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1 - 8 Mechanism of synthesis of metallic oxide powder from aqueous metallic nitrate solution by microwave denitration method
Fukui K, Igawa Y, Arimitsu N, Suzuki M, Segawa T, Fujii K, Yamamoto T, Yoshida H
9 - 15 Pd-Co-doped carbon nanofibers with photoactivity as effective counter electrodes for DSSCs
Barakat NAM, Akhtar MS, Yousef A, El-Newehy M, Kim HY
16 - 21 Synthesis of homogeneous (Na1-xKx)NbO3 nanorods using hydrothermal and post-heat treatment processes
Xu H, Joung MR, Kim JS, Nahm S, Kang MG, Kang CY, Yoon SJ
22 - 30 Magnetophoretic removal of microalgae from fishpond water: Feasibility of high gradient and low gradient magnetic separation
Toh PY, Yeap SP, Kong LP, Ng BW, Chan DJC, Ahmad AL, Lim JK
31 - 36 A micro initiator realized by integrating KNO3@CNTs nanoenergetic materials with a Cu microbridge
Guo R, Hu Y, Shen RQ, Ye YH, Wu LZ
37 - 45 Perchlorate uptake by wheat straw based adsorbent from aqueous solution and its subsequent biological regeneration
Tan X, Gao BY, Xu X, Wang Y, Ling JY, Yue QY, Li Q
46 - 52 Removal of arsenic contaminants with magnetic gamma-Fe2O3 nanoparticles
Lin S, Lu DN, Liu Z
53 - 59 New electrodes for silver(II) electrogeneration: Comparison between Ti/Pt, Nb/Pt, and Nb/BDD
Racaud C, Savall A, Rondet P, Bertrand N, Serrano KG
60 - 67 Adsorption of SO2 onto waste cork powder-derived activated carbons
Atanes E, Nieto-Marquez A, Cambra A, Ruiz-Perez MC, Fernandez-Martinez F
68 - 76 Alumina coatings on silica powders by Fluidized Bed Chemical Vapor Deposition from aluminium acetylacetonate
Rodriguez P, Caussat B, Iltis X, Ablitzer C, Brothier M
77 - 88 Evaluation of modified mineral performance for chromate sorption from aqueous solutions
Thanos AG, Katsou E, Malamis S, Psarras K, Pavlatou EA, Haralambous KJ
89 - 96 Surface characteristics and carbon dioxide capture characteristics of oxyfluorinated carbon molecular sieves
Cho S, Yu HR, Kim KD, Yi KB, Lee YS
97 - 103 Enhanced solvothermal reduction of graphene oxide in a mixed solution of sulfuric acid and organic solvent
Tien HN, Luan VH, Lee TK, Kong BS, Chung JS, Kim EJ, Hur SH
104 - 111 Facile synthesis of water-soluble ZnxCd1-xSe nanocrystals via a two-phase cation exchange method
Lou SY, Zhou CH, Xu WW, Wang HZ, Zhou SM, Shen HB, Li LS
112 - 121 The properties of amorphous nano-silica synthesized by the dissolution of olivine
Lazaro A, Brouwers HJH, Quercia G, Geus JW
122 - 132 Membrane gas separations and post-combustion carbon dioxide capture: Parametric sensitivity and process integration strategies
Belaissaoui B, Willson D, Favre E
133 - 142 Removal of elemental mercury from Bayer stack gases using sulfur-impregnated activated carbons
Mullett M, Pendleton P, Badalyan A
143 - 152 Ultrafast fabrication of rough structures required by superhydrophobic surfaces on Al substrates using an immersion method
Song JL, Xu WJ, Liu X, Lu Y, Wei ZF, Wu LB
153 - 160 Glycine-assisted hydrothermal synthesis and adsorption properties of crosslinked porous alpha-Fe2O3 nanomaterials for p-nitrophenol
Zhou JB, Zhang Z, Cheng B, Yu JG
161 - 167 Design and controllable synthesis of alpha-/gamma-Bi2O3 homojunction with synergetic effect on photocatalytic activity
Sun YY, Wang WZ, Zhang L, Zhang ZJ
