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1 - 8 Phenol adsorption on alpha,alpha'-dichloro-p-xylene (DCX) and 4,4'-bis(chloromethyl)-1,1'-hiphenyl (BCMBP) modified XAD-4 resins from aqueous solutions
Huang JH, Yang L, Wu XF, Xu MW, Liu YN, Deng SG
9 - 15 Catalytic oxidation of NO with O-2 over Pt/gamma-Al2O3 and La0.8Sr0.2MnO3
Shen B, Lin X, Zhao YX
16 - 22 Electrospinning fabrication of high-performance magnetic@photoluminescent bifunctional coaxial nanocables
Ma QL, Wang JX, Dong XT, Yu WS, Liu GX
23 - 31 A new way to control the coordination of titanium (IV) in the sol-gel synthesis of broom fibers-like mesoporous alkyl silica-titania catalyst through addition of water
Nizar UK, Efendi J, Yuliati L, Gustiono D, Nur H
32 - 40 A pilot-scale study on nitrogen removal from dry-spun acrylic fiber wastewater using anammox process
An P, Xu XC, Yang FL, Liu LF, Liu ST
41 - 48 Preparation of a novel PAN-zeolite nanocomposite for removal of Cs+ and Sr2+ from aqueous solutions: Kinetic, equilibrium, and thermodynamic studies
Faghihian H, Iravani M, Moayed M, Ghannadi-Maragheh M
49 - 59 Strontium substituted hydroxyapatite porous microspheres: Surfactant-free hydrothermal synthesis, enhanced biological response and sustained drug release
Lin KL, Liu PY, Wei L, Zou ZY, Zhang WB, Qian Y, Shen YH, Chang J
60 - 66 Nanoparticles of copper oxide on layered double hydroxides and the derived solid solutions as wide spectrum active nano-photocatalysts
Carja G, Dartu L, Okada K, Fortunato E
67 - 76 Trace copper(II) ions detection and removal from water using novel ligand modified composite adsorbent
Awual MR, Ismael M, Yaita T, El-Safty SA, Shiwaku H, Okamoto Y, Suzuki S
77 - 84 Use of modified leather shavings in the adsolubilization of 2-naphthol: Thermodynamic and kinetics studies
Marsal A, Bautista ME, Manich AM, Cuadros S, Maldonado F
85 - 93 A combined respirometer-titrimeter for the determination of microalgae kinetics: Experimental data collection and modelling
Decostere B, Janssens N, Alvarado A, Maere T, Goethals P, Van Hulle SWH, Nopens I
94 - 100 Sorption and removal of tetrabromobisphenol A from solution by graphene oxide
Zhang YH, Tang YL, Li SY, Yu SL
101 - 107 Development of a tri-parameter online monitoring system for UV disinfection reactors
Qiang ZM, Li MK, Bolton JR
108 - 119 Batch and column studies of phosphate and nitrate adsorption on waste solids containing boron impurity
Olgun A, Atar N, Wang SB
120 - 127 PVP assisted hydrothermal synthesis of BiOBr hierarchical nanostructures and high photocatalytic capacity
Shi XJ, Chen X, Chen XL, Zhou SM, Lou SY, Wang YQ, Yuan L
128 - 135 Removal of monoethanolamine and phosphate from thin-film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) wastewater by the fluidized-bed Fenton process
Su CC, Chen CM, Anotai J, Lu MC
136 - 141 Designing tubular reactors to avoid clogging in high solids miniemulsion photopolymerization
Daniloska V, Tomovska R, Asua JM
142 - 149 Ni-catalysts supported on ZnxMg1-xAl2O4 for ethanol steam reforming: Influence of the substitution for Mg on catalytic activity and stability
Barroso MN, Galetti AE, Gomez MF, Arrua LA, Abello MC
150 - 158 Degradation of the antiepileptic drug carbamazepine upon different UV-based advanced oxidation processes in water
Deng J, Shao YS, Gao NY, Xia SJ, Tan CQ, Zhou SQ, Hu XH
159 - 171 Investigation into the effect of flow structure on the photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue and dehydroabietic acid in a spinning disc reactor
