Liu QY, Wu WZ
141 - 148 Ferrate(VI) in wastewater treatment contaminated with metal(II)-iminodiacetic acid complexed species
Pachuau L, Lee SM, Tiwari D
149 - 157 Thermodynamic and kinetic investigation of anaerobic bioprocesses on ANAMMOX under high organic conditions
Tang CJ, Zheng P, Chai LY, Min XB
158 - 165 Pretreatment strategies to improve anaerobic biodegradability and methane production potential of the palm oil mesocarp fibre
Costa AG, Pinheiro GC, Pinheiro FGC, Dos Santos AB, Santaella ST, Leitao RC
166 - 171 Preparation of nanoscale zero-valent iron supported on chelating resin with nitrogen donor atoms for simultaneous reduction of Pb2+ and NO3-
Shi JL, Yi SN, He HL, Long C, Li AM
172 - 179 Removal of microcystins (-LR, -YR, -RR) by highly efficient photocatalyst Ag/Ag3PO4 under simulated solar light condition
Wang X, Utsumi M, Yang YN, Shimizu K, Li DW, Zhang ZY, Sugiura N
180 - 187 Nano-TiO2 membrane adsorption reactor (MAR) for virus removal in drinking water
Zheng X, Chen D, Wang ZW, Lei Y, Cheng R
188 - 194 Visible light photoactive titanium dioxide aqueous colloids and coatings
Labuz P, Sadowski R, Stochel G, Macyk W
195 - 201 Bio-P release in the final clarifiers of a large WWTP with co-precipitation: Key factors and troubleshooting
Bertanza G, Pedrazzani R, Manili L, Menoni L
202 - 209 Solubilization and adsorption behaviors of 2,4,6-trichlorophenol in the presence of surfactants
Zeng QH, Peng S, Liu M, Song ZJ, Wang XK, Zhang X, Hong S
210 - 219 Removal and speciation of chromium by static step-by-step deposition and extraction technique
Mahmoud ME, Obada MK, Kassem TS
220 - 226 Simultaneous catalytic hydrolysis of low concentration of carbonyl sulfide and carbon disulfide by impregnated microwave activated carbon at low temperatures
Yi HH, Li K, Tang XL, Ning P, Peng JH, Wang C, He D
227 - 235 Fabrication of large-diameter tube-like mesoporous TiO2 via homogeneous precipitation and photocatalytic decomposition of papermaking wastewater
Shao CW, Zhou GW, Li ZC, Wu Y, Xu DL, Sun B
236 - 243 Controlled synthesis of Cu2S microrings and their photocatalytic and field emission properties
Zhao B, Li SC, Zhang QF, Wang Y, Song CQ, Zhang ZL, Yu K
244 - 250 Composite electrospun fly ash/polyurethane fibers for absorption of volatile organic compounds from air
Kim HJ, Pant HR, Choi NJ, Kim CS
251 - 259 The effect of re-generable silver nanoparticles/multi-walled carbon nanotubes coating on the antibacterial performance of hollow fiber membrane
Booshehri AY, Wang R, Xu R
260 - 271 Development of phosphorylated silica nanotubes (PSNTs)/polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) composite membranes for wastewater treatment
Zhang SM, Wang RS, Zhang SF, Li GL, Zhang YQ
272 - 278 Production of oxidants via electrolysis of carbonate solutions with conductive-diamond anodes
Velazquez-Pena S, Saez C, Canizares P, Linares-Hernandez I, Martinez-Miranda V, Barrera-Diaz C, Rodrigo MA
279 - 285 A green and direct synthesis of graphene oxide encapsulated TiO2 core/shell structures with enhanced photoactivity
Liu H, Dong XN, Wang XC, Sun CC, Li JQ, Zhu ZF
286 - 295 N2O decomposition over doubly-promoted Pt(K)/Al2O3-(CeO2-La2O3) structured catalysts: On the combined effects of promotion and feed composition
Konsolakis M, Aligizou F, Goula G, Yentekakis IV
296 - 302 Graphene nanosheets as ink particles for inkjet printing on flexible board
Lee CL, Chen CH, Chen CW
303 - 307 Decarboxylated polyethylenimine-modified bacterial biosorbent for Ru biosorption from Ru-bearing acetic acid wastewater
Song MH, Won SW, Yun YS
308 - 313 The kinetics of oxidation of 1-butene to methylethylketone in the presence of a homogeneous catalyst (complex of palladium plus Mo-V-P heteropoly acid)
Zhizhina EG, Odyakov VF
314 - 327 Photocatalytic CO2 reduction with H2O vapors using montmorillonite/TiO2 supported microchannel monolith photoreactor
Tahir M, Amin NS
328 - 337 A novel amine impregnated graphene oxide adsorbent for the removal of hexavalent chromium
Kumar ASK, Kakan SS, Rajesh N
338 - 350 Techno-economic study of CO2 capture for aluminum primary production for different electrolytic cell ventilation rates
Lassagne O, Gosselin L, Desilets M, Iliuta MC
351 - 360 Low temperature synthesis of alpha-alumina from aluminum hydroxide hydrothermally synthesized using [Al(C2O4)(x)(OH)(y)] complexes
Lee JS, Kim HS, Park NK, Lee TJ, Kang M
361 - 366 Liquid-solid mass transfer distributions in trickle bed reactors
Nicol W, Joubert R
367 - 371 Phase, size and shape transformation by fungal biotransformation of bulk TiO2
Khan SA, Ahmad A
