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1 - 7 Synthesis of reactive nanoscale zero valent iron using rectorite supports and its application for Orange II removal
Luo S, Qin PF, Shao JH, Peng L, Zeng QR, Gu JD
8 - 17 Fluorinated polyacrylate emulsifier-free emulsion mediated by poly(acrylic acid)-b-poly(hexafluorobutyl acrylate) trithiocarbonate via ab initio RAFT emulsion polymerization
Zhou JH, Zhang L, Ma JZ
18 - 30 Enhanced lead adsorption by unbleached newspaper pulp modified with citric acid
Pitsari S, Tsoufakis E, Loizidou M
31 - 39 Perchlorate adsorption from aqueous solution on inorganic-pillared bentonites
Yang ZQ, Xiao O, Chen B, Zhang LX, Zhang HG, Niu XJ, Zhou SQ
40 - 47 Removal of heavy metals from aqueous solutions by succinic anhydride modified mercerized nanocellulose
Hokkanen S, Repo E, Sillanpaa M
48 - 58 Zeolite monoliths with hierarchical designed pore network structure: Synthesis and performance
Hasan FA, Xiao P, Singh RK, Webley PA
59 - 67 Sorption thermodynamics and kinetics properties of tylosin and sulfamethazine on goethite
Guo XT, Yang C, Dang Z, Zhang Q, Li YJ, Meng QY
68 - 75 A combination of bentonite-supported bimetallic Fe/Pd nanoparticles and biodegradation for the remediation of p-chlorophenol in wastewater
Zhou Y, Kuang Y, Li WY, Chen ZL, Megharaj M, Naidu R
76 - 83 Adsorption behavior of methyl orange onto nanoporous core-shell Cu@Cu2O nanocomposite
Kou TY, Wang YZ, Zhang C, Sun JZ, Zhang ZH
84 - 90 Removal of anionic azo dyes from aqueous solution using magnetic polymer multi-wall carbon nanotube nanocomposite as adsorbent
Gao HJ, Zhao SY, Cheng XY, Wang XD, Zheng LQ
91 - 98 Selective removal of lead from aqueous solutions by ethylenediamine-modified attapulgite
Deng YH, Gao ZQ, Liu BZ, Hu XB, Wei ZB, Sun C
99 - 109 Formation characteristics of Taylor bubbles in a microchannel with a converging shape mixing junction
Dang MH, Yue J, Chen GW, Yuan Q
110 - 115 Fluoride removal from water and wastewater with a bach cylindrical electrode using electrocoagulation
Un UT, Koparal AS, Ogutveren UB
116 - 128 Removal of As(V) from aqueous solution by activated carbon-based hybrid adsorbents: Impact of experimental conditions
Tuna AOA, Ozdemir E, Simsek EB, Beker U
129 - 134 In situ measurement of the temperature of water in microchannels using laser Raman spectroscopy
Ewinger A, Rinke G, Urban A, Kerschbaum S
135 - 144 Hydrothermal synthesis of a concentrated and stable dispersion of TiO2 nanoparticles
Souvereyns B, Elen K, De Dobbelaere C, Kelchtermans A, Peys N, D'Haen J, Mertens M, Mullens S, Van den Rul H, Meynen V, Cool P, Hardy A, Van Bael MK
145 - 154 Sono-synthesis of bismuth ferrite nanoparticles with high photocatalytic activity in degradation of Rhodamine B under solar light irradiation
Soltani T, Entezari MH
155 - 163 Role of HO center dot and SO4-center dot radicals on the photodegradation of remazol red in aqueous solution
Torres-Luna JR, Ocampo-Perez R, Sanchez-Polo M, Utrilla JR, Velo-Gala I, Bernal-Jacome LA
164 - 171 Correlation of structural and chemical characteristics with catalytic performance of hydrotalcite-based CuNiAl mixed oxides for SO2 abatement
Zhao L, Li XY, Zhao J
172 - 182 Characterization and application of a thin-film composite nanofiltration hollow fiber membrane for dye desalination and concentration
Wei XZ, Kong X, Sun CT, Chen JY
183 - 191 Fluoride adsorption on modified natural siderite: Optimization and performance
Shan Y, Guo HM
192 - 199 Enhanced catalytic hydrodechlorination of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid by nanoscale zero valent iron with electrochemical technique using a palladium/nickel foam electrode