Boiarkina I, Norris S, Patterson DA
172 - 179 Investigation of palladium(II) detection and recovery using ligand modified conjugate adsorbent
Awual MR, Yaita T, El-Safty SA, Shiwaku H, Okamoto Y, Suzuki S
180 - 185 Combination of Fe(0) with additional reactive materials in fixed bed reactors for TCE removal
Ruhl AS, Unal N, Jekel M
186 - 197 Exfoliated polypyrrole-organically modified montmorillonite clay nanocomposite as a potential adsorbent for Cr(VI) removal
Setshedi KZ, Bhaumik M, Songwane S, Onyango MS, Maity A
198 - 208 Efficient continuous production of ionic liquids in a loop reactor -Experimental and theoretical studies for the example of 1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium ethyl sulphate
Willmes S, Jess A
209 - 217 Comparison of biogas upgrading performances of different mixed matrix membranes
Ozturk B, Demirciyeva F
218 - 227 Adsorption of phenol and p-chlorophenol from aqueous solutions on poly (styrene-co-divinylbenzene) functionalized materials
Pacurariu C, Mihoc G, Popa A, Muntean SG, Ianos R
228 - 239 A greener process for isosorbide production: Kinetic study of the catalytic dehydration of pure sorbitol under microwave
Polaert I, Felix MC, Fornasero M, Marcotte S, Buvat JC, Estel L
240 - 247 High efficient removal of Cu(II) by a chelating resin from strong acidic solutions: Complex formation and DFT certification
Gao J, Liu FQ, Ling PP, Lei JT, Li LJ, Li CH, Li AM
248 - 258 Environmental friendly technology for the removal of pharmaceutical contaminants from wastewaters using modified chitosan adsorbents
Kyzas GZ, Kostoglou M, Lazaridis NK, Lambropoulou DA, Bikiaris DN
259 - 264 Batch adsorption of semi-aerobic landfill leachate by granular activated carbon prepared by microwave heating
Foo KY, Lee LK, Hameed BH
265 - 273 High performance structured platelet milli-reactor filled with supported cobalt open cell SiC foam catalyst for the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis
Liu Y, Edouard D, Nguyen LD, Begin D, Nguyen P, Pham C, Cuong PH
274 - 281 Influence of geometrical parameters of honeycomb commercial SCR-DeNOx-catalysts on DeNOx-activity, mercury oxidation and SO2/SO3-conversion
Schwammle T, Bertsche F, Hartung A, Brandenstein J, Heidel B, Scheffknecht G
282 - 291 Rapid determination of reaction order and rate constants of an imine synthesis reaction using a mesoscale oscillatory baffled reactor
Rasdi FRM, Phan AN, Harvey AP
292 - 306 Three-dimensional CFD-VOF-DPM simulations of effects of low-holdup particles on single-nozzle bubbling behavior in gas-liquid-solid systems
Xu YG, Liu MY, Tang C
307 - 320 Experimental study of steam methane reforming in a Pd-based fluidized bed membrane reactor
Roses L, Gallucci F, Manzolini G, Annaland MV
321 - 329 Laccase immobilization on chitosan/poly(vinyl alcohol) composite nanofibrous membranes for 2,4-dichlorophenol removal
Xu R, Zhou QJ, Li FT, Zhang BR
330 - 336 Trace metals requirements for continuous thermophilic methane fermentation of high-solid food waste
Qiang H, Niu QG, Chi YZ, Li YY
337 - 344 Temperature-controlled synthesis and characterization of Bi4Ge3O12 nanowires
Kwak DS, Kwon YJ, Na HG, Khai TV, Lee C, Kim HW
345 - 352 Influence of feedstock composition in fluidised bed co-gasification of mixtures of lignite, bituminous coal and sewage sludge
Garcia G, Arauzo J, Gonzalo A, Sanchez JL, Abrego J
353 - 360 N2O reduction during municipal wastewater treatment using a two-sludge SBR system acclimatized with propionate