168 - 178 Role of passivated N-F pairs in enhancing photoactivity of ZnWO4 (010) surface: Emphasis on correlation between codoping forms and compensation mechanisms
Sun LM, Zhao X, Cheng XF, Sun HG, Li YL, Li P, Fan WL
179 - 185 Effects of metal ions on THMs and HAAs formation during tannic acid chlorination
Liu XW, Chen ZL, Wang LL, Shen JM
186 - 194 The removal efficiency and reaction mechanism of aluminum coagulant on organic functional groups-carboxyl and hydroxyl
Zhang XX, Yang ZL, Wang Y, Gao BY, Yue QY
195 - 199 Light-driven high-temperature continuous-flow synthesis of TiO2 nano-anatase
Chan BCY, Wang XL, Lam LKW, Gordon JM, Feuermann D, Raston CL, Chua HT
200 - 207 Adsorption of cephalexin onto activated carbons from Albizia lebbeck seed pods by microwave-induced KOH and K2CO3 activations
Ahmed MJ, Theydan SK
208 - 215 Effect of inorganic anions on Rhodamine B removal under visible light irradiation using Bi2O3/Ti rotating disk reactor
Li K, Yang C, Xu YL, Ying DW, Wang YL, Jia JP
216 - 223 Adsorption of aqueous Hg(II) by a polyaniline/attapulgite composite
Cui H, Qian Y, Li Q, Zhang Q, Zhai JP
224 - 232 Application of carbonized hemp fibers as a new solid-phase extraction sorbent for analysis of pesticides in water samples
Vukcevic M, Kalijadis A, Radisic M, Pejic B, Kostic M, Lausevic Z, Lausevic M
233 - 239 Lead and zinc removal from aqueous solutions by aminotriphosphonate-modified converted natural phosphates
Saoiabi S, El Asri S, Laghzizil A, Saoiabi A, Ackerman JL, Coradin T
240 - 245 Chiral separation of alpha-cyclohexyl-mandelic-acid by aqueous two phase system combined with Cu-2-beta-cyclodextrin complex
Li LH, Li FF
246 - 254 Removal of chlorinated organic volatile compounds by gas phase adsorption with activated carbon
Lemus J, Martin-Martinez M, Palomar J, Gomez-Sainero L, Gilarranz MA, Rodriguez JJ
255 - 259 Synthesis of single-walled carbon nanotubes from heavy oil residue
Li YF, Wang HF, Wang G, Gao JS
260 - 269 Combined improved mixing and reduced energy dissipation by combining convective effects and lamination
Goovaerts R, Smits W, Desmet G, Denayer J, De Malsche W
270 - 284 ECT imaging and CFD simulation of different cyclic modulation strategies for the catalytic abatement of hazardous liquid pollutants in trickle-bed reactors
Lopes RJG, Quinta-Ferreira RM, Larachi F
285 - 292 Sensitization of TiO2 nanostructures with Coumarin 343
Palmas S, Da Pozzo A, Mascia M, Vacca A, Ricci PC
293 - 301 Treatment of combined sewer overflows by ballasted flocculation: Removal study of a large broad spectrum of pollutants
Gasperi J, Laborie B, Rocher V
302 - 309 Selective removal of acidic pharmaceuticals from contaminated lake water using multi-templates molecularly imprinted polymer
Dai CM, Zhang J, Zhang YL, Zhou XF, Duan YP, Liu SG
310 - 317 Removal of pharmaceutical compounds by activated carbon prepared from agricultural by-product
Baccar R, Sarra M, Bouzid J, Feki M, Blanquez P
318 - 326 Optimal post-combustion conditions for the purification of CO2-rich exhaust streams from non-condensable reactive species
de Joannon M, Chinnici A, Sabia P, Ragucci R
327 - 335 The effects of Cu(II) ion as an additive on NH3 loss and CO2 absorption in ammonia-based CO2 capture processes
Kim Y, Lim SR, Park JM