Zhu KR, Sun C, Chen H, Baig SA, Sheng TT, Xu XH
200 - 208 Photocatalytic activity of hydrogen evolution over Rh doped SrTiO3 prepared by polymerizable complex method
Shen PC, Lofaro JC, Woerner WR, White MG, Su D, Orlov A
209 - 215 Room temperature synthesis of nanoporous anatase and anatase/brookite TiO2 photocatalysts with high photocatalytic performance
Lee HU, Lee SC, Seo JH, Hong WG, Kim H, Yun HJ, Kim HJ, Lee J
216 - 223 The effect of a molecular weight and an amount of PEGDA (poly(ethylene glycol)diacrylate) on a preparation of sodium methallyl sulfonate-co-PEGDA microspheres and sorption behavior of Co(II)
Kwak NS, Yang JR, Hwang CW, Hwang TS
224 - 230 Accurate prediction of the effective radial conductivity of highly conductive honeycomb monoliths with square channels
Visconti CG, Groppi G, Tronconi E
231 - 238 Comparative study on adsorption and desorption of Cu(II) ions by three types of chitosan-zeolite composites
Ngah WSW, Teong LC, Toh RH, Hanafiah MAKM
239 - 245 Study of the activity and selectivity of PtCZ and PtCZBa model catalysts in the reduction of NO by CO
Alves DMF, Alves FS, Ribeiro DG, Montani SS, Faulstich FRL, Cardoso MJB, Henriques CA, Zotin FMZ
246 - 267 Recent development in additives modifications of polyethersulfone membrane for flux enhancement
Ahmad AL, Abdulkarim AA, Ooi BS, Ismail S
268 - 276 Performance of an Annular Sieve-Plate Column photoreactor using immobilized TiO2 on stainless steel support for phenol degradation
Souzanchi S, Vahabzadeh F, Fazel S, Hosseini SN
277 - 286 Study on novel exfoliated polyampholyte nanocomposite hydrogels based on acrylic monomers and Mg-Al-Cl layered double hydroxide: Synthesis and characterization
Ozgumus S, Gok MK, Bal A, Guclu G
287 - 297 Pilot plant validation of a rate-based extractive distillation model for water-ethanol separation with the ionic liquid [emim][DCA] as solvent
Quijada-Maldonado E, Aelmans TAM, Meindersma GW, de Haan AB
298 - 303 Effects of humic acid on phthalate adsorption to vermiculite
Wen ZD, Gao DW, Li Z, Ren NQ
304 - 308 Two step copper impregnated zinc oxide microball synthesis for the reduction of activation energy of methanol steam reformation
Danwittayakul S, Dutta J
309 - 317 Effect of preparation protocol on anchoring quaternary ammonium/epoxide-forming compound into granular activated carbon for perchlorate adsorption: Enhancement by Response Surface Methodology
Hou P, Cannon FS, Nieto-Delgado C, Brown NR, Gu X
318 - 327 Design of novel nano-sorbents based on nano-magnetic iron oxide-bound-nano-silicon oxide-immobilized-triethylenetetramine for implementation in water treatment of heavy metals
Mahmoud ME, Abdelwahab MS, Fathallah EM
328 - 339 Removal of phosphorus from aqueous solution by Iranian natural adsorbents
Moharami S, Jalali M
340 - 346 Removal of Cr(VI) from aqueous solution by nano-carbonate hydroxylapatite of different Ca/P molar ratios
Tang WQ, Zeng RY, Feng YL, Li XM, Zhen W
347 - 355 Effect of CeO2 support properties on structure of Pt-Cu nanoparticles synthesized by electron beam irradiation method for preferential CO oxidation
Kugai J, Moriya T, Seino S, Nakagawa T, Ohkubo Y, Nitani H, Akita T, Mizukoshi Y, Yamamoto TA
356 - 363 Ceramic hollow fiber membrane distributor for heterogeneous catalysis: Effects of membrane structure and operating conditions
Meng L, Guo HZ, Dong ZY, Jiang H, Xing WH, Jin WQ
364 - 370 Fluoride adsorption on an Fe-Al-Ce trimetal hydrous oxide: Characterization of adsorption sites and adsorbed fluorine complex species