Li C, Liang S, Zhang J, Ngo HH, Guo WS, Zheng N, Zou YN
361 - 373 Fluid-flow models operating on linear algebra for extraction and stripping of silver ions from pharmaceutical wastewater by HFSLM
Wongsawa T, Leepipatpiboon N, Thamphiphit N, Pancharoen U, Lothongkum AW
374 - 381 Reaction kinetics of glycerol acetal formation via transacetalization with 1,1-diethoxyethane
Hong X, McGiveron O, Kolah AK, Orjuela A, Peereboom L, Lira CT, Miller DJ
382 - 390 Mesostructured multifunctional magnetic nanocomposites for potential applications
Rahman ZU, Dong YL, Su L, Ma YH, Zhang HJ, Chen XG
391 - 400 Evaluation of rule-based control strategies according to process state diagnosis in A(2)/O process
Kim HS, Moon TS, Kim YJ, Kim MS, Piao WH, Kim SJ, Kim CW
401 - 410 The lean NOx traps behavior of (1-5%) BaO/CeO2 mixed with Pt/Al2O3 at low temperature (100-300 degrees C): The effect of barium dispersion
Lv LF, Wang XQ, Shen MQ, Zhang QQ, Wang J
411 - 418 Photocatalytic degradation of soot deposition: Self-cleaning effect on titanium dioxide coated cementitious materials
Smits M, Chan CK, Tytgat T, Craeye B, Costarramone N, Lacombe S, Lenaerts S
419 - 425 Ag+-loaded polystyrene nanofibrous membranes preparation and their adsorption properties for thiophene
Li CJ, Li YJ, Wang JN, Zhao L, Cheng J
426 - 434 Surface interactions and mechanistic studies of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid degradation by catalytic ozonation in presence of Ni/TiO2
Rodriguez JL, Poznyak T, Valenzuela MA, Tiznado H, Chairez I
435 - 443 The effects of matrices and ozone dose on changes in the characteristics of natural organic matter
Molnar J, Agbaba J, Dalmacija B, Tubic A, Krcmar D, Maletic S, Tomasevic D
444 - 453 Overview of mass transfer enhancement factor determination for acidic and basic compounds absorption in water
Biard PF, Couvert A
454 - 463 Enhanced adsorption of hexavalent chromium arising out of an admirable interaction between a synthetic polymer and an ionic liquid
Kalidhasan S, Kumar ASK, Rajesh V, Rajesh N
464 - 471 New counter electrode of hot filament chemical vapor deposited graphene thin film for dye sensitized solar cell
Seo HK, Song M, Ameen S, Akhtar MS, Shin HS
472 - 477 Synthesis and characterization of Y-shaped carbon nanotubes using Fe/AlPO4 catalyst by CVD
ChandraKishore S, Pandurangan A
478 - 487 Kinetic study of carbon dioxide absorption with aqueous potassium carbonate promoted by arginine
Shen SF, Feng XX, Zhao RH, Ghosh UK, Chen AB
488 - 497 A low-cost photoactive composite quartz sand/TiO2
Tokarsky J, Matejka V, Neuwirthova L, Vontorova J, Kutlakova KM, Kukutschova J, Capkova P
498 - 511 Kinetics modeling of disproportionation and ethylation of ethylbenzene over HZSM-5: Effects of SiO2/Al2O3 ratio
Osman M, Atanda L, Hossain MM, Al-Khattaf S
512 - 519 Microfluidic fabrication of silybin nanodispersion with high dissolution rate and tunable sizes
Cui GJ, Xu LM, Zhou Y, Zhang JJ, Wang JX, Chen JF
520 - 526 Nanoscale iron hydroxide-doped granular activated carbon (Fe-GAC) as a sorbent for perchlorate in water
Xu JH, Gao NY, Deng Y, Xia SQ
527 - 533 Chromium(VI) removal by maghemite nanoparticles
Jiang WJ, Pelaez M, Dionysiou DD, Entezari MH, Tsoutsou D, O'Shea K
534 - 545 Sewage sludge torrefaction in a fluidized bed reactor
Atienza-Martinez M, Fonts I, Abrego J, Ceamanos J, Gea G
546 - 552 Dry gas-solid carbonation in fluidized beds of Ca(OH)(2) and nanosilica/Ca(OH)(2) at ambient temperature and low CO2 pressure
Pontiga F, Valverde JM, Moreno H, Duran-Olivencia FJ