336 - 342 Removal of Congo red dye from aqueous solution with hydroxyapatite/chitosan composite
Hou HJ, Zhou RH, Wu P, Wu L
343 - 352 Free-standing open-ended TiO2 nanotube membranes and their promising through-hole applications
Liao JJ, Lin SW, Pan NQ, Li DH, Li SP, Li JB
353 - 359 Removal of fuel oxygenates from water using advanced oxidation technologies by means of falling film reactor
Mehrjouei M, Muller S, Moller D
360 - 368 Kinetic modeling of arsenic (III) oxidation in water employing the UV/H2O2 process
Lescano M, Zalazar C, Cassano A, Brandi R
369 - 377 Comparison study of structural and optical properties of boron-doped and undoped graphene oxide films
Khai TV, Na HG, Kwak DS, Kwon YJ, Ham H, Shim KB, Kim HW
378 - 387 Integration of membrane distillation into heat paths of industrial processes
Hausmann A, Sanciolo P, Vasiljevic T, Weeks M, Duke M
388 - 395 Role of surface hydroxyl groups of acid-treated natural zeolite on the heterogeneous catalytic ozonation of methylene blue contaminated waters
Valdes H, Tardon RF, Zaror CA
396 - 405 Potential application of dodecylamine modified sodium montmorillonite as an effective adsorbent for hexavalent chromium
Kumar ASK, Ramachandran R, Kalidhasan S, Rajesh V, Rajesh N
406 - 411 Removal of antimony(III) from aqueous solution by graphene as an adsorbent
Leng YQ, Guo WL, Su SN, Yi CL, Xing LT
412 - 420 Facile synthesis of multifunctional graphene oxide/AgNPs-Fe3O4 nanocomposite: A highly integrated catalysts
Qu JC, Ren CL, Dong YL, Chang YP, Zhou M, Chen XG
421 - 431 Template-free synthesis of Cu@Cu2O core-shell microspheres and their application as copper-based catalysts for dimethyldichlorosilane synthesis
Zhang ZL, Che HW, Wang YL, Gao JJ, Ping Y, Zhong ZY, Su FB
432 - 441 Design, fabrication and characterization of microreactors for high temperature syntheses
Martinez-Cisneros CS, Gomez-de Pedro S, Puyol M, Garcia-Garcia J, Alonso-Chamarro J
442 - 452 Dithiocarbamated Symphoricarpus albus as a potential biosorbent for a reactive dye
Kara I, Akar ST, Akar T, Ozcan A
453 - 462 Reaction kinetics of selective catalytic reduction of NOx by propylene over Fe/ZSM-5
Cheng XX, Bi XTT
463 - 469 Use of conductive-diamond electrochemical-oxidation for the disinfection of several actual treated wastewaters
Cano A, Canizares P, Barrera-Diaz C, Saez C, Rodrigo MA
470 - 478 Simultaneous adsorption of atrazine and Cu (II) from wastewater by magnetic multi-walled carbon nanotube
Tang WW, Zeng GM, Gong JL, Liu Y, Wang XY, Liu YY, Liu ZF, Chen L, Zhang XR, Tu DZ
479 - 487 Fixed bed reactors with three dimensional electrodes for electrochemical treatment of waters for disinfection
Mascia M, Vacca A, Palmas S
488 - 492 Influence of alkaline pre-treatment conditions on structural features and methane production from ensiled sorghum forage
Sambusiti C, Ficara E, Malpei F, Steyer JP, Carrere H
493 - 500 Removal of Cu(II), Zn(II) and Pb(II) from water using microwave-assisted synthesized maghemite nanotubes
Roy A, Bhattacharya J
501 - 507 The removal of heavy metals in wetland microcosms: Effects of bed depth, plant species, and metal mobility
Yadav AK, Abbassi R, Kumar N, Satya S, Sreekrishnan TR, Mishra BK
508 - 518 A P systems based hybrid optimization algorithm for parameter estimation of FCCU reactor-regenerator model
Yang SP, Wang N