Wu XM, Zhang Y, Dou XM, Zhao B, Yang M
371 - 378 Regeneration performance of amino acid ionic liquid (AAIL) activated MDEA solutions for CO2 capture
Zhang F, Gao Y, Wu XK, Ma JW, Wu YT, Zhang ZB
379 - 387 Photocatalytic degradation of pentachlorophenol on ZnSe/TiO2 supported by photo-Fenton system
ThanhThuy TT, Feng H, Cai QY
388 - 394 Submerged nanofiltration of biologically treated molasses fermentation wastewater for the removal of melanoidins
Liu MH, Zhu HW, Dong BY, Zheng YP, Yu SC, Gao CJ
395 - 401 Poly (styrene-co-maleic anhydride) microspheres prepared in ethanol/water using a photochemical method and their application in Ni2+ adsorption
Zhu ZM, Sun FQ, Yang LT, Gu KY, Li WS
402 - 411 Removal of various cationic dyes from aqueous solutions using a kind of fully biodegradable magnetic composite microsphere
Yan H, Li HJ, Yang H, Li AM, Cheng RS
412 - 417 Effect of humic acid on coagulation performance during aggregation at low temperature
Yu WZ, Gregory J, Li GB, Qu JH
418 - 424 Fabrication of LaB6@SiO2/Au composite nanoparticles as a catalyst with near infrared photothermally enhanced activity
Lai BH, Lin YR, Chen DH
425 - 435 Hydrodynamics of gas-liquid micro-fixed beds - Measurement approaches and technical challenges
Faridkhou A, Hamidipour M, Larachi F
436 - 441 Effect of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) on the bioavailability of trace elements during anaerobic digestion
Vintiloiu A, Boxriker M, Lemmer A, Oechsner H, Jungbluth T, Mathies E, Ramhold D
442 - 453 Involvement of water and visible light in the enhancement in SO2 adsorption at ambient conditions on the surface of zinc (hydr)oxide/graphite oxide composites
Seredych M, Mabayoje O, Bandosz TJ
454 - 466 Controlling lateral nanomixing and velocity profile of dilute ferrofluid capillary flows in uniform stationary, oscillating and rotating magnetic fields
Hajiani P, Larachi F
467 - 478 Actuators monitoring system for real-time control of nitrification-denitrification via nitrite on long term operation
Antileo C, Medina H, Bornhardt C, Munoz C, Jaramillo F, Proal J
479 - 486 Screening pretreatment methods to enhance thermophilic anaerobic digestion of pulp and paper mill wastewater treatment secondary sludge
Bayr S, Kaparaju P, Rintala J
487 - 496 Role of pre-oxidation, using potassium permanganate, for mitigating membrane fouling by natural organic matter in an ultrafiltration system
Lin T, Pan SL, Chen W, Bin S
497 - 506 Improving the catalytic performance of laccase using a novel continuous-flow microreactor
Lloret L, Eibes G, Moreira MT, Feijoo G, Lema JM, Miyazaki M
507 - 515 Study of the synthesis of CeO2 nanoparticles for their use in CO preferential oxidation (COPrOx)
Peiretti LF, Tiscornia IS, Miro EE
516 - 523 Electrochemical disinfection of simulated ballast water on conductive diamond electrodes
Lacasa E, Tsolaki E, Sbokou Z, Rodrigo MA, Mantzavinos D, Diamadopoulos E
524 - 535 Electrosorption enhanced electro-Fenton process for efficient mineralization of imidacloprid based on mixed-valence iron oxide composite cathode at neutral pH
Wang YJ, Zhao HY, Chai SN, Wang YB, Zhao GH, Li DM
536 - 546 Washcoating of cordierite honeycomb with Ce-Zr-Mn mixed oxides for VOC catalytic oxidation
Azalim S, Brahmi R, Agunaou M, Beaurain A, Giraudon JM, Lamonier JF
547 - 555 Effect of different cations on UF membrane fouling by NOM fractions
Tian JY, Ernst M, Cui FY, Jekel M
556 - 562 Graphene-mediated self-assembly of zeolite-based microcapsules
Zhang M, Gao B, Pu KY, Yao Y, Inyang M