372 - 379 Gold reduction in batch and column experiments using silica gel derivates and seaweed biomass
Lodeiro P, Sillanpaa M
380 - 388 Synthesis of T-type zeolite nanoparticles for the separation of CO2/N-2 and CO2/CH4 by adsorption process
Jiang QY, Rentschler J, Sethia G, Weinman S, Perrone R, Liu KL
389 - 395 Adsorption of ciprofloxacin onto biocomposite fibers of graphene oxide/calcium alginate
Wu SL, Zhao XD, Li YH, Zhao CT, Du QJ, Sun JK, Wang YH, Peng XJ, Xia YZ, Wang ZH, Xia LH
396 - 405 Modelling synergistic sorption of Cr(VI), Cu(II) and Ni(II) onto exhausted coffee wastes from binary mixtures Cr(VI)-Cu(II) and Cr(VI)-Ni(II)
Pujol D, Bartroli M, Fiol N, de la Torre F, Villaescusa I, Poch J
406 - 414 Eulerian simulation of gas-solid flow in a countercurrent downer
Peng G, Dong PF, Li ZJ, Wang JW, Lin WG
415 - 421 Analysis of microbial metabolic characteristics in mesophilic and thermophilic biofilters using Biolog plate technique
Kong X, Wang C, Ji M
422 - 431 Oxidation of CO and CH4 on Pd-Fecralloy foam catalysts prepared by spontaneous deposition
Cimino S, Gerbasi R, Lisi L, Mancino G, Musiani M, Vazquez-Gomez L, Verlato E
432 - 438 Taguchi robust design to optimize supercritical carbon dioxide anti-solvent process for preparation of 2,4,6,8,10,12-hexanitro-2,4,6,8,10,12-hexaazaisowurtzitane nanoparticles
Bayat Y, Pourmortazavi SM, Ahadi H, Iravani H
439 - 446 Model diesel denitrogenation by modified activated carbon with iron nanoparticles: Sulfur compounds effect
Arcibar-Orozco JA, Rangel-Mendez JR
447 - 455 Oxidation of chlorophene by ozonation: Kinetics, identification of by-products and reaction pathways
Benitez FJ, Acero JL, Garcia-Reyes JF, Real FJ, Roldan G, Rodriguez E, Molina-Diaz A
456 - 465 Sustainable biomass-based carbon adsorbents for post-combustion CO2 capture
Gonzalez AS, Plaza MG, Rubiera F, Pevida C
466 - 474 One-pot synthesis of CdSe magic-sized nanocrystals using selenium dioxide as the selenium source compound
Liu XM, Jiang Y, Guo WM, Lan XZ, Fu FM, Huang WY, Li LJ
475 - 481 Feasibility of combined UASB and MBR system in dairy wastewater treatment at ambient temperatures
Buntner D, Sanchez A, Garrido JM
482 - 490 Process dependent graphene/MnO2 composites for supercapacitors
Kim M, Hwang Y, Kim J
491 - 498 E-Fenton degradation of MB during filtration with Gr/PPy modified membrane cathode
Zhao F, Liu LF, Yang FL, Ren NQ
499 - 505 Enhancement of bio-gas production and xenobiotics degradation during anaerobic sludge digestion by ozone treated feed sludge
Ak MS, Muz M, Komesli OT, Gokcay CF
506 - 512 Photocatalytically reducing CO2 to methyl formate in methanol over ZnS and Ni-doped ZnS photocatalysts
Chen JS, Xin F, Qin SY, Yin XH
513 - 521 SCR catalyst coated on low-cost monolith support for flue gas denitration of industrial furnaces
Yang J, Ma HT, Yamamoto Y, Yu J, Xu GW, Zhang ZG, Suzuki Y
522 - 531 Silica removal from newsprint mill effluents with aluminum salts
Latour I, Miranda R, Blanco A
532 - 536 Catalytic response of microbial biofilms grown under fixed anode potentials depends on electrochemical cell configuration
Kumar A, Siggins A, Katuri K, Mahony T, O'Flaherty V, Lens P, Leech D
537 - 546 Comparison of enhanced microsphere transport in an iron-oxide-coated porous medium by pre-adsorbed and co-depositing organic matter
Yang XY, Deng SH, Wiesner MR
547 - 557 Selective engineering using Mg-Al calcined hydrotalcite and microwave irradiation in mono-transesterification of diethyl malonate with cyclohexanol
Yadav GD, Kadam AA
558 - 566 Spark plasma sintering of TixTa1-xC0.5N0.5-based cermets: Effects of processing conditions on chemistry, microstructure and mechanical properties
Cordoba JM, Chicardi E, Poyato R, Gotor FJ, Medri V, Guicciardi S, Melandri C
567 - 572 Esterification of free fatty acids over chitosan with sulfonic acid groups
Caetano CS, Caiado M, Farinha J, Fonseca IM, Ramos AM, Vital J, Castanheiro JE
573 - 583 Thermal energy storage in a fluidized bed of PCM
Izquierdo-Barrientos MA, Sobrino C, Almendros-Ibanez JA
584 - 594 Effect of cycle time on NH3 generation on low Pt dispersion Pt/BaO/Al2O3 catalysts: Experiments and crystallite-scale modeling
Shakya BM, Harold MP, Balakotaiah V
595 - 604 Biological nutrients removal via nitrite from the supernatant of anaerobic co-digestion using a pilot-scale sequencing batch reactor operating under transient conditions
Frison N, Katsou E, Malamis S, Bolzonella D, Fatone F
605 - 611 Bromate catalytic reduction in continuous mode using metal catalysts supported on monoliths coated with carbon nanofibers
Marco Y, Garcia-Bordeje E, Franch C, Palomares AE, Yuranova T, Kiwi-Minsker L