563 - 571 An electrochemical membrane reactor for a recycled FGD process
Hu Y, Yang CL, Cao LM, Yang J
572 - 577 Supercapacitive behavior of polyaniline thin films deposited on fluorine doped tin oxide (FTO) substrates by microwave-assisted chemical route
Deshmukh PR, Shinde NM, Patil SV, Bulakhe RN, Lokhande CD
578 - 583 Palladium-N-heterocyclic carbene (NHC) catalyzed C-N bond formation in a continuous flow microreactor. Effect of process parameters and comparison with batch operation
Pommella A, Tomaiuolo G, Chartoire A, Caserta S, Toscano G, Nolan SP, Guido S
584 - 591 Synthesis of AgCl nanoparticles-loaded hydrotalcite as highly efficient adsorbent for removal of thiocyanate
Xie FF, Borowiec J, Zhang JD
592 - 603 Fabrication and enhanced visible-light photocatalytic activity of Pt-deposited TiO2 hollow nanospheres
Wang B, Li C, Cui H, Zhang J, Zhai JP, Li Q
604 - 610 Preparation of banana frond activated carbon by microwave induced activation for the removal of boron and total iron from landfill leachate
Foo KY, Lee LK, Hameed BH
611 - 616 Simultaneous removal of COD and Direct Red 80 in a mixed anaerobic sulfate-reducing bacteria culture
Rasool K, Woo SH, Lee DS
617 - 622 Formation mechanism of carbon encapsulated Fe nanoparticles in the growth of single-/double-walled carbon nanotubes
Cui CJ, Qian WZ, Zheng C, Liu Y, Yun S, Yu YT, Nie JQ, Wei F
623 - 631 Anodic current distribution in a liter-scale microbial fuel cell with electrode arrays
Zhang L, Li J, Zhu X, Ye DD, Liao Q
632 - 637 Investigation of oil sorption capability of PBMA/SiO2 coated kapok fiber
Wang JT, Zheng Y, Kang YR, Wang AQ
638 - 646 Non-thermal plasma for odour reduction from pig houses - A pilot scale investigation
Andersen KB, Beukes JA, Feilberg A
647 - 656 Silicotungstic acid nanoparticles dispersed in the micropores of Cr-pillared clay as efficient heterogeneous catalyst for the solvent free synthesis of 1,4-dihydropyridines
Kar P, Mishra BG
657 - 664 Modelling the non-biogenic steps of arsenic retention in horizontal subsurface flow constructed wetlands
Llorens E, Obradors J, Alarcon-Herrera MT
665 - 669 The photocatalyic degradation and modeling of 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid by bismuth tungstate/peroxide
Pei CC, Chu W
670 - 677 Tailored ordered porous alumina with well-defined and uniform pore-structure
Zhou Z, Chen SL, Hua DR, Wang ZG, Chen AC, Wang WH
678 - 687 MCM-41 impregnated with A zeolite precursor: Synthesis, characterization and tetracycline antibiotics removal from aqueous solution
Liu MM, Hou LA, Yu SL, Xi BD, Zhao Y, Xia XF
688 - 695 Efficient removal of organic dyes from aqueous solution with ecofriendly biomass-derived carbon@montmorillonite nanocomposites by one-step hydrothermal process
Ai LH, Li LL
696 - 703 Reduction of organic matter and trihalomethane formation potential in reclaimed water from treated municipal wastewater by coagulation and adsorption
Zhang F, Wang Y, Chu YB, Gao BY, Yue QY, Yang ZL, Li Q
704 - 713 Evaluation of the salt removal efficiency of capacitive deionisation: Kinetics, isotherms and thermodynamics
Mossad M, Zou LD
714 - 721 One-step encapsulation of caffeine in SBA-15 type and non-ordered silicas
Liedana N, Marin E, Tellez C, Coronas J
722 - 728 Comparison of approaches to minimize fouling of a UF ceramic membrane in filtration of seawater
Xu J, Chang CY, Hou J, Gao CJ
729 - 736 Novel RuO2 nanosheets - Facile synthesis, characterization and application
Ananth A, Dharaneedharan S, Gandhi MS, Heo MS, Mok YS
737 - 746 Fly ash cenospheres supported visible-light-driven BiVO4 photocatalyst: Synthesis, characterization and photocatalytic application
Zhang J, Cui H, Wang B, Li C, Zhai JP, Li Q
747 - 754 Machine learning models for predicting PAHs bioavailability in compost amended soils
Wu GZ, Kechavarzi C, Li XG, Wu SM, Pollard SJT, Sui H, Coulon F
755 - 763 Precipitation of Mg-carbonates at elevated temperature and partial pressure of CO2
Prigiobbe V, Mazzotti M
764 - 771 Remediation of Direct Black G in wastewater using kaolin-supported bimetallic Fe/Ni nanoparticles
Liu XW, Chen ZX, Chen ZL, Megharaj M, Naidu R
772 - 784 Mixing and segregation of binary oxygen carrier mixtures in a cold flow model of a chemical looping combustor
Alghamdi YA, Doroodchi E, Moghtaderi B
785 - 794 Synthesis and characterization of the acidic properties and pore texture of Al-SBA-15 supports for the canola oil transesterification
Liang CJ, Wei MC, Tseng HH, Shu EC
795 - 805 Fluid bed adsorption of carbon dioxide on immobilized polyethylenimine (PEI):Kinetic analysis and breakthrough behavior
Monazam ER, Spenik J, Shadle LJ
806 - 815 Silver nanoparticles deposited multiwalled carbon nanotubes for removal of Cu(II) and Cd(II) from water: Surface, kinetic, equilibrium, and thermal adsorption properties
Ramana DKV, Yu JS, Seshaiah K
816 - 823 A simulation study of coal combustion under O-2/CO2 and O-2/RFG atmospheres in circulating fluidized bed
Zhou W, Zhao CS, Duan LB, Chen XP, Liu DY
824 - 832 Study on the nonylphenol removal from aqueous solution using magnetic molecularly imprinted polymers based on fly-ash-cenospheres
Pan JM, Li LZ, Hang H, Ou HX, Zhang L, Yan YS, Shi WD
833 - 843 Analysis and comparison of mass transfer phenomena related to Cu2+ sorption by hydroxyapatite and zeolite
Ivanovic MS, Smiciklas I, Pejanovic S
844 - 853 Adsorptive removal of trace concentration of fluoride ion from water by using dried orange juice residue
Paudyal H, Pangeni B, Inoue K, Kawakita H, Ohto K, Ghimire KN, Harada H, Alam S
854 - 859 Design of a Pt/TiO2-xNx/SrTiO3 triplejunction for effective photocatalytic H-2 production under solar light irradiation
Huang BS, Su EC, Wey MY
860 - 868 TiO2/fly ash novel substrate for simultaneous removal of heavy metals and surfactants
Visa M, Duta A
869 - 874 Preparation and characterization of poly-silicic-cation coagulants by synchronous-polymerization and co-polymerization
Li R, He C, He YL
875 - 890 CFD simulations of dense solid-liquid suspensions in baffled stirred tanks: Prediction of solid particle distribution
Tamburini A, Cipollina A, Micale G, Brucato A, Ciofalo M
891 - 898 Organic pollutants variation and antifouling enhancement with attapulgite clay addition in MBR treating micro-polluted surface water
Yi XS, Zhao ZW, Shi WX, Duan YS, Sun N, Ma C, Xie YZ
899 - 907 Synthesis of L-Cysteine grafted nanoporous carbon (CMK-3) and its use as a new cadmium sorbent
Anbia M, Davijani AH
908 - 914 A novel integrated vertical membrane bioreactor (IVMBR) for removal of nitrogen from synthetic wastewater/domestic sewage
Ding A, Qu FS, Liang H, Ma J, Han ZS, Yu HR, Guo SD, Li GB
915 - 920 Easily collected nano-absorbents for carbon dioxide capture
Liu ZL, Du ZJ, Zou W, Li HQ, Mi JG, Zhang C
921 - 931 Aerobic selective oxidation of glucose to gluconate catalyzed by Au/Al2O3 and Au/C: Impact of the mass-transfer processes on the overall kinetics
Delidovich IV, Moroz BL, Taran OP, Gromov NV, Pyrjaev PA, Prosvirin IP, Bukhtiyarov VI, Parmon VN
932 - 943 Properties of biofilm in a vermifiltration system for domestic wastewater sludge stabilization
Li XW, Xing MY, Yang J, Lu YS